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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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lobs did you go to. this meeting. is there in. al jazeera. al-jazeera. hello there i'm the star and this is the news hour live from daraa coming up in the next 60 minutes india's leader and ministers meet to discuss the violent protests that have spiraled into one of the biggest crises yet for his government. a former university lecturer is sentenced to death for blasphemy and pakistan as a facebook parts. argentina approves an emergency financial package but will it be the shot on the arm its economy needs. on the skull of bethlehem the mysterious
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street artist banksy unveils a dark nativity scene in the occupied west bank. i don't people stand with sport the club world cup final sees liverpool take on flamingo with both teams trying to win the trophy for the 1st time. india's prime minister is grappling with the biggest domestic challenge since he came to power in 2014 render modi has been chairing a council of ministers to discuss the growing protests over a new citizenship law that excludes muslims thousands of people continue to rally across the country despite restrictions and bans imposed by officials at least 19 people have now been killed and more than 4000 detained since just last week much of the violence on friday was in the northern stage of the pradesh where protesters set fires and threw. iraq's police have been accused of using excessive force
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demonstrations have largely been peaceful in states controlled by the opposition where regional leaders have said they weren't implement the new law on friday thousands took part in a rally in west bengal the state's chief minister is a fierce opponent of prime minister modi alternative a. government wants one religion to be separated we one led to happen we are united . trains us now live from new delhi sabina we saw large protests there yesterday what's the situation like on the ground today. so we just came back from one of the protests sites with a job slimy university side there's some of the 1st protests started like we said we went there in the mid-afternoon the protests just grew it became quite massive the university has been closed for a while for a week now almost but the students were still gathering over there joined by
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civilians joined by men women of all colors of all religions and they were all protesting the there for unity so the most amazing thing was that there was no religious religious tone to the protests most of them are saying that. is citizenship rule is anti constitutional and so the discussions that get that happen there are lawyers of are there who are talking about the importance of upholding the constitution the secularism within the constitution and the equality within the constitution so they have been talking about the importance of holding together the fabric in which this nation has been built upon sabina given the sheer scale and the spread of these protesters the government show any sign at all of backing down . we haven't
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heard that the government is actually backing down but what we do know is that some within the leading corelation some they have been saying that the. law is untimely and. then there are some who are some within the. ruling party who are also. kind of raising some insightful religious sentiments but that has been largely put down by others within the coalition and most of the people now seeing that this is unconstitutional and. is so it will be interesting to see to morrow there is a large rally by the b.g.p. in delhi and how things will progress from there because there hasn't been an official response by the government yet to be there for us live in new delhi thank
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you for that update sabina now a court and pakistan has sentenced a university lecturer to death for blasphemy jeanette have fees was arrested back in 2013 accused of insulting the prophet muhammad on facebook he spent nearly 6 years in solitary confinement waiting for his trial pakistan's controversial basque mean or carries an automatic death penalty the country has yet to carry out a death sentence for the charge but the law has drawn widespread condemnation from rights groups what about 40 people convicted of blasphemy are on death row in pakistan is your baby a christian woman spent more than 80 years on death row before her conviction was overturned a year ago she has since sort of siloam and canada her case attracted global attention and led to the killing of punjab governor salman to see here he was shot dead by one of his bodyguards and 2011 to say oppose the best from the laws and had called for bibi to be pardoned. 3 months later pakistan's minorities minister was
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killed by gunmen in islamabad shahbaz bhatti a christian had received death threats after suggesting that the best meeting was be reforms or let's go live now to come out hydrogen is in islamabad for us kemal i also see that half uses fast a lawyer who is also a rights activist rashid rehman he was also met it when he refused to abandon his time back in 2014 tell us about the depth of feeling here around these laws. related 4 of these laws 'd and they have made headlines and bulger stone in the bog because sometimes the mall has taken and people have taken the law into their own hind that particular lawyer that you mentioned. 2040 injured. because they are trying to think long. many judges were traded in the process and after the murder of
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a lawyer he was put in solitary confinement because of fear for his life so indeed once again the controversy surrounding the blasphemy law is a back into focus if you're going to read a member gets done under section 295 c of the pakistan penal code or 'd any by anybody. degrades the name of the holy prophet is punishable by death so indeed a very serious charge of course will be able to go to the high court to appeal against that. family and also complained of a malicious gun against their son who they say was the victim of all fall or take it should read a member delegate in pakistan sometimes that particular law had been used by people to decide to go 'd again personally when. kemal how is the government been
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responding not only to the opposition to the israelis but also to the deaths of those involved in the case as you were talking about mobs there of people being held accountable. yeah b.b.'s gave that one you mentioned a little while ago there was massive protest then bug is gone but the government was determined 'd. she was then released. by the bloggers are new supreme court 'd and then taken out of the country for to go to d.d. even though i thought of this particular issue it's going. to the government. because there could be a backlash against the government through budget would be important to see how this gets progress because according to the. long years. the coming of their strong.
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kemal hyde are there for us in islamabad thank you for that come on. all 3 people have been killed in libya and the latest round of drone strikes by world 24 hafta his forces attacked the town of influenza in the northwest of libya the internationally recognized government says the drones are being piloted by the united arab emirates which supports the warlords last week after announced what he calls a final offensive to take the capital of tripoli went out to la he joins us now live from tripoli with this latest round of fighting seems to be a confrontation with government forces who are trying to stage an assault on one of have those key bases. well the government forces are trying to recapture the city of the art of war now about 65 kilometers to the south east from the tripoli why because the horner is now with the main a stronghold for have to his forces and government military sources say that enter
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horner have to those forces have russian medicine or ease from the wagner's mysteries company the russian company that's according to the government military sources meanwhile the government. forces tried to open new front lines in the vicinity of the city of horner but they retreated after have to this fighter jets targeted their locations yesterday and this morning we're getting the news from the city of them about 88 kilometers east of from tripoli saying that have those forces. have launched a new offensive to take control of the city of them after the government forces withdraw from there now civilians in the city of them are telling us tragic as to what is about random rockets landing in their densely populated areas
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and a mosque was targeted a little while ago and also they say that 3 people from were killed and 9 others wanted by airstrikes lunch should by a draw have to the drones and also make $23.00 fighter jets the story out of remains very tense between horner and select as have those forces are proceeding towards the city of them select their which is affiliated to the forces loyal to the you enter the government of national accord and mahmoud that government has accepted military assistance from turkey is there a concern that that's going to just mean the esc the fighting escalates found there . well military sources on the ground say that the are in bad need of to military assistance as you know that the government has decided to activate or put in place the military agreement to military cooperation agreement signed with the last month but as we are now expecting the turkish
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parliament to pass or endorse this agreement the situation on the ground is very bleak is very tense clashes are renewing and today even in southern tripoli in many axes clashes renewed between the government forces and forces loyal to the warlord. specially around to walk strategic military camp or have the forces took control of a few days ago and today the government forces are been trying to recapture this military camp because it's very strategic as long as i have the forces are positioned in that military camp then they can proceed towards tripoli city center at any moment the situation remains very tense in the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli and also on the way from city to the city of as i said mr the military commanders on the ground they are these say that they are in bad
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need of the military assistance mamma that obama had there for us on the ground in tripoli thank you matthew and as we were just saying that turkey's parliament has backed a military deal increasing cooperation with libya's tripoli government and trying to defend the capital from war really for hathor but our correspondent mohammed says it will be some time before taki actually considers deploying troops. this ratification is just a relative question of the agreement between libya and turkey but what's happening it was going to happen from now on will depend on a formal request that the d.n.a. in tripoli that's the government that's recognized by the united nations. has to send a request to uncover so that when once they get these requests it has to go fast of parliament for another agreement and not from parliament and also from the
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formulation of the monday to what exactly those troops would be mandated to do in libya once they get there before they can be deployed really hearing from sources that the government he is not expecting a formal request from tripoli until probably february but that could change given the also involved. when you get general huff that is comprised now coming out against the government installations and positions. well has plenty more ahead for you this news hour including the bombardment of syria's lost a rebel held province intensifies the un security council fails to approve rival resolutions to deliver aid. and violence in chile as capital as protest as rejects what they say al gore says down reforms. and 2 new premier league managers watch on at goodison park we'll have the details.
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leaders of countries in west africa in nigeria to discuss how to reduce attacks in the region at their last meeting the regional body pledged a $1000000000.00 to boost military operations in the lawless desert region $71.00 soldiers were killed in the month near the border with mali troops are often the target of groups linked to al qaeda but our correspondent at interest says in a bridge or for that meeting of what's top of the agenda and what are they actually hoping to achieve that. well basically in the stress here there are several issues that have been discussed one of them of course is the monetary union the launch of the single currency called the echo for which the economic the the commission for the cause economic community of west african states said 7 countries
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are already have already made significant progress and ready for the launch others are trying to come up various levels of compliance and there is also the issue of the elections presidential elections in guinea bissau but most importantly the countries discussed the deteriorating security situation in the in the so how and the region well hundreds of soldiers have been killed over the last 4 months now there was a fund launched a few months ago at the last meeting of the course meeting of 1000000000. a fund to aid military operations in the region which of course already more than about $100000000.00 according to the commission of the ecowas has been disbursed to militaries or armies in the region to tackle these insurgents but to talk about this deteriorating security conditions security problems in the as well as the lectured region is. retired i am
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a military officer in nigeria an air force officer in nigeria who is also. a senior research fellow at the nigerian defense college group captain said they got about share will talk to us about this fund is it something that can really solve the problem in west africa problems in mali child and all those countries affected by violent attacks over the last few years or so i think you very much now this side a section of this fund we can see is a very good sign and i think it's a realisation for the leaders in the same region that they have to prove ownership of the security in this region if you realize you know in the current times most of the support is coming from either the colonial former colonial masters or the non regional actors now it's becoming clear what the experience in the g. 5 so i have that the countries themselves they have to put their money where their
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mouth is but at the problem is the one that $1000000000.00 fund required or requested will be enough to deal with the problems with child cameroon and nigeria mali putting across in all these countries well to be honest with you looking at the at the gaps that exist in the individual militarists and the fact that right from to this military swear not organized or structured to plan counterterrorism the 1000000000 ira is a substantial amount but it may not be completely enough to have all the problems but like i said it's a very good step the cause we have to see that the military's have to be revamped they have to be equipped they have to be trained is sure that they can meet the challenges that the subject is facing now you've served in the african force in mali in 2013 what are the peculiar problems in mali and how can regional forces as well as international forces deal with a problem a time remember the time when the african you know when to 20 that is before the arrival of the of the of the united nations we have problems of coordination which
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still exist if you remember according to the african peace and security. there is this principle of subsidiarity that is to say when the problem of course the organization or suborganizations that is nearest to the problem should act so it was built on the principle that it was 1st interviewed the litter on the african union took over however among the 1st people that are in mali there was a little problem of coordination and again there was a problem of financing if i could remember correctly a lot of the finances i mean a lot of the contin just could not deploy jealous local finances there was no positive until they were paying union came in with some $50000000.00 what we saw now i will have to stop you the captain said bigger issue and one of the things that were discussed a chile at today's summit of the cause is the issue of empowering multinational forces to take more like defer or sense of direction rather than
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depressive actions in mali so basically the meeting has ended just a few minutes ago we waiting for a final communique on that nastasia. there for us and a bridge at that meeting thank you almond well as ecowas grapples with that security crisis in the sahara french forces have killed 33 fighters and the region of mali president among american made the announcement in a speech on the ivory coast french army command confirms the death toll in the operation which it said took place overnight and here the mauritanian border. well talks aimed at resolving disputes over the largest hydroelectric dam in africa a county taking place in sudan's capital khartoum the $4000000000.00 grand ethiopian renee's on stand on the river nile is nearing completion the ethiopians say it will provide power to 70000000 people and revitalize the economy neighbors sudan and egypt to fear it will reduce water supply for drinking and irrigation.
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and staying in sudan has reached their remote rebel held area for the 1st time in nearly 9 years as have a morgan reports from state the welcome arrival of food and other essentials coincides with talks to end is fighting when she heard that aid would be arriving in the state them says she walked for more than 8 hours to care for it after more than 80 years the area controlled by sudanese rebels known as the sudan's people liberation movement north is finally receiving humanitarian aid and did not want to miss out as. there is no food most of the time and because of the constant bombardment in the 1st years of the war a lot of terrible things happened they didn't care where their bombs are being dropped on people farms or livestock some of us fled to ethiopia but i could go because i didn't want to leave my home and become a refugee. the war between sudan's government and the s.p.l. in north erupted after the government refused to allow the states of south kordofan
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and blue nile a referendum on whether to be part of sudan or the newly created south sudan as part of a 2005 peace deal the s.p.l. and north also accuse the government of impeding democracy in the united nations says more than 2000000 people have been affected by the conflict with more than have a 1000000 displaced several rounds of peace talks between the s.p.l. and north and the previous government of ahmed rashid collapsed when they failed to agree on many issues including humanitarian access. since the was also more than a series ago yeah boss has been cut off from the military tens of thousands of people but the brits also but many remain behind what missing the horrors of a civil war now with is coming in for the 1st time they're waiting to see after all of these years things are really starting to change. the most trouble held areas in the country are nearly impossible to access from the capital hurts whom so dan's new transitional government which is in talks with armed groups including the
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s.p.l. and north changed that in december allowing aid workers to head in for the 1st time a major day a great breakthrough in an area that has not received the help that is needed none at all from the united nations in over 9 years and when you compound the war the conflict with the flooding that just takes place these people are in need of been extremely impressed with the openness and the willingness of the leadership of harm dilke and others to do what we need to do without getting in the way and they have given us just unimpeded access talks between sudan's people liberation movement north leader abdul aziz and hello and the sudanese government are going on but many issues need to be resolved before a peace deal can be signed calling for an answer don oh for. justice. democracy and equality of the busy problem is a show of the sharia sharia islamic law for. the macnow we were on
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a secular democratic. state and this is where the government is there like as the issues continue to be talked through hundreds of thousands wait and hope that whatever the outcome be age will continue to arrive he will morgan al-jazeera yeah denial. now syrian government forces on their russian allies have bombed rebel held areas and added province killing 11 people. the airstrikes hit a busy market and sorry kiev and then the city's main road as people try to flee the attack the city of mars a new man was also targeted that's home to more than 100000 people who've escaped fighting elsewhere syrian troops are advancing capturing 2 more villages on the southern edge of it there are thousands of people leaving syria's and their province heading for the turkish border to get away from airstrikes and bombings the un security council meanwhile has rejected arrival resolutions that would have
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continued the delivery of aid to syria mike hanna explains the establishment of the 4 crossing points has been renewed each year the 1st time that russia backed by china has cast a veto the drafters of the resolution had initially wanted 5 crossing points to be established but then they reduce this to 3 in the bill to avoid the russian and chinese veto but even this watered down resolution failed to pass raising once again the question of the credibility of the security council just as i was sitting . in the seat in a state of shock i am continuing to stand here in a state of shock and as many of you know when i started the presidency in the month of december i talked about credibility in the council and today we took a huge step backwards in credibility where it really matters russia in turn introduced its own resolutions suggesting to crossing points be open for
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a period of 6 months both on the turkish border this was rejected by 6 members of the council who labeled it as a cynical political move the united kingdom voted against aggression just because we will not negotiate with a gun held to our heads over a cynical offer that would say fewer lives than we know is needed and that the u.n. very clearly settlement was necessary. the one year term for the fall crossing points expires on the 10th of january and unless the security council can come up with a compromise resolution by that date it will be millions of syrians with no humanitarian aid. well there have been more closed door meetings in lebanon as the man picked to be the new prime minister tries to gather support from rival political blocs has and has held talks with outgoing leaders saad hariri is promising to form
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a government within 6 weeks but hariri supporters aren't happy with his replacement on friday troops fired tear gas at protesters who blocked roads and held rocks hariri has called for calm. but that could either she. or me or i wish all could express themselves in a peaceful way because the army is aus and it is for older liberties and i wish if anyone is angry that he can protest peacefully in god's will the prime minister whose son is conducting his consultations we hope for good for all. now still ahead on al-jazeera it strikes halting paris's public transport walking. by. and ready for the game take care i have been that the brand new stadium he said will have more unstable.
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some lovely weather across a good parts of the middle east over the next couple days lost the 5 and dry basin places a cloud moving further east would say to ward specs because it's down more than parts of afghanistan over towards the other side of the region just around the events to confide and dry there will be some but some places a cloud just spilling into the east the side of the medicine go on into monday but i think it's going to stay off shore here so generally saying more pleasant sunshine and that's the case too as we go on through monday highs of 19 celsius for baghdad and also for kuwait city in the fine dry weather a so-so extending its way across the river but instead because it gets temperatures here in doha touching 23 celsius over the next couple of days and with a light breeze really will be a very pleasant little cloud down towards a far south of the region maybe over towards the horn of africa but again i think it should be dry the still largely draco's a good parts of southern africa some showers just spilling out of namibia into the
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eastern side of south africa further west it will be settled and sunny $22.00 celsius there in capetown a few showers then with just around the eastern side of the region showers today for. more the possum a zombie tug interesting web along with a good plot tanzania. the ovarian protesters across france have demanded economic justice police have responded with mass arrests m h a grade weapons to constrain the univision movement do you think he could have been mistaken between aiming at your head all you access all those people in palin has been in france to investigate the escalation of violence in darfur what this means to free speech and the democratic rights of its citizens police on trial on al-jazeera.
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hello again i'm just. a reminder of our top stories this hour thousands of people continue to protest across india as the backlash intensifies over a new your citizenship prime minister narendra modi has been meeting with his
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cabinet to discuss the unrest at least 22 people have now been killed and more than 1500 arrested since last week. a court in pakistan has sentenced a university lecturer to death for blasphemy junaid have keys was arrested and 2013 accused of insulting islam prophet mohammed on facebook. and 3 people have been killed in libya and the latest round of drone strikes by warlord khalifa haftar meanwhile turkey's parliament has backed a military deal increasing cooperation with libya's tripoli government. well more now top story now the growing unrest in india it's been discussed in malaysia where prime minister mahathir mohamad has been hosting a conference of muslim leaders tells us more from kuala lumpur after 3 days of discussions the kuala lumpur summit concluded with what the organizers the scribed practical steps promised 18 cooperation agreements between muslim countries have been signed include investments in technology media food security and the depletion
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the final day was marked by some strong statements by malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad that he thought u.s. sanctions on iran which you described as a criminal act you learn in particular this but the use of sanctions been able to good to you to prove this and develop. but to have been subjected to. and like he has managed to rise above it and prove this impressively he also said pakistan's prime minister must have his own reasons for pulling out of the summit at the last minute and although he avoided questions on the persecution of the will go muslims in china he strongly condemned israel for its occupation of palestinian land saying israel should be brought before an international court he also criticised india's new citizenship law which discriminates against muslims to exclude. from becoming citizens even by
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duplessis i think is unfair saw we have voice. disagreement with this kind of treatment organizers say they have achieved their objectives aware perhaps of the regional sensitivities the meeting has provoked they have decided to change its name from the kuala lumpur summit to the taliban a form or higher form but they say the name change doesn't necessarily mean any modification of the main objective of the summit which is the empowerment of the muslim world. well india has rejected the malaysian prime minister's comments saying in a statement that the citizenship law doesn't impact the status of any indian citizen or deprive any indian of any faith of their citizenship the malaysian prime minister's remark is factually inaccurate we call upon malaysia to refrain from commenting on internal developments in india but out the right understanding of
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facts. now russia says construction must continue on its gas pipeline to europe despite threats of u.s. sanctions work is being threatened after president donald trump announced the new legislation on friday is included sanctions against companies involved in building the nord stream to pipeline trump says bypassing ukraine to deliver natural gas to germany gives russia too much influence in europe but lin has also rejected the u.s. sanctions while political analyst at stanford university ballin olrik brokenness says the sanctions point to strange ties between germany and the us broken a explains why the project has become so contentious well it is not something that pops up in the last year or so it is a project that has been ongoing for a long time and there's a reason why it's called north stream tool there's a north korean one already and they just double the capacity of what is used as a pipeline to bring gas directly from russia to germany which makes
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a number of actors in the 2 political scene upset 1st and foremost the transit countries don't get revenues from acting as transit countries secondly it's against the european union's interest of an integrated energy policy and 1st and foremost and that's the main reason for the united states to impose sanctions on this was company that builds the pipeline is that the u.s. wants to sell gas from fracking from the united states that can be shipped as liquefied gas to ports in europe and so russia is just a competitor and the united states want to sell their gas to germany. now it's a familiar story in argentina the government's again deep in debt as inflation and poverty levels rise holliman has voted today an economic emergency and has announced new measures aimed at alleviating the crisis but opinion is split on whether the tax rises and other reforms will work this time money or power has.
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a sweeping new economic law has been approved by argentina's congress it's ensuring you'll get officials declared a public emergency to prioritize the worsening debt crisis gripping the nation's economy. it does necessary to solve the debt problem in order to bear you need the ability to pay and in order to be able to pay the economy has to cover. argentina's debt crisis has put the government on high alert the new economic measures seek to combat worsening poverty and to curb back inflation estimated to reach as high as 55 percent by the end of 2019. the planned will also implement higher taxes related to farm products tourism and exports. on wednesday thousands protested outside argentina's congress calling for a rejection of the economic plan to go if you're going to let you go because here the president of the nation said last week that if we don't like something about
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them we can go out in the street well here we are mr president and we're asking for seriousness. for those in favor of the law the measures are a crucial step toward restoring economic stability by our country was left of concrete steps are not taken to curb hunger and poverty things will only get worse . the government says 70 percent of revenues recovered from the new taxes will be directed toward housing infrastructure and social projects but some analysts believe the measures go too far it's more of an imposition by consensus building strategy so you know for the for the government it's really important to show that it has all the tools. negotiate with the i.m.f. to bring in more funds through taxation the challenge is that the powers are so broad that it effectively reduces the quality and effectiveness of democracy and for any investor looking at the country from outside the be wondering how long will
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this last for will it only be in 2020 or will this administration seek to extend such powers beyond that date. the public debate over argentina's economic policies takes place is the nation's central bank is engaged in talks with private creditors and the international monetary fund over the nation's debt estimated at $50000000000.00. now protesters have returned to the streets of chile as capital angry about delays in negotiating a new constitution police who used tear gas and water cannon to disperse demonstrators in santiago it's the latest in the 2 month long demonstrations over social inequality on thursday chile's congress approved a referendum on changing the constitution which is one of the protesters key demands our last american editor you see in yemen has been with protesters in santiago. masses of demonstrators are trying to gather near centavos main protest
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area in italia plaza but in a change of strategy the riot police have cordoned off the whole area and are using large amounts of tear gas and water kind of to continue says the spurstow crouch. all day they've been breaking up even small authorized demonstrations but the protesters keep coming back. and now the police is chasing after the protesters on motorcycles and on foot to arrest them. there is a lot of anger here 1st because the senate approved an agreement to allow a referendum on whether or not to rewrite the constitution which is been a key demand but it did not include a constitutional assembly that guarantees gender parity of quotas to chile's indigenous groups that may change but most people here say they don't trust their politicians it's been more than 2 months since a massive protest the structural changes to redress the social and economic
6:40 pm
inequalities here began and while the government has offered some concessions including a raise in salaries and pensions the protesters and people elsewhere say these don't go nearly far enough. now out of control bush fires are burning in australia destroying homes and coming dangerously close to major cities take a look at this video captured from a passenger plane it shows several fires now adelaide the cap the capital of the state of south australia 2 people have died there and at least 100 bushfires abounding around sydney and the state of new south wales record temperatures and howling winds have combined to there to create what forecasters say are catastrophic conditions just a washington reports from sydney's western outskirts this is usually one of sydney's most popular tourist attractions the normally. bordering the outskirts of the city. much of it now do. estimated by push violence. they've been burning across large parts of australia for months now with flames as high as 70
6:41 pm
metres the fire in this region alone has destroyed an area 7 times the size of singapore. but this isn't just bush land it's home for thousands of australians fire crews are working tirelessly to protect residents robert beecroft is a former volunteer firefighter he's seen many bushfires in his time but this one is different for being here for 67 years i've seen a lot of for sure the mountains actually might have to rise for quite a few forms but. i haven't saying so many out of control back that the bee crops like so many families here face a difficult choice leave everything behind or stay and potentially put themselves in danger it's a little bit stressful but you just got to remain positive us suppose it's hard to think of what you want to keep and everything but just get what seems important at the time to go and i'm sure there'll be other things that you think about later but
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just be prepared i guess it's just bad timing obviously around the holidays but what can you do really. score it's pretty confronting. volatile for such a strain from the shells some of these fires have been burning since july but authorities are warning that these are catastrophic conditions it's the combination of extreme heat strong winds and low humidity that makes the situation on the ground incredibly dangerous firefighters are battling the blaze on the ground and from the air the intense heat has even generated its own thunderstorm nearly all the men and women fighting the fires are volunteers some haven't seen their families in days for locals who risk losing almost everything some are just trying to do whatever they can. it's just been quite difficult when they're older you get much sleep and it's. anxious to be problems as word this is just the
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beginning of summer and many of fearful of what lies ahead for the rest of the bush my season to school washington al-jazeera blackheath mr elliott more than 50000 guns have been handed over in new zealand since a ban was imposed on assault weapons the government started buying back the weapons about 6 months ago it's part of reforms implemented since a mass shooting of 2 mosques in march when 51 people were killed gun owners were also given the option of modifying their firearms to make them compliant with tougher laws you know i have heard countless feedback from many of the like oh by dick events it is all going good in nearly $32000.00 kiwi separate to supply the next so they're sure they're about 15 percent of the of the gun only community with a license community should cite it handed in the weapons and i think that feels
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about right twitter has removed nearly 6000 accounts which it says were part of coordinated efforts by saudi arabia to promote its interests the social media company says the accounts were aggressively liking and retreating messages favorable to the kingdom discussions about sanctions in iran and appearances by saudis and western media were often targeted. now a new piece by the mysterious stray showers as banksy has been unveiled and bethlehem and the occupied west bank during just a few days before christmas at the work highlights palestinians lives under occupation especially during the season he did abraham has more from bethlehem the score of bethlehem a play on words on the star of bethlehem the store that is believed. was grow to over 2000 years ago banksy says it's a modified take on the traditional nativity set and it's been unveiled to here today in what is known here as the largest collection of banks's work in the world
6:45 pm
banks is trying to be a voice for those who cannot speak simply like this. he's trying to hold. our situation through art to make palestinian voice reach the world through art where a few days away from christmas here in bethlehem which is the traditional location many tourists come to to celebrate the occasion this hotel has been here since 2007 and it seems to bring more tourists here and to show them the life of palestinians specifically near the separation wall it's called the walled off hotel and definitely more work by banksy is the hope here by palestinians that it can drive more tourists to come to palestine. now people in paris are getting on their bikes to bates the 3rd week of strikes by french transport workers cycling to work is becoming ever more popular as metro and rail services remain at a standstill because of a dispute over pension reforms natasha but that has more. weaving through traffic
6:46 pm
in paris on a bike can be daunting at the best of times for more than 2 weeks of public transport strikes against the government's planned pension reforms has made cycling around the city particularly challenging with most metro train and bus services cut many people opting to cycle vinyl tied to old runs a shop in the city center that sells and repairs recycled bikes he says his staff is inundated with work we've seen far more people coming in lots who want an old bike fixed some who want to buy a cheap secondhand bike because the only plan to cycle temporarily lots of people bring in dusty bags that have been in the center which proves they don't normally cycle persistency council says the number of cyclists on the road has doubled since the strike began the mayor has long been encouraging people to bike rather than drive to help fight air pollution there's a vast network of cycle lanes and
6:47 pm
a widely used bike share scheme i would say using right regularly would strike them but they're often because there's not really enough there is good enough to say drivers are definitely more stressed and because i have to cycle further on busy road it's not easy there are also benefits to cycling it's often much faster on journeys it's more environmentally friendly than driving and also it's good exercise for since the beginning of the still lives the roads have been so busy the city officials say that the number of accidents involving cyclists has surged emergency workers say the number of accidents involving bikes has increased by 40 percent this expert says that inexperienced riders are often. head or poorly equipped. to bike you need a basic level of fitness if people are they may not have balance of they can fall down and risk for anxious to the head shoulders and body also too much biking if you're off it can cause
6:48 pm
a multitude of health problems and pain in the knees head and back it's clear that many people will be relieved when the city's transport services return to normal but with trade unions threatening to continue their industrial action throughout the holiday season that's unlikely to happen any time soon until then and despite the risks cycling remains one of the best ways to get around the tasha butler al-jazeera palace. still ahead and scores well kaveh vents in europe are abandoned . he said will have more shortly. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the can only project that's what we refuse it was one of the sound of a settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own
6:49 pm
people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . where every.
6:50 pm
well it's time for school and peace is very excited about this little bit more excited than europeans you might argue no stars here we start with that club world cup final happening here in doha european champions liverpool take on south america's best side flamengo with both teams trying to win the trophy for the 1st time let's cross over to our correspondent andy richardson who's live for us outside. international stadium and the tongue in cheek that we get both into the title is more important for south american teams than the europeans but how true is that. i think it's something that's liverpool and you're going to change to tonight's game but certainly just judging by the fans coming in it's a nice game are expecting 121-5000 flying out front so it might the long shot from brazil for this game underlining just what it means to that club so that consonance the precursor to the club world cup was something called the intercontinental cup
6:51 pm
that was a one off match your final just played between the champions of europe and south america and when pele son's last seen one bought a couple times in the 1960 s. that really wove this title into the fabric of brazilian football for mangere themselves when it's in 1981 that scene was inspired then by the one of brazil's all time great players zico and they beat liverpool 3 nil in that game played in so that is a game for the flamingo fans still sing about to this day and they were desperate for liverpool to get through their semifinal against montserrat to set up some sort of rematch. and since the club world cup has come out of the incidents and antle cup the 1st ever club world cup was held in brazil and won by a brazilian team so there's a rich history of brazilian seems doing well the timing of it helps their clubs as well it comes at the end of their season so for mango of just one a couple ever said or is the brazilian domestic title now they have the chance to really cap off what's probably the greatest season in their history whereas for
6:52 pm
liverpool it could be viewed as a bit of a mid season inconvenience and on. the sons of. americans who are away looking to. sorry sorry i mean please continue i apologize. no carry on peter what i was saying is that you talk about it being a mid-season inconvenience a little to what extent can we say that they were warming to the toss. yeah it's definitely a problem. couldn't help but have a huge digs at the football and authorities back home in his pre-match press conferences saying. i was sent here with clear directions to become heroes and world champions liverpool told they also someone had to stay behind in england and play in the league cup the consequence was that while the 1st teams here in cats are a junior team who play in the u.k. more badly beaten by aston villa or in the league cup game also suggesting that.
6:53 pm
while liverpool would be going back to the premier league in a game against leicester city for mango would be greeted by a street party but as it is they are focused and definitely there is a lot of resources going into liverpool doing well at this tournament compare that sets in 1901 that game i mentioned when liverpool flew over to tokyo supply for mango and it's a continental cup the players from that scots talking about the fact that they took an economy flight which took them 18 hours and sort of viral last because they couldn't fly over russian air space and they got to the game barely with time to a climate science or so just the time zones and as a consequence are pretty badly beats and this time around though probably helped by the fact that they got some brazilian players in there to see not to be their goal keeper alice in their forward reverse side for me not really underlining just how important this will be to their opponents and winning trophies is a good habit to get into when liverpool want to have this bit of silverware in their trophy cabinet if they go back to the u.k.
6:54 pm
and then try and win that english premier league title for the 1st time in 30 years and in richardson will even been here from you again later thank you very much. so 2 new english premier league managers watched from the stands as everyone an arsenal played out a goal or straw at goodison park on saturday and it's announced the appointment of color before kick off arsenal's new head coach mikel arteta was also in an observer's role for this match and philosophy was sacked by napoli only last week the italian has signed a 4 and a half year deal at everton arsenal player mesut ozil support for muslim minorities in china has been having an impact away from social media is instagram post about the treatment of muslim leaders in chin young province was praised by demonstrators in turkey on friday they marched in solidarity for those detained by authorities in the province which we get exiles call east turkistan who is of turkish origin was backed by protesters in istanbul for helping keep the spotlight on the situation
6:55 pm
china banned their broadcasts of arsenal matches in response to criticism this will be an all out visit oceans owner of behavior inspired us we thank. god we want everybody to raise their voice like he did we are a handful of muslims hear our voice is not loud enough but on his own message alarmed all of china. pakistan's cricketers have given themselves a great chance of winning their 1st test series on home soil for a decade they lead sri lanka by 315 runs after the 3rd day's play in karate with 174 and sharon mustards 135 have put them in control their partnership of 278 how pakistan reached 395 the 2 in their 2nd innings of the close in the deciding match of the series. australia's sports federations are bracing themselves for disruption of the busy end of year period where the country dealing with hundreds of bushfires saturday's big bash cricket match in canberra between
6:56 pm
adelaide and sydney was called off by the umpires during play smoke was creating a lack of visibility and poor air quality and the game was abandoned by contrast in europe heavy snow disrupted the sporting showed you at the world cup skiing with 2 events cancelled on saturday the men's downhill advo gardener in italy and women's downhill in the se of france and able to take place in those conditions the denver nuggets prepared for their western conference showdown with the l.a. lakers with a victory over the minnesota timberwolves jamal murray and nickel york which combine for 50 points and combined here to turn defense into attack mary with 28 points on friday the nuggets are 2nd behind the lakers in the west ahead of sunday's game. last season's champions the frontal raptors were tied with washington with 3 minutes to go if smith leveling about for the wizards car lowry
6:57 pm
then brought it back for the raptors scoring 26 points and helping to secure a 4th win in a row final score one 122180. and the number one n.b.a. draft pick zion williamson is back at practice for the new orleans pelicans the rookie had knee surgery in october is still some way of making his day before new orleans though the pelicans have just 7 games so far have just won 7 i beg your pardon. the still a man of the last 3 olympics is saying bolton japan's rugby world cup team have helped officially open the new national stadium to tokyo 202060000 people were in attendance will be occasion which included a traditional japanese mazzotti festival with dancing and chanting around the track the state of course one and a half $1000000000.00 to build. and that's where we'll leave the sports news for the stuff thanks so much peace at all that's it from me and at this news hour and i'll be back in just a few minutes with much more at the day's to stay with us here on out is there.
6:58 pm
a football tournament like no other and in the at the beginning we used to play football in the streets using a soccer al-jazeera world meets a group of sudanese boy is determined to win against a backdrop of conflict and uncertainty and this week. when i walk in the street people stop me. it's because a. door for football for peace on al-jazeera.
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it's a tough time for the afghan security forces taliban attacks have increased their suffering heavy casualties and the prospect of a withdrawal of u.s. forces hangs over them yet young men are still joining up some for putting reasons for others is the only way to get a job despite the risks midway's curry b. was an army bomb disposal engineer in helmand province he knew the risks he was blinded in both eyes and lost a leg when a roadside device exploded as you try to defuse it always aware of the danger of seeing friends wounded while working on mines i wasn't scared to lose an arm or a leg is the sacrifice we have to mike to serve this country. in 2008. documented a groundbreaking school. preparing some have in the years poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. we
7:00 pm
return to see how the students and the scheme of helping change the face of india. super that announces iraq. police fines with protesters for a 2nd straight day in india's protests as nationwide protests continue against a contentious citizenship bill. hello again i'm stunned and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up 3 people killed in an air attack by world can be for have to us forces and libya parliament approved the security deal with the tripoli based government. even more homes lost huge bushfires in eastern and southern australia intensified by searing
7:01 pm
heat and strong way. and russia says it will go ahead with a pipeline to germany boosting gas supplies to europe despite.


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