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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2019 12:00pm-12:35pm +03

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the large scale protests across india with pressure growing over a new series in ship law that divided the nation. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha also coming up the un's investigator calls it a mockery of justice 5 men in saudi arabia sentenced to death over the murder of. china japan and south korea meet for talks aimed at strengthening security and increasing trade. and in the spirit of christmas volunteers in lebanon feed those struggling in
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a weak economy made worse by political chaos. thank you very much for joining us we start in india with 50 student groups in new delhi are marching against a controversial citizenship law all the groups are also calling for a national protest day across the country opponents say the new law discriminates against muslims and violates the constitution the 2nd the constitution of india at least 25 people have been killed during protests since the legislation was passed in parliament nearly 2 weeks ago al jazeera is elizabeth per annum joins us now live from new delhi for the latest so liz more rallies across india let's start with delhi way you are how are things shaping up. yes finally over the last few hours we've seen protests as we've been with the protest as they are now in their thousands behind me. they have marched through the
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center of the capital new delhi to a place called jan 3rd month which is this known as the center of protests in the country now these people are actually defying a police baton that's in place on more than 4 people gathering there are hundreds of police officers he had many and riot so if they have these protests to continue now protest organizers have hold for. a national day of protests around the country and that's very much being observed to look at pictures very large numbers in other cities including chennai the very big protest also continue. in the state of west bengal so people very much keeping the pressure on this government against the citizenship amendment act right and will this pressure is force the government to reconsider because it's not just muslims who are angry at this bill but also other groups especially in assam state for instance.
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that's right for the people in the northeast the protests that actually began in the northeast by people who are against this because they don't want anyone regardless of their religion to be granted citizenship in this way and so they have been large protests and the government has said that they might consider exceptions for some more off the northeastern states they've already given exceptions to 5 they might consider more but the law has been hostage by both houses of parliament so it's now up to the supreme court which has something like $65.00 petitions filed against the war challenging the legal ability and the supreme court will be hearing those next month in january ok thank you very much for the moment elizabeth forests in new delhi.
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a un special investigator has condemned saudi arabia's child over the matter of janice jamal khashoggi as a mockery of justice 5 people have been sentenced to death for the killing but the court exonerated senior figures in conference mom had been sound ones in a circle the very next moxy end of a year long trial of more than 11 saudis and to ship out has for 14 months after jamal khashoggi was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul where his fiance ha t.j. genghis waited for hours before calling for help a saudi court has issued a verdict us not to limit images that the criminal court in riyadh has issued a preliminary sentence against 11 of the accused individuals and it is as follows the death penalty for 5 and they are those who directly but dissipated in his killing may he rest in peace. but senior saudis with close connections to the royal
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court have been cleared the court ruled there was no proven involvement of sowed all qahtani in the murder he was advisor to crown prince mohammed bin summoned before his sacking soon after because he's killing the turkish chief prosecutor's office in istanbul filed a warrant for khatami's arrest a year ago in june the un special investigator agnes callum ard said intelligence agents had identified qahtani as a hit squad ringleader i have and sees to it that the killing of mr ease a state killing it is not a killing by rove official or so as the country of the government continued to to to pretend at least under international human rights you know and she urged the world to sanction the crown prince and his assets until he could prove his innocence that hasn't happened. exoneration 2 for former consul general mohammed although tavi who showed journalists around the consulate in istanbul also cleared middle of siri the kingdom's former deputy intelligence chief started doing
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a plan of both of the journalism watchdog reporters without borders says justice has been trampled why there mom and saw him on he was in contact with out on call upon me just before and after the murder of her my life if she this is what the cia based in part it's this edition that that mob until mom was very high probability responsible for doing the killing so yeah lots and lots of questions this verdict will do nothing to quell those questions and it raises many many more questions there is no such thing as fair and open justice in saudi arabia despite intelligence agencies including the cia saying crown prince mohammed bin so man was probably involved the white house shielded the future king from absolute responsibility maybe maybe he did and following intense criticism and skepticism that little happens in the kingdom without his knowledge the crown
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prince eventually had his say was going to. absolutely not this was a heinous crime like this but i take full responsibility as a leader in saudi arabia the identities of those convicted were concealed during the closed door trial in the capital riyadh and it remains unclear what roles they played in crucial g.'s death raising suspicions that they are the fall guys for much more powerful saudis and chapelle al jazeera. france's facing travel chaos during the busy christmas holiday as strikes over pension reform show no sign of easing transport remains have any restricted with up to 80 percent of train service is cancelled on monday demonstrators confronted police at one of paris's main railway stations some set off fireworks and fares inside a 2 week long nationwide walkout has top rail services and 4 schools to close when a smith is in paris for us with the latest so christmas eve in paris and elsewhere
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in the world in fact an important travel day in france bennett what's the situation right now in the french capital. for you here in the garden or is not as bad as it has been up to the station is busy inside on the concourse. people trying to get to the christmas destinations at the last minute the front row ways of cancel about 40 percent of high speed rail services and yes in some parts of the country 80 percent of the more local trains of being counseled by the railway network has promised that everyone who booked a high speed rail 6 or regional rail ticket is guaranteed a place on the train the money to be able to sit down on a crowded train but at least they'll get to where they're hoping to go it has been much worse than this but i think nearly almost now 3 weeks into this nationwide transport strike and people are adapting to it making plans because they know they
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will not be able to get to where they normally want to go as quickly and as efficiently and as easily as they might have been able to do in the past fully is there any sign of an end to the crisis. in short there isn't there are talks planned between the government and the leaders for the 2nd week of january what the unions are perhaps hoping for is a repeat of what happened back in 1995 then 3 weeks there were 3 weeks of scrub strike right up to christmas transport strikes and the government caved in the unions are hoping that's going to happen again that doesn't seem any indication of what the government is determined to do is reform france's very complex pension system to streamline it particularly that will affect railway workers who have a very generous pension system the unions say they are determined to push back against those government reforms thank you very much for that byrne it's been a smith line for a sim paris in indonesia has plunged off a road into
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a river killing at least 25 people it happened in a remote part of southern somalia at least 50 passengers may have been on the bass rescue teams are searching for survivors. at least 7 soldiers have been killed in afghanistan during an attack on a military base in the northern province of bark the taliban has claimed responsibility for the raid in the district of a body it says its fighters seized weapons ammunition and captured 4 afghan soldiers 6 were also injured. the chinese premier says the leaders of japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate on north korea is one of the main topics at a summit between the 3 countries in the chinese city of chengdu relations between south korea and japan have worsened in recent months but both nations say they are committed to promoting dialogue between the u.s. and north korea increasing trade is also on the agenda they're working towards a 3 nation free trade agreement and
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a wider trade deal in the region but there's long held animosity south korea wants japan to apologize for abuses committed during the 2nd world war katrina you has been following the summit from beijing and she says despite their difficult history all countries are trying to find common ground these 3 countries have very complicated histories but they're doing their very best or they've done their very best today to move past their disagreements and really try to work on some shared benefits between them and also really focus on what they have in common as the 3 biggest economies in asia a trade was really one of those things and they were thinking about ways they could boost the can from integrity that they have between the council for the house has a lot of needs in terms of its supply chain and in i think it wasn't mentioned but the trade war i think i think china's really looking to sort of lean into its relationships with south korea and japan really working to improve for example if innovation is through those 2 countries or linton that both countries also
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mentioned that there they would like to work towards pushing for an assigning of the r.e.c. . the regional comprehensive economic partnership and also continue to explore a trilateral fruit trade agreement they work towards a new groom for the next 10 years but there are some more urgent issues at hand and the main one being north korea and for information the korean come to us also leaders mention that they want to continue to push for dialogue and also that they want to continue to support the persis between pyongyang and washington they want to do whatever they can to facilitate those talks and ensure those talks are a success. but china at the same time i think is was focusing on really having these 3 countries work together to present a united front when it comes to that issue and reminding i think the people in this press conference that these are the 3 the 3 countries who are best who are most affected and also best positioned to see that peace is is sustained in the korean peninsula. still ahead on al-jazeera palestinian christians in guys that are left
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in limbo before christmas we'll take you live to battle him to tell you why. and i'm nicholas hawke in zimbabwe inside one of the few government hospitals still functioning find out next when the doctors association says assignment genocide is taking place inside zimbabwe's health care system. hello again or welcome back to your international weather forecast with this i want to start here parts of venice we are dealing with high tide again and flooding across the city take a look at the video that has come in across this region this is just yesterday holiday visitors are now having to put on their goloshes as they navigate those flooded streets here this is all the one month since we saw record flooding in venice because of the high tide as well as the big storm there we saw about 144
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centimeters above the normal level for venice not a lot of bad weather across much of this area so that's a good news where we are seeing the bad weather down here across parts of southeast europe we have been talking about the storm that is now parked over turkey for several days the big problem is going to be the winds anywhere from italy all the way over here towards parts of the eastern mediterranean as well as the very very heavy rain we're expected to see for parts of turkey syria lebanon israel and also down here towards egypt that is going to continue as we go towards wednesday as well a lot of snow in some of those higher elevations and it is egypt as well in parts of libya that's going to be seeing some very very strong coastal wins along with this storm storm surge as well as rip tides are going to be quite significant we will be seeing some rain as well but from gazi it is going to be the winds with a temperature of about 18 degrees. this is a boon for point people right now in technology there is so much going to help
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people it's phenomenal thanks for calling i read this is there and what are you looking for today we get to the client with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom to suppose our customers and old yep that sure is the tomato exploration process was so moving in a way we have that technology available to us know. you're watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back to bo a reminder of our top stories 50 student groups are marching in india's capital against a controversial new citizenship law that's criticized as being anti muslim protests
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are also taking place in tamil nadu and kolkata. a un special investigator has condemned saudi arabia's trial over the matter of janis jamal khashoggi as a mockery of justice 5 people have been sentenced to death but those closest to the royal courts have been exonerated and china's premier says japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate on north korea but leaders are meeting at a summit in chengdu they're also working towards a 3 nation free trade agreement. the u.n. secretary general has called for an immediate end to the violence in northern syria government forces and their russian allies are pushing deeper into the last rebel held stronghold of adlib trying to retake it dozens of civilians have been killed and tens of thousands have fled towards the border with techie al-jazeera is monitoring the crisis from on taqiyya in turkey the site of the problems well the
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russian brokered cease fire is in the blitz in the west city is driving tensile thousands from their homes scrambling to escape the aerial also look from city and i'm sure will please they are calling it well donna the situation is very fluid from the bombardment on both bombs we came here just to save our children and women there is nothing else we can do giving shelter to close to $4000000.00 city into. fiji's and with a warning another 120000 heading for the border the tech usually does say this is country conned cope with in the syrian opposition fighters and russian backed government forces agreed to a cease fire in august but asked strikes and artillery bombardments almost daily or caught his primary there's no hope returning to our homes because of into his daily bombardment every day the regime is taking all with village after village syria's president has stepped up his promise to tick up to every inch of syrian territory
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controlled but opposition fighters it live is the only province remaining out of bashar al assad's control here his forces celebrate the seizure of more than 20 villages in. the villages have either been killed or displaced at the border comes run by techie charities of forcing many of the newly displaced into makeshift camps where a delivery is out of the area as the winter bites the turkish government wants syrian refugees to return to a so-called safe zone in the north east of syria seized from cuts led forces in october president i don't want his support for the plan saying he would otherwise be forced to open the gates for syrians to head west into europe whole religious have been emptied in the latest all slept with civilians crawled in a corner off. with nowhere else to go until the bombardments top the exit us will continue. the wall does the area on tucker on the turkey syria border.
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and at least 8 civilians have been killed in a car bombing in northern syria it happened just 10 kilometers south of turkey's border on monday in the turkish held town of so several people have been wounded no one has claimed responsibility. now to levanon where volunteers are providing meals for those in need this christmas as a country goes through its worst economic crisis in decades the struggling economy is one of the main reasons for the months long protest against the political class that's been in power for 30 years now as in a hotter has the story from beirut. a show of solidarity with those in need at a time of crisis volunteers from across lebanon have been helping prepare christmas dinner for the poor but a lot of people are hungry they need to why not host them with flowers and good food. they're hosting them in martyr square which has become the epicenter of
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a. protest movement against the political class that has ruled lebanon for decades . my people. all united. but. there may be unity here but this is a deeply divided country that has been without a government for weeks politicians are bargaining over power instead of heating demands from the street to make way for a new leadership the situation is. this is this love. of generosity of kind. of people coming together. and i think this is our duty as devaney's we have to do. it is difficult times the state is on the verge of bankruptcy one and a half 1000000 lebanese are officially designated as living in poverty that's a 3rd of the population the world bank has warned the total could rise to house the
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population and that dire prediction was made before the economy started to collapse a few months ago and the crisis has worsened further. thousands losing their jobs and many workers receiving half their salaries lebanon is a need of international financial assistance but no country seems to be willing to come to the rescue until the make up and shape of the new government capable of reforms is agreed for now people only have each other to rely on. people because when i used to. they never help. protesters against the ruling elite want a new leadership is proving hard to achieve but gatherings like this are achieving something else they're bringing people together as lebanon faces tough challenges ahead senate beirut. if you are palestinian christians from the gaza strip will be
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able to travel to bethlehem to mock christmas compared to last year. celebrations are already underway but many from guys i can't attend because israel has been granted them permits according to the greek orthodox church in gaza only 193 of our 950 applications have been approved israel streets movement of the gaza strip that's really need to even aim who is in bethlehem force in the occupied west bank it's just one day before christmas to tell us about the scene in bethlehem for us where you are. so we are in the manger square in bethlehem where you do the palestinians religious people and also tourists from all around the world com to celebrate this occasion this is the same for celebrations here start very early in the morning and we see people gathering since the early hours to find kind of mark a spot for them to be able to see the archbishop the catholic church archbishop.
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it's about levels expected to arrive here in the next couple of hours he attends he walks with dignitaries with the officials with the scouts members and also palestinians reaching him you all to the numbers the nativity church to start the course of the celebrations that. the midnight mass during the night so we've spoken to many palestinians new york will say listen cajun is a mark of the season a whole as a way to kind of celebrate a happy occasion otherwise a difficult political reality and many gazans this year want be allowed to take part in the festivities. so we're talking about what are the 1000 christians who live in the gaza strip of course dwindling numbers each year and every year they have to ask the israeli government for firmat to exit the gaza strip as we know they live under siege and so every year we will talking around $500.00 people who
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usually get permits to come and attend celebrations here however this year it's the process has been. so many times in the end just the dozen of them said that they got permits from the israeli government force that caused an uproar and india and the israeli government said that it has given more permits to palestinian christians from the gaza strip exact numbers are yet to be seen we're trying to locate some of them and talk to them during the day and see actually how many have been able to come and some christmas celebrations here in buffalo thank you for that snead abraham my forests in bethlehem heavy pollution has forced stevens government to extend school closures in the capital tehran is covered in a thick blanket of toxic talk 6 small and air pollution has surged to more than 6 times in levels recommended by the world health organization schools were 1st goes on saturday and will now say shut for a week. boeing has announced
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a boardroom shake up after the controversy over the problems facing its 737 max aircraft chief executive dennis ma limburg is being replaced next month says the changes needed to restore confidence the jets remain grounded by global airlines after 2 fatal crashes within 5 months new software has been approved by industry regulators before the macs can be cleared for takeoff. chile's president has approved a referendum to change the constitution one of the main demands of anti-government protesters in recent months president sebastian pinera says a referendum would help unite the country on april 26th commands will be asked whether they want a new constitution and who should draft it the current one was introduced in 1980 under the former military leadership of pinochet to zimbabwe now where many doctors are on strike demanding better pay and a reform of the health care system along with
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a troubled economy that's left people needing medical care with few options and for many their conditions are getting worse nicholas reports from zimbabwe's 2nd largest city. let me tell you about this story. bunda has lost the ability to speak since a stroke in september disoriented she no longer leaves the confines of her room frequent power cuts means she's for the most part in the dark with her daughters it dumbass so. i asked her do you remember this man pointing it and the husband and this lady pointing at an old picture of 20 healing before a stroke to take healy took the nursing aide course thinking she could help sick patients know she's the one who needs help doctors across them but we have been on strike since september so the only cure she can get is from her daughter sometimes she gets frustrated. the difference.
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all the time. we might be looking for something. a can hear and understand our conversation when she collapsed during her stroke her family rushed her to one of the few functioning hospitals in the country most medical staff were on strike and it took 3 days before a doctor could see her condition worsened because of insufficient care her right arm paralyzed the doctors union say the medical system is to blame things like gloves i should say things lake city and needles. i.v. fluids the most basic things that are supposed to find in the hospitals they're not to the. hospital director gave al-jazeera rare access to one of the public hospital
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in bulawayo in the wards he chose to show us there was no shortage of equipment but few medical supplies right now the government is making its major major problem is this the sanctions in there. to get foreign carriers to import trucks so that's beyond my control by. weight i have to wake and use what devices was available to save lives most doctors on the wards refused to talk to us or be filmed a curtain of shame shrouds conditions inside hospitals with doctors paid less than $70.00 a month not only are they protesting over pay and working conditions they say the government is failing to protect the sick but when they took to the streets last september they were met by riot police. the government's response was to fire about floor 100 doctors in a country that's already short of medical staff and while some have returned to work it's the patients and those that are sick that are paying for this crisis
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private care is a lot for double to most zimbabwe carers is an online citizens movement that raises funds to help those desperately in need of treatment but it can only do so much abandoned by a broken health system many people in zimbabwe are left to cope however they can. or left to suffer alone nicholas hawke al-jazeera zimbabwe. emergency teams in ecuador are fighting to contain more than 2200 liters of oil that spilled in the silence when a congo vessel overturned the islands are a unesco world heritage site and home to some of the most unique ecosystems on earth they famously helped inspire charles darwin syria of evolution after his visit there in 8356 new planets outside earth a solar system have been discovered by a star ms in the u.k. these are an artist's impression of their planetary systems each of the so-called
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exoplanets orbit stars between 160 and 440 light years from f. the planets are extremely hot making it hard to know what type of rock they made off. headlines on al-jazeera 50 student groups in new delhi are marching against a controversial citizenship law they're also calling for a national protest day across india opponents say the new legislation discriminates against muslims and violates the secular constitution elizabeth ranum is at the protests in new delhi in the center of the people i'm watching. the new delhi to a place called. the hotel over the the but. to the plough and the the now know. the.
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the final stop the protests the police are yes. a un special investigator has condemned saudi arabia's trial over the matter of jamal high shoji as a mockery of justice 5 people have been sentenced to death but those closest to the royal court have been exonerated france is facing travel chaos during the busy christmas holiday as strikes over pension reform show no sign of easing transport remains heavily restricted with up to 80 percent of train service has counseled on monday demonstrators confronted police at one of paris's main railway stations some set off fireworks and phrase incite a bus has branched off or road and into a river in indonesia killing at least 25 people it happened in every moats part of
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southern somalia in may have been at least 50 people on the bus rescue teams are searching for survivors china's premier says japan and south korea have agreed to call for. on north korea the leaders are meeting at a summit in chengdu they're also working towards a 3 nation free trade agreement and fewer palestinian christians from the gaza strip will be able to travel to bethlehem to mark christmas compared to last year according to the greek orthodox church in gaza only 193 out of 950 travel obligations have been approved by israel you're up to date with the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's techno stay with us. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together living life in pashto or tied to a dock that's according to the world health organization approximately 253000000 people played a vision impaired to protect the blind. today on tech night some of the latest innovations making it easier to help people with sight problems
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navigates a complex while if you want to grab a basket they're just laid out there for you. and even enjoy office again through a gentle touch i mean for so many people that i met that were. crucial to us and later as populations age and then patents become the president a new study to determine what technology is needed in the future to ensure that people can live independently at home thanks and happy we really need to figure out ways to better help people as they age as they develop various chronic conditions and do it in a way that. this. intersection of humanity.


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