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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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i can actually win that that ok well we're going to have a chance to talk about it a couple of hours so right now that is the latest from washington a very divided washington but it washington that's looking forward to january so for now back to you. right now it's $21.00 g.m.t. that's 4 pm in washington d.c. and we are now 4 alice into that final debate over whether to impeach the president of the united states and watching live pictures now of the debate that's ongoing on capitol hill let's actually take a listen adam smith is speaking and that he would do anything you asked him to if that wasn't telling enough my colleagues in a conversation that followed an american diplomat dining with saddam and asked if it was true that president trump didn't give
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a blank about ukraine someone agreed saying the president cared only about big stuff the diplomat noted that there was big stuff in ukraine like a war with russia and so on then replied that the president cared only about big stuff that benefits him personally like the biden investigation that mr giuliani was pushing in that short conversation we learned everything we need to know about the 45th president of the united states he doesn't care about ukraine or the impact on our national security caused by withholding military aid to that country fighting for its democratic life. all that matters to this president is what affects him personally an investigation into his political
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rival and a chance to cheat in the next election as professor gephardt testified before the judiciary committee 2 weeks ago if what we're talking about is not impeachable then nothing is impeachable even as this body uncovered the facts of this ukraine scheme even as we opened an impeachment inquiry even as we gathered evidence present from continued his efforts to seek foreign help in the next election well i would think he said from the white house lawn on october 3rd that if they're being honest about it they'd start a major investigation into the bidens it's a very simple answer he said and he made it clear it's an open invitation to other nations as well as saying china should start an investigation into the bidens to president trump sent his chief of staff to the white house podium and told the
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world that of course they had linked aid to investigations and that we should just get over it and even as these articles have made their way to this house floor the president's personal attorney has continued pursuing these sham investigations on behalf of his client the president the president and his men plot on the danger persists the risk is real our democracy is at peril but we are not without a remedy prescribed by the founders for just these circumstances impeachment the only question is will we use it. or have we fallen prey to another evil that the founders for war and the excess of factionalism the elevation of party over
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country many my colleagues appeared to have made their choice to protect the president to enable him to be above the law to empower this president to cheat again as long as it is in the service of their party and their power they've made their choice despite this president in the white house stonewalling every subpoena every request for witnesses and testimony from this co-equal co-equal branch of government they have made their choice knowing that to allow this president to obstruct congress will empower him and any other president that follows to be as corrupt as negligent or as abusive of the power of the presidency as they choose they have made their choice and i believe they will rue the day that they did when donald j.
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trump was sworn in on january 20th 2017 he repeated these words i do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of the president of the united states and will to the best of my ability preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states has he lived up to that sacred obligation has he honored his own of office has he preserved protected and defended the constitution of the united states the uncontested evidence provides the simple yet tragic answer he has not in america no one is above the law. donald j. trump sacrificed our national security in an effort to cheat in the next election
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and for that and his continued efforts to seek foreign interference in our elections he must be impeached i reserve the balance of my time gentleman from north dakota and madam chair it's next well you've just been listening to adam schiff there who's the chair of the house intelligence committee make his case for trump's impeachment saying that the america that america's democracy is in peril and trying to lay out the dangers of the precedent that he says president trumps behavior. but we've also been hearing from the other side an outside the chamber we had from republican senator and storm lindsey graham who said he would want to see a quick impeachment trial in the senate without any new witnesses presented i think this exercise in the house is beginning to weaponize impeachment the intel committee could ducted the fact finding elements of it which is unusual the process
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they use i think is dangerous to the presidency is an institution when it gets here my goal is to have a short trial as possible or does that translate to when 51 people are ready to vote this will be a vote the most likely outcome is to use the trial record. what they used in the house to impeach president trump will be the trial record for the senate all in a moment we'll speak to castro who's on capitol hill where that vote will happen but 1st let's talk to our white house correspondent kelly how has candy let's unpack a little bit of what lindsey graham was saying that this very speedy trial but he's also talked about potentially weaponize ing impeachment he's saying that the process itself has changed fundamentally. yeah and this is the fear and also the allegation of so many politicians regardless of whether you're a republican or a democrat is that the accusation is that it's being weaponized now and it could be
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weaponized again when there is a democrat in the white house with regard to the length of the trial that is the big question mark you heard lindsey graham a senior republican a staunch ally of the president advocating for a short and speedy trial in the senate in essence to try and vindicate the president move on with the order of business and that is to represent the american public in the u.s. congress for the president to carry out his agenda well we've just been listening to kellyanne conway an advisor to president trump speaking in the white house briefing room in the last hour or so she asked directly about the length of the trial because we know this white house is in coordination with republicans in fact she said she had just returned from speaking with senate republicans back to the white house and right now that is the big open question because we've heard the president saying he wants to call witnesses he wants adam schiff who we just heard there who presided over the house impeachment inquiry to speak and to testify about
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the evidence that was presented he wants to hear from joe biden the former vice president his son hunter biden why was he sitting on the board of an energy company in ukraine the president even suggesting at one point he may testify this is the big question kellyanne conway asked about this she said that right now there is no decision on the length of the senate trial right now republicans in the senate are waiting for one person to weigh in on that and that's president trump we will be watching very carefully he's scheduled to leave the white house in the next hour to head to battle creek michigan for a rally and that's the big question right now what is the president thinking what does he want to see in terms of trying to defend his legacy which we know with the vote in the house of representatives is going to it appears be in a vote for impeachment with the president sees as. a real stain on his legacy well can you say that we're waiting to hear from president trump but unsurprisingly he has been tweeting all the way through this and one of his while lodge a tweet sometimes of all the words in caps he said such atrocious lies by the
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radical left to do nothing democrats this is an assault on america an assault on the republican party you say is headed to battle creek seems very aptly named what is his plan for today what's going through his head right now well it's interesting when you talk of that all caps tweet it's the last tweet he sent about 3 hours ago already has 99.9 almost 800000 likes which is pretty prominent for this president even popular among his supporters what's going on in his head while he's been defending himself maintaining no wrongdoing in these accusations that he abused his presidential powers for political purposes from day one he also tweeted earlier in the day i did nothing wrong that should never happen again to another president say a prayer well certainly his vice president who is known to be a devout christian has been saying openly he's been praying for the president and for the united states for some time he is already in battle creek michigan where he
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has been defending the president take a listen to what mike pence had to say what's happening on capitol hill today is a disgrace you know the truth is they're trying to impeach this president because they know they can't defeat this president. they're trying to run down this president because they know they can't run against our record they can't run against our results they're pushing this partisan impeachment because they know they can't stop you from giving president donald trump 4 more years in the white house. now the u.s. president often speaks as he departs the south lawn of the white house we expect that he may do this given he has been so vocal on twitter and of course heading to battle creek michigan where he will take the stage almost around the same time we're expecting that vote in the house of representatives it will certainly if that happens simultaneously be a very interesting split screen moment in american history it will really sum up
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just how divided this nation is on the one hand you'll have the house of representatives controlled by democrats potentially peachey the president well the president is standing before his supporters on a very large stage in front of a crowd that could potentially be hundreds even thousands committee how could the white house correspondent will be speaking to a little bit less about finale let's go to heidi castro who joins us live from capitol hill where that all important vote is going to take place later on today. an incredibly historic day and a very impassioned speech as we've been hearing from both sides talk us through what we've been seeing and hearing and where we go from here. char so we're about halfway through this marathon debate session which totals 6 hours to debate these articles of impeachment against president trump and as time has gone on really these arguments that are very partisan have become more colorful of you will there
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have been republican members that have compared this to the trial of jesus by paunches pilot another republican member said that today is another day that will live in infamy life the attack on pearl harbor and yet another that with this impeachment he sees the end of the country he says is in sight and democrats have also brought their share of the ad tricks to this as well we've had members making their argument standing before a blown up photo of a child at the border another holding a copy of the constitution in their hands but what this all concentrates on are those 2 articles of impeachment. against trump and they are for abuse of power and obstruction of congress both related to the democrats accusations that trump abuse the power of his office by withholding security aide to ukraine and order to try to get investigations into his political rivals nancy pelosi the democratic speaker
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of the house said this morning that this is a solemn occasion that no one approached today with any desire to impeach a president but that the constitution has given them this responsibility to hold the president accountable and she says trump is a continuous threat to national security republicans can do very little really to stop this momentum all they can do are these delay tactics which we saw earlier in this morning but democrats quickly struck down those proposals and by around 7 o'clock local time in washington which is in about 3 hours time is when we expect those historic votes to go through the articles will be voted upon one at a time and democrats do have the numbers to formally impeach president trump which would make him only the 3rd at u.s. president to be impeached and we'll be bringing you all that action as it happens
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from capitol hill finale of that thank you heidi. well let's take a quick look now at other news from across the wilds lebanon's former prime minister has announced for the 2nd time that he does not want to lead a new government saad hariri resigned back in october after weeks of anti-government demonstrations and on monday the president planned to hold consultations with political parties to decide on a new prime minister but that's now been postponed until thursday people have been voicing their anger against corruption and sectarian politics governing the country for decades protestors have rallied again in new delhi after india's top court postponed hearings on a controversial new citizenship law until january and says it needs more details from the government the new makes it easier for non muslims from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan to gain indian citizenship. at least $23.00
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civilians have been killed in the latest round of russian attacks on rebel held areas of northwestern syria shelling in as strikes and it's a province of escalated in recent weeks president bashar al assad's government appears to be preparing for a ground offensive to secure the main highway linking the capital damascus with the northern city of aleppo. a major merger has been announced in the car industry that creates the world's 4th largest manufacturer fit chrysler and p.s.a. to owners of pleasure and fronts have agreed on a $34000000000.00 tie up both companies have assured production line workers that no factory closures are planned but a strain has experienced its hottest day on record the average temperature across the country on tuesday was nearly 41 degree celsius and not record could be broken on wednesday as it's only the start of the southern hemisphere summer now those searing temperatures have made things worse for crews who are dealing with more
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than 100 bushfires in the eastern states of new south wales. well ship owners are proposing a $5000000000.00 fund to reset to lower mission fuels and clean engine designs the industry has been under pressure from the united nations to haul that c o 2 emissions from so who will shipping associations are calling for a mandatory contribution of $2.00 per ton on fuel band to help develop clean a technology. while if you are just joining us now you're watching live pictures from capitol hill but donald trump is on track to become the 3rd u.s. president to be impeached house speaker nancy pelosi says he gave lawmakers no choice but to pursue impeachment he's facing charges of abusing his power and of obstructing congress the president's been tweeting throughout the debate insisting he's done nothing wrong the describing it as an assault on america and saying that
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the allegations against him atrocious lies well let's dig into this with 2 experts who are going to help us break down what's happening in washington alan baron is a former special impeachment counsel to the house of representatives he's in washington d.c. but fast let's speak to brenda one apple who is the author of the impeach is the trial of andrew johnson and the dream of a just nation now brenda you're not only the author of that book you also the author of a historian statement on the impeachment of president trump and i'm holding right here and was signed by 750 historians i want to read you a line that you wrote as president trumps numerous and flagrant abuses of power of precisely what the framers had in mind as grounds for impeaching and removing a president took us through that where does this sit within the history of of the united states. well you can start thank you for having me 1st of all you can start the letter really back in the framers discussion what went into the
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constitution and as we all know now the constitution does provide reasons for or offenses for in the impeachment of a civil officer like a president and it's treason bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors but it's also important to look toward the federalist papers were alexander wrote that impeachment can occur from something he calls maladministration or abuse of the public trust so with those 2 elements in mind the impeachment is a very important part of the democratic process and it wasn't used until 868 when he entered johnson was impeached by the house but he was acquitted by one vote in the senate and that was just after the civil war a very partisan time in american history as you can imagine well let me also ask you then brenda about the reaction that we've seen from president trump to this
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whole process i recall back in 1980 when bill clinton was being impeached he stood in the rose garden and he he apologized to the nation ahead of the impeachment proceedings really kicking off and will nixon he resigned so how do you contrast how previous presidents have dealt with the situation as compared to president trump. well those 2 examples are very very different enter johnson was a lot like donald trump but he didn't have twitter and he didn't write a 6 page letter to the speaker of the house or the head of the senate as trump is doing it did in terms of the letter and is doing apparently today as well he obviously given what i've seen in the letter feels persecuted he's comparing and pietschmann to the witchcraft trials which is rather astonishing because he's a head of state of a very powerful country and of course the witches had no power whatsoever the
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so-called witches i should say so i think he's taking it very seriously i think he's from my point of view thinskinned he's not compartmentalizing although he will pretend that he is in the is some what he said before he's looking for a split screen and a reality show so the national coverage will have him at his rally while the impeachment vote is being taken in that in that sense there's a kind of circus quality that he brings to what's really a very solemn in serious procedure and a very solemn and serious undertaking that the house is voting on today brenda you were talking there about this the sec is quality allen baron i'm going to bring you in here because you've dealt with a number of impeachment processes and you've seen for federal judges who've been
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removed from office well 11 resigned but you've been very involved in these processes in the past is this much more of a sack us that we're seeing now than we have previously. well the presidential impeachment is inherently a bigger deal if for want of a better way of putting it's and so it has a lot more potential to become something of a circus the 1st impeachment i handled was of a judge named alcee hastings and there was a fair amount of outside uproar about the fact that he was being impeached because he had been acquitted by a jury in a criminal case of this is the 1st time someone was being impeached and he ultimately was removed from office after he had been acquitted in a criminal trial but yes there is and i think to some extent. things like twitter in the better of the various ways in which people can stir up things have
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added to this sort of circus like atmosphere but as brenda said this is a very serious business and we have to treat it seriously allan brenda was referring to earlier this letter that president trump had written to nancy pelosi and was sent to her ahead of today's proceedings and i want to read a sentence from it he accused her he said by proceeding with your invalid impeachment you have violation you are at the office you are breaking your allegiance to the constitution and you are declaring open war on american democracy alanah is that what this is an open war on american democracy because nancy pelosi and the democrats would say that they're trying to defend the constitution so we have these 2 different narratives about to say that it's yeah go ahead. well i was going to say it's the pot calling the kettle black i mean really i think you could take all of those epithets and turn them around and apply them to the president and
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they would fit perfectly. his his activity even that letter i mean it is beyond the pale he breaks all the rules. the truth is a an alien commodity in his world and you know he thinks that through the tweets and the bluster and the denouncing the bats enough for him to skate through and he may be right brenda your historian and i want to ask you this for especially for our international viewers here situate this for us in the american psyche and where impeachment sits within the understanding of of the u.s. as a nation how significant are these proceedings and how closely are they being watched by people in the united states. i think they're fairly closely watched i mean i know maybe i'm not representative enormous numbers of people who
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watched the career diplomats testify before congress a couple of weeks ago and i thought and i think others saw it and from what i've read in the papers that they were actually mesmerizing because they were so clear they were so articulate they were so eloquent and they so obviously love the country so i think it's very important and it's globally important to see this process play out a circus so no twitter and no. you know rallies or know that people in the house and the senate and there are i think quite a number on both sides who are solidly trying to do the best that they can but at the same time when you were just talking to alan and reading from donald trump's letter about an invalid impeachment there's nothing invalid about what's going on there was nothing invalid about the impeachment of johnson there was
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nothing invalid about the threat of an event that was leveraged against richard nixon there was nothing invalid whatever you think of the impeachment of. bill clinton and certainly nothing now there's been a very orderly process. ongoing and of course it seems to me in to many others that there is an enormous amount of evidence mounting and in so far as there isn't evidence it's because of the 2nd article of obstruction of congress brenda let me ask you about how impeachment has changed you've been following this well you researched this and you've delved into it over the course of several different impeachment president is how has this changed from what the founding fathers intended when we're looking at a really potus and process now is that what they had in mind. well i think they did
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not want to partisan process they didn't want part political parties but i think it's almost inevitable that there's a partisanship that evolves because you have at this point in you had in the 19th century 2 political parties that represent very different ideologies in people vote for basically one or 2 of those parties so the house of representatives theoretically is the people's house and then the people are speaking through their representatives so it seems to me that that may not have been what the founders intended but the founders certainly intended to make sure that there was no foreign interference in our elections and that there was no meddling in elections and that the government was understood by everyone participating in an outside of it as 3 separate but co-equal branches congress the executive and the judicial so
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that's hasn't changed i don't think really in terms of the procedures much of it have changed but of course the constitution itself doesn't really tell you what the procedure should be alan baron let me ask you a little more about that procedure because we were talking about whether or not it might be possible for them to impeach president trump in the house but then not actually send it on to the senate where we've already had from the republican leader there that he plans to work in coordination with the white house to protect the president so what are the options here and how might this play out in the senate if it does go that. well 1st of all the about 2 weeks ago someone who i can't name although is name is very well known approached me to discuss the possibility of the house passing oracles of impeachment but not turning them over to the senate. when i 1st heard it i thought that's
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a wild and crazy idea but then i slept on it the next day i called him back and i said i think it's a brilliant idea and i think that is one of the options that the democrats ought to keep in mind they can pass the articles nothing in the constitution says you must now deliver them to the senate they continue to investigate maybe they get some of those people who should be testifying to come aboard and testify either willingly or unwillingly and proceed from there and maybe build an even stronger case than they have though i will say the case they have is more than enough to convict now if they don't go that route and it goes over to the. to that to the senate my prediction is it will be good a quick and speedy death they will go through the motions of summarizing the evidence there won't be any witnesses and it'll be put to a vote and end of story we move on brenda if president tron is acquitted in the
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senate and we're heading into an election year where is he likely to see his support increase historically when we've seen impeachment processes take place we have seen an uptick in support for the past and he's being impeached right not for endor johnson he didn't even get nominated. by bill clinton's own party so. well you know no clinton is is the great counterexample but you know as much as i think history is important to learn from it doesn't necessarily it's not necessarily you know one thing is going to lead to another it's possible i mean clearly donald trump will use this to galvanize his supporters apparently last night on a letter of fund raising letter went out you know because of the impeachment that was the vote that's pending but by the same token an impeachment is a stain and i was fascinated by what ellen was just saying about the possibility of
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holding the impeachment vote voting to impeach and then not letting it go to the senate for a little while regardless and that's a very interesting proposition and impeachment is an impeachment donald trump will be impeached and until very recently you know most people thought impeachment also included the trial so even if he is convicted he will always be impeached and i'm not so sure that beyond his base that would really rally supporters i mean there are there are even a quick and dirty heaven help us dirty trial in the senate there's there's no telling either what trump will do or what might be uncovered brenda one apple there speaking to us in new york and alan baron who is speaking to us from washington d.c. thank you both i guess we'll be talking to you a little more but we'll leave it there for now because i want to take you back to capitol hill where you're watching live pictures from the house of representatives
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where we're getting into the last 20 is of the debate over whether to impeach the president of the united states trump is facing charges of abusing his power and of obstructing congress and that impeachment vote is expected within the next few hours while trump is leaving the white house this hour from battle creek that's a town in michigan where he's due to rally his supporters the president has been tweeting throughout the debate into. he's done nothing wrong but to other news now and i'm going to tell you a little more about lebanon's caretaker prime is a sad hariri who says he's not putting himself forward as a candidate to head the new government let's cross to loren as our european broadcast center for more details thanks to hariri statement comes a day before formal consultations a set to take place between the president and parliamentary blocs to designate the next leader harry resigned as prime minister in october following weeks of nationwide protests against the country's ruling elite demonstrations accuse the
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government of rampant corruption and according for a complete overhaul of the post civil war secular political system. rami khouri is a senior public policy fellow and professor of journalism at the american university of beirut and he says harry's decision is a signal that lebanon's principal leadership is starting to listen to public opinion well he's done this several times before he's announced his candidacy that said he's not going to be a candidate than he was working by the sense to approve a candidate so with these leaders who are now part of the old oligarchic system that has ruled lebanon for many decades you never know what is the real significance of what they are doing one thing is clear though there is a new element in the political arena and it's the element of massive opulence this pressure on the street against the political traditional only logic sectarian leadership and maybe heady it is decision now because he said in the last week that he was expecting to be prime minister he started consulting people maybe his
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decision now actually means more than it would have meant before because he probably is aware that the popular sentiment among the protesters on the street is that he would not be acceptable is part of the old system that has failed and has bankrupt the country and sent half the population into poverty so probably has decision is more meaningful he will he opens the stage now for real consultations among the parliamentarians but also among different political groupings and the country and this is really unprecedented in lebanon. but livia's attorney general has ordered the arrest of 4 president ever arise on charges of sedition and terrorism the word stems from accusations from the country's interim government that he's been staring on rest since resigning as left bolivia in november after protests and allegations of irregularities in the country's election which saw him return to power if lead the country from mexico has since flown to argentina where
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he's been granted asylum he says the protests which forced him from office often a 14 years without a right wing coup. one of the world's most watched football matches has been brought to a brief hold in barcelona after catamaran separatist protest is through inflatable bulls onto the pitch thousands of police were deployed around new stadium as praying dependents demonstrate his plan to disrupt the game known as a classic oh it's his barcelona facing off against its face rival real madrid that means mainak mana clashes on the street with protesters setting fire to rubbish bins at least a dozen people have been injured protests to say their aim is to take advantage of global media coverage for most their bid for catalan independence. a number of civilians have been killed in the latest round of russian and syrian government attacks on rebel held areas of northwestern syria shelling and asked trikes and lee province of escalation in recent weeks it's already been reports.
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that the attacks on me they probably are relentless they're intensifying and witnesses say the majority of victims are civilians the paramedics known as the white helmets of their within minutes to do what they've done thousands of times during the war trying to save the lives of civilians. at about 11 o'clock in the morning a fighter jet believed the russian carried out 6 successive air raids in the mud johnny and york in areas they targeted displaced people living in tents one girl was killed and 6 others injured in critical condition i rushed to hospital the civil defense crystal combing the area searching for survivors. the damage was one of $35.00 villages hit by russian and syrian government forces in a day province in the last $48.00 ounce opposition activists say president bashar al assad's government appears to be preparing for a ground offensive it's
12:37 am
a mist to secure the main highway linking the capital damascus with the northern city of aleppo the increase in attacks is having a devastating impact on people here this man's wife and 3 daughters were killed in an ass strike 4000000 syrians live in italy provence which is under the control of hyatt therea al sham an armed group with formal links to al qaida the strikes on the northwestern province are in breach of the deescalation deal russia and turkey agreed last september but the syrian government says recapturing the province is just a matter of time victoria gates and be al jazeera. india's supreme court has postponed all herring's challenging a controversial citizenship nor until next month there's been widespread anger over the new legislation which offer citizenship to persecuting minorities from neighboring countries exclude muslims. reports from christian i in the northeastern state have asked on the court delay means countless families now living in limbo.
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it's a sleepy village in the middle of a sam's agricultural belt people who live here in christianized hindus and muslims yet almost to be deemed undocumented migrants sudan sarka is a pensioner he was born and has lived in the region for as long as he can remember a big old speaking hindu he says this is home and he's indian but a recent government census deemed him and his family illegal migrants from bangladesh he was arrested and placed in a detention center for 3 years released on bail he says his experience was traumatic and has led to complex medical issues and psychological disorders. we would break for roll call it 6 wash have a cup of tea and do a little exercise and then they would lock us up to be in the room was not large enough and we slept on the floor about what do you 5 to a room sometimes not be fed until the next day. he shows me
12:39 am
documents that date back to the 1930 s. proving on the surface that is family has always lived in india the bengali originating in do and muslim communities here in krishna number around about 400 families and they've lived here for decades living alongside each other in peace of course working the paddy fields here you can see behind me but the passage of the citizenship amendment could very well undermine their very existence and render some of them stateless. the new law potentially allows anyone fleeing communal riots or religious persecution to apply for indian citizenship but siddhartha and some of his neighbors can't apply because the government does not recognise their status high court lawyers like hafiz child real waiting to see how the supreme court's rule on the controversial legislation now it is all an act of the past but the parliament so that it wants also with all it will consider
12:40 am
benefit to those parts of what i was formally to look mentioning here. for the indigenous people of the new legislation is worrying they say it'll make them a minority in their own state by giving citizenship to hindu refugees and then we'll have our. districts in the region have seen violence occurring and been speaking families their business have been burnt down and there'd been economic loss but tangherlini or loss of life on this occasion the bengali hindu speaking community is scared. sudan's future is still uncertain his family's meager earnings revolve around the production of these plastic bags and the status of his family like those in the village of krishna i might not be made clear for some time. so robyn al-jazeera question i assigned. 2 the world's leading car makers are combining forces in a deal set to reshape the industry it tries to and pleasure and p.s.a.
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and reached a binding agreement intended to help them cope with big changes to the market the pair will now work out how to cut costs without cutting jobs if barker reports from london. there's a new driving force in the auto industry italian american company fit chrysler and french firm p.s.a. the maker of persia used to be rivals but after months of talks every greed on a $50000000000.00 merger the firm is expected to produce $8700000.00 vehicles a year making it the world's 4th largest automaker ahead of ford and general motors fierce a boss carlos to virus will become the new chief executive of the firm the newly combined company will have 14 different makes a vehicle including pozo sidran. and jeep but given the large number of overlapping brands the overall downturn in global sales is the cost of researching
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and developing electric and driverless cars there's a risk some of these brands won't survive. p.s.a. unfit chrysler aiming for annual cost savings of $4000000000.00 by combining technology the companies say there are no plans to close factories but britain's biggest union is already seeking guarantees for the vauxhall brand and analysts say jobs could be at risk the numbers may don't add up they have a significant learning curve if you like in terms of cutting their emissions and investing in electric vehicles the meeting climate targets while at the same time only making savings of 3700000000 euros they're going to need to know for a lot more investment to address those challenges the entire industry is steering rapidly away from fossil fuels car makers such as tesla have been leading the pack with a new generation of affordable electric vehicles other big name brands are quickly catching up but it takes expensive research and development to remain competitive
12:43 am
the car industry is at a crossroads p.s.a. of chrysler hope the alliance will help them humble in a certain due to rain the park al-jazeera london and so for me the team here in london now is back to do. well we are now about 5 hours into the final debate over whether to impeach the president of the united states let's take a listen to some of the arguments that are made from both sides. those who vote against impeachment are not just endorsing president trump's past actions but its future ones as well democrats have delivered 2 week articles of impeachment abuse of power not according to the ukraine president selenski confirm many times that there was no quid pro quo no action taken and significant military aid was
12:44 am
delivered without anything in return this go this day is about one thing and one thing only they hate this president they hate those of us who voted for him they think we're stupid they think we made a mistake they think hillary clinton should be the president and they want to fix that speaker i would remind the gentleman that if the president is president trump is impeached and removed the new president will be mike pence not hillary clinton. castro joins us now live from capitol hill in washington d.c. where that debate is currently ongoing and taking place we've been hearing these impassioned arguments but ultimately it's been the same narrative that we've been hearing all along from both sides isn't it. that's right and the partisan arguments have fallen along exactly what we expect we've seen this already replayed multiple times of their last 2 months of the impeachment inquiry but i want to point out what the sole independent in the house of representatives has just said justin
12:45 am
amash who is the only non the only member of the house who was not republican or democrat he just said that he is going to vote to impeach the president he said that this behavior this misconduct by trump is the very misconduct that the framers had envisioned to be remedied by an impeachment so words there from the sole independent voice in this chamber of congress now republicans of course have been vociferous in their defense of the president saying that this is all up hardison impeachment that democrats have been trying to remove trump from office since the day that he took this oath it's notable you just played that sound bite where navl or gerry now lawyer corrected republicans who are accusing democrats of wanting to install hillary clinton as president well obviously that's not going to happen even if trump were removed which is unlikely at this point given the political makeup of
12:46 am
the senate it wouldn't be clinton who replaces him but the vice president mike pence but all of this is building up really to the vote that will end this day of debates which is that historic vote that is expected to impeach president trump on those 2 articles of impeachment abuse of power and obstruction of congress course both of those charges stemming from what democrats say is the truth is trying to shake down. ukraine in a bribery scheme to get investigations into his political rivals in the u.s. now see palosi speaker of the house top democrat there called this a somber occasion she said that the president gave congress no choice but to act because he is an ongoing threat to national security heidi these debates were supposed to take about 6 hours or 3 hours for either side is this all taking longer than expected it's been hours now. yeah it's 6 hours
12:47 am
when those arguments are being made so the clock stops between each speaker which is why if feels like it is much longer than 6 hours in real life it certainly is but the indication is that by around 7 pm local time in washington in just a few more hours time that is when this historic vote is expected and again it is very likely to be down partisan lines with democrats having the numbers to easily pass this impeachment of trouble then that sets up for january when all of this moves to the senate side of congress with its very different political makeup the president's own party the republicans holding the majority there the u.s. constitution offers very few parameters really to how to hold an impeachment trial because it's happened so rarely in u.s. history but what we do know is that the chief justice of the u.s. supreme court he will also be the judge for this impeachment trial and that the
12:48 am
jurors who will decide president trump's fate whether or not he remains in office will be the very senators themselves and that's why the fact that republicans hold the majority in the senate is so important in determining trump's fate of fate in fact the constitution requires 2 thirds of senators to vote to convict the president and remove him from office now the democrats have said that they want to call more witnesses during the impeachment trial before the senate they're looking particularly at trump's very top aides individuals who have been stopped from testifying in the impeachment inquiry phase of all of this because the white house has not want to cooperate with investigators well democrats in the senate say that these individuals who include trump's right hand man he's acting chief of staff as well as his former national security adviser that the american people goes the
12:49 am
argument of the die. that they deserve to hear what these individuals have to say particularly how they would answer the question of intent what was the president's motives when he withheld security aid to ukraine was it a corrupt motive as democrats say in order to get political dirt on his political rival or was it because he wanted to encourage ukraine to combat corruption as republicans have argued right now we simply don't know because those individuals have been barred from speaking publicly from testifying in a hearing setting and democrats hope that a trial will finally get that information into the light of day however it's unlikely that we ever will see that information because republicans will again have the majority in the senate they have say over what these trial rules will be and the top republican mitch mcconnell in the senate has already said he does not want
12:50 am
to call any witnesses in the trial he wants to make this as quick as possible and in full court of nation with the white house indeed and we've been hearing that from the gramm as well will be will be bringing you all the action from capitol hill by heidi castro is right now as it happens thank you heidi. well unsurprisingly as is this way the president has been tweeting throughout the debate insisting that he's done nothing wrong about 4 hours ago he said and as you can see the and all caps such atrocious lies by the radical left do nothing democrats this is an assault on america and an assault on the republican party well let's remind you how we got here how do you call handbooks of the case for and against removing trump from office. it all began to unravel when the us president picked up his phone in july a call to the president of ukraine what was said anough for a whistleblower to file a complaint that made it to congress the allegation was that trump was holding
12:51 am
hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid meant for ukraine which was fighting off russian aggression intil the ukrainian president promised to investigate trump's potential political rival former u.s. vice president joe biden and his son hunter who had worked in ukraine in damage control mode the white house released notes from the call it did more damage because as the notes point out as the ukrainian president is promising to buy more u.s. missiles trump responds i would like you to do us a favor though he goes on to ask for investigations into a debunked conspiracy theory about the election and later brings up the biden's the president must be held accountable no one is above the law that's when democrats announced an impeachment inquiry would begin the white house refused to cooperate but several career diplomats came forward anyway they testified under oath that it all really happened colonel alexander vin min listen to the call and later reported
12:52 am
it to white house lawyers it was improper for the president of the united states to demand a foreign government investigate a u.s. citizen and a political opponent the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine testified that she was removed from her position because she wanted to fight corruption so the president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani pushed to get her removed and our anti-corruption efforts got in the way of a desire for profit or power ukrainians who prefer to play by the old corrupt rules sought to remove me what continues to amaze me is that they found americans willing to partner with them and working together they apparently succeeded in orchestrating the removal of a u.s. ambassador. others described a small group of people chosen by the president as running a kind of shadow back channel u.s. policy in ukraine missed it became clear to me that giuliani's efforts to gin up politically motivated investigations were now infecting u.s. engagement with ukraine leveraging president selenski desire for
12:53 am
a white house meeting to withhold that systems for no good reason other than help with the political campaign made no sense it was it was counterproductive to all of what we had been trying to do. it was illogical it could not be explained it was crazy trumped meeting was going to happen and then came the surprising testimony from ambassador gordon sunland who changed his testimony from what he 1st told congress was there a quid pro quo as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting the answer is yes someone was a donor to the president's inauguration rewarded with an ambassadorship to the european union and he was center to the plot and he said that everyone was in a suggestion that we were engaged in some irregular or rogue diplomacy is absolutely false the leadership of the state department the national security
12:54 am
council and the white house were all informed about the ukraine efforts and another state department official testified he heard some learned on the phone with the president during the luncheon baster silane said he was going to call president trump to give an update master stalin placed a call on his mobile phone i heard of announce himself several times along the lines of courting song and holding for the president i've entered president from ask so he's going to do the investigation master song replied that he's going to do it adding that president selenski will do anything you ask him to do. with that democrats say they've made the case for 2 counts of impeachment one for abuse of power the 2nd for obstruction of congress voted the vote out of the committee and split down party lines with republicans launching very defenses 2 key facts have not changed that are critical to these impeachment proceedings one ukraine in fact received the aid and 2 there was no investigation into the bidens i have never in
12:55 am
my entire life seen such an unfair rigged railroad job against the president of the united states and through the president remained defiant it's a witch hunt it's a sham it's a hoax a slight majority of americans polled actually support impeachment and removal but not by much and as of now the vote is expected to be partisan which would leave trump in office that could change of public opinion does during the trial setting up a high stakes gamble that will impact the president the country and the world. al-jazeera washington while that historic impeachment vote as expected in the next few hours and when our getting reports that donald trump has just left the white house from battle creek in michigan which is a swing state which he won but he has that to rally his supporters and he will be
12:56 am
making a speech there a little bit later on but as he left the white house he made no comment to reporters while back at capitol hill the house democrats who led the impeachment hearings against donald trump says that republicans will regret their choice to quote protect the president. we have found incontrovertibly evidence that president trump abused his power by pressuring the newly elected president of ukraine to announce an investigation into president trump's political rival joe biden with the hopes of defeating mr biden in the 2020 presidential election and enhancing his own prospects for reelection many my colleagues appeared to have made their choice to protect the president to enable him to be above the law to empower this president to cheat again as long as it is in the service of their party and their power they've made their choice despite this president in the white house stonewalling
12:57 am
every subpoena every request for witnesses and testimony from this co-equal co-equal branch of government they have made their choice and i believe they will rue the day that they did. well let's return now to the live debates that's currently ongoing in the house of representatives and that debate will continue for another couple of hours ahead of that vote later on this evening let's take a listen and some of the arguments being made and the legacy i intend to pass on to my grandchildren my vote today is rooted in protecting their future the underpinnings for impeachment are real and historic trump has provided the rule of law abused its power and engaged in a cover up no amount of misdirection lies just information can terms and cries of victimization by trump and others can undo the abuse of power and obstruction of
12:58 am
congress that remain clear and present the president leaves us no choice but to vote to impeach so that we can protect our democracy and correct the damage that's already done i will vote in favor of impeachment of donald trump not as a part of say that but it's a serious urge that a necessary one and now you're back gentleman from georgia thank you one minute to the jump from texas mr brady generous recognize for one minute. 21 years ago this week i spoke here on impeachment in this sadly history will not treat democrats well they'll be forever remembered as the senator joe mccarthy's of our time so blinded by their hatred of president trump they abandoned american rights of due process and fairness and just decency reminiscent of joe mccarthy they assaulted the constitution took the lead in secret hearings blocked evidence and switched charges microbe prosecutors alternately they chose abuse of power because they
12:59 am
practice it so well president trump committed no crime or impeachable offense none his legacy won't be stained democrats will will look back at these days inside in shame because trump haters in congress like red red haters of the past are willing to plunge america into darkness for raw political gain this impeachment betrays the nation the constitution in the american people i vote no. gentleman yells back gentleman from california and a speaker came as the general from texas mr docket for one minute gentleman is recognized for one minute. cure and he rarely appears full born it arises it encroaches as freedom ebbs our nation's great founders sought to protect us from tyranny with its carefully crafted system of checks and balances but now along comes
1:00 am
a president who actually says he's constitutionally empowered to do whatever he wants that he can either be prosecuted or even investigated for any crime and that he can totally ignore any apiece but proceeding of which he disapproves these. how ominous of a fraud i'm in doha with extended coverage of the impeachment against the us president donald trump is $22.00 g.m.t. that's 5 pm in washington d.c. and we're now 5 alice and to the final debate of of whether to impeach the president of the united states so democrats and republicans in the house of representatives and making their case about whether donald trump violated the constitution trump is facing 2 articles of impeachment he's accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it and to investigate and has political rival he's also
1:01 am
charged with stalling one of the investigation by congress the democrat controlled house is expected to make trump the 3rd president to be impeached and.


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