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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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teacher but without any study or rings and one on one east investigates the pakistani company at legibly selling fake degrades to the police around the world on al-jazeera. saudi arabia hands down the death sentence for 5 people for the murder of journalist. but clearly is a senior royal advisor implicated in the killing. grad this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up boeing c always alice he's stepping down following months of controversy including 2 deadly crashes involving its 737 max play. algeria's military chief who played a major role in president but the focus ousting his dive to take
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a look at what this means for the country's political future. open for business russia's president and all the rights a controversy will bridge connecting his country with the addicks crimean peninsula . saudi arabia's public prosecutor has sentenced 5 people to death and 3 others to prison for the murder of washington post journalist jamal has now the verdict signify the end of a year long trial in which more than 11 saudis were tried however those closest to the royal court appear to have been exonerated andrew schapelle has been 14 months after jamal khashoggi was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where his fiance. waited for hours before calling for help a saudi court has issued a verdict. us dr lynne malcolm outages a video of the criminal court in riyadh has issued
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a preliminary sentence against 11 of the accused individuals and it is as follows the death penalty for 5 and they are those who directed but dissipated in his killing may he rest in peace. but senior saudis with close connections to the royal court have been cleared the court ruled there was no proven involvement of saudi tani in the murder he was advisor to crown prince mohammed bin summoned before his sacking soon after killing the turkish chief prosecutor's office in istanbul filed a warrant for khatami's arrest a year ago in june the un special investigator agnes callum ard said intelligence agents had identified qahtani as a hit squad ringleader i have and sees to it that the killing of mr question ease a state killing it is not a killing by rober official or so as the country of the government continue to to to pretend at least under international human rights you know and she urged the world to sanction the crown prince and his assets until he could prove his
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innocence that hasn't happened. exoneration to her former consul general mohammed although tavi who showed journalists around the consulate in istanbul also cleared off middle of siri the kingdom's former deputy intelligence chief started doing a plan to vote others the journalism watchdog reporters without borders says justice has been trampled why there mom have been solomonic he was in contact with out on call upon me just before and after the murder of her my live show she this is what the cia based in part it's this asian that that mob and film on was very high probability responsible for doing the killing so yeah lots and lots of questions this verdict will do nothing to quell those questions and it raises many many more questions there is no such thing as fair and open justice in saudi arabia despite intelligence agencies including the cia saying crown prince mohammed bin so
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man was probably involved the white house shielded the future king from absolute responsibility maybe maybe he did and following intense criticism and skepticism that little happens in the kingdom without his knowledge the crown prince eventually had his say was. absolutely not this was a heinous crime like this but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia the identities of those convicted were concealed during the closed door trial in the capital riyadh and it remains unclear what roles they played in crucial g.'s death raising suspicions that they are the fall guys for much more powerful saudis and are chapelle al jazeera. boeing has announced the boardroom shake up as it suffers major losses chief executive dennis mullen burgess being replaced next month following criticism of his had wing of the 737 max controversy boeing says the change is necessary to restore confidence in the
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company the jets remain grounded by airlines worldwide following 2 crashes within 5 months industry regulators need to approve new software before takeoff clearance is given roslyn jordan is in washington d.c. she says but the bird was forced to step down. i think it's fair to say that he was fired i'm going to quote from the press release which boeing put out in the past hour after it said that dennis mullen burke has resigned from his positions as chief executive officer and board director effective immediately then goes on to say the board of directors decided that a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the company moving forward as it works to repair relationships with regulators customers and all other stakeholders this comes after a rather devastating profile of dennis mullen berg in sunday's new york times newspaper in which it said that the head of the f.a.a.
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the agency that regulates airplane traffic here in the united states essentially dressed mr mullen bergdahl when they 1st met in this in the past couple of months accusing mr mullen burge of putting undue pressure on the u.s. government to approve a speedy return of the 737 max to service as quickly as possible stephen dixon according to the new york times told mr mon berg that was unacceptable behavior and that it was up to the f.a.a. to determine with 100 percent accuracy that the $737.00 max is safe for flight of course that approval has not come from the u.s. government and certainly it would not come also with approval from regulators in europe they tend to work hand in glove on these sorts of safety issues. india's main opposition congress party is hold a rally in new delhi against the controversy would you citizenship it's one of many
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protests around the country opponents so the legislation is anti muslim and undermines india's secular constitution prime minister narendra modi has defended the legislation and denies allegations that it's discriminatory at least 25 people have been killed in violent demonstrations where the government is trying to stem the wife of protests by banning gatherings in certain areas elizabeth purana reports from new delhi. johnny emollient has got me a university in the capital new delhi must also be in the eyes of some of the. i met men to act like you just yet have been driving the protests around the country. together here and in a different story tell me tell me will. come to sit with gathered at their for the house another reason for everyone whatever in the middle of their states.
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not just the. men not the nation. was never late. for that no you won't be able to get him again and for we know that sometimes 70. was total either way was when he was driven to the most i was shocked to see it was the end of a lot of trying to manage number one school. because it was happening and it. was i want. to believe was entered. the us was inspired to. get it and was. not the. one to articulate. that soon but that was. not secure said. well job and sorry is a political commentator he says bodies attempts to blame and rest of the opposition
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congress party obvious placed. this is a lame excuse that all governments make over and in trouble there's no point in blaming the opposition if the opposition was that organized it wouldn't be in the kind of state that it is particularly the congress party if blame asked to lie anywhere it must lie at the top of the cup but for bringing in this bill and for not opening a draw or negotiating with the protestors this is not a community specific protest this is not the protests on search by the opposition in fact the opposition that's been weak too late in joining the protest a majority of the protesters are coming from from across communities or to across different spectrums of life in india the specter of this these protests that rocked limited to the capital if spread across the length and breadth of this country by and large these protests have remained peaceful and these protests and not just conspire to says are not just muslims but they come from different communities the
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reason why they're not reaching out because this government and mr met in the odd in a way that tim's of their own image mr newton modi likes to believe that he's a very strong and decisive leader but sometimes in trying to live up to that image he tends to do with what many believe become a product it the only way it will free tempers is by announcing a pullback of this controversial and not see sort on as he continues with this the problem i'm afraid will continue on the streets 3 days of national mourning have been to create an algerian following the death of the obvious chief of staff and deputy minister of defense lieutenant general ahmed guide sala who was regarded as the most powerful man in the country following the resignation of longtime president abilities beautifully off the widespread protests were good manly has. for years he was the chief of staff of the algerian national army but
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a man to guide salah would mostly be remembered for being behind the resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika after 2 decades in office. on march 26th the c.m. not knowing off to hundreds of thousands about jerry and marched in the streets demanding an end to the regime. it was guides televised speech urging beautifully could quit the made that a reality the armed but the rest of many opposed to fake his allies a month later supported the newly appointed interim leader as. i would. be had so that i would like to confirm in truth that the transitional period to prepare for the presidential elections to take place with the oversight of the national people's army which will keep watch over the course of this transition in lot of the mutual trust between the people and their army. just last
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week attending the inauguration of the new president at the board. but many protests of the boycotted the election that brought him to power saying those little choice of candidates the only established elite. guide seller has spent his adult life in the armed forces a former officer of the national liberation army and then the algerian peoples national armed forces he spent years working his way to the top of the army. he forged out areas war of independence between 19 154-2962 against the french and was considered a hero in his country. in 1903 he was promoted to the role of lieutenant general as a close ally to then president beautifully in 2004 he became chief of staff of the r. jury in people's national army on september 15th 2013 vice minister of defense
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. but he had rivals they included the powerful head of algeria's secret services mohammad mehdi and known as general tao feek but he was removed in september 2015 making gazzetta the head of the armed forces. that in february this year in a sudden wave of protests algerians demanded the entire regime step down. in a major u. turn. and it is loyalty to beautifully can and join the calls from protesters for the president to resign. however many of cheery and tan don't get salah and called for his resignation on and to the military state. well still ahead on al-jazeera plans for a christmas truce the riled after french route workers clashed with riot police
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powers. and i'm nicholas hawkins and bob where people are queuing outside of banks for hours find out next why since robert mugabe left power economy is going from bad to worse. hello again welcome back to in a national weather forecast well over the next few days we are going to be watching a storm system pushing into the eastern part of the mediterranean bring some very heavy rain as well as a very gusty winds turkey syria as well as into lebanon you're going to see an increasing rain as we go from tuesday as well as into wednesday winds will be very gusty along those coastal areas all the way down towards parts of egypt as well turkey expect to see some snow in the higher elevations as well as very gusty winds beirut over the next few days it is going to be quite
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a mess we can be seeing increasing rain from tuesday to wednesday and by the time we do get towards 30. it is going to be a flood risk across much of the region here across much of the gulf not looking too bad maybe some clouds here across parts of saudi arabia and into the u.a.e. abu dhabi though a nice day if you had 23 degrees not really changing too much as we go towards thursday but we may see a few clouds in your forecast with a temperature of 27 degrees and clouds also across much of southern africa pushing from johannesburg all the way down here towards durban with the potential of some rain in the forecast tempter wise for johannesburg to expect to see about $26.00 degrees there but durban it is going to be a very warm day for you with the temper of 33 in capetown a little cooler and 1000. you're
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watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories saudi arabia's public prosecutor says fight for people who've been sentenced to death at 3 would given 24 years in prison for the murder of saudi journalist jamal saad arkansas to me a former high profile saudi role that was investigated but released without charge
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reporters without borders says justice because trampled in this trial. american airline manufacturer boeing has announced it's replacing its chief executive dennis probably chairman david calhoun will take up the next month at the company deals with the fallout after 2 crashes involving the 737 max aircraft. india's my opposition congress has held a rally in new delhi against the controversy and you citizenship all one of many protests across you do your dance this little opponents. and undermines india's secular constitution. commuters and royal enthuse us usually celebrate the opening of a new trial on this one though is not without controversy russia's president vladimir putin was on board to an old you're right the journey between russia and crimea the 1st passenger trip is running from some petersburg to crummy is largest city sebastopol russia annexed crimea from ukraine in 2014 the us and e.u.
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imposed sanctions on companies involved in the construction of the bridge which was built without ukraine's consent the 1st direct royal link between russia and crimea is being described by critics as a violation of international law until 5 years ago the peninsula was only accessible for. mainland ukraine travelers wanting to get to and from russia had to fly or take a ferry after russian troops and its crimea in 2014 people voted yes in a referendum to join the federation now president putin and now it's the decision to build a $4000000000.00 bridge which opened in $28.00 saying without the consent of ukraine spending 9000 kilometers it is the longest in europe and opened last year when putin drove a truck over it as we said the us and e.u. of imposed sanctions on companies involved in this construction now trials are running to and from st petersburg to crimea as largest city sebastopol boxes
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because he is a senior fellow at the atlantic council and a former nato chief of stuff he says the bridge shows that russia's continued push to solidify its control of crimea. it's increased its military presence in crimea and so the economic element is critical without a bridge crimea is essentially isolated and increasing russian tourists and economic links to the mainland is critical so many ways are something that is expected but still violates international law the other piece about this bridge i think is critical is its military in a way that it affectively creates a chokepoint hazard for ukrainian shipping that this bridge was constructed in in agreement with ukraine it would've been a lot higher and so in many ways the russians are using this group's choke off ukraine economically just like they per create as a lifeline of crimea showcases russia's continued interest in undermining ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and also rejecting international sanctions
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that have been put in place against russia the international community rejects that sanctions and use russia and it's not only crimea that's going to come under russian domination there are 2 problems in eastern ukraine that russia continues to occupy that are part of ukraine territory so in many ways the crimea story is a larger part of the future of ukraine in the future of europe because russia's interests and ambitions extend beyond crimea. a group of friends rail workers of ford with riot police in paris during a demonstration of a planned pension reforms strikes have been going on now for more than 2 weeks crippling france's transport system and forcing schools to close and they are having an impact on businesses during what's supposed to be the most profitable period of the year bernard smith has more from paris. france's business owners are not feeling the spirit of christmas just before the holiday it looks busy in paris but the almost total shutdown of the metro is having
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a significant impact on the numbers of people coming out to shop and. takings at this cafe have fallen 30 percent manager isabel sol says it's worse than last year's yellow vest protests. we have had an enormous loss of turnover we've had no terrorists in the style find it very difficult to come to work some cannot even make it and but it's not the fault of those looking for work will find it harder next month france's main employers association says 3 quarters of paris area businesses are planning to freeze hirings because of the loss of economic activity 80 percent of france's small and medium sized businesses have suffered losses because of the strike that's according to their confederation and in the major cities of paris marsay in strasbourg sales of something by as much as 60 percent turnover at this hotel is down 50 percent for the sell them add to that the taxi
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bill the owner is facing to get his stuff into work and back home every day i hope that the strike won't. continue for 3 months because it could be really difficult to be honest a case like this we have consolations just 2 days before 48 hours maybe before and it's 4 as we cannot recall paris's botanical gardens is hoping for $400000.00 visitors this year to its winter exhibition but says midweek and. as a down we don't know. what will happen during the 15 day thought by clinton and the 15 days of vacation are very important because we expect the. day spending on pensions health care and other social services swallows 32 percent of france's g.d.p. the highest in the developed world benefits the french are reluctant to sacrifice the unions are promising another round of nationwide demonstrations in january
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france faces another gloomy winter bernard smith al-jazeera paris. al-jazeera journalist mahmud assigned has now been detained without any formal charges in egypt for 3 years hussein was arrested on arrival in egypt in december 26th doing well than a personal visit to see his family is accused of defaming the state and spreading false news allegations he and the al-jazeera media network deny al-jazeera staff and hold a solo darity stand as they continue to call for his release. millions of people in zimbabwe have suffered months of major power counts and now that is severely affecting the economy nicholas are reports from all the while thought. it was once the manufacturing hub of southern africa. is now running out of power turning into a ghost town gone are the streets filled with factory workers wedged between abandoned warehouses is a small the other shoe factory running on
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a diesel generator where we share a bond there has been working for the last 20 years. and this is heading down the way. it was and employment is increasing crazed in prison and what it was a lot of it but not employed there's a lot of that nobody ever that's where i sit. in the let's say you know yes it would be leg down the way somebody with the strongest subtypes sibanda moved to the city in 1980 then shoes tires steel even beef was exported to europe he remembers how then electricity was not in short supply but abundant with zimbabwe exporting it to neighbors now there's no power at home then this is my moment to sit on. this is not. and for each. other in the fridge. i cannot keep enough still 'd for my mind
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all week. because as you can see this mint. is already getting bad but on it it ever had no choice. the mind river that powers the career of a hydroelectric dam is running dry because southern africa is experiencing the worst drought in a century as a result the world's largest water falls in some parts is a slow trickle there's not enough water to generate power with some experiencing almost 24 hour blackouts in the vendor 2017 long time president robert mugabe was overthrown accused of mismanaging state assets in failing to invest in power turning one of our focus fastest growing economies into one of the continent's slowest. zimbabwe is now on the brink of economic collapse. well these are mostly pensioners there are also nurses teachers police officers
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queuing for hours trying to get money out of a bank in a country running out of cash the bank will only allow them to withdraw a maximum of $20.00 a week not enough to make ends meet it's been over a year since robert mugabe left power and many people here hoped that their circumstances would change but it didn't dissolve the country's power problem and jumpstart the economy president is investing in coal wanting to reopen decommissioned power plants built 100 years ago by britain the former colonial power with zimbabwe's coffers empty china is offering to help between 2 national parks home to precious wildlife they're building open pit coal mining plants the aim is to bring zimbabwe back to its former glory at a time when willow y.-o. is factories powered the country's economy attracting southern africa's best workers lurd by the prospect of
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a prosperous future because hawke al-jazeera. violence in mexico has been under increasing scrutiny after a number of u.s. citizens were murdered last month now the country is dealing with its highest murder rate on record and the majority of firearms involved being smuggled in from across the border john homan has more this burnt up car became a wakeup call for the united states and says for the record need and for my grandchildren her. and shot up 3 women and 6 children american citizens killed in neighboring mexico. president trump said in response the cartels would be considered terrorist organizations but it was america may bullets found at the scene and likely america make guns smuggled across the border that we used to kill not just this family but tens of thousands more in mexico the quantised suffer more the most this year there's been an average of 6 murders
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a day residents say the city swimming with us far ohm's law. anyone can carry a gun now and i've known cases where they exchange a couple of words with someone in a taco stand and a petrol station and they kill them. yvonne's husband himself was shot dead leaving her to bring up 4 year old michelle and 10 year old dani alone it's affected us in every way economically as well i'm not with my daughters where distance because i have to work every day and leave them here alone he was the breadwinner in mexico it's extremely hard to buy a gun legally but criminals have found an easier way about 70 percent of the firearms seized here in traced have come from the u.s. the state's attorney responsible for 2 quanah told how does here in the mix can cartels which of long relied on straw buyers amount using different tactics to buy more weapons states saw it fit in the spot in different parts of the united states
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illegally by parts of the us then the cross them into mexico and put the gun together here anyone can go to a gun store in the u.s. and buy a gun part there's no control of that in the registry then we find those arms at a crime scene in mexico and we have no way to trace them why because they have no serial number. once the guns or parts of guns abort it's easy to get them across a poorest border where there are few checks on the passing cars what impact would it have on the homicide rate here in tijuana if suddenly it became a lot more difficult to get guns over the border from the us to mexico they had only i believe that it would have an important impact at the moment that the criminals don't have a way to get firearms it will be hard to commit a murder so of course the restriction would have an impact you but already in the end though the blame lies not with the weapons but those wielding them says a man who would know what is a report and i think it's one's own responsibility because if they gave you an order you have to
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a bag if you're carrying or not they tell me you're going to kill those people i have to do it and that's my own responsibility for the ones i kill depending on what they did wrong there are tens of thousands though who have done nothing but have had their families ripped apart now live on wants is a safer future for all the muscles this now there's so much killing so many dead too many cases and people disappeared if all of this really stopped the traffic that arms the drugs we'd have a bit of peace. stopping the flow of guns into mexico wouldn't rectify that alone but from politicians to experts to ordinary mexicans if you doubt that it would help john home and. this is al jazeera these are the top stories saudi arabia's public prosecutor says 5 people have been sentenced to death 3 sentenced to 24 years in prison for the
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murder of saudi journalist jamal. form a high profile saudi royal an advisor was investigated but released without charge reporters without borders says justice was trampled in the trial. saudi arabia's deputy probably the prosecutor said the murder was not premeditated. and that the investigation is carried out by the public prosecution revealed that there was no primitive taisha not murder at the beginning of this assignment it was a spur of the moment action when the leading negotiator inspected the consulate premises and it was established to him that it was impossible to have the victim may he rest in peace transported to a safe place to continue with negotiations consultations were made with a leading negotiator and it was agreed with the perpetrators to kill the victim inside the consulate boeing has announced a boardroom shake up as it suffers major losses chief executive dennis is being replaced next month following criticism of his had think of the 737 max controversy
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the jets remain grounded by airlines worldwide following 2 crashes within 5 months india's main opposition congress party has hold a rally in new delhi against a new controversial citizenship law it's one of many protests across india against that opponents say it's anti muslim and undermines india's secular constitution 3 days of national mourning have been declared in algeria following the death of the army's chief of staff lieutenant general i. suffered a heart attack the 80 year old was regarded as the most powerful man in the country following the mass protests of resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika in hype those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story.
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islamia putin creating a new reality on the ground in crimea and explained they are from ukraine in 2014 and russia has since been under international sanctions but now the russian president has opened a direct train link to the peninsula so what does this mean for the future this is inside story. hello welcome to the program on the whole robin a new road and rail bridge now connects the crimean peninsula with russia the full 1000000000 dollar transport link is the longest in europe but it seemed by many in kiev as a symbol of my.


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