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tv   The China Complex P2  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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i'm sammy's a ban in dover look at the headlines here in al-jazeera now the chair of the un climate change meeting in madrid has told delegates the world needs them to reach a deal the cop 25 talks was supposed to end on friday but there are still ongoing delegates are working through the night as countries struggle to agree on how to tackle global warming they're deadlocked over emissions targets and how much more money poor countries should receive to cope with climate change i request. all to fix ability all your training. now and all your volunteer to find you know these agri not the sick consensus that we need to have an ambitious result we are almost there it's hard it's difficult
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but he's worth it i specially meet you but people who know what countries need us our environment editor nick clock is at the summit in madrid it was supposed to be the conference that would launch this bring in board of optimism into 2020 the year that the paris agreement finally became this instruments of international cooperation in the fight against climate change instead what we got was disappearing into a black hole of national differences led by australia by brazil by japan by the united states and by more people and up until now we've had this war to down agreement that is a 1000000 miles away from what science says is needed to be done and what the mood on the street reflects is needed to be done a new text has been published we got reaction. i think what's happening with the paris agreement is said people are some countries in particular trying to push it
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back from the level of ambition that we had which was a very ambitious anyway it was good enough but it wasn't really very good we need to raise ambition and countries are trying to push back on the level of ambition that they had promised to them and we don't mean that madrid is a failure it might mean a madrid is a failure but then i feel that no decision is better than a bad decision and if it's a choice between a bad decision or decision then no decision is better it isn't over yet and the talks will continue some of these negotiators have been at it for more than 36 hours but the willingness and the cooperation of the 2015 pounds agreement well that is a breach of several protesters have been injured in lebanon's capital after security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds hundreds of people gathered in beirut as part of the latest anti government demonstration right police chased protesters beating and detaining some of them after they tried to break into
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a barricaded area lebanon has been rocked by 2 months of demonstrations police in albania have arrested 9 people over the collapse of buildings during last month's earthquake 51 people died when the $6.00 magnitude tremor hit the cities of duras and to manny the builders engineers and owners are accused of breaching construction regulations they face charges of homicide and abuse of power police are looking for a further 8 suspects. police in new zealand have confirmed the 16th person has died from injuries sustained in monday's volcanic eruption a specialist's wearing protective clothing returned to white highland on sunday but they failed to find the last 2 missing bodies in the presence of toxic gas restricted them from being on the island for more than an hour scientists say the possibility of a 2nd eruption is receded but the island remains volatile tens of
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thousands of protesters of crammed into a square in rome to denounce italian far right leader matteo salvini the rally was organized by the sardines movement in opposition to growing support for salvaging these right wing coalition. lawyers for sudan's former president dominated bashir to say very ill appeal against his conviction for corruption 75 year old was sentenced to 2 years in detention but will not serve his time in prison because of his age the trial centered around suitcases found in the shias home filled with car seats with more from the $130000000.00. the big picture. china the world's largest communist state. isn't true to the free markets reaches.
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its paramount leader preaches the merits of globalization and reaches the limits of one man's rule in a one party state. a contradiction in flux in a shifting political order and china the developing country has to become a world leader. but will the faltering west simply step aside to hand china the brands of power. all tighten its grip. as the big picture previously documented in the china complex. china's pocket is paid for the battle scars from internal struggles. and does. a vast history of a civilization working together by a common thread. order. in this episode we trace
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china's emergence as a 21st century superpower. lorded and scornful call a season offering prosperity to many and peril to many of us. how is china imagining itself or reimagining itself at the center of this world order because china has the ability has the capacity to reach out the world. china need to be strong challenge need to be a big challenge need to maintain its whole put its hold in all of this is not an aggressive posture to any other country. he's completely changed.
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he's decided that china's movement is not that china come out and we quest and we quiet the rest of the world to pay it do you respect the chinese. a world for humankind stark choice you want to keep the current system or. the order.
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when the students gather in cameron square in beijing and demanded the more resolute steps taken by the government against corruption and some of the justices eventually not only emotions run high and run the extreme but also became very confrontational. what happened in beijing. in the early days of june 1989 it was a big tragedy that level of brutal violence. i don't think people were prepared for it but after it it's like seeing the real face. of a party state regime that's a tolls of an authoritarian. and
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long number of people killed in town long on things. united states on the west and pause sanctions on china that limited sanctions. don't want to visit china anymore this was a period where chinese society and chinese government has never come to terms with regard to the nightmare it wasn't just the cover up by the face of the government to allow discussion of it it was that china just moved in a very decisive way. the chinese communist party would move on from the chin in the square nightmare. nary a massacre in the ceremonies and monuments marking the 40th anniversary of the people's republic of china. the protests were recent out of history as history
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was. 5 months after the time when they changed the berlin wall was torn down. the 1st folding the bricks of a crumbling soviet empire. leaving china as communism standout standard-bearer. often any night he realized a kind of loss meant it right the whole world is not going to like us especially the west is not going like us so he decided it much to survive you better be hiding
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yourself be careful be humble to wait for your right time my to grow up to just make money quitely. this new approach was taken from classic confucian boat and cold one young quite high brightness nourished obscurity for the chinese leader dunks helping the man who spearheaded china's reform era economic progress had to continue but away from the limelight dunwood himself withdrew from the political limelight quietly guiding his successor jones and to take china to even greater heights. and then this is when the chinese growth exploded and there was a perception on the part of foreign companies that this really was a huge opportunity it wasn't just a 1000000000 people of as a 1000000000 people were purchasing power. all the business people went back and so
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if you look at the numbers that the investments. the f.b.i. find about the foreign direct investment all the flows all the indicators all get back to no. western business at 1st required from china in the wake of the tenement square massacre but quickly dumped back on the chinese bandwagon. the dung era mantra to be rich is glorious it was paying off in china under junk the name would reap the rewards. after 92. really don't read and come as they are as long as you can change my political authority you can do whatever so the chinese ingenuity very hard working chinese people the release of the make money thanks to no small part to have a free access or market technology and so on so the chinese for the hiding their
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world order ambition their china order ambitions of. ordinary country if i'm in charge make you rich. living standards improved and poverty reduced at unprecedented levels john symond was fulfilling the mandate from heaven. craig that validated a leader's authority he was providing for his people. made in china became a global calling card for electronic machinery textiles for household goods were exported around the world grown chimes brand and its notion of the same south all lead to heaven way beyond its 19th century peak. china's expanded free to oversee it was also drawing in marginal territories at home. by the early 1990 s. minority groups once considered peripheral are now strategically closer to the han chinese government's central control. china is
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a nation of 56 major ethnic groups not among the list seek on. highly homogeneous a nation the fundamental challenge is how to. maintain stability and older in such a model that as environment. china's diverse population has long been held together by a central authority. but so many belong to ethnic groups such as the tibetan buddhists in china south west and the some religious in the western region of shinji on. their lands have been forcibly annexed by calling this rule the routing the religious and political freedom to missing only a shallow conditional autonomy. during the reform era as industry spread further west. a directed migration of china's majority how people transformed the demography particularly. as beijing made claim to the riches of the land
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the chinese move minister hun people. to migrate there to tibet try to you know a change of demography there and also natural resource i problem the a division for gains from exploration of natural resources like oil and gas. is an economic reason for the resentment the water from the plant to bet by toll feeds all the major rivers and the tributaries in asia china's development needs those resources they need to extract those natural resources to fuel economic development . the. tobacco seen in the late 1900 instance. tibetans food for independence but their claims were denied. their protests
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recent down by the time state. the the the. the. the the for the readers stay for question added fuel to a separatist movement that's a decades sore to reclaim as a muslim majority state so-called east turkistan. after the reform started in the eighty's and ninety's the chinese government and also forced culture assimilation in the ninety's the weaker side to take things in their own hands is pressure to ridicule elements of it and they hope that was an old notion of east took a menace that the separatist movements were running amok and they decided
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to maximize their impact by bombing public facilities transportation for example in discriminately killing people of different nationalities you would actually expect to see deter ration and escalation if such events are not controlled the problem with. beijing took an uncompromising line on those i just wanted to split from china. the chinese communist party strike hard campaign in 1906 stamped down in calls for independence violence peaceful.
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riga as well as tibet and separatists were shown little mercy the leaderless doctrine. china's history to keep a strict. it was again the 1st resort of authoritarian rule. we see in the 1900 the strike campaigns what went what were the strike hard campaigns about what the goal of the strong current campaign as she is kind of rooting apply of extra legal punishment of a people who allegedly committed a crime that is a mess or there was employed. my motto don't you tiffany and things are playing sort of for reasons to do that early is 983 to deal with the holograms destabilizing society in a harsh way. could then be argued that this strike hard campaign this effort whether brute force or not to maintain stability is what allowed china to prosper
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economically i mean at the same time and to live there we saw this huge economic growth victor what do you remember from that period i would say the chinese government ever since 978 is very much driven by maintaining stability political stability at all cost i personally don't think strike harsh is one of the most impressive things in our memory i think it was rapid economic reform and much more opening to the outside world in the 1990 s. they're really good out we're dealing with a fallacy here the fallacy is that if the parties they had not the voters so much resources to maintain stability china's economic growth would not have happened or would not have happened quite so fast quite spectacularly because the issue is to maintain stability or or cost what to me about or cost and who has the ability you
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don't have to kill people all the way to get there is easy then the reality the chinese economic transformation is a miracle in itself there must be internal reasons which can explain the profound the transformation no single other country can do it's not true for. part of me grew faster in 1000 turns 20 twentieth's enter the new thirty's faster than p.r.c. ever achieved. members 1st of all i don't think professors or many other people in the world know all the real secret behind the chinese. development what is therefore therefore therefore. probably we do not know what exactly is driving china's profile the transformation now whether people in other countries like it or not we don't care when timmy stability at all cost and keeping peace we all
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remaining the pillars upon which. china are working to maintain world peace what has china done. response from france is. destroying peace that china had kept could person for a century and a half was about to see the timing up of an historic loose and 5 hours from now the union flag will be lowered and the flag of china will fly over hong kong. in the villages closest to the chinese border is a hong kong a world away from the bunny baking frenzy of the city. here the flags of the mainland fly in celebration of the imminent return to china. hong kong this has always been part of china so it's always nice to go back to the modern era but it different view was being expressed in the very heart of hong kong's tourist in
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business center. where basically very skeptical and now we have the wiring all that if any. on that 1st day in charge this is the 1st test of the new regimes promises of tolerance. appreciated not given how calm people are right to them for themselves we're limited in the words. only participate in the governance of the economy in a limited fashion right so it's not democracy but. let's be absolutely clear about the bush legacy it was the rule of law which was very important but there was no democracy there were no to elections to the let's go any calling until about 10 years before the handover to china. and $997.00 persons 99 year lease on hong kong expired. the colony it
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secured as one of the schools of the opium wars was reluctantly returned to china. beijing would implement a policy. of one country 2 systems in hong kong leaving its model of making money untouched and for a period of 50 years granting its people a degree of self governance and civic rights denied to those on the mainland at least for the next half century. there would be a guarantee. for 50 years of hong kong people's way of life our core values so these were supposed to be protected and hong kong would move towards something called genuine like autonomy democracy it was implied by really promised. in 2001 china joined the world trade organization the boarding responsible for regulating global free trade. if you lay seth
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a new leader who would take charge of the chinese communist party. taking office with echoes of dung shopping's appeal to high brightness and nourish obscurity to keep china's quick rise from being seen as a gathering threat. there were rising. china growing power. so i think we didn't house advisers policy advisers the studied the rise and fall of great powers didn't learn some lessons so they realize the
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rise of new great powers my generated this instability in the international system maybe even conflicts so they try to figure out how to avoid is that kind of confrontation with the established power. china begins to usurp the place of the united states and japan as a trading nation and becomes the major trading partner of all of the countries in this region is that it was the context how would you know how and his out of vi there is proposed the idea of peaceful rise but later on they realize you've abused her rise was a little be threatening because you rise others must be crying right so they live further change the slogan from peaceful rise to abuse would be relevant because development more beyond. china was rising
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under which in top china consolidated links with africa latin america and across asia hosting world leaders as well as visiting strategic partners of role in. the past disputes with the likes of russia japan and india were smooth darva not quite resolved but no longer allowed to get in the way of money as trade relations. who also called for a home earning a society at home pushing a confucian ideal of social harmony to tackle inequality that was hard to tell apart from increased censorship and surveillance as dissent was harmonized the o.r. in the summer of 2008 china showcased the veneer of a home learning his nation developing peacefully at the olympic games in beijing. western powers death to protests by rights activists gorge themselves on the
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splendor and spectacle of china's lympics traffic gansa just as western business was profiting from china's boom. but by the end of 2008 a financial crisis that began in the united states of the west. financial markets to the brink of collapse. one country would step forward as the economic savior. the chinese for buying large larger quantities of u.s. treasury bonds. as a write off a trillion dollars worth of bonds trying to prevent the vong from falling out of global markets and turning a deep recession and so called depression the global financial crisis destroyed the . prestige of the united states and the western european countries in terms of their mastery of modern capitalist economics and
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created a universe or impression that the united states and europe were both declining. china realize you might be more important than a vast majority of chinese people realize there were rapidly rising expectations china should play a leadership role china's should be play a much more important role in global affairs the americans instead of just looking at china as a rising major country began to see it as a rising strategic threat with their rise comes increased responsibilities that come with being a world power for. the . from the al-jazeera london broadcast center to special guests in conversation when your government is going after what do you do on from its uninterrupted we have
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a deep state and intelligence service but whatever they want to do ever they want whenever they want the trees color me floatin black people for as long as we've been fighting back have been labeled as terrorist studio unscripted on al-jazeera. a bombarded city. can be rebuilt. it's buildings restored. but can shattered lives be mended. scars randy and traumas shaped minds children and survivors of mosul share their stories. i still tomorrow a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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harms them as a them in doha with a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera now the chair of the un climate change meeting in the dread told delegates the world needs them to reach a deal the cop 25 talks was supposed to end on friday but negotiations are still ongoing delegates are working through the night as countries struggle to agree on how to tackle global warming the deadlocked over emissions targets how much money poor countries should receive to cope with climate change i request all the fix ability all your strength. now and all your volunteer. to find you know these agri we got this a consensus that we need to have an ambitious result we are almost there
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it's hard it's difficult but yes worth it i specially need you but people who know what countries need us several protesters have been injured in lebanon's capital after security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds hundreds of people gathered in beirut as part of the latest anti-government demonstration riot police chased protesters beating and detaining some of them after they tried to break into a barricaded area protesters say the government was there the country towards its worst economic crisis in decades police in albania have arrested 9 people over the collapse of buildings during last month's earthquake 51 people died when the 6.4 bangun to trauma hit the cities of duras and tamale the builders engineers and owners are accused of breaching construction regulations police in new zealand have confirmed the 16th person has died from injuries sustained in monday's volcanic
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eruption 8 specialists wearing protective clothing returned to white island on sunday but they failed to find the last 2 missing bodies toxic gas restricted them from being on the island for more than an hour tens of thousands of protesters have crammed into a square in rome to denounce italian far right leader of. the rally was organized by the so-called solved eans movement in opposition to growing support for salvation is right wing coalition. headlines the news continues after the big picture stay with us. the week. their progress the moment last. u.s. president barack obama would enter the white house and refocus american foreign
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policy away from the middle east and toward asia. thank you. the obama administration record leaders from across the region however the u.s. pivot to asia was seen by many as a reaction to china's growing influence challenging its claims of peaceful development. just as america grasped the idea of china as a rival power and you think it would emerge to take on the mandate of heaven and take up the mantle of power mounts leader.
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you get the election of xi jinping as the new general secretary for the chinese for his party and this is the most important shift since the show good night she said. curiously he was seen by the west a more liberal figure whose counterparts come in with a new slogan the try and dream dream however it's not the same dream of trying to people it was meant to be many things explicit implicit that the chinese people. taking the level of prosperity they had could only have drug ever dreamt up and that china could be expansive once more being a name for actual political cultural ideological military power in the world in other words china arrived. in 2013 and president xi jinping arrived with
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a vision for china far from the city to modesty of his plea to. stake his claim on power and on the support of the people by taking on a scourge that had long corroded china's political system. so if you bring introduce. this anti corruption drug tigers and flies into other words the big. under smoke the 1st and most important part is in fact a party with occasions campaign to get rid of the corrupt and ineffective and disloyal so to the party will be loyal to him secondly she became a change when the popular leader in china because he was seen as a leader seriously for the 1st time in the polls done period taking on corruption and putting this corrupt officials in jail his sometimes he sounds like
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a model. because these kind of discipline issue was really came from that period. comparisons with the founder of the people's republic of china nancy don't plunge into shooting planes projected authority as he looked to project china's authority far beyond its own borders going to. be sold. to. the belgian and rolled initiatives started up as your asian infrastructure and connectivity project and eventually it spilled over into northern africa or eventually it spilled over into the totality of the african continent what do you do with all that know how all that capacity work you offer it
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or you find the rest of the world that needs it and make the contribution that way and in return they buy chinese goods or however they decide to pay for it it's intimidation it's intimate political intimidation economic intimidation i think people are saying that's not really a win win deal after all the only one that. when winning is is china because now we're just debtors now they own everything now they own the port now they own the airport now they all die hard report one of the purpose was to and able china to stream for an ace relationship with a whole bunch of countries how signed off the immediate 4 bits of cuneta stays and europe this is the 1st time we have a non western power that's if you're not making politically in a position to matter. project cage america is more surgery after our
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factories to unfair foreign trade but with the arrival of a new president in the white house other countries that made a living taking advantage of the united states in so many ways communist china's climb to the top of the free trade treaty would be challenged by a man who sought free trade is fair game. do you 1018 u.s. president donald trump imposed trade tariffs in an attempt to reduce america's trade deficit with china as well as to punish the chinese for alleged theft of u.s. intellectual property. beijing retaliated with tariffs of its own in a standoff with the world's most powerful nation the president of china standing his ground. china need to have a strong leader and we need stability at all costs we cannot afford
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a situation where the party the government the region the country the culture the civilization will be dissing integrated the message you're sending because today china is not in any dire crisis as a vision the region however is still is internal paranoia for security that's where the problem is because the region in the losses legitimacy after all the decades and now is basically by. buying favors from people allowed to make money and by pretending i'm not doing any trouble site but i'm computer muscles because only muscles only power. government the confidence what has happened. is that he's decided it done shopping principle of hiding and biting is all for the china moment is now. that china will now come out.
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and we question and we choir's the rest of the world to paid do you respect it is that very assertive approach does she chimping has taken which is causing all kinds of changes in to in china's relationship with the rest of the world we have a certain leader in the us right now we have president donald trump and he is certainly perceiving it as a threat to the u.s. to the extent that he is that it actually is president can't he started this trade war issue with a trade war is the transformation that happened in the last 40 years previously the united states was very comfortable giving must've amount of investment and help for china to develop not entirely altruistic really they were hoping that china would be more like the us that didn't happened and china at the early stage of development was so much behind the americans that they were completely we lexapro yes the chinese are stealing our intellectual property rights and all that but
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we're sold much ahead of them they are now no longer comfortable because they see china now as a strategic competitor pushing for and the person being a world that is save for or retiring is and i would modify that i remember that is it's not even the problem between us and china is a problem between us and the p.r.c. government unfortunately the government in china through various ways are doing things that seem to be threatening to the united states believe me and and that's where the bipartisan side doing things that are starting to be in that china seems to be poised or positioning itself i think somewhat as a as a superpower as an alternative to american leadership to an american or to the current world order. few points 1st of all the united states seems to be increasingly losing its sanity about the specter of china again.
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size scale weight gain the more impact it cetera i think the professor talked about logical differences all human rights of democracy knoll these are not the most important thing between china and the united states the most important driving force for increasing u s insanity is because china is gaining weight and becoming larger and larger as a force in the world. and emboldened xi jinping abolished presidential term limits freeing him to roofie years to come but while china's president has decreed freedom for himself he was cutting back the freedoms of the chinese people. turn arrests rights activists online bloggers were all subjected to increased state censorship and control familiar tools of repression for times minority groups. were to happen in is now
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becoming a c.c.p. is a war not just against terrorism or can separate is the local autonomy people but against religions well. so for the people outside of china we're looking we think looks like. is anti islam which may or may not be the case. sporadic outbreaks of violence between ethnic and we go on as well as attacks on civilian targets by a small minority of weak a separatist had led to an unprecedented crackdown by the chinese state against the majority muslim people of the region use of recently increased order is now took the form of course assimilation through what beijing called free vocational training camps. china was seemingly putting down the ambition of a separate nation by beating up the market is of a separate identity. it is absolutely true that there are violent terribly violent
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incidents of attacking her and chinese that is not a legitimate rationale for the authorities to then now pass legislation and strenuous saying you are in extremis why are you an extremist you have a beard. you're fasting you're praying you're speaking the language those have now become signs of extremism one of the things the chinese government hoping doing into joe is reeducation camp this is very much play into the philosophy of we women tennis ability in a sense they want to have a preemptive effort right to stop the trouble people trying to start. the demands of some weakness for an independent state along with the wider clearance to islam and the turkish culture whose roots were seen as quite distinct from those of china's hand majority were troubled.
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leaked documents in 2019 showed a state sanctioned program of mass incarceration of ethnic religious minorities bursley regas adding to the claims of brainwashing torture and sexual abuse. first hand accounts spoke of brutal signers i say. there is deemed too different to being branded with a hunch chinese standard. the chinese communist party denied all accusations. if you are talking about 2000000 people jailed or concentrated as some western reports even call them cars and trees and arms on a par with the nazi germany is concentration camps i feel this is really multivariate it with other altieri are multi-use i think the chinese government is doing the right thing. to make sure that stability is on
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a control. ability called for a crackdown on the symbols and the thick media of islamic tradition. from public displays of arabic text to the banning of b.s. and even muslim names. reports of physical and sexual violence as well as or summated police surveillance and facial recognition technology to monitor weaker activity had brought a harsh new reality for the people of. jan washstand gradually being transformed into a kind of a police state. and she chippings approach to it is to well make them good papa chinese is actually all right for them to be weaker if they simply eat and drink alcohol and preferably even smoke cigarettes like chinese citizens
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always don't. but not all han chinese have been prepared to be good citizens to cream by beijing. what is happening in hong kong ever since i'm bradley campaign is that the hong kong people believe especially young people students believe their freedoms are undermined eroded. the one country 2 systems policy how to maintain an easy compromise since hong kong's return to china in 1907 in 2014 mastodon purchase against the lack of democratic process caused widespread destruction before phone police action and legal intervention brought the so-called umbrella revolution to an unproductive and . that the discontent remained. in the summer of 2019 as the hong kong secretive council try to introduce a controversial new extradition will. that discontent once again took to the
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streets. on last. week's edition will was abandoned but the protests continue and. they send in police and escalate the violence. and that transformed the whole dynamics in hong kong from a very specific protests and specific demands to become something much much bigger then it becomes a matter of to with the. political to government it becomes a matter of democracy in hong kong. finally spread into purchases. purchases and police as perpetrators and victims by supporters and critics. beijing.
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may mean the violence and criminals and lawless weiss's as well as foreign powers keen to put china in its long gone but not one forgotten place. what's behind the whole history let's say of china from 49 is that legacy of. real humiliation military economic political where they lost land and ceded land that's why hong kong so important it comes from the sense that never again we will never be humiliated again. november 2000. the center of hong kong into a battlefield. students barricaded inside a pulley technique building. riot police with live
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ammunition moving to clear them out. and tear gas for. the spectacle of a war zone with the specter of tanks looming in the minds of those old enough to remember the massacre at cinema school. shooting pain in the chinese communist party remember. ringback if they allow this to continue in their view. they're going to look like they lost. to 2000000 hong kong people that we went out in the street and they had to back down. in the minds of an author a tarion dictator last thing you do is back down and let the people when they care a lot about face because of our message we have mixed messages wise to keep one cause one country system system work the other things that i don't understand run
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listen to my own people because my control cannot be challenged your certain people want to launch a revolution in hong kong. it will not be accepted and it will not be tolerated and it will be dealt with as rebellion beijing is stuck if they let it happen they have lost if they bring out the troops they have lost what they're facing is a lose lose scenario. later in november district council election so the people of hong kong turn out in unprecedented numbers and vote overwhelmingly against probating candidates. 17 of the 18 local councils would now be controlled by council is calling for grayson democratic reform. echoing at the ballot box but protesters had sometimes peacefully sometimes violently called for on the streets.
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but this government there has been a big push to unite china under one identity at least this push to remind people that you are chinese i think that's happening both engine john and it's happening in hong kong as well what is and what is behind that push through things emerged that one is the very strong in logic deeply rooted in the change from polity that men do is the top leader to control everything as much as possible as broadly as a possible engine joe or in hong kong the 2nd point is arguably is a total failure of the c.c.p. government to manage minority regions or manage. in hong kong that is after all those years since do not improve because a worse and worse right where i think there's something much more contemporary in explaining it is in the very nature of the political system and the communist party
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has a mission which is you used which is to unite all chinese bits back into mother china and therefore it is essential. for the communist party to get people in hong kong to fall in line and behave like people on the mainland of china that's what they're doing in they are chinese to synthesise their weaker people to make them into han chinese citizens or i would say it is an insult to the way you go people and the legal country to believe that you can synthesize the we girls know that's what they're doing the wiggles are the very proud muslim people are brothers as sisters of ours and you can never change their culture or heritage you can never change their spiritual faith and china will be richer and better if
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we continue to have such diversity therefore i think mislabeling the situation in china in general mislabeling the situation is not only wrong but also very dangerous now we know about the american dream we've known about this for a while but he jinping has introduced this chinese dream in which he wants all the queens including those to come under. in your opinion what is that about if that if that's not about sign a sign as asian i would say the chinese dream things about each and every chinese citizen for example having a better living standards having a better car having a better house. boat ideas lay universalism about human. society professor. professor would that not be part of a better life professor are not allowed to learn those who are still not allowed to say those words if anyone believes that the chinese to the care about human rights
9:55 am
that's not only deadly wrong that's very misleading where is the irony is you rather to pick or talk or have i mean look at the chinese official definition of what is charming stream the strong country strong. literary society and the rights for people that's the kind of rank order of course i have to of course we need to have a strong china in order to have a strong china we need to have a strong military like you put in the areas before the. china now with a strong military each of the chinese can be a better person this is the logic for china and i don't think it has never been proven when you have a doctrine of stability at all costs what are those costs human rights a climate models costs. compared china today with china 10 years ago 10 years ago there were human rights lawyers there were people who were working for human race defending human rights in china they don't exist in china 21st. term
9:56 am
limits for the record the chinese people as a whole are proud nation how do they then how do you know. 1.4000000000 chinese. today china is led by a man empowered by his country's history. for xi jinping comparisons to mallard's agung as well as to see if. he quotes the words of ancient scholars to see new the virtues of legalism a nod to times of thora tarion. and all the while he promotes confucius as a national brand across the world. the whole idea of pinney is grounded on the sense of. success prosperity. the mandate of heaven i would take the country forward china triumph and
9:57 am
in the glow of. an emperor need to have a digit to mitt mandate to rule and anyone has the right to challenge the legitimacy of the apparatus if people believe he no longer has the mandate to rule. a. day or 2 for afghanistan and iran as the cloud dissolves but building around turkey at the moment is the next system which i think will affect at least part of the levant the pictures a cloudy one on sunday but maybe just cloudy the shower or 2 up in syria and again
9:58 am
north turkey for the most part it looks fine beyond that but don't let this 40 this massive cloud here in the gulf and the other one coming in from the east of it i think would effectively interact in about 36 hours time there's a cloud goes across iraq and this comes up from the south the 2 come together almost 6 splode into a mass of thunderstorms looks like a wet day at least in kuwait parts of iraq western side of iran is badly flash flooding from this but no one else is really involved so you know it's coming on sunday yes the cloud builds and occasional thunderstorms possible or spotted 2 or very otherwise it's not particularly relevant the breeze coming in from the entocort or might be a bit dusty for riyadh but this is the more telling day as circulation just west of kuwait here so the potential for a big thunderstorm does exist to bahrain to qatar east and saudi and to kuwait itself sun africa has been at an active place this spring and early summer but for the time being went twice it's just not.
9:59 am
to al-jazeera we were told to get that between all the ration has this been addressed by turkey we listen what is the proposal of spain for catalonia we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter how does iraq. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people believed to tell the real story so i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
10:00 am
a deep divide over how to tackle climate change the u.n. talks drag on in madrid as countries struggle for a deal. looking doha when i'm come all santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera after days of violent protests india's home minister says he is open to discussions on the controversial citizenship law also you haven't heard the rebels call for international help after a deserted tank that spills oil into the red sea and caught in the crossfire was speaking to afghan suffering under the bombing campaign against isis.


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