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tv   The Listening Post 2019 Ep 47  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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privatized feel to my public. this was a deal with saudi arabia with the different saudis. britain believe to help the us bombs do you feel rumsfeld this meeting saddam is the interest. on al jazeera. hello i'm richard gaisford and you're at the listening post on this program we track the global news media examined dominant narratives and spend more time critiquing journalism and celebrating it were not an award show but to mark the end of 2019 we wanted to examine a few cases where quality reporting the kind that speaks truth to power exposes wrongdoing and helps rectify it has made an impact taking just 4 examples was not easy we wanted to get across geographies different kinds of stories various forms
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of media we settled on west africa and a documentary exposing sexual harassment on university campuses hong kong 1st person videos capturing police brutality on the front lines of the protests there brazil a tale of corruption at the heart of the both are not a government as well as the united states investigative journalism on the sex trafficking of children that has had international ramifications journalists take a lot of heat some of them deserve it will be back on their case next week but for now for examples of the 4th estate making news for the right reasons. it's been viewed by more than 2 and a half 1000000 people and been trending its way to the top of twitter feeds in both nigeria and ghana africa or i has been watching. sex for grades is a film produced by africa the investigative arm of b.b.c. africa it follows a radio presenter and investigative journalist kiki mordy as she exposes sexual
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harassment in west african university. morty says that she herself was a victim of that harassment. she and a team of undercover reporters posing as students inside the universities of lagos and ghana clandestinely captured teachers abusing their authority and demanding sex from female students in exchange for better grades. the film has its critics who say the undercover methods used were on journalist we put that to the b.b.c. which argued that if there is no other way to expose the story secret recording must be done as for the film's impact all 4 lecturers incriminated have been suspended despite their denials of misconduct
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a sexual harassment bill has been reintroduced by the nigerian senate and a whole lot of west african university students feel safer on campus you might find some of the following scenes disturbing but good journalism sometimes has that effect deal with it. i came across the story when i met a member of the africa i scene who had to explain to me that they received a number of messages from people asking that these of sexual harassment and universities be investigated i'm not sure at what point we came to the decision that i. tell my personal story it's something that everyone already knew that i was invested in emotionally and professionally. electra began to target me. for 2 semesters he withheld my exam results and pretended i never sucked the papers . when i asked him to explain why he repeated and demanded to have sex with me.
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and i was. also into about. him as a result. my result but. i never go to degree i'm ever graduated. the harassment forced me to drop out of university. we had a small team of journalists in one juror in ghana and in the u.k. and we were all working simultaneously together we had a lot of obstacles we had to overhaul. but some of the hardest would include from having to depend or rely on a person whose care for testimonies because we had a number of times where people just want to we are their parents are asked not to contact them again. several current and former students claimed they had been abused or harassed by the top one offense. 2 of them agreed to speak to us on camera on the condition of your faces and their voices. he always
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seemed really friendly he comes to your toes he passed 2 so you don't even see the danger all right you hear testimonies from that 2 different women say exactly the same thing and these women don't know each other and what's worse we go into that room and that exact script is played out all over it in front of you it was equal parts scary shocking in and it just tiring and just tiring like how has this crippling playing out for this long and no one has done anything about it i knew deep down that this was a part of i think it was more shocking to experience a pattern being played out. oh it was. you know people like to make excuses for abusers and people like that because excuses for harassers what right there visualizing it seem it and putting your own
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daughter in that room i think you would have a rethink about the excuses you are going to make for abusers or lecturers who harass their students so it was really important that we put that part in the film since the release of sex will greets all 4 lecturers that were featured in the film have been definitely suspended and they're being called from various factions asking for. an investigation into these schools about 15 universities somehow found themselves been embroiled in the sex for grades movements and it resulted in about $25.00 dismissals or suspensions that just tells us that perhaps maybe we are ready to do something about this culture of sex for green. there was a turn he told me. when he's done with me. he's going to give me to one other lecturer in my department to do what he likes with me. and then when she's done
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she transfer me to someone else. and there is nothing i can do about it because he's graduates. people are finding healing in their own way myself i personally am finding healing in my own way people are reaching out and people are just community and there is a sense of community a lot of people have feared for my safety because i did i mean about for a lecture i was in this documentary and i still live here in lagos and i still work here in needles and i jury and. this is my country i'm not running anywhere i was like thank you. he invited me to his office 3 times for tutorials. he was consistently inappropriate with me at one point he leaned in really close to me. i could see from his eye like he was you know again we're here leering at my
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breasts this was not a film to coddle the emotions of the feelings of anyone this was. university life through the lens of a young nigerian you know on the graduates and if we can't stomach 5 minutes of the discomfort that she feels in real life almost every day do we then understand how bad the problem is. what began 9 months ago as a spontaneous demonstration against a proposed extradition bill between hong kong and mainland china has evolved into the largest protest movement hong kong has ever seen. covering it can be dangerous for media workers have come under attack repeated by both uniformed police and plainclothes security personnel some reporters have been caught in the crossfire but they've also been targeted despite wearing some of the tools of the trade those
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helmets and vests with press spelled out on them in all caps. with hong kong's once independent print sector now in retreat the job of chronicling this story has fallen on a new generation of digital journalists reporters like y.p. lam from stand new. stand has led the way with innovative coverage of the protests often live streaming them capturing the police violence putting it out there and edited well before the police and the politicians have a chance to spin the story. so. it's a. get out and i say yes i. can see how long up in
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able to hold it with you that you know it's a. company from our government problems you remember. chinmoy. or some chick on the hit goal need a 2nd see and they say you get to hold the seat on the. table with. the whole idea. see why i call and. see how. holding hodo made all of us and see gets. his own it is so you. buy me or they get up to the case that the funding the auto bailout a seed say hi or gods a big deal with. brazil now and
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a journalistic investigation of a legal investigation both have had a major impact on politics they love a shot or operation carwash was the biggest anti corruption investigation in brazil's history it started 5 years ago and landed hundreds of politicians and business figures in jail resulted in the fall of one president and the imprisonment of a former president lula da silva the judge who led that investigation sergio morrow was later appointed minister of justice by president bush. this past june the online news outlet the intercept brazil published a series of exposé is largely based on leaked phone text messages they called it was a shock to a play on love a shot to get exposed to corruption at the core of the anti corruption investigation and implicated sergio morrow the judge turned justice minister
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himself. secret brazil archive is a trove of previously undisclosed material messages exchanged between sergio morrow and senior car wash prosecutors exposing how the fix was in that the target of that investigation was not just corruption it was the most popular politician in the country at the sort of. not the same as infamous. shot you follow in the force i thought after us all of a shocking but as you jim a foreshadowing of myself as for this if there was pain with us see what they are i'll thank you so much that i'll think that is simple because it was image i mentioned. they disapprove now us on this what that al what you want that almost that avi. doesn't. disprove what i do it is that
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a protest much to so much as a little of us in the mood to do that has been the point of that but a simple plot that but its own does was you seem to pull each course in seem a bit odd that is the only seem. to be offer that i'll. our last example of impact journalism is a deep investigative dive into the jeffrey epstein story the american finance seer who sexually trafficked and abused underage girls it was published by the miami herald as a 3 part interactive web series produced by a team led by julie caper out. with the support of them in denmark has gone silas among others brown uncovered the real story behind a legal case brought against epstein in 2007 how a millionaire with friends in high places like wall street and buckingham palace
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got a sweetheart deal from the florida courts pleading guilty to serious sexual crimes against children and getting just 13 months in prison by speaking with key players in the original investigation and digging through years of court and f.b.i. documents the herald exposed how the american justice system failed epstein's young victims allowed him back onto the streets and put so many other girls at risk the herald called it serious perversion of justice. when julia brown 1st approached me about doing this story quite frankly my my question to her was what are we going to tell that's new what are we going to be able to say that no one else has covered and her response was no one has heard from the victims nobody has heard the victim stories i can have my breath touch. brings back
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i tried to press it for the 1st time my 3rd child last year. it was the most. to not be able to do. and then it brought back. something that felt so stupid back that. home i thought had no relevance and that. i told anybody i'd be like your whore part of money. why would you do that julie was able to identify for the 1st time. the potential victims of epstein a she was able to get. more than half a dozen of those to actually come on camera 1616 i started going to
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him when i was like 1415 and then there was the issue of really game of the trust of the key players in this case not just the victims but also by some of the key law enforcement officers there was a point in the investigation where julie brown came into my office and she said i have a key law enforcement you know source who doesn't want to talk to us because he says we're going to be coward into not publishing the story as other publications have had have been and i said absolutely not we have never backed down from an investigation and we're not going to do it now they were recruited by someone who was adept at finding girls that would be willing to go to a holes for a few $100.00 started out you know give them in a back row but many cases it turned into something far worse than we started this investigation long before the me too movement actually made news the timing of the
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case the new information we were able to bring forward. the piecing together of how this deal had come together all of it i think had an impact that was far beyond our expectation and i will say that we were assisted from some excellent investigative journalism when the indictment was announced in new york they credited. some investigative reporting for help. but the case of that was really very. you know that was very rewarding for for us abstain investigation is a perfect example of a story that was really a south florida story that became national and has had repercussions not just here in the united states but abroad but you staying the house has convicted sex offender. it was a convenient place to stay if there's one thing that the jeffrey absi investigation
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i think embodies it is the power and importance of local and regional news organizations and so in this time of you know truth. and fake news i think that the emphasis is regional on the ground local reporting is making a difference in every community not just ours but across america and readers we need you to support it because that is really a hallmark of our democracy it's no accident that we ended that piece on a call to action a cry for help for financial products fake news is cheap to produce you just make it up but investigative reporting particularly at the regional level is time consuming resource demanding and expensive the organizations producing it whether they work in west africa hong kong brazil or the u.s. are needed now more than ever you've been watching a special edition of our program on journalism that has made an impact we'll see
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you next time here at the listening. in africa is technological at the center been awful a lesson group over to live side by side. in its 1st episode life lapse challenges kenyan app developers to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's a starting point because it's all over the board people talk about life outside silicon savannah on al-jazeera. legally prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening doses by millions in search of a fix. huge illegal shipments of the tramadol are flawed because that some. people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating diction epidemic that is even fueling the boko haram insurgency. west africa's opioid
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crisis on a. piece it will be in the top stories from al-jazeera india has announced new guidelines on funding for an updated population register which critics fear could be used to further discriminate against muslims it follows 2 weeks of nationwide demonstrations against the citizenship law also seen as anti muslim elizabeth purana has more where expecting more protests today especially after the government approved the funding they say that it serves part of the fences the national population made just as you know a bureaucratic process that's part of the center's project opponents say.


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