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tree on al-jazeera. i. university students across india voiced their anger and saved controversial citizenship poll. on how he did and this is al jazeera life from doha also coming up process in the gambia over a broken promise thousands rallied to mount in the president stepped down. the search for a new prime minister is postpones in lebanon and protesters are still demanding a complete overhaul of the political system. and we need to get many entrepreneur who used to find me old ski countries famous jewelry
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industry a life. well as the pressure builds on india's government over a controversial citizenship law the supreme court's is planning to hear appeals to it this week from new delhi to hyderabad to look though people have rally it's in anger against the law which will for citizenship to persecute his minorities from 3 neighboring countries but x. clued muslims 5 people have died since last week from the moments as. hundreds of students marched in anger the citizen amendment act was passed by parliament last week and allows illegal migrants from 6 religious minorities to acquire citizenship in india but it excludes muslims and these protesters wanted provoked. is not just about about. it's not supposed to my knowledge is against
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the goddess and this against the nation and what it is and what is the foundation of police met local people and students from jimmy up millia islamia university as they marched towards the parliament building and trying to disperse them. the situation turned violent and buses and cars were set on fire. in the local media say police and to the university classroom and detained students some by force. a deal honey does one of 100 students who were injured he says his arm was fractured i was surrounded by those so many policeman leg all 6 to 7 good is there the stuff started beating me and it was a brutal attack they were not using martins they were using some other sticks
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a very a side sticks of wood so maybe i don't know whether they were using blades nails. kind of brutal attack that was. thousands of people joined the demonstrations as they continued into the night and spread across the country in hyderabad right police fired tear gas and rubber bullets the police have been accused of being heavy handed but they say they've used necessary force. if it was a peaceful mob it would have been peacefully dispersed but it caused damage to public property arson and set motorcycles on fire protesters threw stones at police and we have been injured it's in the police interest to push them back and bring law and order. the controversial law allows citizenship to be granted to minorities from 3 neighboring countries but the opposition says it discriminates on religious grounds especially against muslims and goes against india's secular constitution
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and with anti muslim rhetoric increasingly being used in india pressure is mounting on the prime minister to reduce tensions. for now protesters say they'll continue to demonstrate until the citizen law is revoked and their voices are heard for him mohammed al jazeera. ideas a social entrepreneur and campaigner in new delhi he says for muslims in india have been the most vocal critics of the citizenship law the process of spread beyond that community. there is no denying the fact that that it is a muslim community that that is more normal than perhaps the rest of the country but having said that a letter to cover the fact that of the protest may have started at the the dummy a unit would be even to the predominantly. sunni would be their muslim students really go and also protest at another unit was because the league of the university what of you are now starting at around the same time both of them predominantly you
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know led by by students from the same community other than what if this is especially after the crackdown that happened at the memory of plumbing of course and then followed by a good reason you were to be yes really obvious in that this is not by the lingshui the universities all over india are getting at you know at colleges in mumbai colleges i'm in luck know in hyderabad been some of those protests being very symbolic in h.r. what some other perhaps being very you know showing signs of violent weather been they've been instances of stone throwing as well but we're 3rd important to understand that you know you might really 3 organized young people coming together are and yet there is not like 11 large among those the little protests are there is appeal and there is a big spectrum of the kind of protests that we are seeing some of them extremely peaceful just symbolic what others perhaps getting out of and showing the kind of not with their. opposition parties in the gambia are rallying against president
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saddam a barrel they want him to honor his promise to stamp the empire the end of the year well he made that commitment in a deal to form a coalition government 3 years ago than our own has since changed his mind change will serve his full 5 year term but on a barrel 2216 election victory ending the 22 year rule the former leader you know you janet. well let's move on to iraq nomen the president there to end or monday to nominate you prime minister. mattie resigned last month but that stern list to come preacher says you are calling for a complete overhaul of the political system at least 476 iraqis have been killed and some 20000 injured since the unrest began. to burn and there is
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widespread anger over corruption high unemployment and of the services more from soon to fall to use in baghdad for us this smaller of the largest bloc in parliament supposed to put forward you know my nation for the prime minister by the end of the day he would tell us about this. well it's highly unlikely at this point that this will happen and one of the reasons for that is that it's actually unclear who is the largest bloc in parliament this is a peculiarity of the iraqi political system because many members of parliament switch allegiances based on the vote and it's not the vote is not something that is made public for everybody to know how many seats in parliament is held by the various blocs now constitutionally the president of the republic is supposed to task the biggest block in parliament to nominate a new prime minister but just yesterday president sent
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a letter to the speaker of parliament asking him who the largest bloc is and it's it's it's quite strange that this is something that has happened so late so close to the deadline and it also shows just how confusing and untransparent this process is let's remember that iran which is the party that won the 2800 parliamentary elections they were the party that held the largest number of seats but they actually abdicated their responsibility to nominate the prime minister is equally saying that it should be the people who choose. the next candidate so as of now it appears that the selection will not take place today it appears that it might take place on thursday which is an additional 4 days from the deadline because the president said he did not actually received a prime minister other loved his resignation until december 4th thursday would mark the 2 week that line after that and soon as we have any idea who these proposed candidates may eventually be well it's an extremely obscure process there have
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been several names that have been floating around the one that we've been hearing most often is mohamed al sudan who is a member of the dawa party which is the most powerful political party that emerged in the wake of the 2003 overthrow of saddam hussein he's somebody who held several ministerial positions and he's certainly part of the political establishment and already protesters out in tahrir square have said that they will reject him because he embodies the continuation of the current political system and that's exactly what they don't want they want a complete overhaul they want a new face somebody who will actually be able to bring about change now president barham salih did also say that whoever is chosen as prime minister will only remain in that position temporarily until fresh elections are held but it remains to be seen who exactly will be appointed into that position by the end of this week so
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a full turn larry 1st in baghdad thank you. well let's head back to the camp with the opposition policies have been rallying against president. nicholas in the capital but on jewel of the cross and nicholas how did this process play as. well at the beginning there was hundreds of people in the crowd swelled up to tens of thousands and they've successfully handed over their petition to the spokesperson of the government a petition asking for adam to step down their slogan is no which in the local language means it's time it's time for adamant barrow to step down remember in 2016 on this very road there were tens of thousands of people protesting against the former longtime president in support of adam a barrow today we saw the same people who supported adam a baro asking him to step down he had made a promise that he would stay in power just for 3 years but it seems he says that he
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will continue to stay to power complete his full mandate he says he's respecting the constitution but that's something that the protesters here are not buying they believe that he just wants to cling on to power they fear also that some members of his government are leaders of a performer political leaders or close allies to john and although he had promised at the time to change change for the people here and while there has been more political freedom change has been slow to come when it comes to security reforms going to comes to the change of leadership when it comes to basic things like power electricity and water shortages that this country is suffering some of the protests are telling me that the situation is worse than before and words amazing about this protest you know something like this would have never taken place under me but it seems that people are no longer fearful to voice their concerns to go out on the
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streets and to hold the government to account. for in but i'm sure will in the gambia thank you. also more still to come here on all dizzy and i will tell you why turkey is the 2nd deploying troops to libya. and west african leaders explore how to deal with an increase in attacks by armed groups. however a good part of central and southern china there is that quiet settled subdued under these winter. and that produces long lived mist or fog if you really unlucky poor air quality not everybody's that unlucky now the cloud that you saw building across here from chengdu eastwards is like to reduce some rain on its northern flank is the colder air so that snow along it it's the yangtze really angsty valley it's
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rain and this in the case i think not increasing the likelihood of long lasting for hong kong should be all right 25 degrees seems quite a pleasant sunny situation with the northeast monsoon in now it's trailing current i will not get most of the right and that's reflected in the satellite picture the case no trough that comes through showers in the northeast have just happened in the forecast we see very little else right in the fantasy to the market something in new delhi things according to the same story as in china there's not leaving culti will decrease and you know new delhi is prone to that but the next band of disruptions on its way through pakistan touches streaky ahead of it that's on went to banda disruption is currently rain in iraq has come down through the gulf and this is a position i think during tuesday. talked
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to al jazeera we were told to get to the bottom of truth russia has this been addressed by talking we listen what is the proposal of a spin for a couple on your we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the road to 0. this is al-jazeera quickly made all the headlines for you know india supreme court says you to hear petitions challenging
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a controversial new citizenship law or wednesday anger over the new law has now spread to college campuses a new measure of for citizenship to persecuted minorities from some neighboring country thoughts it excludes muslims opposition parties in the gambia have been rallying against president adam a barrow and want him to honor his promise to step down by the end of the year it made that commitment in a deal to form a coalition government 3 years ago and iraq's president turns until the end of monday to nominate a new prime minister mahathir resigned last month but that stunned little to calm protests years demanding a complete overhaul of the sick tarion political system. from iraq to lebanon the lebanese president says consultations with political parties that were supposed to leads to the naming of a new prime minister there this follows another night of violence for security
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forces for tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters outside parliament saying a father has more from beirut's minutes before the constitutional process to form a new government was set to start lebanon's presidency postponed consultations until thursday politicians were to name their choice of prime minister and saddle had a caretaker prime minister was supposed to be renamed but he requested the men to avoid in his words violating the constitution and preserving unity among the nation sects. it seems the christian participation or vote is the reason why it was delayed the liberties forces party is refusing to name a prime minister from the political class and the other main christian party the free political movement is refusing to name this is the real problem lebanon's leaders who share power based on a sectarian political system are deeply divided had 80 says he wants to head a government free from the influence of political parties his rivals led by the
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iranian backed hezbollah who are part of the governing alliance and hold the majority in parliament say they won't give up power the compromise is hard to teach because every party is sticking to its position and name the ruling or 30 it didn't budge for one single inch. it's true that the prime minister trees aren't but since then they are trying to reproduce the same or this or preventing the same operating system a change in leadership is what anti establishment protesters have been demanding for 2 months but the largely peaceful uprising against those who have ruled lebanon for 30 years has turned violent in recent days confrontations between an eye. protesters and security forces is raising fears about stability and security political deadlock is not rare in lebanon but there is an urgent need to form a government the country is in turmoil the ruling class is bargaining over power
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while workers are losing their jobs companies are closing the local currency is losing its value and people do not have access to their money and banks the economy is on the brink of collapse but even international financial assistance is being conditioned to the formation of a government that meets the aspirations of the lebanese people and now the united nations is warning the political impasse creates fertile ground for provocations and political manipulation that can lead to more violence. beirut. so cities in western libya have declared a general mobilization of forces to fight for lord's kind if i have to it comes after turkey's president from us military help see the internationally recognized governments now that could lead to a confrontation with the u.a.e. egypt and others who support have to he's been trying to take over the capital tripoli for months not a little made a what we declare the following 1st the state of total mobilization across the city
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with all assets and resources to be put at the disposal of the state for the upcoming decisive battle which is meant to root tyranny and oppression preserve the people's will into fend off the enemy seeking to extend the hit germany on the country and to gobble up its riches secondly an emergency operations room be set up in the city and be fully operational to channel all resources toward the battle. and a short time ago the government has criticized comments by egypt's president suggesting it is being held hostage by terrorist militias and he says egypt should supports libya stability under schapelle has more. the u.n. recognized government in tripoli is under attack. that warlord khalifa haftar as called for a decisive battle nearly 8 months after his offensive began. last week his forces shot down a turkish drone and captured an important camp for militias allied to the government
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of national accord south of the city now turkey has offered to step up its support to the tripoli government president or to one recently signed maritime and military deals and says he's ready to send troops to libya if requested. with these agreements the rights of both turkey and libya will be protected in the mediterranean the individual cold huffed are is definitely not a legitimate president or prime minister he is just a person who appears to be illegitimate. turkish military support could put it on a collision course with the u.a.e. jordan and egypt which are backing have to. president sisi says it's in the region's interest to end the conflict. is he to be a lead today if we look at what's happening in libya of the last few years and why the government there has not been able to have real free will speaking frankly it's because it is hostage to the interests militias that exist in tripoli in the meantime every country is dealing with the situation by so on its own interests it
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is in our collective interest at this region goes back to stability. cats are which also supports the tripoli government wants to see a political solution what in s.f. little bit of color want to be in a do it said the we see proxy war supported by many nations in the bia which is cool is devastation for the people we want the libyan people to rise from these troubles we want to see peace between the factions and a clear political direction between them. complicating matters further libya's u.n. recognized government says hundreds of russian mercenaries are also fighting for have to the russia denies this is after his soul's seems likely. to give up its commitment there is danger of an escalation of this which might turn into a regional issue the tripoli government has not accepted the offer from turkey yet
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if it does a quick reaction force could be sent capable of fighting on the ground sky and sea and or chapell al-jazeera. as kazakhstan independence day and many people a market with protests against the government of president crossing jomar to kieth which is calling it an illegal rally the demonstrators are demanding economic reforms and then instead of corruption. on the say international says iran's government is carrying out its a vicious cracked own after the nationwide protests on the vendor 15th it says in reports at least $304.00 people have been killed and thousands injured the unrest was triggered by an increase in fuel prices. and leaders from the region have held an emergency meeting in the share to discuss escalating attacks by armed groups that comes ahead of a u.n. security council meeting on the situation in the area just days earlier isolette fighters killed 7 c one soldiers from the army near the border with mali amid
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interest reports from bamako. these are desperate times so africa saheli jim armed groups are inflicting heavy losses to armies and forcing thousands of civilians from their homes. leaders of the countries affected known as g 5 scrambled this meeting in yemi to urgently find a solution host president mohamed use of force says the frequency of sophistication of recent attacks is worse of lobbing of the that's not going to that's what you know is the risk ill of terrorist attacks are getting larger day after day terrorists are getting more sophisticated weapons the terrorists have been real war professionals they progress every day on the strategic operative and tactical levels. they defied chairman appeal for a new strategy to phrase the growing threat in the foot. we must work together to ensure victory against terrorism in the short middle and long term as the case
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in other countries fighting terrorism we need allies in alliance characterized to that responsibility cooperation. and respect for each other. at the end of the meeting the leaders resolved to work together to fight the moves which until now has been largely carried out by the national lobbies syrian. leaders have agreed to improve cooperation between national forces joint military operations and international allies as well as bit of coordination on both a political and strategic level they've also agreed on information sharing between security institutions and the countries to better feist terrorism. earlier the leaders paid their respects at the graves of 720 just soldiers killed last week when fighters linked to eisele over that bs in the ninety's more than 230 soldiers have been killed in mali putting up awful and me here over the last 4 months in addition to the french troops who died in the helicopter pollution while hunting for the fighters in the electorate region and it's really it's
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a rabbit out of touch with an alarmist and it's a group of seniors raising concerns of more violence in the coming weeks and months the g 5 leaders have concluded their summit but their citizens living on the front lines are desperate for help for now although it's not clear if the resolution of the summit will do that to greece but michael. at least 12 people have been killed in a rebel attack in the eastern democratic republic of congo it happened overnight on monday in the territory of what's a linga just a day earlier 32 people were killed in another attack in beni eastern region has seen a wave of attacks by the rebel group the allied democratic forces at least 179 civilians have been killed since october. there in the u.s. the house judiciary committee has released a report outlining what it says is evidence of high crimes by the president's it
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comes after 2 articles of impeachment against donald trump were approved on friday the report lays out the democrats' case against the president's and what they say is an urgent needs to impeach him as representatives is expected to vote on it this week if it passes the president's will be tried in the republican controlled senate at least 4 people were killed in sunday's powerful earthquake in the southern philippines rescuers are searching for survivors after the magnitude $6.00 quake hit the island of mindanao but the region still recovering from a series of earthquakes back in october there are young mother in yemen is fighting to preserve an ancient craft that's increasingly under threats because of the war will cause call her the princess of our gates for her skills and use in precious stones and jewelry making 100 are lots of visited her workshop and dumber so of the capital santa. 30 year olds. begun to have love
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affair with precious stones more than 10 years ago she knew yemen was home to germs that prized the world. and if she learns all she could about turning stoon into beautiful jewelry and other objects she would be able to in a living and have her own shop. but i'll tell you in a school i started to get involved in the business of agate after 3 months of training on a course organized by you know sco and the ministry of culture it's taken love and dedication but with my experience i was able to set up my own business but it wasn't easy being the only woman in water vibrationally has been a business dominated by men suffer says people look down on her in the beginning particularly when she tried to sell her products in the marketplace while many
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criticize me for being the only woman to work in this business but my love for the profession has convinced them otherwise her talent quickly sharp through craftsman deeply rooted in the tradition and culture of yemenis tune did recognize her ability and dedication. for the from a museum in the death of train stuff and found out that she loved the business and quickly learned all of its aspects she's even become more point of reference because she knows the best kinds and how to perfect and ship them out. it wasn't long before software was dropped the process of argot and she was able to encourage other women to follow in her 4th steps some fall in the process too dangerous. the 1st year many are getting comes from mines in the mountainous region of the run this 150 kilometers south of the capital sanaa.
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they are popular because of their colors banding and unique theaters through the centuries they have give you did their own. lore some say get ring has healing powers or canned word of a evil. and there are many things people still believe today about human the i guess that's why they can be worth up to $3000.00 each especially if they contain inside the image of an icon or a well known character for example an egg of a shadow of a man was sold for $10000.00. about the war in yemen and now in its 5th year is threatening the future of this craft and stuff i'm a loser business thanks millie to restrictions imposed by the saudi quality and fighting yeah many. but so far has 2 young children says she's
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determined to carry on greek godless believing she owes it to her sisters to pass on her skills to the next generation of craft workers. so. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines and the a supreme court is due to hear petitions on wednesday which challenging controversial new citizenship lo and prove the law is now spread to college campuses the measure of her citizenship to be persecuted minorities from some neighboring countries but xclusive muslims opposition policies in the gambia have been rallying against president is on the barrow and wants him to honor his promise to step down by the end of this year because hackers in the capital banjul he says people fear a return to an authoritarian governments. it was 3 years ago on this day that
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thousands of people took to on to this streets against former president. who refused to concede defeat and for adam a barrow he was the head of a coalition of the opposition what well many of the opposition leader were in prison he was heading this co-exists popular coalition he had promised then that he would stay in power just for 3 years now he's saying that he wants to extend his time to complete a full mandate to respect the constitution but the people here are not due to their fear is that he just wants to stick on to power to control the situation. iraq's president has until the end of monday to nominates a new prime minister as the resigned last month but that's done little to calm protesters are demanding a complete overhaul of the sectarian political system at least 400 and $76.00 iraqis have been killed since october lebanon's president has delayed talks for
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political parties that were meant to lead to the naming of a new prime minister there it follows another night of violence between security forces and protesters outside points. 2 cities in western libya have declared a general mobilization of forces to fight a warlord of the for have terror it comes after turkey's president promised military help to the internationally recognized government and at least 4 people were killed in sunday's powerful earthquake in the southern philippines marchers are recent rescuers are still searching for survivors well those are the headlines the news continues here after talk to al jazeera. join me maddi up as i put the upfront questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. and. you can. see.
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why it took the markets here mohammed served as malaysia's prime minister for 20 years from 1901 to 2003 but the 94 year old veteran politician return to politics a few years back to oppose the political force he was once paul told the sun national coalition which should move malaysia since its independence from britain in 1970. during mohammad's 1st 10 years malaysia's prime minister the country experienced a period of reputable nice asian economic growth for the country's top us population millions of muslims hindus buddhists and christians living side by side . his life achievements were recognised the opening session of the home 429000. during his acceptance speech he did not hold back from expressing his views on the modern world.


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