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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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last ditch push to bridge deep divisions u.n. climate talks resume in madrid to try to strike a deal. killer from doha everyone i'm come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera now after days of violent protests india's home minister says he is open to discussions on the controversial citizenship law. also caught in the crossfire we speak to villages in afghanistan facing the brunt of the bombing campaign against isis so and yemen's hope the rebels call for international help after desertion tanka spills oil into the red sea.
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for everyone the search for a deal on tackling climate change is deadlocked in madrid talks at the u.n. summit have dragged on for more than 36 hours past friday's deadline as delegates struggled to agree on how to fight the crisis that's brought huge crowds out around the world over the past 3 months delegates from nearly $200.00 nations are in the spanish capital the talks are stuck on points like emissions targets there is also disagreement over how much money poorer countries should get to cope with climate change i request. all of the fiction. all your training. now and all your volunteer to find you know these agri not the sense is that we need to have an ambitious result we are almost there it's hard it's difficult but he's worth it. i
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specially meet you but people you know were countries media activists unhappy with the state of talks staged a sit in outside the conference room also members of the group extinction rebellion protested they dumped horse manure near the building's entrance and then stood on melting blocks of ice with nooses around their necks all observers attending the conference a very fear international efforts to tackle climate change are now slipping into reverse i think it's a profoundly distressing the outcome the draft outcome that has been put forward by the chilean presidency is disgraceful completely unacceptable i don't know why they're afraid to stand up to. the world who are destroying the amazon and the donald trumps of the world that are pulling out of paris what is happening here is mind boggling and absolutely unprecedented on the box
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then issues. divergence from these across the board this is set for a collapse unless we fix it in the next few hours reporting from the conference for us as nick clocky says the willingness to cooperate among nations at paris back in 2015 just doesn't seem to be there anymore it was supposed to be the conference that would launch this bring the board of optimism into 2020 the year that the paris agreement finally became this instruments of international cooperation in the fight against climate change instead what we got was disappearing into a black hole of national differences led by australia by brazil by japan by the united states and by more people and up until now we've had this watered down agreement that is a 1000000 miles away from what science is needed to be done and what the mood on the street reflects is needed to be done a new text has been published we got reaction. i think what's happening with the
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paris agreement instead people are some countries in particular trying to push it back from the level of ambition that we had which was a very ambitious anyway it was good enough but it wasn't really very good we need to raise ambition and countries are trying to push back on the level of ambition that they had promised to be there and we don't mean that madrid is a failure it might mean a madrid is a failure but then i feel that no decision is better than a bad decision and if it's a choice between a bad decision and no decision then no decision is better it isn't over yet and the talks will continue some of these negotiators have been asked for more than 36 hours but the willingness and the cooperation of the 2015 pounds agreement well that seems with its operating. on to other news and china has suspended tariffs on u.s. exports which was supposed to start on sunday u.s. cars corn and wheat would all of been affected the decision was made after the world's top 2 economies announced phase one of
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a deal aimed at ending their 2 year trade or the u.s. government's also suspended plans to impose further tariffs on chinese products to india where the home minister says he is willing to discuss suggestions for changes to the controversial new citizenship law thousands of people have been protesting against it for days especially in the northeast 2 people have died in the u.s. and the u.k. of also issued travel advisories for the region the law allows minorities from neighboring countries who are facing persecution to apply for indian citizenship the thing is that excludes muslims this report from social raman. they gathered across the capital and from other states their message loud and clear the citizens amendment at all to see a as it's note has to go the president of india gave his assent to the ca thursday the controversial law allows citizenship to be granted to minorities from 3 neighboring countries but the opposition says it discriminates on religious grounds
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and goes against india's secular constitution this bill is undermining our language and culture and i didn't deal the people in the northeast. they have come here to save the constitution one of india's opposition leaders described the bill as dangerous. prime minister narendra modi and home minister don't care this it is their ship amendment bill de brought in recently was shot to the soul of india what is happening in a farm and the northeast face of the country. in the days leading to the new law being approved protests erupted across the country the most violent in the state of a sob in the northeast several people killed a car set on fire and government buildings attacked. political leaders in the states of carola punjab and west bengal of all said publicly they will not implement the law leading to a potential conflict with new delhi it is the beginning of something very potent
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you know you 1st start then you put people to a ghetto then you finally take them to the end point out this unfortunately could be the beginning of what could result in. disenfranchisement of a very significant population. the numbers here may present the indian prime minister to read remotely with his biggest challenge since august the 5th when he stripped indian administered kashmir the only state in india to have a muslim majority population and it's autonomy that in november his government want a historic court battle between hindus and muslims ownership of a disputed religious site. and now this the c.a.a. muslims are the only ones the law also prevents tumbles. from gaining citizenship critics say secular protections ingrained in the indian constitution are now under threat and it seems that a long political social and cultural fight is on the cards for prime minister
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narendra modi and the indian government. al-jazeera. as we have been saying the anger against the bill in india is no face it's for different reasons many people linguistic and cultural identity will be done looted by the influx of bengali speaking hindu settlers from bangladesh the b j p is in power in many states in the region some within the party have voiced their opposition to the law one of those states is are some which saw a violent movement in the 1980 s. against refugees both hindu and muslim. a little bit earlier deputy editor of the wire a news website in india says the citizenship bill is reigniting issues surrounding violence that erupted 3 decades ago in. cancer less than you know it's a didn't i lesion of assam accord of 1985 i must say it was a very violent kind of energy efficient you know against. migrants who had crossed
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from bangladesh. you know without documents seoul so this was some sort of a closure for the people there would be the crosses there never will fulfil that song but then when you try to go with that you know you are actually setting up and this is what we saw in assam and the people feel that you might instead into one whether to come have been accepted to. have been accepted. under this court so but the more the government is trying to do is actually give more and misty a deal about 28 and december 24 deep to their hidden among people who will cross flawlessly after 9 $170.00 do this on the difficulty but if it wasn't then of course you are an illegal so this is what is just. now talks between the taliban and the u.s. have been put on hold again that's after an attack on a u.s.
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military base north of kabul on wednesday the man who's been leading the talks for the americans is here in qatar attending the forum he's been speaking about his discussions with the taliban and mohamed val has more on that from the summit mohammed. yes. the u.s. only to these talks spoken. today in this forum no cameras were allowed so that speech was not a record and was not transmitted life by the media but he said basically that he basically any today or issued a warning to the taliban that's one of these warnings that you know regular warning to the taliban whenever there is a pickup in the talks this time around it seems to be a measure to the attack that was a far cry from the attack in september in which several soldiers were killed this one would be to civilians were killed 2 days ago so he said we are watching taliban and we are watching their behavior and these talks depend on the behavior by the
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taliban afghanistan has changed there are many parties believe in the conflict in afghanistan and taliban have to know that they have to behave if they want these talks to succeed so he gave that warning but i said it is measured it's very clear that this time around seems to be willing to understand that there could be problems of coordination between the leadership here that is negotiating in some of the field commanders who give orders for attacks inside afghanistan and. the overall picture of things here is not there is hope at these talks this time i'll go to i'm going to go ahead sometime in the near future ok thank you ma'am advance of the doha forum for us there with the latest on the afghan war the u.s. taliban talks we want to stay with afghanistan because months of u.s. and afghan aerial bombings and said to have severely reduced. i saw forces in fact a military official say only around half the group's $4000.00 fighters are thought
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to still be active in afghanistan however as tony but in our reports in the province civilians are facing the brunt of the sustained bombing campaign. this is the village of good day in one go hard province close to the pakistan border it was the stronghold of i still in afghanistan now it's a ruin destroyed by u.s. bombs it was on here that the armed group planned and launched attacks and carried out brutal punishments but over the last few months the u.s. and afghan air forces have waged a sustained bombing campaign that has significantly reduced eyesores capability. the joint campaign with the us has been big and effective it has been a game changer and will continue wherever they are we will target them i saw is in the process of being eradicated we won't stop until they are. that contrast with the situation 6 months ago when i saw all bolstered by fighters from iraq and syria was being described as a serious threat 2 weeks ago hundreds of its fighters surrendered to the afghan
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government in action district now it's estimated that only half of the 4000 strong force is still intact the afghan army has been helped by a string of recent successes against both the taliban and i still they are trying to. do try to stick to varieties and to explore didn't and the city cost more civilian casualty and. now reproof. we have the spall to kick them like we did to tick more to to do from them play creed. to follow them to the end there's no question that i saw has suffered some major setbacks recently but winter side with its lack of ground cover is normally the time when it reduces its activities so spring time will be the test for the government can't fully focus on defeating isaw it's
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a war with the taliban is over it may be losing but i saw hardline ideology may be harder to defeat is supported by other like minded afghan groups such as the seller fees and what. they're not completely. eliminated but the progress is remarkable which which makes sense and for as long as you you have. what we. have be pocketing a one a stone and be difficult to say that they have been completely eliminated the u.s. is trying its best it is on course to drop more bombs this year than any year since 2010 some believe it's to bring the war to an end before next year's u.s. presidential election but it's costing civilian casualties according to u.n. agencies so far this year american bombers and unmanned drone strikes have killed a record number of 600 people including children and wounded 300 more these angry villagers staged a protest after a recent u.s.
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bombing killed 20 pine knot workers who are resting under a tree. it's a rural communities that are suffering the most in the bombing and fighting. broke with this but at the al villages destroyed our mosques destroyed other villages as well we lost our people our lives documents will every family lost loved ones including women and children. the war will eventually come to an end but it's clear there will be no winners tony berkeley al jazeera province. here's what's coming up for you and i'll just era was. packed in like sardines in a process to compare themselves to fish because of their fears of fascism. and how 1500 year old pyramids in mexico may force the government to backtrack on its plans for a new braille route. hello
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again it's good to have you back well we are going to see some heavy rain still across much of malaysia now of the last day or so we have seen totals up to about 100 to one $115.00 millimeters across this area and you can see widespread clouds in convective activity there all the way down through parts of java as well as over here towards bali drier up towards the north of vietnam not looking too bad as well as the northern part of the philippines but we are going to be seeing a lot of rain down towards the southern part of the philippines temperatures into the mid twenty's there where here across australia the heat wave is kicking back up we're talking about south australia as well as down here across new south wales and victoria over the next couple of days take a look at the temperatures as we go towards the beginning of the week we're going to see those temperatures starting to come up for bellhorn it is going to be $24.00 degrees but by the time we get towards tuesday it is going to jump up to about 31
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adelaide though we're very concerned about that he waves situation here monday 33 degrees tuesday the heat wave begins and this will continue all the way through friday where temperatures will be hovering about 40 degrees inland it could be even higher to about 50 degrees there for new zealand it is going to be quite wet across most of the north and south island and a cooler day for christ church with rain in your forecast and temperature of 15. 1000 and. documenting groundbreaking. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. we return to see how the students and the school helping change the face of india.
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you're with al jazeera let's take you to the top stories this hour the search for a deal on tackling climate change is deadlocked in madrid talks at the u.n. summit have dragged on for more than 36 hours past the deadline and they've been protests by activists just outside the. india's home minister says he's willing to discuss suggestions for changes to a controversial new citizenship law after days of protests the law allows minorities from neighboring countries facing persecution to apply for citizenship but it excludes muslims and china suspended tariffs on u.s.
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exports which was supposed to start on sunday u.s. cars corn and wheat would all have been affected the decision comes days after the world's 2 top economies announced phase one of the deal aimed at ending the trade or. now the rebels in yemen are appealing for international assistance as an abandoned tanker off the country's coast leaks fuel into the red sea but the yemen's government claim ownership of the vessel and its cargo of more than a 1000000 barrels of oil moment are reports from santa. another casualty of your man's war the floating of the northern coast as leaking fuel into the red sea there are 1200000 barrels on board and hold these which one of the diesel are loaded are appealing for international help. if the leakage continues the problem will be beyond the capability of the world community to blame the saudi that aggression on our country as they have refused to allow us to unload the shipment
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and pay the monthly salaries of public employees as agreed to in the sweden peace accord there are fears the ship could erode and explode and experts are warning the oil spill could have a lasting impact on the nerine environment. the gulf of the red sea has 2 unique kinds of mangrove that did not exist in any place around the world the oil will block the sunlight from reaching sea plants including coral reefs and other fish. the poor was 1st targeted by the saudi your qualification in 2016 when turned was made to allude the shipment of oil workers were killed the poor was private again in november 29th teen the ship's been deteriorating so. both sides claim their control of the tanker and there is a battle over who profits from its oil fuel is in short supply and is disparate
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really needed not all the 4 cars but also for water pumps hospital generators and even to transport goods all around the country. bob. sonar. and several protesters have been injured in lebanon's capital after security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds on saturday people around the demick corruption and sectarianism and hundreds gathered in beirut as part of the latest anti-government demonstration riot police beat and detained some protesters after they tried to break into a barricaded area. supporters of one of the most powerful iranian backed militia groups of rallied in baghdad after the u.s. imposed sanctions on one of its leaders the us flag was burned as well as effigies of president trump the prime minister of israel and saudi arabia's king solomon washington imposed sanctions on. religiously or for allegedly killing
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demonstrators trump's administration is ramping up the economic pressure on iran. supporters of me and miles later welcomed home from the genocide hearings at the international criminal court has been praised by many at home. international exposure came under criticism for her defense of the military at the hague the nobel peace prize winner and denied the torture mass rape and killings of the rangar muslim minority run 3 quarters of a 1000000 of them fled the military offensive 2 years ago to overcrowded camps in bangladesh well tens of thousands of protesters crammed into a square in rome to denounce the italian far right leader salvini the rally was organized by the so-called sardines movement stablish just last month in opposition to growing support in the north for some of the unease right wing coalition made with the support from rome. it was the biggest rally yet
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tens of thousands of italians decrying the far right leader matthew salvini and his party then make the demonstration in rome was organized by a grassroots movement known as the set of d.n.a. it's barely a month old but has a ready managed more than $100.00 similar gatherings in italy and other european cities its leaders girlfriends from the city of bologna or have become the voice of the. first gov on the streets to protest against a form of political rhetoric that is disastrous damaging and dangerous we didn't discover data many places around italy goes a serious problem of the lack of political representation is a big problem which at the moment we cannot resolve. is that cool to counter the rise of the far right that has appealed to let up by 3 to the most so there is a part of italy that is against racism and discrimination and fascism we should all
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be. there is a wave taking europe i theory being here that we are starting to do something about it and avoid new walls coming up on the. most of the people here are left wing voters who somehow feel let down by the traditional leftist parties the symbol of this movement. and it came after the founders called the italians the squares of the country like sardines. and the symbol read like wildfire. first response was this but perhaps surprised by the rapid success of the movement down his rhetoric in his otherwise provocative social media videos he's watching i think there is something good for him in in that sense something bad something good is that these people are protesting against him so. more is of the center of italian politics is
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a. let's say the leader and. taking position either in favor or against him. said dean has so far 6 demands including more transparency on social media and then and to violent rhetoric in politics. we have no control of social media in italy. even using talk and no work for children to spread his ideology i think that for a politician to have such a direct platform with children is very dangerous. it's not clear where to move and goes from here or how it will keep the momentum but if anything it has revived the left of italy that many felt was helpless during the rise of the far right but at the commie al-jazeera wrote. police in albania have arrested 9 people over buildings that collapsed in last month's earthquake 51 people died when the 6.4 magnitude quake hit the cities of judas and the main the builders the engineers and
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the owners are accused of breaching construction regulations they face charges of homicide and abuse of power and police are looking for 8 more suspects police in new zealand have confirmed a 16th person has died from injuries sustained in monday's a volcanic eruption specialists wearing protective clothing returned to white island on sunday but so far have failed to find the last 2 missing bodies scientists say the possibility of a 2nd eruption has receded but the island quote remains volatile police in hong kong have made arrests and use pepper spray against protesters at shopping malls in the city a small number of pro-democracy demonstrators took part in the so-called christmas shopping rallies stores in at least one more closed after police stormed the building the territory seen months of anti-government protests demonstrations which 1st began over the extradition bill which was later scrapped however protests have
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widened to call for more democratic rights in hong kong. believe is deposed president evo morales faces arrest if he returns home his replacement interim president jimmy 9 years said morales had to answer for his crimes and an arrest warrant will soon be issued has been granted asylum in argentina the 1st going to mexico believe his 1st indigenous president was for start following protests and accusations he rigged his reelection attempt. funny the mexican president's mayan train project could be derailed on sunday by a referendum to decide its fate people living in the yucatan peninsula are skeptical about the venture they say it poses environmental risks and threatens their lands but on the rest manuel lopez obrador insists the poorest communities will benefit reports from mexico city. so their mexico is world famous for ancient archaeological sites like by link it and. once the cradle of the
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mayan empire today southern mexico is considered one of the most poverty stricken regions in the country now mexican president under this month. has proposed lifting indigenous communities here out of extreme poverty it involves the construction of a railway cold but in my or my untrained intended to increase investment and create thousands of tourism related jobs putting a town in the state of comparative indigenous farmers like him no myleene lopez are skeptical but this is that to me this land is invaluable for one it's my father's inheritance if this poorly named mayan train arrives i would feel invaded i would feel my space has been occupied because over time if other people come they will want to displace us. much of this region remains a vast wilderness were ancient mayan ruins can be found scattered across the landscape and many here worry what it might mean for a railway to cut through more than 1500 kilometers of tropical jungle and the moment everyone talks about global warming and how we have to take care of trees
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and plant more trees will this mine train project will destroy many trees and bring me my tourists more tourists means more garbage and more consumption of water that we don't even have today the president has consistently defended his proposal saying that any potential negative impacts resulting from the project will be minimal. but this project is important and will not affect the environment or archaeological zones on the contrary we want is for people to learn about the great artistic and cultural wealth of this region and to create jobs through tourism mexican president is over though it says that a final decision on construction of the mine train will ultimately depend on a regional referendum insisting that it will be the poorest communities who stand to benefit the most from the 7400000000 dollar railway project indigenous representatives from the 6 mexican states where the rail line will traverse say they haven't been given enough information from the government to make an educated decision. we have to be shown specific and clear studies of where the
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archaeological zones are we cannot say this project is good or bad we have to analyze the mexican government says construction of the my untrained will take 4 years and help bring hundreds of thousands of jobs to one of the country's most overlooked regions. mexico city. i'm kemal santa maria these are the headlines on al-jazeera the search for a deal on tackling climate change is deadlocked in madrid talks at the u.n. summit have dragged on for more than 36 hours past the deadline and have been protests by activists just outside the venue the talks are stuck on points like emissions targets and also disagreement over how much money poor countries should get to cope with climate change. india's home minister
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says he is willing to discuss suggestions for changes to a controversial new citizenship law after days of protests the law allows minorities from neighboring countries facing persecution to apply for citizenship but excludes muslims china has suspended tariffs on u.s. exports supposed to start on sunday u.s. cars corn and wheat would all been affected by this decision was made after the world's top 2 economies announced phase one of the deal ended ending their 2 year trade or who the rebels in yemen are appealing for international assistance as an abandoned oil tanker off the coast leaks fuel into the red sea but the who does and yemen's government claim ownership of the vessel and its more than $100.00. 1000000 barrels of oil police in new zealand have confirmed a 16th person has died from injuries sustained in monday's volcanic eruption specialists wearing protective clothing returned to white island on sunday but so far failed to find the last 2 missing bodies scientists say the possibility of
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a 2nd eruption has receded but they are and remains volatile. police in hong kong of made arrests and used pepper spray against protesters at shopping malls in the city a small number of pro democracy demonstrators took part in the so-called christmas shopping rallies stores and at least one more close staff to police stormed the building the territory has seen months of anti-government protests demonstrations which 1st began over an extradition bill which was later scrapped but the protests have widened since to call for more democratic reforms when a special super 30 is coming up next and then the news with hala. the latest news as it breaks all the holes in its path what destroyed and this is all that's left with details coverage when mexico elected a new president last year they did so largely with the promises that he would end the plague of violence in the country and feel this generalism from around the
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world this rally was approved by a place that ought to track the logic of the altitude rallies held in hong kong.


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