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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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we return to see how the students are. helping change the face of india. supa 30 on al-jazeera. contests in new delhi after india's top court has spoken with a hearing on a contentious new citizenship law. hello there i'm going with donald this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up we are just hours away from u.s. president donald trump's impeachment vote a move he calls an attempted coup. happy reunions 1st some have returned to burgundy after fleeing political violence but not everyone is convinced it's
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a. rival sphere and chrysler and persia will to margins the world's 4th biggest carmaker leaving unions worried about job losses. their warm welcome to the program india's top court house possible hearings on a new citizenship law that's provoked protest and violence nationwide the judge's decision brought more demonstrations in new delhi they want more details about the legislation from the government before considering a petition the won't happen until january well the law makes it easier for people from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan to gain citizenship but it excludes muslims critics say that's like discrimination by a government they accuse of driving a hindu nationalists agenda while 4 people have been killed in demonstrations since the law was introduced but prime minister narendra modi is refusing to back down
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will surprise sharma is executive editor of school daughter in an independent news website she joins us on skype from mumbai supriya very warm welcome to the program the government claims that this amended law only concerns undocumented migrants and indian muslims he keeps repeating have nothing to worry about so why is this interpretation out there that's fueling this violence and and can answer. well if you don't than science because that you do that in doubt citizenship you are come at a time when the government of the north lands to prepare but now it's the other of the sort of sort of them essentially the government wants to screen all indian citizens the french and it would ask people to produce documents of what were there that doesn't fit then they want more amenable to do so with undocumented migrants given the recent thinner than the law are there the other indian muslims are uniquely vulnerable because members of other religious communities have the option
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of parts that have them to buy an action as it's in that it's not going to ny for muslims and it is this combination of the changes in the foot of the lot along side of the government announcement often absent of the sort of citizen that actually if you really think then in that muslims it's also important to remember that in your muslim that means be politically march lows over the last few yards and only in the national mood where it grinds against them have been under a ruling by the politicians that we meet. david the barman and so many believe that what they're actually now seeing is a lot of pent up misfortune which is the meat of the off in the fine text of this that have been simply not suppress sarm up the wall senora view of the response that we've seen from the course so far. well there are as many as
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59 petitions 5 in the supreme court challenging those that have them shipped lot but are those who are expecting that they are obsolete step in and intervene are disappointed actually not a court that that's basically said it wants to have a law immediately and it does which says that nobody wrote then the next hearing with me is that this is the only current a lot of people disappointed with all things that the supremes court opinion with stand up for. the basic principle that underlying that you can answer q. through our secularism and you want to do you know what all of the one of them and it is another fear perhaps supriya not just that people are disappointed but the violence may continue and there's no sign of these protests dying down. absolutely in fact what we're seeing is that the protests and that was pretty modest was began in us not to use their local communities like that the book gets
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more by migrants from bangladesh resign and then moderates in the seat of a. finding that snapped by people from there the border we're now seeing. people in the malarky 1000 that are where there's a lot i was shocked but creation of refuge to lead my life and kuno got me and i have why have we not those but that's not and was significantly not as are spreading in the camps that we had last can't do nearly as university and wanted to have steve step on solutions and more than one solutions are being announced by subpoena sharma there executive editor of school dalton thanks very much for joining us on the program.
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a war on democracy and an illegal parts of the us president has again denies the impeachment process against him and claimed he hasn't been allowed to participate in the democratic party controlled house of representatives is expected to push ahead with impeachment when it votes later on wednesday here's our white house correspondent kimberly how. in advance of an expected vote to impeach the u.s. president in the house of representatives donald trump slammed the case against him the whole impeachment thing is a hoax we look forward to getting on to the senate we're not entitled to lawyers we're not entitled to witnesses we're not entitled to anything in the house it's a total sham those oval office statements echo the sentiments of a 6 page letter on official letterhead the tribes said to democratic house speaker nancy pelosi accusing her of conducting an illegal partisan coup truck goes on to say by proceeding with your invalid impeachment you are violating your oath of
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office you are breaking your allegiance to the constitution and you are declaring open war on american democracy. president trump is expected to be impeached in the house on 2 articles use of power and obstruction of congress trump says he wrote his letter to the house speaker to create a permanent record of his thoughts on the historic vote truck maintains he committed no wrongdoing when last july in a phone call he asked the ukrainian president for a favor to help on earth corruption involving his political rival former vice president joe biden we must act with a sense of urgency to protect our democracy on capitol hill as democrats battled opposition republicans over the terms of the impending impeachment vote democrat defended their desire to impeach truong are arguing it's the only way to preserve the integrity of the upcoming 2020 presidential vote given that an unrepentant
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president considers his behavior perfect. given that he thinks the constitution empowers him to do whatever he wants given that he and his team are still awaiting president selenski statement about investigating joe biden we can only ask what the 2020 lection will be like or indeed what any future election in america will be like if we just let this misconduct go but in his letter trump disputed democrats' motives writing as you know very well this impeachment drive has nothing to do with ukraine or the totally appropriate conversation i had with its new president it only has to do with your attempt to undo the election of 2016 and steal the election of 2020 and despite efforts by the white house to block witness testimony during the impeachment inquiry trump has accused democrats of denying him due process likening his treatment to the salem witch trials of the 1600s where those
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falsely accused of witchcraft were executed it's a message that seems geared to trump supporters a rallying cry trump's letter says could propel him to reelection kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house at least 23 civilians have been killed in the latest round of russian attacks on rebel held areas of northwestern syria shelling in airstrikes and it'll a province of escalated in recent weeks president bashar al assad's government appears to be preparing for a ground offensive to secure the main highway linking the capital damascus with the northern city of aleppo the conflict in syria as well as in iraq and yemen are on the agenda for muslim leaders meeting in malaysia they're looking at ways to tackle problems facing the islamic world mohammad of all reports live from kuala lumpur. tight security at this kuala lumpur convention center organizers say muslim leaders meeting here are taking a new approach to handling the challenges facing the islamic world you have to
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start with problem and then vacation right well of the issues that need that inflate the film and come up with some solutions aren't as to how to overcome them and not does talk but something concrete the leaders of 3 sunni nations malaysia turkey and qatar are leading this initiative and are joined by iranian president hassan rowhani high level delegations from indonesia and pakistan are also here but pakistani prime minister imran khan canceled the day before after visiting saudi arabia at the season made media reports the saudis are concerned the summit could lead to the creation of a rival muslim body to the saudi that organization of islamic cooperation i see the possibility that oh i see as it was envisioned 60 or 70 years ago may not be relevant for the future of the muslim world and this scale summit
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provides an opportunity to the muslim leadership coming from diverse backgrounds to deliberate more extensively on this question i think they really do mean there's nothing like that we're not going to compete with anybody and in fact. that's how we raise is complementing it's time consuming life he. is not going to replace the whole to take over from waverley he's not going to be a blow to the gates say they are here to tackle islamophobia and promote the interests of 1700000000 muslims through concrete joint action. and there was no shortage of pressing issues to discuss they include the conflicts in yemen libya syria and afghanistan on arrest in iraq and lebanon and the plight of muslims in myanmar and indian administered kashmir the summits organizers say although meetings like this are often convened to try and tackle conflict and wars in the
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muslim world this one is different they say steam the role of development in achieving national sovereignty shows reviving cultures and strengthening economies are seen as means to overcoming problems for that to be achieved a strong political leadership in the muslim world a clear vision and close coordination are needed to perhaps the main challenge facing delegates at this summit is how they will be judged by muslims with wars people being displaced and unrest across many muslim countries people say that summits in the past have failed to achieve anything substantial so when the leaders here stand up in front of this war for a photo op they will be under pressure to be seen to act. under kuala lumpur. whether it's next on land. or tanks and fighters arrive on the frontlines of what's being described as the final battle for libya's capital. also the shipping industry
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days out how it plans to cut carbon dioxide emissions all that more when we come back. to welcome back to your international weather forecasts were here across north asia we are watching a frontal boundary that's finally pushing into the west pacific that's going to leave much of japan fairly nice as we go towards thursday we're going to be seeing tokyo at about 11 degrees but by the time we get towards friday do expect to see more in terms of clouds as well as. rain across much of the area here across the korean peninsula know it is going to be quite chilly with seoul only getting to about one degree high well in china we are going to be seeing a fall about to make its way towards the south and you can see the rain on a forecast map here on thursday pushing through shanghai making its way towards food joe a term for there about 17 degrees we do expect to see more widespread rain by the
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time we do get towards friday shanghai though it is going to be a rainy day few temperatures will be coming up as we go towards the weekend so here on thursday 7 degrees by the time we get towards saturday do expect to see 10 still about average for this time of year but it is going to be quite cloudy as we go towards the rest of the weekend there well here across much of the philippines particular down here towards the south we are going to see increasing clouds as well as rain by the time we do get towards friday but down here towards the south jakarta it is going to be a mostly cloudy day with rain in the forecast at $32.00 and heavy rain in the forecast because per at about $31.00. football tournament like no other and at the beginning we used to play football in the streets using a soccer ball al-jazeera weld meets a group of sudanese boys determined to win against a backdrop of conflict and uncertainty and that's. when i walk in the street people
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stop me oh man it's because of the. door for football the piece on al-jazeera. you're watching and see there are a mind of our top stories this hour protests as a rally began a new demi after india's top court postponed hearings on a controversial new citizenship law until january it says it needs more details from the government law makes it easier for non muslims from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan to gave indian citizenship. at least 23 civilians have been killed in the latest round of russian attacks on rebel held areas of northwestern syria
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shelling and air strikes and it led profits have escalated in greece and weeks. u.s. president donald trump has accused democrats of waging an open war on democracy a congressional committee has cleared the way for a historic pull of impeachment against the president in just a few hours' time particle a looks at the case for and against removing trump from office. it all began to unravel when the us president picked up his phone in july a call to the president of ukraine what was said anough for a whistleblower to file a complaint that made it to congress the allegation was that trump was holding hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid meant for ukraine which was fighting off russian aggression intil the ukrainian president promised to investigate trump's potential political rival former u.s. vice president joe biden and his son hunter who had worked in ukraine in damage
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control mode the white house released notes from the call it did more damage because as the notes point out as the ukrainian president is promising to buy more u.s. missiles trump responds i would like you to do us a favor though he goes on to ask for investigations into a debate conspiracy theory about the election and later brings up the bidens the president must be held accountable no one is above the law that's when democrats announced an impeachment inquiry would begin the white house refused to cooperate but several career diplomats came forward anyway they testified under oath that it all really happened colonel alexander's been men listen to the call and later reported it to white house lawyers it was improper for the president of the united states to demand a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen and a political opponent the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testified that she was removed from her position because she wanted to fight corruption so the president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani pushed
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to get her removed and our anti-corruption efforts got in the way of a desire for profit or power ukrainians who prefer to play by the old corrupt rules sought to remove me what continues to amaze me is that they found americans willing to partner with them and working together they apparently succeeded in orchestrating the removal of a u.s. ambassador. others described a small group of people chosen by the president as running a kind of shadow back channel u.s. policy in ukraine midst it became clear to me that giuliani's efforts to gin up politically motivated investigations were now infecting u.s. engagement with ukraine leveraging president selenski desire for a white house meeting to withhold that systems for no good reason other than help with the political campaign made no sense it was it was counterproductive to all of what we had been trying to do. it was illogical it could not be explained it was
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crazy trumped meeting was going to happen and then came the surprising testimony from ambassador gordon sunland who changed his testimony from what he 1st told congress was there a quid pro quo as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting the answer is yes someone was a donor to the president's inauguration rewarded with an ambassadorship to the european union he was center to the plot and he said everyone was in a suggestion that we were engaged in some irregular or rogue diplomacy is absolutely false the leadership of the state department the national security council and the white house were all informed about the ukraine efforts and another state department official testified he heard some one on the phone with the president during the luncheon baster silence said he was going to call president
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trump to give an update master stalin placed a call on his mobile phone i heard of announce himself several times along the lines of courting song and holding for the president i've entered president from ask so he's going to do the investigation. master song replied that he is going to do it adding a president selenski will do anything you ask him to do with that democrats say they've made the case for 2 counts of impeachment one for abuse of power the 2nd for obstruction of congress voted the vote out of the committee and split down party lines with republicans launching very defenses 2 key facts have not changed that are critical to these impeachment proceedings one ukraine in fact received the aid and 2 there was no investigation into the bidens i have never in my entire life seen such an unfair rigged railroad job against the president of the united states and threw it on the president remained defiant it's a witch hunt it's a sham it's
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a hoax a slight majority of americans polled actually support impeachment and removal but not by much and as of now the vote is expected to be partisan which would leave trump in office that could change of public opinion does during the trial setting up a high stakes gamble that will impact the president the country and the world. al-jazeera washington public opinion in pakistan is divided after former president pervez musharraf was sentenced to death in a treason case the 76 year old who lives in dubai was tried in his absence the case released to a state of emergency that he imposed back in 2007 has more on the reaction in islamabad and on president by that call and it is making headlines in all the major newspaper never before that's the morning mail the daily mail special. daum from norway. and the nation.
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a stunning day. pain and anguish now openly and. people are questioning as to haul a convicted prime minister. to go out of the country because. and that the same time a dead. for a man who critically and in a hospital in dubai we have been talking to the people on the streets to gauge public opinion on the. other people committed crimes and run away but a dying man the sentence of death that's not fair. no society can function without the rule of law however the word high treason is unreasonable the government has also come out in favor of the military reservation as far as this particular war
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dictates. the viewpoint of this government is with everyone should get justice. bordered on more short of. a war date that didn't accept to bring to the people but the opposition parties are hailing this and. saying that no other military leader will be able to go or what your government. it's at least foreign minister has met rival leaders in the b f a talks aimed at ending fighting to capture the capital tripoli the u.n. says at least a 1000 libyans have been killed since warlord the half that began his offensive 8 months ago and more. reinforcements are heading to the front line for what could be the final battle for tripoli militia allied to the internationally recognized government moved heavy weapons and fighters sound to the outskirts of the town. we then had you brigade support forces are on our way to the capital tripoli we are on our way and god willing we will be victorious. after forces are also reinforcing
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their front lines each side has foreign help turkey has offered to send troops in support of the tripoli government will have to are has soldiers for hire and there are a 1000 new russian mercenaries deployed to tripoli according to 2 u.s. officials and one source in moscow quoted in bloomberg news sudanese in chad in mercenaries all assembling on the front lines for what they're calling the final push so it's increasingly likely that turkey will deploy something to help defend tripoli if needed by the jna with the threat of escalation looming italy's foreign minister luigi did my own met with both sides on tuesday holding talks with fires also raj in tripoli and then with hoft are in the eastern city of rajma inviting him to room for further talks the u.n. is calling for the to the rival governments and international backers to agree to a political solution we continue to call for deescalation and for active support by
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all libyans and international actors engaged in libya to find a peaceful and political solution to end the conflict and by addressing its underlying causes i think it's important that the international community as a whole rally around the efforts of the libyan people of course and also the efforts of the secretary general's. rip. that if mr sowerby tried to find a political solution. to this conflict analysts say it's becoming less and less about libya with international actors pulling the strings and flooding the battlefield into chapelle al-jazeera. a disabled palestinian man has watched israeli demolition crews destroy his home for the 4th time in 20 years. is vowing to rebuild once again saying the land in occupied east jerusalem is his rights groups say israeli demolitions increase this year the estimate a couple of months ago was more than $200.00 palestinians have their homes
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flattened. but. this is my land i have the right to live in it and i will rebuild it whether they agree or not i will keep building my home on my land for as long as i live a strain has experienced its hottest day on record the average temperature across the country and shoes day was nearly $41.00 degrees celsius and that record could be broken on wednesday as it's only the start of the southern hemisphere summer the searing temperatures have made things worse for crews dealing with more than 100 bushfires in the eastern state of new south wales shipowner is facing pressure to drastically reduce carbon emissions from so-called dirty fuel are proposing a 5 $1000000000.00 research fund to help shipping associations plan a mandatory tax of $2.00 per tonne of fuel burned that would be spent on developing clean and technologies like more efficient engines the shipping industry is blamed for 2.2 percent of c o 2 emissions worldwide the united nations wants
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a 50 percent reduction within the next 30 years. joe dean is aviation and shipping manager of the european federation for transport and environment but she doesn't think the plan is serious enough. the fuel levy that they're proposing is in effect a drop in the ocean and it's actually worse than that it's actually a distraction from our point of view if you look at the actual a few livi that they're proposing it's less than one percent of the price that they pay for their fuel so we don't think it's enough to encourage the industry to use cleaner fuels than the dirty ones that they use now and if we compare it back to europe and the price and the fuel that me that they're using is actually $40.00 times cheaper than the actual current price that we pay here for emitting as you know $2.00 in europe so we think it won't be enough to change the industries
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behavior and the just the revenues generated will definitely be not enough to arrive to the target of reducing 50 percent of their emissions pope francis has announced that a secrecy policy will no longer apply to cases involving the sexual abuse of children in the past the catholic church kept sex abuse cases confidential saying it was to protect victims and the reputation of the accused it is a step forward in terms of transparency transparency for the victims and their families and transparency for traditional legal systems around the world which can now request the documentation from the ongoing trials. and bring it into their legal systems in order to facilitate their work. a major deal's been announced in the car industry to create the world's 4th largest manufacturer chrysler and p.s.a. owners of persia and france have agreed a $34000000000.00 merger both companies have assured production line workers that
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no factory closures are planned when the merge is completed within 15 months while she was economics editor. says the merger comes as manufacturers struggle to change with the times. car makers really need to spend more money on the electric find their brands and to do that it's a very expensive job if you consider the german automotive because alone they're spending between $45000000000.00 between them on working on projects at this very moment now to do this both companies had started to come together and pool their resources not only just on the electrification but also the platforms now it's easier if you have 5 or 6 different brands like volkswagen does which are which has the audi c at and porsche brands they can use the same engines they can use the same components and they can reduce the costs both companies are saying look we're going to say $4100000000.00 in this process but we don't really understand how
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apart from the from the use of the similar components across all the brands because the biggest cost savings will come from job losses but both companies are saying look there won't be any job losses and this will really need to see whether this really comes true over the next few days that we've next few years. this is al jazeera and these are our current top stories india's top court says it needs more details from the government before it can hear petitions against a new citizenship law that's led to nationwide protests the law makes it easier for anonymous thems from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan to gain indian citizenship it's pushed hearings back until january al-jazeera so rahman has more from i would cite the supreme court in new delhi. what the supreme court here in india has said to the government is that we want to go also to be as you see them regarding the
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citizenship amendment to be delivered to us within the new year and then on january the 22nd we will invite the government and all the petition is to hear why for example the petition is once the current threat out of court why the government want to proceed with the act and implemented across india as adults where we stand right now. u.s. president donald trump accused democrats of waging an open war on democracy the democratic party controlled house of representatives is expected to push ahead with impeachment when it votes in a few hours' time that will lead to a trial in the republican dominated senate early next year at least $23.00 civilians have been killed in the latest round of russian attacks on rebel held areas of northwestern syria shelling and air strikes that it led province have escalated in recent weeks president bashar al assad's government appears to be
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preparing for a ground offensive to secure the highway linking damascus with the northern city of aleppo it's a case foreign minister has had talks with rival leaders in the bia aimed at ending fighting to capture the capital tripoli un says at least a 1000 libyans have been killed since warlord holly for huffed are began his offensive on tripoli a strain has experienced its hottest day on record the average temperature across the country on tuesday was nearly $41.00 degrees celsius that record could be broken on what state has it's only the start of the southern hemisphere summer the searing temperatures have made things worse for crews dealing with more than 100 bushfires in the eastern state of new south wales you are up to date those are our current headlines the news continues here on our jazzier after inside story thanks for your company the by.
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thousands of international soldiers are in africa region but despite this there's been a dramatic increase in attacks by armed groups so what's behind this upsurge in violence and how will the international community secure the site this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program back to the crisis in west africa region appears to be getting worse at a meeting on monday the u.n. security council to express alarm over the real.


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