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this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian forget and this is the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a deal has finally been locked out of the u.n. climate summit but critics say it falls far short of expectations. a warning for the taliban those talks are put on hold again after an attack at an army base in afghanistan. for a process in lebanon's capital as the government considers it will become the next prime minister. and i'm firing a smile have all the day's sport including. ours the vantage back to the top of the
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italian. head yet another milestone. the longest u.n. climate conference has come to a close in the dritte with a partial agreement but the world's biggest polluters couldn't agree on some of the most contentious issues out the talks dragged on 2 days past the deadline countries at the cop $25.00 summit will improve their current pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the paris agreement but those new commitments will be presented at next year's summit but the whole issue of global and global carbon markets has been put off until next year but concepts allows those who exceed the pollution levels to buy credits from those who don't the u.s. brazil astray india and china have all been blamed for stalling talks on that issue for the past 2 weeks that in protest. across the world many led by students unhappy
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at the lack of action on climate change on saturday members of the group extinction rebellion dumped horsman outside the conference to air their frustration nick clock reports now from madrid. it was a relentless log of endless negotiations whole blocks of nations working at old with a seemingly impossible goal of an agreement acceptable to all and when a cold came it was no a near enough for many observers you know i'm not happy i don't think anybody should be happy when you look at the forces outside these halls where people are in the streets it was 8000000 in september you have impacts happening from australia to germany and you have science that is becoming more compelling and more and deniable and the and the things that they have predicted are actually more conservative than what we're seeing now i think it's time for real action we can't just rehash what we agreed to 5 years ago. in the year of mass climate protest
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it's not surprising that direct action found its way into the exhibition holes in madrid given the chasm that exists between what science says is required to be done and the snail's pace of progress from national delegations the star of the climate movement home did on the science and why is it so important to stay below 1.5 degrees. because even a one degree people are dying from the climate crisis. because that is what the united science calls for to avoid the stabilising the climates so that we have the best possible chance to avoid setting up irreversible chain reactions to grab his words had no effect conference it should have ended at 6 pm on friday went on through the 19 to saturday and on into sunday sleep was a scarce commodity. but there was it in policy of all school 6 part of the text that deals with carbon markets the poorer nations saying they were being cheated by the united states australia saudi and brazil you have the floor. this was because
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of a mission we are not seeing the ambition all the references to the science is has gotten weaker. reference to enhancing the and the seas have gone it seems we prefer to look backward and looking forward we need to address this issue for those who've been part of the global movement calling for action this is been a big disappointment it is really disappointing to see that we had out for you because i believe escaped in telling us that he was happy about that actions and the fact that create awareness for climate change and then we come here and we get the opposite of what they say is so disappointing the arguments here in madrid have been relentless and many are now questioning whether this multilateral approach is fit for purpose so in one year's time the crucial climate summit in glasgow where national commitments to cut emissions must match the science otherwise many believe we face runaway climate change. al-jazeera. is the
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sea of the council an energy environment and a delhi based not for profit research organization he says that the comp discussions have been a failure. paris agreement 4 years ago got something for everyone this deal is nothing for no one that basically means that we have widened the gap between where we need to be and where we are which increases the pressure for cop 26 next year in law school. and once the developed countries start backing down from their commitments it's there's very little trust left that what they're committing in future are going to is going to be met so whatever was promised for up to 2020 those agreements have not been have not been verified yet and yet we want that all the major emitters whether developed countries or developing countries have to enhance ambition now this is the disconnect between the lack of action thus far and the expectation that any announcements in future would actually be met whether it
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is on technology whether it is on finance whether it's on their own actions the developed in the developed countries have failed the same time i think developing countries major developing countries also need to consider that the climate is rapidly changing they are living in some of the most fun parts of the world and unless they take an abstraction themselves in terms of deployment of renewal energy in terms of mitigating throughout this are the other ways we are going to remain in this. very uncomfortable position. turkey's foreign minister says that he'd be willing to send troops to support libya's internationally recognized government that potentially puts the turks on a collision course with the u.a.e. egypt and others they support the warlord colorful huffed up who announced a final offensive to capture the capital tripoli after 8 months of fighting on the outskirts keep which has already supplied militarized drones and other weaponry
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signed a military cooperation agreement last week egypt's president says it's in the region's interest end the conflict fattah el-sisi has blamed the lack of progress on the un backed government. libya led today if we look at what's happening in libya of the last few years and why the government there has not been able to have a real free will speaking frankly it's because it is hostage the interiors of militias that exist in tripoli in the meantime every country is dealing with the situation based on its own interests it is an alcoholic of interest that this region goes back to stability and he is the general director of the sadic institute a think tank focusing on libyan affairs he says that other players like nato will be forced to active to keep does send in troops. the certainly complicates the relationship between turkey nato and then libya because if turkey doesn't even into libya which is now kind of on the cards given president against remarks last week
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that he said if the if the genie invited him to come into libya that he would send a tech astrue spending parliamentary approval i suppose that really does put the the fact that if turkey was to be involved in military conflict in libya that nato would have to come on board and so i suppose it really does going to jeopardize the moves that there is already a complex relationship between the russians and the turks and the u.s. because turkey has been procuring a defense systems from from russia and is always almost on the verge of being sanctioned by the u.s. for doing so but it seems like they're going ahead regardless of the spot any of the of the consequences but it certainly puts the g.n.a.t. now in a position where boy with a tripoli but government the u.s. backed government in a position that turkey never thought it would be in which is that turkey is really doing the job of the u.n. security council who brought the government in tripoli into existence but has refused for the past 8 months to defend the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan says that he's monitoring the town about after an attack on a u.s. military base north of kabul so make has attended the doha forum on thursday talks
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in qatar between the u.s. and the group were again put on hold but washington says that it is hopeful the talks will resume soon mohammad valve reports. the u.s. envoy to these talks spoke a bit earlier today in this forum no cameras were allowed so that speech was not recorded and was not transmitted life by the media but he said basically that he basically any today or issued a warning to the taliban that's one of these warnings that you know regular warnings to the taliban's whenever there is a hiccup in the talks this time around it seems to be a measure to the attack that was a far cry from the attack in september in which several soldiers were killed this one only to civilians were killed days ago so he said we are watching taliban and we are watching their behavior and these talks depend on the behavior by the taliban afghanistan has changed there are many parties plea in their conflict in
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afghanistan and taliban have to know that they have to behave if they want these talks to succeed so he gave that warning but i said it is measured it's very clear that these are my this time around seems to be willing to understand that there could be problems of coordination between the leadership here that is negotiating in some of the field commanders who give orders for attacks inside afghanistan and . the overall picture of things here is not there is hope of these talks this time around is going to going to go ahead sometime in the near future. months of u.s. and afghan aerial bombing has severely reduced eyesores forces in the country military officials say that only around half of the group's $4000.00 fighters are still active across afghanistan but as a serious tony berkeley reports now from the province civilians are bearing the brunt of the sustained bombing campaign. this is the village old good day in one
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province close to the pakistan border it was the stronghold of i still in afghanistan now it's a ruin destroyed by u.s. bombs it was so here that the armed groups planned and launched attacks and can. i doubt brutal punishments but over the last few months the u.s. and afghan air forces have waged a sustained bombing campaign that has significantly reduced eyesores capability. the joint campaign with the us has been big and effective it has been a game changer and will continue wherever they are we will target them i saw is in the process of being eradicated we won't stop until they are. that contrast with the situation 6 months ago when i saw all bolstered by fighters from iraq and syria was being described as a serious threat 2 weeks ago hundreds of its fighters surrendered to the afghan government in action district now it's estimated that only half of the 4000 strong
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force is still intact the afghan army has been helped by a string of recent successes against both the taliban and i still do not trying to . do try to stick to varieties. to explore didn't and the city cost more civilian casualty and. now reprove. we have the spall to kick them like we did to take more territory and from them play creek bed in to follow them to live and there's no question that i still have suffered some major setbacks recently but winter side with its lack of ground cover is normally the time when it reduces its activity so spring time will be the test for the government can't fully focus on defeating i saw it's a war with the taliban is over it may be losing but i saw as hardline ideology may be harder to defeat it's supported by other like minded afghan groups such as the
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seller fees and what. they're not completely eliminated but the progress is remarkable which which makes sense and for a long a few you have. what we. have be pocketing a one a stone and be difficult to say that they have been completely eliminated the u.s. is trying its best it is on course to drop more bombs this year than any year since 2010 some believe it's to bring the war to an end before next year's u.s. presidential election but it's costing civilian casualties according to u.n. agencies so far this year american bombers and unmanned drone strikes have killed a record number of 600 people including children and wounded 300 more these angry villagers staged a protest after a recent u.s. bombing killed 20 pine workers who were resting under a tree. it's the rural communities that are suffering the most in the bombing and
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fighting. broke with this but our villages destroyed our mosques destroyed other villages as well we lost our people our lives documents will every family lost loved ones including women and children. the war will eventually come to an end but it's clear there will be no winners tony berkeley al-jazeera province. michael semple is a former deputy e.u. special representative to afghanistan he says that the u.s. and afghan military aren't the only forces pushing back against eisel. we have a war under war within a war the main war is the afghan government supported by the us fighting against the afghan taliban for comparable of the country but within that war we have the islamic state trying to establish itself in afghanistan and being attacked by
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all sides it is facing a attacks from the afghan government and the u.s. military the afghan taliban are also fighting against islamic states in fact there is a visceral hatred between those 2 groups and this is what i would do describe our war within a war. the taliban remain committed to their jihad to try and win control of afghanistan and they see di as potentially a. a mortal enemy because they are vying with the taliban for control of this jihad so actually it's not just the americans the afghan government who are fighting against eisel the the taliban have spent much of the past year and committing some of their best forces to attacking eyesore. this is the news from al-jazeera still to come on the program yemen's rebels call for international help
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after a deserted tanker spills oil into the red sea. probably the heaviest. that we create. and how one man's answer to saving the world is keeping everyone else's feet on the ground. and in sport tiger woods captains his country to victory at the presidents cup details coming up a little later in the probe. of the protest is underway right now in lebanon's capital it follows a night of violence at a rally in beirut on saturday several people were injured up to security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds riot police beat and detained some protesters after they tried to break into a barricaded area people have been protesting in lebanon because they're angry of
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the corruption and sectarianism let's go live now to beirut. is after last night. as i know what's the situation there right. protestors anti-establishment protesters remain defiant their message to those in power is that you will not break our will thousands converged outside parliament square 24 hours after the central beirut where we became a battleground like you mentioned dozens of protesters were injured when security forces. rubber bullets water cannons to push people away from parliament square both blaming each other for instigating the violence which amnesty international is that excessive use of force. behalf of the security forces towards what they're calling a peaceful protest and amnesty international is also questioning how come there
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were masked men wearing civilian clothes who joined the security forces in violently attacking the protesters so amnesty international raising questions the interior minister the caretaker interior minister also asking for an investigation what we saw are really scenes live on television how security personnel are beating up protesters who are on armed more than one security for personnel. beating up on armed protesters so there are there is a lot of concern that those in power the governing alliance are now wanting to use the security forces to intimidate people in the streets to eventually crush this protest movement so what happened tonight was a message that you will not crush our will we have returned to the streets to continue our opposition against your rule or it's what's due to happen this week i know that tomorrow the new prime minister is supposed to be named.
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yes political parties there negotiating among themselves over the formation and makeup of the next cabinet they're not heeding the call from the street the call from the street is all of you need to leave office you've been governing this country for 30 years were accusing you of corruption were accusing you for the dire state of the economy where the local currency is devaluing where banks are imposing controls on capital and where companies are shutting down and unemployment is on the rise tomorrow the parliamentary blocs will be naming their choice of prime minister saddle how do you do the caretaker prime minister is expected to be nominated but the political parties his political rivals are not in agreement on the formation of his cabinet how does insisting i'll have the cabinet but i want independent ministers his rivals led by the iranian backed hezbollah say no we want to maintain our representation in the. and the message message from the international community is if the government does not meet the aspirations of the
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people do not expect us to bail out levanon to help lebanon out of this dire economic crisis right saida many thanks to date of zeros in a lot of their reporting live from beirut. syrians who fled the last remaining rebel held province say that homes and hospitals are being attacked indiscriminately 18000 people were reportedly displaced from the province in just 24 hours last week syrian artillery bombardment and russian air strikes intensified despite a cease fire many of the displaced a living in desperate conditions in camps near the turkish border i mean our wildest director of the middle east and north africa bureau for the un refugee agency speaking from the doha for him earlier he told my colleague dean but more nations need to share the burden of protecting displaced people. the international community needs for responsibility sharing to really transform many of the river you compact issued by the general assembly last year it's something more practical
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and that's why this year as of monday tomorrow 161 is a day king of the somebody in geneva the globe or if you come for us to get a boat the robot of the platform or conference or. platform is basically to transform the whole concept of response by me sharing burden sharing into an action countries was lower income middle income kind really cool with the influx of refugees and displaced people today we have the highest number of people displaced ever 82000000 people displaced around the world of those that are 25000000 refugees the majority are in the middle of the world and that is the meetings i know there have been many calls for help and for burden sharing the responsibility sharing across several years now why do you think there's been so little action because this isn't the 1st time we've heard the pleas of desperate syrian refugees and
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displaced people around the world and yet nothing seems to change the platform of. tomorrow when is they indeed eva the. repair itself to really answer this question what can the world do more to really contribute responsibly and build on the and share the burden of responsibility. new commitment on occasion on health on other services on livelihood on protection on opening borders in allowing people to really flee to safety because a number of refugees and displaced be researching it because numbers and the world have to come together to solve it it cannot be solved by few countries it can also be solved by new donors it has to be solved globally and hopefully the city days conference out will see india. in the next couple of days we'll bring these countries together and come up with new pledges a new commitment hopefully everybody will stick to and we'll see
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a new beginning to how to handle crisis and displacement crisis. thousands of people have fled their homes after fighters linked to i saw attacks an army camp and west cher on tuesday killing 71 soldiers the violence has raised new humanitarian concerns in the region and to syria's i'm an address reports from the niger capital bamako. surrounded by friends and family mohammad a target that describes his near death experience when i was still fighters attacked the town of electors last week for the thought time they said. they'd return to you know just a few months ago hoping to rebuild their lives what do i gain forced to return to this can be nairobi at around 50 kilometers from you notice. that when we 1st came here we almost died because of hunger we were under attack and we could have died so we flee will never return home again. i'm groups in the remote and lawless
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held desert region recently escalated attacks and both military bases and civilian communities killing hundreds and forcing thousands to seek safety. like many people in the camp for the displaced. hermit said she run out of options of where to go good to get what are. we fled from in a tense because of insecurity and it's everywhere we go we are frightened we don't feel safe. refugees in the camp are just broken with little protection from the elements or much. people are suffering from hunger and they can't go back to their village to return to the village of flood again security conditions are deteriorating day after day and there's no hope they might improve. the attack on him it just last week caused the highest number of casualties in living memory on the army in a single day. and more adults are expected because intelligence reports are just
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increased collaboration between i still and other groups here in whatever god also likely killings and the regiment in a region already and able to cope with thousands of refugees from previous rains riise al jazeera some of. which is the capital of course. that country now yemen's internationally recognized government says that some people on their wanted list of the scaped with the help of way back forces the airport in the yemeni island of contra was stormed by emirates is supported troops who then took off with those who wanted by the authorities the governor of the island said the plane hadn't been cleared to land by the control tower. the 1st deployed troops to the island in april its presence there has fuel protests and divided residents who the rebels in yemen are appealing for international assistance as an abandoned tanker off the country's coast leaks fuel into the red sea both the who things and yemen's
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government claim ownership of the vessel and its cargo of more than a 1000000 barrels of oil mohammed are reports now from some now. another casualty of your man's war the floating of the northern coast is leaking fuel into the red sea there are 1200000 barrels on board and hold these which one of the diesel are loaded are appealing for international help that. if the leakage continues the problem will be beyond the capability of the world community to blame the saudi that aggression on our country as they have refused to allow us to unload the shipment and pay the monthly salaries of public employees as agreed to in the sweden peace accord there are fears the ship could erode and explode and experts are warning that are going always spill could have a lasting impact on the marine environment that. the gulf of the red sea has to unique kinds of bad grove that did not exist in any place around the
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world the oil will block the sunlight from reaching sea plants including coral reefs and other fish. the poor over us was 1st targeted by the saudi. in 2016 when anna termed was made to a low the shipment of oil workers were killed the poor was part of a again in november $21000.00 the ship's been deteriorating ever since both sides claim their control of the tanker and there is a battle over who profits from its oil fuel is in short supply and is disparate really needed not all the forecasts but also for water pumps hospital generators and even to transport goods all around the country. bob. it's on our. we're going to weather update next here on al-jazeera then.
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packed like sardines in it somehow protesters that compare themselves to fish because of the fairness of fascism plus. anti-government protesters in chile get at least one of the moms the rights to hold non-binding votes before a possible referendum next year and in sport a 1st look at the venue that will take center stage at next year's tokyo olympics. hello again or welcome back to your international weather forecast what we are going to be seeing a mix of weather coming into play here across much of the levant we have a system that has made its way in from the mediterranean now on monday that system pushes in towards the southeast so we're going to see a mix of rain and in the higher elevations it will be snow baghdad in $1000.00 coat
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city it is going to be rain and thunderstorms potentially and you notice that line of snow right there along the higher elevations of parts of iraq and well as into iran for tehran though it is going to be a mix of weather a few of the next few days we do expect to see monday a cloudy day for you by the time we get towards tuesday temps has come down to about 10 a lot of rain in the forecast but by the time we get towards wednesday things are improving with attempt a few of about 11 degrees here across the gulf expect much of the same we're going to be seeing widespread rain across the region now off and on rain here in doha but we do think the heaviest rain over the next few days will be over here a little bit more towards the east into iran potentially we could be seeing some localized flooding as well for doha here on tuesday it is going to be a cloudy day with a temperature of 23 degrees and then across the southern part of africa things are drying out quite nicely the saddle a is not showing too much in terms of rain but in terms of temperature we're going to be seeing johannesburg at $27.00 in durban at. funny to.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of all the lives. of the stories. providing the tips into someone else is what. you need. do day for. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers. witness on al-jazeera when the news breaks today the current government has lost trust the people they can't do anything because the protestors are against it when people to be cut by flight while the represent the loft sure for opponents of rex it's drawing from the conservatives al-jazeera has teams on the ground it's now hopes that meeting in paris will push politicians to create a competent and credible government to bring new moon documentaries and lighting on
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air and online. hello again this is that he is from al-jazeera adrian from going to here in doha the headlines the u.n. secretary general says that he's disappointed by the outcome of the climate summit which ended with a partial agreement to improve current pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but the commitments will only be preserved the presented rather at next year's meeting. turkey's foreign minister says he'd be willing to send troops to support libya's internationally recognized government. it put the turks on a collision course with the u.a.e. egypt and others they support the war khalifa haftar has announced that
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a final offensive to capture the capital tripoli and the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan says that he's monitoring the taliban after an attack on a u.s. military base north of kabul so make up it was that has attended the hall forum on thursday talks in council between the u.s. and the armed group or again put on hold. today is taking another important step in its path to creating a new constitution that's holding a series of consultative ballots before a possible referendum next year voters are being asked to confirm whether they want to replace the current constitution which states back to dictator gusto pinochet and if so whether it should be drafted by citizens or a combination of citizens of lawmakers she lands will also be asked to rank that top 3 priorities in terms of public services she has been gripped by weeks of protests over the rising cost of living and inequality the government's trying to negotiate reforms to appease demonstrators let's go live now to santiago latin
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america at its lucien newman is there so how significant is today it was a key demand by protesters was that. hello agent it still is a very very key demand and this is really a kind of a dress rehearsal for what is going to be a referendum on the 26 of april the president caved in to the strong pressure on the streets and amongst many put and political parties in the opposition civilian organizations as a whole asking for a new constitution but this will actually allow the citizens themselves to say exactly what they want and how they wanted the vast majority of municipalities who are organizing this consultation as it's called have the same questions but interestingly enough there are some and there are 3 is here inside dougall
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particularly that stand out because they're having a consultation but they're not asking the question do their residents want to or don't want a constitution and these are the 3 municipalities one of the wealthiest in the country so that's that's quite telling as to politically which way this is going to go but there's been quite an important not turnout but participation most people can vote on their smartphones online but there are some municipalities particularly in the more in the poorer neighborhoods where they are making computers and helpers available especially to the elderly who don't really know how to work these things online adrian going to be enough to bring the protests to an end what happens next . no this is not going to put the protests to an end but the idea and interestingly enough people up there as young as 14 are going to be allowed to vote and are being allowed to vote because this is still taking place in this consultation the idea is to allow young people particularly who have been the
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most active out on the streets to participate to have a voice to say what is it that they want hopefully to trying to diminish some of the frustration the anger and the violence on the streets and as the campaign increases to bring about the real constitutional referendum to pope leo that allow more people to participate in that campaign and less on daily demonstrations as we've been seeing now for exactly 2 months and 2 days adrian you say many thanks david of seriousness and even there reporting live from santiago jorge i saw that there. is an academic focusing on today at the university of cambridge she says that although non-binding this vote could send a strong message about what the public wants in one way it will move the process forward we will it will mean a push in a symbolic way right in him and on the other hand in a very concrete way it depends on how many people go to vote it's symbolic terms
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because they do we'll resend a letter of what people want to something very important that will happen it will be happening this week which is the mechanism or the minimal mechanisms for the vote in next april and in mexico talker and then if it wins in the next talked over 2020 the there will be you know another election regarding. who will be taking part of the convention to write a new constitution so yes it is not binding but it's a big push for something that is happening this week that will determine the outcome for the next real election in real binding elections april in which people will go. to the polls and say ok we want to go or no and if we want one we will want it in a 5050 percent of people and groups its parliament members of parliament or handed percent of people elected in october 2020. years to post president ever
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morale as faces arrest if he returns home his replacement the interim president jeanine as said the brothers had to quote answer to his crimes and that an arrest warrant will soon be issued he's been granted asylum by argentina after 1st fleeing to mexico last month. a constitutional crisis is looming in iraq's parliament former prime minister out of the matter the announced his resignation earlier this month and president bottom sali now has until monday to nominate his replacement but the moves done little to calm protesters who are demanding a complete overhaul of the sectarian political system deserves to have such a body looks ahead of what's likely to unfold. from what we understand this is not going to help the situation at all and the main reason is because this that is the iraqi constitution is at the core of the problem the iraqi people the demonstrators
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that we've seen are saying that the reason they're on happy with the system is that their government is based on a parliamentary system and they want a presidential one that means that they have a right to elect their own leadership now what is going to happen as of monday at midnight the president has to nominate a name for the next prime minister and then what will happen is that person will have 30 days to put together a cabinet which will then all go to a vote in parliament that is one in 30 days the parliament will decide whether or not to accept this nomination of the president as well as his cabinet but many of the analysts we spoke to here say that it is very unlikely that the demonstrators and people on the street who are we happy with any kind of a name that is put forth because they want to be able to the side on who leads their country and they are tired of trying to accommodate the other influences that are present in iraq mainly iran and the united states the iraqi people say that they want to be free of that in their own government for the time being the
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president is pushing his limit to the very last minute trying to come up with a name that will please all sides as well as the many people on the streets but it remains to be seen as if if that name actually exists at all india's home minister says that he's willing to discuss suggestions for changes to the new citizenship law following days of protests the u.s. the u.k. issued travel advisories for northeastern states where at least 5 protesters have been killed the law allows minorities from neighboring countries who are facing persecution to apply for citizenship but muslims are excluded. that was a minority view was the giving of immunity did you because usually if they give it to you you would because usually would be nice it was funny shit but it was i was surrounded by those oh so many policeman legal 6 to 7 put his newest
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downloaded started beating me and it was brutally down there with no using the law things they were using some other sticks a video of 5 sticks of wood so maybe i don't move the hood they were using blades moods. kind of brutal a drug that was now serious sal raman is in assam the epicenter of unrest against the mall. various civic duty society leaders have taken to the stage and hearty on sunday to discuss and to talk about the issue of the citizenship had been been act it's brought out the people as you can see in the thousands here to one of the largest grounds in the city of an opportunity for many of the community here who had very little chance to talk to each other because of not only the yeardley but only because of the internet blackout communication has quite restricted these past few days of the world we're seeing here today on sunday a problem syngas an artist taking to the stage and also paintings being done by
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local artists to. make sure that everybody who remembers of what we're being has a listen actually of a horrible horrible husbands and wives families children and a whole range of demographics including a group of bikers i spoke to earlier one of them told me why it was so we're told to come out in numbers to express their anger or legal piece of legislation that they totally disagree or we don't want to harm the heart of anybody who's got me here who go on this this big this monster to something else here and just in fear to know who's on 1st person or someone who are going to come. close to our hearts to see this is ok as far as going on that has i have ever seen one on one on the light hearted party atmosphere continues here at one of the main ground single at the end of course is an opportunity for the community had to meet each other certainly after days of the internet shut down of course people are taking to the
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stage where a very popular performers hence the volume of people you can see have many hundreds to hear them sing and speak and of course those that are taking to the microphone a civic society leaders are saying that the pressure will be continued continue to put the pressure on the government when it comes to the citizens abandonment act i'm not happy with it they feel that legalizing illegal immigration into india of other. minority groups will dilute the very. show that they want to protect here. obviously. they did it different ways across the country and even demonstrations but. they will. continue in the week ahead with the focus will be. the wife of the vice president of zimbabwe has been arrested on charges of money laundering and fraud. the vice the wife of vice president constantino chiwenga is also charged with violating exchange control
9:43 pm
regulations she was arrested on saturday and is expected to appear in court on monday but why one is accused of funneling at least a $1000000.00 through china and south africa police in new zealand have confirmed a 16th person has died from their injuries that were sustained in monday's volcanic eruption specialists wearing protective clothing returned to white island on sunday but have so far failed to find the last 2 missing bodies scientists say that the possibility of a 2nd eruption has now receded but the island remains volatile. everyone windy at the absolutely desperate to find bodies and return them to live one's in terms of probability i.d.'s we wish we were probably thinking given that one was in the water but so i would tell you. that we're always hopeful because we do this for a reason we want to make sure that we bring the right expertise to be it with regard to the task and he says if you can find people in attendance. tens of
9:44 pm
thousands of protesters have crammed into a square in rome to denounce italian far right played on the tail salvini the rally was organized by the so-called sardines movement it was established just last month in opposition to growing support in the north for solving these rightwing coalition . reports now from rome. it was the biggest rally yet tens of thousands of italians decrying the far right leader matthew salvini and his party leg the demonstration in rome was organized by a grassroots movement known as the set of d.n.a. it's barely a month old but has a ready managed more than a 100 similar gatherings in italy and other european cities its leaders girlfriends from the city of bologna have become devoid of the. first gravity on the streets to protest against a form of political rhetoric that is disastrous damaging and dangerous we didn't
9:45 pm
discover data many places around italy go to serious problem of a lack of political representation is a big problem which at the moment we cannot resolve. is that cool to counter the rise of the far right that has appealed to let up by 3 to the most so the but there is a part of italy that is against racism and discrimination and fascism we should all be. there is a brave taking europe i fear it being here means that we are starting to do something about it and avoid new walls coming up on the. most of the people here are left wing voters who somehow feel let down by the traditional leftist parties this symbol of this movement is a sardine and it came after the founders called the italians of the squares of the country like sardines. and the symbol read like wildfire. first response was this but perhaps surprised by the rapid success of the movement
9:46 pm
down his rhetoric in his otherwise provocative social media video he's watching i think there is something good for him in that and something bad something good is that these people are protesting against him so ever more is of the center of italian politics is that the. let's say the leader and. they're in favor or against him. so far 6 demand polluting more transparency in social media and then violent rhetoric in politics. we have no control of social media in italy. even using talk and no work for children to spread his ideology i think that for a politician to have such a direct platform with children is very dangerous. it's not clear where do those
9:47 pm
from here or how it will keep the momentum but if anything it has revived the left of italy that many felt was helpless during the rise of the far right but at the al-jazeera road. police in albania have arrested 9 people over the collapse of buildings in last month's earthquake 51 people died when the 6.4 magnitude tremor hit the cities of donors and to money the builders engineers and owners are accused of breaching construction regulations people police were looking for 8 more suspects. world leaders and delegates who flew to madrid for the un climate summit have been criticized for leaving a huge carbon footprint thousands of people worldwide have joined a boozman to avoid flying it's all to do with raising awareness of travels contributions to climate change one inspired by climate activist tanberg ben moss is a part of that growing movement to stay out of the skies i'm ben i live in bristol
9:48 pm
and i choose not to fly i am a wood recycler but we collect wood waste from whoever is throwing it away we bring it back to our yard we clean up and we make stuff out of the workshop. i don't fly because it's probably the heaviest carbon footprint that we create as individuals. global warming and our diversity loss are exacerbated by flying i've chosen to minimize my flying over the years i definitely feel passionate about not flying the journey home about to take our leave bristol to ny on a train from bristol temple meads to london i'll travel across london stay with my brother in brixton tomorrow morning i will take a bus to london from pancras and i'll get on the 540 train to paris i will change
9:49 pm
it paris to paris montparnasse i'll get on the t.g.v. to i will change or agile and i will go to oshkosh and i arrive or ocean in the south of france at about 4 in the afternoon i don't have a problem with a long journey as long as it's comfortable and definitely have a problem with the long journey there is on a plane flights are so cheap and that maddens me it so much cheaper to fly places and take the train i have some remorse about the fact that japan seems like a long way away. but these are also products of a culture where by we think it's some kind of entitlement that we should be able to see all these places. more people are. aligning with me i feel less alone than i did say a year ago i also recognize that there is a bigger issue within society of no one wants to take
9:50 pm
a step forward unless everyone takes a step forward together the actions of individuals have an impact beyond what we might initially perceive. what do i miss about air travel very little. just ahead here on al-jazeera a race at the track cycling world cup in australia descends into chaos far will be here to tell you what assets in just a few moments. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the can only project that's what we defuse it was one of the sound of school settlement we this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st
9:51 pm
century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera growing up in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being a freedom of the challenges going to be. men and women to the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story unique is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for dallas what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. but i guess time for sports is far adrian thank you so months christiana rinaldo
9:52 pm
fired his side eventis back to the top of the italian saria the portuguese international scored twice to lead to a 31 home win over it in a stick the goals take his tally for the season to 11 in 19 appearances were no old . has become the only player in europe's top 5 leagues to hit double figures in all competitions over the past 15 seasons and are a one point behind new way and can reclaim top spot later when they face you fear in tina or manchester city have crushed arsenal 3 no in english premier league kevin to burn yes starred for city the belgian international scoring twice at the emirates city say in 3rd after the win but they've cut the gap between themselves and league leaders liverpool to 14 points there are 2 more games in the premier league on sunday manchester united drew against everton to sit 6th in the table top nomar one place above them maybe wolves 21 thanks to an injury time winner is one
9:53 pm
of the victims were quality is not enough. if you are not a team a real team. in the real sense of avoid the word team min's is impossible. they are very very good. the 1st test in pakistan in over a decade has ended in a draw it was largely a rain disrupted match but at least there was some history made on the final day came at the hands of pox on oprah who was playing his maiden test he was in good form against sri lanka as attack his score of 109 not out makes him the 1st player to hit a century on his test and one day international debut this was the 1st test match on pakistani soil since the attack in a lot more on the sri lanka team bus in 2009. all tiger woods is celebrating another title win this time as a team captain at the presidents cup in australia the us became the 1st team in the
9:54 pm
event 25 year history to win the trophy after trailing ahead of the final day andy richardson reports i began with his 15th major title victory is ending with more smiles and success the talk the willetts this time for his country leading the usa to an 8th straight win at the presidents cup which came as a team cause my teammates and my boys all played well the captains did an amazing job of just being there for every little detail. i could and i with all their help and. all my boys. they did it. only international team had a 10 a to advantage going into the final day writing for the united states team charger woods woods led from the front of australia's royal melbourne course the 1st plane captain in 25 years was up against abraham ounce of mexico in the 1st of 12 singles matches he went on to secure a record 27th will in the event with
9:55 pm
a $3.00 and $2.00 victory. on saturday patrick reads caddie was ejected from the event for fighting with a spectator. 24 hours later read was winning a valuable point for the us. at one stage tony finn i was 4 down against to see almost japan but he fought back to hold his mind. a win for australia's cameron smith briefly gave him found some hope but when matt koocher rolled into this part. i the title was decided. with his 1st taste of team captaincy ending in a $1614.00 when the internationals 2 decade wait for success goes on if you compare the month paper with. teams you know another sport.
9:56 pm
you would have loved as out of the building. but we. never go. mightly close so you know i was a tiger in the us will be aiming for a 9th consecutive trophy when they defend the title in north carolina in 2 years' time. and the richardson al-jazeera. japan has officially unveiled the mail a stadium that will host next year's tokyo led becks the $68000.00 seater venue has cost $1400000000.00 it's been built on the site of the former national stadium used for the 1964 tokyo games construction started in december 26th in about 14 months later than planned after the original design was scrapped due to high costs is endangering them taught in pick for this national stadium which will be the symbol of the tokyo 2021 pick and paralympic games i know there must have been many difficulties in building it the design was changed during the process it is purely
9:57 pm
the result of hard work that we can finally celebrate today. france's toro has won his 1st world cup slalom in almost 6 years to move top of the overall standings the 28 year old blew away the competition in front of his home crowd in valdez there it's been 2 rows 1st slalom wins since january 20 point team and his 25th career world cup race when. there was a huge crash at the track cycling world cup in australia the women's omnium scratch raised descended into chaos as half of the field were wide dead and grizz been home rider and evanston managed to stay on the track and win gold. and that is all your support for now adrian back to you for many thanks indeed that's it from the time for us to hand you over to lauren tyler journalists in london so you get back.
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talked to al jazeera we were told to get to that because through all the russian has this been addressed by you took a listen what is the proposal. for a couple on you know we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the road was there a. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of backed you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where all the ins live as well as in front of a t.v.
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there on the smartphone there on the tablet there on the confusion. about the way al-jazeera is of all into a true media network. with. from ancient emperors to come mislead us. age old philosophies and the rule of order remains central to the world's oldest living civilization in the 2nd of a 2 part series the big big judge charts of the rise of a 21st century superpower and examines the challenges it now faces from the outside and from within the china complex how to on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs
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that matter to you al-jazeera. am not happy i don't think anybody should be happy disappointment in madrid as u.n. climate talks grind to a close with major pretty much is still resisting pressure to step up efforts to fight global warming. and our intake of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. after a night of clashes with security forces a lebanese protest is a back out rallying in front of parliament.


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