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pressure executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london and in cairo on al-jazeera. large scale protests across india against a new citizenship law that's divided the country. and jim mcdonald this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up crisis on the grime tens of thousands of syrians free airstrikes in it making their way towards the border with turkey. china japan and south korea agreed to cooperate on the issue of north korea and consider creating a free trade zone. a close call on one of the world's most fragile ecosystems an
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oil spill threatens the galapagos sign. warm welcome to the program 50 student groups in new delhi are marching against a controversial citizenship law they're also calling for a national protesting across india and say the new law discriminates against muslims and violates the secular constitution $25.00 people have been killed during protests since the legislation was passed nearly 2 weeks ago elizabeth per annum is in new delhi and says the protests look like they will continue we saw protests not just here but also continuing in the western city of calcutta the capital of west bengal state where the chief minister has held large rallies every day for the last 8 or 9 days people keep showing up and also another large protest in the southern city of chennai so people very much continuing to send the
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message to the government 2 weeks i think almost after the bill goes pos that they're not ok with it the bill was passed by both houses of parliament and where as in the last few days it did look like the government might backtrack not on the citizenship amendment act but something called the national register of citizens and the thousands of people who've been out on the streets for the last few weeks they have actually been protesting about both things both the citizenship law and the national register of citizens which is an exercise that was carried out in the northeastern state of which required everyone to prove their citizenship of the government has wanted to carry out around the country 1300000000 people needing to prove their citizenship now in the law. days we did hear the prime minister seemed to backtrack on that but in the last hours the government has cost funding for a type of census which is seen as
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a precursor for this national register of citizens so since that is something that's happened really expecting these protests to just continue. they say people have been killed after syrian government air strikes targeted a school and it was a province tens of thousands of civilians have been freeing towards the turkish border to escape the escalation in violence their government forces and their russian allies are pushing deeper into the last rebel stronghold in it live u.n. secretary general has called for an immediate end to the violence in northern syria . to be at the marriott i want to kill people before they escape here while we're packing the jeep came in targeted us and killed a large number and injured others and a whole family is missing. the home of the dough is on the turkey syria border he says refugees are being left in a precarious situation we are right on the border of turkey and syria and behind rates of youth hazy but you can make out the ultimate refugee camp it's one of the
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biggest of the columns line up the turkey syria border. is unfolding on the other side of the border 125000 people who fled their homes because of the current by syrian forces who are supported by russia some of them all to their homes and many of them living in the open the columns of food so they can be accommodated some of them have set up next shift shelters to ward off the cold because it is right in the middle of winter which is very hard for the grain size expected to come in the next 48 hours or so. but it's not going to allow one. to call the border so those people are in limbo they are out in the cold on of the muscle that amends. china japan
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and south korea have agreed to work together to promote dialogue between the united states and north korea the country's 3 leaders made the page at a summit in southern china leaders also discuss trade and agreed to closer cooperation despite tensions between them some dating back more than a century katrina you has this report now from beijing 5 ya go. overlooking old wounds by reinforcing ancient ties china japan and south korea presented a united front during the trilateral summit in china's southern city of chengdu right over there i want to build a new era of 3 kingdoms in which we cooperate and develop together with the international community. 2 setting aside deep grievances dating back to world war 2 the leaders of asia's largest economies pledged to work closely together on trade they want to agree on a 16 nation regional comprehensive economic partnership or. by the end of next year and continue negotiations on a 3 nation free trade agreement trade between south korea japan and china exceeded
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$720000000000.20. dollars for her we need to protect the free trade in order to help business activities and continue to grow together north korea carrying out a missile test over the christmas period overshadowed some of the pageantry chinese prime minister lee could chunk south korean president and japanese prime minister shinzo agreed to continue supporting negotiations between washington and pyongyang a demand for the u.s. to lift economic sanctions has led to a halt in the nuclear talks and an end of a deadline to progress the negotiations is fast approaching. china is north korea's more support an ally who sees itself as playing a simple what works and force through privation on the korean peninsula has its thing why did nations to lift sanctions on pill one to help break the deadlock but it's unclear whether so or tokyo worth u.s. allies would support. on monday when jay and she met separately with chinese
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president xi jinping in beijing. china the summit is an opportunity to expand its regional influence but the 3 countries have currently embroiled in territorial disputes miss south china sea. south korea and japan are allies with the u.s. so if china can develop i mean. proof the relations with these 2 countries it will decrease u.s. influence in this region and the weakened china's pressure from the us the leaders have signed a 10 year corp plan which includes tackling shared challenges such as climate change and aging populations but the biggest challenge perhaps is valid they can view which others would trust rather better spirits achieve al-jazeera beijing. police in hong kong or fired tear gas to disperse and to give them a protest as on christmas eve was. uniformed something called officers charged to groups of protesters inside the harbor city mall in that same
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show area some people were hit with batons and others to take protests in hong kong are now in their 7th month. here palestinian christians from the gaza strip will be able to travel to bethlehem to mark christmas. celebrations are already underway but the greek forces ochs churched in gaza says only $193.00 i was in the $950.00 applications have been refused approved israel tightly restriction is meant to the gaza strip will need it for him is in bethlehem which is in the occupied west bank where the celebrations are taking place we are expecting that some of them might come it eventually because there was a decision to reverse the previous ban on many of them to travel and bus that is of course believe this is one of the measures the israelis take to bring
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a wedge between palestinians to make them more fragmented between the west bank the gaza strip and as well as in east jerusalem of course this is one of many concerns by those damien's have to do with under occupation and they hope and on the occasion of christmas we've just seen the archbishop yet but this time it's about to enter the nativity church we hope they hold that as an occasion like that they would help shed some light on bethlehem or the life of palestinians here and joining me now is one of the people who are trying to do that george he's director of the graham. it's a tourism based community based original tourism project that aims to bring more tourists to palestine and to see the lives of palestinians give you give us a little bit more information about your project bring your merry christmas everybody here most notably i'm afraid is a long distance hiking through the reinterviews there is
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a brilliant park doctors directly link to the post your community through their employer was bar good in jerusalem it turns out what suburb to suburb homestays palestinians. the whole story is that their homes this is what we train to do that we are people that love life trying to force people to story and share our culture . and life with people coming from all over the world through different types of tourism which is a new kind of tourism that only probably did 2000 years ago by walking from nazareth. long distance hiking trails where people can walk retracing the steps of all of the people where they can enjoy the palestinian village or more everything 77 homes days across the country of course celebrations continue here in bethlehem they will peak at midnight mass here tonight which we will carry for you live during the next hour. and it forward to seeing that later france is facing
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white spread travel disruptions during the christmas holiday because of strikes over pension reforms of 80 percent of train services are canceled on monday demonstrators confronted police at one of paris his main railway stations far work some flares were set off inside the 2 week long nationwide walkout has restricted railway services and forced schools to close the case homelessness charity crisis has again opened its christmas sent us last year more than 4 and a half 1000 homeless guests were given shelter across britain paul brennan explained. stools a bed and breakfast all over england for the past 20 years russell was one of the 1st arrivals when the doors opened at this center the street is no place to be at christmas or any other time to killed. and raised ages old. here old. drugs bloody it gets a bit. for him this christmas center alleviates the
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loneliness and boredom of being homeless it means i will be able to spokes which means i will be a lot warmer it means. be able to watch television use a computer case i will have a load of arts and crafts activities in the 7 days that these centers are open they can be a lifeline for homeless guests can get medical checkups advice and counseling is one of the chance to wash and get a haircut and importantly to relax what you see on the last day is a group of transformed people leaving those that come in very suspicious of people from mainstream society and suspicious of the world in which they operate leave you know looking much better haven't showered haven't had haircuts have their feet looked at they they just leave kind of transformed the most visible form of homelessness is of course rough sleeping in doorways for example but new research from crisis this christmas shows that nearly 6 times as many people are caught in
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a precarious existence no less so for surfing. crisis found 39 percent of sofa surface it stayed at 5 or more different places in the past year including friends and relatives 28 percent had not had a stable home for 4 years or more and 77 percent said their physical health had suffered as a result we talking about people with whom i don't even have access to washing facilities to read people who might have to go out during the day when that ice-t. it's there so very very unstable situation back at the north london christmas sent to the board games have begun the escapism in company of the centers are only a temporary respite latest figures show the numbers rough sleeping in england had increased 15 percent on the previous year and when this sent to shots next week many of the homeless guests here will be back outside again paul brennan on his iraq north london. still ahead here on al-jazeera malaysian researches go against
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the grain in their search for sustainable food production. people were interested and they cared and they said now we're not going to let you spend money to tear it down once described as a historic when the new york pavilion is getting an expensive make over all that more when we come back. hello again it's good to have you back well not looking too bad here across parts of china particular down towards the south we are seeing some clouds we are seeing some rain towards the central into the northern areas and here on wednesday that means for shanghai as well as will harm you can be seeing some chilly rain into the forecast on thursday that rain starts to make its way a little bit more towards the south and to the west so for greenland you're going to be seeing all the high temperature there of about 7 but for hong kong here on
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thursday things are looking quite nice with a temperature of 25 and we are going to see a lot of heavy rain across parts of the film. penes because our typhoon that is moving through the area across india still the air quality is fairly hazardous across some areas very unhealthy to the north as well down towards the south though we are going to see some rain from sri lanka across parts of southern india up towards central india it's going to be cloudy that could change to rain by the time we get towards thursday particular up here towards kolkata with a temperature of 22 degrees and then very quickly across the gulf it is going to look quite nice over the next few days average for this time of year about $22.00 degrees here in doha over towards abu dhabi a little bit warmer at $24.00 and then as we go towards thursday well riyadh your temperatures are coming up to $23.00 misguide plenty of sun in the forecast at $24.00 and down to its low some clouds for you a 27. 27 mine people have been kill. me in the united states have privatized the old
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public. suzi deal with saudi arabia and with the different the saudis the. british pm to help to pass bombs diesel fuel from still this meeting sometimes isn't that interesting there are a shadow on al-jazeera. they're watching out as a reminder of our top stories this hour 50 shouldn't get so marching in india's capital against a controversial new citizenship dolphins criticized as being at team is them
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protests are also taking place in tamil scenting and in kolkata. in syria tens of thousands of civilians have been freeing towards the turkish border to escape the escalation in violence and if the province the state people were killed after syrian government air strikes targeted a school the red cross is calling the situation quote extremely worrying. china's prime minister says japan and south korea have agreed to cooperate on north korea their leaders met at a summit in the chinese city of chengdu and also working towards a 3 nation free trade agreement. peace in ivory coast of issued an arrest warrant for presidential candidate gillum sorrell the former prime minister is accused of misusing public funds and trying to destabilize the country so it was due to return home to start his campaign but his flight was diverted to ghana police fired tear gas and supporters who gathered to greet him infomercials you do a judicial investigation has been immediately opened against mr sorell q before your for serious suspicion over the tip to take the stakes with forest and the
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integrity of the national to retreat concealment of public funds and money laundering. the 7 soldiers have been killed in afghanistan during an attack on a military base in the northern province of balck the taliban has claimed responsibility for the raid in the district of dull lot but now it says this fight has ceased weapons ammunitions and captured 4 afghan soldiers 6 were also injured there's no end in sight to a medical staff strike in zimbabwe many doctors aren't working because they're fighting for bits of pay and improvement of the health care system means many people needing medical care have few options some say the strike has made their conditions even worse because heart reports now from a whale. has lost the ability to speak since the stroke in september disoriented she no longer leaves the confines of her room frequent power cuts means she's for the most part in the dark with her daughters it dumbass so. so i asked
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her do you remember this man pointing at 10 the killers husband and this lady pointing at an old picture of 10 day healing before a stroke and they kill a took a nursing aide course thinking she could help sick patients now she's the one who needs help doctors across them but we have been on strike since september so the only care she can get is from her daughter sometimes she gets frustrated. we get frustrated. because the time. we might be looking for. a can hear and understand our conversation when she collapsed during her stroke her family rushed her to one of the few functioning hospitals in the country. most
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medical staff were on strike and it took 3 days before a doctor could see her condition worsened because of insufficient care her right arm paralyzed the doctors union say the medical system is to blame things like gloves i should say things lake city and needles. i.v. fluids the most basic things that are supposed to find in the hospital there not to . a hospital director gave al-jazeera rare access to one of the public hospital in . the wards he chose to show us there was no shortage of equipment but few medical supplies right now the government is making its major major problem is this the sanctions in the. lead to get foreign carriers to import tracks so that's beyond my control by in wait i have to wake and use whatever it is which is available to save lives most doctors on the wards refused to talk to us or be filmed a curtain of shame shrouds conditions inside hospitals with doctors paid less than
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$70.00 a month not only are they protesting over pay and working conditions they say the government is failing to protect the sick but when they took to the streets last september they were met by riot police the government's response was to fire about 400 doctors in a country that's already short of medical staff and while some have returned to work it's the patients and those that are sick and are paying for this crisis private care is an affordable to most zimbabwe carers is an online citizens movement that raises funds to help those desperately in need of treatment but it can only do so much abandoned by a broken health system many people in zimbabwe are left to cope however they can. or left to suffer alone nicholas hawke al-jazeera zimbabwe. a un special investigator has condemned saudi arabia's trial over the murder of
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journalist jamal khashoggi as quote a mockery of justice 5 people have been sentenced to death for the killing but the court exonerated senior figures including sorrow don qahtani an advisor to the society crown prince what we. whitewash than. just you. and the fact that general homer and just do not be in it just means to them that maybe also people. here has been searched for it scientism malaysia are working to reduce the world's dependence on 4 major crops wheat corn rice and soybeans provide 2 thirds of the global food supply but there are fears the population growth and climate change could cause shortages florence their imports from so many in western malaysia on a remote farm in northern malaysia stand row upon row of baumberger groundnuts
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native to africa the lagoon is considered and often crop grown by traditional farm most but increasingly neglected in favor of cash crops. is one of a handful of farmers working with the research center to put the crop back in the market i would apply more if i find this very the is suitable then thought about market we want them you might use a great pharmacy a traditionally grow just enough baumberger groundnuts for the families they're sold at markets only when there's a surplus. crops for the future an international organization dedicated to promoting underutilized crops is hoping to change that researchers are concerned the climate crisis and the world over dependence on 4 major crops wheat rice soy and corn could cause food shortages in the future. when we have 10000000000 people
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it's 3 degrees hotter we've got 4 crops that's incredibly risky because the good crops and also in a moment but will they be enough in the future and therefore we say if they're not what other crops are we going in the armory that humanity has cultivated for thousands of years and they're still around because we didn't do any research on them but they're still going that means there must be resilient there must be tough crops encouraging under-used crops onto our plates it's also a way to increase diversity and nutrition in our diets at the centers laboratory food technologist tons in lynn experiments with ways in which bombard ground that's high in protein and essential amino acids can be used. we found out a good way of how we could introduce the new england in egypt people diet that's by incorporating the ingredients into that they are familiar with. these noodles were
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made by substituting 20 percent of the wheat flour with flour made from bamber are ground nuts biscuits savory stacks can also be made in a similar way these are all examples of how underutilized crops can be incorporated into our diet but so far none of the products here have been made commercially available food manufacturers have been reluctant largely because of the unreliable supply of bamber a ground that's. that's where families like hush come in a successful harvest could be a step towards making the long overlooked bamber a ground not a crop for the future florence lee al-jazeera cement malaysia. a bus has plunged off the road into a river in indonesia killing at least 25 people it happened in a remote part of 7 sumatra these 50 passengers may have been on the bus the ecuadorian coast guard says an oil spill in the galapagos national park has been contained and emergency came up operation began on sunday on the island of sun
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christabel 1000 kilometers off the main. has more. these are the dramatic moments when a crane collapsed while loading a generator onto a ship the crew diving into the water as it begins to founder. after taking quick action to save themselves work began to save the delicate marine life around them the moment this is approximately 2000 liters of diesel was in the orchid it's being handled in a way to prevent a significant environmental impact ecuador's government declared an emergency after the incident on sunday and by monday it said it was under control we shouldn't be relaxed about this it's not a minor issue if we hadn't reacted as we did it could have been a lot more serious. the galapagos islands are home to dozens of vulnerable species found nowhere else in the world the region's diversity helped inspire charles darwin's theory of evolution after
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a visit to the islands more than 200 years ago half of the reptile species here are threatened or endangered marina guana species were decimated during a 2001 oil spill that dumped hundreds of thousands of liters of fuel into the ocean . scientists later discovered it killed 60 percent of marina guam as a nearby santa fe island. early tests on animals nearby showed no visible signs of damage from sunday's spill but the government says it's too early to see the impact on the ecosystem but. this is one of the world's most fragile ecosystems with threats like climate change already an issue more will have to be done to prevent spills like this after schapelle al-jazeera. hugo mark has spoken grand on a multi-million dollar project to restore one of the most prominent relics of his 1964 world's fair the new york state pavilions observations ours were meant to be temporary but ended up being too expensive to tear down the structures of sin suffered decades of neglect christensen amy went to have
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a look. they were the centerpiece of the 1964 world's fair exhibition in new york the observation towers once a bold vision of hope in the future now after decades of neglect a crumbling relic of the past but a new plan aims to update the towers for the 21st century i am excited by this i'm excited the excitement was catching and that other people felt it too and understood the historic constant sterkel concept of making sure that this new york city building was saved that it become a tourist attraction for people from all across the world the renovation in flushing meadows queens is projected to cost $24000000.00 and is expected to be complete in the spring of 2021 the work will include water proofing the bases of the towers stair replacements electrical upgrades and conservation work it never would have happened without conservationists who campaigned tirelessly for the
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overhaul and in recent years did their part to help even chipping in to repaint the former new york state pavilion next to the towers see history come back to life and see the park sort of you know regain a great icon and a great asset we couldn't be happier we could be more excited for ourselves personally but for everybody who's going to stand to benefit this for generations to come. a groundbreaking ceremony was attended by politicians and by people who took part in the 1964 world's fair a long time waiting you know it's going to be in stages and i hope to be around long enough to see it all done but the so much potential here there really is people cared people were interested and they came. erred and they said no we're not going to let you spend money to tear it down we'd rather spend money to fix it and preserve it and project it and bring it back to life even once the renovation is complete the observation tower will remain off limits to visitors at least for now the hope is it will be a beacon drawing people to this far corner of the city for
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a glimpse of its forgotten glory. getting a new generation a chance to create their own memories of the towers christian salumi al-jazeera new york. you can of course follow all of our stories on our website loads of video on demand right there i'll just say were dumped. this is out as it were and these are our current top stories 50 student groups in new delhi a marching against a controversial citizenship law they're also calling for a national protest day across india pullman say the new law discriminates against muslims and violates the secular constitution at least $25.00 people have been killed during protests since the legislation was passed nearly 2 weeks ago elizabeth per annum is at the protests in new delhi in the summer and the rights of people are marching through the old new delhi to
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a place called just download the main roads was the old all the time and me that i go on to the land of nursing her old as a mother now i will leave the old one more than the old i will stop there was a protest against the police are 5 here and very low was the old office humdrum the orderly now only has been turned over. the at least 8 people have been killed after syrian government air strikes targeted a school and it live province tens of thousands as civilians have been fleeing towards the turkish border to escape the escalation in violence government forces and the russian allies are pushing deeper into the last rebel stronghold and it led un secretary general has called for an immediate end to the violence in northern syria. the leaders of japan china and south korea have agreed to cooperate on the
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issue of north korea is one of the main topics of a summit between the 3 countries relations between south korea and japan have soured recently but both nations say they are committed to promoting dialogue between north korea and the u.s. they're also aiming to sign what would be the world's largest trade agreement next year. 4 people have been killed in libya in the latest airstrikes by warlords khalifa haftar us forces it's attack was launched on the town of to jura east of tripoli several more people were injured while last week after and i was what he called it final offensive to take the capital tripoli you are firmly up to date those are headlines the news continues here on out after the street thanks for your company she said. article 2 is a dark donald trump is now the 3rd president history of the united states to be.
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what does this major event the future of the rest join us with coverage and analysis of the trump impeachment on al-jazeera. only ok and here in the stream today it's not a new story but it's one that continues to astound why is maternal health in the united states so bad but take a look at the statistics the stories behind the numbers and the word that some are tirelessly doing to reverse the trite america bill and this conversation is live on you too where we welcome your questions and your comments for our guys well this is a show we've had a lot of feedback on already with people wanting to share their stories so here are just a couple. i knew the statistics of black women and our maternal health i knew of the stories of black women dying in childbirth and it freaked me out when i became
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pregnant because i did not want to be a statistic i want every appointment with lots of questions i would ask everything i wanted to know.


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