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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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on stories we don't take the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings i think the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm stan grant this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes saudi arabia heads down the death sentence for 5 people for the murder of journalist jamal that clears a senior royal advisor implicated in the killing. boeing's sea always out he's stepping down following months of controversy including 2 deadly crashes involving its 737 max plane. algeria's military chief who played
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a major role in president bush or fleet is ousting his dive we take a look at what this means for the country's political future. open for business russia's president in all the rights a controversy or bridge connecting his country with the next crimean peninsula. and on time how much now have all the day's sporting kidding. break the end of a decade long exile from cricket trade a victory in karate. justice was trampled that's how reporters without borders is describing the trial of the murder of saudi journalist about a saudi saudi arabia's public prosecutor sentenced 5 people to death but their identities what revealed at the closed door trial in the criminal court in riyadh the court could form a royal. tani who's widely suspected of being
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a ringleader and muhammad tybee who was the saudi consul general that istanbul where a saudi was murdered former deputy intelligence chief the sciri was also released for insufficient evidence. 3 other people received jail terms totaling 24 years now the kingdom has denied links to the hit squad killing but some of the team work for the saudi crown prince a spokesman for saudi arabia's public prosecutor said the murder was not premeditated you have an am and the whole that the investigation is carried out by the public prosecution revealed that there was no provocation not murder at the beginning of this assignment it was a spur of the moment action when the leading negotiator inspected the consulate premises and it was established to him that it was impossible to have the victim may he rest in peace transported to a safe place to continue with negotiations consultations were made with a leading negotiator and it was agreed with the perpetrators to kill the victim
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inside the consulate well our bench has me is spokesman for human rights watson joins us on skype from casablanca it's good to have you with us so what we're looking at here we've seen the people who've been convicted and sentenced but is this trial more about those who were not convicted. i guess so i've read on twitter a couple minutes ago the headline should have rather than 5 percent certain c don't you have been. responsible for an arse crime get away with it because that's what it looks like very much 1st before entering into that i must remind. us what it was a definite you know a case that we are not in any case celebrating this this this planet that sentences because we of course that as a matter of principle because i will guarantee the cruel just now are in this case specifically well if it is obvious that the case was rather to secrecy since the
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beginning and it still was so are we do not know the identities of the last of the readers will have a specific charge in the hold against who exactly now you know general and i see it was obvious did you like our evidence and even though. well even a mob of defendants despite this fall it was fear of knowledge and his role in what he called himself the kidnap block well you know which one of them or even 28 so i mean does this trial was almost satisfactory but you've raised a lot of questions there one of the really pertinent questions that we still have to us saudi arabia saying look this wasn't premeditated but when you have significance when you have figures who are working directly for the leadership for the crown prince it does lead to the question of how something like this could happen how people could think that they could carry out such a killing. well obviously it appears that saudi prosecutors attempted to did not
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even attempt to investigate the upper levels of this crime and whether they played a role in the other incident including the crown prince that someone who sucks as far as i recall he had a report saying that the grandmothers was in want to rectify it in europe now of course is not justice but still would have liked to know more about this investigation literarly grandparents don't he accepted responsibility but muddled blame well was the difference i mean the response if you accept responsibility fine and then don't then give us all of you to make this case transparent so we know exactly who he was and we can understand this is very curious these are people designed to kill another person without receiving any order in any condition from outside the consulate this seems not credible or were international crimes or soldier or their commanders must be investigated to the highest level and must be held liable for crimes committed by a subordinate not just committed the killer but i want to get
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a final thought from you about what this means overall for saudi arabia because it comes at a at a critical time we've had the saudi aramco float we've seen some of the liberal eyes ation inside saudi arabia chart to show a new face to the rest of the world and this killing of course interrupted that the trial was meant to send a message of credibility so where does it leave saudi arabia you know there seems no no window of ricin will work and then these kids will come back and hard currency and some cement and you'll have a sword and this could be years and years and now we have said before he even said it now or do this trial the world was conducted proves that his own justice system is it not. and. the u.n. secretary general. as recommended by his special report. and the
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overall human rights council should establish a mechanism to report on some of the georgia. thank you so much for giving us your time appreciate it american airlines manufacturer boeing has a new chief executive dennis mullen has been replaced by the chairman david calhoun the company has been under scrutiny following 2 crashes in ethiopia and indonesia involving its 737 max that forced it to ground the aircraft causing shares to tumble more than 20 percent since march last week the company announced it would suspend production of the macs in january roslyn jordan joins us live now from washington d.c. i suppose the the 1st question to ask here is that was dennis melhem resigning of his own free will or was he pushed was he effectively fide. i think it's fair to say that he was fired i'm going to quote from the pres worley's which boeing put
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out in the past hour after it said that dennis mullen burke has resigned from his positions as chief executive officer and board director effective immediately then goes on to say the board of directors decided that a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the company moving forward as it works to repair relationships with regulators customers and all other stakeholders this comes after a rather devastating a profile of dennis mullen berg in sunday's new york times newspaper in which it said that the head of the f.a.a. the agency that regulates air of airplane traffic here in the united states essentially dressed mr mullen burge down when they 1st met in this in the past couple of months accusing mr berg of putting undue pressure on the u.s. government to approve a speedy return of the 737 max to service as quickly as possible stephen dixon
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according to the new york times told mr mullen berg that was unacceptable behavior and that it was up to the f.a.a. to determine with 100 percent accuracy that the $737.00 max is safe for flight of course that approval has not come from the u.s. government and certainly it would not come also with approval from regulators in europe they tend to work hand in glove on these sorts of safety issues so apart from the cosmetics here apart from saying look this is what we've done we've got rid of dennis mullen burge way to nix for boeing it's too nice to get the 737 max up into the sky and it still needs to restore the confidence that it's lost and particularly when it comes to the to invest in the market. i think it's fair to say that the 737 max is not going to be coming back into service anytime soon a key part of the failure in the 2 crashes of lion aaron indonesian ethiopian air
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in east africa was that the computer program did not come under enough scrutiny that the pilots had not received sufficient training that there are serious enough problems with the software and with the training for pilots of the 737 max that the us government was not going to try to rush this process back any more than it needed to and in fact apparently the software upgrades which boeing had promised to give to the us government within the last 3 months have not been turned over so it's going to be some time before this jet returns to service the f.a.a. is said to be investigating a number of private complaints from a company employees about the whole development and implementation process behind putting the 737 max into service and certainly there's also concern now from u.s.
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air carriers about the financial impact on their business they have been looking to this jet to upgrade their own fleet and without knowing that these planes are safe they're having to make what they see are very expensive alignments to their business models including offering flights to customers and so the ripple effect economically is quite severe this is something that is having an impact on boeing's bottom line rose and appreciate that thank you so much. india's main opposition congress party has held a rally in new delhi thanks to controversy to a new citizenship law it's one of many protests around the country opponents cycle legislation is anti muslim and under bonds india's secular constitution prime minister narendra modi has defended the legislation and denies allegations that it's discriminatory at least 25 people have been killed in violent demonstrations now the government is trying to stem the wave of protests by banning gatherings in
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certain areas elizabeth verandah reports from new delhi. johnny emily has got me a university in the capital new delhi must be the size of the. thing and. i met men to act like we just yet have been driving the protests around the country. together here it is a different story tell me tell me. consistently gathered that what they're for the house another reason for them but definitely one of them states. not just the. men not the nation that. was never late. for that long he won't be able to get him again and for we know that sometimes seventy's show. was belittling the way it was when he was driven to the most i was shocked to see the muslim world i'm going to take him to pledge number
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one school when i moved here because i was proud of that family and it was there was i want. to believe was entered was never going to get out. of the us it was ok it's fun to. get it and was. not the. one to articulate that. but that was taken. well it's plenty more ahead on the news out including as in towns of scorched destroyed it worked around the clock to bring. under control. protests in france so impacting business during the whole day shopping season. and an incident in the english premier league has the professional footballers association calling on the government to take action at that story coming up in sport.
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3 days of national mourning have been declared in algeria following the death of the army's chief of staff and deputy minister of defense the tenet general i've made guides was regarded as the most powerful man in the country following the resignation of long john president abdelaziz bouteflika in april after widespread protests laura bush manly has more. for years he was the chief of staff of the algerian national army but a man to guide salah would mostly be remembered for being behind the resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika after 2 decades in office. on march 26th the c.m. not knowing off to hundreds of thousands about jerry and marched in the streets demanding an end to the regime. it was guides televised speech urging
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beautifully could quit the made that a reality the armed but the rest of many of the to seek his allies a month later supported the newly appointed interim leader after. i would. be had so that i would like to confirm in truth that the transitional period to prepare for the presidential elections to take place with the oversight of the national people's army which will keep watch over the course of this transition in lot of the mutual trust between the people and their army. just last week attending the inauguration of the new president at the taboo. but many protests of the boycotted the election that brought him to power saying those little choice of candidates the only established elite. guide seller has spent his adult life in the armed forces a former officer of the national liberation army and then the algerian peoples
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national armed forces he spent years working his way to the top of the army. he forged out areas war of independence between 19 154-2962 against the french and was considered a hero in his country. in 1903 he was promoted to the role of lieutenant general as a close ally to then president put of flicka in 2004 he became chief of staff of the a jury in people's national army on september 15th 2013 vice minister of defense but he had rivals they included the powerful head of algeria secret services mohammad mehdi and known as general taufiq but he was removed in september 2015 making got sarah the head of the armed forces. that in february this year in a sudden wave of protests algerians demanded the entire regime step down.
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in a major u. turn. and it is loyalty to beautifully care and join the calls from protesters for the president to resign. however many are gerry and 10 don't get salah and called for his resignation on and the military state. let's get more on this use of power and is a professor of political science and international relations at cata university it's good to have you here with us let's look at that the legacy here guide sala the king micah he turned against but a flicker but a flicker was ousted he supported to burn who's now the president so how this legacy be assessed well i think that. will be remembered by 2 things do 1st one is that the he oversaw a transition from beautiful to the bone over the last 10 months
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exactly there have been demonstrations on a weekly basis in algeria he promised but no. drop of blood would be spilt and he also promised that he will play by the constitutions and obviously. the algerian heloc all the most lessons have been. for peacefulness and he played by the constitution as we saw an election last couple of weeks ago off the bone. location of the last week he's also billy member somebody who poured what he called the gun and all is algerian but flicka his former ministers blood ministers and some of the business. model very much involved in others politics he put them in jail and he also promised to keep
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fighting corruption in the country yes he put people in jail yes he turned against beautiful later and called for him to go but he was also it's fair to say is not someone who was seen as part of the establishment the protesters wanted him gone. yes obviously he is part of the establishment because of different positions he has in the algerian military it's only recently that some of the protesters well calling for him to go because as far as they were concerned he didn't all the all the did not live up to expectations they expected all they want to a more open democratic vision and their eyes they did not get that. just got his man into the presidency to some people this is a very big achievement in a given the dangers from inside and outside the country from his and what is the
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detractors basically he did not leave he did not keep his promises and obviously the transition to democracy as they expected it did not occur that professor protests continue the protesters don't accept the legitimacy of president to burn he was elected with i think the lowest voter turnout ever so where does that leave him now that he doesn't have someone like godzilla backing him well obviously the. turnout is concerned in algeria it has never been an issue a president can be elected by as little as 10 percent turnout visiting a seat as far as i'm concerned in algeria has never been an issue the legitimacy of to born will be achieved by what he can do in the in his daniel in office and the next 3 months to 6 months obviously. is gone now has been replaced and
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this is a very good sign at least that the algerian military is united side. one of the stock losses allies now is the chief of staff of the algerian. military like you said. i guess with continued the meta model the tuesday schedule demonstrations for the students there has been some cause that it should be abolished. at least fall out or to model is a sign of respect for gates but i expect they have to continue in the weeks to come because the heloc tells you it's not the end personally again against gates other our problem is with these politicians of a more democratic system professor and other person to your insights thank you so much for joining us thank you. commuters in rather than through the u.s.
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usually celebrate the opening of a new trial in line but this one is not without controversy russia's president vladimir putin was on board to inaugurate the journey between russia and crimea the 1st passenger ship is running from st petersburg to crimea is largest cities the best of all russia annexed crimea from ukraine in 2014 the us and e.u. imposed sanctions on top and he's involved in the construction of the bridge which was built without ukraine's consent the 1st direct rolling between russia and crimea is being described by critics as a violation of international law until 5 years ago the potential was only accessible from mainland ukraine travelers wanting to get to and from russia had to fly will take a ferry after russian troops and its crimea in 2014 people voted yes in a referendum to join the russian federation president putin announced the decision to build a $4000000000.00 bridge which opened in $28.00 saying without the consent of ukraine spanning 19 kilometers it's the longest in europe and opened last year when
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putin drove a truck over the us and e.u. imposed sanctions on top and he's involved in its construction now trains are running to and from za petersburg to crimea as largest city sebastopol. see makowski is senior fellow at eurasia center at the atlantic council makis also former nato chief of staff he joins us on skype from st petersburg in the u.s. state of florida the difference in pittsburgh it's it's good to have you with us i want to get your thoughts 1st of all on this is what the international community is saying this is a breach of international law this goes against ukrainian sovereignty. that's right it's very interesting that this bridge opened up only several weeks after russia reentered formal peace negotiations with ukraine in paris as part of the normandy format what i think it showcases the continued russian push to solidify their
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control over crimea something that they have never and will likely have never agreed to give back to ukraine and it showcases russia's continued interest in undermining ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and also rejecting international sanctions that have been put in place against russia so many ways it's a solidification of the status quo of the criminals trying to hold crimea closer to the russian version that you say undermining ukrainian sovereignty russia would cite exactly the opposite they would cite look crimea as part of russia we annexed it there was a referendum the people said yes this is nothing to do with ukrainian sovereignty. that's right russian federation clearly after $24.00 to seize this part of russian territory so it's going to increase the political and then of course military support it's increased it's not very present crimea and so the economic element is critical without
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a bridge crimea is essentially isolated and increasing russian tourists and economic links to the mainland is critical so many ways something that is expected but it's still violates international law the other piece about this bridge i think is critical as 'd it's military so in a way that it practically creates a choke point as are her ukrainian ship and that this bridge was construction in agreement with ukraine it would've been a lot higher and so in many ways the russians are using this group's choke off ukraine economically just like they per create as a lifeline of crimea we keep talking about international lore and sovereignty and we've seen the sanctions that are imposed on firms involved in building this but we also know that the fact of the matter is it occupation matters and yes there has been protest and yes there have been sanctions and yes there have been complaints and allegations of violating international law but when crimea was annexed the world did effectively nothing and the sanctions have not stopped so what have not
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stopped this so what impact can the international community have here. you know i think one is crimea still is not well functioning entity it's isolated the only economics court and real international interest and engage and he gets this from the russian federation so one bridge does not create a successful story for russian crimea i think you think international who responds erosive these are not its sanctions sense of that are still in place sanctions that will let them stand place for as long as russia continues died on crimea but more importantly if the international community rejects it sanctions and gives russia and it's not only crimea it's going to come under russian domination there are 2 provinces in eastern ukraine that russia seems to occupy that are car cranium territory so in many ways the crimea story is a larger part of the future of ukraine and the future of europe because russia's
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interests and ambitions extend beyond crimea much of a cult has been good of you to join us thank you thanks for having. still ahead on al-jazeera how donald trump's border war with mexico could be putting centuries old native american sides at risk. at its border bron james misses his 1st game of the season son of will be here to tell us how the like is going on without the engine stopped. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts well over the next few days we are going to be watching a storm system pushing into the eastern part of the mediterranean bring some very heavy rain as well as a very gusty winds turkey syria as well as into lebanon you can be seeing it increasing rain as we go from tuesday as well as into wednesday winds will be very
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gusty along those coastal areas all the way down towards parts of egypt as well turkey expect to see some snow in the higher elevations as well as very gusty winds beirut over the next few days it is going to be quite a mess we can be seeing increasing rain from tuesday to wednesday and by the time we do get towards thursday it is going to be a flood risk across much of the region here across much of the gulf not looking too bad maybe some clouds here across parts of saudi arabia and into the u.a.e. abu dhabi though a nice day if you are 23 degrees not really changing too much as we go towards thursday but we may see a few clouds in your forecast with a temperature of $27.00 degrees and clouds also across much of southern africa pushing from johannesburg all the way down here towards durban with the potential of some rain in the forecast tempter wise for johannesburg to expect to see about 26 degrees there but durban it is going to be a very warm day for you with the temper of 33 in capetown a little cooler and 1000. a
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city defined by military occupation has never been an arab state he with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the can only project that's what we refuse it was one of the soundness of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation this could mean nation injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today we get to the blind with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom this feels like a tornado that sure is a tomato exploration process was so amazing in a way we have that technology available to us techno.
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this is al jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories saudi arabia's public prosecutor says 5 people have been sentenced to death for the murder of saudi journalist about 3 of those were sentenced to a total of 24 years in prison a formal royal advisor has investigated but released without charge american airline manufacturer boeing is replacing its chief executive janice mullen book chairman david calhoun will tell you the next month is the company deals with the fallout following 2 crashes involving its 737 max. india's
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main opposition congress party has held a rally in new delhi against the controversy over new citizenship it's one of many protests across india against the war opponents say it's anti muslim and under bonds secular constitution. as in areas of australia scorched by bush fires of returning to see what's left around 200 fires are burning many of them in the states of new south wales and south australia weeks of bushfires of killed 9 people and destroyed at least a 1000 properties one particularly hard hit small community is balmoral south of sydney jessica washington is the. for dozens of families here in balmoral this is all they have left most of the town was engulfed in a blaze sophia's it created a firestorm this family stayed to try and protect their home while the inferno swept through their property we had no chance we got smashed. the
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heat was intense for want of a better word. estimating that it probably hit 100-2004 degrees back here. without a house just days before christmas members of this family are being helped by their neighbors but there aren't sure what lies ahead the generosity of the community as these small communities and everywhere else that just been amazingly generous people. that have offered us homes in everything else on the to this time. really we don't have any plans at this stage this community is a small one home to just 400 but it's been devastated by this bushfire crisis dozens of homes were lost this weekend alone and more than a 1000 houses have been destroyed since the start of the bush. this couple's
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property is scorched but they still have their house. and. thanks to. emergency warnings are still in place and a heat wave is expected to return in just a few days but fire crews are making the most of the cooler weather and that's allowed some of those who evacuated to return and assess the damage. but we. have a close knit community. and. her house has escaped the fire along with her christmas lights. just a washington. hong kong's government has announced
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$500000000000.00 worth of measures to try to stop its economy sliding further into recession that would tell me more antigovernment protesters take place over the winter of the christmas holiday 6 months of demonstrations being blamed for deterring tourists and causing a drop in high street but on law and some brutal was a big capitalizing on global support for the movement sarah clarke reports from hong kong. streets once teeming with shoppers are deserted restaurants have closed tourist numbers have halved after 6 months of anti-government demonstrations some luxury brands have reported a 45 percent drop in recent silence but not everyone is struggling this store is expanding its stock in miniature figurines it's introduced a new line of protest related toys complete with gas masks and helmets you can see one since this protest movement began to be has been increasingly more interested in the action figure how people love to assemble the toys but they also buy them to
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remember the difficulties and struggles in this movement was. the protests have attracted local and global support sparking interest in a new retail sector protective gear like masks and hard hats are in high demand after 91 china locked all silos to hong kong this store also stocks clothing slogans like stand with hong kong but there's no shop front all merchandise is sold online since the launch in july it's been getting more and more popular for example on monday we can have 102300 orders pending what's happening on the streets on the market for protest related merchandise is predominately online the retailers we've spoken to say it is to avoid being targeted by those opposed to the pro-democracy movement some of those are chosen to hide their identities i think threatening it's an indication of how fragile the political situation is in home artists are also. a picture of protests using asked to
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a mortal as the summer of one wrist and spread the word to an international market this exhibition showcases some of the key messages of the protesters who fear about what's happening in hong kong and also worry about the city's future everyone where everyone is worried about it because we love this place we love our homeland and we won't give it up we won't give up our 5 demands cartoon characters like pepe the frog have been embraced in the demonstrations once representative of the symbol of hate in the united states has become the protest mascot and sold widely across hong kong. the big retailers may be struggling but with anti government protests expected to continue in 2020 these stores hope to capitalize growing global support for the movement sarah craft al-jazeera hong kong. a group of friends roll workers of 4 with riot police in paris during a demonstration of a planned pension reforms strikes have been going on for more than 2 weeks
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crippling france's transport system and forcing schools to close and they're now having an impact on businesses during what's supposed to be their most profitable time of the year bernard smith reports from paris. france is business owners are not feeling the spirit of christmas just before the holiday it looks busy in paris but the almost total shutdown of the metro is having a significant impact on the numbers of people coming out to shop and eat takings at this cafe have fallen 30 percent manager isabel sol says it's worse than last year's yellow vest protest. we have had an enormous loss of turnover we've had no terrorists in the style find it very difficult to come to work some cannot even make it and but it's not their fault those looking for work will find it harder next month france's main employers association says 3 quarters of paris area
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businesses are planning to freeze hirings because of the loss of economic activity 80 percent of france's small and medium sized businesses have suffered losses because of the strike that's according to their confederation and in the major cities of paris marsay in strasbourg sales of something by as much as 60 percent turnover at this hotel is down 50 percent for the seldom add to that the taxi bill the owner is facing to get his staff into work and back home every day i hope that this strike won't. continue for 3 months because it could be really difficult to be honest and a case. like this we have consolations just 2 days before 48 hours maybe before and it's for us we cannot recover it paris's botanical gardens is hoping for $400000.00 visitors this year to its winter exhibition but says midweek numbers are down we don't know. what will happen during the 15 day thought by creation and the
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5th day of the vacation are very important because we expect the. day spending on pensions health care and other social services swallows 32 percent of france's g.d.p. the highest in the developed world benefits the french are reluctant to sacrifice the unions are promising another round of nationwide demonstrations in january france faces another gloomy winter burnet smith al-jazeera paris but libya has announced a major change of policy on venezuela the government has announced it's joining the labor group of nations seeking a resolution to the crisis their 12 countries of throwing their support behind venezuelan opposition leader one why though bolivia is backing is in contrast to the left wing policies of president if our morale as before he was deposed and fled into exile al jazeera journalist much more to say in his now being detained without
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any formal charges in egypt for 3 years the same was arrested on arrival in egypt in december 26th in while on a personal visit to see his family he's accused of defaming the state and spreading false news allegations he in the al-jazeera media network denies al-jazeera staff are holding a solidarity poor's and continue to call for his release millions of people in zimbabwe have suffered months of major power cuts and now that severely affecting the economy because hark reports from both the wire. it was once the manufacturing hub of southern africa. is now running out of power turning into a ghost town gone are the streets filled with factory workers wedged between abandoned warehouses is a small leather shoe factory running on a diesel generator where we share a bond there has been working for the last 20 years. and the city is heading down
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the way. it was and employment is increasing christin president what he was a lot of good but not employed is a lot of fat that is nobody everything that's where i sit. in the nets that you know yes it would be like down the way somebody with the strongest subtypes sibanda moved to the city in 1980 then shoes tires steel even beef was exported to europe he remembers how then electricity was not in short supply but abundant wisdom by exporting it to neighbors now if there's no power at home then this is not much to sit on. this is not an interesting. and for each. other in the fridge. i cannot keep enough still 'd for my mind all week. because as you can see this mint. is already getting bad but on it
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it had no choice. the mind river that powers the career of a hydroelectric dam is running dry because southern africa is experiencing the worst drought in a century as a result the world's largest water falls in some parts is a slow trickle there's not enough water to generate power with some experiencing almost 24 hour blackouts in the ember 2017 long time president robert mugabe was overthrown accused of mismanaging state assets and failing to invest in power turning what about africa's fastest growing economies into one of the continent's slowest. zimbabwe is now on the brink of economic collapse. well these are mostly pensioners there are also nurses teachers police officers queuing for hours trying to get money out of a bank in a country running out of cash the bank will only allow them to withdraw
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a maximum of $20.00 a week not enough to make ends meet it's been over a year since robert mugabe left power and many people here hoped that their circumstances would change but it didn't dissolve the country's power problem and jumpstart the economy president is investing in coal wanting to reopen decommissioned power plants built 100 years ago by britain the former colonial power with zimbabwe's coffers empty china is offering to help between 2 national parks home to precious wildlife they're building open pit coal mining plants the aim is to bring zimbabwe back to its former glory at a time when willow y.-o. is factories powered the country's economy attracting southern africa's best workers lurd by the prospect of a prosperous future because hawke al-jazeera. violence in mexico has been under increasing scrutiny after a number of u.s.
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citizens were murdered last month the country is dealing with its highest murder rate on record and the majority of firearms involved being smuggled in from across the border john holeman has part 2 of our series on arms trafficking from the u.s. this burnt up car became a wakeup call for the united states and says for the record i need in for my grandchildren her. shot up 3 women and 6 children american citizens killed in neighboring mexico. president trump said in response the cartels would be considered terrorist organizations but it was america may bullets found at the scene and likely america make guns smuggled across the border that we used to kill not just this family but tens of thousands more in mexico quantised suffered more the most this year there's been an average of 6 murders a day residents say the city swimming with us far omes. anyone can carry
6:45 pm
a gun now and i've known cases where they exchange a couple of words with someone in a taco stand and a petrol station and they kill them. yvonne's husband himself was shot dead leaving her to bring up 4 year old michelle and 10 year old danny alone it's affected us in every way economically as well i'm not with my daughters where distance because i have to work every day and leave them here alone he was the breadwinner in mexico it's extremely hard to buy a gun legally but criminals have found an easier way about 70 percent of the firearms seized here in traced have come from the u.s. the state's attorney responsible for 2 quanah told how does here in the mix can cartels which of long relied on straw buyers and now you using different tactics to buy more weapons states saw it fit into this pot in different parts of the united states illegally by parts of the us the new cross them into mexico and put the gun together here anyone can go to a gun store in the u.s.
6:46 pm
and buy a gun part there's no control of that in the registry then we find those arms at a crime scene in mexico and we have no way to trace them why because they have no serial number. once the guns or parts of guns abort it's easy to get them across a poorest border where there are few checks on the passing cars what impact would it have on the homicide rate here in tijuana if suddenly it became a lot more difficult to get guns over the border from the us to mexico they had only i believe that it would have an important impact at the moment that the criminals don't have a way to get firearms will be hard to commit murder so of course the restriction would have an impact. in the end though the blame lies not with the weapons but those wielding them says a man who would know. this is a report and i think it's one's own responsibility because if they gave you an order you have to obey if you're carrying or not they tell me you're going to kill those people i have to do it and that's my own responsibility for the ones i kill
6:47 pm
depending on what they did wrong there are tens of thousands though who have done nothing but have had their families ripped apart now live on wants is a safer future. there's so much killing so many dead too many cases and people disappeared if all of this really stopped the traffic the bar the drugs we'd have a bit of peace. stopping the flow of guns into mexico wouldn't rectify that alone but from politicians to experts to ordinary mexicans if you doubt that it would help john homan. still ahead on. war with.
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let's get a lot in sport now with thank you very much a sad was a deadly attack on sri lanka's team bus and lahore in 2009 left pakistan without test cricket on home soil for more than a decade but sri lanka have finally returned and on monday pakistan sealed their 1st test when at home in more than 13 years sara matic has. it's the moment that's been over a decade in the making pakistan celebrate their 1st test victory on home soil since the return of cricket the longest format to the country earlier this month. countries had avoided playing test in pakistan since the 2009 attack on sri lanka's team bus in lahore. and it was against sri lanka that pakistan's landmark victory
6:50 pm
came the home side only needed 3 wickets and crunchy on the final day to feel victory. and they got the 1st one with the open source of the morning. the remaining batsman fell soon after pakistan taking just 15 minutes to get the job done. nothing in show was the hero the 16 year old stepping up with 5 wickets in the final innings to not only seal a $263.00 run win but also the series won nothing. in the home series was important to us it's been a long time since a test series was played in pakistan this test series was special for each player to win obviously everyone's overwhelmed pakistan's test future still remains uncertain bangladesh are scheduled to visit next but they want best series moved to a neutral venue for now however pakistan will celebrate this is storage moment so
6:51 pm
well malik al-jazeera one of rugby's best known players is the latest sportsman to criticize china for lucky enough weaker muslims sonny bill williams tweeted his appeal for more people and countries to speak out saying that some have chosen money over humanity in new zealand a star follows a message was there in supporting the weaker minorities plight the chinese government reacted to the german midfielders criticism by pulling the plug on showing arsenal matches in time the professional footballers association has called on the british government to launch an inquiry into racism in the english premier league it follows yet another incident this time in the match between tottenham and chelsea on sunday a complaint about racist chanting was made by chelsea's german defend on tonya. a spokesman for the british prime minister's office said on monday they would monitor the premier league's efforts to combat the problem tottenham broadcast 2 warnings
6:52 pm
to supporters cheering the game at their stadium. well a number of leading figures in the game have been reacting to what happened at tottenham including man city boss pep guardiola who believes that fighting racism is a daily battle but i don't like to fight every day in the school especially the families at home to do the best as i can defeat to the new generation. it's a part of that day by day and of course and all the initiatives. you tap in for the players and for the ration of course we are going to work napoli have ended their wait for victory in the italian syria with a late goal. last season's one was up but had gone more than 2 months without a win before sunday's game sacking coach carlo and she lost the along the way but an own goal in the 94th minute brought some relief to the new man in charge of the
6:53 pm
2 so they host league leaders into milan after the winter break. 2 north africans and one up from the west who are in the running for the continent's player of the year award egypt's mohamed salah will hope to win it for the 3rd year in a row but his liverpool team mate aside your money of senegal is the current favorite they admire as it could take the title for the 2nd time off to captain algeria to africa cup of nations victory. to the n.b.a. in defending champions the toronto raptors came back from a 30 point deficit to beat the dallas mavericks 11207 and the biggest ever come back in raptors history elsewhere in milwaukee the butts beat the visiting indiana pace's yani on to comply has 18 points and 19 rebounds.
6:54 pm
and lopez each had 17 to lead me walk each 117 to 89 victory places i had a 5 game winning streak snapped the bucs to lead the central division by 6 and a half game. with the bron james missing his 1st game of the season because a muscle strain the lakers struggled to end their game against the visiting number them the nuggets anthony davis school 32 points denver though had a huge 2nd home paula missile post scoring 21 to lead the nuggets 128104 victory and the 6 win in the us just. what we will have more later on though it's back to fan so i thank you for that president donald trump's promise to build a border war with mexico has put his policy on a collision course with some diet of american drugs in arizona parts of the barrier
6:55 pm
will cut through sites considered sacred as rob reynolds reports from the us mexico border tribal elders say they won't give up without a fight. walking on holy ground a group of young native american activists visit pico bucky to springs in a way says the vast desert of the organ pipe cactus national monument it's a place where according to archaeologists people have gathered for more than 16000 years they came from this land we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the spring giving us life the organ pipe cactus national monument spans 13 high. a good 40 square kilometers of pristine desert beamed for a species of desert plants that grow here and no place else on earth it's the traditional territory of the ts odum and to hold the autumn sacred for the people that lived in the pheromone with that we conducted here ancestors did and pretty much all of our cultural practices. but just 50 kilometers away president donald
6:56 pm
trump's massive border wall e's going up. to 9 meter tall metal structure will cut through traditional rain. and will require new roads bulldozed through the monument and the adjacent to hold the autumn reservation native americans say the wall will damage ceremonial sites pilgrimage routes and ancient graveyards here in the organ pipe cactus national monument a government survey has identified at least $22.00 significant archaeological sites that would be partially or completely destroyed by border wall construction. tribal elder ofili a reverse is organizing a grassroots effort to direct public attention to what she says is an act of cultural desecration when the borders to go up this metal borders are this fence this go up very very destructive to our spiritual being and our way of
6:57 pm
life and any part of it that is destroyed it is taking us apart. piece by piece. activists say they will do everything in their power to stop the wall i think there's many of us that are willing and ready to put our bodies on the line despite the vast resources of the federal government marshal behind trump signature political project the native people here say they will not give up we have been fisted here since the beginning of time and there will continue today to exist even after this wallace build a place of natural beauty ecological diversity and cultural significance that may soon be changed forever robert oulds al-jazeera kito bucky dos free arizona now you can find much more on our website the address for that is w w w how does iraq. that's it from a for this news out i'll be back in among the with more of the day's.
6:58 pm
january on al-jazeera president donald trump is that that president in history to be impeached what does this mean for the future of the u.s. leader on the brink of an election before much chilian presidential candidate explores the defeat of left wing political parties across russia in america and look at how this year's world economic forum will focus on ways to tackle the impact of climate change an expiration of family links to the tsunamis regime examines it italy may now be embracing fascist ideologies most believed gone
6:59 pm
forever out with the general election out of the way breaks it is now certain how will the u.k. proceed with the transition period and how much it's january on al-jazeera. in 2008. 0 documented a groundbreaking scheme. preparing some of india's children for entry into its toughest universities 'd. we return to see how the students and the scheme a helping change the face of indian. super 30 announces they are. new yorkers are very receptive. because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. join me many as i put the questions to my special guests and challenge them to some
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straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. saudi arabia hands down the death sentence for 5 people for the murder of journalist. clears a senior royal advisor to do that you. are live from doha. boeing's c.e.o. is out he's stepping down after months of controversy including 2 deadly crashes involving the 737 max plane. algeria's military chief who played a major role in president bush or fleet has died we take
7:01 pm
a look at what this means for the country's political future. and we'll have the 2nd part of our exclusive report about how elites.


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