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tv   North Koreas Ghost Ships  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2019 7:32pm-8:00pm +03

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then took off with those who are wanted by the authorities. india's home minister says that he's willing to discuss suggestions for changes to the new citizenship law following days of protests the law allows minorities from neighboring countries to apply for citizenship but not muslims. bolivia's to post president obama dollars faces arrest if he turns home his ripper returns home his replacement the interim president and is said quote morales had to answer for his crimes and an arrest warrant will soon be issued he's been granted asylum by argentina. and those are the headlines next couple hours 0101 east.
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a growing number of north korean fishing boats of washing up on the shores of japan . sometimes there are survivors but often the boats carry a tragic aagot of corpses from the secretive country does north the need your news your lordship you know to. solve all of this loop through this to these 2 little ones things. the mysterious vessels to become known as ships. the sentinel your chance to join talk some from france in a moment seat on the skidmore center just off the full cost to talk to the one and only close to michael photo one small step. by step take such as we've talked about it was all about what it was about what's great about the war 2 started to. wonder
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when east investigates north korea's ghost ships. on this strip of japan's west coast she's a los also made a grim discovery told the one lone nonono sock you know that i think that we did that you know with all of the. law at the. top of that could be. on all the wrong item out that this will go on on monday can be done. needed the money to me that i could be a muslim or. to toss you out in the knowledge that. so they're doing it out of one must. be mine or so i say are you muslim of the.
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country the thing with them and you know. it could be i mean i. know conjunto we try not talk to us we took the piss out of it. so sister. look at the. school on a colony coming from the 2nd when everybody stayed in their. struggles and started at the most. or doing that and. so on.
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but but it also took a step a lot of us. had to just write. a book from all the book about stacks since 2012 the japanese media have been reporting on strange incidents of primitive wooden boats we've been rising on them washing up on the shores of japan's western prefecture. the boats was soon identified by the author as fishing vessels originating from north korea a country that is approximately 1000 kilometers from japan. i think all you can you are look it up on public radio today haven't i said that i read them all because they look up inside of us all over the years the boats kept coming along
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with news reports of dead bodies on board and even surviving north korean fisherman rescued by the japanese. the very presence of these vessels and their cargo has caused fear and paranoia in japan at a time when north korean propaganda has been threatening 29 i like the country with its weapons of mass destruction. to side in a hostile so that's a lot of the boys are going to say listen i don't i don't read the banner ads come asserting this nice thing to us. the go ships are increasingly a diplomatic logistical and financial nightmare for japan costing millions of dollars in police investigation cleanup operations and the repatriation of both risky to. bod and human remains.
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in december 27th taint here on the peninsula 8 north korean fisherman washed up dead there are no diplomatic relations between japan and north korea. so one year later the remains of the fisherman a still in limbo kept by local monk rio sane could at this temple. be. the studs your they're your nearest your it's your views you. are the we owe me you always the wards you go on in cobol. but stony. and most as little cause lost so much that you know can and can exist in things. to do certain more.
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by one's own all of this or a case of living. to find out more about the identities and background for the dead fisherman we visit the local municipality yukiko g gama works here in the welfare division they got almost a quarter supplying the name of the home and no they don't cut your stinking method it's you know who they are vox an. economist. so costs a lot so because he quotes a whole quotes around more to come to the what he mustn't there is the i don't want the got our quota on the horn or risk off on the horn eat it or eat thing hugging it in a good guiding my stock. high. system we believe that the risk taker state that they test and thrive on lots of data to an economy will cause those in the canyon or to take up to court to take. on all of them the same
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thing the law cannot sit still going on the stunning out of control names. when you are talking public. documents. do you want to talk to she or got on the right to talk on the disc at all i. state the forget the cop coming upon me more and more they want to see. no fear. for the children wished least in the workplace and in the in the. dream they have a journey you know that other than of. looking out for all that and not the one over. looking at them that does for you will that. solve all the vocals for that. is another story is that enough you know they're
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going to open. and close on acoustic latest. the lack of diplomatic ties between japan and north korea make it difficult to find out any information on who the fishermen up and why they are becoming cheaper. but for some japanese the go ships remind them of the dock and painful history. community color came to will not the that they will suck cock sure it was stuck copied it starts will say. the king got your stitched up think you can order in the constitution and so he can eat not legal drama what's your name disc it was more on the cousin hero are acting like runs a research group on japanese abducting these 2 who are going to just sing rock and not suicide bombers camos in autumn as she source you listen to the it's human
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stuff home of the not sleeping morning till it's yours for jerks in the seat of duty. when you once you've done it. so often any ol will spite on the carpet on the like it will swoon congregationalists. cousin hero and he's call exhibit looking for evidence that they go ship to being used by the north koreans the espionage patients like me to watch what she siphoned missing a muffin a little cut in a tuna from just by you inch and vocal or just focused it was like oh come on now my. tongue still. hold it she said looking up at a tree just sort of sunni and. want it all to know if it is going to let. the wind up to. 40. below us we are just
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almost out some of whom i want to order i don't want it will all be to talking me. a life circuit and all discussed it there are no no my own are all pacu. i think i know hype and lives i go to school more. than much but i also know of i've started to double time. to go to our lives 2nd thoughts that cost a lot of money to decide. to have 4 more 2nd song. they are still doing when we had to like hold her socks and not. our phones going forward for must pay for your call ins it was getting on if she does or by there is sort of stick there. for that much for all the dates we got from it other than a lot of it's got to us or does she hate that it's might be because i don't notice
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. the. long on the 2 couldn't see 2 of. my much of an awkward on. your nudity there. it is for the personality topic is not good on as most of. the top us live up to the one octave wanted to know to. the back and look up tonight to you kiss mark do you kiss. so when you just want to cut it is really wish that you could warm up. global she. was. on the truck or this is.
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not my focus when most in a small minority in which it is you are going. to talk so much when i was in the palm of little. comes. to susan honestly know how soon we will move on what use. power can. do to our side in the hostile macartney. up to. every december in suck up time japanese sweet fishermen like came home my return from the ocean with dead down ts. nobody got all. mock you as long as i want to go the man is young it is hard album is honest i was your cause and you. want to tell us we get you would like it all all the who want to go near the looking out a box but only one home of muddy tonight can it not. can and his crew spend
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9 months of each year in a japanese squid fishing zone called the yamato bank a shallow water raging located in the sea of japan also known as the east sea the bank is approximately 500 kilometers from the largest north korean port city of chongjin. for 12 in normal. use or. could we know about you. also if you name one i know from the start you're going to be ok you're going to have a model go with them we. want to. see want to make our next door to us in only not all the way to go home is a look at all 6 of them obviously you know 6. chicks into one of them but what are they going to throw you off somalia have. you got to. stop build
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a wall full of kind of oh i see a picture. you'll see nobody wants some of them or what i was about months ago not the jews going to tell you all for the 4th in of all the people you read you're going to do know that when you also go to war i think you know your. professor andre lang cough has been studying north korea for 30 years he's written numerous books on the country and visited the so-called hermit kingdom 6 times including a one year stay in the 1990 s. he is currently researching the north korean fishing industry in order to reveal the truth behind the ghost ships mystery. seems the ninety's we had a message client of life state or if your actions if you will which will use to be
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imported at cheap prices from the soviet union share the suddenly became unavailable fossil of the cotton loft lauch ships and if you spent a lot of money to be able to elections pay to acquire a lot of highly expensive if you ever get told a few they paid and as a result of this stay around industry collapsed. after the breakup of the soviet union the cost of oil rocketed for north korea forcing it to retire most of its big station fishing trips and lay off thousands of fish and as a result i mean ploy individuals were allowed to buy registration licenses from the military that gave them the right to own and run private fishing boats even though on paper these boats belong to the government as owning private property in communist north korea is technically the didn't. probably in time and the city
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has been quite good privatized a long time. it's a private business research beach is just disguised as a state of the race and it can join them if you have much more emphasis on fusion especially from the 19 like us this is a major source of the how currency income for the state but. true and in which it when you look at how much it's only going to get yet you agree with what sounds. good you know. when you got it your money your claim and not what you call going to be a to give you such as. if you look at the. areas. for
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a competitive on the international markets such as i'm up by securing units most can sell me those sources can so cheap labor and they can sell seafood but also there is a heavy over fusion because all last few years the thought of all this many more that he just ration licenses issued to is it private appear right you have many more people and you have a dick amount of fish in this so future is now to be found significantly feels they vary from the most good in cost that used to be. as police of north korean fishing boats far away from the coastline deep into japanese waters we meet with a defector who has a film a fisherman used to make exactly the same journey.
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somewhere where women young men their. sons. goes over to. one of the. tone was so cool. that i would see. quarter. i was in the corner attended and the diplomat as of about an hour. and it. was. going to. get done with. this pressure from the north korean government is driven by a desperate need for foreign currency. but there's another powerful factor of life that could be causing the ghost ship phenomena. in focus 27 tane the human imposed
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a new set of sanctions on north korea in response to the regime's ongoing nuclear program it is a dark day because yesterday's action by north korea made the world a more dangerous place what do you cook i mean would you get the kind of your call volume of an eagle we've gotten that was one child gets. sick of it they are going to buy. one of the sanctions specifically ban them from selling this seafood to other countries by the end of the year 27 tane go ships arriving in japan paid at an all time high of $104.00 vessels 42 rescued fisherman and $35.00 dead bodies the majority of which were found after the sanctions had been forced. there are good reasons to believe that connection between international sanctions and increased in them. of the ships in japan and that's
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the problem is rice most now back from sailing. overseas with the spartans still by his ace you feel smug and because he's smart and because it's against the law you see expect to get much more prices comes in moscow you and the fishermen still festooned the same for those and still best places say a licensed theme song on the great pressure to goof l.c. away and to take the 6. in the south korean capital song a defector who once worked as a fisherman on north korea's east coast has agreed to meet with professor langholm . mother that's because i want to get. lost or more
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like you know. more. than i was a whole even though. it was in the. model there was. never going to. be a good. public their way. to know that you know although you could do it she didn't want to the only reason she. took a boat you're going to be seen in the future you know if you can do is continue hosting you all she don't want no longer you thought you were going to see millions and then all those i was young could do this you know possible. because when i pull . something with a body little or i think of you look you look at. the regular minister remarkably
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little just won't bother or. telling us you know i don't know a mother. who them on every last dollar from this remarkable human who were going off at a con artist of them comes in modern human i'm just how modest was marked as you got and that was the norm even while on duty one of. the most of it wasn't one. of those. isn't it on a host of off. all the horrible as well. as for. who you are no matter your political purpose on it or you know or good with. other than that there were. a couple other than i wasn't going to vote on earth. moon snowing i was the know. the audience and there was
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a modem and i was in my own nursing overthrow was it was when it was obscene. and it was not on in our valley of the mall. and it was we were more was more. but not all go ship crews perish more than 100 north korean fisherman have been rescued in japan since 2013. just. to go ship crisis shows no sign of slowing down in 20 a chain more than 200 boats arrived in japan doubled the number from the previous year. or start. using moscow to your. and the flight over in the stadium for how you should go through
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this to me is a sense of shame for your skill in government deference to the sort. of like. how we're sharing is showing so by about the 7 or so for them right now subtype is more important then she. was little. on on on and. on was a. rock. concert in his eating of our car because all of the. well for more on the top is more harmful. for now people along japan's coastline could only continue to watch and wonder if
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the bugs and the stock. singapore is renowned for creating some of the world's. 101 east goes back to school to find out the secret to their. talk to old jews there are. more targeted without going through all the pressure has this been addressed by took a listen what these the proposal of spain for
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a couple anya we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the ground 0. it's a tough time for the afghan security forces taliban attacks have increased their suffering heavy casualties and the prospect of a withdrawal of u.s. forces hangs over them yet young men are still joining up some for apache arctic reasons for others is the only way to get a job despite the risks midway's karimi was an army bomb disposal engineer in helmand province he knew the risks he was blinded in both eyes and lost a leg when a roadside device exploded as you try to defuse it always aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose an arm or a leg is to sacrifice we have to like to serve this country. join me many often as i put the upfront questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera.
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a deal has finally been locked down at the u.n. climate summit however critics say it falls far short of expectations. hello i'm adrian fit again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a warning to the taliban as talks are put on hold again after an attack at an army base in afghanistan. more protests in lebanon's capital as the government considers who will become the next prime in.


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