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and it isn't this feels like it's a little stature is it to me to the exploration process who sort of. we have outside knowledge available to us. lol. moranis expected across india as anger over a controversial new citizenship drawn shows no sign of subsiding. but i'm fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from a global headquarters also coming up a mass exodus from southern russian and syrian forces pound the last rebel held area entire towns are scorched fire fighters in australia work around the clock to bring bushfires under control. in
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a nicholas hawkins and bar where people are queuing outside of banks for hours find out next voice since robert mugabe left our economy is going from bad to worse. india's main opposition congress party to hold a rally in a few hours against the controversial new citizenship law prime minister narendra modi has defended the legislation which opponents say discriminates against muslims in india huge demonstrations were held again in the capital new delhi and several other states on sunday at least $25.00 people have died in violence since the law was passed in parliament earlier this month. was at one of the rallies in new delhi 7. it's the greatest challenge india's prime minister narendra modi has faced since he came to power 5 years ago dozens of people have been killed
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during protest against a citizenship law which many see discriminates against muslims addressing thousands of his supporters at an election rally in new delhi mood. he blamed the opposition for stoking the protests began by your. brother's sense this law has been passed some political parties have been spreading rumors these people are misleading the public they are inciting the public you look corporate america i want to ask those who are pelting stones and still getting people to enjoy police trying to do the us what are you hoping to achieve the police is no one's enemy. the citizenship amendment act makes it easier for migrants from afghanistan bangladesh and pakistan who aren't muslim to become indian citizens critics say the law could lead to many muslims losing their citizenship. oh i'm not a hog and what i write staging protests is all right there should not be violence
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so i oppose that whatever the police are doing i request them not to do it they should also listen we are also indians like you we are also humans. i. as protests continued on sunday in the capital and other parts of the country the government insisted that law will not be repealed i protest has been ongoing since parliament passed the law earlier in december was that a student protests and. university in the capital a week ago turned into a movement of hundreds of thousands of students and anti-government protesters nationwide people were angered after government forces fought with students and stormed the campus by tear gas into the library and classrooms. i. the worst violence has been in the british where more than 5000 people have been
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detained at least 1500 have been arrested in other parts of india. some muslims can get so than shipped under the citizenship amendment act but it is feared millions who are unable to provide proof could be rendered stateless even if their families have lived in india but generations to be out of there are new delhi . in other world news turkey's president. says his country can't handle another wave of syrian refugees as 800000 people head towards the border the exodus follows heavy bombardment by russian and syrian forces in the last rebel held province of adlib shallot bennis has the details. and so the nude lip is pounded from above its people rushed towards the turkish border scrambling to escape the area long story from russian and syrian friends it's. not a. look from the bombardment russian work planes are striking helicopters
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missiles and rockets we cannot remain there. syrian president bashar al assad boasted his mission to retake the province from former al qaeda affiliates hiatt to here a week ago sunni provinces out of his control the russian backed syrian army celebrated retaking more than 20 villages on it lives fringe her in her car at the price dozens of civilians killed tens of thousands displaced of them actually in the news on him out on the job you have fled from and to moderate a lot more than 20 times for what reason tell us where is our next destination we don't know. but this is what they're running from. filmed on sunday on the damascus lipper highway and it's lewd volunteers from a syrian in geo rushed to the aftermath of the suspected russian.
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it's tragic there is heavy bombardment the war planes are always flying but they come along as i counted on him yesterday more than 400 rockets hit us that are read a new man our children couldn't sleep through the night they were crying every hour and now we are heading towards the i don't know. turkish president read your time over one is bracing for the exodus from it live turkey currently holds 3700000 syrian regime. he says they cannot support more bumba the man looked at john 6 or than $80000.00 of our brothers from it live running from the bombs there have started migrating towards our borders if the violence towards the people of a lift is not stopped this number will increase even more turkey will not carry such a migrant burden on its own the negative impact of that pressure will be something that all european nations especially greece but i also feel. syrian rebels in the russian backed syrian forces had agreed to a cease fire an orchestra was shot is in the south of that is something we are
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putting up every effort with russia for the attacks to stop and we will continue to do so in fact we are sending a delegation to moscow on monday until the bombardment stops the exodus will continue resistance homes abandoned empty targets in the way of president assad's mission to retake the last rebel besting in charlotte ballasts. get an update from al-jazeera who is in on taqiyya in southern turkey near the border with syria what's the latest 1st on the mass movement of civilians towards the border with turkey and how a turkish authorities dealing with the situation. well folly in the words of the united nations a catastrophe is unfolding on the other side of the border with the must've displacement of people 25000 people according to aide workers have been displaced
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in just the past 48 hours and there are tens of thousands others who've been displaced in the past days of heavy bombardments around the town of mine which sits near the m 5 highway which links the city of aleppo to capital damascus and the people who've been displaced joining 1000000 displaced syrians who are living at the border in official comps which are now full to the brim they've been forced to set up makeshift comes it is their winter there's been flooding and raining going on and they're really struggling to say to stay warm and some of been forced to buy on rubbish and including plastic bags and as one man even put it the clothes under the shoes of the children to stay warm aid workers say they're trying everything they can but
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a biting fuel shortage is making things worse also driving the prices of essential commodities higher and higher in the past 2 months the prices of food will has more than doubled and hospitals are now saying they are rushing fuel to ensure that they provide us much help us possible to people they also tens of thousands still holed up in the city of. people who are to rather die in their homes than face the biting and very severe winter in the open and they use concern for their safety to. so what's the latest on the fighting in a bit self province which of course is the last rebel stronghold in syria how much more ground have government forces gained well the say to be making good around on the mouth so to be on the outskirts of lot about. to
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seize every last bit of target city from the rebels who have continued fighting and turn filling their positions the aerial bombardments bottle bombs shelling has been saved to be less the people who've been fleeing the town and its environs saying it's been almost in discriminate with civilian infrastructure targeted so it's continuing on the city to be making ground thank you very much for that mohammed i don't reporting live from untucked here on the techie syria border a former military chief in egypt who intended to run against president abdel fattah el-sisi has been released from detention sami anon was imprisoned after announcing his candidacy 2 years ago the military said he didn't have permission to run and breached military no no reason has been given for his release but he was moved to
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a hospital in july after reportedly suffering a stroke a sunday deadline for iraq's president to name a new interim prime minister has now passed with no decision given on who may be chosen earlier thousands of protesters brought roads in the capital baghdad in the southern city of basra demanding the appointment of an independent prime minister they say one of the nominees is closely linked to iran hundreds have been killed since protests against corruption for services and a lack of jobs began in october. to australia now where the prime minister has rejected calls to cut dependence on coal and take more action on climate change as firefighters battle blazes across the east and south the country's facing one of its worst bushfire seasons nearly 200 homes have been damaged in the past few days in new south wales then south australia and some link the fives to climate change
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scott morrison the prime minister says he won't make what he called job destroying cuts to the coal industry jessica washington is in moral yousaf wales an area devastated by the bush. i'm here in bell moral in sydney's south standing in front of just one of the around 100 houses which were destroyed this weekend as bushfires tore through parts of new south wales which is a strangely is most populous state take a look at this house it's absolutely been decimated by a fire storm which tore through this area because the bushfires reached such a huge size and such intense hate that it actually created its own weather system and that is the result of what happened this weekend this community has been absolutely torn apart by these bushfires it's a small community of just 400 people so you can imagine that this is having a huge impact on residents here take a look around and you see these blackened trees some residents have been allowed to
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return to their houses to assess the damage but others haven't one of the reasons for that is as you can see the trees have been absolutely blackened some of them have been hollowed out by what happened over the weekend there's a real risk that they could fall and cause injury to residents and that's why we're wearing this protective gear we are authorized to be here but of course an incredibly challenging time for residents some of them will be without their houses this christmas votes are being counted you know specky sunspot entry election in which observers say there were no genuine opposition. choices over 5 parties running are seen as loyal to a president. has more from tashkent. it was the 1st parliamentary election since president. took power in $2161.00 that is also supposed to mark the beginning of the end of the 03 tarion rule imposed by his predecessor for almost 3 decades and it's in that spirit that
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many headed to the polls among them. my candidate seemed competent he appeared like someone who will hold his promises he promised to help ordinary people. said ustream of people kept on casting their ballots by mid-afternoon turnout was a 58 percent. over hasn't missed an election since the age of 18 but this time she had to adapt to new rooms now we each have to vote before we didn't even come one person would fill in the ballots for all of us. who was next in line agreed he said the vote was more transparent the government is betting on these elections to showcase that it's serious about letting loose of old habits to bring the country forward this is the 1st time does a digitised database of illegible voters and then unprecedented number of
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international observers were granted access nationwide. still this remains an election that doesn't pose any threat to the rule of the president or 5 parties as seen as pro-government. renewal of parliament is quite likely because 2 thirds of the people running today are new entrants so that is the intention of all the actors and expectations in that sense are high it remains of course symbolically in terms of political substance because of the absence of any party that considers itself in opposition to voters taking place in an environment where freedom of speech has blossomed in ways that were unthinkable just 3 years ago if it's not the real you couldn't see me here. is
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a blogger who's often critical of the government she chose not to vote this is unconstitutional it's my right i can bought or i don't if i don't want i cannot 1st of all 2nd 2nd of all i didn't see. any at the quote. cook at the candidate's final results are still not known but no one expects them to take the country on a different course if anything they could give president. illegitimate mandate to press ahead with reforms but at the. still ahead on al-jazeera her lation looks set for an election runoff after a tight race between the president a former prime minister and a famous singer blasts as hong kong slides further into recession we need the retailers capitalizing on support for the city's protests.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across the central part in the south eastern part of europe we're still watching a very intense storm system that is pushing through the balkan peninsula right now heading towards the east and with that we're seeing quite a bit of rain as well as some very very gusty winds across much of the area we can see the winds down here across parts of turkey now on monday that is going to be quite significant those winds will be pushing in from the south bring a lot of heavy rain across much of the region we're talking snow as well into the higher elevations that is going to continue as we go towards tuesday and also over here towards eastern med will begin to see the effects in parts of syria as well as into lebanon here in the northwest it will be the winds as we go into tuesday anywhere from the u.k. all the way up here across parts of france and into denmark those winds be quite
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gusty with london seeing a very windy day there at 11 degrees in paris rain and winds in your forecast at about 12 there here across the northeastern part of africa you will also be experiencing some of those winds along with that storm you won't see the rain or the clouds really but by the time we do get towards tuesday the coastal winds we quite intense across much of the area been gazi all the way over towards cairo but up towards tunis it is going to be a mostly cloudy day for you with a temperature of 90.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories india's main opposition congress forties you to hold a rally in a few hours against a new citizenship law prime minister narendra modi has defended the legislation which opponents say discriminates against muslims. tens of thousands of syrians are fleeing towards the border with turkey after a new round of a strikes by russian and syrian forces on rebel held in a province president says his country can't cope with any more refugees and at
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least 8 people have been killed and almost 200 homes damaged just fries ravaged much of australia while some link the blazes to comic change the prime minister says he won't make cuts to the coal industry. now to zimbabwe where millions of people have been living with major power cuts for months now and that's severely impacting the economy al-jazeera is nicholas high reports from. it was once the manufacturing hub of southern africa. is now running out of power turning into a ghost town gone are the streets filled with factory workers wedged between abandoned warehouses is a small the other shoe factory running on a diesel generator where we share a bond there has been working for the last 20 years. and the city is heading down the drain. because unemployment is increasing in prison and prison and what it was a lot of it but employed is
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a lot of that nobody ever that's where i sit. in the nets if you will yes it will be done with a sub but with the strongest subtypes sibanda moved to the city in 1980 then shoes tires steel even beef was exported to europe he remembers how then electricity was not in short supply but abundant wisdom by exporting it to neighbors now there's no power at home then this is my money. on. this is not in the interest. and for each. opening the fridge. i cannot keep enough still 'd for my month or week. because as you can see this. is already getting bad but. it is not a choice. the mind river that powers the career of
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a hydroelectric dam is running dry because southern africa is experiencing the worst drought in a century as a result the world's largest water falls in some parts is a slow trickle there's not enough water to generate power with some experiencing almost 24 hour blackouts in the ember 2017 long time president robert mugabe was overthrown accused of mismanaging state assets and failing to invest in power turning one of our focus fastest growing economies into one of the continent's slowest zimbabwe is now on the brink of economic collapse. well these are mostly pensioners there are also nurses teachers police officers queuing for hours trying to get money out of a bank in a country running out of cash the bank will only allow them to withdraw a maximum of $20.00 a week not enough to me and me it's been over
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a year since robert mugabe left power and many people here hoped that their circumstances would change but it didn't dissolve the country's power problem and jumpstart the economy president is investing in coal wanting to reopen decommissioned power plants built 100 years ago by britain the former colonial power with zimbabwe's coffers empty china is offering to help between 2 natural parse home to precious wildlife they're building open pit coal mining plants the aim is to bring zimbabwe back to its former glory at a time when below wyo is factories powered the country's economy attracting southern africa's best workers lurd by the prospect of a prosperous future because hawke al-jazeera. a u.s. soldier has been killed in an attack in afghanistan military officials have confirmed local authorities say the assault happened on sunday night in the child donna district of can do is province more than
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a dozen foreign soldiers have been killed in afghanistan this year. more protests have been held in lebanon's capital beirut but the numbers are smaller than previous weeks many people now seem prepared to give the new prime minister designate a chance to form a government. for the 67th day lebanese gathered in beirut smarter square to make a stand against the economic and political crisis that on sunday was more like a carnival than a protest. the lebanese capital have witnessed some of the worst violence seen for years as security forces clash with supporters on either side of the political divide numbers will go down and in marked contrast the anger and violence of previous gatherings is perhaps an indication that some at least are prepared to give the designated prime minister sunday out a chance. if they know it's going to be
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a big problem and not going to go out from the streets we're going to make them fail in the city but it has done for the shuttle might be short of that why are we being pessimistic we should be optimistic the new prime minister is decent in is not corrupt and he seems to be the man for the job and if it doesn't work we'll find another solution. was nominated by a week majority parliament comprising of iran backed hezbollah and its allies the shia amal movement and president michel aoun is christian free pass movement has promised to appoint a new government filled with technocrats and experts within 6 weeks the tension may have reduced but for some within the sunni community there is still anger that their leader saad hariri has not been chosen as prime minister and there are fears that some are seeking to cause a rift between the sunni and shia communities. as they feel. it seems like some are sikh really trying to incite secretary in strength and in reality we are far away
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from that we took to the streets because of the economy and not religion. that is the point i would see the need for a government to solve the economic crisis lebanon is running out of short term choices the country has one of the world's biggest debt burdens and the march is due to repay a one and a half $1000000000.00 euro bonds load which is likely to default and that can only worsen the guy economic situation here david hale the u.s. undersecretary of state for political affairs is in beirut meeting with various political leaders he is key to delivering $11000000000.00 in international aid which is being locked until economic and political reforms are implemented. in deep trouble financially i think at a certain stage within the next week or so all that there will be. constraints on the banking sector. people will take to the streets.
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some are still singing about revolution but many are praying for a solution for the people of lebanon can only wait and hope. tony girty al-jazeera beirut. croatia's presidential election is headed for a runoff as the country prepares to get its 1st turn to lead the european union from a left wing prime minister. got under 30 percent of sunday's vote ahead of president barack tire of each who's been in the job nearly 5 years now a 2nd round will be held until it's. now hong kong is government has announced $500000000.00 worth of measures to try to stop its economy sliding further into recession 6 months of pro-democracy protests are being blamed for to tearing tourists and a drop in high street sales but online some retailers have been capitalizing on global support for the movement sarah clarke has a story from hong kong. streets once teeming with shoppers are deserted restaurants
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have closed tourist numbers have hard after 6 months of anti-government demonstrations some luxury brands have reported a 45 percent drop in recent sales but not everyone is struggling this store is expanding its stock in miniature figurines it's introduced a new line of protest related toys complete with gas masks and helmets don't you wonder since this protest movement began to be house been increasingly more interested in the action figure how people love to assemble the toys but they also buy them to remember the difficulties and struggles in this movement was the protests have attracted local and global support sparking interest in a new retail sector protective gear like masks and hard hats are in high demand after $91.00 china locked all sales to hong kong this 2 also stocks clothing slogans like stand with hong kong but there's no shop front all merchandise is sold
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online since the launch in july it's been getting more and more popular for example on one day we can have 102300 orders printing what's happening on the streets on the market for protest related merchandise is predominately online the retailers we've spoken to say it's to avoid being targeted by those opposed to the pro-democracy movement some of those are chosen to hide their identities are being threatened it's an indication of how fragile the political situation is in holding up artists are also painting a picture of protests using asked to mortal as the summer of unrest and spread the word. to an international market this exhibition showcases some of the key messages of the protesters who fear about what's happening in hong kong and also worry about the city's future everyone where everyone is worried about it because we love this place we love our homeland and we won't give it up we won't give up our 5 demands cartoon characters like pepe the frog have been embraced in the demonstrations once
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representative of the rush and the symbol of hate in the united states has become the protest mascot and sold widely across hong kong. the big retailers may be struggling but with antigovernment protests expected to continue in 2020 these stores hope to capitalize growing global support for they moved circa al-jazeera hong kong. her again i'm fully back to blow with the headlines on al-jazeera india's main opposition congress body is due to hold a rally in just a few hours against the controversial new citizenship law prime minister narendra modi has defended the legislation which opponents say discriminates against muslims in india at least $25.00 people have died in violence since the lawless boss in parliament earlier this month tens of thousands of syrians are fleeing towards the border with turkey after more russian and syrian air strikes on
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a province the last rebel held area turkey's president says his country can't cope with more refugees mammadov door says a huge humanitarian crisis is brewing at the syria turkey border. the people who've been displaced joining. the displaced syrians who are living at the border you know fishel calm cool to the dream of being forced to set up comms it is the winter there's been flooding and raining. and the really struggling to get to stay warm and some of the falls to rubbish and including plastic bags and as one man have been pulled to the malls on the shoes of the children to stay warm a former military chief in egypt who intended to run against president abdel fattah
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el-sisi has been released from detention sami anon was imprisoned after announcing his candidacy 2 years ago the military said he didn't have permission to run and breach military law no reason has been given for his release australia's prime minister has rejected calls to reduce dependence on coal any increase action on climate change as firefighters can fight has continued to battle grazes across the east and south australia's facing one of its worst ever bushfire seasons nearly 200 homes have been damaged in the past few days in new south wales and south australia and millions of zimbabweans have been living with severe power cuts for months now the worst drought in a century is causing the zambezi river that powers a hydroelectric dam to run dry you have to say it had lines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's inside story stay with us. during a moment in time. snapshots of the law. provided
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into someone else's one. witness on al-jazeera. defiant the indian prime minister defends his controversial citizenship the deaths of angry protests to sweeping the country the bullet by modi change his mind how followers the undermine secularism in india this is inside story. hello welcome to the program i'm stan grant a secular state where all religions are welcome and equal before the law now that idea is at the core of india's constitution but many believe it's under threat hindu nationalism has been emboldened by prime minister narendra modi since he was elected in.


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