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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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well you know they. know they're doing a. don't let me. down. the. whole. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes saudi arabia sentences 5 people to death in connection with the murder of the journalist. but the most senior saudis suspected of being a ringleader walks free provoking accusations of a travesty of justice. bowing fires its c.e.o. after a year of setbacks started by 2 deadly crashes involving its 737 max
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a jetliner. bloody near putin travels aboard the controversial 1st ever direct rail link between russia and crimea. and i'm santa have all the day's sporting puting pakistan celebrates the end of it's a decade long exile from cricket with a victory in karate. 5 people have been sentenced to death in saudi arabia for the murder of the journalist jamal ashaji in turkey but the human rights group amnesty international has branded the trial a whitewash and the washington post said it was a sham the identities of those convicted weren't revealed that the closed door trial in riyadh the criminal court cleared former royal aide saudi. who is widely
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suspected of being a ringleader and mohamed be who was the saudi consul general in istanbul which is where he was murdered former deputy intelligence chief ahmed alice sciri was also released due to insufficient evidence evidence 3 other people got jail terms totaling 24 years ashaji is a murderer sparked international condemnation the kingdom denied links to the hit squad killing but some of the team did work for the saudi crown prince and to schapelle reports 14 months after jamal khashoggi was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where his fiance ha t.j. genghis waited for hours before calling for help a saudi court has issued a verdict on. the criminal court has issued a preliminary sentence against 11 of the accused individuals and it is as follows the death penalty for 5 and they are those who directly participated in his killing
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may he rest in peace. but senior saudis with close connections to the royal court have been cleared the court ruled there was no proven involvement of tani in the murder he was advisor to crown prince mohammed bin some on before his sacking soon after because he's killing the turkish chief prosecutor's office in istanbul filed a warrant for khatami's arrest a year ago in june the un special investigator agnes callum ard said intelligence agents had identified qahtani as a hit squad ringleader i have and she stood that the killing of mr ease a state killing it is not a killing by rogue official or so as the country of the government continued to do to pretend i kissed under international human rights you know and she urged the world to sanction the crown prince and his assets until he could prove his innocence that hasn't happened exoneration to her former consul general mohammed
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although tavi who showed journalists around the consulate in istanbul also cleared us middle of siri the kingdom's former deputy intelligence chief started developing a plan to both of the journalism watchdog reporters without borders says justice has been trampled why there mom have been psalm on he was in contact with out on call upon me just before and after the murder of her my life roshi this is what the cia based in part it's this edition that that mob and film on was very high probability responsible for doing the killing so yeah lots and lots of questions this verdict will do nothing to quell those questions and it raises many many more questions there is no such thing as fair and open justice in saudi arabia. despite intelligence agencies including the cia saying crown prince mohammed bin solomon was probably involved the white house shielded the future king from absolute
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responsibility maybe. baby. and following intense criticism and skepticism that little happens in the kingdom without his knowledge the crown prince eventually had his say. absolutely not this was a heinous crime like this but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia the identities of those convicted were concealed during the closed door trial in the capital riyadh and it remains unclear what roles they played in crucial g.'s death raising suspicions that they are the fall guys for much more powerful saudis and are chapelle al jazeera we can now speak to rami hoary he's a journalism professor at the american university of beirut and joins us from new york mr corey thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera so do you think that at least as far as the saudis are concerned that's it just this has been and the whole . you know situation is over. that's probably what
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the saudi senior officials think but the record of the saudi senior officials in the last year and several months since this murder has been a sustained and worsening combination of criminality vulgarly and incompetence all together it's quite an extraordinary display of how a government can do so many things so badly so consistently and show disdain to the rest of the world to the world of the rule of law to u.n. investigators to all bodies around the world who have demanded many bodies around the world who have demanded that we need to know exactly where this where and how and why this happened and who did it and the saudis refused to the to come clean and we see this massive. skepticism around the world following this announcement we may see skepticism and we have obviously heard strong words from analysts the
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international the washington post calling the trial a whitewash and a shadow but if it is going to be international pressure that pushes forward a credible investigation into the house where do you think specifically that pressure needs to come from are we talking governments are we talking perhaps financial pressure companies boycotting saudi what do you think is the most likely realistic place for that the come from. the record of the last year in a bid shows us that some governments and some parts of governments like say the u.s. senate or parts of the european union or the germans or the norwegians will put serious pressure on the saudi arabian government the private sector businesses by and large have not they just want to make money and they don't really pay attention to human rights on the rule of law and things of that nature this might change now because the the interesting and important thing about this is that the pressure
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a regime reduced the pressure on the saudis was reduced a little bit in the last year but has never gone away and there's a consistent demand especially with the evidence from the cia investigation kelli mars investigation for the u.n. and others there's a consistent demand where is the body of everybody who sees the saudi crown prince should ask him where is a man's body your royal highness where is a man's body and this pressure hasn't stopped and this is what's really interesting and it's going to continue now with this latest move by the saudi government which really offends a lot of people it's not just they don't think the trial was really well fair or follow international standards it's an it's an insult to a lot of people to be treated like this so we'll have to see where the pressure might come from but the business community is going to be crucial in this and they haven't really spoken out yet. this is special in that many whole biz that in
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a place like saudi arabia very little happens without the crown prince knowing and that somehow he would have known what had happened and what happened to jamal khashoggi what would you like to see in a properly transparent investigation and trial mean you mentioned that we still don't know where the body is but what other points do you think you need to come out for investigation and trial to really be considered i guess trustworthy ultimately. 1st we have to have it in the open 2nd we have to have all the required witnesses appear and be allowed to speak truthfully and then there are some specific questions why did they take a bone saw with them this is not standard equipment on the official so the trips i gather maybe it is but i don't think so and there's questions about the why did they cover it up why did they lie there are so many specific questions that will come out of any kind of really fair and honest investigation and we have to
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follow the dictates of the rule of law and presume that the crown prince is innocent until he's proven guilty but the weight of the evidence shows just that he was directly involved in planning and possibly ordering and this is where we have to get more information did he order the killing did they just say go and round bring this guy which is probably what happened but then that is say if you can't bring him get rid of him we don't know and to be fair to him and all of the accused there needs to be open fair and serious investigation and then trial of people against whom the evidence suggests that they may be involved in this and this hasn't happened at all and almost never happens in almost any arab country up to now in the real problem is that this is not just a saudi problem this is all over the arab world people are killed or detained they disappear and there's no accountability and the hoary journalism professor at the
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american university of beirut sir thank you for joining us. well still to come on the al-jazeera news hour a woman and child are among the dead in a car bombing in northern syria india's opposition congress party stages national protests against a controversial new citizenship law and coming up in sports one of rugby's best known players condemns china over persecution of weaker muslims. but 1st the chief executive of the u.s. airline manufacturer boeing has resigned less than a week after the company suspended production of its best selling aircraft boeing says the leadership change is necessary to restore confidence 9 months after the 737 max jet crisis shares in the company have risen on the news also in jordan has more on the story from washington d.c.
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. it's the biggest crisis and boeing's 103 year history on monday after 2 fatal crashes involving its $737.00 max jetliner boeing fired its c.e.o. dennis mullen burge for breaching the public's trust. the board of directors decided that a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the company moving forward as it works to repair relationships with regulators customers and all other stakeholders 189 people died when a lion air 737 max crashed in indonesia in october 2018 less than 6 months later another 157 people were killed when an ethiopian airlines jet also a 737 max crashed in the north of that country the u.s. government forced boeing to ground the jet until problems with both the operating software and with pilot training could be fixed we've made mistakes we've learned
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and we are still learning but despite repeated promises from mulund berg to get the planes back in the air by the end of this year the problems continue regulators in the u.s. and europe have refused to clear the $737.00 max is returned to the skies and lawsuits are pending a lawsuit alleges that the why america crash was in part a result of recently dangerous conditions of boeing 737 max aero aircraft boeing has lost more than 8000000000 dollars and another $8000.00 companies are also suffering from lost business airlines are scrambling to revise their business plans and juggle flight schedules since they don't want to use or buy jets with a dodgy safety record and on friday boeing had a setback in its space business its starglider transport shuttle suffered technical problems forcing nasa to ditch
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a planned docking with the international space station. the new c.e.o. david calhoun takes charge in january it's now up to him to reassure everyone that boeing is taking their faith in flying seriously rosalynn jordan al-jazeera washington well for more we can speak to airline expert seth kaplan who joins us live now from washington d.c. sir welcome to al-jazeera so they got rid of the c.e.o. but considering the boeing's problems may well be culture a part of the organization do you think that really is the right direction to go in if they're going to address the issues that have been lighting them well by time they made the move not sure there's really much of a decision left to make had you asked me a couple of weeks ago i probably would have guessed that he would hang on somewhat longer but the past week as rosalind mentioned has just been awful i mean even aside from commercial aircraft the failed space launch but once boeing announced
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that the production of the maxxis was going to cease and the risk kind of no end in sight to all of this i think the idea that he would just kind of hang on a little while longer and say ok my job here is done and then pass the torch was no longer tenable now they've chosen somebody who of course is not just the sort of independent voice from the outside it's their chairman of the board who's stepping into the c.e.o. role i mean a respected person in industry but they sort of had to choose between perhaps somebody more independent who might have had more credibility with regulators in terms of saying hey i wasn't a part of the mess i'm here to clean it up and somebody with the institutional knowledge that david calhoun has clearly they wanted to go with continuity and at least somewhat of a fresh voice but not an entirely new and independent one i guess the whole point is you know both with passengers a gas and the markets as well as to restore confidence so do you think that this move does it and what else needs to happen there as well as this change at the top . well barbara guess in the most sort of cold objective terms of all the
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share price it rose today predictably enough i mean i think in the end that's kind of part of what caused the board to move right there their 1st responsibility all those there's so much more here in this case is to grease the value of the company and it was pretty predictable that if they moved on that they would do that but yeah this is this is a mess that took a long time to make and it's not one that's going to be fixed quickly here. you know different sets of problems the internal ones the design of course of the aircraft the fix to the m. caste system that the whole world now knows all too much about but also the way the company has been represented externally and i think in the end what caused this move today was that loss of credibility with lawmakers with regulators even with the f.a.a. in the u.s. the very the regulator that was a co accused of being too cozy with boeing you know once the f.a.a. is faith in boeing clearly had been shaken and there wasn't much left to to explain
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why why would stay but yet in terms of restoring that credibility it's going to be a long term project hopefully for boeing's perspective the one that you need to think it is actually possible for them to restore their credibility because as we mentioned it's not just the 737 jet issues that they've had and of course where many people lost their lives but also the space business the starglider shuttle suffering technical problems as we heard in that report i mean it just seems to be a mounting of issues that seems almost i guess right now almost impossible to resolve. it does i mean barbara look there is precedent for companies writing themselves they've they've done it all over the years so it wouldn't be a 1st but no absolutely quite a litany of issues here and the boeing is the kind of company that it's not generally a consumer brand rights it's a bit different from what we think about other corporate crises where you know
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people the think of k.f.c. the chicken maker would something goes wrong in china people stop buying chicken but but on a good day hopefully people are thinking about that company right different here boeing if the public is even thinking about boeing at all that's a problem for boeing right and so just the fact that it's on the minds of consumers because most people don't really care what kind of airplane they're flying a sudden but right now they are thinking about that to some degree at least in the public so so it's different sets of challenges restoring confidence with the regulators with the airline customers i mean they're really boeing's customers right but also here with the public in an airlines are going to guess how long it's going to be that people are going to say you don't really want to get on that max i think people will move on just because they tend to you know they've moved on from other crises but it will take time it will be interesting to see what 2020 brings for boeing for the moment says kaplan airline expert thanks so much for having joined us. now turkey's defense ministry says that at least 8 civilians have been
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killed in a car bombing in northern syria it happened near the border between the 2 countries in the turkish how the town of su look a woman and child are among the dead several others have been wounded no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. and syrian government forces are pushing deeper into the last of rebel stronghold of labor as part of the latest military offensive to retake the area turkey's president says $80000.00 syrians are moving towards the turkish border to escape the constant bombardment mohammed though is monitoring the crisis from an attack in turkey close to the border with syria the signs everywhere in the province where russian brokered cease fire touches the blitz in northwest syria is driving tens of thousands from their homes scrambling to escape the onslaught from city and. please they are calling it well
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this situation is very bad we fled from the bombardment and barrel bombs we came here just to save our children and women there is nothing else we can do give a shelter to close to 4000000 city and with teachers and with 120000 headed for the border. his country can't cope with russia. if the violence towards the people of it does not stop this number will increase even more so he will not carry such a migrant burden on its own the negative impact of that pressure will be something that all european nations especially greece will also fail. syrian opposition fighters and russian backed government forces agreed to a ceasefire just but asked strikes and artillery bombardments almost daily or cardin's primary there is no hope returning to our homes because of into his daily bombardment every day the regime is taking over village after village syria's
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president has stepped up his promise to rick up to every inch of syrian territory controlled by opposition fighters it lip is the only province remaining out of bashar al assad's control here his forces celebrate the siege of more than 20 villages in. the villages of either been killed or displaced at the border comes from by techies charities of forcing many of the newly displaced into makeshift camps where a delivery is out of the area as the winter bites the turkish government wants syrian refugees to return to a so-called safe zone in the most east of syria seized from cuts led forces in october president i don't want his support for the plan saying he will otherwise be forced to open the gates for syrians to head west into europe whole religious have been emptied in the latest with civilians crawled in a corner off 'd. with nowhere else to go until the bombardments top the exit us
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will continue. on on the turkey syria border al jazeera journalists know what hussein has now being detained without any formal charges in egypt for 3 years hussein was arrested on arrival in december 2016 while on a personal visit to see his family he's accused of the faming the state and spreading false news allegations he and the al-jazeera media network deny al-jazeera staff of how the solidarity pours as they continue to call for his release. russia's president has taken the 1st ride across the courage straight on a newly constructed rail route linking moscow and st petersburg to crimea bloody near putin says it will carry around 14000000 passengers and about 13000000 tons of freight next year but ukraine says its construction is illegal and it wants the black sea peninsula back russia annexed the region from ukraine in 2014.
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well the rail link between russia and crimea is being described by critics as a violation of international law until 5 years ago the crimean peninsula was only accessible from mainland ukraine travelers wanting to get to and from russia had to fly or take a ferry after russian troops and excrete me in 2014 people voted yes in a referendum to join the russian federation but president putin announce a decision to build a 4000000000 dollars bridge without the consent of ukraine's government spending 19 kilometers it's the longest bridge in eastern europe and it opened last year when putin drove a truck over the bridge the u.s. and the e.u. impose sanctions on companies involved in its construction but now trains are running on it 1st from st petersburg to crimea as largest cities of us the fall and foremost go to the capital simferopol on tuesday where former nato chief of staff mark ski says it shows russia is solidifying its control over crimea.
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it's increased its military presence in crimea and so the economic element is critical without a bridge crimea is essentially isolated and increasing russian tourism and economic links to the mainland is critical so many ways is something that is expected but it still violates international law the other piece about this bridge i think is critical is its military in a way that it think we creates a choke point hazard for ukraine shipping in this group who has constructed an agreement with ukraine it would've been a lot higher and so in many ways the russians are using this groups to choke off ukraine economically just like they've created as a lifeline of crimea showcases russia's continued interest in undermining ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and also rejecting international sanctions that have been put in place against russia the international community rejects it sanctions and yes russia and it's not only crimea it's going to come under russian
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domination there are 2 problems in eastern ukraine that russia continues to occupy that are part of the cranium territory so in many ways the crimea story is a larger part of the future of ukraine and the future of europe because russia's interests and ambitions extend beyond crimea. the organization for security and cooperation in europe says a prisoner swap has been agreed between ukraine and russia it will take place before the end of the year this follows a cease fire agreement between ukraine and russia in paris earlier this month it was the 1st face to face meeting between the leaders volodymyr zelinsky and lighting a putin aimed at tackling the conflict that has killed around $13000.00 people since 2014. thank you more still to come on the al-jazeera news hour including mourning in algeria after the death of the army chief who led the state's response to mass protests which forced the president out of office as mexico faces its
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highest murder rate on record we look at where the country's deadly weapons are coming from and this legendary italian coach has a little fun at the expense of his new club's fans all of the details coming up in sports. the weather does look set to remain unsettled across europe more wet some windy but mild weather sweeping through a little quiet across western parts now that storms also. have made their way out of the way clear skies coming back into the upper peninsula at least for a time was the weather now making its way away from southern italy through greece and heading over towards turkey where it's looking pretty poor across at least the sort of the but it's right in choppy waters some strong winds battering through
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here very wet weather to snow with the turkish mountains some snow to around the generic outside and across the alps as well wherever you are over the next couple days it does look likely to stay on the mild side if you're looking for a white christmas little chance of that unless you're over the high ground even the most. temperatures getting up to 3 degrees celsius which is around 7 degrees above the seasonal normal see temperatures around 9 or 10 celsius there for london and paris the next area clad in way that's waiting in the wings and that will push into western parts of europe as we go on into the latter part of the week the latter part of the year that wet weather that we're talking about across the eastern side of the med well that will bring wanted to coastal showers to the into northern parts of egypt driving further east with as we go on through wednesday but for most is dry. this is a boon for point people right now in technology there is so much going to help
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people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today we get to assist the blind with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom are the schools are too little to get stuck sure is a tomato exploration process was amazing in a way we have that technology available to us techno 0 knowledge a 0. 0 . 00. you entry you're.
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welcome back time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera saudi arabia's public prosecutor says 5 people have been sentenced to death and 3 were given 24 years in prison for the murder of the saudi journalist. so would the tiny a former high profile saudi royal advisor was investigated but released without charge human rights group amnesty international has branded the trial a whitewash u.s. airline manufacturer boeing share price has surged after chief executive dennis will in berg resigned he stepped down less than a week after the company suspend the production of its best selling. craft and turkeys the fence ministry says that at least 8 civilians have been killed in
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a car bombing in northern syria it happened near the border between the 2 countries in the turkish power of the civil. right more now on the. trial and mike hanna joins us live from the united nations headquarters in new york mike what is the reaction being there to the verdict well the u.n. in holiday mode at the moment so there's been limited reaction however a spokesperson for the secretary general had this to say at the daily briefing the secretary general continues to stress the need for an independent and impartial investigation into the murder to ensure full examination of any can accountability for human rights violations committed in the case the secretary general also reiterate the un's commitment to ensuring freedom of expression and protection of journalists as well as source longstanding opposition to the death penalty
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well earlier this year at miss kind of modern a un repertory for human rights said that the un should open an investigation into the killing of jamal khashoggi however the secretary general has continually igs existed and that he does not have the power to do so unless the request comes from one of the un member nations further afield in washington there has been some reaction from the u.s. state department official is quoted as saying that this verdict is an important step in the ongoing investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi mike hanna with the latest on that from the united nations mike thank you. india's main opposition party has led the latest major protest over a controversial new law that will grant citizenship to religious minorities from 3 neighboring countries but it excludes muslims elizabeth poor and on reports now from new delhi. thank you and now the crackdown in the heart of the capitol.
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police detaining protesters outside the federal headquarters of clutter pradesh states. that the people condemned the killing of 1000 demonstrators there in the past few days the delhi protesters said they wanted to give a voice to people. where the internet remains cut off in many parts and large gatherings a back and. elsewhere in the capital a similar outcry. and a defiant mood on display at jamia millia islamia university the university is a muslim institution the demonstrations are attracting people from all walks of life including 1st time protesters that actually that was. 2 people have come out on the streets to express their anger and they're saying that the why this government has brought this bill is undemocratic. joined thousands who chanted
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against the government and the citizenship law passed by m.p.'s on december the 11th the citizenship amendment act makes it easier for migrants from of gonna stand bangladesh and pakistan to gain citizenship but muslims are excluded students and civil society groups have been a driving force for the protests so far the main opposition congress party joined in with a certain that raj got a memorial to mahatma gandhi that aim to invoke the spirit of gandhi's inspirational campaign the civil rights. funds that yourself. this constitution is drafted by people of all faiths the boys whose opinion muslims sikhs and christians is an integral part of the constitution and you cannot attack it and if you do the nation will stop and. elsewhere in india more large protests thousands marched in the southern cities of
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chennai bengal and hyderabad. despite the largest protests against his government since he was 1st elected 5 years ago prime minister linda modi isn't backing down from the new law insisting it isn't divisive but he is backtracking on plans to hold a national register of citizens which would require all indians to prove their citizenship . that's not enough for his critics. said it was just the final. day i. was 65. but. along the bottom i don't generally around. 3 days of national mourning have been declared in old geria after the death of the head of the country's army 80 year old general ahmed again led the state's response
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to mass protests which forced out the country's president earlier this year or a burden rally reports. for years he was the chief of staff of the algerian national army but a man to guide salah would mostly be remembered for being behind the resignation of president abdelaziz bouteflika after 2 decades in office. on march 26th the c.m. not normal after hundreds of thousands about jerry and marched in the streets demanding an end to the regime. it was guides televised speech urging beautifully could quit the made that a reality the armed but the rest of many of his allies a month later supported the newly appointed interim leader as. i would. be had i would like to confirm in truth that the transitional period to
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prepare for the presidential elections to take place with the oversight of the national people's army which will keep watch over the course of this transition in lot of the mutual trust between the people and their army. just last week attending the inauguration of the new president at the board. but many protests of the boycotted the election that brought him to power saying those little choice of candidates the only established elite. got seller has spent his adult life in the armed forces a former officer of the national liberation army and then the algerian peoples national armed forces he spent years working his way to the top of the army. he forged out areas war of independence between 19 154-2962 against the french and was considered a hero in his country. in 1903 he was promoted to the role of lieutenant general
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as a close ally to then president beautifully cam in 2004 he became chief of staff of the r. jury in people's national army on september 15th 2013 vice minister of defense but he had rivals they included the powerful head of algeria secret services mohammad mehdi and known as general taufiq but he was removed in september 2015 making gazzetta the head of the armed forces. that in february this year in a sudden wave of protests algerians demanded the entire regime step down in a major u. turn guide salah ended his loyalty to beautifully can and join the calls from protesters for the president to resign the however many are cheery and turned. and called for his resignation and and to the
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military state. mexico is the ealing with its highest murder rate on record and the majority of weapons involved are being smuggled in from the united states violence across the border has been under increasing scrutiny after a number of u.s. citizens were murdered last month john home and has more in part 2 of our series of arms trafficking from the u.s. to mexico this burnt up car became a wakeup call for the united states this is for the record media and for my grandchildren are burr shot up 3 women and 6 children american citizens killed in neighboring mexico. president trump said in response the cartels would be considered terrorist organizations but it was america may bullets found at the scene and likely america make guns smuggled across the border that we used to kill not just this family but tens of thousands more in mexico the quantised suffer
12:39 am
more the most this year there's been an average of 6 murders a day residents say the city swimming with us far ohm's law. anyone can carry a gun now and i've known cases where they exchange a couple of words with someone in a taco stand and a petrol station and they kill them. yvonne's husband himself was shot dead leaving her to bring up 4 year old michelle and 10 year old dani alone it's affected us in every way economically as well i'm not with my daughters where distance because i have to work every day and leave them here alone he was the breadwinner in mexico it's extremely hard to buy a gun legally but criminals have found an easier way about 70 percent of the firearms seized here in traced have come from the u.s. the state's attorney responsible for 2 quanah told how does here in the mix can cartels which of long relied on straw buyers and now using different tactics to buy
12:40 am
more weapons states saw it fit in the spot in different parts of the united states illegally buy parts of guns then across them into mexico and put the gun together here anyone can go to a gun store in the u.s. and buy a gun part there's no control of that in the registry then we find those arms at a crime scene in mexico and we have no way to trace them why because they have no serial number. once the guns parts of guns a bullet it's easy to get them across a poorest border where there are few checks on the passing cards what impact would it have on the homicide rate here in tijuana if suddenly became a lot more difficult to get guns over the border from the us to mexico. but i believe that it would have an important impact the moment that the criminals don't have a way to get firearms it will be hard to commit murder so of course the restriction would have an impact. in the end though the blame lies not with the weapons but those wielding them says a man who would know what is
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a report and i think it's one's own responsibility because if they gave you an order you have to obey if you're carrying or not they tell me you're going to kill those people i have to do it and that's my own responsibility for the ones i kill depending on what they did wrong there are tens of thousands though who have done nothing but have had their families ripped apart now live on wants is a safer future. there's so much killing so many dead too many cases of people disappeared if all of this really stopped the traffic the bar the drugs we'd have a bit of peace. stopping the flow of guns into mexico wouldn't rectified alone but from politicians to experts to ordinary mexicans that it would help john home and. mexico's foreign ministry says it's the plea concerned about the presence of $150.00 members of the bolivian security services who are monitoring the mexican ambassador and embassy in bolivia xico granted former bolivian president evo
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morales asylum after his resignation in the wake of a disputed presidential election but alice is now in argentina where the government has indicated he will be granted political asylum. at the end of a visit to west africa the president of france has called for clarity over the future role of french troops in securing the region emanuel mccrone says he's reluctant to send soldiers to countries where their presence is unclear or wanted across as president before discussed recent attacks by fighters linked eisel and al-qaeda in the sahara desert region as some a gathering of the 5 countries of there's a hell to take place in france next ones. places with french and an international presence is not accepted clearly we will draw the necessary inclusions because we are talking about states if you suffer in state in the region says i don't need
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a french or an international military presence we should not be there. meanwhile in france itself protesters have let off layers and fireworks inside one of the main railway stations in paris as protests against pension reforms continue strikers clashed with riot police at the gap with smoke filling some of the main concourse the nationwide walkout has crippled railway services and forced schools to close now unions say they will ramp up their protests at oil refineries forcing some of them to close entirely or coming as they do around christmas the strikes are having a big impact on businesses that were hoping for a festive boost the disruption to the transport network has stopped many people from traveling into paris and other major cities with retailers and hotels feeling the pinch but in its midst reports from paris. france's business owners are not feeling the spirit of christmas just before the holiday it looks
12:44 am
busy in paris but the almost total shutdown of the metro is having a significant impact on the numbers of people coming out to shop and. takings at this cafe have fallen 30 percent manager isabel sol says it's worse than last year's yellow vest protest. we have had an enormous loss of turnover we've had no terrorists in the style find it very difficult to come to work some cannot even make it and but it's not the fault of those looking for work will find it harder next month france's main employers association says 3 quarters of paris area businesses are planning to freeze hirings because of the loss of economic activity 80 percent of france's small and medium sized businesses have suffered losses because of the strike that's according to the confederation and in the major cities of paris small say in strasbourg the sales of something by as much as 60 percent
12:45 am
turnover at this hotel is down 50 percent for december add to that the taxi bill the own. owner is facing to get his stuff into work and back home every day i hope that this strike won't. continue for 3 months because it could be really difficult to be honest a case like this we have consolations just 2 days before 48 hours maybe before and it's 4 hours we cannot recover it paris's botanical gardens is hoping for 400000 visitors this year to its winter exhibition but says midweek numbers are down we don't know what will happen during the 15 they thought by clinton and the 5th day of their vacation are very important because we make the. day spending on pensions health care and other social services swallows 32 percent of france's g.d.p. the highest in the developed world benefits the french are reluctant to sacrifice
12:46 am
the unions are promising another round of nationwide demonstrations in january france faces another gloomy winter bernard smith al-jazeera paris. severe winter storms are continuing to cause havoc across parts of europe bad weather in italy has closed bridges and prompted evacuations in several areas including fanous which is still recovering from its worst flooding in over 50 years crew members were rescued from a ship on monday that and crashed into a cliff off the coast of syria in rough seas. volunteers in lebanon are providing meals for those in need this christmas as the country goes through its worst economic crisis in decades lebanon's diary column is one of the main reasons for ongoing mass protests against the political class that ruled the country for 30 years saying 100 reports now from. a show of solidarity with those in need at a time of crisis volunteers from across lebanon have been helping prepare christmas
12:47 am
dinner for the poor people are hungry they need to eat. with flour. and good food. they are hosting them in martyrs square which has become the epicenter of a tarion protest movement against the political class that has ruled lebanon for decades. my people. all unite and. there may be unity here but this is a deeply divided country that has been without a government for weeks politicians are bargaining over power instead of heating demands from the street to make way for a new leadership the situation is. this is this love. of generosity of kind. of people coming together.
12:48 am
and i think this is our duty is that we have to. it is difficult times the state is on the verge of bankruptcy one and a half. 1000000 lebanese are officially designated as living in poverty that's a 3rd of the population the world bank has warned the total could rise to half the population and that dire prediction was made before the economy started to collapse a few months ago and the crisis has worsened further with businesses shutting down thousands losing their jobs and many workers receiving half their salaries lebanon is a need of international financial assistance but no country seems to be willing to come to the rescue until the make up and shape of the new government capable of reforms is agreed for now people only have each other to rely on. today these people because when i used to watch. they never helped with. protesters against the ruling elite want
12:49 am
a new leadership is proving hard to achieve but gatherings like this are achieving something else they're bringing people together as lebanon faces tough challenges ahead than a beirut. still to come here on al-jazeera the discovery of not one but 6 new planets outside our solar system by astronomers in the u.k. and in sport pakistan celebrates the end of its decade long exile from cricket with victory in karachi. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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to. go a business updates to you by qatar and we're going places together. 6
12:51 am
new planets outside our solar system have been discovered by astronomers in the u.k. these are an artist's impression of the various planetary systems now each of the so-called exoplanets orbit stars which are around 160 to 440 light years from earth the planets are extremely halt making it difficult to determine the type of rock on each service. scientists say that with further research they could hold the key to unlocking the geology of planets in our solar system including rockery venus lies and earth i wanted to work out if there's an efficient way of pre-selecting stars that might have planets so these are stars that previously we didn't necessarily know have planets orbiting about them. and we used a particular signature in the light coming from the star. and we measured we looked it up that signature for quite a few stars those days it is about 2 and
12:52 am
a half to 3000 stars we have based this best pacific measurement that we were interested in and it turns out that about 40 of those have a very unique property which tells us something that tells us that these these stars may indeed harbor harbor planets but that's only really the 1st stage because we need to go back for we need to actually see if they really do harbor lives and that's that's the work that we that we've been carrying out and it turns out it's the method we've used is it seems to be a very efficient service of all those stars which was observateur which we have sufficient number of measurements of the stars have in fact have a warm home of planets so this is a very efficient technique for for identifying planets actively ok sport now here santa. thank you very much a barbara was
12:53 am
a deadly attack on sri lanka's team bus and lahore in 2009 left pakistan without test cricket on home soil for more than a decade but sri lanka have fire returned and on monday pakistan still the 1st test where now home in more than 13 years sell mike has more. it's a moment that's been over a decade in the making pakistan celebrate their 1st test victory on home soil since the return of cricket's longest format to the country earlier this month. countries had avoided playing test in pakistan since the 2009 attack on sri lanka's team bus in lahore and it was against sri lanka that pakistan's landmark victory came the home side only needed 3 wickets and crunchy on the final day to feel victory. and they got the 1st one with the openings all of the morning the remaining batsman fell soon after pakistan taking just 15 minutes to get the job done.
12:54 am
nasim shar was the hero the 16 year old stepping up with 5 wickets in the final innings to not only seal a $263.00 run win but also the series one nothing is easy their home series was important to us it's been a long time since a test series was played in pakistan this test series was special for each player to win obviously everyone's overwhelmed pakistan's test future still remains uncertain bangladesh are scheduled to visit next but they want best series moved to a neutral venue for now however pakistan will celebrate this a storage moment so he'll malik al-jazeera. one of rugby's best known players that is the latest sportsman to criticize china for locking weaker muslims sonny bill williams tweeted his appeal of for more people and countries to speak out say in the us have a chosen money over humanity the new zealand star follows. in supporting it we give
12:55 am
minorities a plight the chinese government reacted to the german matilda's criticism by pulling the plug on showing arsenal matches in time now. for when i want driver shahs a clerk a has signed a new long term contract with harare is new deal commits him to the italian team until the end of the 2024 season and it follows an impressive campaign it went to the old from monaco one back to back races in belgium and italy and scored 7 pole positions more than any other driver football's governing body has banned rain international for 10 matches for racist behavior during a qualifier for the 2022 world cup last month. made slides that i gesture towards a fans during his country's away match against hong kong incident it was captured by fans and was posted on twitter all saying with racism in this professional
12:56 am
footballers' association has called on the u.k. government to launch an inquiry into racism in the premier league it follows yet another incident this time in the match between tottenham and chelsea on sunday a complaint about racist chanting was made by chelsea's german defend that on you. a spokesman for the british prime minister's office said on monday it would monitor the premier league's efforts to combat the problem. a number of leading figures in the game have been reacting to what happened at tottenham including a massive. guardiola who believes a fighting racism is a daily battle but i don't like not to fight every day in the school especially in the families at home to try to do better since i can defeat to the new generation. it's a pattern that david day of course and all the initiatives. it happened for the
12:57 am
players and for the federation of course we are going to court. you have a temple cullen chillout he has played down the rumors that he'll science superstar forwards latin by him of it but only after teasing the possibility that currently a free agent is a friend eventuality have played under him at p.s.g. but i am amazed at their finishes the period in the united states and really i don't know what is his idea. really i don't know i have to call him and maybe i am going to call him. just if you want to come to believe what borg go enjoy. you'll be good for long i'm not to blame. and that says well forever and you back to barbara senator thank you very much and that is it for this news that we do stay with us though going to be back in just
12:58 am
a few moments with more of that they's news thanks for watching. and africa's technological at the center been awful us and group over to live side by side. in its 1st episode life apps challenges kenya up developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's us but simply because it's all over the board people to go live outside silicon savannah on al-jazeera. in
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a world where journalism as an industry is changing we have al-jazeera are fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that pass and drive and present the stories in a way that is important to worthless. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . egypt strongman and he's ruling with an eye and faced on the silence from his allies is deafening the us was perfectly happy to trade on. off the mark for c 4 security why are western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera coming down.
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the border because. saudi arabia sentences 5 people to death in connection with the murder of the journalist. but the most senior saudi suspected of being a ringleader walks free provoking accusations of a travesty of justice. hello i'm barbara sara this is al jazeera live from london also coming up boeing fires its c.e.o. after a year of setbacks as started by 2 deadly crashes involving its 737 max jet
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india's opposition congress party stages protests against a controversial new citizenship law and bloody near putin travels aboard the controversial.


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