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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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protesters rounded up and mobile services caught as india's government tries to prevent more demonstrations against a new citizenship law. hello there i'm julie with donald this is long live from doha also coming up. the president must not be allowed to become. the u.s. house of representatives voted to impeach president donald trump he now faces a trial in the republican controlled senate. a guilty verdict in the philippines for those behind the massacre of 58 people 10 years ago. to heat records broken in just 2 days in a strictly as state of emergency has been declared for fires burning in the east.
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hello there good to have your company police in india have detained hundreds across several cities for defying a ban on protests the government is trying to stop mass demonstrations against this new citizenship law about a 1000 people have been rounded up in the capital well the legislation has provoked anger because it offers a path to citizenship for persecuted minorities from 3 neighboring countries but it scoots muslims will phone companies say they've suspended internet and mobile services in parts of new delhi following a government order many trade and metro stations are also close but opponents of the all called for a day of action and there have been large rallies and additional arrests in multiple cities across the country also they were aman is in new delhi and joins us live hi there so so we've seen
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a day of action people still taking to the streets and then being arrested a couple of questions for you what happens then and is this going to be the government strategy going forward. yes i think the security services have had a different strategy a different states overall what's actually been applied so far is something called section 1041 full force the penal code which stops assembly of more than 4 people or stops the assembly of people in designated areas so using the law the police across the country have either stopped halted or demonstrations what they did in delhi was they allowed the demonstrators to get to direct for the allow them to go through the barriers in single file and no sooner had they got through those barriers that they were all loaded up on 2 coaches arrested there and then shipped out no we thought they were going to begin to be taken to police stations across
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the city but no the security services most probably with the regional government as well decided that what they were going to do was take these coaches to defer this most point of the cities of border and leave these people let them get off the coach and dump them there basically add to that no internet connection which you just mentioned no media and the phone lines being cut as well these individuals who are party civil society the politicians students couldn't connect with each other couldn't communicate with each other so they didn't know what the next stage would be what the police have done is they've done that in several locations across the capital that's been replicated across the country. well students of course have been at the frontline of these protests against this new citizenship law and there have been often violent confrontations with place on university campuses sabina stressed that brings us this report from one of those
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universities in which is new to pradesh. outside the muslim university in india's northern state of with their predation there is a constant police presence on monday university authorities here declared a holiday in the middle of exams and sunday police joined the campus grounds students were protesting against the controversial new citizenship law that allows religious minorities from neighboring countries to apply for indian citizenship the legislation specifically excludes muslims really any minister but i missed almost or anybody you talk to that muslims are excluded then it's really it will create fear among the people i'm going to visit of psychology i know then borders on the field. students say police barged into their dormitories hit them and found a lies property the police fire tear gas and rubber bullets a sweeper told us that some 30 trucks cleaned up the campus before 7 am some
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students showed us pictures of their injuries they say the police have filed cases against them and some of them are detained and tortured in custody we all feel there was a small bomb like thing that came towards me when i picked it up to throw it back it exploded in my hand other students was stripped naked be done and forced to drink alcohol the students say they still don't know where some of their friends are it's that has been. most of the students from out of the city have already been sent back home in buses the remaining students some of whom we have talked to say that they have been warned but again the guards who want to talk to media unless they want to be suspended. we reached out to the campus authorities. with the orders to shoot and having a really high value was through. the. load to make good what
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is heard in a democratic manner in a peaceful manner there's no question of this that and it's resolved but more to talk with we were not given permission to shoot at the university we found this small group of students protesting at the main gate parties are complaining that we are protesting in an undemocratic beat because this beat you can make us white you can download is not only said before long the campus authorities along with the police told us that we could no longer talk to the students to be distressed or others there with their petition india. now in a vote split the party lines much like it's divided the nation u.s. house of representatives has impeached president donald trump democratic party controlled house charged with abusing his power as well as obstructing congress in its investigation those 2 articles of impeachment now go to the republican
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controlled senate for trial however house speaker nancy pelosi has thrown on sarrasin see into these next steps by refusing to say when she'll send those articles. we know what we want make our decision as to when was and when we see what they're feeling on the senate side but that's a decision that we will make jointly yes. i'm not heard. that would have been our intention but we'll see what happens over there so i said we're gonna send it tonight because it's difficult to determine who the managers will be until we see the arena in which we will be protests attaining. she had her town say reports now on the 8 hours of highly charged debate and the vote the result was never in doubt don't trump is the 3rd u.s. president in history to be impeached article one is adopting. article 2
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is adopted by many research gentleman from new york over several hours the democrats' repeated arguments that have now become very familiar the president needs to be held to account many speaker the house of representatives has now considered 2 articles of impeachment against president trump the 1st article charges that the president used his public office to coerce a foreign government into attacking his political rival. the 2nd article charges that the president took extreme in unprecedented steps to obstruct our investigation into his kind of taken together the 2 articles charge that president trump placed his private political interests above our national security above our elections and above our system of checks and balances what we are discussing today is the established fact that the president violated the constitution is a matter of fact that the president is an ongoing threat to our national security
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and the integrity of our elections the basis of our democracy a central charge against the president is that he was demanding the ukrainian government announce an investigation into joe biden and his son hunter in return for an official white house visit to the tree a over the republicans argue that the democrats have failed conclusively to prove that case they say president trump was right to be concerned about corruption in ukraine in addition they argue that home to biden's position on the board of a ukrainian energy company while his father was taking the lead in ukrainian policy as a vice president does warrant further examination and they argue that impeachment is simply the attempt to overturn the results of a 2016 election we on the republican side have no problem taking our case to the majority and to the people of this country because they elected donald trump and it is a matter for the voters not this not in this way not in the way this is being done it is trampled everything this house believes in our democrat colleagues have
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weaponized the impeachment provision of the constitution to nullify the votes of 63000000 americans who elected president donald j. trump this is not about a phone call or your crane or even his use of the executive privilege you have to remember that 95 of the democrats on this floor today voted to impeach donald trump before the july 25th phone call ever happened between president trump and president selenski a trial is expected to be held in the senate in january the republican leadership is hoping for a relatively quick process of perhaps 2 weeks the president is almost certain to be acquitted the polls suggest the u.s. public is evenly split on impeachment in fact don't terms approval ratings have increased since impeachment proceedings began in the autumn she ever attends the al-jazeera washington. well as all of that played out in washington don't chant was rallying supporters in a city aptly called battle creek he slammed democrats impeachment efforts ask quote illegal and a disgrace and pointed out have as a full townsell be convicted and removed from office by the senate john hendren was
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at the rally. the battle was joined in battle creek. president trump's 1st reaction to impeachment came in one of the key states he needs to win again in 2020 and it was predictably trumpy in outright defiance this lawless hard assume page is a political suicide march for the democratic party have you seen my polls of the last 4 weeks about a 3rd of his prepared speech focused on impeachment it was a split screen moment as the house voted along party lines to impeach trump he was standing on stage in battle creek i think we have a vote coming in so we got every single republican voted for us was. he spoke in a county he won in 2016 in a state he won by the narrowest presidential victory in michigan history we're here
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when the presence and you got to win the close states and michigan shapes up to be close again trump won michigan largely on the strength of the votes of working class white voters in places like here in rural western michigan where some who once built american cars. now dismantle them it remains a region divided guys let's let's try to have a civil conversation this was the reaction to a local congresswoman announcing her support for impeaching trump i may be voting yes on obstruction of congress there's a small group of protesters outside but despite the impeachment vote the founding of the moment is the way with the people inside this arena the with donald trump and you. no rob. i don't care what happened. so this is the president vowed not to surrender through the i like through their.
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deprived actions said a crazy nancy pelosi says house democrats are erm have branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame and it really is it's a disgrace. with a republican controlled senate unlikely to remove him trumps fate will likely be decided in the november election in places like this john hendren al jazeera battle creek michigan. i had in the. tail not care what the lebanese next prime minister after a major party declines to put forward an emmy nomination. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast while here across north asia things are looking too bad in terms of the clouds but we are dealing with some
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very cold air coming in from north eastern china as well as eastern russia temporize for vladivostok minus 8 degrees there pyongyang bias too but over here towards tokyo expect to see a temptress coming down as we enter into the weekend seeing a combination of rain here on friday 15 degrees for you there but dropping down to about 9 by the time we get towards saturday sendai a little bit colder there at 6 degrees down towards the south though it is going to be a messy situation for a saka with some rain coming into your forecast by the end of the day well speaking of rain here across china do expect to see a lot more rain increasing as we go into the weekend we did see some rain for shanghai but in cross much of the central areas that rain is really going to be expanding we do think it could be between anywhere between 50 and possibly 70 millimeters of rain or as we go towards saturday as well hong kong not looking too bad for you a little bit cooler with a temperature of $22.00 degrees and then across the southern part of the philippines it is going to be increasing rain due to a developing tropical system coming in off the pacific we're going to be seeing
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your rain shows increasing here on friday and by the time we get to saturday expect to see that very heavy rain and possible flooding as well.
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you are watching al-jazeera remind of our top stories this hour police in india have detained 100 soon defied a ban on protests against a new citizenship law internet mobile services have been growing in parts of the capital in new delhi the new law offers a path to citizenship for persecuted minorities from neighboring countries but it excludes muslims. u.s. president donald trump's been impeached members of the house formally charged him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress will now face a senate trial next month. trump was called the impeachment proceedings an attempted coup he said it's a desperate effort by the democrats to win the 2020 election trumps accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it into investigating his political rival joe biden. if a court has found top members of
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a political guilty on multiple counts of murder over a mass killing in 2958 people 32 of them journalists were shot dead when their convoy was attacked in the southern province of mcginn denies victoria gate and explains. the accused dressed in yet a prison plates was sitting in the back of the supreme court in manila as the guilty verdicts were read out by the club they are hereby convicted and sentenced to suffer the penalty of imprisonment a 1000 kilometers south of the philippine capital in general cental city some of the relatives of those killed 10 years ago watched a live stream of the court ruling not quick but only i finally received justice from my mum but there were those who were acquitted so i will keep on fighting for justice. to make india now massacre as it's become known happened on the morning of november the 23rd 2009 journalists and members of a local political family were travelling in a convoy of vehicles when a gang of armed men shot them and buried that bodies in a mass grave 32
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a journalists others were members of the manga 2 family political rivals to the powerful and patch one clan witnesses say the armed men who working for the late governor and. 80 suspects have never been arrested rights groups say those who campaigned for justice a still in danger and one of the things we're calling for is for the government to move very quickly to apprehend them because as long as those people are still at large witnesses and the families of the victims are not safe we're always concerned about retaliation against witnesses and this is been a big issue the fight for justice has been difficult and painful and for the families it's not a they yet victoria gates and. turkish president tayyip erdogan has criticised muslim nations for not supporting his plans to resettle refugees in northern syria he underlined the pressure his country is under saying 50000 people were currently
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migrating from syria's province into turkey meanwhile 3 civilians have been killed and several others were injured in the latest round of russian attacks on rebel positions in south east and the shelling in airstrikes have been increasing as the syrian government and its allies move in on what is the last major opposition stronghold. or 2 and was speaking at a summit of muslim leaders in kuala lumpur malaysia prime minister mahathir mohamad welcomed them with a message of unity saying islamic nations must resolve differences to better serve their people the leaders of saudi arabia and pakistan are amongst those who snub the meeting because it was in the hills under the saudi based organization of islamic cooperation yes. the muslims in the their countries are in this series of crazies. held helpless. and with the of this religion which is men to be good for men.
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it is for these reasons that the summit meeting is organized at the very least through our discussions remain fine but when wrong we me even find solutions if not to end these get this is these 2 a week and the slamming will. of the mean to recognize the problems and their causes and the emir of qatar called on governments everywhere it's a better tackle the rise of islamophobia by the been pushed them out if you do it over to be already here we call upon western community you see deal with islam and muslims according to democratic principles in human rights that they are committed to which we also urge them to criminalize rhesus he treats toward muslims we also expect muslim in the muslim countries in the east as well to treat their own
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citizens and nationals equally regardless of race religion increased. to lebanon where the party of caretaker prime minister saad hariri is refusing to nominate any other candidate to be his successor the president's holding former consultations with politicians to decide the next leader or i resigned after weeks of anti-government demonstrations people have been protesting against corruption and sectarian politicians dominating the government tony at least. explains what the announcement might mean for those consultations. i'm at the presidential palace and each block is coming along to make an announcement of what they are doing or what they're not doing and as you've got quite rightly said the major sunny blocks are not nominating anybody they've left including mr hariri the outgoing prime minister is throwing into question what the motives are is the political maneuvering going on behind the scenes is also a feeling that these blocks want to allow the situation on the streets to diffuse
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for the tension levels to go down and then to come together to make a political situation but it's also very interesting to know that the pro hezbollah alliance putting forward a can do that by the name of mr who was a former education minister and he's a professor at the american universe of beirut but it's interesting to know that while he was education minister his prime minister was mr. was mr mccarthy but mr mccarthy's sunny block has not voted for him either it shows you the depth of confusion so there's only one of the candidate being put forward by some of the smaller groups and he is probably going not going to get the sufficient number of votes to get any further his name is mr noah salam and hezbollah already said that he's a u.s. sponsored candidate so at the moment it's very confusing where we go from here it's a similar story in iraq where the deadline for the nomination of the new prime
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minister a new subtle abdul mahdi stepped down from the polls last month after weeks of violent protests in which more than 400 people were killed in the demonstrations have continued people say they want a complete overhaul of the political system they're angry about widespread corruption high unemployment and poor public services. now a largely ceremonial but significant event is about to happen in london when the british more america lines the new government's agenda these are pictures of queen elizabeth the 2nd making her way from buckingham palace to the holmes's of parliament queen's speech will set out conservative prime minister boris johnson's plans for the u.k.'s post breaks it future will live night in the fark a who's in westminster why their needs so i talk us through what we can expect. well it's a day rich in political pageantry as you mention there the queen has made the journey has now arrived at the palace of westminster a short while ago we saw the union flag lowered the royal standard raised over the
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house she will then go to what's known as the road to being room before making her way eventually to the house of lords where she will deliver the so-called queen's speech setting forth the government's legislative agenda for the coming year but before all of that m.p.'s in the house of commons many of them who arrived here only a couple of days ago having been newly elected to that post will be led by the chief usher known as the black rod rhodes who carries a black stuff through to the upper house but the door will be slammed in front of the back roads face she will then have to bang on the door 3 times before being allowed in all of that to symbolize the independence of parliament from the sulpher and a tradition that dates back hundreds of years the time of the civil war and. king charles the 1st suit as you know lost his head for defying the will of parliament for a different scene of course when it comes to politics this day and age although that's given the wrangling ahead of the election is somewhat debatable boris johnson
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metaphorically wanted to keep pace had to stay with course for a new united kingdom he knows that he is safe in the knowledge of having a big majority and at the heart of these queen's speech will be his promise to deliver on breaks it repeatedly was a key month for the conservative party throughout the election but he also needs to prove he could deliver on other promises we're talking about massive spending for the country's revered national health service and also a much needed cash injection for huge swathes of the north of england the voted overwhelmingly this time to switch allegiances from the labor party many of these constituencies it being the long term labor voting heartland of the country switching their allegiances this time to boris johnson's a so most certainly. the government needs to prove that they are up to all of the promises that they have made going forward and me by imagine the scottish s.n.p. leader scottish national party leader nicholas sturgeon will also be watching with
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interest then she spoke today what did she have to say. repeatedly the scottish national party have said that given how the political situation played out here during the election with a majority of people backing boris johnson and the full backing i designed to leave the european union a very different scene north of the border where 80 percent of voters supported the scottish national party a party that firmly wants to remain part of the european union and also aspires to independence from the rest of the united kingdom they believe that they have a future in the e.u. when the rest of the leaves the european union something that we know is now almost certain to happen that whole process begins when the withdrawal agreement returns to parliament on friday boris johnson's hoping to leave the e.u. at least the 1st stages of leaving the e.u. by january the 31st barkha there joining us live from westminster nave thank you
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for a stroll your hands swell to 3 it's hard to stay up for just 24 hours after breaking the previous record the average temperature crossed the country on thursday which $41.00 degrees celsius the heat wave is expected to spiral on intense bushfires especially in new south wales where a state of emergency has been declared jesica washington reports from sydney. a crisis that has been raging for months millions of acres of land destroyed as hundreds of fires burned around the country bushfires are a normal part of the summer but not like this the ferocity of this is prompting authorities to take extreme measures in history as most populous states new south wales will be in a state of emergency from today for the next 7 days as you are away the 2nd state of emergency we've declared since the far as commenced in july was to die is going
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to be very bad. here in new south wales the forecast is that sort of i will be even worse so we're talking about some very serious and dangerous conditions over the coming days the state of emergency means the fire service will have authority to shut down utilities like water and electricity close roads demolish buildings and evacuate residents sydney's famous harbor views have been completely transformed by the disaster was. and frustrations are growing the combination of the crisis drought heatwaves criticism of the government's climate policies a group of protesters most of them high school students gathered outside the prime minister's house braving the smoky and uncomfortable heat to stage a sit in i'm just really sick of what's been happening. by the government for weeks and weeks. there's almost
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a festival atmosphere at the stadium just outside the prime minister's residence. but the protesters here say that they're serious about their message that the government isn't doing enough to stop what they're calling a climate emergency. across the country across the country and. we've seen a 25 percent increase in risk presentations. hospitals across sydney because of these bushfire crisis in the air pollution that's resulting from that we're seeing deepening health inequalities because of government in action on climate change and it's negligent and it's actually killing people prime minister morrison wasn't home to hear their message he's on holiday and he's due to return later this week to face the heat of the war in the bolthole situation will grow even more dangerous in the coming days with strong winds and soaring temperatures forecast just to washington al-jazeera sydney. algeria's newly elected president abbeville mudgee
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debone has been sworn in to ban was confirmed as president for the next 5 years despite widespread unhappiness at his election he's seen by many as part of long running establishment. this is around his ear and these are our current top stories a piece of arrested up to 1000 protesters in new delhi as demonstrations continue over india and a new citizenship law mobile carriers say they've suspended internet cell service in parts of the capital following a government order opponents of the law have called for a day of action in large rallies are planned in more than 10 cities the controversial law for citizenship to persecuted minority is from 3 neighboring countries but it excludes the slim. u.s. president donald trump has been impeached members of the has formally charged him with abuse of power and obstruction of congress will now face a senate trial next month trump has called the impeachment proceedings an attempted
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coup he said is a desperate effort by the democrats to win the 2020 election drums accused of withholding aid to ukraine to pressure it into investigating his political rival joe biden. the braveheart's. grazie lives she blows she says house democrats. only job market share and it really is it's a disgrace if chords found top members of a political can guilty on multiple counts of murder over a mass killing in 2958 people 32 of them journalists were killed when a convoy of vehicles was attacked in the southern province of mcginn deny around a 100 people have been on trial over the massacre many of them linked to a politically powerful family in the province and mass killing was the single biggest attack on journalists in history the party of lebanon's caretaker prime minister saddo hariri is refusing to nominate any candidate to be his successor
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formal concentrations are said to take place between the president and politicians to decide their next leader hariri resigned in october after weeks of anti-government demonstrations. conflicts in crisis are topping the agenda from was them leaders meeting in kuala lumpur malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad welcomed them with a message of unity saying islamic nations must resume differences to better serve their people lead is a saudi arabia and pakistan are amongst those who have snuffed the meeting. those are your headlines the news continues here on out as a year after the bottom line goodbye cease in.
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hi i'm steve comments and i have a question what is the dangerous and murky deep state the president trump keeps talking about let's get to the bottom line. when you hear the term deep state what image does it conjure up is it a secret illuminati that controls everything around us so who are they president donald trump has been claiming that there is a vast deep state conspiracy against him for years now like when he said this last month in kentucky we are finally putting america for. sure. yet the deep state of the class are trying to resist any changes to their failed policies. they believed.


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