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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 46  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2019 7:32am-8:02am +03

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the house of representatives is expected to vote in the next few days to impeach the president which would set up a trial in the senate a poll taken to gauge the mood of people in chile has shown an overwhelming majority want a new constitution and months of protests are rising living costs and inequality prompted the ballot about half of the votes still need to be counted but so far 85 percent of people want an overhaul the u.n. secretary general has described a climate change summit in madrid as a lost opportunity after delegates failed to agree on several contentious issues they did agree on motions calling for greater ambition and cutting greenhouse gases but talks on global carbon markets have been postponed onto next year's meeting in glasgow well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us the listening post is coming up next thank you for watching. join me as i put the upfront questions to my special guests and challenge them to some
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straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. because she's been experiencing. life thanks to the. way. * i'm going. from the press to. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're covering this week if you can't beat them or suppress them block them in more and more countries internet blackouts have become a fact of life syria's bashar al assad and the interview and italian broadcaster did not want its audience to see putting a face on fake news that's all and less why should you believe me deep fakes like this version of boris johnson are next level misinformation and they want to
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dream on their. ukrainian border the trump impeachment story. for those of you watching this program online imagine what an internet blackout would mean to you shut out of messaging sites forced off social media deprived of news information and the means to contact loved ones and magine your kashmiri and the indian government has left you in the dark for 4 months now or you are iranian and you've just experienced your most serious internet shutdown ever both of those shutdowns were imposed by governments which said they were trying to prevent security threats their critics human rights workers among them say this is about silencing dissent deliberately severing connections between people a form of collective punishment in fact blackouts are now a standard feature in the authoritarian internet playbook and increasingly common response by governments that fear their grip on power is slipping flip
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a switch or 2 and it's lights out for freedom of information and freedom of expression our starting point this week is the indian administered blacked out region of kashmir. 2 cities 2 countries 2 population smart parts of which are politically restless and 2 governments with the means to silence the trinite kashmir offline for 4 months now and counting after the modi government in new delhi altered the constitution to revoke the region's autonomy and the iranian capital tehran where net users were recently forced offline in the longest shut down ever after economic protesters had taken to the streets the authorities in delhi and tehran both had stories to control and used blackouts to do it keeping their citizens in the dark stopping
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them from speaking to the outside world busier 2 very extended internet shutdowns that have been around political crisis in the country in the case of iran of course this was around economic protests that really snowballed into large scale anti-government protests and in college near there have been protests and riots that have been happening in that sort of disputed territory for a while which mark these 2 shutdowns was just how long that they have lasted in sort of the humanitarian and economic cost that they have rotted on the on the population these are not shutdowns are also different from each other iran didn't block the internet entirely but it did so for a relatively short period of time and was responsive to international pressure whereas in kashmir we're seeing an ongoing internet shutdown that is quite unique because of the fact that the vast majority of indian and users access the internet
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through mobile technology between january and july of 21120 internet shutdowns a large chunk of which occurred in india. srinagar is the unofficial internet shutdown. capital of the world according to a delhi based nonprofit the software freedom law center this year alone no rendering modi's government has cut off mobile and internet services there $55.00 times this latest blackout has lasted so long kashmiris have become unintended casualties of whatsapp systems and any account that has been inactive for 120 days is automatically deactivated by the company and it doesn't stop there. and during this. move. i mean by that measure the want to make it in the or so then to the end of the phone back to the phone call the basis of
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those trying to access that nation they call on the. 7 us is trying to stop a minute from the men trying access just as like as an online video of an online and they are back with these if information is just. a wrong has shut down internet access far less often than india has but when it does the blackouts are comprehensive during protests in 2017 and 18 it blocked mobile networks and access to messaging at the un called the black gold a serious violation of fundamental rights when hikes and petrol prices led to demonstrations last month and a security response in which more than $130.00 protestors have been killed iranians would have known what was coming within 24 hours connectivity levels which are
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usually at around 65 percent in iran fell to just 5 percent that is how long it took the authorities to issue their orders to the various. internet service providers it wasn't a kill switch. happen immediately this is basically coronation across all the internet service providers in iran getting them to turn them off i was actually privy to leaked documents and you could see how the government had ordered the internet service providers to go through methodological plan of actually bringing the country back online to the international internet and they were telling them who to connect back online and these were you know the start ups public institutions the research institutes and then on to the broader public. forcing our u.s.p.s. to take orders is one way to control the internet but it's complicated building your own national interest that by limiting the number of information pipelines
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into and out of the country is another china and north korea both have national internets easily policed and iran is developing a model along the same internets allow our government to unilaterally cut off its citizens from content the rest of the world see internet also spawn all kinds of mirror platforms modeled on the likes of facebook you tube and whatsapp domestic versions of software or that those governments can control far more easily than the ones based in silicon valley but china offers to the world. right now a model of the internet where it can be more. in fact chinese officials are inviting experts from different countries through china in order to better understand china's model of having international internet
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or starting to see in places like russia rather than sort of using the universe so internet infrastructure they're creating their own infrastructure. with the different sets of protocols and sort of web address. in order to in some ways. the global internet when we see the internet sort of being broken up into many different internets i think that the result for democracy and freedom is a good idea for the national information network was conceived all the way back as early as 2005 in iran one of the nicknames that i got was how long that and this was you know to describe how the immoral content that can be found on you know a free and open internet would naturally be censored and there were like a moral islamic version of the internet and it's really been intensified however under rouhani administration we've also seen alternatives to platforms like you
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tube which are censored so they're on in a version of you tube. and it's actually quite popular. on internet shutdowns the position of the un's office for human rights it's clear that they are a breach of basic human rights freedom of expression freedom of information that kashmir is a form of collective punishment without even a pretext for precipitating event that iranians have been deprived not only of a fundamental freedom but also a basic access to essential services and one thing that governments might want to ask themselves before they go down this path do internet shutdowns even work. there is no evidence for the intervention done to actually effect including one dressed all by him and in fact more bizarre doesn't have that menus in common these kind of . this.
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information that's being spread. base away from the. cause more than anything is going to be evacuating any. i think in this stange given the ways in which the internet is and allies for everything from banking and economic services to personal communications and everything in between we do have to consider access to the internet as a human right we should not allow governments like iran to restrict access for its citizens people to be able to communicate the need to be able to access services and so you know shutting down the entire internet should absolutely be on the net. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our reproducers john joe we've seen presidents and prime ministers complain about
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interviews before it might be the questions asked or the way the interview has been edited but serious bashar al assad is accusing a broadcaster of censorship isn't it supposed to be the other way around yes and this is a bit of a strange one richard assad is talking about raul which is italy's public broadcasting network now on november 26th he gave an interview to monica maggio ne who is the c.e.o. of rye com which is a company to distribute rice content interview was shed jeweled to be broadcast a week later on ryan news 24 and on syrian state t.v. simle taney asli but on the day of the broadcast right i asked for a delay because as it turns out none of rice channels had commissioned the interview so how did you know me and assad end up in the same room had she gone rogue and who came up with this idea for the simultaneous broadcasting of this interview well that's where the story gets a little confusing only used to be right news 24 is editor but no longer has a journalistic role in the network she's in distribution she refuses to answer any
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questions about the affair including what right actually signed off on the interview but the italian media have reported that this may have come down to editorial disagreements or ethical once a syrian state t.v. which has a much better idea of who it takes its orders from but the piece out it's a cell phone interview nothing challenging no particularly incisive questions and i have a personal note mr president do you feel like a survivor. if you want to talk about national war like this where every nearly every pretty has been harmed by terrorism or external. bombardment or anything like this you can talk about the theory of survivors. but again i think this is human nature reserve you yourself are a part of both since i cannot be assad has issued a statement calling this another example of western attempts to hide the truth on the situation in syria ok thanks to. famous people will say just about anything
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these days who knew that kim carr dasha has admitted to manipulating public data for money i feel really blessed because i genuinely love the process of manipulating people for money or that mark zuckerberg has copped to abusing the private information of facebook users. imagine this for a 2nd one man with total control of billions of people stolen their. secrets their lives their futures convinced don't be those are deep fakes videos produced through the use of artificial intelligence melding images and sound appearing so real it's difficult to tell that they're fake the vast majority of deep fakes currently online focus on celebrities lots of fake porn putting one head on someone else's body because that's where the money is but the bigger concern is this deep fakes could be used to spread misinformation mess with politics and manipulate
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electorates by fooling journalists and voters alike seeing used to be believing but the day is coming where the veracity of video could be completely up for debate and if you think that facebook and google et al struggle to deal with fake news now does anyone really believe they're equipped or even inclined to handle deep fix listening posts tera can often now on a future where we won't be able to trust our own eyes. december 28th seen on president ali bongo has all but disappeared from the public sphere and people are growing restless. there with the he is incapacitated maybe even dead the president spin doctors need to silence the room until they promise he will address the country and a new speech no one is the one. he wrote that will get it on import.
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some of organs. but something about the video doesn't. he's barely move a blink of the camera his body in hand seemed rigid unnatural the public is not convinced the video looks played back in the quest. what of seeing isn't believing what you think is deceiving. not the back of this yet i was an attempted military coup this video actually was used to some people it was like vindication for their suspicions saying no we were right because this is definitely fake this is fake. force so you can see how deep fakes could be very very easily used in the school controversies and things like this. fake face graphs body transfers over voice imitations can be used to make people appear to say things they never said and do things they never did
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you ever wonder why so. maybe realistic face can be used by just about anyone with an agenda or an axe to grind to conceivably help we're going to lection destabilize markets will start a war for now the target is mostly women a staggering 96 percent of the fakes the nonconsensual panel graffiti produced by misfortune as tubby has in the shady a margins of the internet they've become big money makers. women's bodies identities and rights that are being transgressed and oppressed basically by quite small prolific body of actors that are basically taking a celebrity female actors places and basically transplanting those in support of a few scenes and there are huge websites that profit millions of dollars from displaying and sharing in streaming these kind of depraved you know the support of
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graffiti this is primarily targeting western celebrities although our research found a 3rd of targets were from not were not from us in countries and even more surprisingly perhaps a quarter were of south korean k. pop stars and there are also a number of websites springing up which are dedicated to creating the run things like poles who. do you want us to create a pornographic video next with appetising which shows that this isn't just kind of some sort of holby anymore this is a potentially lucrative business exists on a spectrum shall i thanks so much she writes a far more crude it's typically rely on deceptive editing slowing down and speeding up video maybe a bit of green screen fakery if you use the filter on snap shots or to talk something fixed. for 20 for the fun we can think of the jim
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acosta video from last fall so november 2018 and which the footage was changed as it sort of morphed across social media the frame dropping within those videos made it look like you know these actions were much more forceful than they actually were in real life and then we have the nancy pelosi video from last summer as an example of slowing down existing video to make it look like she was you know speaking very slowly to the point of slowing her words and you know appearing drunk so it's really sad here says thing. tell this to the room even a cheap fake can make headlines and have a political impact. and in this new era of democratized access to video think the. fakes aren't all that hard to produce so what happens when those who have technical know get in on the act digital artist bill posters has done exactly that harvesting
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the biometric data of british prime minister barak's johnson and leader of the opposition jeremy cotton. creating fintan video of both men indorsing each other for prime minister. it's a statement on some of the most pressing issues of our time data our right to privacy british voters went to the polls the integrity of the democratic process my friends i should rise or i. might call be prime minister. one of the elements of the video that you'd be looking for i've kind of telltale signs that would allow you to the fact that it's not real as one of the real kind of like key reasons why i'm creating this type of artistic content it's media literacy essentially right it's a raise awareness of these powerful new technologies and techniques of image manipulation and understand the type of constantly reviewing so what i've been
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looking for is for traditional deep frank is the whole facial region. quite often when the new face model is applied it's always done with a mask and you may see some slight colorations around the edges of the frame of the face in particular you know we're looking for slight differences in skin so things like that we're also looking about with the facial proportions is there some kind of. kind of element of the facial proportions that just seems off or not but it's increasingly difficult to read this interest and interpret this type of concern. tackling those risks is considerably more difficult because of how videos proliferate across closed messaging. like what's up without any scrutiny on moderation. and if not just keep faith different from nation deliver to offer its state to its bad ones specialists and manipulative propaganda and foul play what if
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it were possible to look into satellite imagery and simplistically creates a missile silo where one does not exist concoct troop movements where they do not exist. and what happens video evidence upon which criminals are prosecuted and juries that's why it becomes inadmissible in court. if the images become so discredited they become unusable it's important to remember that you know deep fakes are simply a new technological capacity. to generate different types of misinformation and they really highlight the fact that within our current information and communication environment there is no one who is able to effectively rein in misinformation what we're seeing now a huge transnational global architecture is this whole kind of digital influence industry that's in most of the last 1012 years or so
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a lot of the transmission of information instantaneously it's wouldn't says that the threat really is more insidious with regards to their surveillance talk it such as that some scholars today are calling the the infrastructures of surveillance capitalism we're living in increasingly to face i'm sympathetic but what about the smartphone camera that you have which pretty does computational photography whether that. series voice on your phone or perhaps even to place the new voice a system which is meant to sound interesting issue for a real person not all of these are bought and we need to have new ones to discussions around deep fakes and synthetic media in general. to make sure that we're not kind of demonizing we. uses of this technology but it is also very important by people creating those forms of technology to make sure that they are not open to abuse thing has never really been believing we all have blind spots or not that the brain constantly truth is the most likely interpretation of what we
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see. the fakes muddy the waters even. their existence is enough to make us down what we see for as much as they make the appear rude so it's the real be dismissed as. and finally having 1st raised the prospect of impeaching donald trump before he was even sworn in as president the opposition democrats are finally rolled out the articles of impeachment that the process requires the allegations that the former reality t.v. star tried to coerce a ukrainian government led by a comedian into investigating his potential rival for the white house joe biden provide online satirists with plenty of material now the fact that the following music video called ukrainian boy was produced by a site called joe is a mere coincidence joe is a british site which describes the video this way president trump and u.s.
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speaker of the house nancy pelosi transform into kanye west and a style to deliver a banger for the ages we'll see you next time you're listening.
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forth. driven by outrage and spanning generations of demonstrators gathered on the very day a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was palpable if you don't like was so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 20 if we
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were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minorities in the world. up on the shores of japan. some of carrying dead bodies. these mysterious go ships on al-jazeera. the fact. the smallest of place on the planet could soon be lost. it's an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention give the i would say to a vast now it's a race against time to try to save a species take a crisis that's in the meshes he plan to stave off extinction tag no 0. what are we. going to get. out.
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a new report accuses china of undermining media freedom in hong kong and taiwan. hello i'm elizabeth problem and this is al jazeera live from doha also ahead. the search for survivors in the philippines after sunday's powerful earthquake. fights between protesters and police in lebanon as palm and gets ready to discuss
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who will be the new prime minister. and turkey's parliament prepares to consider sending military support for libya's internationally recognized government in the battle against google and. it's being called one country one sense a new report by the committee for the protection of journalists accused china of infringing on media freedom in hong kong and taiwan the group says it's found violence is increasingly being used against journalists working in hong kong along with other tactics to muzzle reporters it's also concerned about china's increasing influence and ownership of media outlets which put the media on the front line against police and we've seen many instances of these. really gratuitous attacks on journalists journalists who were standing at the site were
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tear gas or pepper spray or in the case of one journalist who was hit by you know rubber bullet embossed arise one side.


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