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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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2030 if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the revenge of all among the most persecuted minority used in the world. displaced by fighting then targeted by government jets at least 8 people are killed and as strike on a school in syria's edley a province. i know i maryam namazie and on and you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program reports that libya's internationally recognized government has asked for the support of turkish ground troops as the battle for the capital intensifies to find protesters keep up the pressure on india's government as anger over
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a new citizenship nor deepens. and pilgrims descend on bethlehem to celebrate christmas but many christian palestinians from gaza have been refused permission to visit. or we begin in syria where the battle for the last rebel stronghold has led to the deaths of more civilians at least 8 people were killed in a syrian government as strike targeting a school in the town of job in the province people displaced from other parts the country had been sheltering in the school when it was hit tens of thousands have been fleeing their homes in the province over the course of the past week as government forces aided by that russian allies pushed deep into the area a number of towns and villages fall into government control mama dough is on the turkey syria border and says refugees on now and even more vulnerable position. well the humanitarian crisis is huge and it's keeping on growing because more and
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more people are being uprooted from their homes. started with the city of martin which was the target of the initial strikes bottle bombs underground shelling but now we're seeing other places also reporting people fleeing from them after being targeted by syrian forces sworn a mission to take every last bit of territory that is in the homs all through our position we are right now one of the hobs for the turkish charity which is helping the refugees on the other side of the border and speaking to a senior all fishel who told us that they have been trying us much as possible to help the people who are fleeing 100 under 25000 was the convoy this
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tendency of rising and he says there must be up to 150000 of the moment and he says they cannot provide each family with its own individual talent they've been forced to build this must have tents on high heel to avoid flooding of course and they are commentating up 200 people in every tent have separate the men and women but he says there is a lot of suspicion between the people because it has been home to people who. fled to places like aleppo and other places that the regime had targeted before and he says there are so many other people who have set up tents on the sides of the road i'm going not want to mingle with the rest of the refugees and he fears for their health because they don't have sanitation they don't have clean water and they do not have food as well and of the moment they say that if you just cannot cook for themselves he says they are forced to to to to provide them with warm mails.
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now in the developments in syria customs officials have seized the assets of the country's wealthiest businessmen it's the 1st time an order has been issued for romney who is the cousin of president bashar assad he's been accused of importing products including oil and gas without paying charges and fees the e.u. and the united states have already imposed sanctions on the roof who reportedly control 60 percent of syria's economy. at least 4 people have been killed in northwest libya in the latest s trikes by the us forces the attack was launched on the town of around 22 feet on which is east of the capital tripoli at least 3 people were injured during the offensive fighting around the fiercely contested capital has escalated in recent weeks after after to played a final attack on the internationally recognized government. well of that government
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has reportedly osce turkey for ground troops off the 2 signed a military cooperation pact last month for the past few years libya has been divided between 2 rival administrations and those who support them the u.n. recognized administration led by a promise of a serai is based in tripoli it's supported by taki and most western nations including italy which is worried that the fighting near the capital will force more people to cross the mediterranean meanwhile in the east there is the tobruk based government this is the center of power for he is backed by egypt saudi arabia russia and the u.a.e. france is also accused of providing military support for his forces bomb would observe why it has more from tripoli. and the government's request for military assistance from turkey. government sources say that the type of turkish military. individuals requested by the g.n.a.t.
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the government of national is military commanders and the government officials say that the troops on the ground did the government forces are in need of military commanders to range this battle and to run the battle on the ground to prevent have to his forces from entering get their capital why now the government is demanding military commanders because have to his forces have been recently advancing with the help of russian medicine really is according to the government military source of. russian mysteries are fighting for how to and have to this force have been receiving advanced weapons from the united arab emirates and also from russia now. says that in order for the government to send troops to libya it needs to submit
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a mandate to the turkish parliament so that it could be endorse it and then in this case it can send troops to libya. india's cabinet has approved funds for a census next year that critics fear could be used to implement a controversial new citizenship will legislation grants citizenship to religious minorities but excludes muslims since it was passed at least 25 people have been killed in protests against the legislation as a lot of us poor on them has more on the unrest. marching to the beat of their own drum thousands of people have defied a bat on public gatherings in the indian capital daddy out there pose a recently passed the law that grant citizenship to religious minorities from ghana spahn pakistan and but excludes muslims i think this lawyer he's an existential threat to the idea of a secular india as it is defined in the constitution it on the back of the many
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other things that causes all resentment against the government it's not one thing it's an accumulated resentment against his government a government couldn't say is use an ideological issues like religion to distract people from the problems facing the country their real issue is that economy's on the slowdown that unemployment it is high has regarded neven in the last 40 years that. distress and in order to divert attention from those issues. be brought in the 1st people here said they want the government do that was it a fair chanting slogans against the government and the thought police would told earlier to detain demonstrations they're just watching from the sidelines. they were even bigger protests elsewhere from as some of the northeast to salaman the south but the government be j.p. insists these are small sporadic protests being prompted by political parties look
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at the protests today it is the protest you just you just you just came from. so you know in a city of one good old 30 lakh people if you have 200 people per 300 people and you say that is for this do you think that's a little and please give me a break. the government has launched a campaign on social media to calm the anger of the muslim community i really want to assure them that there is really no real grounds for what are you what is the go on this ad does not discriminate against them the india supreme court is expected to hear the case next month. for the government of the village of modi. since protests pose the biggest challenge since he came to power 5 years ago elizabeth proud of al jazeera you delhi. where violent protests have broken out a number of shopping malls in hong kong during
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a busy christmas eve with riot police firing tear gas in a bid to disperse demonstrators they threw an object at police who charged at them with batons families have been gathering in the busy tourist district of sim shots we to view the christmas lights protests are now in their 7th month and demonstrate as applied to stage another march on new year's day. well now to iraq the parliament has approved a new electoral or in a bid to make elections fairer and granting one of the demands of anti-government protesters the law gives independent politicians a better chance of winning seats in parliament they're still deadlocked over the decision to appoint an interim prime minister with a midnight deadline on sunday looming dosage of barr is in baghdad and explains what the new no means for voters. there are being called a very significant change to the country's electoral system this article was passed just a short time ago in parliament it includes 50 divisions within it which states that
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the country's electoral system will not be changed it will be one that it will be based on direct voting rather than parties having electoral lists of candidates that they selected this is something that was very important to the demonstrators and it took weeks of political wrangling to make it happen in parliament a number of sessions were held without any of these laws being passed but finally on tuesday the country's parliament managed to get it through and it's being seen as a very significant development and something that would not have happened without the protests taking place in this country which began in october it's being seen as a major step towards what the demonstrators and the people of iraq has wanted and that is a system which they have some ses how they elect their members of parliament and now this is being seen as something that has been granted to them and it will be very very interesting to see how the demonstrators react to this in the coming days but was still also waiting for a nominee candidate for the position of prime minister that is something that is
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being very much debated now between the various parties in parliament and they hope to have inappropriate candidates in the coming days with the demonstrators have said that despite all their political wrangling they want to be able to elect their own prime minister we'll have to wait and see how that pans out well now to from commuters might have to change their christmas plans a strike so the pension reforms continue to cause widespread travel to struction transporters remained heavily restricted on christmas eve but many of those with rail tickets on certain as to whether their journeys will be canceled but it's this report. just 2 out of 5 high speed trains are running across france on christmas eve one of the busiest travel periods of the year but with a nationwide transport strike now in its 3rd week many travelers are used to the disruption seemed to a found a work around paris is guarded nor was busy but not chaotic and he was tired i think it's it's very ready for it to be all very odd but again it's i mean i'm sure
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the other side are going to understand you know the reason for the strike and everything. looking for a way to get away the status of no no they still haven't been able to find that so it's my turn it was discovered that the national rail operator s.n.c.f. will only guarantee travel for those who booked tickets in advance and even they may not have a seat the s.n.c.f. says the strike is costing it $22000000.00 a day in lost revenue. in 1995 after 3 weeks of public sector strikes in the run up to christmas the government caved in and shelved plans to reform france's pension and welfare system there's no indication so far that the government will perform a similar retreat this time. there seems to be no end in sight these transport strikes the government and the unions will meet again in the 2nd week of january but that's when they'll also be another round of nationwide demonstrations bernard
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smith i'll just era power it's. still ahead on the program we're focusing on highness nest at figures are showing that it's increasing in england and then a visit a center providing a lifeline for roughly as a christmas. hello again welcome back to the national weather forecast well if you are looking for a white christmas it is going to be very hard to find here. across parts of europe actually tomorrow is going to be quite nice on christmas day for many locations such as the u.k. down across parts of france as well as probably into the iberian peninsula we are looking at sunny conditions from london where the temperature of a now for snow you really have to go to the higher elevations in the alps maybe down towards some of the higher elevations of the balkan peninsula the big problem
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tomorrow is going to be down here across eastern mediterranean we're looking at a storm system bringing very gusty winds heavy rain turkey cyprus syria lebanon as well as down towards israel you are will see rain for the next several days and we are expecting to see the likelihood of flooding across much of that area actually across the higher elevations of turkey we will have plenty of snow there for athens it is going to be a better day here on thursday with a temperature of 14 degrees well for the northeastern part of africa you will also be affected by the same storm very windy conditions along the coastal areas we don't expect to see too much in terms of rain you could see off and on showers but it is going to be those winds pushing across parts of egypt as well that will continue from wednesday as well as into thursday well 5 start to see a break by the time we get towards friday. what happens when plans for a new life of brood idea railed by committing serious crimes from drug trafficking
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to robbery to. what it is i don't remember how many times it stopped there the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al jazeera world goes inside an italian prison meeting men and women from north africa who left home only to face life behind on this double exile on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick look at the headlines now at least 8 people have been killed in an ass strike as syrian government forces continue to battle for the rebel held province victims of what displaced people sheltering in
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a school in the town of job us meanwhile full civilians have been killed in an asse strike on a tell me at the libyan capital tripoli this latest attack carried out by the forces of 25. took place as they try to advance on the city which is held by the internationally recognized government and india's government has approved funding for a census next year which its fit could be used to enact a new citizenship will protesters have continued their action against the law they say is discriminatory to muslims. now china japan and south korea have agreed to work together to promote dialogue between the united states and north korea the country's 3 leaders made a pledge at a summit in southern china also under discussion was trade and closer cooperation despite the fact that tensions back more than a century katrina you reports from beijing. overlooking old wounds by reinforcing ancient times as china japan and south korea presented
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a united front during the trial lateral summit in china's southern city of to do what i want it i want to build a new era of 3 kingdoms in which we cooperate and develop together with the international community. setting aside deep grievances dating back to world war 2 the leaders of asia's largest economies pledged to work closer together on trade they want to agree on a 16 nation regional comprehensive economic partnership or. by the end of next year and continue negotiations on a 3 nation free trade agreement trade between south korea japan and china exceeded $720000000000.00 in $20000.00. for her we need to protect the free trade in order to help business activities and continue to grow together north korea carrying out a missile test over the christmas period overshadowed some of the pageantry chinese prime minister leak a chunk south korean president and japanese prime minister shinzo agreed to
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continue supporting negotiations between washington and pyongyang demand for the u.s. to lift economic sanctions has led to a halt in the nuclear talks and an end to a deadline to progress the negotiations is fast approaching. china is north korea's most important ally and sees itself as playing a simpler world works and for 3 privation on the korean peninsula has its thing why did nations to lift sanctions on pill one to help break the deadlock but it's unclear whether so or tokyo worth u.s. allies would support that writes off. on monday when jay and she met separately the chinese president xi jinping and james for china the summit is an opportunity to expand its regional influence but the 3 countries have currently embroiled in territorial disputes china sea. south korea and japan are allies with the u.s. so if china can develop and improve the relations with these 2 countries it will
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decrease u.s. influence in this region and the weakened china's pressure from the u.s. the leaders have signed a 10 year corporation plan which includes tackling shared challenges such as climate change and aging populations. but the biggest challenge perhaps is whether they can view each other with trust rather than a spirit it's actually al-jazeera. from ecuador to chill a the final months of 2019 saw various latin american countries in gulf in almost daily street protests and while many of them were fighting for their own causes it was one issue most of them had in common in equality latin america and italy see in human reports now from the chilean capital santiago. 78 year old widow. is the matriarch of her large family she lives in a low incomes and the our neighborhood with her daughter and her 2 grandchildren she had little formal education and worked hard all her life 1st in the fields and
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then as a maid to help the family get ahead. i worked in homes where people with money do love the staff use the same cutlery as the masters they did not eat the same food or use the same crockery either. over t. her 48 year old daughter solange concedes that their economic situation has improved but not chile's acute class divisions the 23 year old son is steven studied law the 1st in the family to graduate from university but there's still an invisible barrier percentage point in miami and. the students from the upper class have countless advantages from not having to study and work at the same time to access to internal ships and jobs their parents belong to the class with clout and they're not discriminated against because of where they come from. although chile does have the highest per capita income in latin america it also has the highest
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inequality index the biggest gap between rich and poor in tina for example if you're in the bottom of income you are well made up to 6 generations to get to and to the mean income that's not all a recent study revealed an astonishing statistic women living in the wealthiest suburbs of santiago have a life expectancy 18 years longer than their counterparts in the poorest municipalities in men the difference is 9 years says dr alexander v this what explains the fact that there is an equality is within the city has to do with the segregation social phenomena segregation across the city. this persistent class divide helps explain the recent social outbursts in chile i thank you for the 2 months of ongoing protests that have brought hundreds of thousands on to the streets demanding structural reforms to level the playing field. for more
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last year gone we were born with different aspirations than our parents and we feel the segregation in the upper class areas where our parents go to work but are treated like inferiors in our neighborhoods that aren't any parks any restaurants cinemas or hospitals. we have to leave our communities to access a better life that generates resentment and discontent. the inequalities and class privileges in this high you stratified society have been passed on from generation to generation putting an end to that system as would millions of chileans are now fighting for. to see in human al-jazeera santiago. thousands of palestinians and christians from around the world have gathered in bethlehem christmas eve celebrations the festivities are centered on the church of nativity where christians say jesus was born with a procession led by the most senior catholic cleric in the middle east but
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palestinian as a city officials say many people in gaza cannot attend the event because israel has not given them permits. that sounds sweet and it ever him who is live for us in bethlehem of a say a very special time of year for many people now what is the reason that many people from gaza were unable to obtain these permits. so as palestinians in the gaza strip are living under siege they have to you judy asked the israeli government for permits to be able to leave the gaza strip and come to bethlehem usually they would give around 500 questions from the gaza strip meant to come and attend celebrations here in the city however this time the israelis have given less numbers of people around a dozen of them permits to come and. have been voicing their criticism against that decision in the end that has been reversed that the israeli
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government has given more than 190 according to sources in the local church and 'd we don't know how many of them were able to actually pass that happened last minutes and we don't know how many were able to come to bethlehem here where we are we're at the manger square where celebrations have been unfolding since the early hours of the morning to a bar christmas eve which is the time we're really all eyes turn to bethlehem and joining me here is a palestinian christian from a town near bethlehem. morticians the 23 year old palestinian and we've been talking throughout the day today about the christian community here one of the main issues they face is immigration you yourself it is an experience with that you left the country you came back can you tell us a little bit more about your story. when we were a little bit younger my mother felt like it was not safe so she felt like always
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easier and. it was a better decision for us to move for a little while until everything was a little bit more safer and that's you know there's a lack of. freedom in many areas and palestine specifically so we went for a while and then. after we came back i mean this is where we're from this is our roots and. this is where our family is and you're working as a teacher now how did you find coming back here how did you find returning to the senate living abroad i mean it's incredible i feel like i was meant to come back here and give a little bit back to the community i i said i'm a teacher and i feel like i am in some way inspiring and also helping younger generations whether it's by being an example myself or just being able to. help them grow and develop as
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a teacher that's one thing that i can do with my students and i've had the pleasure to teach d.s.p. duerson school and it has been a wonderful experience so far is there something specific you noticed about the students their journey their. obstacles challenges. a lot of young students young people i mean face the same problems whether it's the lack of movement lack of freedom and. you can connect all of us can connect no matter what age or. who we are as palestinians we can all connect to each other and that's one thing that we can help each other in growing and developing and just figuring things out thank you of not and we are here in bethlehem where celebrations continue they will culminate in the midnight mass that is expected to be attended by
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a lot of dignitaries including the palestinian president mahmoud abbas thanks very much with places from bethlehem into abram. now a push on this as charities opened its annual christmas centers to give people a place to stay in the festive period and this year the charity crisis is highlighting the hidden homelessness of so-called sofa surfing paul brennan reports . i've been in a civil stalls have been breakfast or over england for the past 1020 years russell was one of the 1st arrivals when the doors opened at this center the street is no place to be at christmas or any other time to killed. and raised dangerous you're all. there all put it in school it over drugs really it gets a bit. it's with the state and. for him this christmas center alleviates the loneliness and boredom of being homeless it means i will be able to spokes. means
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i'll be a lot warmer it means i might be able to watch television use a computer occasionally will have a load of arts and crafts activities in here for the 7 days that these centers are open they can be a lifeline for homeless guests can get medical checkups advice and counseling is one of the chance to wash and get a haircut and importantly to relax what you see on the last day is a group of transformed people leaving those that come in very suspicious of people from mainstream society and suspicious of the world in which they operate leave you know looking much better haven't showered having had haircuts had their feet looked at they they'd just leave had come transformed the most visible form of homelessness is of course rough sleeping in doorways for example but new research from crisis this christmas shows that nearly 6 times as many people are caught in a precarious existence no less so for surfing. crisis found 39 percent of sofa surface it stayed at 5 or more different places in the past year including friends
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and relatives 28 percent had not had a stable home for 4 years or more and 77 percent said their physical health had suffered as a result we talking about people with whom i don't even have access to washing facilities to read people who might have to go out during the day when i used to it's there so very very unstable situation back at the north london christmas sent to the board games have begun the escapism and company of the centers are only a temporary respite latest figures show the numbers rough sleeping in england had increased 15 percent on the previous year and when this sent to shots next week many of the homeless guests here will be back outside again paul brennan on his iraq north london. disappeared look at the headlines this hour now at least 8 people have been killed in an ass strike as syrian government forces continue their battle for the last
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remaining rebel stronghold they were sheltering in a school in the town of joe bass in adelaide after being displaced from other parts of the country government forces backed by russia taken a number of towns and villages in the province in the past 2 weeks of a we need assault or the humanitarian crisis is huge and it's keeping on growing because more and more people are being uprooted from their homes. or started with the city of misrata. which was the target all for the initial strikes bottle bombs underground shelling but now we're seeing other places also reporting people fleeing from them of their being targeted by syrian forces. in all the headlines 4 civilians have been killed in the latest attack near tripoli by a khalifa haftar us forces at least 3 people were injured in the ass strike on the town of tears your around 20 kilometers east of the capital this comes as turkey is
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now considering sending more troops to help the internationally recognized government repel a fresh wave of attacks i hafta which of course have to us forces and trying to take the capital since april and india's government has approved funding for a census next year which is feared could be used to enact a new citizenship will more than 20 people have now died in weeks of protests against that legislation which fast track citizenship for minorities from some countries but that excludes muslims meanwhile security has been stepped up across the country is the protests escalate and that police and paramilitary forces have been deployed in the capital daddy those are the top stories the stream is coming up next looking at the future of holidays as we know them i'll see you after that in about 25 minutes time.
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here in the stream going on the whole as a lot of people look forward to or chance to get away from the stress of everyday life and let the place plots or does that new price is too crowded can you relate whether as a tourist or a resident of a city catering to tourists share your thoughts with us via twitter or our live you tube chat. venice. p.q. all these popular destinations have become overwhelmed by tourists in recent years and local residents are starting to say.


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