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tv   Super 30 2018 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2019 6:33am-7:01am +03

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in the u.s. . with details coverage critics say secular protections and grains in the field constitution and now i'm depressed. and feel is journalism from around the world recycling centers like this one play a crucial role in argentina's waste management and.
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this soup now more than halfway through the course. like it's hard going but you know how planning on taking place that i think my 100 days with the once was are way. going to prolong the unsolved when i was going to. reality going on and on the part of the libretto a kick on the stack on our fun though. this is inside me i think a number. of years from that. family . living together in one room luckily they
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get on well and it's the middle part. because the money you've got the greek is big hand though you get the money be it modest. to others because they can make a modern man or a child. of the person he beheld. but it's on the really ganges it's an ancient city and can seem very far from the thrusting world of modern india. across the river is a small town called haji will go to comes from his father has a clue. about the brother. and. the probable then the bottle of tag. along all morning which contain
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a coward for the winnings i'm going to be providing the. people of. the money like willing to do that experience. so they. become a family. affair. who they. are but i prefer to. help pull a oppa. but i like the fact you're. a much clearer. for how the lausd. you are. rather than a comma. so.
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tell the. how major. minor part of the. margin. but now with the close then having an afternoon super 30 style. unknown kumar's good news for them the already feel some workload is set to increase still further. for the job for a very simple and politic march to appear. here tomorrow. the last blast but harwood on with their ignore except it may not pull and. of course with the self to noon is the only time life for the super 30 could ever
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be called a picnic in any triangle area by you be policy. here by b. policy to be buying see people of policy by b. is greater than they are working every hour that they're not sleeping and it's not in a very formal process that they work every day. anything that you do. while you're . talking while you're even coming to the classroom you're thinking thinking about a problem. so there always thinking. so much thinking about the future like. for the moment he's the star of this year's super 30 he's come in almost every exam he's ever sat.
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religion for going go anywhere you like. you know you like you're like scientist we're not. going to have this man attorney so soon go out of madison to call. this lady. on this. program. there's a good man that america. focused on. are made out of it plus. there's a god i did not then i thought of what i. discovered. is the hard. disk a subject i used to. get some sense. flushed away take on the 1st thing. that i'm not although you might ask you 1st.
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of all do the women who. are dalai which is. what the book. could. get. for us the. books think they're not. going to call brother luke all i want though as i go to want to make him. your. problem. is there are. those. less services to. prince's an outstanding student so he's also competing for the physics olympiad god
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. but. the olympiad is in addition to all the other exams he's sitting. just. being a. problem. and the problem. is having a rare day. he's visiting his ancestral village deal. he's paying for another school for about $200.00 young children it's run by his uncle who's retired from his government job and come back home to teach.
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if. you go. there go to school. but. it's. anon who was born in but spent much of his childhood here in the village. years. there. they were. 2
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weeks prior to the. members of anon 6 tended families still land around the village some of the vegetables will end up feeding this super 30 but the landscape has a darker aspect suzhou divisions here. than in the towns specially for people from the lower backward. backwards. out of. here. but you have. heard.
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of. there are. the sun set long ago on british rule in india today the old colonial buildings of a home to the police dog brass including the deputy chief of a on and on monday afternoon he opens his office to anyone with
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a grievance it kick in paris today. there are certain issues which can be resolved only at this level. but. damn good that i will but i think about it having. been. going to give. you. sometimes i'll be on ons worlds until mingle he's worked with the super 30 not as a teacher but of policeman 2 years ago sean rotten father was murdered obviously one of our war on the war actually and walker. he has been shot dead by
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some criminals. this is and. you are almost september 11th when just into. sean's father was a government lawyer a natural target for the putnam mafia you're prosecuting criminals. so there is a bit in. reasonable fear. that is a very different thing when they're trying to feed gets expressed and it is known and then maybe read take some action like providing bodyguards that is one preventive action treaty maybe it is saying that individual and trying to enter by history and some counter measures can be taken but if it is not expressed and it is to figure. the killer hasn't yet been caught the victims are often warned in advance but if shawms father did get a message he kept it to him says it's it would have come to his father and he may
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not have shared it with his family that happens. the earth was quite. seans already sat for the once and failed this will be his 2nd and final john ziggo if he's got his guns have got a power one bit on the beat. now it's time for the results of yesterday's test fixture for work on march 16th through it. no surprise who's come from north korea the rental car. the fact that. everyone's happy except. she still waitlisted but is now unlikely to be accepted she's upset and doesn't want to be filmed anymore.
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bob. so they. go. that they queue. a check or. 'd indian cities growing rapidly there's work to be done much of it is dirty but preferable to a life of. india today is a nation of migrants. has his sights set on an elite university in
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a distant city but today he's going home to see his mother. so it would please. me. to give it to. my. family but on. he. really should but. i think he should. chance had free tuition with a non for more than 2 years his mother works as a nurse but there's not much money for magic. to much of
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a chipotle achievement. she's made tomato just need for him to take back to the host of. the number they were doing a dimity literotica hit. a wall a time when i was. younger. then . john p. did he is a non kumar's mother she's a vital part of the family business my bed she'll be a comment about. this he has
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to. look the taliban on. the head i tell him what to look up to have. the courage to look at that. kind of love last dance absolute that one is going to get the comment last night. but in the girl can't argue couldn't have. been. how the mathematics mathematics. will it. right. there. they.
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are firing the 1. 900 of the salt they knew the number. suited. may have something funky. in. its april harvest.
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everybody's working to bring in the wheat. after 7 months living in the city some of the super 30 and losing touch with their rural background fee. in previous years and look would have been helping his family not any more. you had the most become of that and i am i doubt that. but i am happy to use double it at the. beginning and i brought her you did not partisan have. public school your camino
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told me come on micah. looks mother davie is making one of her occasional visits to her husband they're still living apart and neither sees much of their son. so good they're happy adam you have this i look back i salute. you. for thinking about. the half the luck that he sees the house i'm made of it that be this jag and i'm just a had but i'm going like that but the hand. that i give is made every day. it's the day before the i.i. to the climax of the super effort. the family of the late. rod use at home doing his last minute revision. like they were the lobby.
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for all the families keyed out for the big game. clearly. matching portions of what you know you. shawn meanwhile has moved into a hostel here it's easier for him to focus away from the distractions of home just. a little for you know what i can or engage in no but exile or a bad break ground. in what areas are put up by the writing down of that because the boys were performing in the hall and the whole family is in. some little
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further for fairgrounds but. after 7 months of intensive preparation a non commodities feeling a different kind of pressure he's hoping for the perfect result which nearly got. the heart of. the. 100 percent. are at this with a lot these by luck but it. up at the bottom of the city. i i t exam day is a news event all over india. but not a know 20000 young people will see the 2 paperless. the soup with 30 us scattered across 10 exam centers. rogers arrived early the teaching team already here to wish him good luck.
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of the year. and the 3000000 are there. every year. 10 minutes before the exam starts they can read the questions at last it's 9 o'clock. in these next few odds of a 1000000 students compete for a future that promises wealth prestige and membership of the indian elite. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and felt this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here. i got to come in you're almost all i'm
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hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resides after all the lies the attempts of coverups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering people are dying entire school systems books elapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army's flag points that high in the city the state before the. goods to massage the minds of the 100 meters away from the front line but. up it after about 6. from the al-jazeera london pool cost center to special guests in conversation this is a chance to start the revolution unprompted uninterrupted we need to do away with the way evil because it stops conversation where should we get our land to pull its own
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meets i.e.c. that can be this is the beginning of friendship this is the beginning of love growth like you know getting somewhere we can really break through the barrier studio it be unscripted on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. with every.
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i. tens of thousands of indians say it discriminates but the prime minister narendra modi is defending a new citizenship law that excludes muslims. hello and welcome i'm peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here and also coming up brush back syrian forces push deeper into it after a week long assault have brought a new exodus. whole towns burnt off the map australia battles catastrophic bush
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fires that have been gold scores of homes. also ahead how gun smuggled from the us are arming mexico's drug.


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