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protests in new delhi after india's top court postpones a hearing on the contentious new citizenship law. hello again i'm julie went on and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up we're just hours away from the u.s. president trumps impeachment vote a movie called squelch an attempted coup against him. happy reunions for some who have returned to burundi after feeling political violence but not everyone's
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convinced it's safe. and a mother's fight to prove that london's polluted air is to blame for her young daughter to have. a very warm welcome to the program india's top court has postponed hearings on a new citizenship law has provoked protests and violence nationwide and more demonstrations have broken out in new delhi after that decision supreme court judges want to get more details about the legislation from the government before considering petitions well the law makes it easier for norma's them so much gonna stand bangladesh and pakistan to gave indian citizenship critics say that's blatant discrimination by a government they accuse of driving a hindu nationalists agenda well 4 people have been killed in demonstrations that have spiraled out of control since. the law was introduced despite this prime
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minister narendra modi is refusing to back down well jazeera says so rahman spoke exclusively with supreme court senior advocate in new delhi he's representing student protesters who say they were beaten by the police. the focus of the country's attention has been on a university in the capital that saw a great deal of violence on sunday as police fought with students and civil society over the issue of the citizen ship amendment act the complaints made by the public have now come to the supreme court and joining me now is calling calls all of us who's the senior advocate to the supreme court thank you for joining us on al jazeera you were obviously in court petitioning the supreme court there were statements made by the chief justice was your overall impression of how your case went and the conclusions made by the chief justice of india well the supreme court said that instead of hearing it in the app banks gone straight away without going
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1st to the high court may not be appropriate since the supreme court would like to get the impressions of the high court 1st and so the bodies have been sent back to the high court and it is kept in the high court today at 234 hearing in terms of the citizenship amendment bill this is what is the central pivotal antagonistic piece of legislation that is upsetting indians across the country what's your legal opinion about whether this violates the. the constitution and the essence of the constitution well it dearly violates article 40 no fog constitution which speaks of equality. which is equality for all people irrespective of the religion that they profess now what's happened is that constitutional amendment act leaves out $500000.00 muslims. and allows regularization
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roughly 3 times that number of hindus and other communities so it is discrimination on the basis of religion non muslims come in you can be regularized in india as citizens and. muslims. similarly situated you will be probably put in detention centers and incarcerated where does the case go to the case that constitutional amendment act case is pending in the supreme court for determination that will happen soon and as far as our case is concerned relating to the very brutal assault on the students of germany and i saw this personally i went to the police stations and saw young people being brutally beaten and i saw it in the hospitals where they were full of bandages and broken legs and so on our case will be heard by the high court at 230 this dissolve to those calling us all this thanks very much for joining us here on out is there thank you very much for your time and
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of course the focus of attention here at the supreme court on wednesday as you see lots of media behind me is following from the state of asylum as they take that petitions to the 3 men bench of the supreme court headed by the chief justice in the mean time the internet has been restored in the sun and the curfew has been lifted but the country watches this story unfold on a daily basis. a war on democracy and an illegal partisan the u.s. president has again denounced the impeachment process against him and falsely claim he hasn't been allowed to participate the democratic party controlled house of representatives is expected to push ahead with pietschmann when it votes later on wednesday here's our white house correspondent kimberly how could you. in advance of an expected vote to impeach the u.s. president in the house of representatives donald trump's land the case against him
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the whole impeachment thing is a hoax we look forward to getting on to the senate. we're not entitled to lawyers we're not entitled to witnesses we're not entitled to anything in the house it's a total sham those oval office statements echoed the sentiments of a 6 page letter on official letterhead the tribes said to democratic house speaker nancy pelosi accusing her of conducting an illegal partisan coup truck goes on to say by proceeding with your invalid impeachment you are violating your oath of office you are breaking your allegiance to the constitution and you are declaring open war on american democracy president trump is expected to be impeached in the house on 2 articles use of power and obstruction of congress says he wrote his letter to the house speaker to create a permanent record of his thoughts on the historic vote truck maintains he
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committed no wrongdoing when last july in a phone call he asked the ukrainian president for a favor to help on earth corruption involving his political rival former vice president joe biden we must act with a sense of urgency to protect our democracy on capitol hill as democrats battled opposition republicans over the terms of the impending impeachment vote democrat defended their desire to impeach truong are arguing it's the only way to preserve the integrity of the upcoming 2024 presidential vote given that an unrepentant president considers his behavior perfect. given that he thinks the constitution empowers him to do whatever he wants given that he and his team are still awaiting president selenski statement about investigating joe biden we can only ask what the 2020 election will be like or indeed what any future election in america will be like if we just let this misconduct go but in his letter trump disputed democrats'
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motives writing as you know very well this impeachment drive has nothing to do with ukraine or the totally appropriate conversation i had with its new president it only has to do with your attempt to undo the election of 2016 and steal the election of 2020 and despite efforts by the white house to block witness testimony during the impeachment inquiry trump has accused democrats of denying him due process likening his treatment to the salem witch trials of the 1600s where those falsely accused of witchcraft were executed it's a message that seems geared to trump supporters the rallying cry trumps letter says could propel him to real action kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house. well supporters of trump's impeachment have been making their voices heard with more than 500 demonstrations held in u.s. cities and towns that were organized under the bonnet nobody is above the law. at
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least $23.00 civilians have been killed in the latest round of russian attacks on rebel held areas of northwestern syria shelling and airstrikes and at the province of escalated in recent weeks president bashar al assad's government appears to be preparing for a ground offensive to secure the main highway linking the capital damascus with the northern city of aleppo. muslim leaders are in malaysia for a summit aimed at tackling challenges facing the islamic world conflicts in iraq and lebanon are on the agenda ahmed fahour has the story now from kuala lumpur. tight security at this kuala lumpur convention center organizers say muslim leaders meeting here are taking a new approach to handling the challenges facing these lifeworld you have to start with problem identification right well of the issues that need that inflate. and come up with some solutions. to how to overcome them and not go. talk
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but something concrete the leaders of 3 sunni nations malaysia turkey and qatar are leading this initiative and are joined by iranian president hassan rowhani high level delegations from indonesia and pakistan are also here. but pakistani prime minister imran khan canceled the day before after visiting saudi arabia a decision made media reports the saudis are concerned the summit could lead to the creation of a rival muslim body to the saudi that organization of islamic cooperation i see the possibility that oh i see as it was in vision 60 or 70 years ago may not be relevant for the future of the muslim world and this scale summit provides an opportunity to the muslim leadership coming from diverse backgrounds to deliberate more extensively on this question i think they really do why didn't there's nothing like that we're not going to compete with anybody and in fact. this
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family this is continental it's time consuming the life he. had there who is not going to replace the whole to take over from waverly he's not going to be a. delegate say they're here to tackle islamophobia and promote the interests of 1700000000 muslims through concrete joint action. and there was no shortage of pressing issues to discuss but you clued the conflicts in yemen libya syria and afghanistan unrest in iraq and lebanon and the plight of muslims in myanmar and indian administered kashmir summits organizers say although meetings like this are often convened to try and tackle conflict and wars in the muslim world this one is different they say steam the role of development in achieving national sovereignty shows reviving cultures and strengthening economies are seen as means to overcoming
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problems for that to be achieved a strong political leadership in the muslim world a clear vision and close coordination are needed to perhaps the main challenge facing delegates at this summit is how they will be judged by muslims with wars people being displaced and unrest up. cross many muslim countries people say that summits in the past have failed to achieve anything substantial so when the leaders here stand up in front of this war for a photo op they will be under pressure to be seen to act. on kuala lumpur. coming up in the news ahead more tanks and fighters arrive on the frontlines of what's being described as the final battle for libya's capital and we are in asia where cross border attacks are having a devastating impact on people and the economy all that more when we come back.
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again and welcome back to here cross parts of southeast asia we are looking fairly nice to the northern end of the map but plenty of rain across much of the central areas including malaysia we are though going to be watching what is happening out here towards the southeastern part of the philippines a very carefully we do have a developing tropical system we do think it's going to be fairly weak as we go through the next couple of days but the big problem with this as it makes its way towards the west is the amount of rain that could be coming out of the system by the time we do go into the weekend so for the southern philippines expect to see some very heavy showers into saturday as well we could be seen well into the low 200 millimeters by the time we get through the rest of the weekend well here cross much of australia though the intense heat wave is still on we are talking about temperatures well into the low forty's into the mid forty's in some locations we'll see a little bit of a break out here towards the west we do have a front that is making its way across the bite not really on thursday but by the
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time we do get towards friday that front starts to push a little bit more into the central part of the bright still very very warm here for adelaide with a temperature of $44.00 degrees even over here towards hobart we are looking at $35.00 as well as melbourne at about $41.00 degrees for you over here towards the eastern coast it is going to be a nice day for brisbane with a temperature of $31.00 and townsville partly cloudy at $33.00. after years of overgrazing the damage caused to the precious grasslands of chile is being reversed with one of the world's biggest ever conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the pedigree and if they're plentiful and they're calm like this one is then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no threat. and that's why you're on your rewilding patagonia on al-jazeera.
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you are watching or i remind of our current top stories this hour protesters have rallied again in new delhi after india's top court the school tearing on a controversial new citizenship law until it says it needs more details from the government a law makes it easier for non muslims from dumbest goodish and pop to stop to gain indian citizenship. u.s. president donald trump is accused democrats of waging an open war on democracy a congressional committee has cleared the way for a historic vote of impeachment against the president in just a few hours time. at least 23 civilians have been killed in the latest round of
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russian attacks on rebel held areas of northwestern syria shelling in airstrikes and in the province have escalated in recent weeks. it's elise foreign minister has met rival leaders in libya for talks aimed at ending fighting to capture the capital tripoli the u.n. says at least a 1000 the bands have been killed since warlord and before half the began his offensive 8 months ago under schapelle explains. reinforcements are heading to the front line for what could be the final battle for tripoli militia allied to the internationally recognized government moved heavy weapons and fighters sound to the outskirts of the town. we then had you brigade support forces are on our way to the capital tripoli we are on our way and god willing we will be victorious. after forces are also reinforcing their front lines each side has foreign help turkey has
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offered to send troops in support of the tripoli government will have to are has soldiers for hire there are a 1000 new russian mercenaries deployed to tripoli according to 2 u.s. officials and one source in moscow quoted in bloomberg news sudanese in chad in mercenaries all assembling on the front lines for what they're calling the final push so it's increasingly likely that turkey will deploy something to help defend tripoli if needed by the jna with the threat of escalation looming italy's foreign minister luigi did my own met with both sides on tuesday holding talks with fires also raj in tripoli and then with hoft are in the eastern city of rajma inviting him to rome for further talks the u.n. is calling for the to the rival governments and international backers to agree to a political solution we continue to call for deescalation and for active support by all libyans and international actors engaged in libya to find a peaceful and political solution to end the conflict and by addressing its
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underlying causes i think it's important that the international community as a whole rally around the efforts of the libyan people of course and also the efforts of the secretary general's. representative mr salim a trying to find a political solution to this conflict analysts say is becoming less and less about libya with international actors pulling the strings and flooding the battlefield. enter chapelle al-jazeera. the battle for control of the law actually lawless a hail region in west africa continues to claim lives i'm groups think to isolate al qaeda are blamed for crossing the border from mali to attack targets in issue with interest has more from mali is capital. this is a military hospital for celebrations to mark the surest republic day. but for the soldiers taking part it's a particularly difficult time. last week fighters i lived with i still crossed the
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border from mali and killed 7 to one of their colleagues. isn't it levity security conditions are deteriorating on the border with mali terrorists are attacking common people a mostly tribal leaders kidnapping in executing the terrorist target army personnel with explosives. the border between egypt and mali stretches for hundreds of kilometers too long to be protected by the understaffed and ill equipped armies in the region. say it's a situation exploited repeatedly by armed groups with devastating results on one of the poorest countries in the world. insecurity always has a heavy mental toll this is patrolled as a metaphor they know that a skilled person cannot be productive and that's why education is their prime target. the u.s. economy to is taking a hit these days fewer customers come to the market here into liberia apart from
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the shortage of supplies people like to impoverish for the. benefit of the lot is only lack of security in till a barrier has gravely affected businesses many of the shops have closed down as commercial areas are always targeted how can businesses function in a situation where security is deteriorating day by day. apart from the 720 just soldiers killed last week more attacks were recorded in brooklyn a fossil and molly. ball quote our money it's our light armed groups have also been active in the region regional armies are struggling to prevent these attacks because off like enough manpower and equipment to come across territories the united nations has a large presence of more than $15000.00 troops in mali alone france also maintains thousands of troops in the region yet countries like mali and here continue to suffer from these attacks and that's not only coursing concerns from the local population but also on much of it aimed at french troops blaming them for not doing
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enough to protect civilians but he agrees al-jazeera. the u.n. secretary general is calling on the world to find new ways to improve the lives of refugees and turn to good spirits was speaking in geneva the global refugee forum the 1st meeting of its kind involving humanitarian organizations business executives and refugees themselves. we're india is one of the main countries in africa where refugees are a major concern thousands fled political while and 4 years ago as catherine sawyer reports from are among many refugees have returned home but others are saying away . and his family have just returned home from a refugee camp in kenya. they fled in 2015 at the height of political violence that broke out of a president paragons insist that time election. brings home
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a new son born in the camp and he's hoping another election scheduled for next year will go ahead peacefully. my parents are planted me my house was find a way to i just need to find a place to stay. about a 100 kilometers southwest of caldwell's home another family that's returned from a comp in tanzania is settling back one week at a gracious leaves in a room longer province on the shores of lake tanganyika. i lived in 2015 because i was i witnessed the ethnic conflict from 993 so i fled with my family because i did not want them to experience what i did but i'm tired of running and i will stay here no matter what happens. government officials in budi have told refugees in neighboring countries that the country's peaceful they say their repatriation from
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tanzania is voluntary but some human rights campaigners say food rations in the camps have been reduced and refugees movements restricted more than 8000 have come back home in the last year but many are the deal in refugee camps. that are not ready to return. they're afraid that next year the election could also can balance. the name. a youth when. the ruling party seems to invoke fear in many places those people are effectively spies for the ruling party and when someone new returns they instantly are going to suspect a person so we've heard cases of disappearances we've heard cases of pressure immediate pressure to join the ruling party or suffer the consequences and we've heard cases of people immediately returning back to tanzania because they just found the situation was intolerable government officials deny the accusations.
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and been a career young members of the ruling party they don't cause any harm and everything even in the countryside is peaceful return knees are being welcomed back very warmly. face he hopes he can stay out of politics and keep his family safe catherine al-jazeera. getting a job in iran provides a lifeline for many in afghanistan but thousands of afghan work as leaving iran every week as u.s. sanctions help to strangle the iranian economy as a big reports not from tehran afghan refugees have been the arriving here in iran since 1979 when the soviet union invaded their country continued conflict and the united states were not friends stance or a further influence they're now around 3000000 afghan refugees in iran and here in eastern iraq many live and work and sometimes tiny little workshops scattered around the area and although many have been here for decades they still feel that there are some barriers towards integration with school or does not include we have
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problems we don't get certain things because we are afghan studying at university is an issue they make excuses for us not to attend also we can't own property or a car or even a sim card we can even have these things in our own name i have legal documents to stay but we need to extend it every year and there's a fee the wrong spends 150000000 dollars annually what they think about that children and the list just rate for those children now stands 69 percent the united states sanctions against iran at high inflation is making life increasingly difficult for those the flights to this country. i mean the inquest has begun to determine whether air pollution in london contributed to the death of a schoolgirl 9 year old electricity deborah suffered a fatal ass much attack 6 years ago just a couple one reports the human cost of air pollution a grieving mother seeking answers into her daughter's death rosamond kissy deborah
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arriving at coroner's court where she hopes to prove that or taught her ella died from london's unlawfully high air pollution. l. was 7 when she developed severe asthma she was dead by the time she was 9 in those 2 years ella who lived near a very busy road was hospitalized 29 times 27 of those came when air pollution spiked scientists say ela is not an isolated case doctors see hundreds of children every year struggling to breathe needing medicine to keep them from choking on the harmful unseen gases and particles in the air anywhere that has a very high intensity of traffic and within a small area there are going to be a lot of children whose are spare is affected by at least. there is no denying london's air is filthy the traffic is relentless diesel taxis and
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trucks feel harmful emissions and new research shows it's not just our lungs that are affected pollution has been linked to heart disease trial the development strokes and even dementia measuring pollution levels tiny particles that can't be seen but are small enough to pre if pollution mostly is is is invisible and that's why it's really important that we have stations and maps that we produce and forecasts so that people can see what your protein is like even though because he pushes an ultra low emission zone was introduced last spring the most polluting cars and trucks must pay $30.00 a day to drive in the city center early results show it's working it's been more successful than we expected no other city of the well what about that kind of transition from who's to plate of it so it does signal these kind of played as just do. the zone will be extended to a much larger part of the city in october 2021 but 22 months is
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a long time for infant lungs a key stages of development the improvements can come quickly enough. for those whose lives are endangered by deadly emissions jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. and 2 week long nationwide general strike in france isn't a terror in the government for pressing ahead with pension reforms trade union leaders on backing down either warning of no christmas truce and asked about likes they know that from paris. after nearly 2 weeks of transport strikes and disrupted services in france the frustration and weariness is starting to show in paris people battle to get on the few trains and metros still running classes because a classroom experience it's frustrating because i wasn't the one who came up with the pension reform i feel completely taken hostage i'm starting to feel quite angry in the center of the city transport workers joint teachers students and health
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workers to protest over the government's plan pension reforms these protesters up with taking aim at me with the fact that i did the government's proposed was they would have to work until the age of 60 in order to have all the time and that's too easy long ago but now they say that without the government it really cost a bad life that's a good education we think retiring at 62 is already very old so talking about 64 well what next tomorrow 65 and 66 i think it's time for the government to act because we know very well that the longer a conflict lasts the more difficult it gets. the demonstration was mostly peaceful that there were some clashes between police and protesters. during a heated debate in the national assembly the french prime minister defended the government's plans he said the reforms would create a fairer and more efficient pension system. clearly stated our aim to create
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a universal pension system more determination all based the government's on the driver to its absolute beauty calmly it's absolute the government says it wants to have. the problem standoff with the trade unions biffen our neither side is showing any sign of backing down with the holiday season just days away it seems that they'll be little response for people trying to get around the taj a butler just era paris. this is al jazeera and these are our current top stories india's top court says it needs more details from the government before it can hear petitions against a new citizenship law that's led to nationwide protests the law makes it easier for non muslims from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan to gain indian citizenship it's pushed hearings back until january al-jazeera so rahman has more from i would side the supreme court in new delhi. what the supreme court here in india has said
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to the government is that we want your set of rules as you see them regarding the citizenship amendment act to be delivered to us within the new year and then on january the 22nd we will invite the government and all the petitioners to hear why for example the petitioners want the fact thrown out of court and why the government want to proceed with the act an implementor across india so that's where we stand right now. u.s. president donald trump has accused him of kratz of waging an open war on democracy the democratic party controlled house of representatives is expected to push ahead with impeachment when it votes in just a few hours' time that will lead to a trial in the republican dominated senate early next year at least $23.00 civilians have been killed in the latest round of russian attacks on rebel held areas of northwestern syria shelling and air strikes in it live province of
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escalated in recent weeks president bashar al assad's government appears to be preparing for a ground offensive to secure the main highway linking the capital damascus with the northern city of aleppo it leaves foreign minister has had talks with tribal leaders in libya aimed at ending fighting to capture the capital tripoli the u.n. says at least a 1000 libyans have been killed since warlord huffs are began his offensive on tripoli 8 months ago france's prime minister says his government will go ahead with pension reforms despite those nationwide strikes they include scraping privileges for some employees and raising the retirement age from $62.00 to $64.00 prime minister edouard phillipe insists the old system is unfair and says it's too expensive pushing ahead lines the news continues here after or thrice but by. what kind of had this done provide and is anyone willing to pick up the call we
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bring you the stories and developments the rapidly changing the world we live in so is it possible for trump to actually me to wait beyond counting the cost on al-jazeera. 3 quarters of all the land on earth are now significantly affected by human activity the few remaining pockets of wilderness left are themselves at risk of becoming you've got this that i've been called to industry urbanization climate change and hunting all these they see made it stems and destroyed biodiversity. 60 percent of the world sunny miles population have been wiped out soon.


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