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tv   The Bottom Line 2019 Ep 10  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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country 25 people have died in the violence since that legislation was passed there were reports a plane has crashed into sublime munson northwest of iran's capital tehran iran sufficient news agency suggests it may have been a military plane or fighter jet no debbie has yet been found 2 days of national mourning been declared in burkina faso after at least $35.00 civilians have been shot dead during an attack in burkina faso and according to the government 18 of the attackers will also killed it happened at an army base in our bindra and a nearby time you're up to date those are the headlines the news continues here after the bottom line see you very soon. as. we look ahead to major stories of 2028 from around the world. are a series of intense special will. join us this real sense the global impact
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of what is to come next. hi i'm steve clemons and i have some questions as we say goodbye to 2019 what were the big stories that affected us this past year and what are the big issues that may hit us in 2020 let's get to the bottom line. what are your 2900 out to be people took to the streets across asia latin america and the arab world hoping for change the images from beirut in hong kong and caracas have been moving just really riveting the united states and china probably the world's 2 anchor economies today settled in for what looks like a friend of the relationship for the long term and identity politics took hold around the world with more and more people looking inward and turning against others in their own societies in washington the mother investigation into donald trump came and went are you queen american scandal erupted and the american president has been impeached so what do we have to look forward to as the world turns to 2020 fortunately we have 3 people in the room who have all the answers
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sherrilyn harley bone a republican strategist who heads project 21 of the black leadership network ryan grim the washington bureau chief for the intercept and the author of we've got people from jesse jackson to alexandria ocasio cortez the end of big money on the rise of a movement and a fellow at the middle east institute and communication strategist that it landed 57 thank you all so much for being with us i am not going to show my cards yet on what we are going to call the biggest stories of the year but surely i want to start with you as you look at the year what were the things that resonated with you most as you look back over the last 12 months let's say impeachment which obviously is going to carry into 2027. i thought that was pretty important. and normal i mean just for our audience the college admission scandal where folks were paying to get into very hot out of university right. and got caught they were also paying people for their children to take their task. they
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were also pulled into a lot of things that a lot of hollywood movie star lots of hollywood movie stars who did a little bit of time and then also to mother of an athlete people were lying and saying that their children played cruel when they did not so it wrapped in a whole lot of deception and finally i think one of the fun stories of the year is the rise of tic tac and i'm not a teacher it's time to well it's i want to do i want to do tick tock i want to all do do them all but i want to rhyme where do you where is your map on cheryl lynn's top stories of the year i'm not sure that impeachment will and when we look back on it being that that big of a deal let's say it falls apart in the senate if he gets acquitted fairly quickly when nancy pelosi gets around to sending the articles over i think they'll probably be some people who over determine its importance based on the election results you know if he if he loses everybody will say well it was because he was impeached if
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he wins will say well impeachment just drove him to victory by inspiring his supporters when you know neither of those things are probably true if the polls are showing very little movement in people's attitudes towards trump you have this absolutely remarkable situation where 50 percent of the country in polls says trump should be impeached and removed from office and you have a clear path to reelection. that that is simultaneously true i mean it was interesting with donald trump he had 42 percent approval rating at the beginning of last year and he got 42 percent approval rating today so given all of this exhausting stuff that's happened at least in washington the last year it hasn't moved numbers and there's got to be a non-trivial number of people in there who support his removal from office and also will vote for reelection like an old anyway 'd so what is yours yeah like for the biggest stories of the year and i think it's the protests around the world because i think we're at it we're at
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a place we're in an arc in history. here where you know you had the post world war 2 kind of flowering of democracy and the clash with the with the soviet union which then ends you know late eighty's or early early nineties and i think we'll look back at this as the period where we're now sorting out kind of what the next era looks like and so are we going to look back and think of this as a time as like 848 where there were all these protests around the world simultaneously but most of them beaten back so i think it's really important so what you're saying is the popular moves we've seen in hong kong and we've seen in caracas we were just talking about a moment ago those are happening right alongside essentially ignatius nationalism white nationalism coming on and i'm interested in how you see both of these going do you see a tilt towards either the victor or bonds of the world and and. you know i you know i will tell you my biggest story of the year is since john one of the
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1000000 people. essentially setting camps so how it's going i think the or bonds of the world have the upper hand partly because a lot of them are in power already and partly because just like in $848.00 that you had all of these protests around the world there was no unifying ideology behind them whether they were happening in china in the europe or the united states . it was kind of an incoherent anger against the the regimes of the systems that were in power but nothing really connected them i think that helped propel them and you're seeing that that same thing now the difference is that the orbits of the world have this surveillance technology do you think realty to. beirut and some of what we've seen erupting in the middle east in another wave of demands for better governance and better lives i'm not even to my friend onto here yet but do you think that's part of the same thing or do you think the middle east is
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different no i think that's you know i think there's a huge part of it and the middle east i think is the canary in the coal mine on the fake news front which you're seeing all over the place in bolivia that. we don't walk into the presidential palaces anymore and put a bullet in the head of the president or carry him out and arrest him now there are these sophisticated propaganda campaigns that push big news into the narrative in this case it was there's going to be election for others going to be election fraud and then the oas comes out and says there was election fraud and people pour into the streets like happened in egypt and as happened elsewhere and then autocrats authoritarian regimes take advantage of those of those popular movements so you're seeing it be very difficult for people to sort out you know truth from fiction and you know right wing populism from left wing populism and that just benefits i think right wing populist because they're the ones that have the resources in the end to kind of stick it out onto what you're look like so similar so i agree completely.
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and while all aspects whether it's in south america or middle east or even the united states have their own specific context there is an underlying common thread among all of them which is that system is neglecting people systems that are leaving people behind whether it's or the credit systems in the middle east whether it's democracies like the u.s. we're seeing in anti-establishment and whether it's going right or left i think the question is the right have been able to capitalize on this and get into power like we've seen in the u.s. we've seen the break that we're seeing in the middle east with the repression and the pushback against protesters in south america how can we get the anti establishment aspect policies and political leaders who actually have the interest of the people at hot into these this is the power i think this is the challenge right now and that goes one of the few examples right where the anti establishment way but i'm going to push you i mean that's always the tension between people and governments and that drives a lot of change so what makes this time unique and different from your perspective
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i think it's unique in the sense that it's we're seeing the fruits of globalization but in the means of. mass mobilization so we're seeing mobilization across continents where people like people in lebanon can see and read what's happening in hong kong and i can relate and i'm now protesting and serving the same symbols so the so ideas are just flying across the world like we've never seen before and so it's just inevitable that eventually something is going to move just said something is really struck me and i think with talking about the contest if you will between populism which can have a very dark side and essentially movements protesting governments that are abusive to them and abusive to their needs you talked about ideas flying around the internet we also fake news flying through the internet and see if this interesting connection between bad stuff and potentially liberating stuff how is that tilt going i mean this is the key question and i think this is something we need to keep
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our eyes on going forward this whole battle with facebook and google's and i think it's heading to regulate the internet what does that actually mean and we're seeing you know india having internet blackouts of seeing iran have internet blackouts the need to repress and we've got a tick tock so if you go a bit here to your 3rd item to share with the story so i mean it it's again. of course is controlled by the chinese which brings in another whole similar element that it's talking about again it's fake news it's the dissemination of information and how it how it impacts the world how impacts people's lives how what type of information people get through these sources how that causes them to act i mean it really just exists to remind the audience what happened with tick-tock is that a woman who is being interviewed on to talk shared much of what his now been revealed and leaked out about one and a half 1000000 people perhaps more are being set aside in education camps in sin
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john these are we and others it's horrific thing but then also. the technology scene and the facial recognition software and the use and abuse of this technology by this state against their own that he had exist that is the tick tock tick tock and also it's all these different me. that kids because you know obviously adults around the world are using up but really the teens are you seeing it and it's all these different meanings that differ that all up and they and other people around the world are developing the means off of one thing that's put on tick that so again it's this per base of use of technology and all these different facets whether it is protests whether it's just regular popular culture and again when you put that against the backdrop of ongoing issues with facebook and google and all
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these other you know various types of technology that will be wasted as i document 5 years you know exactly what their facebook platforms and other monopoly platforms are going to become tick tocks and we've seen it happen one day during my show jack dorsey of twitter came out and banned all political this is what do you care about a business to share a base book decidedly decided not to do that and not only did not do that made a statement in congress that they were not going to fact check politicians running does that concern you. that particular part doesn't i don't i don't want soccer birds in fact checking. politicians frankly now it gets much more confusing when you get into deep fakes and it's actual dr clearly fake video you know should that be taken down. in bolivia though for instance a bunch of mosques politicians in a party have had their accounts their facebook accounts taken down and their
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message and their facebook messages they are using the human get blocked and so you have you have this disparate power going on within within facebook and that's the real thing that i think people need to contemplate when they're calling for facebook to ban speech or ban ads is that it's going to be used against people with less power by people with with more power let me jump in to chew other stories that i see out there that are both erupting this week but they represent big things that have happened during this year today dennis miller the c.e.o. of boeing just resigned over the 737 max issue and this could be a story of taking on big corporate interests brian you've written about this and the 2nd is the sentencing to death of 5 individuals who were involved in journalist jamal khashoggi murder ryan what do these 2 stories represent for you and are they big or will they also fall by the wayside as we look back at the boeing one is big
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just as a matter of economics boeing canceling production of its 737 or postponing it indefinitely has an actual measurable impact on the american economy and probably. the global economy as well what i think people are missing is that it's it's a story that's tied to kind of american decline and rot and corruption. has talked about this in his new book goliath about monopolies that the u.s. doesn't really build things anymore and so the u.s. can build a plane anymore and also the. and it ties into the corruption because regulators you know had evidence that this thing was not safe and kind of allowed it to go anyway and it has ties to to the to runaway greed where they saw they sold a plane with 737 with an optional feature that you needed to buy if you didn't want to crash that is that is insane and so some. airlines will will
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will just take the basic model that you've got that doesn't have this feature that controls for this problem that you've identified that will plunge your plane into the ground if something goes wrong and so without that feature a couple 100 people died and they're shutting it down and it's not clear when it will come back up so it's kind of a symptom of all of these different problems i think is that something that kind of ties into everything i think we've discussed we will discuss in the next few minutes which is at the core of this is the absence of regulation whether it's talking about facebook and google where we're talking about boeing and the airline industry with a complete absence of regulation from a u.s. government so. that the coal there is regulation that is it just strikes me that when donald trump came into office he said for every regulation the united states put in place he will remove 2 that may be there i mean this reminds of other things he's done of removing president obama's clean power regulations or a lot of other i said have occurred which i know has taking us into
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a topic that we haven't discussed which is climate but before that i want to get into jamal khashoggi and the state of journalists in journalism i know glenn greenwald of the inner 7 this felt under pressure from the brazilian government and i i do think myself it's a big story of journalists under siege sherrilyn in your world does that resonate well as well and i think just in anybody's world i mean this is one example where we haven't you know social media has not been able to give us information i mean we're reading the stories and we're like well who are the people convicted we still don't have that information so they are. exceed it and you know making sure that they're clamping down on social media that they are keeping things under wraps and that you know mohamed still he's coming out smelling like a flower because he's so mohammed bin salma not all mohammad you know not all men what. he's saying well you know i didn't have anything to do with it even the cia analysts and turkish officials are saying well it's pretty hard that he didn't know
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what was going on but right let me get you this is you know i think just very quickly on the side of the shoji case which was actually a case of the year before but we've seen this proceed as a comment on on journalism under under pressure around the world today is that a big story because i know i read in the intercept about some of glenn greenwald's problems you know but how do you and jim rise in one of your rights as well one of the of the new york times certainly is the powerful have been pushing on journalists you know for on for hundreds of years and thomas jefferson i think said that you know that the 1st man is not worth the paper it's written on it you have to have the culture around it to support that there are plenty of countries that have laws that support journalists but if the culture doesn't also support journalists then those laws don't matter and what what we saw ironically is that the world does still care and i think and i think saudi arabia miscalculated they kind of convinced themselves of their own fake news that showed he wasn't
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a journalist that he was just a muslim brotherhood fanatic conspiracist and and if they killed him they could get away with it the the reaction of the world i think showed them showed them that's why they had to find 5 patsies to execute. now it also shows that you know a year plus later the corporate world is looking for ways to forgive and forget and move on but it did have an impact and in brazil in the same way you know glenn was under extraordinary assault he's he still is it's not particularly safe but but this. supreme court stepped in tucker carlson even fox news host put out a statement defending glenn greenwald's right to journalism i don't agree with most of what glenn says but i respect his journalism and nobody should be attacking the free press and i think things like that that helped and the brazilian supreme court stepped in for now to protect him it can't protect them against everything but it
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so it does show that there is some residual significant support for the institution of journalism and journalists around the world left which is hopeful the you've talked a little bit about climate and gratitude and it was picked by time magazine as the person of the year we have discussed climate yet but is that something that we're just sort of now becoming something we just all know about and think about but it's not really a big deal you know growing up 2020 was the deadline for a lot of climate objectives where in 2020 and a study is burning like the got into a release maps the equivalent of the size of a large part of a street and started to burning and replicating around the world it's between philadelphia and connecticut that is the thought of the fires in australia and you know we've had bush lies in australia you know all of my life that i can remember but i mean the telephone you know i'm california and brazil but i've now i've never
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recalled anything that's of this magnitude it's the effects and the consequences they hear whether it's the thieves in you know the caribbean or the united states or it's the fire season in california everything's becoming more extreme and intense and we still don't have any concrete action to deal with climate change it's just i can't understand it because except we do and i think it goes back to what we talked about the beginning the show the one response that's emerging around the globe is eco fascism and i think that ties into what the bonds of the world want to come. the nation of pop is popular you know right wing populism surveillance and anti immigrant sentiment build walls ok let's acknowledge climate change is happening there we're going to be a resource scarce environment we need to keep everybody out and we need to just look out for ourselves and this is the way we're going to do it well i think what frustrates me is that somehow the environment has turned into a conservative progressive political issue across the world when we all live in the
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same planet like the fires that are raising through california astride on distinguishing between conservative homes the ground sometimes they blazing the truth so it like i just i just don't understand it i don't get it i mean just short form and where the last few minutes but i just i'm interested in one story that fell off the map which is palestine and something i myself have written a lot about followed over the years followed for decades and there have been astounding moves from the recognition of jerusalem to essentially the gifting of of the west bank to israel. is just a short form is that it and we just forgot and yes it is that off our map and i think it also fits into what we're talking about with the kind of transition into a more autocratic era it may be that israel says you know what we had to pretend that we were going to be negotiating a 2 state settlement for an indefinite amount of time that we may have held our breath long enough that we have moved out of the era of liberal democracy and into
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a place where we don't have to pretend anymore and we can just annex and lock it down sherrilyn what are you going to be the big stories you watch in 2020 i think this i think brock's that boris johnson i think that's going to be interesting to see how. sort of. leverage is or not leverage is that and just continuing to watch hong kong in all these hot spaces hot spots of the world and to see what happens. you know are you you know how how's the world going to react to this right on to what are you looking for in 2020. well the presidential elections last of the because i think this is such a pivotal moment to correct everything we've spoken about today there is so much power in the hands of american voters that go beyond their own borders that they need to vote and vote wisely yeah i think that's right yeah. like i said the
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we're running out of time when it comes to climate change it's difficult to see turning it around if democrats and a democrat who wants to actually cut tackled the issues we're talking about doesn't win in 2020 if you get 4 more years which i'm a credit you think is going to emerge with him do you think is going to emerge in which democrat do you want to emerge. i kind of like to see if you could fuse elizabeth warren and bernie sanders together as one person and have both both of their traits maybe maybe some type of unity with them is what i'd prefer i think that there's still a chance that elizabeth warren emerges you know she maybe she dodged some of the heat that she was going to take by by fading and rises in january but bernie sanders can't be counted out either nor can chill biden it's really it's really it's rarely open real quick sheryl industry does trump when you know i start predicting i mean you know why are we paying attention the polls the polls were all wrong in 2016 so everybody had to go out and vote and we'll see i don't let me just
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jump when. no there's not when not that's a both say we're going to be back here to see you know see with your right ryan i think you might you might win that's the intercept for you so i want to thank you all 'd very much for being with us had like to thank you cheryl and heartily love boehner republican strategist ryan gramm the washington bureau chief for the intercept and on tunis a communications strategist at 1157 and fellow at the middle east institute thank you all very much for joining us thank you and have a great new year. and so what's the bottom line from baghdad to beirut to bolivia and paris to hong kong we've seen people flood the streets to demand that their voices be heard and needs be met people feel cheated we've seen elections manipulated controversy over the boeing 737 max president trump denying climate change and the palestinians seeing their hope for a sovereign state get a global shrug in a blind eye and states have more tools and technology than ever to control what you read in here and they are monitoring us sin john and
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a 1000000 people is tomorrow's nightmare but there's always hope for a better year i choose to look at the efforts of gratitude and berger a young girl who's making us think about our changing planet there are hopeful stories amidst the bleak and that's what i hope we all remember as we move into a new year and that's the bottom line. fly a castle airways and experience the world like never before catherine ways going places
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together. in this life the most incredible stories are often true. and sharing going experiences. makes an unfamiliar for me. in this life diversity makes a difference understanding the importance of being part of something much greater than ourselves in this life what i want to use is freedom of expression. the right to more. sean and a lot into the darkness. because again. the desire to understand what. makes us human. and the human condition is universal.
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egypt's strongman is ruling with an eye and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off from arthur c. for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even their citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you want to hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo
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a on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. this is the news. in the next 60 minutes eerie scenes of an abandoned northern syria at least 12 people were killed in government strikes targeting the last rebel stronghold forcing thousands to flee. turkey's president to end the fighting in libya during a surprise visit to its neighbor tunisia. suffers one of its deadliest attacks more than 30 people were killed in a raid on an army base. typhoon seeps through the philippines causing havoc with strong winds and here.


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