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tv   Darfur Football For Peace  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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unscripted on al-jazeera. i'm maryam namazie with a quick look at the headlines this hour now the death toll of those killed in violent protests across india has now risen to at least 23 opponents of the new citizenship laura saying that it's an attack on the country's secular constitution and that it discriminates against muslims sabina shrestha has our report from new delhi. where police in the northern state with a petition are not taking chances. did vans while firing tear gas at protesters who are defying a government ban to congregate in large crowds i love every tactic is being used to
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quash nationwide protests against a new citizenship law the police are being accused of using excessive force was what started as a student demonstration has grown into a larger movement to denounce what governments often and say is divisive and discriminate to read legislation. the law excludes muslims from neighboring countries from receiving indian citizenship which goes against india secular constitution the under arrest in india has been discussed at a conference of muslim leaders in malaysia prime minister mahathir mohamad said the indian law is unfair to x. group claims from becoming citizen even by due process i think is unfair so we have ways. of. disagreement with this kind of treatment india rejected his comments saying the law
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doesn't impact the status of any indian citizen or deprive any indian of any faith of her or his citizenship the malaysian prime minister's remark is factually inaccurate we call apartment asia to refrain from commenting on internal developments in india without the right understanding of facts. on saturday protesters packed the streets of new delhi despite the government's ban on large crowds. the. lawyers from india's supreme court and high cause joined the outcry we're running over the discriminate among the dude's 6 jenny jones and muslims if overcautious on the road was allowed everyone would outside the jam many years time your university where the 1st yes. it's now closed but still still cademy joined by people from all walks of life but the
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middle east one of the. art students depicted the constitution and the government's attitude to it by painting this street it's amazing that john is united the nation in that sense but. it's also dislike the idea behind it which is so vicious the idea behind the act it's all visions that everything king human being everyone in this country will be affected and therefore standing up indians here are vowing to continue their defiance revolt against the law and say they won't allow the government to destroy the very fabric on which their nation is built on. to al-jazeera new delhi india in libya 3 people have been killed there in the latest round of drone strikes by the warlord khalifa haftar his forces attacked the town of misrata in the northwest of libya the internationally recognized government says
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the drones are being piloted by the u.a.e. which supports have to. another person has been been killed in australia's bushfires taking the death toll there to 3 fire chiefs describe the conditions as catastrophic more than $100.00 bushfires of burning around the largest city sydney and there are fears of more to come. at least 11 people have been killed in asterix by syrian government forces and russia on the country's last rebel held stronghold the latest attack on the town of sorry camp comes as government forces captured 2 new villages on the southern edge of it live an ongoing offensive on the northwestern province of idlib has forced thousands of civilians to flee to safety well al-jazeera well that's next looking at how football is giving a group of sudanese youngsters hope in darfor stay with us for that.
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football is played in enjoyed by billions of people every week all over the world including those living in the shadow of a bloody conflict that has claimed over a quarter of a 1000000 lives. this is darfur in sudan where passion for
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football runs high and memories are not. going to hurry for the fear of. alarm and go well. i would have been out or when i. would have been a bit. and i'm in demand not of the mark of the alleged to have him but. i have an event i wish i could have had a grammy award at that moment dimethyl. darfur covering a vast area of western sudan is synonymous with a savage internal political and ethnic conflicts it peaked in 2003 and remains largely on resolved the united nations estimates that war famine and
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disease have cost around 300000 lives a figure disputed by the sudanese government international aid has brought some stability to darfur and refugee camps the size of small cities darted through the region. like abu shook as tabish at the height of the conflict in 2004 is now home to a young generation whose only knowledge of their family origins comes from their parents story. but some of the younger people of abu shook still cling to hope with their batons fart and rough dusty football pitches as the nation's banks are playing their own pride and. that the. program.
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there. are. either negative or our. lives. and how. well are. despite our time hussein's modesty this is a major initiative for the refugee camp taking on our children from the camp many of whom were born in the bush. at the. weekend and the big. number of those are.
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those are the as their little. as they don't want them and what they. don't get that at the unknown the woman knows it. was either going to learn what another one and there was in a long while. and this it. is . mom. with the team selected and their kid distributed it's time for the opening formalities. from the 1st over prep in the poconos with a couple of them the law firm of the political group the study for superman the army recruits because of autonomy for recruiting process over probably broke the
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broke 1st on the proper with the part of the in the below the cost of. the the. the the. the amount. you would allow that work out of louisville is later mean though out the limited area you will if you see have come within the. new year and the year with the other views if it is the more you will allow that the us has an average of a better idea of his own money in another one as he didn't want him to even know
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how to monogamy a sort of other way the palaces of another of the very rich of a law that can jam in a hole to. no my judgment on how to mingle a man in but i will go to you know now you know a lot about it but i've got my limited mother is enough the mother of the war now going my limine was low and forgive a lot of those and i was not only seated a little but all the hunger turning on in other words. if you see the leader. not start with a mob the rebel heart is. not smart and ready for more than someone take to. snarl you feel you're not the hen. but. you must. mcgovern long.
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before my. brother and i found out from robin on some of our work i'm not going to live up to the back i'm a girl. i'm not going to lock her up at the top of the ladder you're going to pick up a little. backbone are just going to get. out of it when. you don't want to give her the you know what i wanted a long night. only given the look ahead of me whether it. was there are words in my head with no end in a was. it's the 1st match of the tenement with the boys from. darren blue and red facing in white. us. to our
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yes. yes yes yes. the out was. one of. the right you know who. that was. at a level that above all you know and then you know that i was a little sure that i was in england you know i don't. think. i was when i thought he was well i guess i was he didn't love it other than don't i
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just. don't think he still owns them he got. all the oil and denies any shot in a level little he's a little bit on the lesson you know i got him to lugging a little one who. has only ever known the abu shook refugee camp he's very survival is due purely to his mother's quick thinking at a time when the diligence was underwritten. he said ok. i'm going how did you know is that a cons a higher up what they've said it. that it will hurt. though my home especially mine the goodies said about the settling with though i. am the city guy in a bit god mostly because i would never do not have the pellet is that a good that i was in the want to get in forgot to shove it up. to
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him in the hundreds and hundreds and then and when the note of what i should write . young that i was. good at her going to how do you think is the hero we go to connect with. doesn't live in the 2nd guess i should do and i should do the i'm going to. have the guy than actually having that the night and i didn't and i said yes i will allow them and go the woman yeah one of the best. that i have with that but not. living without when i've been in with i've been a bit and i don't mean a lot and. as i guess i don't want to go live with. 100 not sure how to get a foreigner and live with that myth the next because what it is to get what. i don't then we're going to hang.
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it and behave. well and i think that it they said it. i guess it added you to them i said i didn't cause it i thought. what the i'm on with the next i wouldn't write it without a mention of what i did. what i want to do i'm not a model to model so what's in the engine is what i do if i want a gun and i'm not done with it i was good i don't rush into what it could be hit them with a bin what i did what i had done the math and what i did if i knew what i meant when he had a husband in a panic alone and he wanted to do a kind of a bit of what i'd a thought but he put that on with the could he go to. the.
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symbol why didn't the president live with that. abu shook has grown as a community with its own shops mosques and markets. with no real industry everyone's expected to do whatever work is available and that includes children. way by balancing manual work with his education. but.
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it. didn't get. you. in when i.
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got back. well the way was given that there was a village it was a little. bit was it was that of a good job on global support also not difficult to live up to what the other good old it was a bit of credit card debt burden was it that yes it was good that it was that the gospel was i so i was sort of there when i put on so little have been given a little goes up and it was a market and it was a good thing i'm going to do good out of that to do what's up. and i'm the most hello i think.
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only been there anyone that i've been and i will order i've been what i would call you know the sure i would have been the. live in that i was real or holy anybody could i'm a linnet being one and as. never listed in a pull them but when i will. but. the boys from the camp sometimes visit the nearby capital of north darfur. it's a city of almost 300000 people and the commercial capital of the region. today the boys have come to watch the local football dopy. and i would again wonder
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if i was an american and whether there was a guarantee of and by should learn 11 share how that will what activities that. we are now getting to the end of again and maybe while next that is ahead i still want to know if that had as a vehicle easily as you have done had it in a video of that and when we knew it had to be down money you know but money. and them and given them as of the mass of the one i do i mean shabby embassy i'm going to go 100 then i will check into how to global economy who but then i'm in demand messing with. russia so a lot of us who are you most young who have to know 111 isn't a without was a kid a willing ignorance i was even asking that and i was the foreman of an must settle in how they left and i was among the settlements in the sky. over here like on one high shady do a hole but that led to a shade in the ad enough to hang me little by the limited up little momentum going
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and i'm glad he never would have been. but i'm a sucker the good was a to let the only alone when he can only do what uppish to alvina he did but many hidden a hole was mass going last hole and if you don't want him to lead that and wish then removing that man i had begin to want to don thave above the mass of the humble boy and indeed that the friendship he did indeed was modest they would yell will hutton has been one of the last illinois even though he did. that's one part i don't know how to meet then you need to limit your mind the meeting in and i'm a makeover hindalco might the one on one look away hiding some of the fun you will learn and get them in the mathematically about a month and i believe the 3rd element that i had thought i mean and if i get to a stranger in here in the morning i know he dug mobile rianna beautiful rather than the how would. i mean when i'm late the flood or when i'm going with that intimate
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that i should need to plan what the guy who is your unit or your god now and i'm sure that the time of the end of the met him when you go home i would like to have a paid me. on my giving of course so we'll follow that number of near misses. with them since of course it wasn't over here and if the gun and i are there we are. so many. and you know how many hane of us must get in and i mean we're used to winning and i have had enough and bids out to get us in a minimal i was learning very good of me but i had a look at that and i usually view. the form of the soft sawder just like. when i'm surprised by how much i bless america i want to get to the fair can also. not be able to walk again i know it
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to be stilted. so it would be glad to still do that if you know what that might not. go so badly i'm sorry joe but i'm glad i was going to come up with their 1st job when i got out of work was. another rising star of the hour job on dark team drama on a skilled midfielder. but away from football he makes bricks have a clue what the moon whoosh. good little minute little moon is really a lot of the she will do it kind of machine would erode. well the legs of the kid guide not. also guide a little high detail of a bit older. that the mom never of without. them back whatever
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was said you know hannah what to hire as another lesson is this government will buy them to the didn't but not this is too narrow minded not to address the button but this is more the rest of the dillard's the little band idea that i'm on but the beside me and. that is i do better than you are and they get what you will get in the guy decides to go through the whole engine wall and he will come by john who was invited to go on the moon or to get a god made before will come on a grand come on of the people who would do the having him all and really work with
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him well he think it will. follow could still be done can get them out that didn't belong and demanded to get the disease to the sea and morna willman duty as top said it was your karma woman that the will learn from the last little lass but i have a solemn come out of some of the conservative. you know monday good thing my dad did to get out of my did my nigga think i'm going to get beg god just so you know my gosh i'm going to give now i can use your money to get you. not to go. out there and block that thing that will set up all the good all that does not a job that's not a court of appeals although it's not
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a little bit to just say quite a lot of this old stuff oh yeah they don't suck up i was going off to look good but didn't just get out of it. but what i was. good at having the car. run the program on were over brought up i want to correct the girl right after arco are broke or. live. at.
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the end. of the. despite losing on penalties the turner and all the i's is have taken into account how close the game was and have allowed both teams to proceed in the competition still the boys of algebra act and now 2 matches away from the final. in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking skiing. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities 'd. we return to see how the students and the skiing
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a helping change the face of india. super 30 amount is era. the latest news as it breaks boeing is the longest manufacturing exporter in the u.s. . with detailed coverage critics say secular protections are great in the indian constitution and out of the press. and fearless journalism from around the world recycling centers like this one play a crucial role in argentina's waste management system. teach it strongman is ruling within a family and faced on the sidelines from his allies is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the only citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from
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let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera. i'm maryanne demasi in london with a quick look at headlines now claims of excessive force of being made against police in india as they try to break up nationwide protests at least 23 people have now died as anger over a new citizenship or spreads opponents are saying the law discriminates by excluding muslims the protests are the most serious domestic challenge to prime minister narendra modi since he came to power in 2014. sabina trust is in new delhi . john yeah many years time you know that's still where the protests 1st c. it's now close but still still getting me
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joined by people of all walks of life. it's one of the. well 3 people have been killed in northwest libya in the latest round of drone strikes there carried out by the war before or after his forces attacked the town of mosul in the northwest of the country the un backed government says the u.a.e. which supports have to is piloting the drones mahmood of the wire head has more now on the attack from tripoli 3 were killed than one others are wanted according to military sources with the government of the national accord and the city of about 88 kilometers so the east of tripoli is now witnessing a war under rockets are landing in the area and the civilians have been leaving their homes because of the of the fighting we spoke to eyewitnesses civilians in the city of birth they say that the city is almost now empty in
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australia another person has been killed in bushfires taking the death toll to $35.00 chief describe the conditions as catastrophic and as bad as it gets more than $100.00 bushfires a burning around the largest city of sydney and there are fears of much more to come. of course in pakistan has sentenced a university lecturer to death for blasphemy unite have fees was arrested in 2013 accused of displaying anti religious content on facebook he spent 6 years in solitary confinement awaiting trial pakistan's blasphemy law carries an automatic death penalty algis or world now continues looking at our football is giving a group of sudanese youngsters hope in dar for r.c. at $2100.00 g.m.t. .
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abu shook refugee camp in north darfur is currently home to around $50000.00 displaced people who fled the 16 year regional conflict many of the camps children were born in abu shook for the boys of the al jazeera football team in their bras alone and blue and red straight what matters most at this moment is a local knockout tournament the last match went to penalties which they lost but the organizers gave them a reprieve given the closeness of the game you know along with the level of it are no longer and. learn all you know and they are learning and there are. no no no no. we really were very. you know. i don't know never.
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been in the dumb one. and again it's that it does sound like he didn't want to talk you know or modifying the whole of the love and. love that sound not a 30 year old girl and a little let me see what she would want to. go to worship what then with you yet that was interesting and. well you're going to let me know but i'm sure. the boys next opponent are seeing green and white are equally hungry for victory. over man a better home or the one. that. they remember very well. for me for.
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them i. want to do whatever. it was let let let let let let let let let let let let let let us. let. us. have time a moments to recover and recall still no score. and i thought that. was sick and like you. were
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a child to get up and watch others go the way you had of his mom was it was you that was a bit lost. and maybe you're gonna have slithering around her ears falling over. the holiday don't know a lot of why. we were we were. walking will be. 14 when you call it we. are fucked.
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with that when the boys of akbar are through to the semifinals and are another step closer to achieving their dreams but their star striker isa has his own set of challenges away from football where you won some of those who are going. by going to. earn a unit overseas and you know we're going as a real national share our national reserve our lorimer going to 0 ribbons around our learning regularly or they you know you will know a lot a lot more along as i love it and i'll go on the cameras linger. longer in our live in the don't buy the radicals. over.
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the number and. number. that all of them are in the following a. lot of them. out. in. the kitchen the whole one disturb you and. i do you know it is. either one of. them but do you get there.
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thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank heaven and even nascar danny. danny me well was in an as we must go and then. when i do not when you wish. that when you're on your own what a. night and. you win what i would. never want you know. mom. you know.
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what. how bout. a moderate deal and loads of lies and she little in the. doctrine of said what i like you need is a me a. little. i
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. i. am doing the same thing about the content being the number of members of. a verbal machine learning and you know in the normal world any to learn about america with well you know certainly no. but will determination alone be enough to defeat the boys of our natural it's the semifinal. match. remember christmas the
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burma girl the progress of the girls the girls the good the family not. only knew. the world. the obama family the policeman the. world and i believe it'll be bomb thank you jamie ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha the globe apologize girl was not happy at all when i was well done where i'm a lot while i know there are water lolita global but that these are the
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developers who called toward the yard of god today with the goal. well he didn't you know i mean he's a nice ole sort of a noble or good going into on your husband. but i guess that. the young striker has taken a nasty ankle mog it looks like the end of isa's game and maybe even his tournaments. are looking. at the thing. like of the end. of the i. o. with the referee's final wysong a place in the final awaits the boys. cause for celebration. the end.
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let me know and 11 of anyone living in a cessna grand is good then in. the end. they did and they're not. going to move my dozen i'm going to do with low they're
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not going to want to do a little bit of bitter why should i wear has a little to do i knew going to you you know been most kind of the mind and he let them do you move in a day with the multitude of things that you. and what matters more to was your mother did to me to you and what i don't think does my very much my the good thing to do with all of them would according to them the little girl thank you they are going to resign but omarosa book all day might think that they have my love that is not right but that is a little as a home says if they would like to give to him. and out there moderate who can see them desirable to grow and nickels would love always will do the actual good or it is stomach going to go under the young me. of
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the most cruel cruel annie in love with a little bit about the time to get a committee of moral law modeled a while ago to call my the good and the more i look at it was the daughter well what the you. know mamma got him back with and frustration and they let a few. wosm in and they let them know that doesn't. mind i don't think that they should all. come their cars are. all there.
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i got the couldn't come that has. so glad to do a little with you that i get they. say that and if you lose you know who hated to be as good. as a month ago it is that a. while when i you know if it shows what i mean is that i might have gotten numb to negate to have gotten out of this video of me. trying to get it with me or not to go to your idea going on in the wrong kind in a similar note that he knows was that i've been a few. that can i can name enough love to. see the constant i laugh in how i feel a lot the ancient semitic kind is beginning dead by the month with the wiener family who totally love what them says it up that i got it done but he never landed ho but mcguinn i'm a scot again but that wouldn't fit with the model comes up in position. you will
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know somebody with a legal name means a lot of them will look to muzzle some of my wife my witch of sherry mother the fish i wish i had very collected a set of shy and actual real men that i am home of i. was obviously sharing a how did i get a form. but the list did i didn't have a shred of it at that for. better than us at the y. hostel than on the phone moscow going to show it to her i think. they're going to look at dad. dad. at their you. know
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the vaudeville had a lot of other lies i see i don't like that and i saw how adamant that i don't like that and you know. i'm me and he she needs to be my. annie i mean i doubt i'll heidi. we're not going to do what it would do and with jean béliveau know more about him but i think of that what was he. last 8. thing.
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that i know there's a big turnout for the final and the finalists know each other very well in whites the team that won on penalties in the opening rounds. and in blue and red the boys are judged by. only 22 of them this is one of the most important days i think. in any pattern that has been in the lead up to them in the. book you've. never run an impact that can benefit the company or not other than that because it may rather than let's say let's let you know.
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i'm better than when i was an alcoholic that film was. coming out the now. the anger that i got is how i did it. mild that i give you my dad as well what are the lives of the little girl when hyder will show that i will let them into my bed living we're gonna want to be very much going to sure i'm sure my father got a shot i would get it would go on and i will come to the plate and. my dad need to live this way get a. lead i wouldn't get out of it was thought i was. the was.
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her. was. that the was her mad at me. a lot of that but i get a little bit he. wouldn't take. and a lot of the good life more looking. for .
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us. in the long. anyone who didn't you know was the most boring when other 100 will go. on and. on and on there. is one you don't know and one i you know what it was and you know how do you know.
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well i long i get a lonely job needs a lot of the losers who want to but they want to love the levels of the you. know you. shallow to get it challenge. you. to wete for. it while you're just running we're live. in milan for you don't who can football and want to get along just let me know.
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i have them as above on what i did and what i said either what a good man that i am a diamond would be going to real man i'm out of if i'm in my own bum when i was awfully low and i didn't believe the story of when i was the most awful and i had made that up when he could land that that it had again or that extending it was getting i know that it was getting a mistake they'd have it. lead out of the wood you know that it was a lot of young girls. who had learned a good and the love that they led loves and grew. now a little political i want to go a little bit. now more than one know not to go. in and who knows who. and when but i would know a lot about it but they don't want the mosque i will show my loud at the way that i'm not to get them going to an awkward what i'm about and that also was the almost on the when was that the. above.
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what happens when plans for a new life a brood idea railed by committing serious crimes from drug trafficking term obery to. only i don't remember how many times it started to the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al-jazeera world goes inside an italian prison meeting men and women from north africa who left home only to face life behind this double exile on al-jazeera.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we're here across the southeastern part of australia where the temperatures are coming down and that's because we do have a front that's making its way towards the north now on that front we did see some active weather some thunderstorms as well as some gusty winds but behind the front that is where we're going to be seeing the cooldown so for melbourne expect to see attempts are there here on sunday of $22.00 degrees sydney expect to see more clouds in the forecast as well temptress for you are coming down so $25.00 we do expect that up towards brisbane it is going to be a cloudy day with a temperature of $32.00 degrees there well for the north in the south and it is elan watch a weather system coming in off the tasman sea that is 1st going to affect mostly parts of christ church where the temps are there of about $1000.00 degrees but by the time we do go towards monday those temperatures will be coming down to 15 and
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for auckland it is going to be a mostly cloudy day few with a temperature of 20 degrees there and then very quickly up here towards japan you're going to be seeing some better weather as we begin the week but we're going to start here on sunday with mostly cloudy conditions across much of the area by the time we do get to monday while the system is going to be pushing out here towards the pacific for parts of tokyo you are going to seems a better weather with a temperature of 11 if a sunday expect to see a few showers with a temperature of 10 degrees there. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this default structure that maintains the can only project thus what we diffuse it was one of the sound of herself a settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the
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21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and values this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned after all the law is the attempts of cover ups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering people are dying entire school systems are collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army flag poised to hide in the city just keep recording playing moments ago to massage the planet about a 100 meters away from us we're in the front line but it's odd. that it happened
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out quickly. algis 0. 0 watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes india's protest is the curfews and increased security measures as and gogol rose of a controversial citizenship and all. 3 people are killed in a drug strike in northern libya as a wall of police continues his push for the capital tripoli. heat wind and low humidity continue to fuel the devastating bush fires burning across australia.
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the us president approved sanctions on companies involved in the north stream.


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