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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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helping change the face of india. sympathy. announcing. the bombardment of syria's last rebel held province intensifies as russia and china block a un peace to deliver. this is al jazeera live from also coming up bush still roaring in several australian states workers confront being called catastrophic conditions. the international criminal court says it could investigate allegations of war crimes in palestinian territories israel calls it outrageous. kind of.
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a dress rehearsal for the bite of it we look at how the host of football's next world cup is handling a big club contest. thousands of people are fleeing syria province to the turkish border after a dramatic increase in bombings by their government and russia un observers 100000 people have been displaced in just 24 hours 7 people were killed on friday morning that's after at least 19 civilians died on thursday. as more. russian bucked the government forces of intensified the bombing campaign which includes al strikes dropping bombs on shelling the town of the new man in south london and syrians living there say the tox at the school with hospitals market
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some homes targeted here rescue workers are struggling to save a young girl stuck under the rubble of all in moderate than. the tal in northwest syria is seeing some of the heaviest of talks in the almost 9 . public and go against the offensive spilled onto the streets on friday hundreds in italy protested what they called the neglect of their plight by the international community they also called for a swift hole to the bone but. we are the people of south of the countryside where i was in a protest and it lib city condemning the bombardment and the targeting of the evacuees as they try to clean the house. and the protesters won't get much of the friday prayers in the small town of soma just a few kilometers from the border with turkey the town is a hub for aid going into city fighters from the opposition hired to his shop set up but he has to stop the protesters from walking towards the border but they failed
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turkish security forces say they were forced to send reinforcements to ensure the protesters didn't cross the border with a intensified bombing campaign forcing thousands to flee their homes in the many face a cold and hungry winter. official comes on the syria turkey border of food forcing many of the displaced to live in flooded makeshift camps where aid delivery is a few and far between an animal or woman abusing these pieces of cloth this family consists of 16 people nobody helped us we use all kinds of materials including shoes in the stove to warm up our children fuel prices have more than doubled in the past 2 months and charities and hospitals say they're struggling to respond to the crisis how about the well just stumble over russia and china have vetoed a u.n. resolution that would allow cross border deliveries from turkey and iraq to
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millions of syrian civilians for another year like hanna resent the u.n. the establishment of the 4 crossing points has been renewed each year the 1st time that russia backed by china has cast a veto the drafters of the resolution had initially wanted 5 crossing points to be established but then they reduce this to 3 in the bill to avoid the russian and chinese veto but even this watered down resolution failed to pass raising once again the question of the credibility of the security council just as i was sitting . in the seat in a state of shock i am continuing to stand here in the state of shock and as many of you know when i started the presidency in the month of december i talked about credibility in the council and today we took a huge step backwards in credibility where it really matters russia in turn introduced its own resolutions suggesting to crossing points be open for
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a period of 6 months both on the turkish border this was rejected by 6 members of the council who labeled it as a cynical political move the united kingdom voted against the russian text because we will not negotiate with a gun held to our heads over a cynical offer that would say fewer lives than we know is needed and that the un very clearly set out was necessary the one year term for the 4 crossing points expires on the 10th of january and unless the security council can come up with a compromise resolution by that date it will be millions of syrians with no humanitarian aid. joshua landis is the director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma and he says the international community is unlikely to intervene in italy. this is a humanitarian disaster waiting to happen there are many militants in this region
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syria is using nat as a pretext or as an excuse to destroy them and we know that the united states just you know a little while ago bombed italy province itself in order to kill kayla baghdadi who had taken refuge there with some of his men many isis people had fled into the region so you were all opinion maybe less. maybe divided over this region and this you know the world is really not looking turkey has closed the border and even though it is waving its arms at this and asking to international community to do something about it it's very unlikely that there will be anything done. the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court is pushing for an investigation into alleged war crimes in the palestinian territory she wants it to happen once the i.c.c. establishes its jurisdiction both israelis and palestinians could have charges filed against them the u.s. opposes an inquiry that it says unfairly targets israel leader abraham reports from
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ramallah it's one of the alleged war crimes the international criminal court me investigate the targeted killing of unarmed protesters along gaza's border fence with israel chief prosecutor fatah been sued the says she's satisfied who are crimes have been or are being committed in the gaza strip and the west bank including occupied east jerusalem she says because of the complexity of the situation she will ask the i.c.c. to rule in the territories on which it has jurisdiction palestinians welcome what they call a long overdue investigation. we're hoping that the i.c.c. will hold those who are committing crimes against our people against our land. the crimes that are climbing. countable crimes and no more crimes being committed on the palestinian land which will basically said the stage or ending
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occupation and thus opening the oracle of the scope but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the court has no jurisdiction to investigate in the palestinian territories this is a dark day for truth and justice the i.c.c. prosecutor has apparently decided not to dismiss outright the palestinian claim against the state of israel this is a baseless and a religious decision the court has no jurisdiction in this case the i.c.c. only has 2 restriction over petitions submitted by sovereign states but there's never been a pounds to. the court based in the netherlands will only investigate alleged crimes committed after june 2014 when palestine became part of the i.c.c. jurisdiction in the past 5 years thousands of new illegal settlement units were developed along with the confiscation of palestinian lands and demolition of their homes israel's response isn't unexpected it says the i.c.c.
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lacks validity over the israeli palestinian conflict since israel is not a member of the court and palestine is not a state even though the united nation granted palestine the status of nonmember state 7 years ago palestinian leaders say any crimes committed on palestinian territory must fall under the court's jurisdiction. the u.s. president has signed into law sanctions which could affect the construction of a russian gas pipeline to europe donald trump ratified the defense policy do while visiting troops in burial and it includes legislation targeting companies involved in building the nord stream to. the project would allow russia to bypass ukraine and deliver gas to germany under the baltic sea says the pipeline would give russia too much influence in europe the us presidency christian magazine which called for
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his removal from office a christianity today opinion piece called very lost and confused and says he isn't morally fit to be president the president responded in a series of tweets accusing the magazine of being very far left. it is a bracing for catastrophic conditions on saturday with soaring temperatures and strong winds expected to fan flames more than $100.00 bush fires are burning across new south wales and of a half of them are out of control nearly 10000 emergency personnel will be working across the state in what will be the largest deployment ever seen just a washington news in the blue mountains west of sydney just bring us up to date on where things are at the moment jessica. we'll see what we do know is that this is an incredibly fast moving situation and the area where we were just moments ago was blanketed in smoke and that smoke is spreading
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over this blue mountains region but across the greatest city region as well residents in blackheath where we are have just received a text they've just received an alert from emergency services here saying that the safest thing to do at this moment is to move on to a neighboring suburb if their path is clear now we're joined now by one blackheath president richard smith richard thank you for speaking with us tell me a bit about how it must feel for you as as a resident of blackheath at this moment do you assess a lot of pressure things already as it's bank officer along now and you can't sleep and this is where you know over. and what's what's your plan richard what are you planning and what a little bit if it gets too much worse i'm just going to go and what about your family and about 50 kilometers or. so suzanne as you can imagine it's an incredibly uncertain time for families you can see just behind me the water bombers the fire
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crews here thousands of them on the ground trying to battle these blazes but as you as you mentioned earlier the conditions of really not in their favor today a number of factors and it is of course incredibly dangerous situation on the ground stan for you thank you so much for that well still ahead on al-jazeera humanitarian aid reaches rebel held areas of sudan for the 1st time in nearly 9 years. and poland moves ahead with controversy over judicial reforms why that sparked a warning from the e.u. . hello we've got a couple of days of pretty fine settled weather now more or less from afghanistan westwards towards the mediterranean coast the temperatures aren't particularly low
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by night all by day but they could be better that cloud developing that you see into western iran might throw a couple of showers on its way through i think it's 2 to develop similar story for the south the shamali is easing so temperatures in doha as an example will feel a little higher than they actually are still low twenty's he's 30 in mecca you might see a bit of a cloud on the coast of them on a shower or 2 but the real action of course is further south with the sun in the south we see some pretty big showers in southern africa and particularly in the maybe a and you know happens ahead a big thunderstorm this sort of thing these pictures are coming from southern the maybe a of what it has effectively is a gust front head of a thunderstorm so if you see thunderstorms building on shot you can imagine that there are still a few around in botswana and in southern the maybe the heart of the rain is still in tanzania back through d.r. congo and i'm going to but you do get developments further south and we think for crossing the tower from the city there's a good chance a big showers big thunderstorms on sunday and the trial back about cats just the
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same in the beer but for most it's still big open sunny skies. the weather sponsored by chance on a. with one of the highest murder rates in a while that's the main challenger one of central america smallest countries is gang related violence you are a country that is not technically a war but you have levels of followers that look like country so that the president of the el salvador. talks to al-jazeera office here i this is opportunity to understand i mean a very different way where they are because i don't believe that.
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citizenship lore expected to continue across india on saturday despite restrictions on large gatherings. new delhi. police. water
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canon. law favoring citizenship for muslim immigrants introduced more than 4000 people in. the country. joins us now live from the capital new delhi what can we expect as the day falls there. personally if one protests has been planned in the city of calcutta. but more protests can be seen across the country there has been there is there isn't an outpour of anger across the countries that yesterday we saw huge numbers coming out in the streets but i very peaceful protest ended up turning violent within the city as well in the. old in the old delhi police used water cannons and charged batons at protesters
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protesters were seen pelting stones but what's also interesting is in the afternoon when there were hundreds of thousands of people on the streets not one incident of . violence was seen now over to the north of india at least 6 people died in the state if you piece that official tools have now gone to 9 dead but we just looked at the local people papers are now the times of india has been reporting that they have been they've been talking to hospitals in the state of utah and the numbers have gone more than that they've. they've talked they're talking about at least 11 dead in the state if only including. a 2 year old child and all these places where the violence has been taking place are b.g.p.
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. the hindu nationalist party the ruling party's alliance through the areas and the response of the government while it has been quite brutal in these areas and what's also interesting is that most of the protesters who are on the streets are only talking about mostly talking about not commune in communal lines but about upholding the constitution and the secularism of the constitution and just further on that then sabina as we see these protests continue to grow and we've seen the crackdown from the government is any indication from the government those protests are having any impact with disney reconsideration of what's happening in. so there are 2 lines of it here one is that within the national democratic alliance the partners off the. government there are some ministers the statement to serve like in bihar the chief minister morris said that he does not want. the
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controversial law and the n.r.c. the national registry office citizens he doesn't want that but there are also in karnataka the state of karnataka one of the ministers went on to say that. one should not inside the majority government and when majority is retaliate it could turn bad so. while there are some within the b j p party who are trying to incite a lot of them are also stepping up back and saying that they want to maintain some peace so in the next for the next few days are going to be crucial to see how the protests end up being and how the government reacts so thank you submitted for us to joining us live from new delhi for the 1st time a new the 9 years humanitarian aid has reached a remote rebel held area in sudan it comes as the transitional government which was
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sworn in in august holds talks with various armed groups to win years of fighting the border reports from blue nile state. when she heard that aid would be arriving in the outpost in blue nile state them says she walked for more than 8 hours to queue for it after more than 80 years the area controlled by sudanese rebels known as the sudan's people liberation movement north is finally receiving humanitarian aid and did not want to miss out as lacking my view of the there's no food most of the time and because of the constant bombardment in the 1st years of the war a lot of terrible things happened they didn't care where their bombs are being dropped on people farms or life stuck some of us fled to ethiopia but i could go because i didn't want to leave my home and become a refugee. the war between sudan's government and the s.p.l. and north erupted after the government refused to allow the states of south kordofan and blue nile
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a referendum on whether to be part of sudan or the newly created south sudan as part of a 2005 peace deal the s.p.l. and north also accuse the government of impeding democracy. the united nations says more than 2000000 people have been affected by the conflict with more than have a 1000000 displaced several rounds of peace talks between the s.p.l. and north and the previous government of ahmed rashid collapsed when they failed to agree on many issues including humanitarian access. since the was also more than a series ago yeah boss has been cut off from the military and so for all sorts of people but they bring. but many remain behind what missing the horrors of the civil war now with is coming in for the 1st time they're waiting to speak after all of these years things are really starting to change the. most trouble held areas in the country are nearly impossible to access from the capital hot some so dan's new transitional government which is in talks with armed groups including the s.p.l.
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and north changed that in december allowing aid workers to head in for the 1st time a major day a great breakthrough in an area that has not received the help that is needed none at all from the united nations in over 9 years and when you compound the war the conflict with the flooding that just taking place these people are in need i've been extremely impressed with the openness and the willingness of the leadership of can others to do what we need to do without getting in the way and they have given us just unimpeded access talks between sudan's people liberation movement north leader abdul aziz and hello and the sudanese government are going on but many issues need to be resolved before a peace deal can be signed calling for an answer down oh for. justice. democracy equality of the busy problem is a show of the sharia sharia islamic law for. the macnow we warn
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a secular democratic. state and this is where the government is there like as the issues continue to be talked through hundreds of thousands wait and hope that whatever the outcome be age will continue to arrive he will morgan al-jazeera. denial. thousands of people have been rallying in lebanon's capital against the nomination of the next prime minister. troops. retaliated by throwing rocks. linking beirut lebanon. is promising to form a technocratic government. within 6 weeks to solve an economic crisis. iraq's top shia leader has called for elections as soon as possible grand ayatollah ali al sistani says forming a new government is the only way out of
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a crisis protests of resume does iraq's political leaders to reach the deadline for nominating a new prime minister. protesters have returned to the streets of chile's capital angry about delays in negotiating a new constitution police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse demonstrators in santiago it's the latest in the months long demonstrations of a social inequality on 1st congress approved a referendum on changing the constitution which dates back to the military dictatorship. now let in america edges of the sea and even that has been with the protesters in santiago. masses of demonstrators are trying to gather near centavos main protest area in italian but in a change of strategy the riot police have cordoned off the whole area and are using large amounts of tear gas and water cannon to the spurstow crowd.
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all day they've been breaking up even small on authorized demonstrations but the protesters keep coming back. and now the police is chasing after the protesters on motorcycles and on foot to arrest them. there is a lot of anger here 1st because the senate approved an agreement to allow a referendum on whether or not to rewrite the constitution which is been a key demand but it did not include a constitutional assembly that guarantees gender parity quotas to chile's indigenous groups that may change but most people here say they don't trust their politicians it's been more than 2 months since a massive protest the structural changes to redress the social and economic inequalities here began and while the government has offered some concessions including a raise in. salaries and pensions the protesters and people elsewhere say. nearly far enough. poland's parliament has defied a warning from the european union and passed
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a law that would see judges punished if they critical of court reforms the judicial changes have sparked protests in poland with allegations that shutting down criticism of the government the european commission has written to polish leaders reminding them to stay within the e.u. laws early in my colleague mary of the masses spoke with the rod paige who is a professor of european law at middlesex university he says poland is moving further away from e.u. rules and the bloc itself this is not the 1st time the warnings from brussels have been ignored by putting in fact. british authorities have been under supervision or under monitoring from the e.u. since generate doesn't 16 so this is just the latest escalation of the role of the crisis is by far the most serious violation of the principles of judicial independence we have seen since the crisis began 4 years ago some people including myself are now speaking of a defacto pellagra sit within the next few weeks so if you have enjoyed talking
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about drugs it in fact. i think 2020 we're going to talk more and more about the fact of politics it defacto because essentially poland is going to remain a full member of the u.s not going to trigger the in famous article 50 per century as far as the judicial branch of poland what we're looking at is the dismantlement of judicial independence in poland and this is simply not compatible remember ship of the e.u. so what does brussels to so the brussels has sued poland already twice has won twice so there is a 3rd case pending and there are plenty of new cases also originating from pushcarts we have a total i think of the 15 pending cases before the european court of justice so it's going to get worse i'm afraid. the sporting spotlights on the host of football's next world cup faces a test of its handling of a top tournament on saturday when liverpool woman goes for global club supremacy richardson has more. in caps are to watch the club world cup final fee for
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president in fancy no could be forgiven the casting his gaze further forward the country won the bid to host the 2022 world cup long before in fancy no took on football's top job but he's taking full ownership of the project he inherited let's use the world cup here in the middle east to do something positive to change maybe the way in which we in the western part of the world look at the top part of the world maybe if we can do that even just a little bit by opening ourselves up well then we have already achieved something. the 17 club world cup a 1st chance for many visiting fans to get a taste of what's to come in qatar at the main world cup in the 3 years time for in fencing and petsalis events king valley will be the logistical lessons learnt ahead of 2022 for liverpool and for mango for this club world cup is of enormous importance in itself both clubs have rich and successful histories but neither have
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ever won this title. at a time when so much global talent heads to europe's more lucrative leagues the competition holds a special place in south american hearts brazil's 4 mango team with a shot at proving themselves on a global stage liverpool's brazilian keeper allison all too aware of what's at stake you can feel from me will save the supporters a here already. supporting the team i think when the list came was more than 10028000 supporters from for me will say. but this is not just big for them is big for those also. local fans have been enjoying this rare opportunity to see some of the gangs top stars in action some providing photos for an exhibition which aims to illustrate just how much football means to them. definitely. take pride in the fact that it will be the 1st country in the
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region to watch the welcome so when the eyes 5 of the world are turned out that in 322 i hope. we can offer a different perspective one on football in the region the culture of the entire region the club world cup returns to cats on next year as the country steps up its efforts to get ready for 2022 and convince the doubters it is a deserving host and he richardson al-jazeera doha. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. thousands of civilians to fling serious problems to the turkish border after an increase in bombings by the government and russia u.n. observers say 18000 people have been displaced in just 24 hours 7 people were killed on friday morning after at least 19 civilians were killed on thursday meanwhile russia and china have vetoed a u.n. resolution that would allow deliveries to millions of syrians for another year
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possibly they were bombing us we couldn't sleep there are no types of weapons they have used. yesterday they launched 200 rockets we took the children out from under the shelling before we had a vote because there's a lot of traffic. so. i 1st took my children and family and neighbors out then when i saw the difficult situation in town i couldn't see and leap people under bombardment so i went and i started taking families away the international criminal court was to open an investigation into alleged war crimes in palestinian territory palestinians have welcomed the decision but israel's prime minister says the i.c.c. has no jurisdiction to investigate u.s. secretary of state. says it's an unjustified inquiry that unfairly targets israel the us president has signed into law sanctions which could affect the construction of a russian gas pipeline to europe the legislation targets companies involved in building
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the nords pipeline donald trump says the pipeline would give russia too much influence in europe. is a bracing for catastrophic conditions on saturday with soaring temperatures and strong winds expected to fan the bushfires more than 100 fires are burning across new south wales and about half of them are out of control protests over a new citizenship law are expected to continue across india on saturday despite restrictions on large gatherings it follows violence of the night in new delhi and elsewhere as police fired tear gas and water cannon that demonstrators began last week after the law favoring citizenship to some muslim immigrants was introduced those are the headlines the news continues here after talk to al-jazeera.
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he's the youngest leader in latin america 38 years old the president of el salvador . comfortably won the general election in february. nearly 90 percent approval rating but there are challenges ahead with one of the highest murder rates in the world perhaps the main challenge for central america's smallest country is gang related. and slow growth.


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