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in the world on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes saudi arabia hands down the death sentence for 5 people for the burger of journalist about a soldier but clear is a senior royal advisor implicated in the killing. boeing's c.e.o. is out he's stepping down following months of controversy including 2 deadly crashes involving its 737 max play and barbara starr in london with the top stories from europe including president putin aboard that direct rail link between russia and crimea that's attractive criticism from the u.s. and the e.u.
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. algeria's military chief who played a major role in president bush afflict his ousting has done. and i'm sound which i have over the day sporting commuting. celebrates the end of a decade long exile from cricket with a victory in karate. saudi arabia's public prosecutor has sentenced 5 people to death and 3 others to prison for the murder of washington post journalist about and now the verdicts signify the end of a year long trial in which more than 11 saudis were tried however those closest to the royal court appear to have been exonerated and drew schapelle has more. 14 months after jamal khashoggi was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where his fiance ha t.j. genghis waited for hours before calling for help a saudi court has issued
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a verdict us not automatically manages a video of the criminal court in riyadh has issued a preliminary sentence against 11 of the accused individuals and it is as follows the death penalty for 5 and they are those who directed but dissipated in his killing may he rest in peace. but senior saudis with close connections to the royal court have been cleared the court ruled there was no proven involvement of saudi tani in the murder he was advisor to crown prince mohammed bin some on before his sacking soon after killing the turkish chief prosecutor's office in istanbul filed a warrant for khatami's arrest a year ago in june the un special investigator agnes callum ard said intelligence agents had identified qahtani as a hit squad ringleader i have and sees to it that the killing of mr cashel ease a state killing it is not a killing by rove official or so as the country of the government continue to do to
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pretend at least under international human rights you know and she urged the world to sanction the crown prince and his assets until he could prove his innocence that hasn't happened. exoneration to her former consul general mohammed although tavi who showed journalists around the consulate in istanbul also cleared off middle of siri the kingdom's former deputy intelligence chief started doing a plan to vote others the journalism watchdog reporters without borders says justice has been trampled why there mom have been solomonic he was in contact with out on call upon me just before and after the murder of her my live show she this is what the cia based in part it's this edition that that molly been film on was very high probability responsible for doing the killing so yeah lots and lots of questions this verdict will do nothing to quell those questions and it raises many
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many more questions there is no such thing as fair and open justice in saudi arabia despite intelligence agencies including the cia saying crown prince mohammed bin so man was probably involved the white house shielded the future king from absolute responsibility maybe maybe he did and following intense criticism and skepticism that little happens in the kingdom without his knowledge the crown prince eventually had his say was going to. absolutely not this was a heinous crime like this but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia the identities of those convicted were concealed during the closed door trial in the capital riyadh and it remains unclear what roles they played in crucial g.'s death raising suspicions that they are the fall guys for much more powerful saudis and chapelle al jazeera. so let's discuss this further now serif mansoor is biddle east and north africa program coordinator for the
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committee to protect journalists and he joins us on skype from philadelphia we're just listening there in the background to this story so we have the identities suppressed senior figures exonerated what questions are left in your mind after this trial. a lot more question the we today expected more than a year later to be answered by certain vishal but it wasn't surprising at all that the keep and continue to try to cover of the crime was only. 2 weeks ago when congress finally give a deadline to saudi authorities when it spares its national defense act which require the head of u.s. intelligence to publicly testify in front of congress which should happen within the next 2 weeks the list of people who are responsible for the killing and we know
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from day one what has happened but always the question of what are we going to do about it and what are we going to do about it now. not just by the fact that the illusion that justice can happen inside saudi has faded away that's also why old trump administration continues to evade and assist the saudi government in evading justice the congress in a public hearing and in private hearings and even the senate has. exactly a year ago saying that that ground presence is the responsible for the killing what we want to see is ham and anyone else who at the highest level of the government is hold accountable not just. by name by releasing their name by releasing the details about how senior officials inside the saudi government have
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threatened targeted surveilled and possibly. to the consulate in order to measure the him today the prosecutor was courageously asked a lefty by jordan a list. and this conference he said the people who create had no animosity with him but he slept there they decided to kill 100 g. after realizing that they couldn't negotiate with him and so who are they negotiated on their behalf who is ordering the s.s. initial team to go and all made the decision these are the main question we want to have ok in terms of getting those questions answered and seeking the accountability that you are speaking about what is the role here for the international community potentially even an organization like the united nations the united nation and
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a special report to. police colonel basically said that they do and must develop mechanisms to prosecute what she called and what is true that this is a state crime and she provided as a man a proposal not just for the u.n. for us in a situation here was saying to have lost serif mansoor this richmond story was the middle east and north africa program coordinator for the committee to protect journalists discussing the his argy verdict. well boeing has announced a boardroom shake up as it suffers major losses chief executive dennis mullen berg is being replaced next month following criticism of his handling of the 737 mass controversy boeing says the change is necessary to restore confidence in the company the jets remain grounded by airlines worldwide following 2 crashes within 5
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months industry regulators need to reprove new software before takeoff clearance is given roslyn jordan joins us live from washington d.c. why didn't his mom berg have to go. well essentially the company lost its trust in him and trust of course is a critical love value something which mr mellon burke testified to himself when he appeared before congress in october to talk about the 2 crashes of the $737.00 macs in ethiopia and in indonesia both within the past 14 months or so this is a situation where of the company not only had been losing billions of dollars at least $8000000000.00 because of the problems with the 737 max's operation software as well as with that pilot training program but also because government regulators did not feel that boeing was doing enough in order to satisfy their demands to make
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certain that this jet is airworthy and could be put back into service and so because of the ongoing problems with mullen bergs leadership the board of directors made a decision that it was time to bring in new people they will be taking charge after the beginning of this coming year roselyn thank you there are some many more questions with this story told to us is the c.e.o. of dot com and a former airline safety engineer for boeing and he joins us on skype from seattle so as a former airline safety engineer who worked for boeing order wost you this. may be gone but is there are deeper cultural problem media a boeing that needs to be fixed. well there is both a cultural and an organizational as well as a regulatory issue that is happening here one of the major changes with the 737 max
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and it's not just with boeing it's throughout the industry the relationship between the f.a.a. which is the sort of thing authority and then the manufacturers have changed it gave more power and influence to manufacturing managers as opposed to f.a.a. managers and although the investigations are still ongoing for the 2737 max crashes that major change could be a part of what's underlying the situation that's happening now yeah and look this is being a horrible and yif a boeing of course there is a 7 $37.00 max and all of those planes grounded after those terrible crashes but there was also the older version of the 737 there were structural cracks found that just last week or so there was the spacecraft that filed to actually operate properly what's going on it's one of these come fluence is of bad things happening you couldn't just padlock showily there's something more than that it could be and the space situation that happened this week is one of the things i pointed out
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there's a software issue with the starliner spacecraft that made it misses orbit with the i assess there was a software issue with the end cast which was involved in the 2 crashes one question i had is is there any sort of relationship between the organizations that made the software for those 2 vehicles even if it's an indirect relationship it's something that boeing should be forthright about and come clean about as soon as possible. now there is so much ground that these be made up he is the ripple effect through the industry have been enormous of course the they the impact on financially on boeing has being as being a costly as well so with gone how much more work needs to be done and which direction does boeing go to from here moberg was a representation of boeing to the public and although it had some role in what's going on most of it is going to have to result by the existing organization who then bought that part of it will be technological getting to the bottom of the
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crashes of the 737 max and getting to the bottom of why the spacecraft when it's the wrong moment and others will be more of a if i could say at a public relations effort to show the public by words and the eaves that they have not only changed how they do business but the way they do business is going to be more reliable safer and with less risk to the general public told her to stop her said you tell me under the program thank you against a thank you for having. there was plenty more ahead on the news hour including we got smashed. the heat was intense. as people in to pick up the pieces a warning goes out about the long lasting impact of the. border war with mexico it could be putting centuries old. risk. the persecution of.
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3 days of national mourning have been declared in algeria following the death of the chief of staff and deputy minister of defense of the tenant general guide sala where he was regarded as the most powerful man in the country following the resignation of longtime president abdullah says both of flicka after widespread protests lower burden manly has more. for years he was the chief of staff of the algerian national army but a man to guide salah would mostly be remembered for being behind the resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika after 2 decades in office. on march 26th the c.m. not knowing off to hundreds of thousands about jerry and marched in the streets demanding an end to the regime. it was guides televised speech urging
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beautifully could quit the made that a reality the armed but the rest of many opposed to fake his allies a month later supported the newly appointed interim leader after. i would. be had so that i would like to confirm in truth that the transitional period to prepare for the presidential elections to take place with the oversight of the national people's army which will keep watch over the course of this transition in light of the mutual trust between the people and their army. just last week attending the inauguration of the new president at the top board. but many protests of the boycotted the election that brought him to power saying those little choice of candidates the only established elite. got seller has spent his adult life in the armed forces a former officer of the national liberation army and then the algerian peoples
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national armed forces he spent years working his way to the top of the army. he forged out areas war of independence between 19 154-2962 against the french and was considered a hero in his country. in 1903 he was promoted to the role of lieutenant general as a close ally to then president beautifully cam in 2004 he became chief of staff of the jury in people's national army on september 15th 2013 vice minister of defense but he had rivals they included the powerful head of algeria secret services mohammad mehdi and known as general tao feek but he was removed in september 2015 making gazzetta the head of the armed forces. that in february this year in
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a sudden wave of protests algerians demanded the entire regime step down. in a major u. turn. and it is loyalty to beautifully can and join the calls from protesters for the president to resign. however many of cheery and tan don't get salah and called for his resignation on and to the military stakes. india's main opposition congress party has held a rally in new delhi a guise of controversy a new citizenship law is one of many protests around the country apart inside of legislation is anti muslim and undermines india's secular constitution prime minister narendra modi has defended the legislation denies allegations that it's discriminatory at least 25 people have been killed in violent demonstrations where the government has tried to stem the wife of protests by banning gatherings in certain areas elizabeth reports from new delhi.
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university. yet have been driving the protests around the country. together here and. in a different story helmer tell me. consistently gathered at what they're for the house another reason for them to let them in the middle of their states. and not just on the. minute the nation. was never late and were on board that money won't be able to get any money and for we know that something 70. dollars bottle either way was when he was driven on continue on to the most i was shocked to see from the mountains and the next day to mention number one school when i moved here because i didn't want that family and
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it was a problem but there's been several of them i believe him to $175.00 now for me to leave them in a miserable little us money is going to be fun for them and what it meant was that my son was not the. one to articulate them pm tonight at the scene but nothing like that was taken was i'm not secure said. critics say the citizenship law says the 200000000 muslims who live in india in august the government stripped study toad and autonomy from india's only muslim majority state kashmir that's body stepped up by that national citizenship registry program in the northeastern state of a sob that lift nearly 2000000 people many of the muslims potentially status and the prime minister has vowed to expand that program threatening to put those who cannot prove the indian into detention sentence job it and i'm sorry is
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a political commentator he says but his attempts to blame on rest on the opposition congress party misplaced. this is a limit strews that all governments make over and in trouble there's no point in blaming the opposition if the opposition was that organized it wouldn't be in the kind of state that it is particularly the congress party if blame asked to lie anywhere it must lie at the top of the cup but for bringing in this bill and for not being a draw or negotiating with the protestors this is not a community specific protest this is not the protests on sirte by the opposition in fact the opposition that's been weak too late in joining the protest a majority of the protesters are coming from from across communities and across different spectrums of life in india the specter of this these protests that rocked limited to the capital they've spread across the length and breadth of this country
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by and large these protests have remained peaceful and these protests are not just conspire to says are not just muslims but they come from different communities the reason why they're not reaching out because this government and mr not in the audio we terms of their own image mr newton will be likes to believe that he's a very strong and decisive leader but sometimes in trying to live up to that image he tends to do with what many believe become a product it the only way it will free tempers is by announcing a pullback of this controversial and not see sort on as he continues with this the problem i'm afraid will continue on the streets russia's president has for the cemented crimea's integration into the country by opening a new royal line with more on that without a bob or sara you know european you said. stan thank you yes vladimir putin was on board the 1st train to cross the new bridge over the courage straight
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between southern russia and the crimean peninsula well the new crossing cost more than $3000000000.00 and it will enable trains from moscow and st petersburg to cross putin says the new rail routes will carry around $14000000.00 passengers and about $13000000.00 tons of freight next year ukraine though says its construction is illegal and it wants the black sea peninsula back russia annexed the region from ukraine in 2014 well the rail link between russian crimea has been described by critics as a violation of international law until 5 years ago the crimean peninsula was only accessible from mainland ukraine travelers wanted to get to and from russia at the fly or take a ferry after russian troops and next crimea in 2014 people voted yes in a referendum to join the russian federation and president putin announced a decision to build a $4000000000.00 bridge without the consent of ukraine's government spending 900
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kilometers it is the longest in eastern europe and opened last year when putin drove a truck over it the u.s. and the e.u. imposed sanctions on companies involved in its construction and now trains are running to 1st from st petersburg to premium largest city that save us the ball and from moscow to the capital simferopol on tuesday. will market similar coves ski is a senior fellow of the atlantic council and the former nato chief of staff he says it shows russia's continued push it to solidify its control over crimea. it's increased its no terry presence crimea so the economic element is critical without a bridge permeate it is essentially isolated and increasing rashi tourism and economic links to the mainland is critical so many ways this is something that is expected but it still violates international law the other piece about this bridge i think is critical is its military in a way that it correctly creates
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a choke point and hazard for creating shipping that this group was constructed an agreement with ukraine it would've been a lot higher and so in many ways the russians are using those groups to choke off ukraine economically just like they were created as a lifeline of crimea showcases russia's continue interest in undermining ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and also rejecting international sanctions that have been put in place against russia the international community rejects it sanctions and yes russia and it's not only crimea that's going to come under russian domination there are 2 problems in eastern ukraine that russia continues to occupy that are part of the crimean territory so in many ways the crimea story is a larger part of the future of ukraine and the future of europe because russia's interests and ambitions extend beyond crimea the organization for security and cooperation in europe which has been working to solve the crisis in eastern ukraine says
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a prisoner swap has been agreed between ukraine and russia will take place before the end of the year this follows a cease fire agreement between ukraine and russia in paris earlier this month it was the 1st face to face meeting between the leaders of alot of me as alinsky and like me a putin and that tackling the conflict that has so far killed around 13000 people since 2014. protesters have let off flares and fireworks inside one of the main railway stations in paris as protests against pension reforms continue strikes clashed with riot police. with smoke filling some of the main concourses the nationwide walkout has crippled railway services and forced schools to close and now unions say it will ramp up their protests at the or at the oil beppo zz and refineries forcing some of them to close entirely workers are angry at president emanuel mccraw plan informs the public sector pensions which would force people to
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work until the age of $64.00. well coming as they do around christmas the strikes are having a big impact on businesses that were hoping for a festive boost the disruption to the transport network has stopped many people from traveling into paris and other major cities where the retailers and hotels are feeling the pinch and smith reports now from paris. france's business owners are not feeling the spirit of christmas just before the holiday it looks busy in paris but the almost total shutdown of the metro is having a significant impact on the numbers of people coming out to shop and eat takings at this cafe have fallen 30 percent manager isabel sol says it's worse than last year's yellow vest protests. we have had an enormous loss of turnover we've had no terrorists in the style find it very difficult to come to work some cannot even make it in but it's not the fault of those looking for work will find it harder
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next month france's main employers association says 3 quarters of paris area businesses are planning to freeze hirings because of the loss of economic activity 80 percent of france's small and medium sized businesses have suffered losses because of the strike that's according to the confederation and in the major cities of paris marsay in strasbourg sales of something by as much as 60 percent turnover at this hotel is down 50 percent for december add to that the tax bill the owner is facing to get his stuff into work and back home every day i hope that this strike won't. continue for 3 months because it could be really difficult to be honest a case like this we have consolations just 2 days before 48 hours be before and it's 4 hours we cannot recovered paris's botanical gardens is hoping for 400000 visitors this year to its winter exhibition but says midweek numbers are down we
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don't know. what we are doing the 15 they throw back the curtain and the 15 they are very important because we expect the. poor would be spending on pensions health care and other social services swallows 32 percent of france's g.d.p. the highest in the developed world benefits the french are reluctant to sacrifice the unions are promising another round of nationwide demonstrations in january france faces another gloomy winter bernard smith al-jazeera paris. severe winter storms are continuing to cause havoc across parts of europe bad weather in italy has closed bridges and prompted evacuations in several areas including venice which is still recovering from its worst flooding in over 50 years crew members were rescued from a ship on monday that it crashed into a cliff off the coast of survey in rough seas several people were killed over the
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weekend when 2 storms swept through spain portugal and france and have more from london a little later in the news hour now let's go back to stan in doha. barbara thank you there still a lot ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you about a new discovery in outer space and what it could tell us about the earth and this legendary attack intelligence a little fun at the expense of these new crops fans sun and scott over to a child to hades. hello again to welcome back to you in a national weather forecast well over the next few days we are going to be watching a storm system pushing into the eastern part of the mediterranean bring some very heavy rain as well as a very gusty winds turkey syria as well as into lebanon you're going to see it increasing rain as we go from tuesday as well as into wednesday winds will be very
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gusty along those coastal areas all the way down towards parts of egypt as well turkey expect to see some snow in the higher elevations as well as a very gusty winds beirut over the next few days it is going to be quite a mess we can be seeing increasing rain from tuesday to wednesday and by the time we do get towards thursday it is going to be a flood risk across much of the region here across much of the gulf not looking too bad maybe some clouds here across parts of saudi arabia and into the u.a.e. abu dhabi though a nice day if you are 23 degrees not really changing too much as we go towards thursday but we may see a few clouds in your forecast with a temperature of 27 degrees and clouds also across much of southern africa pushing from johannesburg all the way down here towards durban with the potential of some rain in the forecast tempter wise for johannesburg to expect to see about 26 degrees there but durban it is going to be a very warm day for you with the temper of 33 in capetown a little cooler and 1000. what
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are you protesting about how does things in competition when they're online well i face minstrelsy comes directly out of trance like it's playful or if you join us on 2nd this is an attack on academic freedom and on our ability to do research and teach freely this is a dialogue minard is not making it very welcoming for people to come back everyone has a voice climate change is real the discussion is real and i'm here to talk about the solutions on al-jazeera when the news breaks today the current government has lost the trust of the people by god to anything because to produce a certain good system when people to be coming to places like work will represent the lofty goals for opponents of brecht's it's drawing from the conservatives al-jazeera has teams on the ground right now hopes the meeting in paris will push politicians to create a competent and credible government to bring new moon blue documentaries and light
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beams on air and online. you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories saudi arabia's public prosecutor says 5 people have been sentenced to death for the murder of saudi journalist. 3 others were sentenced to a total of 24 years in prison a former royal advisor of the who's investigated but released without charge. american manufacturer boeing is replacing its chief executive dennis it's the latest fallout from 2 crashes involving the 737 max aircraft in ethiopia and
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indonesia. india's congress party opposition party has held a rally in new delhi against the controversy will citizenship it's one of many protests against the. muslim and undermines india's secular constitution france has confirmed that it carried out its 1st drone strike it happened in bali and killed 75 is it time as the french president will visit in west africa while in the. wrong question where the regional leaders want french troops to stay in west africa to confront groups he said he was reluctant to send soldiers to countries where their presence is not clearly wanted. with an international presence is not accepted by sight clearly we will draw the necessary conclusions because we are talking about sovereign states a sovereign state in the region seas i don't need for any international military presence we should not be via. well france's largest overseas operation is in west
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africa but the relationship with its former african colonies has grown increasingly tense recently around 4 to a half 1000 french soldiers the based in mali and other parts of the as a whole region where armed groups linked to eisele and al-qaeda launching attacks the french operation started 5 years ago to coordinate security with the governments of mali mauritania. and chad the leaders of the g 5 psi on nations met last week initiated days after an attack on a military base there killed $71.00 soldiers leaders appealed for more international support to combat the violence recently there's been anti french protests in some cities in the region mari rosy below is an africa affairs analyst and president of the africa international media group and she joins us from paris it's nice to have you on the program i want to get a sense from you 1st of all about the level of this resistance to french
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involvement and where it's coming from both at a political level and a civil society level. yeah definitely when there were not always protests against the french or military presence in africa and it is especially not in 2013 when the french government sent troops to stop jihadists to take over mali and not set up another another isis so people were very much. the way very happy and grateful for that as they are very much aware that there are not many foreign powers who can send to troops there and let their own people die in africa to to sort of settle those issues security issues but now over the years let's roughly 6 years into the 1st intervention.
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many signallers have become worse. the more and more casualties the french troops. the french military lost a lot of troops. new share 70 people 70 militaries last week or 2 weeks ago in mali we don't count and you have civilians you have social unrest you know and more and i think of of war above all the and they're full of empowerment of the africans themselves to tackle those security issues has not been improving in the contrary so people. resent being the situation and they suspect france to have another agenda so you have been this is you have seen civil society protesting a lot ok now we have
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a situation as i would do is this this building resentment there is the ongoing capacity of the jihad is groups in there to carry out their operation. and limit limits on the capacity of the countries involved to be able to defend themselves if those countries are still calling for more international support and assistance why would france come to that a if is has said they're not wanted. ok so there are 2 sides on the french sides they snow sign that they want to withdraw despite the announcement of wizard and mccool but there is a sense that the next year will be crucial whether to up 10 success of fear of the armed operation if they feel they should something major should happen next year to change course and see how it goes for the africans the head of
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state definitely need international aid they cannot tackle that alone for sure but they want to be more listened to. a little bit annoyed that. the they are the main actors the many people concerned by the situation there and they don't like the feeling that they are being does a franchise and that. france has seen is was on the way to to conduct. the the policies they at without taking into account what b. think and helping them for good to become a real power and not just be being assisted in doing so before we go can i get a book from you on the on going to pass a t. of these militant groups and what are these countries facing mali has has has
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a lot of militant activity that we've spoken about there are other countries as well and the increasing professionalize ocean of these jihad is groups themselves. yeah definitely that's exactly the problem that's one of the signs that the situation is worsening because the groups are getting more professionalized and more daring and you know and they have a higher capacity to to destroy and to harm the people and they see the money which is being wasted sort of in this area and they fear that they might know better how to deal with that they just don't have the means to do so and they really. want those who come to help to discuss and work together hand in hand with them and not what we see like
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a president mccrone coming to. and and visiting french troops without even going to bamako and the french and the mali and president is obliged to go to go to meet him those kind of things that they feel they are doing their own thing in the sovereign countries so. the civil society has been pushing a lot and i would say besides this. zone problem the main information today is that france has decided to end their francey for the colonial currency and is it is part of the protest and the let's see the negative feeling about mounting against french policy in africa but erosion blower thank you so much for joining us from gents. well an arrest warrant has been issued in the ivory coast for sorow
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a candidate in next year's presidential election the former rebel leader is accused of misusing public funds and trying to destabilize the country he was jus' returned home after spending 6 months of his city's but diverted his flies to ghana for security reasons so who is the 1st major politician to announce his candidacy for next year's vote that could pit him against president assad. says he may run for. now to australia where home of it is in areas scorched by bushfires returning to see what's left around 200 fires are burning many of them in the states of new south wales and south australia weeks of bushfires have killed 9 people and destroyed at least a 1000 properties one particularly hard hit small community is balmoral south of sydney jessica washington is there. for dozens of families here in balmoral this is all they have left most of the town was engulfed in a blaze sophia's it created
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a firestorm this family stayed to try and protect their home while the inferno swept through their property we had no chance we got smashed. the heat was intense for want of a better word. estimating that it probably hit 100-2004 degrees back here. without a house just days before christmas members of this family are being helped by their neighbors but there are unsure of what lies ahead the generosity of the community as these small communities. that are just been amazingly generous people. have offered us homes in everything. this time. really we don't have any plans at this stage this community is a small one home to just 400 but it's been devastated by this bushfire crisis
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dozens of homes were lost this weekend alone and more than a 1000 houses have been destroyed since the start of the bush. this couple's property is scorched but they still have their house we were lucky to keep the house very lucky and it was thanks to this man that we create. we know if he wasn't here we would have lost our house emergency warnings are still in place and a heat wave is expected to return in just a few days but fire crews are making the most of the cooler weather and that's allowed some of those who evacuated to return and assess the damage they said we're very lucky and extremely grateful. but we all can help together that's what we're here for a very close knit community. and we'll get through. her house
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has escaped the fires along with her christmas lights. just to washington al-jazeera a strain. the deputy commissioner of new south wales is warning that the effects of the fires will last a long time we shouldn't underestimate just how much of the natural environment is being burnt and you know that's got seriously into you know ecological impacts as well as the far impact as well and i think that will be felt for years to come will 6 new planets outside our solar system the be discovered by scientists in the u.k. with more that we go back to barbara you know europe a new set. yes found the scientists say that their discoveries could reveal some of the secrets behind the earth's creation and geology now these are an artist's impression of the various planetary systems each of the so-called exoplanets orbits stars which are around 162440 light years from earth the planets are
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extremely hot making it difficult to determine the type of rock on each surface scientists say that with further research they could hold the key to unlocking the geology of planets in our solar system including mercury venus mars and of course earth well john mara barnes is an astronomer at the open university and part of the team who discovered the new planets he joins us live now via skype from cornwall in southwest england john barnes thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera now i also want to talk about the technique that led to these discoveries because that's in itself fascinating let's focus 1st though on the planets tell us why this discovery and the way that the planets interact in the details about them could help us find out more about planets in the solar system and of course earth. because a lot of the plants interesting because the some of them are very much like like the earth you know and so the system in the sun is that all but most closely to the
9:46 pm
certain. they're slightly more must've than the but we're very interested in learning about the properties of those planets and what they're actually made of and so the more planets we cannot see the tanks the more planets that we can observe and the more we can learn about on its as a whole in the universe. other any details that have come out for example about i don't know how much of a sudden substance all planets are made of in their relation to their to the distance to particular stars i mean anything so far they can help us put or some context as yet that we actually know very little and it's even harder to make we have to infer. certain properties about planets in our own solar system so it's really more about learning exactly what those obviously and how they come so if we can if we can measure the how massive the planets are how large the knicks are we
9:47 pm
can actually do just that and not exactly what these planets that we're detecting should enable us to do benchley and i guess of course the research to it is key in these sorts of the scud reset tell us about the technique that led to this particular discovery and one would hope many more ok well we used a. word of. identifying 2 i don't i wanted to work out if there's an official working of pre-selecting stars that might harbor planets so these are stars that previously we didn't necessarily know have planets orbiting about them. and we used a particular signature in the light coming from the star. and we measured we looked at that signature for quite a few stars those days it is about 2 and a half to $3000.00 stars we have this disbursed specific measurement that we were interested in and it turns out that about 40 of those of those have a very unique property which tells us something that tells us that these these
9:48 pm
stars may did harbor harbor planets but that's only really the 1st stage because we need to go back for we need to actually see if they really do. the buttons and that starts the work that we that we've been carrying out. and it turns out the method we've used is it seems to be the efficiency of all those stars which was open and which we have sufficient number of measurements of the start. of. the war and homo commons so this is a very efficient. for oh i don't. actively oh well that on the discovery john barnes astronomer at the open university and part of that team will discover the. planets thank you so much for having joined us and i'm off from london in the next the bulletin now though let's go back to stand in doha barbara thank you still ahead on. we'll have sport. in the year of its
9:49 pm
tricked out moment from cricket victory in.
9:50 pm
hong kong government has about $500000000.00 worth of measures to try to stop its economy sliding further its a recession 6 months of demonstrations are being blamed for deterring tourists and causing a drop in high street styles but online some retailers have been capitalizing on global support for the move that sarah clarke has more from costs. streets once
9:51 pm
teeming with shoppers are deserted restaurants have closed tourist numbers have halved after 6 months of anti-government demonstrations some luxury brands have reported a 45 percent drop in recent silence but not everyone is struggling this store is expanding its stock in miniature figurines it's introduced a new line of protest related toys complete with gas masks and helmets i don't see one since this protest movement began to be has been increasingly more interested in the action figure how people love to assemble the toys but they also buy them to remember their difficulties and struggles in this movement. the protests have attracted local and global support sparking interest in a new retail sector protective gear like masks and hard hats are in high demand after 91 china blocked all sales to hong kong this store also stocks clothing slogans like stand with hong kong but there's no shop front all merchandise is sold
9:52 pm
online since the launch in july it's been getting more and more popular for example on one day we can have 102300 orders of what printing what's happening on the streets one of the most. it for protest related merchandise is predominately online the retailers we've spoken to say it's to avoid being targeted by those opposed to the pro-democracy movement some of those are chosen to hide their identities after being threatened it's an indication of how fragile the political situation is in hong kong artists are also painting a picture of protests using asked to mortal eyes the summer of unrest and spread the word to an international market this exhibition showcases some of the key messages of the protesters who fear about what's happening in hong kong and also worry about the city's future everyone where everyone is worried about it because we love this place we love our homeland and we won't give it up we won't give up our 5 demands cartoon characters like pepe the frog have been embraced in the
9:53 pm
demonstrations once representative of the right and the symbol of hate in the united states has become the protest mascot and sold widely across hong kong. the big retailers may be struggling but with anti government protests expected to continue in 2020 these stores hope to capitalize growing global support for they moved sarah craft al-jazeera hong kong. well let's get the latest sport now his other thank you very much a stand was a deadly attack on the lancaster team bus and lahore in 2009 and left pakistan without test cricket on home soil for more than a decade but sri lanka has finally returned and on monday pakistan sealed the 1st test when i home there and more than 13 years semi like has more. it's a moment that's been over a decade in the making pakistan celebrate their 1st test victory on home soil since the return of cricket the longest format to the country earlier this month.
9:54 pm
countries had avoided playing test in pakistan since the 2009 attack on sri lanka's team bus in lahore. and it was against sri lanka that pakistan's landmark victory came the home side only needed 3 wickets and crunchy on the final day to feel victory. and they got the 1st one with the openings all of the morning the remaining batsman fell soon after pakistan taking just 15 minutes to get the job done. nasim shar was the hero the 16 year old stepping up with 5 wickets in the final innings to not only seal a $263.00 run win but also the series won nothing is easy their home series was important to us it's been a long time since a test series was played in pakistan this test series was special for each player too when obviously everyone's overwhelmed pakistan's test future still remains
9:55 pm
uncertain bangladesh are scheduled to visit next but they want best series moved to a neutral venue for now however pakistan will celebrate this is storage moment so hell malik al-jazeera. one of rugby's the best known players it is the latest sportsman to criticize china for locking up a weaker muslims sonny bill williams tweeted his appeal for more people and countries to speak out saying that some have chosen money over humanity the new zealand stuff follows a misuse in a supporting the weakest minorities plight the chinese government reacted to the german matilda's criticism by pulling the plug on showing arsenal matches in china football's governing body fever has banned behind international for 10 matches for racist behavior during a qualifier for the 2022 world cup last month say may the slatted i gestured towards fans of his country's away match against hong kong the incident was
9:56 pm
captured by a fan and was posted on twitter back and has also been fined just over $30000.00 while staying with racism england's professional football association has called on the u.k. government to launch an inquiry into racism in the premier league it follows yet another incident this time in the match between tottenham and chelsea on sunday a complaint about racist chanting was made by tells his german defender antonio who to get a spokesman for the british prime minister's office said on monday they would monitor the premier league's efforts to combat the problem tottenham broadcast 2 warnings to supporters during the game at their stadium. new evidence that cullen she lottie has played down rumors that he'll sign superstar forward slot on the break him of it but only after teasing the possibility is currently a free agent is a friend a venture lot is played under him at p.s.g.
9:57 pm
. period in united and really i don't know what is idea. really i don't know i'll have to call him and maybe i'm going to call him. just if you want to come to believe that bull to enjoy. you can't come you'd be good for you to play i'm not to play. unless i spoke very of course we'll have more for you later on but for now it's back to start thank you and you can find much more on our web site the address for that is w w w dot al-jazeera dot com that's it from a stan grant for this news out barbara sarah be along soon with more of the day's news from our london.
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a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here with the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the can only project thus what we defuse it was one of the saunders so for a settlement we this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to
9:59 pm
take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and we've pointed on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers have there going i'm tired no. you are challenging the forces we're challenging companies we're going to places where nobody else is going . this is a boon for point people right now in technology there is so much going to help people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today we get to assess the blind with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom this was our go to little gap that sure is a tomato exploration process was amazing in a way we have that technology available to us techno on all jazzy. well you know. some other like.
10:00 pm
saudi arabia sentences 5 people to death in connection with the murder of the journalist. but the most senior saudi suspected of being a ringleader walks free provoking accusations of a travesty of justice. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program boeing fires its c.e.o. after a year of setbacks started by 2 deadly crashes involving its 737 max jetliner india's opposition congress party stages national protests against a controversial new citizenship law and of like the me approved.


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