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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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landfill harmonic witness documentary on. police fights with protesters for a 2nd straight day in india's osha pradesh as nationwide protests continue against a contentious citizenship bill. hello again i'm the star and this is al jazeera live from dar also coming up 3 people were killed in an air attack by world before huffed us forces and libya while turkey's parliament approves a security deal with the tripoli based government. even more homes lost as an eastern and southern australia intensified by searing heat and strong when. on the
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club world cup final season liverpool take on the mangere with both teams trying to win the trophy for the very 1st time. nationwide protests over a new citizenship who are emerging as the biggest domestic challenge yet to indian prime minister narendra modi opponents say the no discriminates by excluding muslims while letting minorities from 3 neighboring countries become citizens at least 23 people have now been killed and more than 1500 arrested since the unrest began last week now some of the most violent scenes have been in the northern stage of the pradesh where 15 people have died over the past 2 days protesters set fires and threw rocks while police have been accused of using excessive force and in another northern state bihar demonstrators. locked roads by lighting fires wearing
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signs opposing that new law but demonstrations have been largely peaceful and states controlled by the opposition where regional leaders have said they won't implement the new law thousands have taken part in rallies in west bengal well steve has been with protesters in the capital new delhi. i've been standing in front of the journey of really a lot of university where some of the 1st protests began and today the route has been off defiance there have been thousands of students along with the people that live as civilians who joined in lawyers who joined the lead everybody has been talking a lot only valid constitutional law a story this is a chip law but also a 1000000 about the constitution of this country which has been built under the basics of this call just to show his equality and the pieces of this constitution is also secularism so that is what people over here have been reminding the country
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that the fabric obviously she is being challenged by this government by introducing this new law. well let's remind you of what's in the slow and why it's caused such widespread opposition it creates a pathway to citizenship for minorities who face religious persecution in pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan but it excludes muslims opposition parties and protesters say it violates india's secular constitution but that's not the only dynamic playing out in the states bordering bangladesh now west bengal is controlled by an opposition party and the ruling b j p is being accused of seeking electoral gains for the regional votes by which is june 2021 by opening the door to more hindu refugees and migrants while the nearby northeastern states especially as some indigenous people fare an influx of hindu bengalis they say that could put their language and culture under threat. is a professor of law in the whole theory at the university of oxford and general editor of the indian law review and earlier he spoke to my colleague and explained
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why the law has caused so much anger. this government has been chipping away at india's constitutional fundamentals for the last 6 years but this act does it so blatantly and so. expressly that there's no plausible deniability in any solutions a constitutional solution so fail to stop the government from doing what it has done to the constitution and ultimately it seems that the people have decided that it's upon them to save india's pluralistic secular democratic constitution why is the citizenship law that's caused all these processed seen by many people as a threat to indian democracy as a whole so the been a lot of threats to in a democracy of late but this is the most blatant because for the 1st time in. democratic independent history we are going to write religion as a qualification into our citizenship laws the law in giving fastrack citizenship to
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basically non muslims would also some other it's the jews atheists muslims some of these communities are not covered but in those seats and jews are covered that is that is just so blatantly against the very core of the indian constitution identity which is to seek to build a nation that is not based on religious identity that is secular that is polluted listing that it's diverse and it's celebrated that day diversity for the last 70 odd years so that it's it's the explicitness you know a lot of these government's policies have been sort of dog whistle politics of everybody knows the gold is anti muslim but now the government felt emboldened to do not feel the need for force for dog whistles it's just it's blatant misses is what's egregious. 3 people have been killed in libya and the latest round of drone strikes by warlord a cliff a hafta his forces attacked the town of and in the northwest of libya the
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internationally recognized government says the drones are being piloted by the united arab emirates which supports the warlord last week after announced what he calls a final offensive to take the capital of tripoli might want to go ahead has more on that attack on the latter from tripoli 3 were killed and 9 others wanted according to military sources with the government of the national accord and the city of about 88 kilometers so the east of tripoli is now witnessing a war under rockets are landing in the area and the civilians have been fled have been leaving their homes because of the of the fighting we spoke to eyewitnesses civilians in the city of. say that the city is almost now empty so many civilians have left their homes because of the random rockets launched by have to us forces and have been landing in inside the city of as you
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know that it's a letter is among the cities that have recently declared mass mobilization to defend tripoli against have the forces so it seems that after forces are trying to punish the city of them for its affiliation to the government forces well turkey's parliament has backed a military deal increasing cooperation with libya's tripoli government it's trying to defend the capital from war cliff and after that our correspondent mohammed says will be some time before taki considers actually deploying troops. this. question is just a relative question of the agreement between libya and turkey but what's happening it was going to happen from now on will depend on a formal request that the d.n.a. in tripoli that's the government that's recognized by the united nations. you know has to send a request to uncurse so that when once they get these request to go back to
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parliament for another agreement a nod from parliament and also for the formulation of the monday to what exactly the troops will be mandated to do in libya once they get there before they can be deployed really hearing from sources that the government here is not expecting a formal request from tripoli until probably february but that could change given the. really good general hotter is comprised now coming out against the government installations and positions now syrian government forces and their russian allies have bombed rebel held areas and province killing at least 11 people the airstrikes he said busy market and sarah killed and then the city's main road as people try to flee that attack the city of marjah a new man was also targeted and it's home to more than 100000 people who've escaped
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fighting elsewhere syrian troops are advancing capturing to move the edges on the southern edge of it led attacks on government controlled oil and gas terminals in central syria suspected to have been carried out by unidentified drones no group is claiming responsibility for triggering explosions and fires and homes fuel shortages are widespread because imports are blocked by western sanctions. now out of control bush fires are burning in australia destroying homes and coming dangerously close to major cities take a look at this video captured from a passenger plane and it shows several fires near adelaide the capital of the state of south australia 2 people have died there and at least 100 bush fires are burning around sydney in the state of new south wales record temperatures and howling winds combined there to create what forecasters say were catastrophic conditions just a washington reports from sydney's western outskirts. this is usually one of sydney's most popular tourist attractions the normally picturesque blue mountains
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bordering the outskirts of the city. much of it now decimated by bushfire. they've been burning across large parts of australia for months now with flames as high as 70 metres the fire in this region alone has destroyed an area 7 times the size of singapore. but this isn't just bush land it's home for thousands of australians fire crews are working tirelessly to protect residents robert beecroft is a former volunteer firefighter he's seen many bushfires in his time but this one is different for being here for 67 years i've seen a lot of force through the mountains actually more you have to brace for quite a few for. i haven't seen so many out of control. the b. crops like so many families here face a difficult choice leave everything behind or stay and potentially put themselves
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in danger it's a little bit stressful but you just got to remain positive or suppose it's hard to think of what you want to keep in everything but just get what seems important at the time to go and i'm sure they'll be other things that you think about later but just be prepared i guess it's just bad timing obviously around the holidays but what can you do really. it's core it's pretty confronting. volunteers for such a strain from the show some of these fires have been burning since july but authorities are warning that these are catastrophic conditions it's the combination of extreme hate strong winds and low humidity that makes the situation on the ground incredibly dangerous firefighters are battling the blaze on the ground and from the air the intense heat has even generated its own thunderstorm nearly all the men and women fighting the fires are volunteers some haven't seen their families in days for locals who risk losing almost everything some are just trying
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to do whatever they can. having their older get much sleep and it's. anxious sobeys problems as ward this is just the beginning of summer and many of fearful of what lies ahead for the rest of the bushfire season just a washington al-jazeera blackheath. still ahead on out there russia says it will go ahead with a pipeline to germany boosting gas supplies to europe to find the u.s. sanctions. on humanitarian aid reaches rebel held areas of 3 don for the past time . we got some lovely weather across a good parts of the middle east over the next couple days laws the 5 and dry basin
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places a cloud moving further east would still ward specs because it's down more than parts of afghanistan over towards the other side of the region just around the events to confide and dry there will be some place some places a cloud just spilling into the eastern side of the medicine go on into monday but i think it's going to stay off shore here so generally seeing more pleasant sunshine and that's the case too as we go on through monday highs of 19 celsius for baghdad and also for kuwait city in the fine dry weather a so-so extending its way across but instead bad as good as it gets temperatures here in doha touching 23 celsius over the next couple of days and with a light breeze really will be a very pleasant little cloud down towards a fast out of the region maybe able to was the horn of africa but again i think it should be dry that's still largely dry cause a good parts of southern africa some showers just spilling out of namibia into the eastern side off south africa further west it will be settled and sunny $22.00
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celsius there in capetown a few showers then with just around the eastern side of the region showers to further north more than parts of maize and beat again for eastward along with a good part tanzania. 20 meant like no i've been in the at the beginning we used to. well in the streets using a softball al-jazeera weld meets a group of sudanese boids determined to win against a backdrop of conflict and on such a table is when she when i walk in the street people soft me oh man it's because of . darfur football for peace on al-jazeera.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour thousands of people continue to protest across india as the backlash intensifies over a new law on citizenship at least 23 people have now been killed and more than 1500 arrested since last week. 3 people have been killed in libya and the latest round of drone strikes by world can you. meanwhile turkey's parliament has backed a military deal increasing cooperation with libya's tripoli government. and bushfires in south australia have now killed at least 2 people and destroyed homes the state of new south wales is also facing water described as catastrophic conditions as soaring temperatures and high winds continue to fuel the flame. for the final of the fifo club world cup is just about to get underway here in doha
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liverpool are playing flamengo with both sides trying to win the trophy for the very 1st time well let's cross now to our correspondent andy richardson who's live for us outside khalifa international stadium and you give us a sense of the atmosphere there just before kick off. yes looking good and what's really interesting is that we're at the semifinal 3 days ago involving liverpool you could sense that a lot of the liverpool fans that were following that game were people from this part of the worlds you saw liverpool that got such a huge global. system might that probably get around 5000000 fans in the u.k. and around 300000000 globally. very much domestic from bikes but they of course a huge number of fans are from brazil 101-5000 fans inside. at that stadium they're not local for my girlfriends they are fans that have come by that long trip because this tournament means some sort of march to them there was a precursor to the club world cup called the intercontinental cup which had
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a huge huge sort of impact on brazilian football pele of course that argue the greatest player ever played the game for his side sound source they wanted a couple times in the sixty's for mango themselves wanted to $981.00 when they'd be liverpool so it means it means a huge amount for them at a time when many south american players go and play in the more lucrative european leagues this is a chance a big chance for the south american clubs and for brazilian clubs to reassert themselves on the global stage and as a consequence it means a lot to them and that's why the so many. does not mean that they're taking the south american team for taking the trophies so much more seriously than the european 1000 the europeans responding. yeah i'd agree with that i mean i think it's it's really interesting in the bill that you're going clock for the liverpool manager saying the wall for mango a finish their season they've been taking a nice break and we're told now you go over it's a cut sorry become world champions become heroes for liverpool the right in the
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middle of a domestic season and he said we were told well somehow you've got to come play a game while you're still in qatar which when they had to leave a junior team to play a game in england while they were here and as soon as they get back from this tournament straight back into the premier league action so he's kind of saying that we're just being expected to press this into the middle of our season so it is something that doesn't have a place in liverpool and english fans hearts one of the reasons that fee for applying to reorganize this competition in 2021 the hoping to expand its include $24.00 teams and move it's a june or july but you can claw he likes winning trophies he likes to get his team into the habit of winning trophies says this will be like a loon if they can win this trophy for the 1st time and if they do so then i'm sure that the somewhat ambivalent attitude that english fans have may just change a little bit if liverpool can win this club world cup and you richardson there are tightly events national stadium you're being asked all the action as it happens thank you andy. russia says construction must continue on its gas pipeline to
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europe despite threats of us thanks work is being threatened after president on trying announced the new legislation on friday it includes sanctions against companies involved in building the nord stream to pipeline trump says bypassing ukraine to deliver natural gas to germany gives russia too much influence in europe or beilin has also rejected the u.s. sanctions. but what all the russians planning the new 1200 kilometer pipeline will run from the russian port of underneath the baltic sea to germany now along with the existing nord streamlined russia will then be able to export 110000000000 cubic meters of gas to europe each year that's double the current amount of political analyst at stanford university ballon alric bruckner says the sanctions point to strange ties between germany and the us and he explains why the project has become so contentious well it is not something that pops up in the last year or so
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it is a project that has been ongoing for a long time and there's a reason why it's called north stream tool there's a north korean one already and they just double the capacity of what is used as a pipeline to bring gas directly from russia to germany which makes a number of actors in the 2 political scene upset 1st and foremost the transit countries don't get revenues from acting as transit countries secondly it's against the european union's interest of an integrated and it's the policy and 1st and foremost and that's the main reason for the united states to impose sanctions on this was company that builds the pipeline is that the u.s. wants to sell gas from fracking from the united states it can be shipped as liquefied gas to ports in europe and so russia is just a competitor and the united states want to sell their gas to germany. or russia has been looking to build pipelines bypassing ukraine because of their strained
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relations but in the meantime the 2 countries have settled a long running dispute allowing moscow to supply gas to europe for the next 5 years they've been fears a delay could limit supplies to the continent which relies on russian gas the heating an industry russia ships nearly 40 percent of its european gas deliveries through pipelines that cross ukraine. french forces have killed at $33.00 fighters in the muck the region of mali president emmanuel mccrum made the announcement in the street and in a speech in ivory coast french army command confirmed the death toll in that operation and said it took place overnight near the martain in border now more than 50000 guns have been handed over in new zealand since a ban was imposed on assault weapons the government started buying back the weapons 6 months ago it's part of reforms since a mass shooting at 2 mosques in march when 51 people were killed gun owners were also given the option of modifying their firearms to make them compliant with
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tougher laws you know i have heard countless feedback from many of the local by dick events it was all going good nearly 32000 kiwi separate to suppose in this so there are sure there are about 15 percent of the of the gun only community with the license community should say if handed in the weapons and i think that feels about right. a quarter in pakistan has sentenced a university lecturer to death for blasphemy junaid have fees was arrested in 2013 accused of insulting the prophet mohammed on facebook he spent nearly 6 years in solitary confinement waiting for his trial pakistan's controversial best meal or carries an automatic death penalty the country has yet to carry out a death sentence for the charge but the law has drawn widespread condemnation from rights groups but about 40 people convicted of blasphemy are on death row in pakistan bibi a christian woman spent more than 80 years on death row before her conviction was
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overturned a year ago she has since sought asylum in canada how case attracted global attention and led to the killing of punjab a governess someone to see if he was shot dead by one of his bodyguards in 2011 to see oppose the best meal laws and had called for bibi to be pardoned 3 months later pakistan's minorities minister was killed by gunmen in islamabad shahbaz bhatti a christian had received death threats after suggesting that the best made laws be reformed but our correspondent is in islamabad and he says jeannette who feels came to pakistan from the united states and was hired as an english professor. it's a fulbright scholar now of course has also. prayed for great academic work however a group of students then object to a facebook page accused him of blasphemy and printed 13 a were arrested and charged with blasphemy under bug a strong law $295.00 of the penal code that did the pakistan penal court anyone
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who fires the name of the property. it provides for the sentence of death in this particular case has been in jail granted. a long. a number of the judges have already been and today they were day gourds read out under maximum security inside the prison because back in britain before. his lawyer was gunned down and. according to reports was kept in solitary confinement because of fear for to live but that particular judgment coming out inside the jail on now a new piece by the mysterious street artist banksy has been unveiled in bethlehem in the occupied west bank said doing just a few days before christmas the black highlights palestinians live under occupation
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especially during the season and abraham has more from bethlehem. the score of bethlehem a play on words on the star of bethlehem the story that is believed to have led philip grooms to jesus was brought to over 2000 years ago banksy says it's a modified take on the traditional city set and it's been unsealed here today in what is known here as the largest collection of banks's work in the world banks is trying to be a voice for those who cannot speak simply like this. and he's trying to help. situation through art to make policy and voice reach the world through art we're a few days away from christmas here in bethlehem which is the traditional location many tourists come to to celebrate the occasion this hotel has been here since 2007 and it is to bring more tourists here and to show them the life of palestinians specifically near the separation wall it's called the walled off hotel and
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definitely more work by banksy is hoped here by palestinians that it can drive more tourists to come to palestine talks aimed at resolving disputes over the largest hydroelectric dam in africa taking place in sudan's capital khartoum the $4000000000.00 grand ethiopian renascence dam on the river nile is nearing completion the ethiopians say it will provide power to 70000000 people and revitalize the economy but neighbors through don and egypt fear it will reduce water supply for drinking and irrigation well staying in sudan ada has reached a remark rebel held area for the 1st time in nearly 9 years as have been morgan reports from blue nile states the welcome arrival of food and other essentials coincides with talks to end years of fighting when she heard that aid would be arriving in the state says she walked for more than 8 hours to queue for it after more than 80 years the area controlled by sudanese rebels known as the sudan's
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people liberation movement north is finally receiving humanitarian aid and did not want to miss out actually. there's no food most of the time and because of the constant bombardment in the 1st years of the war a lot of terrible things happened they didn't care where their bombs were being dropped on people farms or life stuck. some of us fled to ethiopia but i could go because i didn't want to leave my home and become a refugee. the war between sudan's government and the s.p.l. and north erupted after the government refused to allow the states of south kordofan and blue nile a referendum on whether to be part of sudan or the newly created south sudan as part of a 2005 peace deal the s.p.l. and north also accuse the government of impeding democracy. the united nations says more than 2000000 people have been affected by the conflict with more than have a 1000000 displaced several rounds of peace talks between the s.p.l. and north and the previous government of ahmed rashid collapsed when they failed to
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agree on many issues including humanitarian access. since the was also more than a series ago yeah boss has been cut off from the military and so for all sorts of people but the brits also but many remain behind what missing the horrors of the civil war now with is coming in for the 1st time they're waiting to see after all of these years things are really starting to change. the most trouble held areas in the country are nearly impossible to access from the capital hurts whom so dan's new transitional government which is in talks with armed groups including the s.p.l. and north changed that in december allowing aid workers to head in for the 1st time a major day a great breakthrough in an area that has not received the help that is needed not at all from the united nations in over 9 years and when you compound the war the tun fully with the flooding that just takes place these people are in need of been
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extremely impressed with the openness and the willingness of the leadership of humble can others to do what we need to do without getting in the way and they have given us just unimpeded access talks between sudan's people liberation movement north leader abdul aziz and hello and the sudanese government are going on but many issues need to be resolved before a peace deal can be signed calling for an answer down oh for. justice. democracy and equality of the busy problem is a show of the sharia sharia islamic law for. the macnow we were on a secular democratic. state and this is where the government is there like as the issues continue to be talked through hundreds of thousands wait and hope that whatever the outcome be age will continue to arrive he will morgan al-jazeera. denial. to cruise ships have collided with each other in mexico
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a carnival glory was docking in the caribbean resort of cozumel but its $88000.00 ton sister ship was in the way 6 people suffered minor injuries as the stunt of a carnival legend has damaged. and again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines thousands of people continue to protest across india as the backlash intensifies over a new door on citizenship at least 23 people have been killed and more than 1500 arrested since last week so minister has been with protesters in the capital new delhi there are thousands of students along with the people that live as civilians who joined in lawyers who joined the lead everybody has been talking a lot only valid constitutional law
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a story this is the ship law but also and mainly about the constitution of this country which actually built on the basis the basics of this called studious equality and the pieces of this constitution is also secularism so that is what people over here have been through money leaving. 3 people have been killed in libya and the latest round of drone strikes by world khalifa haftar last week after announced what he calls a final offensive to take the capital tripoli meanwhile turkey's parliament has backed a military deal increasing cooperation with libya's tripoli based government syrian government forces and their russian allies have bombed rebel held areas and province killing 11 people the air strikes hit a busy market and sarah keep and then the city's main road as people tried to flee that attack the city of marathon newmont was also talkative bushfires in south australia have killed at least 2 people and destroyed homes the state of new south
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wales is also facing what are described as catastrophic conditions as soaring temperatures and high winds continue to fuel the flames. russia says construction must continue on its gas pipeline to europe despite threats of u.s. sanctions work is being threatened after president on trump announced the new legislation on friday it includes sanctions against companies involved in building the nord stream to pipeline a court and pakistan has sentenced a university lecturer to death for blasphemy junaid have arrested and 2013 accused of insulting islam as prophet mohammed on facebook french forces have killed 33 fighters in the region of mali president made the announcement in his in a speech in ivory coast the operation took place overnight near the martain in border well those are the headlines next up inside story.
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a landmark decision by the international criminal court to open an investigation into alleged war crimes in the occupied palestinian territory israeli expresses outrage and says the court has no jurisdiction so will there be a full investigation and what can you achieve this is inside story. and welcome to the program fully back to bull after nearly 5 years of preliminary examinations the international criminal court has announced there is enough evidence to investigate alleged war crimes committed in the west bank east
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jerusalem and the gaza strip by both the israelis and palestinians palestine referred the case shortly i.


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