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man in cairo on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from a headquarters in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes india's prime minister meets his ministers after another night of violence and more protests against the contentious citizenship law. while the bombardment of syria has lost rebel held province intensifies the un security council fails to approve a delivery. a searing heat wave intensifies bush fires raging in
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australia that have destroyed hundreds of. argentina's parliament approves an economic emergency package that raises taxes and expand social programs. on polar east with the sports of the club world cup finals sees liverpool take on flamengo with both teams trying to win the trophy for the 1st time. hello india's prime minister is grappling with his biggest domestic challenge since coming to power in 2014 the ranger modi has been meeting his ministers to discuss the growing protests over a controversial citizenship law where police fired tear gas and water cannon at demonstrators in new delhi and other cities overnight and at least 16 people have been killed and more than 4000 detained countrywide since the unrest began last week or much of the violence on friday was in the northern state of qatar pradesh
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where protesters set fires and they hurled rocks many have accused police if using excessive force demonstrations have been largely peaceful in states controlled by the opposition that's where regional leaders say they won't be implementing that new law on friday thousands took part in west bengal and the state chief minister is a fierce opponent of modi. don't want my government wants one religion to be separated we want to let that happen we are united. let's get an update from sabina shrestha she's joining us from new delhi talk us through where you are and what you've been seeing. over here i mean i'm right in front of. the universe see where some of the 1st protests to praise and the mood of it here is almost jubilant and defiant the language of protest is not to do with the citizenship laws only but the language that they have been using is about
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the constitution the importance of holding the constitution the 2nd narrative off the constitution and and they're demanding equality and justice so that's what's happening people from all walks of life but i thought here we've been seeing a whole a group of who are you who are also in a sit in young children need a code so young women young men have been doing and have a very interesting exciting hinted at it created back hard out here a whole bunch of students unfurl the constitution of india and here and now they're sitting and and i did need to talking about the constitution and the importance of upholding the integrity of this constitution and sabina what reaction is there from the government because we know that the river modi has been meeting ministers to
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discuss the growing protests going on. we do that the cabinet meeting is happy with we don't exactly know what is being discussed but we do know is there have been from. the coalition some leaders are not very happy with the current law and they've say that they are not going to implement it within their states while there are some who are trying to incite more revenue just as sentiments. people are not buying it so that the government's been have to rethink how they're going to. announce for the some of the universities and institutions who have been asked to shut to shut down why are they being targeted in this way. so that to they need to best see that the nasa shut down is this one the job. where
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the 1st protest happened the big name of the day there state so this in this immediate us city but the other one is the early going to be vastly is about so just the name of it the fact that they're called this would be the best tease and there are a lot of the students say they were the ones who got to the protest against the concept that the citizenship law and that's what they were called to shut down but it's also important to note that most of the students it did mix of students within this university is very very mixed it's not only filled with muslims it's filled with hindus muslims 6 buddhists all of them but the government has kind of meat meat it is as an example and kind that shut it down and made as you say that these are muslim universities and they need to be shut down but the truth is that gone beyond that even other universities have joined in along with the civil society
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ok as sabinus trust the thank you for bringing us that update from new delhi just a reminder now off what's in the law and why it's caused such widespread opposition so it creates a pathway to citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution and pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan but it excludes muslims opposition parties on protesters say it violates india's secular constitution but that's not the only dynamic playing. out in states bordering bangladesh west bengal is controlled by an opposition party the ruling b j p is being accused of seeking electoral gains for the regional vote due in 2021 by opening the door to more hindu refugees and migrants while in nearby northeastern states especially as some indigenous people fear an influx of hindu bengalis they say that could put their language and culture under threats this week
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it's a time he's a professor of law and legal theory at the university of oxford he's also the general editor of indian law review he's joining us from london thanks very much for being with us on the al-jazeera news hour so interesting the reporter from the delhi was just saying that the students who are protesting right now in front of the universities are discussing the importance of upholding the indian constitution yet you say that the government is using unconstitutional means to curb freedom of expression what do you mean by that. so look this government has been chipping away at india's constitutional fundamentals for the last 6 years but this act does it so blatantly and so. expressly that there's no plausible deniability in an institution's constitution institutions have failed to stop the government from doing what it has done to the constitution and ultimately it seems to the people have decided that it's upon them to save india's pluralistic secular democratic
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constitution so it's it's really amazing to see how the constitution's preamble has become the symbol of these protests you know these are not being organized by a political party there is no social movement or enjoy behind them and you know the preamble being carried out publicly collectively in almost every protest that has been happening. around this act is is really astonishing of course the state's response has been remarkably disproportionate and and blatantly unconstitutional clampdowns on freedom of speech internet is being suspended you know internet has been suspended in kashmir for the last 4 months but. in places where protests have been you know it's hard to organize these protests without social media so it's been shutting down mobile internet connections telephone lines advisories to universities asking them don't want it to students social media posts and the
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police has been imposing what's called. section 144 of the criminal procedure code which basically makes it illegal for any crowds to assemble which again without although it's but did in law it has to be for very good reason for protecting law and order situation that's what i wanted to i think about it specifically in fact section 144 because in the constitution it does authorize officials to prohibit among other things a gathering as you're saying of more than 4 people if they fear a possible violation of law and order's so so you're saying that the government is not acting within the constitution when it implements that section 144. so section $144.00 is not a constitutional provision it is a provision in the criminal procedure code which which is a legacy of the colonial or diminished ration to india what the constitution protects is defeat them of assembly and the freedom of the citizens' assembly can only be restricted on certain reasonable grounds and when you proportionately so
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yes the government has the power and $144.00 to clamp down on assembly but it can do so only for very good reasons and it has to follow proper procedures and of substantive reason so it cannot for example what the government cannot do is use 144 to stop the expression of citizens dissent or a citizen and it's to citizens group that wants to do advocate for a change in policy or show its disaffection for any government governmental policy that is not but admissible by the indian constitution and that is what the government is doing why is the citizenship law that's caused all these processed seen by many people as a threat to indian democracy as a whole. so the been a lot of threats to in a democracy of late but this is the most blatant because for the 1st time in india . democratic independent history we are going to write religion as
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a qualification into us citizenship laws the law in giving fast track citizenship to basically non muslims but also some other very sad jews eighty's to muslims some of these communities are not covered but in those states and you are covered that is. that is just so blatantly against the very core of the indian constitution identity which is to seek to to build a nation that is not based on religious identity that is secular that is polluted listing that it's diverse and it's celebrated that day diversity for the last 70 odd years so that it's the explicitness you know a lot of these government's policies have been sort of dog whistle politics of everybody knows the gold is anti muslim but now the government felt emboldened to do not feel the need for force for dog whistles it's just do you think that's a government has been is and has been caught off guard by the size of these protests and the ongoing protests and and how do you see this playing playing out
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going forward is there any way that the government will go back on this decision in this law. it's not just the government that has been called of god it's the protests of survivor have surprised everyone including people like me and i condemn excel been watching indian politics and constitution for a long time nobody expected this because. things were relatively quiet over the judgement over the lynchings that have been happening in india for the last few years or so why why and now and why so suddenly why on this issue is it's a little surprising and i think people are thinking about what what what triggered it i think the disproportionate use of violence against children sin including students who were not in protesting but studying in libraries police beating them up the videos that circulate i think they they were the catalyst and there's also a building up of of disgruntlement against the government that is just bored out on the streets not just by muslims you know people from all communities have have joined the support of the government has been called of god i don't know whether
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they have. that inflexibility you know the flexibility and the responsiveness to react to the protests but what is needed is they have to repeal this law i think i think parliament needs to be recalled immediately the amendments have to be repealed. but a lot lot is has to be done because what this government's intentions in relation to its muslim population to india the muslim population is is deeply under suspicion and the current has to prove its good faith now by passing an anti discrimination law and i were a host of other things when times are not right and we thank you very much for joining us from london. thousands of people are leaving syria's adlib province they're heading for the turkish border trying to get away from airstrikes and bombings by the government and russia 1000 kilometers away in new york though a splits at the u.n. security council has put a deliveries at risk well more on that shortly but 1st mohamed
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a doe reports on what's happening inside syria as last rebel held province. russian backed government forces up intensified the bombing campaign which includes al strikes drop the bottle bombs and shelling the town of man is all the syrians living there say it's hospitals market so i'm stuck. here at risk you workers are struggling to save for young girls stuck under the rubble of. the tal in northwest syria is seeing some of the heaviest of talks in the almost 9. public and go against the offensive spilled onto the streets on friday hundreds in protest at what they call the neglect of their plight by the international community they also called for a swift hole to the bomb but. we are the people of south of the countryside
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where out in a protest an ellipse city condemning the bombardment and the targeting of the evacuees as they try to clean the house. on the protesters won't the march of the friday prayers in the small town of soma just a few kilometers from the border with turkey the town is a hub for aid going into city fighters from the opposition hired to his shop said the body is to stop the protesters from walking towards the border but they failed turkish security forces say they were forced to send reinforcements to ensure the protesters didn't cross the border with a intensified bombing campaign forcing thousands to flee their homes in the many face a cold and hungry winter official comps on the syria turkey board of food forcing many of the displaced to live in flooded makeshift comes with a deliveries a few and far between an animal or woman abusing these pieces of cloth this family consists of 16 people nobody helped us we use all kinds of materials including
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shoes in the stove to warm up at children fuel prices have more than doubled in the past 2 months and charities on hospitals say they are struggling to respond to the crisis mohammad out there well just stumble well the un security council meanwhile has rejected rival resolutions that would have continued the delivery of aid to syria the 1st one supported by the un human rights office was vetoed by russia and china as maicon explains. the establishment of the 4 crossing points has been renewed each year the 1st time that russia backed by china has cast a veto the drafters of the resolution had initially wanted 5 crossing points to be established but then they reduce this to 3 in the bill to avoid the russian and chinese veto but even this watered down resolution failed to pass raising once again the question of the credibility of the security council just as i was sitting
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in the seat in a state of shock i am continuing to stand here in the state of shock and as many of you know when i started the presidency in the month of december i talked about credibility in the council and today we took a huge step backwards in credibility where it really matters russia in turn introduced its own resolutions suggesting to crossing points be open for a period of 6 months both on the turkish border this was rejected by 6 members of the council who labeled it as a cynical political move the united kingdom voted against aggression text because we will not negotiate with a gun held to our heads over a cynical offer that would say fewer lives than we know is needed and that the u.n. very clearly set out was necessary the one year term for the 4 crossing points expires on the 10th of january and unless the security council can come up with
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a compromise resolution by that date there will be millions of syrians with no humanitarian aid. attacks on government controlled oil and gas terminals in central syria are suspected to have been carried out by an identified drones no group is claiming responsibility for triggering explosions and fires and hans fuel shortages are widespread because imports are blocked by western sanctions. here with the news hour on al-jazeera there's plenty more ahead coming up including a diplomatic route breaks out and work on a major gas pipelines put on hold after the u.s. threatened sanctions. aid reaches a remote paul could have done for the 1st time in 9 years. coming up in sports nothing gets past the nuggets as they prepare for their showdown with the los angeles lakers paul will have a little more on that later. so
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russia saying that construction must continue on its gas pipeline to europe despite threats of u.s. sanctions work is being threatened after president donald trump announced the new legislation on friday it includes sanctions against companies involved in building the nord stream to pipeline trump says bypassing ukraine to deliver natural gas to germany gives russia too much influence in the europe berlin has also rejected the u.s. sanctions let's make sure he's a political analyst and professor in european studies at stanford university berlin he's joining us from athens sent thanks for talking to us on the al-jazeera news hour so does this have the potential to end up in a full blown diplomatic route. when we only look at it as an isolated case that it's certainly a low point in the bilateral relations of what used to be
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a very close friendship between germany and the united states if we look back to the tone has changed since president became president of the united states it's because i'm come so much as a surprise because rhetorical a lot of things have changed and germany has been treated differently but sanctions coming from the congress worth of law that has been signed in a very dramatic spectacular. in the context of a military. the event is certainly a low point why do you think the president of the united states is so against this pipeline and has imposed these far reaching sanctions now. well it is not something that pops up in the last few rows so it is a project that has been ongoing for a long time and there's a reason why it's called north korean tool there is a north korean one already and they just double the capacity of what is used as
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a pipeline to bring gas directly from russia to germany which makes a number of actors in the political scene upset 1st and foremost the transit countries don't get revenues from acting as transit countries secondly it's against the european union's interest of an integrated energy policy and 1st and foremost and that's the main reason for the united states to impose sanctions on the swiss company that builds the pipeline is that the u.s. wants to sell gas from fracking from the united states that can be shipped as we fight gas to ports in europe and so russia is just a competitor and the united states want to sell their gas to germany. but we know that russia has been the one that has typically supplied cheap gas to europe. so the u.s. is looking to compete with that and can make us compete with that's. what american gas is certainly more expensive so you have to do more to convince you or trading
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partners to buy your expensive gas and the way it's done is to securitize it and to highlight that this is serious and it's nice if you're a tourist if germany as a country that signs sanctions in the context of the war in crimea and in the east if ukraine is. practicing double standard on the one hand we impose sanctions on russia for violating international law and at the same time we build a diversification of our energy infrastructure in completing. ok i will leave it there rick berke now we thank you very much for speaking to us from athens. at least 100 bush fires are burning around sydney and australia would dozens of them out of control emergency warnings are in place across 3 states on soaring temperatures and strong winds create catastrophic conditions just a washington reports from sydney's blue mountains. this is usually one of sydney's
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most popular tourist attractions the normally picturesque blue mountains bordering the outskirts of the city. much of it now decimated by bushfires. they've been burning across large parts of australia for months now with flames as high as 70 metres the fire in this region alone has destroyed an area 7 times the size of singapore. but this isn't just bush land it's home for thousands of australians fire crews are working tirelessly to protect residents robert beecroft is a former volunteer firefighter he's seen many bushfires in his time but this one is different for being here for 67 years i've seen a lot of forestry the mountains actually are more you have to brace for quite a few forms. i haven't seen so many out of control back to the bee crops like so many families here face
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a difficult choice leave everything behind or stay and potentially put themselves in danger it's a little bit stressful but you just got to remain positive us suppose it's hard to think of what you want to keep and everything but just get what seems important at the time to go and i'm sure there'll be other things that you think about later but just be prepared i guess just bit bad timing obviously around the holidays but what can you do really. score it's pretty confronting. volunteers for such a strain from the shells some of these fires have been burning since july but authorities are warning that these are catastrophic conditions it's the combination of extreme heat strong winds and low humidity that makes the situation on the ground incredibly dangerous firefighters are battling the blaze on the ground and from the air the intense heat has even generated its own thunderstorm nearly all
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the men in. women fighting the fires are volunteers some haven't seen their families in days the locals who risk losing almost everything some are just trying to do whatever they can is to spin difficult when they're older get much sleep and it's. anxious sobeys problems as word this is just the beginning of summer and many of fearful of what lies ahead for the rest of the bush lies seizes . just a washington al-jazeera blackheath. more than $50000.00 guns have been handed over in new zealand since a ban was imposed on assault weapons the government started buying back the weapons 6 months ago it's part of for reform since a mass shooting at 2 mosques in march when 51 people were killed gun owners were also given the option of modifying their firearms to make them compliant with tougher laws you know i have had countless feedback from many of the like
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oh by big events and it is being good to me 32000 kiwi separate dissipative in this so they're sure there are about 15 percent of the of the gun owning community with the license camino should site have handed in the weapons and i think that feels about right there been more closed door meetings in lebanon as the man picked to be its new prime minister tries to form a government but some supporters of the outgoing caretaker prime minister saad heavy aren't happy with his potential replacements. troops fired tear gas or protesters who blocked roads in her old rocks how do you tweeted a call for calm the prime minister designate hassan a job is promising to put together a government within 6 weeks. just a few moments we'll have the weather with everton but still ahead right here on the al-jazeera news our on your bike in paris to get round the strikes but not everyone is finding it in easy ride. sport the race to be winter champion stays wide
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open thanks to make goals i'm a german born just a guy paul we'll have more on that a little later. while we have no signs of in the proper rainfall coming into australia over the next couple of days some reason to be a little optimistic with this line of cloud which is sliding across the tasman into the heart of this try to making its way further research this is a cold front so be it a week no one is making its way towards say southern parts of new south wales just look at the the i suppose open up that means the winds will ease off a little as we go on through the next couple days and as a system goes through the cold fronts cooler tucking in behind those that will
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start to see the temperatures falling a why this is sort of be so on sas data still plenty of hay to radicals with those catastrophic conditions $4849.00 celsius down towards adelaide deviations from the norm around $101520.00 degrees above the average for some as we go on through the next couple of days for the yellows just starting to come into southern parts of the country there that's where we got the cooler are starting to push its way through but of course into the in syria the red center as it's now still plenty of heat around it will stay dry the bushfires of course are going to be a problem really for the next 23 months at least as we go on through the next couple of days is get back to well little bit of rainfall we can look for probably the odd shower over towards the east coast. too much sponsored by count on anyway. from the al jazeera london. 2 special guests in conversation this is the chance to start the revolution. uninterrupted we
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following on the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour thousands of people continue to rally across india against its contentious citizenship law prime minister narendra modi has been meeting his cabinet to discuss the west at least 19 people have been killed since last week. russia says construction must continue on its gas pipeline to europe despite threats of u.s. sanctions work is being threatened by new legislation announced by president donald trump on friday has also rejected the u.s. measures. because fires in south australia have killed at least one person and destroyed homes new south wales is also facing what are described as catastrophic conditions as soaring temperatures and high winds fuel the flames. it's
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a familiar story in argentina big governments again deep in debt as inflation and poverty levels rise parliament voted to declare an economic emergency and it's also announced new measures aimed at and levy aiding the crisis but opinion a split on whether the tax rises and other reforms will work this time money has more. a sweeping new economic law has been approved by argentina's congress its. officials declared a public emergency to prioritize the worsening debt crisis gripping the nation's economy. it does necessary to solve the debt problem in order to be you need the ability to be and in order to be able to be the economy has to recover. argentina's debt crisis has put the government. on high alert the new economic measures seek to combat worsening poverty and to curb back inflation estimated to reach as high as
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55 percent by the end of 2019. the plan will also implement higher taxes related to foreign products tourism and exports. on wednesday thousands protested outside argentina's congress calling for a rejection of the economic plan to go if you're going to go because you think the president of the nations had last week that if we don't like something about him we can go out in the street well here we are mr president and we're asking for serious news. for those in favor of the law the measures are a crucial step toward restoring economic stability in our country was left of concrete steps are not taken to curb hunger and poverty things will only get worse . the government says 70 percent of revenues recovered from the new taxes will be directed toward housing infrastructure and social projects but some analysts believe the measures go too far it's more of an imposition than consensus building
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strategy so you know for the for the government it's really important to show that it has all the tools to negotiate with the i.m.f. to bring in more funds through taxation the challenge is that the powers are so broad that it effectively rigged. the quality and effectiveness of democracy and for any investor looking at the country from outside the be wondering how long will this last for when they'd only be in 2020 or will this administration seek to extend such powers beyond that day. the public debate over argentina's economic policies takes place as the nation's central bank is engaged in talks with private creditors and the international monetary fund over the nation's debt estimated at $50000000000.00. below. well the unrest in india has been discussed in malaysia where the prime minister is hosting a conference of muslim leaders about how to mohamed says the new citizenship law is
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unfair mohamed has more from kuala lumpur where the summit is just wrapping up. after 3 days of discussions the kuala lumpur summit concluded with what its organizers the scribed are practical steps as promised 18 cooperation agreements between muslim countries have been signed they include investments in technology media food security and the decay sion the final day was marked by some strong statements by malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad to hit out at us sanctions on iran which he described as a criminal act iran in particular dish but the years of sanctions had been able to continue to progress and develop. to have been subjected to. and like iran it has many. above it and protests impressively he also said pakistan's prime minister must have his own
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reasons for pulling out of the summit at the last minute and although he avoided questions on the persecution of the we go muslims in china is strongly condemned israel for its occupation of palestinian land saying israel should be brought before an international court he also criticised india's new citizenship law which discriminates against muslims to exclude all streams from becoming citizen even by duplessis i think is unfair saw we have voiced. disagreement with this kind of treatment organizers say they have achieved their objectives aware perhaps of the regional sensitivities the meeting has provoked they have decided to change its name from the kuala lumpur summit to the taliban a forum or high forum but they say the name change doesn't necessarily mean any modification of the main objective of the summit which she is the empowerment of the muslim world. well india has rejected his comment saying this in
1:36 pm
a statement. doesn't impact the status of any indian citizenship citizen rather or deprive any indian of any faith of his or her citizenship the malaysian prime minister's remark is factually incorrect and we call upon malaysia to refrain from commenting on internal developments in india without the right understanding off the facts that is according to these statements by the indian officials. now according to pakistan has sentenced a university lecturer to death for blasphemy. was arrested in 2013 accused of displaying anti religious content on facebook he spent nearly 6 years in solitary confinement waiting for his trial and pakistan's controversial blasphemy law carries an automatic death penalty the country has yet to carry out a death sentence for the charge but the law has drawn widespread condemnation from
1:37 pm
rights organisations let's speak about this case on the law with a hero she's a pakistani she won rights activist is joining us from islamabad so you must be dismayed at this decision that the court has sentenced. to death for. yes not just dismayed but i think there is widespread anger this is not just dismayed it's anger and it's also a sense of disappointment that 4 decades down the road after general. staged a military coup d'etat in pakistan and took over and became the president of pakistan for 11 years and there was no democracy no rule of law no constitution the constitution was abrogated and suspended during his 11 years in office and that was when he passed this very controversial blasphemy law 295 a b. and c.
1:38 pm
sections of the law now a lot of people ask quite apart from the religious argument we can go there if you like i'm not a religious scholar but we have heard religious scholars give 2 different darkly different divergent arguments about the the punishment for blasphemy we don't need to go there because it has not been proven that professor janetta fee's committed any form of blasphemy he anyone can upload anything on facebook these days digital manipulation i mean all elections have been won and lost for example in the united states of america in 2060 on digital manipulation cyber cyber wars and all sorts of cyber crimes are happening how do we know that the professor uploaded blasphemous content on his own facebook page or not there is the 1st thing secondly i think which needs to be brought to the supreme court when this case goes into appeal to
1:39 pm
overturn the conviction of the death sentence when it goes to the supreme court and other material piece of evidence will be cited and that is that his lawyer advocate russia 3 man was threatened in front of the judge by the complainant of the. for me is that the false allegation of blasphemy in front of the judge in open court the judge did nothing to stop them did nothing to protect the the lawyer and did nothing to prevent he was killed in cold blood premeditated murder and had impunity this is something that needs to be brought up before the supreme court requires all of this not brought up in pakistan or at least when it's tried to be brought up it really hasn't gone anywhere because we've heard from past governments past secular parties i should say that. they want to amend the blossoming law it is on their agenda but not much progress has ever been made why is that. in one
1:40 pm
word fear. shiah fear fear were heard there were. fears scared they're scared everybody is scared no one wishes to speak up against a law which has not been passed in a death by a democratically elected parliament no one wishes to speak up about it i wonder why not we're not going to the religious argument we can let's go into the democracy argument the constitutionality the legality of these laws and how much pressure there are people like yourself and human rights organisations able to put on governments to amend these laws. every single here the human rights commission of pakistan which is an independent and deal the human rights watch so many other international misdeed to national so many national and international organizations
1:41 pm
and activists bring this up in our annual reports in our in our annual beatings in our conferences seminars and activism on the road protest demonstrations in our demands our charter of demands it's going we are we have not stopped speaking about it since the mid 1980 s. that was when general allen had did it but then we see 2 different things happening judges being intimidated lawyers being intimidated and killed and false false witness being being brought so our demands are very simple before we get into the religious argument our demands are provide a protection to the accused person provide protection to the judges provide protection to the lawyers you know it must be a fair trial this is not been a fair trial and i do not believe that the judge off of their own free will would hand down a sentence where there was no evidence to prove blasphemy all right so we'll leave
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it there to hear abdullah we thank you very much for speaking to us from islam about. leaders of countries in west africa are meeting in nigeria to discuss how to reduce attacks on the subtle region their last meeting the echo us regional body pledged a $1000000000.00 to boost military operations in the lawless desert region 71 soldiers were killed in asia air earlier this month near the border with mali troops are often the target of i saw an other armed groups linked to al qaeda. 2 days of talks are due to start in sudan's capital hartshorne aimed at resolve aimed at resolving disputes over the largest hydroelectric dam in africa the $4000000000.00 ground if european renaissance dam on the river nile is nearing completion if you say it will provide power to 17000000 people and revitalize the economy and neighbors sudan and egypt fear reduce supplies of water for drinking
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and irrigation staying in sudan has reached a remote rebel held area for the 1st time in nearly 9 years morgan reports from blue nile states the welcome arrival of food and other essentials coincides with talks to end years of fighting when she heard that aid would be arriving in the booth in blue nile state them says she walked for more than 8 hours to queue for it after more than 80 years the area controlled by sudanese rebels known as the sudan's people liberation movement north is finally receiving humanitarian aid and did not want to miss out as well. there's no food most of the time and because of the constant bombardment in the 1st years of the war a lot of terrible things happened they didn't care where their bombs were being dropped on people farms or livestock some of us fled to ethiopia but i could go because i didn't want to leave my home and become a refugee. the words between sudan's government and the s.p.l.
1:44 pm
and north erupted after the government refused to allow the states of south kordofan and blue nile a referendum on whether to be part of sudan or the newly created south sudan as part of a 2005 peace deal the north also accused the government of impeding democracy the united nations says more than 2000000 people have been affected by the conflict with more than have a 1000000 displaced so prove rounds of peace talks between the s.p.l. and north and the previous government of ahmed rashid collapsed when they failed to agree on many issues including humanitarian access. since the was also more than a series ago yeah boss has been cut off from the military and those of people but they bring also but many remain behind what missing the horrors of the civil war now with is coming in for the 1st time they're waiting to see after all of these years things are really starting to change. the most trouble held areas in the country are nearly impossible to access from the capital hot some so dan's new
1:45 pm
transitional government which is in talks with armed groups including the s.p.l. and north change that in december allowing aid workers to head in for the 1st time a major day a great breakthrough in an area that has not received the help that is needed none at all from the united nations in over 9 years and when you compound the war the conflict with the flooding that just takes place these people are in need of been extremely impressed with the openness and the willingness of the leadership of bilking others to do what we need to do without getting in the way and they have given us just unimpeded access talks between sudan's people liberation movement north leader abdul aziz and hello and the sudanese government are going on but many issues need to be resolved before a peace deal can be signed calling for an answer don oh for. justice. democracy equality of the busy problem is
1:46 pm
a show of the sharia sharia islamic law for. the macnow we warn a secular democratic. state and this is where the government is there looking as the issues continue to be talked through hundreds of thousands wait and hope that whatever the outcome be age will continue to arrive he will morgan al-jazeera yeah denial. twitter has removed nearly 6000 accounts which it says were part of coordinated efforts by saudi arabia to. promote its interests the social media company says the accounts were aggressively liking and retreating messages favorable to the kingdom discussions about sanctions in iran and appearances by saudis and western media were often the targets japan's prime minister has briefed iran's president on plans to send military forces to protect japanese oil exports from the gulf. a welcome touch on rouhani in tokyo on friday iran is looking for
1:47 pm
japanese support to boost an economy strangled by u.s. sanctions 90 percent of japan's crude oil is shipped from the middle east to cruise ships have got into a scrap with each other in mexico. so that's the carnival glory it was docking in the caribbean resort of cozumel but its 88000 ton sister ship was in the way as you can see 6 people suffered minor injuries as the stern of the corner of a legend was damaged. people of paris are getting on their bikes to beat the 3rd week of strikes by french transport workers cycling to works becoming ever more popular as metro and rail services remain at a standstill because of a dispute over pension reforms natasha butler has more. weaving through traffic in
1:48 pm
paris on a bike can be daunting at the best of times for more than 2 weeks of public transport strikes against the government's planned pension reforms has made cycling around the city particularly challenging with most metro train and bus services cut many people opting to cycle vinyl tied to all runs a shop in the city center that sells and repairs recycled bikes he says his staff is inundated with work we've seen far more people coming in lots who want an old bike fixed some who want to buy a cheap secondhand bike because the only plan to cycle temporarily lots of people bring in dusty bags that have been in their center which proves they don't normally cycle power says city council says the number of cyclists on the road has doubled since the strike began the mayor has long been encouraging people to bike rather than drive to help fight air pollution there's a vast network of cycle lanes and a widely used bike share scheme i would say yes i'm quite regularly that would
1:49 pm
strike them but they're often because there's not really enough there is good enough to stop it we say drivers are definitely more stressed and because i have to cycle further on busy road it's not easy there are also benefits to cycling it's often much faster on small to journeys it's more environmentally friendly than driving and also it's good exercise for since the beginning of the strides the roads have been so busy the city officials say that the number of accidents involving cyclists has surged emergency workers say the number of accidents involving bikes has increased by 40 percent this expert says that inexperience. writers are often ill prepared or poorly equipped. army to point you need a basic level of fitness if people are they may not have balance of they can fall down and risk fractures to their head shoulders and body also too much biking if you're fit can cause a multitude of health problems and pain in the knees head and back it's clear that
1:50 pm
many people will be relieved when the city's transport services returned to normal but with trade unions threatening to continue their industrial action throughout the holiday season that's unlikely to happen any time soon until then and despite the risks cycling remains one of the best ways to get around the trash which is they were powerless still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour the number one n.b.a. draft pick is back on the court warrant this recovery from injury that's coming up in just a moment and sports. was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him for as multicultural society it's not about. a pretty damning allegations that were all years ago how worried are you that the conditions are still right for another i think they are right join me maddi house and as i put it up from
1:51 pm
questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
1:52 pm
other weekend time for the sports news with paul during thank you very much a big weekend in the european football leagues has already begun dortmund had the chance to go without a point of the leaders at the top of the german bunds league married good separate them ahead of hoffenheim on friday night but don't mince chances of becoming champions for the 1st time since 2012 look on shaky ground they leaked 2 2nd off goals a late winner from andre cromer at sending hoffenheim within 3 points of dortmund in the german standings. german international mesut ozil could be on the pitch in the next few hours for his english club side aust know as they take on everton but it's still support for muslim minorities in china that's been having the most impact his criticism of china for its treatment of muslim week has in since young province was echoed by demonstrators in turkey on friday they marched in solidarity for those detained by authorities in the province which we get exiles called east
1:53 pm
turkistan as though he was of turkish origin was backed by protesters in istanbul for helping keep the spotlight on the situation china banned the broadcasts of us on. is in response to criticism. or not visit oceans on original behavior inspired us we thank. god we want everybody to raise their voice like he did we are a handful of muslims hear our voice is not loud enough but on his own. voice alarmed all of china. english premier league leaders liverpool will play brazilian side flamengo for the club world cup trophy on saturday the tournament being hosted by qatar a country set to be a focal point for global football for the next 3 years at least and the richardson reports. in cats are to watch the club world cup final fifa president johnny in fancy no could be forgiven the casting his gaze further forward the country won the bid to host the 2022 world cup long before infancy no took on football's top job
1:54 pm
but he's taking full ownership of the project he inherited let's use the world cup here in the middle east to do something positive to change maybe the way in which we in the western part of the world look at the top part of the world maybe if we can do that. even just a little bit by opening ourselves up well then we have already achieved something. the 17 club world cup a 1st chance for many visiting fans to get a taste of what's to come in qatar at the main world cup in 3 years time for in fancy new and cats all this events king valley will be the logistical lessons learnt ahead of 2022 for liverpool and for mango for this club world cup is of enormous importance in itself both clubs have rich and successful histories but neither have ever won this title. at a time when so much global talent heads to europe's more lucrative leagues the competition holds a special place in south american hearts brazil's 4 mango team with
1:55 pm
a shot at proving themselves on a global stage liverpool's brazilian keep our sin all too aware of what's at stake you can feel from from me will save the supporters are here already. supporting the. scheme was more than 10001000 supporters from for me will say. but this is not just big for them is big photos also. local fans have been enjoying this rare opportunity to see some of the games top stars in action some providing photos for an exhibition which aims to illustrate just how much football means to them. definitely. can take pride in the fact that it will be the 1st country in the region to was there woke up so when the eyes 5 of the world turned up at that in 322 i hope. we can offer a different perspective one on football in the region the culture of the entire
1:56 pm
region the club world cup returns to cats on next year as the country steps up its efforts to get ready for 2022 and convince the doubters it is a deserving host and the richardson al-jazeera doha. qatar's neighbors saudi arabia hosts the a talent super cup between your friends on lots on sunday in the absence roma have gone within 7 points of you right at the top of syria a strong to victory at fiorentina on friday at injector with a pick of the goals and 41 win there now one point behind let's 0 in 4th. the denver nuggets prepared for their western conference showdown with the l.a. lakers with victory over the minnesota timberwolves jamal murray and nickel a yoke which combined for 50 points and combined hair to turn defense into attack murray with 28 points on friday the nuggets are 2nd behind the lakers in the west ahead of sunday's game. last season's champions the toronto raptors were tied with washington with 3 minutes to go
1:57 pm
a smith's leveling out for his wizards and carl lowry then brought it back to the raptors scoring 26 points on helping to secure a 4th win in a row final score 122-2118. on the number one and be a draft pick zion williamson is back at practice for the new orleans pelicans the rookie had knee surgery in october he still some way off making his debut for new orleans who have won just 7 games so far great player stephanus city passes hoping to dethrone the top 3 tennis stars in 2020 and he started by ending 210018 high note he won the a.t.p. finals last month and on friday the world number 6 came from a set down to beat 16 time grand slam champion novak djokovic in the semi's of the world tennis championship in abu dhabi reform and all up for him in the final. 6. during ok paul thank you very much and thanks for watching the news hour an hour just 0 that's it for the news hour but peter dobby's with you in just
1:58 pm
a moment with much more news coming our way thanks for watching by. because. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of tunnel realty and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest situations alchemist and pack for that they are. the main things that
1:59 pm
sets out 0 apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok to get a little more complicated operations probably if this is not an act of creation i'm going to move the walk because of the work you're doing here is amazing but there aren't so many fossils and it feels like this is just a dent what was your relationship with joe di normal or ok personally i'm just in this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now. with one of the highest murder rates in the world the main challenger one of central america smallest countries is gang related violence you are a country that's not technically a war but you have levels of qualls that look like countries that the president of
2:00 pm
el salvador. talks to how does iraq. india's leader meets his ministers after another nights of violence and more protests against the contentious citizenship law. you're watching. also coming up even more homes lost in eastern and southern australia intensified by searing heat and strong winds. a former university lecturer sentenced to death. on facebook.


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