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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2019 11:00am-11:33am +03

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moranis expected across india as anger over a controversial new citizenship law shows no sign of subsiding. watching al jazeera live from doha with me for the fact you are also coming up russian and government forces pound the last rebel held area of syria triggering a mass exodus of civilians. france's president west african leaders to publicly back its military presence in the region as on thai french sentiment grows. in a nicholas hawkins in bar where people are queuing outside of banks for hours find out next why since robert mugabe left our economy is going from bad to worse.
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to. i am. thank you for joining us india's main opposition congress party is you to hold a rally in a few hours a contra against a controversial new citizenship law prime minister narendra modi has defended the legislation which opponents say discriminates against muslims in india large demonstrations were held again in the capital new delhi and several other states on sunday at least $25.00 people have died in violence since the law was passed in parliament earlier this month elizabeth warren i'm is in new delhi where the protests are building. for the last week we have had mass protests across the country against this law they have been mostly led by students by civil society now the main opposition party and the of the congress party is holding what's expected to be a very large rally right here in the capital new delhi and they're doing it at the
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resting place of mahatma gandhi they are doing this to emphasize that the country's founders mahatma gandhi. mary wanted a secular india which is enshrined in the constitution and the congress as well as the other groups have been protesting against this rule of course they want to keep up the pressure so that the supreme court will strike down the law they're also looking for guarantees from the government that they will not hold the government will not do what they did in the northeastern state of what was called a national register of citizens which left nearly 2000000 people off the list and there are fears that if you are a non muslim if are you a hindu you will be granted citizenship what the new door that muslims will be rendered stateless so again all these parties including the main opposition congress keeping up the pressure on the government to back down on laws or practices that they say inherently discriminatory. turkey's president
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bedouin says his country can't handle another wave of syrian refugees as 80000 people head towards the border the exodus follows heavy bombardment by russian and syrian forces in the last rebel how to province of shallot bennis reports. and so the nude lib is pounded from above its people rushed towards the turkish border scrambling to escape the aerial on scene from russian and syrian from sims. got a. look from the bombardment russian workmen's are striking copters missiles and rockets we cannot remain there. syrian president bashar al. assad boasted his mission to retake the province from former al qaeda affiliates hiatt to him a week ago sunni provinces out of his control the russian backed syrian army celebrated retaking more than 20 villages on it lives fringe group that he said was the price dozens of civilians killed and tens of thousands displaced of them
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actually in the run is on the model on the job you have fled from and to moderate a long line more than 20 times for what reason tell us when is our next destination we don't know. but this is what they're running from. filmed on sunday on the damascus a liquor highway and it's lewd volunteers from a syrian in geo rushed to the aftermath of the suspected russian. it's tragic there is heavy bombardments to war planes are always flying there come along as a yesterday more than $400.00 rockets hit us at my own neumann our children couldn't sleep through the night they were crying every hour and now we are heading towards the i'm no. turkish president right you've time oda one is bracing for the exodus from it live turkey currently holds 3700000 syrian refugees he says they cannot support more well most of them on the couch and 6 more than 80000 of our brothers
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from ed live running from the bombs there have started migrating towards our borders if the violence towards the people of haiti that does not stop this number will increase even more turkey will not carry such a migrant burden on its own the negative impact of that pressure will be something that all european nations especially greece but also feel. syrian rebels in the russian backed syrian forces had agreed to a cease fire and august in the south of that is from the most we are putting up every effort with russia for the attacks to stop and we will continue to do so in fact we are sending a delegation to moscow on monday. until the bombardment stops the exodus will continue resistance homes abandoned into targets in the way of president assad's mission to retake the last ruble besting in charlotte ballasts 0 on a visit to asia air france's president has questioned whether west african leaders
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want french troops to stay in the region to confront armed groups and money and michael was speaking in the capital of news share and he said he was reluctant to send soldiers to countries where their presence isn't clearly wanted he any says president obama isa 4 discuss recent attacks by fighters linked to eyesore and al qaeda in the sahara my home pay tribute to $13.00 french soldiers killed in mali last month when 2 helicopters collided. places with french an international presence is not accepted by site clearly we will draw the necessary conclusions because we are talking about sovereign states a sovereign state in the region says i don't need for any international military presence we should not be via. let's speak. in nigeria's capital for us a bridge or. president michael has passed controversy in the past with some of this coming so african leaders how's this latest one being received. well basically this
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is of the 1st time president mccone is making this statement we go he was saying he was category and saying that african leaders need to tell him exactly whether or not they need french troops on their soil but the recent situation now is such that president mccrone needs to hear from these leaders because of the grow we. voters in the region about french road actual french role in coming tensions and ending the violence in this hell in other parts of west africa because of al qaida because of islamic state in that event because of. all these attacks that were busy violent attacks in the recent weeks have been rising and people are wondering that with the presence of 4000 fight more than 1500 french troops in the region they can't understand why these things are not being brought under control in fact when
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i was in mali just last week they the question people are asking was that why are these attacks increasing by the day and you when you listen to african leaders the president of the the president of mali president of book an apostle talking about these attacks growing to sophistication and. then in terms of the number of these attacks being carried out without hindrance this by the presence of multinational forces remember missler the united nations mission in mali still there out there the thousands of troops there and the french president presence there is also. something that many west africans feel that they should be able to control the situation from escalating to this level thank you for that. live in a project. in other world news at lease $1000.00 homes most of them in new south wales have now been destroyed in australia's catastrophic bushfires infernos
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have been burning across large swaths of the country for several months now while weather conditions have cold over the past few days are expected to heat up again over the christmas holiday period jessica washington reports from morell in sydney's south where some people have returned to see what's left of their homes for dozens of families here in balmoral this is all they have left most of the town was engulfed in a blaze sophia's it created a firestorm this family stayed to try and protect their home while the inferno swept through their property we had no chance we got smashed. the heat was intense for want of a better word. estimating that it's probably 100-2004 degrees back here without a house just days before christmas members of this family are being helped by the neighbors but there aren't sure what lies ahead the generosity of the community as
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these small communities. that just been amazingly generous people. have offered us homes in everything else under the sun. at this time. really we don't have any plans at this stage this community is a small one home to just 400 but it's been devastated by this bushfire crisis dozens of homes were lost this weekend alone and more than a 1000 houses have been destroyed since the start of the bush. this couple's property is scorched but they still have their house we were. very lucky and it was thanks to this man that we create. we know if he wasn't here we would have lost a house emergency warnings are still in place and
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a heat wave is expected to return in just a few days but fire crews are making the most of the cooler weather and that's allowed some of those who evacuated to return and assess the damage they said we very lucky extremely grateful. but we all can help together that's what we're here for a very close knit community and we'll get through this her house has escaped the fires along with her christmas lights. just a washington al-jazeera. a former military chief in egypt who intended to run against president abdel fattah el-sisi has been released from detention was imprisoned after announcing his candidacy 2 years ago the military said he didn't have her mission to run and breach military law always and has been given for his release but he was moved to a hospital in july after reportedly suffering a stroke. a sunday deadline for iraq's president to name
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a new interim prime minister has now passed with no decision given on who may be chosen area thousands of protesters blocks roads in the capital baghdad in the southern city of basra demanding the appointment of an independent prime minister they say one of the nominees is closely linked to iran hundreds have been killed since protests against corruption said he says and the lack of jobs began in october. still ahead on the program as hong kong slides further into recession we meet the retailers capsulize ing on support for the city's protest movement and we look at how donald trump's border war with mexico could be putting centuries old native american sites at risk.
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hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts we're still dealing with a very strong storm system here across parts of south eastern europe and you can see the storm here on a satellite image there of low pressure over romania but it's really down here across much of the south that we're dealing with the strongest winds and the heaviest rains as well and today we'll be seeing the rains anywhere from italy over here towards greece and then into parts of southern turkey now the winds going to be quite strong as well pushing across this region and you can see those streamlines making their way up towards turkey very gusty we could be seeing downed power lines as well as downed trees moving towards tuesday the rain starts to make its way towards the middle east so for parts of syria as well as lebanon that is going to be a big problem up towards the northeast though into moscow we have been dealing with some very mild conditions 7 degrees is expected high today that is going to continue but as we go towards tuesday finally coming down to about 21 degree on thursday but this is still way. well above average this time of year normally it
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would be minus 6 as your high and that steam source to some is going to cause a problem across much of north eastern africa as well in terms of the wind so benghazi all the way over here towards cairo do expect to see some very gusty winds not all of the rain in the forecast so for benghazi attempt a few of 20. 2 month or sponsored by countdown anyways. what was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him for our multicultural society it's not about. pretty damning allegations that will allow you to go turtle how worried are you that the conditions are still right for another i think they are right join me many often as i put up from questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha a recap of our top stories this hour india's main opposition congress party's due to hold a rally on monday again saying new citizenship law prime minister narendra modi has defended the legislation which opponents say discriminates against muslims tens of thousands of syrians are fleeing towards the turkish border after a new round of airstrikes by russian and syrian forces on the rebel held province turkey's president says his country can't cope with more refugees and at least 8 people have been killed and a 1000 homes destroyed by fire is raging across much of australia while weather conditions have cooled over the past few days are expected to heat up again over the christmas holiday period. let's get an update now on the protests in india and
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speak to our correspondent elizabeth ron i'm in new delhi the protests it is a bit against this citizenship bill the citizenship law don't seem to be dying down tell us about where you are and what's been happening. on the i imagine johnny a 1000000 is not mia university here in the capital new delhi it's been the size of some of the. protests that have been one of the main ones. against the law and people here he's no one no he said in the last week and what we're hearing is now way in delhi and there around the country i know the law was inherently. and that it would make it also in their constitution now elsewhere and earlier we've seen protests is for being detained outside of there for the. mind to hold a grudge against their will there but they shouldn't stay in the largest number of
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dimensions in haiti in all of the 20 not even her daughter. also there to hold hands around the country in a big one. made office. whereas up until now the course has remained driven by students bicycles. as the main opposition party holding a sensation in just a few hours. to my house more than the one of the country's founders i'm not far from here. and so what message precisely is the congress party trying to send by holding this rally prime minister modi of course says that cues the opposition of inciting the violence what can we expect from there on. the. part of the support he has that that. has been stored by opposition parties like
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the congressman because it's actually been criticized by being slow it's been a week of mass protests around the country and it's only holding its 1st rally now nevertheless doing it at the resting place the final resting place of mahatma gandhi they want to emphasize all the that the country's founders might like job. who is the descendants of now the leaders of the congress in the gandhi family that one always wanted a secular india and again that is something that is enshrined in the constitution and the congress and all of these various groups. have filed there's something there almost 60 has already filed what the indian supreme court against the law challenging it and the supreme court has given. until the 2nd week of february to. the to the leadership and says all right thank you for that liz
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elizabeth branham live forests in new delhi. to zimbabwe now where millions of people have suffered months of major power cuts and that's now severely affecting the economy as well nicholas hoc reports on what. it was once the manufacturing hub of southern africa. is now running out of power turning into a ghost town gone are the streets filled with factory workers wedged between abandoned warehouses is a small the other shoe factory running on a diesel generator where we share a bond there has been working for the last 20 years. and this is heading down the drain. because the unemployment is increasing in prison and prison and what you know was a lot of people are not employed there is a lot of that that is nobody everything that's where i see it going in the next few years it will be like down the way to some point where the strongest subtypes
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sibanda moved to the city in 1980 then shoes tires steel even beef was exported to europe he remembers how then electricity was not in short supply but abundant wisdom by exporting it to neighbors now there's no power at home then this is my moment to see all. this is not in the interest. and for each. opening the fridge. i cannot keep enough still 'd for my mind all week. because as you can see this mint. is already getting bad but on it it it ever had no choice. the mind river that powers the career of a hydroelectric dam is running dry because southern africa is experiencing the worst drought in a century as a result the world's largest water falls in some parts is
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a slow trickle there's not enough water to generate power with some experiencing almost 24 hour blackouts in the ember 2017 long time president robert mugabe was overthrown accused of mismanaging state assets in failing to invest in power turning one of africa's fastest growing economies into one of the continent's slowest zimbabwe is now on the brink of economic collapse. well these are mostly pensioners there are also nurses teachers police officers queuing for hours trying to get money out of a bank in a country running out of cash the bank will only allow them to withdraw a maximum of $20.00 a week not enough to me and me it's been over a year since robert mugabe left power and many people here hoped that their circumstances would change but it didn't dissolve the country's power problem and
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jumpstart the economy president is investing in coal wanting to reopen decommissioned power plants built 100 years ago by britain the former colonial power with zimbabwe's coffers empty china is offering to help between 2 national parks home to precious wildlife they're building open pit coal mining plants the aim is to bring zimbabwe back to its former glory at a time when willow y.-o. is factories powered the country's economy attracting southern africa's best workers lurd by the prospect of a prosperous future because hawke al-jazeera. hong kong's government has announced $500000000.00 worth of measures to try to stop its economy sliding further into recession 6 months of pro-democracy protests are being blamed for the tearing tourists and a drop in high street sales but online some retailers have been capsulize ing on global support for the movement has a story from hong kong. streets once teeming with shoppers are deserted restaurants
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have closed tourist numbers have hard after 6 months of anti-government demonstrations some luxury brands have reported a 45 percent drop in recent sales but not everyone is struggling this store is expanding its stock in miniature figurines it's introduced a new line of protest related toys complete with gas masks and helmets don't you wonder since this protest movement began to be has been increasingly more interested in the action figure how people love to assemble the toys but they also buy them to remember the difficulties and struggles in this movement was the protests have attracted local and global support sparking interest in a new retail sector protective gear like masks and hard hats are in high demand after 91 china locked all sales to hong kong this store also stocks clothing slogans like stand with hong kong but there's no shop front all merchandise is sold
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online since the launch in july it's been getting more and more popular for example one day we can have 102300 orders for printing what's happening on the streets on the market for protest related merchandise is predominately online the retailers we've spoken to say it's still boyd being targeted by those opposed to the pro-democracy movement some of those are chosen to hide their identities after being threatened it's an indication of how fragile the political situation is in homs because artists are also painting a picture of protests using asked to mortal as the summer of unrest and spread the word to an international. because this exhibition showcases some of the key messages of the protesters the fear about what's happening in hong kong and also worry about the city's future everyone where everyone is worried about it because we love this place we love our homeland and we won't give it up we won't give up our 5 demands cartoon characters like pepe the frog have been embraced in the
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demonstrations once representative of the our frocks and the symbol of hate in the united states has become the protest mascot and sold widely across hong kong. the big retailers may be struggling but with anti government protests expected to continue in 2020 these stores hope to capitalize growing global support for the movement circa al-jazeera hong kong. at least 16 inmates in a prison in honduras have been killed in fighting between rival gangs the violence comes less than 2 days after 18 other inmates at a separate facility died in a prison riot the president of honduras has ordered the army to take control of the country's 27 presidents. at least 9 people have been killed in spain and portugal after 2 storms struck rivers a flooded and travel disrupted more than 100000 homes are without power for a challenge straight ports. to rescue the crew the helicopter had to come
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down low so low it was being sprayed by huge waves crashing on the vessel but italian coast guards managed to lift 12 people to safety after their cargo ship was blown to sardinia as rocky coastline. across spain portugal and france more than 118000 households are without electricity in portugal storm surge flooding has forced the evacuation of 250 people many houses have been left underwater here except for those homes build hire up. islanders on corsica are being warned to stay away from the seaside. as far as rainfall is concerned we are seeing the end of the crisis with regards to the wind we are still in a crisis that could last a dozen or so hours 15 or so more in. it is very important to advise the population not to go to the beaches in the coastline because it can be potentially dangerous. on western spain's atlantic tip is no stranger to storms but sites like this the
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still remarkable a coastal promise i washed with sea foam whipped up by the pounding of countless waves and blown ashore by storm fabian's full force. and nature's power always fascinates people and some get as close as they do. it's unpredictable and is dangerous but it's impressively beautiful to rory chalons al-jazeera. construction of u.s. president donald thomas border war with mexico is moving ahead and arizona parts of the barrier will cut through a size considered sacred to some native american tribes but as rob reynolds reports from the us mexico border tribal elders say they won't let that happen without a fight. walking on holy ground a group of young native american activists visit quito springs in a way says the vast desert of the organ pipe cactus national monument it's a place where according to archaeologists people have gathered for more than 16000
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years they came from this land we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the spring giving us life the organ pipe cactus national monument spans 1340 square kilometers of pristine desert beamed for a species of desert plants that grow here and no place else on earth it's the traditional territory of the ts odom and to hold the autumn sacred for the people that lived here in the pheromone and that we conducted here ancestors did and pretty much all of our cultural practices. but just 50 kilometers away president donald trump's massive border wall is going up. to 9 meter tall metal structure will cut through traditional rain. and will require new roads bulldozed through the monuments and the adjacent to hold autumn reservation native americans say the wall will damage ceremonial sites pilgrimage routes and ancient graveyards here in the
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organ pipe cactus national monument a government survey has identified at least $22.00 significant archaeological sites that would be partially or completely destroyed by border wall construction. tribal elder ofili a reverse is organizing a grassroots effort to direct public attention to what she says is an act of cultural. desecration when these borders to go up this metal borders or this fence this go up it's very it's very destructive to our spiritual being and our way of life and any part of it that is destroyed it is taking us apart piece by piece. activists say they will do everything in their power to stop the wall i think there's many of us that are willing and ready to put our bodies on the line despite the vast resources of the federal government marshal behind trump signature
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political project the native people here say they will not give up we've been existing here since the beginning of time and there will continue to to exist even after this wall it's build a place of their true beauty ecological diversity and cultural significance that may soon be changed forever robert oulds al-jazeera kito bucky to springs arizona. hello again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera india's main opposition congress party's due to hold a rally against a new citizenship law from minister narendra modi has defended the legislation which opponents say discriminates against muslims in india at least 25 people have died in violence since a long was passed in parliament earlier this month and as a random is in new delhi where protests are building. people here everybody is no one ever said in the last week and what we're hearing in belgrade and delhi and
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around the country. in the arab league. and that is. in their constitution now elsewhere and earlier we see protests that are being detained in outside of the book there for the. mind to hold. there but there are there is a state in the largest. hate on the 25 people who have gotten protests. tens of thousands of syrians are fleeing towards the turkish border after a new round of airstrikes by russian and syrian forces on the rebel held it lay province turkey president says his country can't cope with more refugee. he's a former military chief in egypt who intended to run against president abdel fatah sisi has been released from detention sami anon was imprisoned after announcing his candidacy 2 years ago the military said he didn't have permission to run and
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breached military law a sunday deadline for iraq's president to name a new interim prime minister has now passed with no decision on who may be chosen thousands of protestors brock's roads in baghdad and the southern city of basra demanding the appointment of an independent prime minister they say one of the nominees is closely linked to iran and at least 8 people have been killed and almost 1000 homes destroyed by fires ravaging large parts of australia while weather conditions of course they're expected to heat up again over the christmas holiday period those are the headlines up front is up next stay with us on counting the cost especially on investing in the burgeoning market street but the hope for a right here in council how foreign direct investment is reshaping the global economy and what that means for the future and the globalization of populist sense of. counting the cost on al-jazeera. and historic week in
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washington d.c. president donald trump impeached so what happens now and up from special. this week donald trump became the 3rd president in u.s. history to be impeached by the house of representatives democrats in congress voted through 2 articles of impeachment one of which charges that the president abused his power and pressured the government of ukraine to assist with his reelection campaign by investigating a political rival and the 2nd which accuses him of obstruction of congress.


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