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tv   Double Exile  Al Jazeera  December 26, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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hello i'm daryn join in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera thousands of syrians continue to free the last rebel held stronghold of ablett as a syrian government offensive intensifies zeros mom of the dough has more. base no letup in the mosque exit out of civilians from syria's loss that will held strong. tens of thousands of rushing to its the turkish border scrambling to escape the aerial onslaught from brushing and city and forces on. the asterix shelling and but obama talks on it lip appears designed to do just thought push people out there now quote with nowhere else to go. here now all of salt. may god take revenge on all those who caused this what have we done to deserve this
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what have we done i plead to god for mercy be god to punish them for displacing us because in all of those humiliating us for god's sake we are being prepared to live . long queues of cars and trucks loaded with people's belongings i had that most of the techies board across the bubble how awful comms for the display stuff food forcing the new displaced to set up comp in the open here they bomb shops and tweaks to stay warm in the biting winter weather techies aid workers say they're doing all they come to help at the bay could have on by the charity i.e. it's tough walk around the clock to bake bread for the ever increasing number of displaced citizens the shuttles over into cold issues aren't diet we are provide them down with top meals bread accommodation and heating materials but the families have so many meets. syrian government forces advancing towards this threat to
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dig city. as they push deeper into the west and the problems but out to no man is on the m 5 high. assad's forces are determined to cut j.t. in order to reopen that route linking the couplet of damascus with the city of aleppo syria's largest just like the rest of it live probably is not out to no man had been a refuge for city of families who fled other areas damascus had it captured during the 8 and a half year civil war it's now almost deserted and the normalcy we have gotten i fled from a sorry 2 years ago after the destruction of our homes since then i have been forced to flee with my family 3 more times and here we are again the new fighting comes despite an agreement in august by the leaders of turkey russia and iran to commit to this collision efforts in the area the techies president of egypt tabor do on how to put that to say them kyra come all time to learn new refugee flow all
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on its own a spokesman for the turkish president now say is their boss russia for us ceasefire to avoid the must suck off civilians in towns and villages were taken by syrian government forces but losses depleted involved in the operation in italy keen to help its recover the last bit of territory under the control of rebels it's not clear if the turkish plea will be heard mohamed on the wall just zita untuck it. became a fast has suffered a 2nd deadly attack near the border with mali it happened a day after 35 civilians were killed near an army base the latest attack happened while security forces one patrol nearby all violence is said since the government norge an offensive in the vendor as up an interesting explains from. many believe the recent attack emo than brickie a fossil was a response to this new offensive bricking a fossil has seen many attacks in the past 5 years that killed more than 700 people
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with half a 1000000 forced from their homes the crisis in northern mali has worsened working as security problems with fighters i've seen it did with al qaida and i still regularly. crossing the border to launch attacks turkey's president has made an unannounced trip to push for stability in libya and korea has offered military support to the internationally recognized government in its fight against the wardley for after all and several people are feared dead off a typhoon tore through the central philippines a strong $100.00 ohms to a fun fun fun made landfall on tuesday those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after al jazeera world station that's watching.
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and the. field.
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of you just goes to. all g. but it will go getting a lot of credit in the guts of the just the only thing anybody called the medical journal the last of. it although i'm going to do well for those who don't. vote for the lovable smuggler to do the journal this is. just what it's. done is it. just was assumed that this is just.
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elaborate. illusion. yeah oh my goodness we're lucky i didn't have to that didn't help his mom or me the last time i see him there were some 20 minutes i mean you're me you're near i mean had i mean i must know at the. time you don't know if you live in nice really mentally now as. you build me the muslims you have but you will enter my new religion is it going to. come kind of i'm going to tell you no matter what he was
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i'm not here. yet you know. because you know. the muslims are there were wherever there's nothing here the. isn't love salon. in this we have the. kind of the constitution habeas who. couldn't the fisa law. could know more than one law and i thought. if i show this machine. gun that you can help me and the end it won't be ok well good luck and i'll get a little of. that they. i mean. these are the links when we're here about how we're going to what it is is a live. classroom. it. was like i was just. that.
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was. a mess that's absolute. like a. sucker. fish to man. and why no let me that's just. on the. chief machine if you. i'll tell you what it's interesting that a mystic out of. quantum hornsey. the mechanical type of stuff has been on the
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news. but it was just in europe night. but in the us and the pacific and almost on the muscle no lives few. english does it give you. a show to pardon. and then only good person a bit clearer now just from russell it is a question of what they have done clinton's father. cut them up at nice august question and that when g.m. gov christie has only just a few specific or up he could only be one in the ship needed to touch him and i wish if you are going to. recount on those if not daughter. because he was. but in effect to me and to perceive what she has or has not just through what it was.
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carrying my but we were mean the hunter you know best i mean a man meant the snow had to say he had a male touch a for the knee how would she effect this chess already if one doesn't and that's i since then mention these good egg never do it again i'm due for the standard model at this time in my fanny and i think the condition attached to an equal sock and a when it initially when via just going to be an issue in donna's hobby wilcannia many should have the truth but permission about when it initially will eat that doesn't mean. the initial human of and i'm going to. play it like that anyone is in on the attack that it's not that hard and with a big kick a little might be next in the uk a not to me not to notice how just how does going to. look constant when you use that one last minute look who should lucky. we get to hit as a as a married man in the diminished while it under the influence not
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a bad. bad luck and ego and is there an undercurrent in medicine there's way a lot of way how many way. part of the docket. now i just miss it and i mean. i'm in a splendid of hub's pain room from the. last time we. had. some moments. in the.
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book so i know what. you know you know women. who are considered very very. sad and they will start to get people who have done betrayal well ok. who grow up. thank you it was funny it. was the little ones it was done. when they are. young. latina to me. culture. yes all of us. know what. to look.
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for how dark skin from how this downturn burns if a coalesce. i mean it's a small thing for a lot they feel is all. the work cut. and the only thing. a labor lawyer can watch. that means yes.
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and there's a cost. and a lenient. amount of money the time happened. but. you know. that's like you going to. need just going to the party but to me the top 5. more questions.
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1st. i said i want to. go. there. i'm going to. tell you. yeah.
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and i think yes you're mad. if you receive. yeah. yeah. yeah yeah so the block i'm going to be yeah i mean i thought. we could. she didn't lose a 1000 or. other one up so that. certainly
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for me. is that of yet as of. this of 10 we. are about among the nations you would have here. instead. of women not even see. the folly of poor. mark that's how little the other legally i wasn't over here at
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a young martyr skids of the guilty of so little for they can. one of us in good you in solving for the canal of the. heart of all souls and. another. for if. 'd 'd 'd i want to. well i had plenty of. them and. some of the time but you learned a lot. and i was at a loss of a human. 70 it's going to be clear i love up. the 10 bentley. and. at the be honest.
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it's a lot of folks more she said. on the d.n.a. of the sun and that she has often asked she has and how that turned out isn't and. that's what special and net. i'm going to be most of the fun of morris details of the joke was that my machine can hear only on few more no limits of. intimacy that i need for. an attention that is interested in any one. oh on the front does now what. do you think job or selfish. softball question the question do you come to get any better yet almost.
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machine of course you have. this is what city of. city it was like that's how. the feel got some look to that above the. yeah. you know no no not. high enough you know you can. get all of me in mecca and see. i'm saddam's morning and then i'd
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knock and you know young black some sulky and kinda skin me out of some has made out of status no. don't know what they were. i haven't. never. had to learn some little. living. room where i think gives a more up to deal with the. tension. here's a look telling you how you look then which and which should make christmas about the 10th of the most desolate hostage we're going to be able to take on a social. lot of. you can if. we are able to but i should remember that you are the. one do you know ma those
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orders actually so we don't. this should join me. as this except. when get and chairs and actually have the declare extinct. done deal and then. you know can those logs in under slots. vein and better than it would.
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linen and council and. snow were down the net for the nearest. i've been out on the. lot for blocks and the and. i've been i've been. and that's how it will get the it out and see a lot. i mean as a 2nd here i mean as a majority. i love it i look i'm sure. i love how you know how the chicken shit i live a life out of. only to. be living a lie that i want out of it on t.v. have it all made a lot of money at the for the. end of the food that whole time i'm getting to has a few of them awesome he was funny and. stuff and.
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stuff. had i think we have rules and i had the flu is moving to heck and it was how i did it was about music. zap did that or some. of them did dog yeah dad had did a lot he had had the admittedly who would have. finucane survey of self-hate against a reset button motif and a woman see both of them hard to home when they. have been planned on you know the one in which she had toured out to get a while the route taken out of front of them but only for the local seaside says well no they were there to hear me that moment i shouted and in a little hurry if we did cuba. he said that a lot of nice harmony was a slice of. one of the headless body in what had clear on behalf of people the lot of her that asking with this international can help with the next nec
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a left hand. or not and did the. bit of 40 come to her at the never being of him saying they are mean be afraid while after you. stop bad that is what i have to do what is it that is settled that it could be. your own margins keel gives up this well had to live with that at the end of the slow going to one of us a commune to me that at the end of it i was able to give you. the new that is to get up out of its new look at some of them has done out there who could. resist the ways that are high by the floors of blood when we look. at a loss of the house element of murders thrice has an act which we do and the athenians in salary at us were not. to say listen but the home. only cost could see the other things in this one did and then the button and having a gun to play with them
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a little i couldn't hard enough of them named their net of them and so distrust of the. i phone you look we still have a. saloon it is reasonably sure the question to you chief. because if. there were there were really good measures there when d.c. has it up he said. she welcomes them to the head of u.t.v. for help give us. his cousin. a gift if you know how to study to the to the 15 do you think there are more. there than what have you had in 100 years if you will have. the wisdom. to know them i was just. going to ask about the hugs it's nice but it doesn't mean that out of. doing with
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out of the fact that there are. some of them and. you know. how that came how. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations has the so many nationalities. just that we all come to different places but it's one that gives us gives us the ability to identify with the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al jazeera. a city defined by military occupation there's never
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been an arab state here at the capital of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depôt structure that mean things because only a project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is apartheid in the 21st century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera egypt strongman is ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mark for city for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even their own citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london our man in cairo on al-jazeera.
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hello i'm daryn jordan and with a quick reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera thousands of syrians continue to flee the last rebel held stronghold of ablett as a government offensive intensifies. they've taken control of dozens of towns in the last weekend and then are pushing towards my route which lies on the key highway. may god take revenge on all those who caused this what if we don't deserve this what have we done i plead to god for mercy god to punish them for displacing us because in all of this for humiliating us for god's sake we are being created to live between a fast or suffered a 2nd deadly attack near the border with mali it happened the day after 35
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civilians were killed near an army base the latest attack happened while security forces one patrol nearby well valances surgeons' the government launched an offensive in november as a dress explains. many believe the recent attack in more than brigade a fossil was a response to this new offensive brooke you know fossil has seen many attacks in the past 5 years they've killed more than 700 people with half a 1000000 forced from their homes the crisis in northern mali has. security problems with largest actually it did with al qaida and i still regularly cross the border to launch attacks these presidents made an unannounced trip to tunisia to push for stability in libya and cross offered military help to the internationally recognized government in its fight against the wall orderly for have. iraq's largest parliamentary bloc has nominated. to become the next prime minister down he's been the governor since 2017 this year candidates appointment has been
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rejected by iraqi protesters are calling for an independent candidate his nomination comes after prime minister abdul mahdi resigned last month under pressure from anti-government protesters. several people are missing and feared dead after a typhoon tore through the central philippines destroying about 100 homes. typhoon fan phone made landfall in the eastern province of some on tuesday with gusts of up to 150 kilometers an hour. more than 4000 people had to be evacuated. but those are the headlines and the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world station that's watching but i've.
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heard that around 70 man. has been focusing on women's equality. in the lab. and the. curious to lead and now our national scene mean ocean out of the cost. of credit. and because it's a bird you know it's. why the. president has written his proclamation of mission on a. disk. this is you what additional disk pick up that he wanted to drop that because that's ok too. with. the be. above.
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the small mom often of and i'm gone and like me water far flung back to the point when it came unstuck. and i'm going to just we're going to end one of the tests. and. am can see you. can have the community. and i wish you had not done as you have now is going. to put up or mom i'm. human all next. to me just has not now so left what mom. does. i know and watches me.
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every moment with a kid. but i'm a mom. just had an official. statement over. she. carried by the british just a. cousin of the me being on the job. one has an agenda that the men. welcome to indicate that. well i want to add that you are. going to.
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have the whole truth. could be anywhere any less than our own. little was done here. here's how you know this is a very. lucky dip from the nothing you can do then you should be going to be doing that with every. letter that i get a little. song
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. from the look on this hot 7 in the. sense that it's such a lovely name in another summer. but does it in this visit ism is it 11 times that was it. was enough is enough is enough ice enough. let's because i was at the end and i'm 100 i snapped. and then. he had having a good and i just. thought it was.
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going to be done according to myself going to my i stuck with a very open go to. go doctor you. know you don't mourn you know but it made me feel moved not a good look at the moment. but i would letter of him i almost had it doesn't it is his if it. but about does that. tell me that there was to be upset. cetin and he needs to see because you know he lay with us when doug williams was looking to be it was the it had even . a year a little out of motive and that because there was we had that as the sort of cheap little focal camilli. has a screen which. i can add one to god that was a good athlete when you go in there so they can live up to was quite ice
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from. my willy dean i could see 10 seeds 8 about lot of. most of them if it helps gets in the humps and industry it's and thoughtful plus. who my money dot. com chair. and i was at them how to. cross it off and. clear what i was. then and that would happen but. it would have. been more on the you know the kind of that we did there not something with a cover i had they were legally. confirming it has been. going on and didn't need them. i had to wear has had to wear had that in me something. i have never been in this little boy to.
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another service and. you can as i'm a see as to his level and. can't buy me 100 to has it have. a. handle when you. look them said obviously i. have. already met there is you. know as they are. told me if i had no. fuss. or somewhat of that in her.
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meeting that has lasted hours. or different had i let it get. to. then then. you.
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get in his house their business need. to. kill their stock. bottom kind of the celeb said you know i deserved every other word said you know and i had about an assistant. wasn't already a didn't you know didn't know i meant things without being aware had it been that of a t. that if i think. that it's just me. they don't know whether this is them i mean yes on most of them a bizarre they're listening to iow 'd i hadn't screamed. was on the move until. the well over the guy that it. says nuff to believe what is obvious they knew that if anything was cut off
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stuff like that oh yeah i think one foley that said it. was yes totally. comes and. couldn't be. decision given what i. 'd feel. about. that. and i'm doing justice as a human. i'm via line vs again alien in new us again on a. heavy how do you view. the people feet. and it's. obvious. reason you
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couldn't hold a few. if you had to have but i've been at. it that. isn't going. to how do you feel if you had the fever. and. going and going and going huh little rock. at least. will feel hard to clinton. who will believe in the any of the not woman. but. if you know. enough about the maddest and does that mean to tell me that the new company and. even the lady.
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i didn't mechanisms 'd.
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there. is no. real you know if you want to call me that if you want to be accurate but. when i think it will. give you to. get. your horse out on so i. came in.
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might have had that mad because if it was a scheme instead visit. iraq and crafts. as a woman is the. best with the bluest but that was that she. was didn't need. it she had seen. some of the stuff and it was it's in can. visit. to stock no no i have blue no can go have a quote i'm to go to how could god the mother of them as a symbol to be to them it's been. all right after i started any. of them. no. more she could see if you know. clearly delimit less about it billy the kid did it
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. look i don't read this stuff. it's a little beneficial for the. body any. good. and if. they're not going to go into some time back he meant there might be to play you can see if you got to tell you. and a lot to do and not to say i mean them shyly. i started to understand. the view of the head the novice and the benefit of the 3 of us are not the. same man
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and the man the figure out in the next image was about innocence and. this isn't present a look. perfectly correct. and maybe. that because. when i came out michigan issues. ok that's what he came or to nest. a bit. and had so in the mix complaining. unless i look at that school helmet then the. event tomorrow gets here will come onshore something is next. and i got some numbers. and if you.
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look a business. you know i'm going to have and side with him in the field and of sheva and. under. him a. way less needed. an addiction the bullying with exhibition edition a sham of not just for the. ok what if they haven't done 5. minutes out of their lives if it goes missing or sort of a sudden. i see this article is young and i know nothing of it all next on the lead no nothing of a living for us and this is meaningless yes i will know you were alone if you want
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anyone to moles from the 3rd 1000 hawking of people in my want to know what i want to know what one of them that made me and then. make that image how do i said or not i would give them the exam i begin to. see if i did some of the older you know you have had with them with c.s. a high level headed c.s. a lot of us in this year's string of one c.s.e. photo had their head used to be there and have a. leak and see. no one of the key moment in time you know mom out and lead not give as they head out and they saw have the.
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all those nice little d.v. the looking man as long as they can let on the things i'll. let them and homes them in the movie i do need to forget 100. more to figure out how to look the colors and colors plus a. i think. from the. very next and make sure. they have it up. i don't hope. to haiti. and if i don't. give a film about the problem you guys are over the stuff. where is this . going to visit.
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and. just. how many. haven't made it i had a smile and now that i am. reminded of. what you're. saying i limit. it i'm a scene and i'm going to 50 feet. you. know what to say will lead the same.
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when i'm in the medical news a lot about. the book. called how or lies out before you know how fulfilling of us are what sort of. ringback ceremony are there well that. will have the heart of this. book and. progress never see. a lot of windsor for. a while mission to. voyage. one. and only a horse and. cart
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have typed and hundreds. and i. can't imagine. what if. any magic i had met on the. coast it was a 100 and. ellison from a man and i had to have their finicky i thought of what yeah but i know where they're going and one of. 'd them would give me one of them to do for.
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hello again welcome back we're here cross southern california over the next few days the flood threat is on the rise we do have a system that is coming out of the pacific and with it we're going to be seen plenty of moisture in the low levels and it's going to be snow into the higher elevations and for los angeles you could be seen quite a bit of rain over the next few days and the temperatures down to about 12 degrees there but by the time we don't go to go from the thursday and into friday we are going to see some better temperatures but still very heavy rain also some very heavy snow across much of the southwest out here towards the east it's going to be new york with some clouds in the forecast jumping up to about ninety's there washington 10 in atlanta a chilly day for you at about 16 degrees well here across the caribbean finally the rain the very heavy rain we have seen over the last few days is finally moving out we'll be seeing plenty of sun across much of the area particularly out here towards the west not a lot of clouds for half an hour with the temperature finally coming back up to about $26.00 degrees and also down here across much of rio de janeiro expect to see
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more rain that has been going on for the last few days the frontal boundary causing the rain is really stationary across much of that area down towards one of the rain is out of the picture for you we do expect to see a term to there of $26.00 degrees and by the time we get towards friday some clouds in the forecast with a temperature of $28.00. think stories generate fountains of headlines these protests are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to prison doesn't mean right stuff that the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories without taking down the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the stories of those human beings on the ground with the listening post on al-jazeera. examining the
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impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation i've used the term by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique aloma is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a neo fascist moment international filmmakers and world class journalists bringing programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera. they wanted 43000000000 pounds with a weapon that was 6000000000 pounds in term if. there is no hope of ending war because there's always a small cobbles people from really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. daryn jordan this is the i was there when he was our live from coming up in the next 60 minutes tens of thousands of people flee northern syria as government jets continue to bomb the rebel held in that province. turkey 6 to mrs helped to secure a cease fire in libya days after it offered military support to the u.n. recognize government in tripoli. festivities and flames to lands in the port city of. recalled.


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