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happen. quickly. al-jazeera. hello i'm mariama masia watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes india's protest is defy curfews and increased security measures as angle grows of a controversial citizenship in all. 3 people are killed in a drone strike in northern libya as the border police after continues his push for the capital tripoli. heat wind and low humidity continue to fuel the
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devastating bush fires burning across australia. the us president approved sanctions on companies involved in the north stream 2 gas pipeline in a move that threatens relations between washington. and m.p. to serve in doha with all the baseballs little boom take the autos in doha they beat flamingo with a fine for club world cup odd. hello welcome to the news al top story the nationwide death toll of those killed in violent protest over any new citizenship law in india has now risen to at least 23 opponents say the law is an attack on the country's secular constitution and it discriminates by excluding muslims the unrest is becoming the most serious domestic challenge to india prime minister narendra modi since he was elected sabina
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shrestha has our report now from new delhi. police in the northern state are with that but they are not taking chances. did vans while firing tear gas at protesters who are defying a government ban to congregate in large crowds. every tactic is being used to quash nationwide protests against a new set of chip law the police are being accused of using excessive force was what started as a student demonstration has grown into one large a movement to denounce what governments often and say is divisive and discriminate trade legislation. the law excludes muslims from neighboring countries from receiving indian citizenship which goes against india secular constitution the unrest in india has been discussed at a conference of muslim leaders in malaysia prime minister mahathir mohammed said
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the indian law is unfair to x. group streams from becoming citizen even by due process i thing is unfit so we have ways. of. disagreement with this kind of treatment india rejected his comments saying the law doesn't impact the status of any indian citizen or deprive any indian of any faith of her or his citizenship the malaysian prime minister's remark is factually inaccurate we call apartment asia to refrain from commenting on internal developments in india without the right understanding of facts. on saturday protesters packed the streets of new delhi despite the government's ban on large crowds. lawyers from india supreme court and high courts
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joined the outcry we are running open the discriminate among sikhs jenny jones and muslims if overcautious of a load was allowed everyone went outside the jam in yes time your unit dusty where the protests 1st seattle the university it's now closed but still still cademy joined by people from all walks of life but them who it's one of the. art students depicted the constitution and the government's attitude to it by painting this street it's amazing that john has united the nation in that sense but . it's also just the idea behind it which is so vicious the idea behind the act it's ovations that everything king human being everyone in this country will be affected and therefore standing up. here are vowing to continue their defiance
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revolt against the law and say they won't allow the government to destroy the very fabric on which their nation is built on. to al-jazeera new delhi india. well just now what's in the law the content of this driven legislation and why it's brought about this widespread opposition will the law creates a pov way to citizenship to minorities who face religious persecution in pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan but it excludes muslims opposition parties and protests to say it violates india's secular constitution that's not the only dynamic care in states bordering bangladesh for example west bengal is controlled by an opposition party the governing b j p is accused of seeking electoral gains for the regional vote in 2021 by opening the door to more hindu refugees and migrants while in nearby northeastern states especially as i'm indigenous people there fear an influx of hindu bengalis
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they say that could put their language and culture under threat well gopalaswami is a senior fellow at the indian think tank observer research foundation joins me now from mumbai you were actually in the country can you tell us if the protests are growing and if emotions are intensifying of this this new legislation. that is correct i think i was i was in delhi and i've been traveling around india that is a widespread sentiment about. the protests growing the uneasiness about this and then it will think it's it's going to get messier and people are not comfortable that something that's been brought upon them especially during the time of holidays and last thing that they've that they would want to do this as you know all these traffic blocks but but but the discomfort aside there is a nervousness about. this legislation there's an anxiety and people are not
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very happy about how. this affecting their normal way of life and what this means for all of them so. what do you mean when you say the situation could get messy. in the sense i think you know you see that there was a protest today somewhere in some part of the country that's fine but yes the short answer of the protests are growing people are getting cognizant and you know. the bio the via the major sort of violence that they see on television. and just. every common man on the street is aware and is politically cognizant of. something like this going on and they you know that's where it means that what the beings ideas could it lead to communal riots i think that's where the that's the
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big elephant in the room about people do not want to spell it out or people do not now that's the that's what they're up they don't know it's hard to sit is this likely to be to because of course there are steps the government can take they we already see quite a security presence out on the streets but they can also you know they're putting curfews in place the decency that the protests can be sustained in the face of a strong government response. well i mean let's you know all of the do not forget the internet outrageous better and better you know parts parts of the country just go without internet certainly right i mean when there are protests in a particular area then there is our people are also disconnected from the net suck so it is a significant challenges see what is happening and what the provision of the most populous states and there are the protests are getting messier and while i'm so yes i think i for a minute do think that the government did not anticipate this kind of reaction that
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is my guess and a speculation out here you know i'm there with that should have been if i were doing those hats at some levels again i'm. making an all party and taking as many people as on board when you bring this this kind of a piece of legislation in india i mean as they did on the other hand i suppose on the other hand i mean. prime minister narendra modi does have his fair share of support doesn't he on these protests likely to change anything when he does have a significant electoral majority and the parliament is weak. you know you're absolutely right i think the prime minister marin the mahdi has he has an overwhelming majority and you know and he believes this is the mandate that he was given by the people. so but but these are controversial legislation
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that's not that the legislation had no controversy before it came into fact but i think it's not to speed supply just listen let's can text unless there's a little bit. you know i want to revise and 3 or 4 months before when really. when. article 370 in kashmir got the vote and then there was the n.r.c. bill and a psalm and then the 3rd this is the 3rd piece of the controversial legislation so you had 3 big major decisions as far as india's domestic issues were concerned so even though you have numbers that does not mean. there will be no opposition or changes because you're altering the status of some of the major decisions in the country so when you do something like this one the government needs to come out to put put together a vision for the country and articulate that version by in terms of what this means in terms of a policy at a bureaucratic level it needs to foresee any of the actions that you might see and
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then that effect and you know while you're implementing the let's see the next phase will be i'll be implemented something like this one so when you're going to implement all these things you're going to face well position and challenge this i think that's a scenario that they must across it was judged. all right thanks very much from mumbai. joining us there thank you. it was the news hour live from london as much more still ahead on the program 3 countries one river talks get underway in sudan to end the dispute of ethiopia's $1000000000.00 renascence down. i'm lucy and human in santiago chile and i'll be telling you why record numbers of elderly people are committing suicide here. and in sports when centuries help pakistan close in on a historic victory. now to libya 3 people have been killed there in the latest round of drone strikes
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by warlord. his forces attacked the town of muscle in the northwest of the country the internationally recognized government says the drones of being piloted by the u.a.e. which supports hafta last week and else what he called a final offensive to take the capital tripoli mahmud up to why it has more on the attack on the slaughter from tripoli. 3 were killed the 9 others one did according to military sources were the government of the national accord and the city of about 88 kilometers so the east of tripoli is now witnessing a war as iran the rockets are landing in the area and the civilians have been leaving their homes because of the of the fighting we spoke to eyewitnesses civilians in the city of. say that the city is almost now empty so many civilians have left their homes because of the random rockets launched by
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have those forces and have been landing in inside the city of as you know that in select as among the cities that have recently declared mass mobilization to defend tripoli against half the forces so it seems that half the forces are trying to punish the city of them for its affiliation to the government forces meanwhile the united states has expressed concern over the intensification of have to attacks in libya that comes as turkey's parliament backed a military deal increasing cooperation with libya's tripoli government the move will allow turkey to widen its activities in the war torn country mohammed has more on this now from istanbul. this. question is just a relative question over the agreement between libya and turkey but what's happening it was going to happen from now on will depend on
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a formal request that the d.n.a. in tripoli that's the government that's recognized by the united nations. you know how to send the request to uncover so that when once they get these requests to go back to parliament for another agreement a nod from parliament and also for the formulation of the monday to what exactly the troops will be mandated to do in libya once they get there before they can be deployed really hearing from sources that the government here is not expecting a formal request from tripoli until probably february but that could change given the. really good general hattori is comprised now coming out against the government installations and positions at least 11 people need one have been killed and as try is carried out by syrian government forces and russia on syria's last rebel held
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stronghold an ongoing offensive in the northwestern province of ebbers already forced thousands to abandon their homes and flee for safety the latest attack on the town of seroquel comes as government forces captured 2 new villages on the southern edge of it led u.s. secretary of state might compare said russia and china had blood on their hands after blocking a u.n. security council resolution the other day that would have allowed cross border a to continue into syria. well our father l. is on the ground in syria and says that tens of thousands of people are continuing to flee from attacks. just a little bit about how real. russian and syrian government military jets continue to target many towns and villages and it lives countryside. here in the town of sara keep a popular market and residential homes were hit many civilians were either killed or injured by the strikes. at the same time other towns and it lives eastern and
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western countryside were targeted. is on the highway connecting aleppo and damascus tens of thousands fleeing areas under attack such as marital newman use this road the targeting of the main towns and highways used by the residents now worsens the humanitarian situation. or situation continues to get worse in australia with bushfires there another person has died taking the death toll to 3 the latest death took place in the state of south australia fire chief describe the conditions as catastrophic and they say it's as bad as it gets more than $100.00 a burning around the largest city sydney and is just a washington our culture in the blue mountains west of sydney or if it is the worst could still be to come. this is usually one of sydney's most popular tourist attractions the normally picturesque blue mountains bordering the outskirts of the city. much of it now decimated by bushfires but. they've been
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burning across large parts of australia for months now with flames as high as 70 metres high in this region alone has destroyed an area 7 times the size of singapore. but this isn't just bush land it's home for thousands of australians fire crews are working tirelessly to protect residents robert beecroft is a former volunteer firefighter he's seen many bushfires in his time but this one is different for being here for 67 years i've seen a lot of forestry the mountains back so you might have to brace for quite a few forms but. i have been seeing so many out of control back that the b. crops like so many families here face a difficult choice leave everything behind or stay and potentially put themselves in danger it's a little bit stressful but you just got to remain positive us pose it's hard to think of what you want to keep and everything but just get what seems important at
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the time to go and i'm sure there'll be other things that you think about later but just be prepared i guess it's just bad timing obviously around the holidays but what can you do really. the score is pretty confronting. volunteers for such a strain from the shells some of these fires have been burning since july but authorities are warning that these are catastrophic conditions it's the combination of extreme hate strong winds and low humidity that makes the situation on the ground incredibly dangerous firefighters are battling the blaze on the ground and from the air the intense heat has even generated its own thunderstorm nearly all the men and women fighting the fires are volunteers some haven't seen their families in days for locals who risk losing almost everything some are just trying to do whatever they can. hang their older and it's.
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anxious cities problems as ward this is just the beginning of summer and many a fearful of what lies ahead for the rest of the bushfire season just a washington al-jazeera blackheath. now russia has said that construction must continue on its gas pipeline to europe despite the imposition of u.s. sanctions president donald trump signed a bill on friday that impose sanctions on firms laying involved in the construction of the north stream to the u.s. argues that i am a half $1000000000.00 plan would increase germany's reliance on russian gas the move has already prompted a major contract it to suspend though that the sanctions are unlikely to affect the project's eventual completion germany the european union have condemned the sanctions and the russian president vladimir putin has threatened reciprocal mattias. when it's a 1200 kilometer pipeline set to run from the russian port of
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a slew got anything baltic sea to greece fall in germany with the existing north stream one it gives russia's state owned company gazprom the ability to export 110000000000 cubic meters of gas to europe per year doug bandow is a senior fellow at the cato institute and what is a special assistant for president to president ronald reagan he said that the sanctions are only going to make the relationship more fraught between trump and his european allies germany france britain and others are already upset with american policy towards iran the same things that are being applied that affect european companies you know europeans have tired of the united states imposing through its financial system sanctions on europeans this is going to add to that you know to have the united states announce the germany is making a bad decision and therefore cannot be allowed to make it i'm afraid it's going to affect cooperation on issues of china issues of iran in the middle east and others
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as europeans you know basically want to resist this administration evermore. well gazprom is saying that it will pay ukraine $2900000000.00 to settle a legal raw of writs gas exports that runs through the north stream one pipeline they gas transit agreement was mediated by the european union and announced in principle in but when on friday under the 5 year agreement ukraine is expected to withdraw all outstanding legal claims against gazprom. now 2 days of talks are set to start in sudan's capital hard to him and resolving disputes over the largest hydroelectric dam in africa $4000000000.00 ground the ethiopian renee's on its dam on the river nile is now nearing completion the ethiopians say it will provide power to $17000000.00 people and revitalize the economy but neighboring sudan and egypt feel the project will reduce supplies of water for drinking an irrigation another meeting is planned next month in washington to try and finalize
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the agreement with me in the studio now is the president of the world association for sustainable development so this i mean there are real fear is about there being a shortage of drinking water this is really as basic as a dispute can get anywhere in the world do you see any resolution in sight. i think the issue is that this is a big big project and i think it was about. african greed or the african receiving lots of background to this i think the dispute is actually still if you like and hold we don't know what it's going to explore really because number one there is legal dispute between sudan it will have been you know now we. but there is a dispute on the land itself or it is that is actually being built there's another issue about transparency about 0 risk the technical assessment of the of the it was established there are lots of. relief like
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a very credible material available now that came out including mit bubblicious paper about the technical aspects of the land itself in terms of the flood being the future prospects of destroying the whole area is flooded on this area and so on from your point of view also they're still talking about dispute about the technical issues i can hear this morning and so you have quite a very public kitty this is. the this is the problem now isn't it it's very so you have a dispute over the legal dispute over the land which is granted or which it's built on which is in sudan and then you have. also a very contentious are that the technical risks that you know i yes and the issue is i think if this when we talk about negotiation when you go for a negotiation to the table of negotiation you have to be prepared of giving and taking away so broadly we're fundamentally we're talking about would be one lives
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and i think if we don't get this a book of that if it is i think there's 2 issues they have to be solved 1st the dispute over it has to be resolved number one causes about people living and there's been a good and so on and secondly we need to get to the book on if this project is stickney can sound and on this particular item i think we need to listen to the explain how long is this going to take. i mean is this the current 4 and ago. i think it's probably this is it just too much of a challenge is this too much of a challenge because we're talking about a broader corridor you have withstood all the completion and we're going to great to have exactly and i as broad. a lot of money and already late so imagine you talking about something already on the ground you might like you this is where the dispute getting very very nasty if in the next few how nasty could this get because ethiopia and egypt are 2 of the region's most populous and most powerful countries how much of a threat could all this be to regional stability i think to be honest it could be
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because there's a more in sudan rather than being its role as bart of this whole negotiation is more of a mediator between b. and that's really be that and the problem is here we're talking about a bridge act which is lacking some kind of transparency although we have been even in the u.s. you know a lot of steve your loss i think almost like we're discovering this guy the arguments going out from people who are topic spirit in her own legal issues so the dispute. do you see this just carrying on 3 years and how is it now there's going to be talks in washington so how can how can the international community help to bring about a fair and equitable settlement or is there a risk that say washington involvement could make things worse. for i think that's a good question of in the fitting international community can do is to engage in a very transparent in the bin then assessment of the visibility of the project itself and secondly possibly also the international community could engage in
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international mediation to find out exactly it is this view of only the land is correct on the a number 3 where we have to got to go back to the international experience what can we do if we have it with this to be this project is being built without sound engineering environmental assessment and technical assessment if we were for example we found that. we need to go back to the experience of. just what is a problem this is something. i don't think we can solve it innocent but thank you very much i do help us understand it better is my belief your story rich well also staying in sudan aid has reached a remote rebel held area for the 1st time in more than 8 years as a morgan reports to us from yabba in blue nile state the welcome arrival of food and other essentials coincides with talks to end years of fighting when she heard that aid would be arriving in the blue nile state says she walked for more than 8
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hours to care for it after more than 80 years the area controlled by sudanese rebels known as the sudan's people liberation movement north is finally receiving humanitarian aid and did not want to miss out as. there's no food most of the time and because of the constant bombardment in the 1st years of the war a lot of terrible things happened they didn't care where their bombs are being dropped on people farms or livestock some of us fled to ethiopia but i could go because i didn't want to leave my home and become a refugee. the war between sudan's government and the s.p.l. and north erupted after the government refused to allow the states of south kordofan and blue nile a referendum on whether to be part of sudan or the newly created south sudan as part of a 2005 peace deal the s.p.l. and north also accuse the government of impeding democracy in the united nations says more than 2000000 people have been affected by the conflict with more than
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have a 1000000 displaced several rounds of peace talks between the s.p.l. and north and the previous government of ahmed rashid collapsed when they failed to agree on many issues including humanitarian access. since the was also more than if years ago yeah both have been cut off from the military angle problems of people but they bring. but many remain behind what missing the horrors of the civil war are now with it's coming in for the 1st time they're waiting to speak up for all of these years things are really starting to change the. most trouble held areas in the country are nearly impossible to access from the capital hearts whom so dan's new transitional government which is in talks with armed groups including the s.p.l. and north changed that in december allowing aid workers to head in for the 1st time a major day a great breakthrough in an area that has not received the help that is needed none at all from the united nations in over 9 years and when you compound the war the
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ton fully with the flooding that just takes place these people are in need of been extremely impressed with the openness and the willingness of the leadership of bilking others to do what we need to do without getting in the way and they have given us just unimpeded access talks between sudan's people liberation movement north leader abdul aziz and hello and the sudanese government are going on but many issues need to be resolved before peace the it can be signed calling for an answer don oh for. justice. democracy equality of the busy problem is the issue of the sharia sharia islamic law for. the macnow we were on a secular democratic. state and this is where the government is there like as the issues continue to be talked through hundreds of thousands wait and hope that whatever the outcome be age will continue to arrive he will morgan al-jazeera.
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denial. the program as a social media a death sentence a pakistani professor convicted. bassam me for face but just. as of back to him secretive artist banksy makes his furniture and politics in his latest class black. and al into man find their way back to the top pain a silly tassel reaction it's all. good welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across europe it is still a very messy scenario we are talking about one area of low pressure pushing across the central med and now into the balkan peninsula with some very heavy rain as well
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as some very gusty conditions it is going to be greece here on sunday that sees the bulk of it and that's going to continue as we go towards monday night as well heavy rain extends to the north across much of central europe as well and then as we go towards monday that system slowly slides over here towards parts of turkey really the heaviest rain in the winds will be across that southern coast of turkey as well out towards the west though it will be the winds across the u.k. crossing over towards parts of the netherlands and into germany very gusty winds at times not a lot of rain but it will be cloudy across much of that area berlin we do expect is the attempt if you have about 8 degrees there a new 3 day forecast for athens looks like this expect to see the rain as well as the winds increase as we go towards monday but by the time we get towards tuesday improving conditions and the winds do come down well here across the northern part of africa we are looking to not too bad here as we go towards sunday but it is on monday expect to see some windy conditions across parts of egypt as well as into libya but gazi it is going to be a cloudy day with
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a temperature of $21.00 and current at $22.00. 1000 and. al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking skiing. preparing some of india's poorest children for entry into its toughest universities. we return to see how the students and the screen a helping change the face of india. super 30 announces era. in africa's technological at the center but not fluent in group over to live side by side. in its 1st episode life ups challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it was pushing
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people into because it's all over the board people took a look live outside silicon savannah for knowledge of the euro. welcome back and look at the headlines now claims of excessive force being made against police in india as they try to break up nationwide protests at least 23 people have died as an overview citizenship rolls spread. 3 people have been killed in northwest libya in the latest round of drone strikes by border 25 to the un backed government says the u.a.e. which supports have to is piloting those drugs another has died in australia as
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bush tries taking the death toll that to 3 chiefs described the conditions catastrophic and as bad as it gets more than $100.00 bush tries a burning around the largest city sydney and there is a west still. well now to lebanon where the newly appointed prime minister has consulted on a military blogs on the shape of the future government including can take a prime minister saad hariri. says everyone had one concern to get the country out of its strangling economic crisis the talks come off to hundreds of people protested in beirut on friday to oppose the ops designation the prime minister is supported by the iran backed shiite muslim group hezbollah and he has promised to form a government within 6 weeks. robbins caretaker prime minister saad hariri has called for calm. to either she. ocean or could express themselves in
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a peaceful way because the our music is for all deliberate news and i wish if anyone is angry that we can protest peacefully in god's will the prime minister who is conducting his consultations and we hope to good for all. a court in pakistan has sentenced a university lecturer to death for blasphemy junaid how fees was arrested in 2013 accused of displaying anti religious content on facebook he spent nearly 6 years in solitary confinement awaiting trial pakistan's controversial blasphemy law carries an automatic death penalty i have yet to actually carry out to death sentence for that charge but the law is drawn widespread condemnation from rights groups kemal hyder is in the capital islamabad and says unite have fees came to pakistan from the united states and was hired as an english literature professor. right. and prayed for did a good day make however a group of students then objected to
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a facebook page a black berry and printed 30 words. would remain under budget song 'd to 95 of the penal code i did above. anyone who fires the name of the property. provided for the sentence of death in this particular case. a number of the judges have already been and today they were big words read out under maximum security inside the prison because back in britain before. his lawyer was gunned down. according to reports was kept in solitary confinement because we had voted particular judgment coming inside the jail on west african leaders have ended
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a summit in nigeria's capital abuja after increasing cross border security concerns it is from the 15 member economic community of west states have discussed fund raising to support the fight against increased violent attacks in the sahil region of austin a remote area of the silence aren't as it stands many protests and it's difficult to police against the rise of several different on creeps into doing some of them which are affiliated to i.c.l. and al qaida i'm not interested for it's now from. the 56 ordinary summit of course was anything but ordinary these are particularly difficult times for the region as attacks by armed groups have escalated in recent months. the rising violence in the same hell in other parts of west africa dominated the speeches. nigeria's president whose country has had to deal with the threat from boko haram for the past 10 years he says closer cooperation is needed along with more international support terrorism remains the major threat to the
12:38 am
peace and progress in egypt regarding attacks by terrorist groups remind us of that i didn't see to read and do it in situ egypt but initially to come grown to include sheikh the evil of gross buddha tenet is an. echo as chairman and then just president was country recently lost 71 soldiers in an attack by an isolated group is in no doubt about the effects of the violence on member nations. not usually due to the peruvian police affected autistic the sentence is our region has been hit hard by terrorist attacks which have intensified and with every passing day threatening the many national and regional achievements we have made not the terrorist attacks continually test our resolve to fighting with. the leaders in the last meeting in september agreed to set up a $1000000000.00 fund to pay for armies to fight the armed groups $100000000.00 of
12:39 am
that is distributed but with many countries in the region having to fight their individual but as a low it is here that more than a $1000000000.00 will be needed to achieve peace robert mitchum bush is united nations special representative in west africa there's no question that the more riposte response is required because what we are seeing is that the groups are still a lot of resistance and where is the resilience and capacities which we have and there's to me to have this knowledge there has to be a response to address the root causes of violent extremism the meeting also reviewed guinea-bissau presidential elections and importantly the plan for single currency next year a course says 7 countries now meet the criteria for a single currency but it's not clear if french speaking countries are using the
12:40 am
west african presidential community from the c.f.a. well ditch it thank you and when they come it's like nigeria and ghana would want to adopt the plaid common currency. which is chattel to rollout been printed printed at greece. while health organization is saying that an ebola patient in the eastern democratic republic of congo has become the 1st person that a relapse in the current outbreak the organization is saying 11 new cases have been confirmed in the past week all believed to have caught the virus from the person who relapsed so far more than 3000 people have been infected in the about the epidemic in congo but has killed more than 2000 people since the middle of last year the outbreak is the 2nd worst on record. many farmers in somalia have been left on able to feed their families because of a locust plague the united nations food agency is saying invasion is the worst in 25 years having already destroyed 70000 hectares of farmland in somalia and in
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neighboring ethiopia the un is saying an average swarm will destroy crops that could feed 2 and a half 1000 people a year a locust plague has been worsened by heavy rainfall and flooding there are calls for government and international help to protect crops. well momo. spanish the whole area they came to all farms and ate all plants one said don we won't have anything to feed our children and we weren't even able to buy anything from the market. now chile's pension system is coming under fire for leaving many retired workers with scarcely enough money to get by congress has passed a bill to increase pension subsidies for the country's poorest by as much as 50 percent but rather than celebrate it's actually enraged many people who are calling for a complete overhaul of the highly privatized system once globally you know what it is in human latin america editor now reports. it's the holiday
12:42 am
season and become one to see gnosis making the christmas cake but not for her family selling these cakes is just one of the many ways the 62 year old pensioner tries to make ends meet. she also fixes clothes like other pension or low income neighborhood but at the has to keep working because after 35 years of factory work her monthly retirement check is $133.00 well below chile's poverty line. put him on the same street there are 4 grandparents in their eighty's and 3 still work the other is too ill and she lay retirements nothing to look forward to . who lives in an upper middle class area agrees she retired at the beginning of last year after working 37 years 1st as a nurse and then as a university professor with a master's degree she used to make nearly $2000.00
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a month. if we're to look for anything but when i want to do my retirement papers i discovered that i had a pauper's pension i said is this a joke and i was told no madam it's like this for everyone the $300.00 i am getting isn't even enough to pay for my health insurance. nothing infuriates chileans of all walks of life more than their compulsory private retirement system or a.f.p. it was created under chile's military dictatorship and was supposed to guarantee pensions equivalent to 70 percent of one's last paycheck. instead of 10 to 20 percent is the average with good reason the a.f.p.'s are the number one target of millions of protesters from. chilis pension funds make massive profits which are not redistributed to the contributors even as pensions drop would get them or one of the forces and you know this model was designed with the objective to transfer
12:44 am
the workers savings to capital markets like banks the big retailers etc that's hope create large economic groups that have concentrated wealth in a few hands as never before and worst of all it's forced millions of chileans to live in misery. in chile the suicide rate for elderly people has soared and one of the prime reasons is because they no longer have enough money with which to survive amid all the protests the government has actually raised the state pension subsidy but even after doubling that subsidy for people over the age of 80 it is still nowhere near a minimum wage at a time in life when people have greater expenses for medicine and for doctors. the government's offer to partially compensate for the a.f.p. shortcomings with tax payers money has only added more fuel to the fire and it's unlikely to be put out without a major overhaul of the pension system that only seems to be benefiting those who
12:45 am
don't pay for it you see in human son. well in stories elsewhere at least 18 people have been killed in a prison riot in honduras 16 more have been injured in the overnight fighting at the jail in the coastal town of ted la police have yet to say what caused it but local media is reporting a clash between rival gangs comes 3 days after president juan orlando hernandez and else plans for the army and the police to take control of the nation's prisons offer a wave of violence. people in paris are getting on their bikes to beat the 3rd week of strikes by french transport workers cycling to work is becoming normal popular as metro rail services remain at a standstill because of the dispute over pension reforms that last more. weaving through traffic in paris on a bike can be daunting at the best of times but more than 2 weeks of public
12:46 am
transport strikes against the government's planned pension reforms has made cycling around the city particularly challenging with most metro train and bus services cut many people opting to cycle vinyl tied to old runs a shop in the city center that sells and repairs recycled bikes he says his staff is inundated with work we've seen far more people coming in lots who want an old bike fixed some who want to buy a cheap secondhand bike because the only plan to cycle them probably lots of people bring in dusty bags that have been in their center which proves they don't normally cycle power says city council says the number of cyclists on the road has doubled since the strike began the mayor has long been encouraging people to bike rather than drive to help fight air pollution there's a vast network of cycle lanes and a widely used bike share scheme i would say use them quite regularly that would strike them but they're often because there's not really enough there is good
12:47 am
enough to stop it was i'd say drivers are definitely more stressed and because i have to cycle further on busy road it's not easy there are lots of benefits to cycling it's often much faster on journeys it's more environmentally friendly than driving and also it's good exercise for since the beginning of the strides the roads have been so busy the city officials say that the number of accidents involving cyclists has surged emergency workers say the number of accidents involving bikes has increased by 40 percent this expert says that inexperienced riders are often ill prepare. it all poorly equipped. to point you need a basic level of fitness if people are they may not have balance of they can fall down and risk franks's to the head shoulders and body also too much biking if you want it can cause a multitude of health problems and pain in the knees head and back it's clear that many people will be relieved when the city's transport services return to normal
12:48 am
but with trade unions threatening to continue their industrial action throughout the holiday season that's unlikely to happen any time soon until then and despite the risks cycling remains one of the best ways to get around the tasha butler al-jazeera paris. a new piece by the mysterious tree artist banksy has been unveiled in bethlehem in the occupied west bank pieces appeared in the walled off hotel banks he's property which looks the border wall in the divided city work aims to highlight the reality of life under occupation for the palestinians and the ever and went to see it. the score of. a play on words on the star of bethlehem the store that is believed to have led police to jesus is grow to over 2000 years ago banksy says it's a modified take on the traditional nativity set and it's been unveiled here today in what is known here as the largest collection of banks's work in the world banks
12:49 am
is trying to be a voice for those who cannot speak simply like this and he's trying to hold. situation through or to make probably seen and voice reach a word through or we're a few days away from christmas here in bethlehem which is the traditional location many tourists come to to celebrate the occasion this hotel has been here since 2007 and it aims to bring more tourists here and to show them the life of palestinians specifically near the separation wall it's called the walled off hotel and definitely more work by banksy is hoped here by palestinians that it can drive more tourists to come to palestine. on the program and i limp imagine it helps in the new tokyo 2020 national stadium i'll have that story a much more with peter in the. egypt
12:50 am
strongman is ruling with an eye and faced on the sidelines from his allies is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even their own citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera or most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as hosni mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square to all to. see. if something happens anywhere in the world al jazeera is in place we're able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. that is our strength.
12:51 am
for this with peter. thank you very much lou who are celebrating off to winning the fifa club world cup for the very 1st time the european champions beat flamingo all brazil in saturday's final in doha the game will say it will be an extra saw him with a little. the brazilian strike of a beautiful mino school of the guy in the 16 times the struggle has been staged the trophy has gone to the european sides on 12 occasions with south american teams winning the other 4 qatar will host the tournament again next year as part of the
12:52 am
country's preparations for the world cup in 2022. correspondent andy richardson was watching at berkeley for international stadium while liverpool manager you're going to club said it would be like the club taking a lunar leap forward if they could win this title and they have indeed taken that giant step and won the club world cup for the 1st time albeit in a very tight final against flamengo of brazil so what ironically decided by winner by a brazilian striker playing for liverpool rebirths i feel mean i'm scoring the winner just as he did in the semifinal against months are a little poll now straight back into premier league action but they tend to win that title for the 1st time in 3 decades huge disappointment for flamengo and the thousands of fans in might the long trip from brazil a title that means so much to the consonants and that country they couldn't quite repeat their heroics of $981.00 when they beat liverpool in the intercontinental cup final that was the forerunner of the club world cup as for this tournament well it returns in this format to qatar next year as the country continues to build up
12:53 am
to the main world cup in 2022 after advance fee for president john in france ino intends to expand it to a $24.00 team tournament hosted by china in 2021 he's talked about his desire to have more powerful club seems around the world sort of a global super league perhaps in the future as well what you can see on the horizon for an organization like fee for who have traditionally been involved in organizing international team tournament is a bit of a power struggle as they attempt to get more influence over and money out of the club game. today when the 3rd place play off against all halo the sorry side going in france but the mexican champion. then struck twice before an equaliser sent the game to penalty monterey goalkeeper luis cut of their mass was the hero saving 2 spot kicks and scoring that the size of one himself to give the start of the victory. to new english premier league managers watched from the stands as everton
12:54 am
arsenal played out a goal or straw at goodison park on saturday everton announce the appointment of color mencia lotty before kick off arsenal's new head coach mikel arteta was also in an observer's role for this match and chill out he has signed a 4 and a half year deal at everton manchester city are just a point behind 2nd place leicester after coming from behind to beat them $31.00 goals from riyadh maher is the one and gabriel jesu's for city at the end he had stadium less than our 10 points behind them and have played a game or barcelona are looking good to secure a top spot in spain's lower league over the christmas period the champions beat 41 at the no camp on saturday and from griezmann the n.l. messi and luis suarez all scoring faster or 3 points clear of real madrid who play athletic bilbao on sunday into milan have gone top above eventers in italy said
12:55 am
they are on goal difference romelu lukaku scored twice in a 4 no win agenda and in the german business league or by munich needed late goals from teenager joshua 0 c. and serge gnabry to get past wolfsburg to no leipzig the top of the table team heading into the winter break off to beating out 31. pakistan's cricketers have given themselves a great chance of winning their 1st test series on home soil for a decade they lead sri lanka by 315 runs after the food day's play in karachi. with 174 and sean massoud so 135 have put them in control pakistan reaching 395 for 2 at the close in the deciding match of this. world number one rafa nadal has ended 2900 fine style by taking the trophy at the world tennis championship in abu dhabi for the 4th time on saturday he was up
12:56 am
against greece a 7 hour city past the greek world number 6 had eliminated 16 time grand slam champion of a job which in the same files in the hell these move and pass the test 677-5762 the spain. 50 means a lot to me so happy do. you feel is the 2010 season. have been i think a great match yesterday great my today especially for that i was 12 i don't know if i was ready for it but it happened playing against efren as always it. is a big challenge he's young he has a lot of energy electric players. hold the very best to turn around for the. 1000th time this isn't. the store man of the last 3 alone picked games you say in bolton japan's rugby world cup team have helped officially open the new national stadium for tokyo 2020 both took part in a ceremonial relay race on the new track yesterday's career with 8 olympic gold
12:57 am
medals and confirmed afterwards he definitely will not be making any shot comebacks in japan next year and is actually looking forward to enjoying the games as a family. if i'm coming back to running no i won't be competing actually in pain right now from the little run i just did i will be watching and supported and cheering them on because it may be my 1st olympics just to watch so i'm going to really try to see everything and just try to enjoy it 60000 people were in attendance for the occasion which included a traditional japanese much city festival with don't sing and chanting around the track the stadium cost $1.00 of $1000000000.00 to build and will host its 1st proper sporting event the emperor's cup football final on new year's day. back to marry me in london thanks very much peter how well that wraps up the news hour but i will be back in a moment with more of the day's news a full round up the top stories coming up just a couple minutes. now. on
12:58 am
counting the cost especially on investing in a budget dockets from the dull hope for a bright kid it costs or how foreign direct investment is reshaping the global economy that pays for the future with absolute globalization a populist sense of. countering the cost of al-jazeera with one of the highest murder rates in the world is the main challenge i want to central america smallest countries is gang related violence you are
12:59 am
a country that's not real but you are levels of. it look like countries that are the president of el salvador. talks to al-jazeera across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of a young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence that disproportionately impact indigenous communities most tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials are declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. there should be
1:00 am
then a ok let's see what went wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that doesn't happen again. engine test has defied curfews and increased security measures as anger grows over a controversial new citizenship a little. wine maryam namazie a very warm welcome to the program also coming out 3 people killed and an air attacks by water 35 to us forces in libya while turkey's parliament approves a security deal with the tripoli based government. going to keep the wind and low humidity continue to fuel devastating.


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