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donald trump is impeached he will face a trial in the senate after the democrat controlled house of representatives indicted him on 2 charges december 18th. a great day for the constitution of the united states. fighting talk from the president he attacks these political rivals at a campaign rally. grazie nancy pelosi says house democrats. have cried. with any shame and it really is it's a disgrace. this is al jazeera live though. judges delivered guilty verdicts for dozens accused of
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plotting the philippines worst political mass murder. a weeklong emergencies to quit in australia's biggest stages record heat bites the bush battles even hotter. the 45th president of the united states donald trump has been impeached members of the house voted mostly along partisan lines and formally charged him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress trumps accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it into investigating he's democratic political rival joe biden the case will now go to a republican controlled senate for a trial next month. a great day to the constitution of the united states a sad one for america that the president's reckless activities the cessna tape of
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our having to introduce articles of impeachment. and so i do this this day this fall as something that we did to honor the vision of our founders to establish a republic the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform to defend our democracy and that republic and the aspirations of our children that they will always live in a democracy and that we have tried to do everything we can to make sure what that is their reality. explains how politicians in washington are deeply divided over this issue. it's been 2 months of this impeachment inquiry but really it's been 2 plus years of this partisan big tree all that's all climax at these historic growth that we just saw which formally impeach is president trump and we saw that these votes on the 2 articles of impeachment unfold almost clearly and
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soley along partisan lines all but 4 democrats in the house of representatives voting to approve the the impeachment of trump there was one independent who sided with those democrats in approving the articles and then every single one of the republican members in the house voted against the impeachment not a surprise at all given all the partisan arguments that we've seen unfold today as well as through these last few weeks and those arguments have been pretty much the same a repetition republican saying that this entire impeachment process is illegitimate that democrats are pursuing it out of partisan distaste for trump and for his policies while democrats are framing this in historic terms saying that the founders of this country had envisioned using this tool of impeachment to hold those who who occupy the highest offices in the land to account when they be trade
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their country in their same donald trump did that when he requested that ukraine interfere with the upcoming presidential elections or donald trump says the impeachment was nothing short of an attempt to try. to prevent action. grazie then she follows shoes house them. with any journal of market share and it really is it's a disgrace. you are the ones interfering in america's elections you are the one subverting america's democracy we did nothing wrong nothing whatsoever this is really just an excuse. you are the 100 struck the just. you are the ones bringing pain and suffering to our republic for your own selfish personal political and partisan gain john hendren brings us more now from the trump
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rally citizens. the president was clearly energized by this impeachment process and by the crowd that was here in battle creek michigan spoke for by my count a little 102 howard hannity's the amount of the 3rd term that according to his prepared remarks anyway about a 3rd of that was on impeachment and you heard the quote earlier where he said the democrats have branded themselves with a mark of shame he said they are the ones who are endangering democracy and he gets energized by these crowds and he continues on even when a little more than 30 minutes longer than he was expected to speak and he was received in the worst newsy absolutely this was a crowd of many thousands and by one count about 18000 some of them were waiting outside along with a very small number of protesters but the president was not at all now he offered no apologies there was no mayans and he made it clear that he's going to seek
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reelection in 2022 minute do that he needs the help of states mind michigan michigan is one of those states the swing states 3 won by a very narrow margin no republican in done that since george herbert walker bush in 1988 and trump won with 47.3 percent of the vote to hillary clinton's 47 percent of the vote and about 50000 votes and that is about the number who vote right here in this county so he's in one of those places that he needs to win in 2020 inclined to look at the ground that is here you certainly got a lot of supporters here. now the impeachment vote time following more than 8 hours of divisive debate in the democratic controlled house of representatives she had as well from washington d.c. the result was never in doubt don't trump is the u.s. president in history to be impeached article one is adopted. article 2
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is adopted i mean research gentleman from new york over several hours the democrats repeated arguments that have now become very familiar the president needs to be held to account many speaker the house of representatives has now considered 2 articles of impeachment against president trump the 1st article charges that the president used his public office to coerce a foreign government into attacking his political rival. the 2nd article charges that the president took extreme in unprecedented steps to obstruct our investigation into his condo taken together the 2 articles charge that president trump placed his private political interests above our national security above our elections and above our system of checks and balances what we're discussing today is the established fact that the president violated the constitution is a matter of fact that the president is an ongoing threat to our national security
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and the integrity of our elections the basis of our democracy a central charge against the president is that he was demanding the ukrainian government announce an investigation into joe biden and his son hunter in return for an official white house visit with a tree any over the republicans argue that the democrats have failed conclusively to prove that case they say president trump was right to be concerned about corruption in ukraine in addition they argue that home to biden's position on the board of the ukrainian energy company while his father was taking the lead in ukrainian policy as vice president does warrant further examination and they argue that impeachment is simply the attempt to overturn the results of a 2016 election we on the republican side have no problem taking our case to the majority and to the people of this country because they elected donald trump and it is a matter for the voters not this not in this way not in the way this is being done it is trampled everything this house believes in our democrat colleagues have weaponized the impeachment provision of the constitution to nullify the votes of
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63000000 americans who elected president donald j. trump this is not about a phone call or your crane or even his use of the executive privilege you have to remember that 95 of the democrats on this floor today voted to impeach donald trump before the july 25th phone call ever happened between president trump and president selenski. a trial is expected to be held in the senate in january the republican leadership is hoping for a relatively quick process of perhaps 2 weeks the president is almost certain to be acquitted the polls suggest the u.s. public is evenly split old impeachment in fact don't trust approval ratings have increased since impeachment proceedings began in the autumn she had her town see al-jazeera washington building i spoke to michael for droid who's an associate professor of political science at how would you know versity he thinks the impeachment will cost a shadow on trump's reelection campaign each president his face with significant opposition that in some of the most virulent of those opponents would
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call for impeachment but nobody really takes that to be particularly serious but with president trump we have a completely different ballgame so to speak and his actions throughout his presidency and most particularly as those included in the articles of impeachment well while not it inevitable and certainly not surprise he might be acquitted and quite frankly i think it's going to be very difficult to get 20 republicans to cross over and vote with the democrats you have to have 67 votes and 100 see senate 2 thirds majority to remove someone who's been impeached and quite frankly that's not likely to happen but the reality is though that. it will certainly send a message but more importantly it is going to have a significant impact on president trump's reelection campaign he is conducting themselves as if this doesn't matter politically but it does and it will be
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a cloud over him is going to make it more difficult for him to wear when reelection even if this assuming of course that the senate does go to a quick. a philip in court has found top members of a political clan guilty on multiple counts of murder over a mass killing in 2958 people many of them journalists were killed when a convoy of vehicles was attacked in the southern province of maguindanao around $100.00 people have been on trial over the massacre many of them linked to a politically powerful family in the province the mass killing was the single deadliest event for journalists in history john could erode joins us now on the phone line from manila john this is an incredibly significant trial involving a very powerful family people associated with them there is gone now for 10 years take us through what's happened. and.
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and. well. there were clearly having problems there without law i would try to get back to that in a moment we'll take a break those still ahead on al-jazeera muslim leaders from around the world confront the challenges facing their community. and a deal between 2 car companies to form the world's 4th largest organ bank you but there are doubts some brands will survive. how the weather's desperately trying to quieten down across the middle east we've had some very heavy rain flooding rains falls on the west weather now in the process of pulling across iran towards afghanistan towards pakistan brought the skies will gradually come back in behind so there's that cloud then as we go on
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through thursday temperatures just about getting up to 26 celsius in karachi father will couple tops off at around 10 degrees in a couple agrees longer than that for tara he's out of the med lousy fought and dry as we go through thursday it's going to friday again more sunshine and by rate is around 20 degrees celsius come further south into the robin peninsula a lot of dry weather and some side eventually pushing through but it's going to be quite breezy somaly way in setting against a 22 celsius here in doha possibility of lifting dust and sand the wetter weather nap pulling away easing out of iran and pushing its way further east which as we go on into friday as you see lottie settle and sunny people cloud just coming back in sioux city must see want to see showers just rolling in here over the next couple days are certainly something to watch out for showers continuing into northern parts of madagascar 2 northern areas of maize and bake pushing up into tanzania but to the south of that it's not a fine and sunny. weather sponsored by countdown anyone.
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are you out on the street. whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every layer further into the jail or if you join us on entering has to start. again you're in detention or your own car this is a dialogue everyone has a price ok there are studies that support. i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation amount is iraq. but you're watching al-jazeera here's
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a reminder of our top stories. the 44th president of the united states donald trump has been impeached members of the house formally charged with abuse of power and obstruction of congress a trial in the senate is expected next month. called those impeachment proceedings an attempted truth who says it's a desperate if it bothered democrats to win the 2020. court has found top members of a political class and guilty on multiple counts of murder for a mass killing in 2950 people many of them journalists were killed when a convoy of vehicles was attacked in the southern province of maguindanao around 100 people have been on trial for the massacre. muslim leaders are meeting in the malaysian capital to tackle the biggest issues facing the islamic world regional and ethnic conflicts like those in syria and kashmir are on the agenda delegates were also world to combat islamophobia the turkish and iranian president's qatar's
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of mia the malaysian prime minister speaking at the summit let's go live to muhammad vaal in kuala lumpur and we've just been watching the martin mohamad is speaking now take us through what are some of the key issues that are being discussed him bob. right the prime minister of malaysia mahathir mohamad in his speech. he said basically that we are here to try to look at the issues they're pressing issues that facing the are that are facing the islamic and it is time for us to do something the problem of so the turkish president that has played out and said in his speech later is implementation or the leaders the 4 leaders at this summit agree that this time around we have to only think about things that we can achieve at the moment we can start small there is no problem it is not necessary for all of the countries to meet in one place if they can't implement anything and if they continue to talk and talk and not act this
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time around even if it is a small number of countries we have to look at the issues we have to try to understand what want wrong with that muslim world is it a problem with islam is it a problem with muslims and why this fragmentation continuous. iranian president hassan rouhani also spoke and he and he talked about the same issues you talked about fragmentation sectarianism and the need to go beyond these problems that tough kept the islamic world backwards or leaders some of them at least refer to their world war 2 that's the turkish president who said why the european countries were able to get out of the rise from the ashes of the of world war 2 but we. in the islamic world we can't supersede the problems and we can't get rid of the issues that are keeping us keeping us in backwardness and in in problems so i mean it's a meeting not to not to necessarily to find solutions as i said but to try to
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pinpoint the problems and at least to act upon some of these problems little by little to take issues to a further stage malaysian prime minister in his speech said we have a few thieu i think that were announced at the end of the summit. and that to me is they are trying to be realistic in the view of analysts to be realistic about what this summit can achieve but at the same time they think it is a very strong beginning a new approach to muslim problems but relies on action and on development individual countries on solidarity and exchange of ideas and not just on big meetings and big talk just on mapping a path forward i was really interested in something that the mirror of cut had to say he spoke about the economy about diversity about opening up to the world and he also spoke about what he saw as a lack of confidence in parts of the islamic world and that confident lack of
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confidence breeds extremism talk us through what he had to say. right the emir of qatar focused on the question of development and that's something shared by the other leaders here the theme remember the theme of this summit is development the role of development in achieving national sovereignty so the leaders agree all of them that we have not to wait not to wait any longer for the possibility to resolve pressing issues like wars like displacement like conflicts with the aggression from from without against other countries we have to do something and start from the ground upwards and that to me is focused on development focus on solidarity focus on resolving the issues the issues that. the islamic world and not only be. not base our action on you know trying to resolve things when they arise we have to take
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a long approach these are just the basis of what the emir of qatar has been trying to explain. of course the organization of islamic cooperation and there have been some concerns expressed that perhaps this meeting may try to supersede that news been some criticism of the oh i see hasn't he at this summit so how does this compere and potentially challenge something like the oh i see. you know during the last few days there's been a lot of analysis about this article stalking analysts talking about the fact that this summit is going to try to create a new bloc and it is going to try to supersede the y.c. and we have see the reaction of saudi arabia putting pressure on many countries including indonesia including pakistan not to attend the summit and lead to the leaders of those 2 countries canceling their you know initial agreement to attend
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the summit one of the prime minister of malaysia of source said in his speech but we have. all muslim countries to this to this summit on one of these papers today malaysian newspaper said that actually the leaders of some 57 countries have been invited but the tremendous pressure put by saudi arabia on those leaders have led to only more 3 aside from malaysia attending this summit this shows that it's the deep rift within the islamic world of this summit and saudi arabia being very much concerned that this could this could lead to a replacement of the oh i see an organization that for decades has been dominated by saudi arabia mohamed thank you mamma vall joining us live there from kuala lumpur. bolivia's attorney general has ordered the arrest of former president morales on charges of sedition and terrorism morale has resigned of lift in november after protests and allegations of irregularities in the presidential
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election he fled to mexico but has since flown to argentina where he's been granted asylum he says the protests which forced him from office after nearly 14 years of a right wing crew. she. wants to return to believe the. former bolivian president. may be in self-imposed exile in argentina but not for long if he has anything to say about it and that seems to explain why rush to war against him not so much to put him in prison but rather to keep him from returning home with alice is still seen by his opponents as the biggest threat to stability ahead of new elections the date for which has still not been set he's being accused of stirring up unrest and encouraging supporters to set up roadblocks to cut off supplies of food and fuel to the capital ever since he left the country just a few days ago interim president and warned that if we try to return he would have
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to face trial for terrorism and. 24 hours before the actual arrest warrant. i should be allowed to go back to believe i'm not a presidential candidate nor will i be in these elections enough of this political persecution what alice was named campaign manager for his party's candidate whoever it may be at 1st it was presumed that this would be from the far but now he is challenging all attempts to keep him. home to his party in the campaign and if he succeeds that will almost certainly. violence in bolivia. lebanon's former prime minister has announced for the 2nd time that he does not want to lead a new government saad hariri resigned in october after weeks of government demonstrations on monday the president planned to hold consultations with political
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parties to decide on the new prime minister but that's been postponed until thursday people have been voicing their anger against corruption and sick tyrian politics governing the country for decades at least 23 civilians have been killed in the latest round of russian attacks on rebel held areas in northwestern syria shelling it is province have escalated in recent weeks president assad's government appears to be preparing for a ground offensive to secure the main highway linking the capital damascus with the northern city of aleppo diplomatic. is at the united nations he says there are new door now divisions in the security council for how to move forward on syria. for the last 6 years the u.n. security council has authorized humanitarian aid going into syria from iraq jordan and turkey the u.n. says this authorization is vital because it's the only way to get that date into
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opposition controlled areas every year this needs to be renewed with a new security council resolution but behind the scenes there is a route russia says the situation has changed and it's looking like russia might use its veto there is a mission is not is not the one the flexner that image this is but the more they were given we should we have to recognize that things are changing the british ambassador was listening to that and quickly responded things aren't changing because these resolutions have been going down year after year say i think that's point one point to anything there then for crossings and 12 commands is a vote for saving lives it's not yet clear when the vote will take place but if russia blocks the resolution it will be the 14th time that russia has used its veto since the syrian war began one years ago. a state of emergency has
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been declared in new south wales with extreme heat and strong winds expected to dozens of. 100 blazes across most populous states more than half are out of control temperatures are expected to exceed 40 degrees celsius over the coming days and residents have been warned to study a list the state's capital city has been blanketed by has of the smoke from the fall as for several months now protesters are calling for stronger action on climate change just to washington is that those demonstrations. outside the prime minister's residence in sydney this group of young protesters has gathered they say that the government isn't taking what they're calling a climate emergency seriously and although there's a festival atmosphere here with music and games they say their message is serious the prime minister himself isn't here to hear their message he's on holiday but as we speak bush fires are burning across with at least 100 fires burning in most
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populous state of new south wales. bushfires across the country there are heat waves across the country and they're not doing anything about it so it's terrifying as both a doctor and a member of the community waking up to a city blanketed in smart knowing that i'm going to go to work to an emergency department that's already overrun. outside of this crisis and efficient process and then knowing that we're going to have more people turning up in a smoky haze has hung over sydney for months now and the 7 day state of emergency is now in place authorities say heat wave conditions could exacerbate the situation and there are concerns a fire burning to the north of the state could join up with a fire burning further south and that could create one mega blaze which will be difficult for authorities. to the world's leading to joining forces in a deal which is set to reshape. the industry fear. on a p.s.a.
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have reached a deal to help them cope with big changes in the auto industry need back as more from london. as a new driving force in the auto industry italian american company feat chrysler and french firm p.s.a. the maker of persia used to be rivals but after months of talks every greed on a $50000000000.00 merger the firm is expected to produce 8700000 vehicles a year making it the world's 4th largest automaker head of ford and general motors . p.s.a. boss carlos to virus will become the new chief executive of the firm the newly combined company will have 14 different makes a vehicle including persian citron. and cheap but given the large number of overlapping brands the overall downturn in global sales is the cost of researching and developing electric and driverless cars there's a risk some of these brands won't survive. p.s.a.
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and chrysler aiming for annual cost savings of $4000000000.00 by combining technology the companies say there are no plans to close packed trees but britain's biggest union is already seeking guarantees for the brand and analysts say jobs could be at risk the numbers from the have a significant learning curve if you like in terms of cutting their emissions and investing in electric vehicles a meeting climate. while at the same time only making savings of 3700000000 euros they're going to need to know for a lot more investment to address those challenges the entire industry is steering rapidly away from fossil fuels car makers such as tesla have been leading the pack with a new generation of affordable electric vehicles other big name brands are quickly catching up but it takes expensive research and development to remain competitive
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the car industry is at a crossroads p.s.a. of chrysler will help them. to rein. this is al jazeera these are the top stories the u.s. president has been impeached members of the house formally charged with abuse of power and obstruction of congress a trial in the senate is expected next month. a great day for the constitution. a sad one for america that the president's reckless. having. something. to. vision that backed down.
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sacrifice of our men and women in uniform to defend our democracy and that it. and the aspirations of our children that they will hold for democracy and that we have tried to do everything we can can make sure. that. well trump is calling those impeachment proceedings an attempt to true he says it's a desperate effort by the democrats to win the 2020 alexion but you are the ones interfering in america's elections you are the one subverting america's democracy we did nothing wrong nothing whatsoever this is just an excuse. you are the ones obstructing justice. you have the monster bringing suffering to our republic for your own selfish personal political and partisan. philippines' top court has failed members of a powerful political family and their associates guilty of multiple counts of
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murder for a mass killing in 2958 people many of them journalists were killed when a convoy of vehicles because the tact in the southern province of maguindanao around $100.00 people have been on trial believe is attorney general has ordered the arrest of former president of a morale is on charges of sedition and terrorism has resigned and left believe in november after protests and allegations of irregularities in the presidential election he fled to mexico but it's since flown to argentina where he's been granted asylum those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera right after the string. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home i'll just bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera.
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welcome to the stream and 7 today we are joined by the award winning poet and playwright to say he's also author of a beautiful war memoir my name is why i'm only going to talk about the challenges of rediscovering his past as well as his art and inspirations join today's conversation through twitter and you too. lamsa say as one of the u.k.'s most celebrated writers and has brought south from poetry into fields as diverse as ball costing his work has been recognized with dr know where they.


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