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every. large scale protests across india with pressure growing over a new citizenship law that's divided the country. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to people all still coming up the un's investigator calls it a mockery of justice 5 men in saudi arabia are sentenced to death over the matter of. china and japan and south korea meet for talks aimed
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at strengthening security and boosting trades. and in the spirit of christmas volunteers in lebanon feed those struggling in an economic crisis made worse by political chaos. 50 student groups in new delhi india marching against a controversial citizenship law the groups are also calling for a national protest day across india opponents say the new law discriminates against muslims and violates the constitution at least 25 people have been killed in protests across the country since the law was passed in parliament almost 2 weeks ago that speak to and it's a random in new delhi for us so more rallies today across india let's start with way you are in new delhi how big are the crowds. hollywood just had
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a very big crowd many hundreds of people much in pots from the capital new delhi making their way to a place to jump a month or it's known as the 10 to a protest and the entire country they keeping up the pressure against this government citizenship amendment act and they have there is a police band called the on more than people gathered to try to avoid these things bother me although there are hundreds of police officers many in bryant's case they have allowed these protesters to make their way to john 3rd month though that's what's happening in new delhi elsewhere around the country even bigger numbers thousands of people who we're hearing protesting in the cities of chennai also it is cold cuts these are opposition controlled. cities and states they have it's not to be j.p. in power and as far as we know there are less restrictions and people are actually being allowed to protest in those places but nevertheless it doesn't make it even
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when they do impose baseband they do take the 5th and as soon as they can keep protests. and this citizenship has not just muslims but many others in particular in the north western states of. what's been the government's response any sign that it could spot truck. there's no sign funny that they're going to backtrack on the citizenship amendment accepted hans by both houses of parliament a body that is. going to be challenged at the supreme court has with the 65 petitions challenging given that it's you can look at the agency to go above what we could see the back track home and you by the citizenship amendment act has had a lot of opposition even the most eastern sea board is what they call where the bonded they should rather and where millions are bonded they she mightn't have come
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to india from that area so the opposition in the easy states is actually not just against that they're against them any want to be granted citizenship whether they can do all muslim because they say. that that refugees and migrants need to be spread out of the country if you don't just speak put it this states in the government has already made exceptions for some of those states that might be fools to take more exceptions but the thing that they could backtrack on something called a national registry of citizens which they did carry out in the northeast in stages asalam where people who've applied to prove that the chance of 2000000 people would often miss the government was many many things that were going to carry the south that cross the country and they seem to be backtracking on that body because there is so much opposition to both the citizenship amendment act and the national registry of citizens thank you for that elizabeth brown in keeping an eye on the protests across india for us today live there in new delhi thank you list for the
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moment. to her the time. a un special investigator has condemned saudi arabia's trial for the matter of jenin. as a mockery of justice 5 people have been sentenced to death for the killing but the court exonerated senior figures in conference wanted been salman's in a circle the verdicts mock the end of a year long trial of more than 11 saudis and schapelle has more. 14 months after jamal khashoggi was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where his fiance ha t.j. genghis waited for hours before calling for help a saudi court has issued a verdict us dr lynne malcolm outages a video of the criminal court in riyadh has issued a preliminary sentence against 11 of the accused individuals and it is as follows
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the death penalty for 5 and they are those who directed but dissipated in his killing may he rest in peace. but senior saudis with close connections to the royal court have been cleared the court ruled there was no proven involvement of saudi tani in the murder he was advisor to crown prince mohammed bin summoned before his sacking soon after killing the turkish chief prosecutor's office in istanbul filed a warrant for khatami's arrest a year ago in june the un special investigator agnes callum ard said intelligence agents had identified qahtani as a hit squad ringleader i have and sees to it that the killing of mr kushner ease a state killing it is not a killing by rogue of his shoulder so as the country of the government continue to do to pretend at least under international human rights you know and she urged the world to sanction the crown prince and his assets until he could prove his innocence that hasn't happened. exoneration to her former consul general mohammed
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all otay be who showed journalists around the consulate in istanbul also cleared off middle of siri the kingdom's former deputy intelligence chief started doing a plan to vote others the journalism watchdog reporters without borders says justice has been trampled why there mom and saw him on he was in contact with out on call pani just before and after the murder of her my live show she this is what the cia based in part it's this edition that that might have been film on was very high probability responsible for doing the killing so yeah lots and lots of questions this verdict will do nothing to quell those questions and it raises many many more questions there is no such thing as fair and open justice in saudi arabia despite intelligence agencies including the cia saying crown prince mohammed bin so man was probably involved the white house shielded the future king from absolute
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responsibility maybe maybe he did and following intense criticism and skepticism that little happens in the kingdom without his knowledge the crown prince eventually had his say was going to. absolutely not this was a heinous crime like this but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia the identities of those convicted were concealed during the closed door trial in the capital riyadh and it remains unclear what roles they played in crucial g.'s death raising suspicions that they are the fall guys for much more powerful saudis and chapelle al jazeera. in other world news a bus has plunged off a road and into a river in indonesia killing at least 25 people it happened in a remote part of south sumatra the vehicle is believed to have been carrying about 50 passengers rescue teams are searching for survivors. china's for me it says the
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leaders of japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate on north korea it's one of the main topics at a summit between the 3 countries in the chinese city of chengdu relations between south korea and japan have solid in recent months but both nations say they're committed to promoting dialogue between north korea and the u.s. boosting trade is also on the agenda they're working towards a 3 nation free trade agreement and a wider trade deal in the region but there's no longer held on a mosque city south korea wants japan to apologize for abuses it says the nation's forces committed during the 2nd world war katrina you has been following the summit from beijing she says despite their difficult history all countries are trying to find common ground. these 3 countries have very complicated histories but they're doing their very best or they've done their very best today to move past their disagreements and really try to work on some shared benefits between them and also really focus on what they have in common as the 3 biggest economies in asia the
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trade was really one of those things and they were talking about ways they could boost the complimentarity that they have between them they could pull through the house has a lot of needs in terms of its supply chain and in i think it wasn't mentioned but the trade war i think i think china's really looking to sort of lean into its relationships with south korea and japan really working to improve for example if. those 2 countries are lynch and that both countries also mentioned that they they would like to work towards pushing for a signing of the r.e.c. . the regional comprehensive economic partnership and also continue to explore a trilateral free trade agreement they worked with a new group the next 10 years but there are some more urgent issues at hand and the main one being north korea and deportation the korean come to us all 3 does mention that they want to continue to push for dialogue and also that they want to continue to support the persis between pyongyang and washington they want to do whatever they can to facilitate those talks and ensure those talks are
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a success but china at the same time i think is was focusing on really having these 3 countries work together to present a united front when it comes to that issue and reminding i think the people in this press conference that these are the 3 the 3 countries who are best who are most affected and also best positioned to see that peace is is sustained in the korean peninsula. at least 7 soldiers have been killed in afghanistan in an attack on a military base in the northern province of balck the taliban has claimed responsibility for the raid in the district of dol lot of the group says it sees weapons and ammunition and captured 4 afghan soldiers 6 were also injured france's facing christmas travel chaos has strikes over pension reform plans show no sign of easing fireworks and flares where set off is them inspiration squared off with police at one of the parishes main railway stations on monday the 2 week long nationwide walkout has crippled transport services and forced many school so close
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workers are angry at president emanuel not correspond reforms to public sector pensions. emergency teams in ecuador a fight to contain a 2271 lead to oil spill in the gallop ago silence after a cargo vessel overturned the islands are a unesco world heritage site their home to some of the most unique and significant least scientifically significant ecosystems on earth it famously helps inspire charles darwin's theory of evolution after his visit in $835.00. ecuador's environment minister says the situation is under control but authorities are concerned about how to recover the vessel like that you know the news i received after the incident was very serious most serious then what actually happened there were talks of an oil spill we've given interviews today and we've spoken about food traditions because in reality there hasn't been a spill over all these beautiful traces of the oil and there are concerns about the
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fuel in the budget but it's apparently still in the and we don't know how much has been released but we'll know what is the sheikh has been done. still ahead on the program facing dissolution by the election commission thailand's main opposition party calls for widespread ronnie's press malaysian researches go against the grain in this age for sustainable food production. hello again it's good to have you back well we are watching the landfall of typhoon fend for right now and you can see the satellite image of the storm making landfall in eastern parts of the philippines the storm is going to stay this intensity right now basically a low acquittal into a category one hurricane as it makes its way across the philippines over the next day and a half now on christmas day it is going to be a quite
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a messy scenario across much of the central philippines we are expecting flooding as well as mudslides and landslides and on thursday we do expect to see that storm pushing into the south china sea in terms of the amount of rain though we're looking at well over $150.00 millimeters of rain across much of that central area some locations could see over $200.00 millimeters of rain so that is where we expect to see that flooding there well here across parts of australia well looking better in terms of the heat of course temperatures are down across much of the southeast more average for this time of year what we are seeing though is some thunderstorms here along the. coastal areas of queensland as well as new south wales and that will stay as we go towards wednesday as well it's going to be a rainy day here in brisbane temperatures down few to $23.00 degrees 70 dollars into bad 26 better air quality view for you there but as we go towards thursday do expect to see attempt in city of 26 if bruce been at 27 degrees for you. whether sponsored by catalona this. one is the last time you out on the streets protesting
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whether on line you feel the weight of the system going to walk through each and every leg or layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say retention has to start from day one whether again you're into tension or you're incarcerated this is a dialogue everyone has a force for the earth is 3 fifths o'clock our coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation on out is iraq . welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera 50 student groups of macho in india's capital against
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a controversial citizenship law that's criticized as being on time muslim protests also taking place in tamil nadu and calcutta. a un special investigator has condemned saudi arabia's trial over the matter of journalist. as a mockery of justice 5 people have been sentenced to death but those closest to the royal courts have been exonerated and china's for me it says the leaders of japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate on north korea meeting at a summit in china they also said they're working towards a 3 nation free trade agreement and a wider trade deal in the region. in other news the u.n. secretary general has called for an immediate end to the violence in northern syria government forces and their russian allies are pushing deeper to try to retake the last rebel stronghold of adelaide dozens of civilians have been killed and tens of thousands have fled towards the border with techie is monitoring the crisis from on taqiyya in turkey the signs everywhere in the province where russian brokered cease
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fires in the blitz in the west city is driving tens of thousands from their homes scrambling to escape the aerial also look from city and i'm sure will please they are calling it well this is to ation is very we fled from the bombardment bombs we came here just to save our children and women there is nothing else we can do is give you shelter to close to 4000000 city and with features and with a warning 120000 heading for the border the turkish leaders says his country can't cope with any syrian opposition fighters and russian government forces agreed to a cease fire oldest but asked strikes and artillery bombardments almost cody's proud of there is no hope returning to our homes because over into his daily bombardment every day the regime is taking old village of the really serious
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president stepped up his promise to rick up to every inch of syrian territory controlled but opposition fighters. it leap is the only province remaining out of bashar al assad's control here his forces celebrate the seizure of more than 20 villages in. the villages have either been killed or displaced at the border comes run by techie charities of forcing many of the newly displaced into makeshift camps where a delivery is out of the air as the winter bites the turkish government one syrian refugees to return to a so-called safe zone in the north east of syria seized from cuts led forces in october president i don't want his support for the plan saying he will otherwise be forced to open the gates for syrians to head west into europe whole religious have been emptied in the latest all slept with civilians corralled in a corner off 'd. with nowhere else to go until the bombardments top the exit us
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will continue. on tucker on the turkey syria border. and at least 8 civilians have been killed in a car bombing in northern syria it happened just 10 kilometers south of turkey's border on monday in the turkish held town of salute a woman and a child and monk the dead several other people have been wounded no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. thailand's main opposition party says it will arrange large scale protests in the new year despite coming under increased pressure from the courts more than 6000000 people voted for the future forward party in march by the election commission wants the party dissolved and its leaders banned from politics from bangkok when he reports. thailand's politics is again being played out in the courts and on the streets in its 1st election in march the future forward party won 81 seats in parliament and was almost able to form a government since then it's been hit with a series of legal challenges which it says a part of
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a deliberate coordinated attack designed to destroy its 90 percent of them came off the election result was announced so it was obvious that before the election those in power might be a little bit nervous but they didn't have too much of our us but after we have proved ourselves in the election they start to be really afraid as it's come under increasing pressure future forward led by charismatic young businessmen tom atoned june room room kid has urged people to come onto the streets he says this protest just over a week ago which was the largest since a military coup in 2014 was just the beginning and more will be held early next year tama tone was the opposition blocs candidate to become prime minister but last month he was banned from taking his seat in parliament for violating election laws related to his ownership of shares in a media company and now the election commission is recommending that future forward
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be dissolved and its leaders banned for up to 10 years because of alleged financial wrongdoing the future forward party and. some of its leaders have delved into some sensitive areas that others haven't did too like discussing reform of laws designed to protect the monarchy from criticism campaigning on ending military conscription and changing old laws that benefit corporate monopolies by doing so the perception is that become a threat to some of the most powerful people in thailand thailand is led by prime minister prayuth the army general who led the coup 5 and a half years ago and many in his government are also former military personnel and m.p. from his party late delayed his complaint with police about the leaders all future forward alleging that guilty of sedition through organizing the recent protests in bangkok. somebody says the cases are not politically motivated is. in reality no conflict between hutu forward and the government but all the charges and
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allegations that are being laid against the party are caused by their own actions ties are used to large scale protests that are often ended violently by security forces another cycle of turmoil may be about to begin this time led by a new younger generation who say they want real democracy and not a military government in disguise when hey al-jazeera bangkok heavy pollution has forced iran's government to extend school closures in the capital tehran is covered in a thick blanket of toxic small gain absolution has surged more than 6 times past levels recommended by the world how the organisation schools were 1st goes on saturday and will now stay shut for a week it's. food scientists in malaysia are working to reduce the world's dependence on 4 major crops sweets corn rice and beans provide 2 phase of the global food supply but there are fears population growth and climate change could cause shortages florence 3 reports from so many in west and malaysia. on
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a remote farm in northern malaysia stand row upon row of baumberger ground nets native to africa the lagoon is considered and often crop grown by traditional farm most but increasingly neglected in favor of cash crops. is one of a handful of farmers working with a research center to put the crop back in the market i would apply more if i find this very dear is suitable then thought about the mind then you might use a great pharmacy or traditionally grow just enough bamber of ground nuts for their families they're sold at markets only when there's a surplus crops for the future an international organization dedicated to promoting underutilized crops is hoping to change that researchers are concerned the climate crisis and the world over dependence on 4 major crops wheat rice soy and corn
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could cause food shortages in the future when we have 10000000000 people it's 3 degrees hotter we got 4 crops that's incredibly risky across the good crops and also in a moment but will they be enough in the future and therefore we say if they're not what other crops are we going in the armory that humanity has cultivated for thousands of years and they're still around because we didn't do any research on them but they're still growing that means there must be resilient they must be tough crops encouraging under-used crops onto our plates it's also a way to increase diversity and nutrition in our diets at the centers laboratory food technologist tuns in lynn experiments with ways in which bombard ground that's high in protein and essential amino acids can be used. we found out a good way of how we could introduce the new ingredient into people diet that's by
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incorporating the ingredients into foods that they are familiar with. these noodles were made by substituting 20 percent of the wheat flour with flour made from bamber are ground that biscuits savory snacks can also be made in a similar way these are all examples of how underutilized crops can be incorporated into our diet but so far none of the products here have been made commercially available food manufacturers have been reluctant largely because of the unreliable supply of bombard ground that's that's where farmers like husham come in a successful harvest could be a step towards making the long overlooked barbara ground that a crop for the future florence al-jazeera cement malaysia. volunteers in lebannon are providing meals for those in need this christmas as the country goes through its worst economic crisis in decades the struggling economy is one of the main reasons for ongoing protests against the political process ruled
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for 30 years as in a harder has more from beirut a show of solidarity with those in need at a time of crisis volunteers from across lebanon have been helping prepare christmas dinner for the poor but a lot of people are hungry they need to eat why not host them with flour isn't and good food. they're hosting them in martyr square which has become the epicenter of a. protest movement against the political class that has ruled lebanon for decades . my people. even. all united and only. county there may be unity here but this is a deeply divided country that has been without a government for weeks politicians are bargaining over power instead of heating demands from the street to make way for a new leadership the situation has got this traffic but. this is this
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love. of generosity of kindness of voluntary initiatives of people coming together . and i think this is our duty as devaney's we have to do. it is difficult times the state is on the verge of bankruptcy one and a half 1000000 lebanese are officially designated as living in poverty that's a 3rd of the population the world bank has warned the total could rise to half the population and that dire prediction was made before the economy started to collapse a few months ago and the crisis has worsened further. thousands losing their jobs and many workers receiving half their salaries lebanon is a need of international financial assistance but no country seems to be willing to come to the rescue until the make up and shape of the new government capable of reforms is agreed for now people only have each other to rely on.
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people because when i used to. they never help. protesters against the ruling elite want a new leadership is proving hard to achieve but gatherings like this are achieving something else they're bringing people together as lebanon faces tough challenges ahead senator. 6 new planets outside the earth as sauna system have been discovered by asked sean m as in the u.k. and these are an artist's impression of their paris harry systems each of the so-called exile planets orbit stars between 160 and 440 light years from earth the planets are extremely hot making it difficult to determine the type of rock on each f.s.f.'s as scientists say with further research shake could hold the key to unlocking the geology of planets in our solar system. john barnes a is an astronomer at the open university and thought of the team that made the
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discovery he explains how the planets were found i wanted to work out if there's an official word of pre-selecting stars that might planets so these are stars that previously we didn't necessarily know have planets orbiting them. and we used a particular signature in the light coming from the star. and we measured we looked it up that signature for quite a few stars those cities it is about 2 and a half to $3000.00 stars we have this this base pacific measurement they were interested in and it turns out that about 40 of those have a very unique property which tells us something that tells us that these these stars may indeed harbor planets but that's only really the 1st because we need to go before we need to actually see if they really do. lives and that's that's the work that we that we become you know. and it turns out it's the method we've used
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it's used to be very efficient so all those stars which was open which we have sufficient number of measurements of the stars have in fact the warm home of thomas so this is a very efficient. for i don't. like to. go again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera 50 student groups in new delhi a marching against a controversial citizenship law they're also calling for a national day of protests across india opponents of the law say it discriminates against muslims and violates the indian constitution and it's a random is following the protests in new delhi they keeping up the pressure against this government citizenship amendment act and they have there is a police baton on the on more than 2 people gathered to try to avoid these scenes
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we although there are hundreds of police officers many in via good care they have allowed these protesters to make their way to john terry monday and that's what's happening in new delhi elsewhere around the country even bigger numbers thousands of people we're hearing protesting in the cities of chennai also in kolkata. a un special investigator has condemned saudi arabia's trial over the matter of journalists. a mockery of justice 5 people have been sentenced to death but those closest to the will court have been exonerated abbas has plunged off a road and into a river in indonesia killing at least 25 people it happened in a remote part of south sumatra the vehicle is believed to have been carrying about 50 passengers rescue teams a session for survivors china's from near says the leaders of japan and south korea have agreed to pull freight on north korea meeting at
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a summit in china the leaders also say they're working towards a free nation free trade agreement and a wider trade deal in the reach him. at least 7 soldiers have been killed in afghanistan in an attack on a military base in the northern province of bach the taliban has claimed responsibility for the raid in the district of daraa bods the group says it seized weapons and ammunition and captured 4 afghan soldiers 6 were also injured and emergency teams in ecuador of fighting to contain an oil spill of more than 2200 meters in the galapagos islands after a congo vessel overturned the islands are a unesco world heritage site their home to some of the most unique and scientifically significant ecosystems on a if it famously helped inspire charles darwin's theory of evolution those are the headlines coming up next the knowledge is there the stream a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study is what i want to investigate the pakistani company
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allegedly selling fake degree to dozens of police around the world on al-jazeera. family ok and feeling the strain today it's not a new story but it's one that continues to astound why is maternal health in the united states so bad but take a look at the statistics the stories behind the numbers and the world that some are tirelessly doing to reverse the trite american bill and this conversation is live on you tube where we welcome your questions and your comments for our guys well this is a show we've had a lot of feedback on already with people wanting to share their stories so here are just a couple. i knew the statistics of black woman and our maternal health i knew of the stories of black women dying in childbirth and it freaked me out when i became pregnant because i did not want to be a statistic i want every appointment with lots of questions i would ask everything
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i wanted to know and it didn't matter because 5 weeks before my due date my daughter decided to arrive early.


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