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tv   Jerusalem A Rock And A Hard Place 2019 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's public prosecutor has sentenced 5 people to death and 3 others to prison for the murder of washington post journalist john. the verdicts signify the end of a year long trial in which more than 11 saudis were tried however those closest to the royal court appear to be exonerated eating human rights group amnesty international to brand the trial a whitewash a spokesman for saudi arabia's public prosecutor said the murder was not premeditated you have am and the whole investigation is carried out by the public prosecution revealed that there was no provocation not murder at the beginning of this assignment it was a spur of the moment action when the leading negotiator inspected the consulate
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premises and it was established to him that it was impossible to have the victim may he rest in peace transported to a safe place to continue with negotiations consultations were made with a leading negotiator and it was agreed with the perpetrators to kill the victim inside the consulate. well he just shot me is the executive director of the arab center of washington he was a friend of jamal khashoggi he says the result no closer to real justice it's definitely a classic whitewash it's an attempt to close this case to close this file and without achieving justice for the time and his family and his friend. basically we haven't learned one thing new from this investigation and this procedure. that we didn't know before still the people who gave the order that this people who disposed of the body the location of this
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dismembered body of. all these questions remain unanswered besides i feel this is not even the end of the story i think this is the 1st step. another attempt which will follow a legal term typical in saudi arabia that will plug probably totally liquidate this case completely and close it without any sense of justice and transparency. u.s. airline manufacturer boeing executive has resigned less than a week after the company suspended production of its best selling aircraft that is when bird will be reply replaced by the chairman starting next month boeing says the changes necessary to restore confidence after shares in the company fell by more than 20 percent since march that's when the 737 lacs aircraft was grounded because of 2 fatal crashes turkey's defense ministry says at least 8 civilians have
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been killed in a car bombing in northern syria it happened near the border between the 2 countries in the turkish town of soup a woman and child are among the dead and several others have been hit in india there have been more major demonstrations against the controversial new citizenship law the country's main opposition congress party led a massive rally in new delhi on monday opponents say the legislation is anti muslim and undermines india's secular constitution prime minister narendra modi denies allegations that it is discriminatory there have been daily protests and support rallies since the bill was passed by parliament earlier this month russia's president has taken the 1st drive across the current straight on a newly constructed rail route linking moscow and st petersburg to crimea like the mayor putin says the new rail route will carry around $40000000.00 passengers in about $13000000.00 tons of freight next year but ukraine says its construction is illegal and it wants the black sea peninsula back. at the end of
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a visit to west africa the president of france has called for clarity over the future role of french troops in securing the region and manuel mccrone says he is reluctant to send soldiers the countries where their presence isn't clearly wanted mccrone in these areas president mahmud to sue for discuss the recent attacks by fighters linked eisel and al-qaeda in the sahara desert region those are the top stories coming up next on jerusalem a rock and a hard place jerusalemites of 3 faiths share their lives and thoughts on the the city's past present and future. i am.
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you. know this is people who are believers who are muslims but also quite children of adam as of the princess or humanity. the jewish person jerusalem runs true not just our psyche al part of our soul but it is in the veins in the blood of every single jew no matter where they are in the womb this is up but it died in the 21st century it is inhumane. the same god that creates the will decide to give this land to his people the jewish people which in fact he did. people are more important than that. this is something that the zionist movement could gunderson. some voices inside this is think let us improve the conditions in the cage without understanding that
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we put a thing as a fuse to live in the cage to begin with. i can not leave in a c.t. that's discriminate people even in some good test way. what
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a. gamble. i want to ask you to also to go to the how do you not the one to build another human body in our little community of the new home soon to that time it was a difficult enough lot of it it was in a village in the neighborhood of a little you allude to the folly of boy of another washout of post office and you know hold on you knew to have a lot of dough in the bucket and you may even as we want a night out of our steam bath are for those. in miami most old and live in the. quality of the mom to sort of. look good enough to feed. us the how to fix on.
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one hand me. the economy and the job was all when i come in mommy. at the cologne and not on a sleeper on the grand national center. and a lot of his overlooks all sort of out of the law a sort of assault which was solved by the un has a lead let them set up law liam hacking let them going to she can go and get the money which. will know your own. was. done.
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so we're driving now to a boat or a very significant rooftop to see the whole of the holy basin if we're talking in terms of this battle between east and west jerusalem your view is need to understand there is no such concept of arab east jerusalem today there really isn't there's only a small area called the holy bison which the arab world really wants which they obviously could never get the battle of the conflict is over one particular area which is the old city and the area around the old city for the 1st. we're not a secret organization it's a very very well known normal regulated nonprofit organization and it's not hidden . from here you get to see what we call
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the center of the jewish world center of jewish life history heritage everything about our connection to jerusalem. starts and has continued for 3800 years from here calling it the pumping station of the jewish world jerusalem runs through not just our psyche our part of our soul but it is in the veins in the blood of every single jew no matter where they are in the world is 225000 jews live in east jerusalem today nobody is moving those 215000 my parents were brought up in a very zionist traditional and religious home and it was obvious that one day they would come to israel which they did when they got married in fact. i was in some ways started off my life here because i was conceived here in israel but at some point my mom who was pregnant went back to australia and that's why our branch in the up in australia and 25 years ago i basically returned home and my body may have
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been a stray but that's all and israel is a beautiful country but it was never can refer to it it's home home has always been here you came here well 3800 years ago you know i came here 3800 years could do is no difference between the host of jews that have lived around the world and i've tried to come back every religious jew and every traditional jew that speaks about jerusalem also believes that there will be the 3rd temple it's not something that we can actively do today because something else existed that has to be respected and so that again but that doesn't stop a jew from believing dreaming and even praying that one day god's house will be there that's. 3rd temple will be on the temple mount and obviously we don't have the right atmosphere today the right conditions for that and that's why we're part of what's called the unfolding redemption process called the design is a dream which is being realized that's taking place here and we're part of that the
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same god the creates the world can decide to give this land to his people the jewish people which in fact will deal. there was nothing here this was desert remember there was nothing outside the walls of the old city so when i he arab state talking about they got a connection of the generations no such thing. the only people there are connection here the only people who sovereign rights the other jewish people there's never been an arab state he was the capital of jerusalem there's never been a palestinian state this talk about palestine palestine i've never heard of anything more absurd. the philistines were mentioned in the bible. the palestinians who lived in jericho 12000 years ago knew how to cultivate the land and fact we know this because they have stored wheat.
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even the sign says that it's come on night donald the one that leads from the spring all the way to the falls down the down the road he used to come with my. maternal grandmother. literally we used to come and have basically have a bath right here when we're young and that's exactly where jerusalem began it began precisely because of the spring the only spring in the region. in light maternal. really for example who lived really literally up on on this hell they cultivated the land on the slopes of mount of olives for many generations my father started in this school. way prior to the 1940 s.
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and the only high school which was a dish of the my parents' home my grandparents' home but then the family just 3 or 4 minutes from from here i have roots in this area and that's going to change history unfolds in many ways. we don't have any exclusive claims we don't try to have a monopoly on even the historical narratives everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that maintains the can only project thus visibly what would a fuse. i mean jerusalem right i mean for the stinney and i'm sure i do not put them in the order they're all on the same level for. my old school back to the time of pentecost the 1st century that our 13th edition is christian families in jerusalem. it's the place where my grandparents met my parents what
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made it. my life is just awesome. this was a business for palestinians in jerusalem i remember when i was a little kid i would come with my family this was the most expensive part of jerusalem it was an industrial zone. as israel decides to build the wall that connects to street there used to be a street that connects with all of the different communities in east jerusalem they come they build their wood and they shut it and they see you are no longer have
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access to your neighbor do you no longer have access to you in a school you no longer have access to your work the alternative for somebody is to travel for an hour or 2 hours to possibly make it to work to possibly make it to school making it for students palestinian students living in jerusalem to access the school that they used to go to with their classmates and their friends it is you have to pick quadruple. as an island does not want the bad image of bringing their soldiers and forcing people to be evicted from their houses today in the 21st century is there and uses new techniques to make it impossible for you to live in these neighborhoods so that you willingly leave. because if you need access to health care there is no access to health care in this area if you need access to a job there's no jobs in this area there's no social life it's empty it's a ghost out. behind the
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wall is an industrial zone the government bring settlers gives all kinds of benefits for people to start an industrial zone forcing the people over here who used to be factory owners who are going to daily wage if the are granted the permit and the permission to work in effect and in addition there is a. an israeli only highway palestinians living here from east jerusalem can neither access the industrial zone for work no one can be accessed the israeli only roads. we palestinians and israelis that have become invisible. if you want to be a tourist or a pilgrim coming into this land that many called holy you do not see the palestinians you don't see the destruction and the devastation that is happening here. there's plenty of negatives happening in jerusalem but the reality is one segregation occupation
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discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century and the world the silent. communities within churches have been divided communities in schools have been divided families have been separated if you are on that side of the wall and on that side of the wall and you decide to get married it's easier to apply for immigration and to move to canada or the u.s. and this was happened with my family members of mine then to live over here and to go through the bureaucracy of the israeli government. it's amazing how we're residents of a country that we were born if i was born or should have some sort of citizenship
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or something being born in jerusalem as an arab we can't get us and shipped anything our jordanian citizenship so we have we're for travel we're not actual citizens of jordan israel controls jerusalem we don't have israeli citizenship so we're just stuck in the middle. the picture is larger than most powerful individuals i see it ethnically deliberate systematic i know the statistics a quarter of a 1000000 palestinians lost their i.d.'s between 19671994 that's the beginning of walsall it's really confusing how do people in jerusalem they were born here as arabs they don't they don't own anything on paper i was born here and i'm not allowed to live here anymore so the story of our of the son is there the story of a typical palestinian bright energetic highly motivated young son who wanted really
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to make it and mom would try torah you don't have to find a decent job. it's the story of many youngsters many of us in unix those. you don't have to be floyd or young to decide to realize that your son has really depressed and one day to teach told me that they're going to keep taking money from you and we both understood what you know history what his statement meant we both went silent. we knew that it mahmoud was asking for my blessing if you will that he would have it outside the country to the united states in this case where he would ultimately flourish but his was his idea and today he comes here as a tourist and that hits. when mom says that he does not understand why it was evoked i think he's echoing this you know egalitarian sense of belonging
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this inclusiveness we deserve better not go up with us he knows where human beings who happen to be living in the spot of the world it's a position of strength when i recognise the humanity even of the people who are causing me distress because any colonial project will definitely chip at the very humanity of both local by it on a core by both of us was over humanity we've become even subhumans less deserving less getting less. it shouldn't be the case it's extremely difficult to try to explain the situation the situ a political situation that we have here to people abroad because they don't understand it so how are you born in a country but can't go back into it they ask you asked simple questions but if you try to answer them in simple and layman terms then understand it because nobody understands us there's no simple way of explaining why they revoked id or why they
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took it from me and it's really complicated. imagine the it would dusty of passing such a law in the united states that we consider the need to femina concerns indigenous people has for those you provide them now with a green card rather than citizenship and then you will tell them all you broke the law you have to leave the country that's exactly what's happening with his recent nights. since the morning we've only been traveling in less than one kilometer square but we have to travel around 30 kilometers to reach from one point to another from a palestinian neighborhood to another we are within one kilometer square from the course still in jerusalem kalandia is jerusalem and the war does not to the present the borders of the city of jerusalem. we are
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encircled by jewish only roads up the roads israeli roads industrial zones military installations but when it comes to tax paying everybody in this neighborhood and in all of the decent neighborhoods be taxes to the municipality while if you are a palestinian neighborhood you do not get any benefits back from the municipality. the purpose of the war was to exploit empty land and this is why you see where the 3 is are and where there is the population concentrations like before are like kalandia it is to disconnect them from jerusalem. in one night that israeli army came with bulldozers and they came and they said we're demolishing 18 homes and they destroyed the whole structures even the commander said you no longer need to watch al-jazeera or stevie or the news to see syria this is we're making a new cd and just going around the city over here you will see one house after
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another being destroyed to ruins. when it comes to east jerusalem 4 out of every 10 houses of the demolition so that one of the has the machine orders and being processed as i know as it is it's destroyed houses you destroy families and when you destroy families you destroy communities. this is a boon for point people right now and technology there is so much going to help people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking like today we get to assist the client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom this was our go to little tip that sure is a tomato exploration process was amazing in a way we have that technology available to us techno. the latest news as it breaks boeing is the largest manufacturing exporter in the
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u.s. . with detailed coverage critics say secular protections are great in the indian constitution and now the french. and fearless journalism from around the world recycling fanfares like this one play a crucial role in argentina's waste management system. children born into a city of trash discovered the beauty of music and ugliest of places. when a chance to play for the world around 10 then reality into a dream. land philharmonic and witness documentary on mountains in iraq.
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hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's public prosecutor has sentenced 5 people to death and 3 others to prison for the murder of washington post journalist. the verdict signify the end of a year. a long trial in which more than 11 saudis were tried however those closest to the royal court appear to have been exonerated leading human rights group amnesty international to brand the trial a whitewash a spokesman for saudi arabia's public prosecutor said the murder was not premeditated you have an i am in the hole that the investigations carried out by the public prosecution reveal that there was no provocation not murder at the beginning of this assignment it was a spur of the moment action when the leading negotiator inspected the consulate
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premises and it was established to him that it was impossible to have the victim may he rest in peace transported to a safe place to continue with negotiations consultations were made with a leading negotiator and it was agreed with the perpetrators to kill the victim inside the consulate u.s. airline manufacturer boeing's chief executive has resigned less than a week after the company's suspended production of its bestselling aircraft bennis wallenberg will be replaced by the chairman david colluding starting next month boeing says the changes necessary to restore confidence shares in the company have fallen by more than 20 percent since march that's when the 737 max aircraft was grounded because of 2 fatal crashes turkey's defense ministry says that at least 8 civilians have been killed in a car bombing in northern syria it happened near the border between the 2 countries and the turkish talents book a woman and child are among the dead no one has yet claimed responsibility for the
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attack. in india there are the major demonstrations against the controversial new citizenship law the country's main opposition congress party led a massive rally in new delhi on monday opponents say the legislation is anti muslim and undermines india's secular constitution. much more on all those stories on the al-jazeera news hour i'll have that for you in just under half an hour stay with us though jerusalem a rock and a hard place continues next thank you for watching please stay with us here on the opposite. when you see the plan the purpose of that is going to talk to them and with the city going through palestinian neighborhoods have confiscated most of the
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palestinian roads most of the palestinian land for the purpose of making life easier for settlers the street guarding the benefits of the palestinian community and fortune pleased to be at this it's very clear it is the right wing zionists control of those that are a leave it because he. they are the ones who really mended the policy of the government and most of the mentality of young israelis is very much right wing we also have some problems with that israeli left we with some voices inside israel who think let us improve the conditions in the cage without understanding that people are saying is that if you used to live in the keech to begin with.
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i want to ask you 1st what part of the u.s. you know as one new jersey and new jersey is 1st you know are not i mean i wasn't and they scoffed and. i see myself as a zionist because i'm proud that our people have their state but our state and our people have principles and one of them is that not everyone was created in the image of god some seem to some as united city and some people see it's very much divided between east and west and with a. but the front operation no question about it i don't think anyone that knows anything about jerusalem would say anything else is true islam is is gravely neglected in every possible way in terms of the infrastructure most of the neighbors have is true some don't have sewage system just about every possible
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public service you can think of is under budget and lacking in east jerusalem the only thing they get a lot of is perking fines and housing demolition orders that's what that's those are the only things that they get an extra supply i mean growing up and so on because we lived on the memories of truth $3948.00 we were also very much and solidarity with. with the survivors of the holocaust but for us we see you and i mean it is i don't speak this asperse early to you but it is we see you or her and so on but the people who have come with her or not to have the spoils us to us from our land from our roots be we appreciate the sun was open minded and wanted to build mosques or churches but i would go with synagogues of jerusalem at that time had synagogues had mosques you know that wasn't something new that he would have offered us there had been grave injustices and i think that what we can do is try
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to correct them and that's what i say there isn't any parallels between us and the just community and around the world mostly native americans but to me all the talk about the history has to come later because we're still living it what i think is my job. it's the counsellor as it drusilla my as an israeli as a jew is to do everything i can to correct the wrongs and make this country a more just place to live in for everyone so you play monopoly of you in your free time now actually this is a funny story this is a present from the. they are 2 members of the city council. this is a monopoly druce game and i don't remember if i did even write a letter of protest in the end but this is what we were given as a present for the holiday and what you can see here is this is jerusalem right but
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you have here the city of david you know the dry the mountains the knesset. montefiore windmill the market instead of mash i mean and act is not here. the church of the holy several current is not here and basically what you have is a bunch of jewish sites and and various other allusions to things but it's not a very balanced picture of jerusalem.
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this is the middle of the city of david there's about 85 families here very big to reason because there's massive archaeological digs this is there one of the oldest lived in areas where jews have been for since king david has tons of jewish and sia . the. names are very important so how you represent this i call the city of david that's what the jewish world calls its was the city dated before with the one that's where that was just like the in our village was they she lowered the she lowered village of the yemenites before it was still once what i call the the one. if you listen carefully you'll hear arabic the kids. the homes we are deeply rooted in this land and we always will come to those who came here and in fact at one
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point. and had a small community of yemenite jews we could have went and stayed until $943.00 save in this particular area but they were part of the social fabric very small minority we cannot say that the palestinians did not include jews at the same time we should not say that this stand was ever homogeneous with one peep. right. this is a very important place on the main road between the damascus guys and the western wall. is a massive complex ariel sharon the apartment in the building a 987 basically saying the jews have a right to live anywhere near everywhere new jerusalem and he boards officially one of the apartments in this building that used to be an old hotel a conviction here unfortunately has been bored with
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a lot of jewish blood and we opened up the shop front had a sense of security for jews walking along the road from the damascus gates to the western wall. from the home. give the. tom something to live to do my. for him for both with additional. i'm up with my higher command in the numbers shave who did it but what i had to do about it as a dog but this at the mo had a fit i'll bust open the shop so could
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a bust almost to show so called me up and up i will stick with that. i mean i had the hamas to show that much to lose much could one of us fight with us to them what it all means to them and how the who them all most. but not about to show up at the hand me a hoody. i'll call the owners of the post. command love the command they have to know by before that and then and let us yes you can but a mission when they showed an aspect of the things that are below. is out of commission is ill. thought out to moeed them the small i did not come to the law son or daughter of a boy when they will come to. the slaughter without the feeling and in the left
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doing them a nice. instead of. going to see. 5 percent of the credit where. credit's coming. up michael moore was a plausible story for outdoor autumn of the fall to you know to the ocean who are should. follow should claw a limb with thought of my eye one of whom i have been known for limbed up to that of who were there as a i'm one of. the good idea how the plume may another know to be sure to use him but as of course a way out and as a book i'm bullied on whom i wish i was here about time i've been out on about it mamma i cannot help smooth as it will with no. and have the bottle out the system to such. an order to bomb the store he should go after to shift to show for the no
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michelin the store had them little buddy about they love the result another cup to the community. for sort of by the way not to go on if you motivation to help them in europe to show the beer or how tough a store i love i lived there for they would not polish i learned of for sure and from top to leg and top to top which should. have put this but i don't know what i did dr who did all of could learn to come on come on i'm a chef a commodity here but of the development of a labor said little head of the stairs and on the debt is going on at them as they must clear that then redemption so wish but those with the piano malmo did their job but as dutchman and but had not told trouble to go in and.
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good morning. good to see you. know. then let's what is going on in this city it's for a month exactly. you are from madison tina what part of argentina and i'm going to say. and was that your own decision or part of your family that you want to know if my father was a holocaust survivor so i grew up in a in a zionist for me it was very clear for me from the beginning that we really
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believed in this country and when i arrived hero was a right winger and he belonged to a right wing zionist organization which organization bit that or the big data was the name or the very heart of course the article in the article or 3 month after i arrived i. enter it into the army to go to the army because they say that this is my hero or zionist should go to the army and fight for their country. why do we have in jerusalem people saying it is or i have to work for the jewish people or i have to work for the palestinian people because this is the. narrative of the right wingers of the right wingers for them. we are in the middle
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of. conflict and we were fighting a each against the other for them is not health is it you are united city no it's everyone everybody know that this is not the united city and everybody knows that this is a city where discrimination is running what they succeeded to do for the 1st time in jerusalem is to show. how this discrimination works and. to demeaning go of the discrimination with empirical data it was defeatist that one doubt to succeed to i'm allies the municipal budget. or yes it was very difficult 1st of all because for the municipality and for the people in jerusalem you are kind of
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china. you work for the palestinians not for the jewish people how can you do and they try to answer them try to explain them it's a mistake what i am doing i am doing for the freezer and for the jewish people because they are convinced that if the patient will do you israel we collapse in some way try to explain that they are more. right wing because the right dream to stay king has to work at that's true for you. 6 and i am trying to save my gun to you through and i will say. we are talking here about 40 percent of the population and the budget it's still 11 percent no more than 11 percent and the scaring very much the people in the municipality or it was. yes how do you do eat the do you do you have to shame
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you cannot publish this document they are responding by saying more jewish areas citizens in the city and the connecting. palestinian neighborhoods yes it is not an ethical response but it is the response of the municipality the strategy that they use is to say we best do under 8000000 shekel in east jerusalem. and it's true yes the best and that of millions of shaken but when you look at the overall budget dan you realize that this under that of millions of shakers the are just. small or very short but out of the general budget you can call it. religious discrimination rational discrimination ethnical discrimination it doesn't make any
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difference. but yes discrimination we are living here in the city that discriminate 40 percent of the population i cannot live in a city that discriminate people in. grotesque way it's. there are days that they couldn't sleep in particular when the municipality did the money. but the how can i as a jew that we suffer from this creamy nation over centuries how can we in our country the screamin 8. judaism and discrimination can not live together so some sink very hard it's up and to judaism in discussion 3 what is the 4th of
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you know this picture this is target feature or this is incredible look at this. this is from the nasa german. in 36 the swords of who is not saluting the just 11 guy in the crowed that was not sell it is he there this this this is for me not how i think it is a this is what makes us the this is what makes us different. but those are the people that history will remember. and my era the bitterest.
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did out of the us and that the call. bush rescission. i'm not the cologne at the can only bush a. shadow of the whole lot also. but i just missed out of this mess it up. in me at the how the so initial. cool down in the book when to have and. look when a imbecile bedouin sounds so bored. but my head would ball in the am battleship.
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numb smiling as a mocking then. and i'm smiling the. whole stash of sudden decision. 101 that i said no. i'm a star lunch avenue and an assault. assassin unknown bullets we can beat and the blog that hala they have a new i that issue number 7 is. that's not. out of the. i of the. understanding and the sense.
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i'm an on the come and tell you move my. song. for the. game and they on the day it all out of. the data how to video of it all. and as a little bit of. notable. air not a hit on my shoulder by the. people there for. most of the cases it's young kids they get arrested in the middle of the night and they're very very difficult circumstances they become very vulnerable be themselves are victims. from must. believe. israel says ok if you did not throw stones who threw
11:54 pm
stones and you were the but and this is how they try to make people collaborators with the military so it's also very common when israel address the child the 1st thing that they threaten them is if you don't confess guilty we're going to take away the work permit from your father from your mother from your rather from your sister and so on. oh i didn't come to the do you honestly interview and much more civilians at the mcmartin i feel good allusions come sunni warm shell of the town most of us. walk from trees so to shoot a look at some. big metal debonair yellow i'm going to. come. out of the. disability in the. little bit i would.
11:55 pm
like to do with as you said to do it all we all we have. and have seen ones in. the show it was. when the moon set down she'd been sort of it. i asked on and. the. homework hours you did that opening is from someone not a cool but a cool. bonus of the queue for a condom out solo to retrain for the otoh i was just a will advocate on the coolness a little put on. me. and
11:56 pm
. absent. from the on. going with it if it had with the. record ought to snow. when i. sort of. that. they were at the head of a good ship bush us of a lot of. the dungeons i know be true from the bottom the nothing ties food no banana needed will i'm home. in my body of a day in an update i should be. headed to studio. with me to follow. up on resin on the law then after
11:57 pm
a while the headers. and i bought in the lot feel. that i had then though and i'm stuck. on a mistress number and move on to all of that come. on and run up and balance written valid bhatia. on top of the. bottom of. their toys 2.
11:58 pm
i once again welcome to look at the international focus signs of some showers pushing it's based in parts of australia now welcome signs of showers i suspect but not enough right if the truth be told you can see that clout that it will turn a few showers out to the north of sydney up towards the gulf coast maybe into brisbane as well as we go through choose day they'll slot a little further north what's the cross the sunshine coast as well temperatures down on race and valleys you notice but the heat not really too far away and signs of that scene alice at 43 celsius and even in perth we're still getting up to
11:59 pm
around 36 degrees meanwhile across a ditch into new zealand here is looking lousy dry not see bad as we go on into the the festive season here to see some showers pulling away from new zealand easing up towards the fos out there 60 sounds just across asia 23 in oakland not too bad there is some places a cloud just driving the way through a way to stay but not see much to speak of the christmas day should be launched the dry stridency parts of japan but so we have got some snow particularly over the high ground for tuesday cold enough in sendai at around 5 celsius to 14 that in tokyo it cools off it freshens off christmas sunshine for all as we go through wednesday. well we were. there we get to. know where you.
12:00 am
know. oh this is al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes saudi arabia sentences 5 people to death in connection with the murder of the journalist. but the most senior saudi suspected of being a ringleader walks free provoking accusations of a travesty of justice. boeing fires its c.e.o. a.


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