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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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shams torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera. 5 men sentenced to death for the brutal murder of jamal but the u.n. investigator calls the trial a mockery of justice. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. the battle for syria's last rebel held province reaches a critical point as the u.n. raises the along the but the scale of civilian suffering.
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india's main opposition party steps up the pressure on the prime minister narendra modi over the new citizenship law that's divided the country. security entry top of the agenda of 3 of asia's most powerful leaders meet in china for a rare moment of unity. is being called a mockery and anything but justice the end results of a saudi trial and the killing of the journalist jamal khashoggi has brought criticism from the un special investigator and condemnation from human rights groups 5 people have been sentenced to death but their identities have not been revealed after a closed door trial in riyadh it's clear the former royal aides tawny widely suspected of being a ringleader. it was the saudi consul general in istanbul. what the washington
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post columnist was a former deputy intelligence chief. was released full quotes insufficient evidence 3 other people receive jail terms totaling 24 yes the kingdom has denied any links to the hit squad killing but some of the team work for the saudi crown prince and. 14 months after jamal khashoggi was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where his fiance ha t.j. genghis waited for hours before calling for help a saudi court has issued a verdict us document images a video of the criminal court in riyadh has issued a preliminary sentence against 11 of the accused individuals and it is as follows the death penalty for 5 and they are those who directly but dissipated in his killing may he rest in peace. but senior saudis with close connections to the royal court have been cleared the court ruled there was no proven involvement of saudi
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tani in the murder he was advisor to crown prince mohammed bin summoned before his sacking soon after killing the turkish chief prosecutor's office in istanbul filed a warrant for khatami's arrest a year ago in june the un special investigator agnes callum ard said intelligence agents had identified qahtani as a hit squad ringleader i have and she stood that the killing of mr ease a state killing it is not a killing by robbers show or so as the country of the government continued to do to pretend at least under international human rights you know and she urged the world to sanction the crown prince and his assets until he could prove his innocence that hasn't happened. exoneration to her former consul general mohammed although tavi who showed journalists around the consulate in istanbul also cleared middle of siri the kingdom's former deputy intelligence chief started throwing
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a plan to vote under the journalism watchdog reporters without borders says justice has been trampled why demolish bin solomonic he was in contact with out on call pani just before and after the murder of her my live show she this is what the cia based in part it's this edition that that mob and film on was very high probability responsible for doing the killing so yeah lots and lots of questions this verdict will do nothing to quell those questions and it raises many many more questions there is no such thing as fair and open justice in saudi arabia despite intelligence agencies including the cia saying crown prince mohammed bin so man was probably involved the white house shielded the future king from absolute responsibility maybe maybe he did and following intense criticism and skepticism that little happens in the kingdom without his knowledge the crown prince eventually had his say was. absolutely not
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this was a heinous crime like this but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia the identities of those convicted were concealed during the closed door trial in the capital riyadh and it remains unclear what roles they played in crucial g.'s death raising suspicions that they are the fall guys for much more powerful saudis and or chapell al jazeera. well staying with her story the un special rapporteur for extrajudicial executions who you saw in that report seconds come on says the trial failed to look at the responsibilities of the state and the whole thing was a travesty of justice what we have here. whitewash is a pre-planned of just use. and the fact that the general homer and just to have not been it didn't mean stab
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them that maybe also people of judgment get cute has not been searched. the u.n. secretary general has called for an immediate end to the violence in northern syria syrian government forces and their russian allies are pushing deeper into the last rebel stronghold of italy to try to retake the area dozens of civilians are being killed and tens of thousands more fled towards the turkish border. is monitoring the crisis from untucked in turkey close to the border with syria the signs of war are everywhere in the problems where russian brokered cease fire is in touches the blitz in northwest syria is driving tens of thousands from their homes scrambling to escape the aerial onslaught from city and under russian warplanes they are cornett well donna this situation is very bad we fled from the bombardment and barrel bombs we came here just to save our children and women there is nothing else we can do is give
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a shelter to close to 4000000 city and with us and with the warning another 120000 heading for the border the techies he does say is his country can't cope with any more syrian opposition fighters and russian government forces agreed to us is fine focused but asked strikes and artillery bombardments almost daily or cardin's. there is no hope returning to our homes because of into his daily bombardment every day. taking all wood village after village syria's president has stepped up his promise to tick up to every inch of syrian territory controlled but opposition fighters it live is the only province remaining out of bashar al assad's control here his forces celebrate the seizure of more than 20 villages in. the villages have either been killed or displaced at the border comes run by techie charities of forcing many of the newly displaced into makeshift camps where
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a delivery is out of the area as the winter bites the turkish government one city editor for. to return to a so-called safe zone in the north east of syria seized from lead forces in october president i don't want his support for the plan saying he would otherwise be forced to open the gates for syrians to head west into your whole villages have been emptied in the latest all slaughter with civilians corralled in a corner of. with nowhere else to go until the bombardments top the exit us will continue. the world as it are. on the turkey syria border at least 8 civilians are being killed in a car bombing in northern syria it happened just 10 kilometers south of the border in the turkish old town of sudoku a woman and a child were among the dead several others have been wounded there's been no claim of responsibility for the attack. a bus has plunged off the road and into a ravine in indonesia killing at least 24 people it happened in south sumatra
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province the bus was carrying 37 passengers the police are on the scene investigating as to why the vehicle lost control china's premier says the leaders of japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate on the issue of north korea it is one of the key issues at a summit taking place in the chinese city of chengdu relations between south korea and japan have soured in recent months but the 2 nations do say they are committed to promoting dialogue between north korea and the u.s. soldier in tokyo allies of the united states whose naval presence in the region has been repeatedly condemned by beijing and historical animosities remain including south korean demands that japan apologize for abuses committed during the 2nd world war katrina you joins us live from beijing katrina they've heard this news conference what else are we learning. well as you
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mentioned these countries have very complicated histories but they're doing their very best or they've done their very best today to move past their disagreements and really try to work on some shared said the benefits between them and also really focus on what they have in common as the 3 biggest economies in asia a trade was clearly one of those things and they were talking about ways they could boost the complimentarity that they have between in the kitchen talked about how china has a lot of needs in terms of its supply chain and in i think it wasn't mentioned at the trade war i think i think china's really looking to sort of lean into its relationships with south korea and japan really working to improve for example its innovation industry with those 2 countries i mentioned that both countries also mentioned that there they would like to work towards pushing for a signing of the r.e.c. . the regional comprehensive economic partnership and also continue to explore a trilateral free trade agreement other things that they mention really talking about other shared challenges that they have between those 3 countries for example
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the environment and climate change and also the vapidly aging population so all 3 leaders talked about how they could possibly work together and tackle those issues together and as you mentioned you know they signed they worked towards an agreement for the next 10 years that there are some more urgent issues at hand and the main one being north korea and denuclearization of the korean peninsula all 3 leaders mentioned that they want to continue to push for dialogue and also that they want to continue to support the process between pyongyang and washington they want to do whatever they can to facilitate those talks and ensure those talks are a success but china at the same time i think it was focusing on really having these 3 countries work together present united front when it comes to that issue and reminding i think the people in this press conference that these are the 3 of the 3 countries who are best who are most affected and also best positioned to see that pieces. is sustained in the korean peninsula does this mean that all 3 countries
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benefit just looking at the trade as you because we must be talking about sums of money in the multi $1000000000.00 range. that's right so in 2019 trade between these 3 countries was in excess of $700000000000.00 and actually these 3 countries think that. despite their differences and the tensions between them that they can actually do even better so they're exploring ways to improve that trade china and japan have for the last few years had a very and almost untenable relationship and it's been on the up and up and many analysts say that this is really an thanks actually to the trade war between the u.s. and china that china is actually leaning into its relationship with japan for that reason so i think all of these countries see that they at a time when the global economy is slowing and indeed these 3 countries are facing a slowing economy themselves i think they really in
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a way being forced by the circumstances to work even more closely together when it comes to to the issue of trade. thanks very much. lots more still to come for you here and i'll just hear including 2 stories the boss of boeing is forced out after a disastrous year of fatal crashes and doubts about it 737 max aircraft derailing relations russian president vladimir putin takes a controversial journey across the curch strait those stories when we come back. how low we've got some rather unsettled weather pushing towards the middle east over the next couple of days maybe half of the way here see that cloud spilling out to turkey the side of the mediterranean so we are going to see some rather heavy
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rain coming into parts of western syria pushing down into lebanon and eventually that will make its way into israel too so for jerusalem looking at temperatures around 11 celsius in town and right around of course a bethlehem on christmas day it was like a rather wet and windy has some snow over the high ground there over the turkish mountains elsewhere across the region it is actually lousy fine and dry with some decent spells warm sunshine pleasant one sunshine here in doha in light winds it will feel very good as we go on through the next couple of days little china distance as we go on into wednesday just not just a little further south increasing plants pulling across the arabian sea well eventually push some right towards the horn of africa meanwhile for southern africa drawing up air across the eastern cape had some of the wet weather in place that we want to have a safe to choose day i shares becoming fewer and further between as we go on 3 wideness day that's not the case to its eastern parts of madagascar be showers rolling through here and
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a lot of very heavy showers right up the rift valley. sponsored by town and. university. great to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study. one i want to investigate the pakistani company at legibly selling fake degrees to the thousands of police around the world on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you are.
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welcome back welcome if you're just joining us you're watching out of syria life and your headlines are 5 people have been sentenced to death for the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi but the u.n. special investigator has described the trial as a mockery of justice 3 of the most senior suspects. the u.n. secretary general is calling for an immediate through some more than syria syrian government forces are pushing deeper into the last rebel stronghold of dozens of civilians have been killed and tens of thousands displaced in recent weeks china's premier says the leaders of japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate with north korea they've gathered summit in chengdu it's a rare agreement between seoul and tokyo after months of worsening relations. india's main opposition congress party is accusing the prime minister narendra modi of silencing the voice of the people their anger is growing against a controversial new citizenship law now it grant citizenship to religious minorities from 3 neighboring countries but excludes muslims at least 25 people
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have been killed in protests elizabeth iran is in new delhi. thank you and now the crackdown in the heart of the capitol hill. police detaining protesters outside the federal headquarters of alter pradesh state. that the people condemned the killing of 1000 demonstrators there in the past few days the delhi protesters said they wanted to give a voice to people. where the internet remains cut off in many parts and large gatherings a bag i else where in the capital a similar outcry was. the and a defiant mood on display at jamia millia islamia university the university is a muslim institution the demonstrations are attracting people from all walks of life including 1st time protesters that actually that was people have come out on
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the streets to express their anger and they're saying that the why this government has brought this bill is undemocratic. joined thousands who chanted against the government and the citizenship law passed by m.p.'s on december the 11th the citizenship amendment act makes it easier for migrants from of ghana stand bangladesh and pakistan to gain citizenship but muslims are excluded students and civil society groups have been a driving force for the protests so far the main opposition congress party joined in with a certain that raj got a memorial to mahatma gandhi the aim to invoke the spirit of god is inspirational campaign for the civil rights. to do this constitution was drafted by people of all faiths the voices of muslims sikhs and christians is in dealer part of the constitution and you cannot attack it and if you do the nation.
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elsewhere in india more large protests thousands marched in the southern cities of chennai bengal and hyderabad. despite the largest protests against his government since he was 1st elected 5 years ago prime minister linda morty isn't backing down from the new law and system it isn't divisive. but he is backtracking on plans to hold a national register of citizens which would require all indians to prove their citizenship . that's not enough for his critics. say that one of the trust was just a silly force perhaps they knew the raid was was $65.00 sessions challenge only for the 2 of them and the father and i would just be around. the chief executive of boeing has been sacked that comes less than a week after the company suspended production of his one's best selling aircraft
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the 737 max boeing says the leadership change is necessary to restore confidence after a turbulent year set off by 2 crashes involving the 737 banks aircraft is in washington . it's the biggest crisis and boeing's 103 year history on monday after 2 fatal crashes involving its $737.00 max jetliner boeing fired its c.e.o. dennis mullen burge for breaching the public's trust. the board of directors decided that a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the company moving forward as it works to repair relationships with regulators customers and all other stakeholders. 189 people died when a lion air 737 max crashed in indonesia in october 2018 less than 6 months later another 157 people were killed when an ethiopian airlines jet also a $737.00 max crashed in the north of that country the u.s.
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government forced boeing to ground the jet until problems with both the operating software and with pilot training could be fixed we've made mistakes we've learned and we are still learning but despite repeated promises from mulund berg to get the planes back in the air by the end of this year the problems continue regulators in the u.s. and europe have refused to clear the 737 max is returned to the skies and lawsuits are pending a lawsuit alleges that the why america crash was in part a result of recently dangerous conditions of boeing 737 max aero aircraft boeing has lost more than $8000000000.00 and another $8000.00 companies are also suffering from lost business airlines are scrambling to revise their business plans and juggle flight schedules since they don't want to use or buy jets
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with a dodgy safety record and on friday boeing had a setback in its space business its starglider transport shuttle suffered technical problems forcing nasa to ditch a planned docking with the international space station the new c.e.o. david calhoun takes charge in january it's now up to him to reassure everyone that boeing is taking their faith in flying seriously rosalind jordan al-jazeera washington while seth kaplan is an airline industry expert he says boeing has chosen continuity by appointing a c.e.o. from within the company. they've chosen somebody who of course is not just the sort of independent voice from the outside it's their chairman of the board who's stepping into the c.e.o. role i mean a respected person in industry but they sort of had to choose between perhaps somebody more independent who might have had more credibility with regulators in terms of saying hey i wasn't a part of the mess i'm here to clean it up and somebody with the institutional
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knowledge that david calhoun has clearly they wanted to go with continuity and at least somewhat of a fresh voice but not an entirely new and independent one live share price it rose today predictably enough i mean i think in the end that's kind of part of what caused the board to move right there their 1st responsibility all those who are so much more here in this case is to increase the value of the company and it was pretty predictable that if they moved on that they would do that but yeah this is this is a mess that took a long time to make and it's not one that's going to be fixed quickly here different sets of problems the internal ones the design of course of the aircraft the fix to the m. caste system that the whole world now knows all too much about but also the way the company has been represented externally and i think in the end what caused this move today was that loss of credibility with lawmakers with regulators even with the f.a.a. in the u.s. the very the regulator that was a co accused of being too cozy with boeing you know once the f.a.a.
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is faith in boeing clearly had been shaken then there wasn't much left to to explain why why would stay but but yet in terms of restoring that credibility it's going to be a long term project hopefully from boeing's perspective one that begins today. russia's president has taken the 1st train ride across the straits on a newly built rail route linking most school in some pieces but to crimea living it looks and says it will carry around 14000000 passengers and about $13000000.00 tons of free next year but ukraine says its construction is illegal and it wants the blanks peninsula back to russia annexed the region. from ukraine in 24. while the railing between russia and crimea is being described by critics of international law until 5 years ago the crimean peninsula was only accessible from mainland ukraine travelers wanting to get to and from russia had to fly or take a ferry after russian troops next crime scene a majority voted yes in
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a referendum to join the russian federation and president putin announced the decision to build a $4000000000.00 bridge without the consent of ukraine's government spending 1000 kilometers is the longest in eastern europe and opened last year when mr putin drove a truck over it the us and e.u. impose sanctions on companies involved in its construction now trains are running to 1st from st petersburg to crimea's largest cities to bust a poll and on tuesday from moscow to the capital simferopol former nato chief of staff mark simak off skis as the new railway shows russia is solidifying its control over crimea. it's increased its military presence in crimea and so the economic element is critical without a bridge crimea is essentially isolated and increasing russian tourism and economic links to the mainland is critical so many ways this is something that is expected
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but it still violates international law the other piece about this bridge i think is critical is 'd its military in a way that it think it would create some choke point and hazard for ukrainian shipping that this bridge was constructed in agreement with ukraine it would've been a lot higher and so in many ways the russians are using this groups to choke off ukraine economically just like they've created as a lifeline in crimea showcases russia's continued interest in undermining ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and also rejecting international sanctions that have put in place against russia the international community rejects that sanctions and yes russia and it's not only crimea that's going to come under russian domination there are 2 provinces in eastern ukraine that russia continues to occupy that are part cranium territory so in many ways the crimea story is a larger part of the future of ukraine in the future of europe because russia's interests and ambitions extend beyond crimea. and arrest warrants been
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a suit in ivory coast for a candidate in next year's presidential election the former rebel leader is accused of misusing public funds and trying to destabilize the country solow was jus to return and start his campaign for his lights was diverted to ghana the police fired tear gas at supporters who gathered to greet. now with temperatures finally cooling firefighters in australia are hoping to make gains against some 200 bush fires still burning across new south wales and south australia months of fires have killed 9 people and destroyed at least a 1000 properties and the deputy commissioner of new south wales is warning it could take years for the environment to recover we should not underestimate just how much of the natural environment is being burnt and you know that's got serious in the ecological impacts as well as the far impact as well and i think that will be felt for years to come well as some of the smoke begins to clear many residents
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are returning to see what's left of their homes has jessica washington for dozens of families here in balmoral this is all they have left most of the town was engulfed in a blaze sophia's it created a firestorm this family stayed to try and protect their home while the inferno swept through their property we had no chance we got smashed. the heat was intense for want of a better word. estimating that it's probably 1002004 degrees back here. without a house just days before christmas members of this family are being helped by the neighbors but their own sure of what lies ahead the generosity of the community as these small communities and everywhere else that just been amazingly generous people. have offered us homes in everything else under the sun.
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at this time. really we don't have any plans at this stage this community is a small one home to just 400 but it's been devastated by this bushfire crisis dozens of homes were lost this weekend alone and more than a 1000 houses have been destroyed since the start of the bush. this couple's property is scorched but they still have their house we were lucky to keep the house very lucky and i had it was thanks to this man that we create. we know if he wasn't here we would have lost our house emergency warnings are still in place and a heat wave is expected to return in just a few days but fire crews are making the most of the cooler weather and that's allowed some of those who evacuated to return and assess the damage they said we're very lucky and extremely grateful. but we all can help together that's what we're
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here for of a close knit community. and we'll get through this. her house has escaped the fires along with her christmas lights. just to washington al-jazeera astray. recapping the top stories here on al-jazeera 5 people have been sentenced to death for the murder of the journalist from our shuggie but the u.n. special investigator has described the trial as quote a mockery of justice 3 of the most senior suspects were cleared what we hear the white wash every day and. just. and the fact that there's general. and just. not being it didn't
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mean to them that maybe other people or judgment here as in. the united nations secretary general is calling for an immediate truce in northern syria syrian government forces are pushing deeper into the last rebel stronghold of it live dozens of civilians have been killed and tens of thousands have been displaced in recent weeks at least 8 civilians have been killed by a car bomb attack in northern syria it happened in some look which is controlled by turkish backed forces they took the turn from kurdish fighters in october there's been no claim of responsibility china's premier says the leaders of japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate on north korea they've gathered at a summit in chengdu it is a rare agreement between seoul and tokyo after months of worsening relations. thousands of indian students are gathering to rally in new delhi today it is the latest protest against the controversial citizenship for demonstration. and
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undermines india's secular constitution. and arrest warrant has been issued in the ivory coast for gillum sort of a candidate in next year's presidential election the former rebel leader is accused of misusing public funds and trying to do you stabilize the country with the sort of had been due to return home sought his campaign but his flight was diverted to garner the police fired tear gas of supporters who gathered at the airport to meet . the chief executive of the u.s. plane maker boeing has been fired dennis mullen burks departure is seen as an effort to restore confidence after 2 fatal crashes of its 737 max last week production of the new aircraft was suspended you are right up to date with all the top stories up next it's the stream i'll have more news in about 30 minutes i'll see that. article. is a. trump is now the 3rd president in history of the united states to be just.
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want to seize major events for the future of the. coverage and analysis of the trump impeachment amount to 0. ok and here in the stream today on a new story but it's one that continues to astound why is maternal health in the united states so bad but take a look at the statistics the stories behind the numbers and the world are tirelessly doing to reverse the trite american this conversation is live on you tube where we welcome your questions and your comments for. all this is a show we've had a lot of feedback on already with people wanting to share their stories so here are just a couple. i knew the statistics of black women and our maternal health i knew of the stories of black women dying in childbirth and it freaked me out when i became
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pregnant because i did not want to be a statistic i want every appointment with lots of questions i would ask everything i wanted to know.


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