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that shouldn't be the end of the discussion. there should be a ok let's see what went wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that doesn't happen again. techies president says he will present a bill to parliament to send troops to libya i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha also coming up a 2nd. day after dozens of civilians were killed in the know. tens of thousands government forces intensify their assault on syria's last rebel held province. a wildfire sweeps through the city of. destroying hundreds of homes. and corruption cases and to repeat election.
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minister benjamin netanyahu faces a primary challenger from his party. so we begin with breaking news this hour in turkey's president to ship typewriter one has said he will be sending troops to libya after an invitation from its internationally recognized government the turkish president says it wants to support the chippie based government which has been under a months long offensive by forces loyal to warlords. the turkish president says he will seek parliament's approval once it reconvenes in january hope present a bill to parliament to send troops to libya. he also says that he's agreed with tunisia to support libya's internationally recognized government headed by. we'll have more on this story when we speak to our correspondent mom with up to lod later in this bulletin moving on to other news in people in brooklyn a fossil
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a morning after 2 attacks in just 48 hours at least 12 soldiers were killed when they were ambushed on wednesday night in a in some province near the border with mali it's the same region where an army base in a nearby town were attacked on tuesday 35 civilians and 80 gunmen were killed or 2 days of mourning were declared in booking a fossil a warning that some of the images you're about to see in a major says report are disturbing. officials in brick you know fossil say these are the bodies of some of the men who attacked the positions of civilians in the north the military says it killed at least 80 of the attackers. it's one of the worst attacks by armed groups since 2014. this attack on a restaurant and work a degree 2007 team killed dozens of people. the government to bring in a fossil has declared 2 days of national mourning for victims of tuesday's attack
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well since. we have to think about solidarity and national cohesion people women for the most part were getting water and got murdered in cold blood by the terrorists while they were retreating we must show compassion with the populations that is why all flags will fly at half mast for 2 days and all christmas celebrations are cancelled. although there are thousands of international forces in west africa sail region the violence has increased in the past form and there are fears of more attacks the same gun countries have little major role in the glow of terror clearly in hosted military bases joint bases facilities for example i've cos it's not going to be hosting terror training camp so they are playing in the global war on terror out and as a result i receive in the backlash for the contribution in november the army launched a new offensive against local and foreign armed groups operating in the country.
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many believe the recent attack in more than broke across was a response to this new offensive bricking a fossil has seen many attacks in the past 5 years that killed more than 700 people with have a 1000000 forced from their homes the crisis in northern mali has worsened brokenness security problems with fighters are cleared it with al-qaeda and i still regularly cross the border to launch attacks. kill a fossil is due to hold its presidential elections in 20 quid and president marco boring ones to restore peace before the vote but is still clear if his army is up to the tosk how to crease al-jazeera a project. in syria government troops have captured dozens of villages in the last rebel held province of idlib the territorial gains over several days following weeks of artillery bombardment and airstrikes supported by russia 130000 civilians have been forced from their homes already this month as winter temperatures fall to
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near freezing the world health organization is warning that around 12000000 syrians need medical assistance but. how can they do this to us even israel wouldn't do this this is so wrong 20 houses flattened to the ground all at once how can this be possible there are no front lines here just civilians i have got to punish all of them all of these muslim states even turkey turkey is supposed to be the guarantor to stop this madness but the key protecting russia iran and even assad may god curse him on. while many syrians are on the move north towards the border with turkey but turkey's president has warned his country cannot cope with another influx of refugees syrian government forces an awful casino in capturing the city of marathon them on the rebel held area says someone important motorway which links the capital damascus to aleppo once syria's largest city al-jazeera has monitored the reports on the border with syria. there's no
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letup in the mosque exodus of civilians from serious loss to the rebel held stronghold. tens of thousands of rushing to its the turkish border scrambling to escape the aerial onslaught from russian and city and forces on it. the asterix shelling and but obama talks on it lip appears designed to do just thought push people out on them now quantity with nowhere else to go. you know all of salt. my god take revenge on all those who caused this what have we done to deserve this what have we done i plead to god for mercy be god to punish them for displacing us because in all of those humiliating us for god's sake we had being pinned to live. long queues of cars on trucks loaded with people's belongings i had that most of the techies border crossing of bubble how with off
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a shell comes for the displaced off food forcing the new displaced to set up camp in the open here they bomb shops and tweaks to stay warm in the biting winter weather techies aid workers say they're doing all they can to help to bake it even by the charity i object it's tough walk around the clock to bake bread for the ever increasing number of displaced citizens to share some of the winter conditions aren't diet we are providing down with top me was bread accommodation and heating materials but the families have so many means. syrian government forces advancing towards the strategic city. as they push deeper into the west and the problems but out to no money is on the m 5 highway assad's forces at the time and took up to you know about 3 open that route linking the couplet of damascus with the city of aleppo syria's largest just like that arrest of it live probably is not
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out to no man had been out of food for city in families who fled other areas damascus out of the captured during the 8 and a half year civil war it's now almost deserted anonymously without government i fled from assad regime 2 years ago after the destruction of our homes since then i have been. forced to flee with my family 3 more times and here we are again the new fighting comes despite an agreement in august by the leaders of turkey russia and iran to commit to this collection efforts in the area the turkish president of egypt tabor do and has repeatedly said on kyra come out hundreds of new groups to give through all on its own a spokesman for the turkish president now says there was russia for a cease fire to avoid the must suck off civilians in towns and villages were taken by syrian government forces but losses deploy involved in the operation in it came to help its recover the last bit of territory under the control of rebels it's
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not clear if the turkish police will be heard mohamed on the wall just zita untucked here. wildfires have ruined christmas for many largest city dozens of families are homeless in valparaiso the bay started in a forest and quickly spread to sub suburbs nearby. a neighborhood wiped out by a wildfire that tore down from the hills a valid part of esau on christmas eve. i live over there and my house was burnt my cousins and uncles were relatives in the street this is my mother's house that house was built by my father i was born here. the port town is renowned for its colorful wooden houses its lift is charcoal hundreds of residents spent christmas day sifting through the debris isom said a skate the place. we were preparing dinner with the family with everything that
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had already happened in valparaiso with protests we were very sad because we could not work and now we have finally lost what we need to live and stay here. i managed to get the pets and the t.v. out but i couldn't take more because the police took me away there was nothing more that could be done. the fire began on tuesday fanned by strong winds and a hot dry start to summer firefighters began a ground an aerial if it limit the destruction to move swiftly into the dance neighborhood. at least 60 homes have already been damaged and this number is likely to increase because many are in bad shape so it's difficult to count in these minutes. that number soon. residents of what they could before they were evacuated some using buckets of water to douse the fire annoyed i feel powerless because all the houses bring another 1st coming here and there's my mom's house down this
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government official surveyed where the blaze began speculating it had been started deliberately. disappointing but the i'm going to feel there is evidence being invested. weighted by to prosecution police investigators are carrying out all the due diligence to find possible responsibility and if prevented him and the highest penalty. for now though it's residents who are paying the penalty harmless they're sleeping in school buildings clearing out what's lift to start again ballasts al-jazeera israeli warplanes have attacked hamas targets in gaza no injuries are reported israeli forces say they were responding to rockets fired from gaza towards ashkelon where an election campaign rally was being held by prime minister benjamin netanyahu. while the vote is being how daft and it's now failed to form a government but before that national poll has contending with an leadership challenge from his own party at tasha go name reports from west jerusalem. in april
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there were fireworks and a jubilant crowd as prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his wife took the stage to celebrate winning the largest number of seats in the israeli election. tonight is a night of an immense victory 5 months later in front of a sparse crowd a somber netanyahu addressed supporters once again after winning the most seats but failing for a 2nd time to form a government. there can't be and won't be a government that leans on the arab and he's honest parties since then netanyahu has become the 1st sitting prime minister to be indicted for bribery fraud and popular breach of trust charges he says are politically motivated now he's fighting to retain control of his likud party. on thursday more than 100000 likud party members will decide if they'll put their support behind the man who's
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become the longest serving prime minister in israeli history. or if it's time for new leadership former interior and education minister gideon sar is vying to replace him i think that it's a very good thing that the likud had the primaries i think that they. had to call ridge to confront. and i think it's a good indicator that the days are. his last days in power but netanyahu is popularity has remained consistent among his base the economy has been good and the security situation is stable during that in yahoo's more than 13 year. as in power he's transformed israeli politics and shifted the country to the right some say he's divided the population and it is a battle against corruption charges he's attempted to deal with gena my eyes law
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enforcement the judiciary and the media with work all over the world this vocalism . using the claiming that the courts and the media are their elites are after me. that is of the people and also you have to remember that at least from the point of view of the right wing little you know it was a very successful by days and is really still find out if he can pull off another victory even if he does he faces another challenge on tuesday the supreme court will rule on whether an indicted prime minister is even allowed to form a government natasha going to aim al-jazeera west jerusalem. to the head on are just there are christian leaders in iraq council festive celebrations in solidarity with the victims of anti-government protests plus. it is a city of refugees stretching as far as the eye can see what is the future hold for
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these rangar are they any closer to going home i'm stephanie decker in southeastern bangladesh will be looking at those questions coming up. well we got such high food making its way away from the philippines now but still a fair legacy of cloud on the right dragging its way in across parts of the philippines in particular this is what remains of typhoon handphone that's going to make its way over towards central parts of vietnam over the next couple days weakening as it does say we can see how was dragging in a fair amount of wet weather for friday saturday does look like a slightly better die still a few showers coming through but things starting to dry up as the system pushes
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across into the south china seas elsewhere the usual scattering of very heavy showers some heavy showers that for malaysia and down into indonesia meanwhile across australia we've had a few shows some useful rifle just around the southeastern corner of queensland it's northern parts of new south wales the show is tending to ease as we go on through the next couple days trial so weather will push its way back in i'm afraid i'd like getting up to 40 celsius on friday that transfers a little further east which as we go on into saturday assata things to come northerly winds melbourne around 34 degrees celsius sydney still a 24 but it will heat up here was to go on through the weekend made by well it's was the west perth with a high of 29. the
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at. the airline council is an experience that will never be seen. in places together. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories turkey's president was shipped typo on says he will be sending troops to libya after an invitation from its internationally recognized government ancora says it wants to support the tripoli based authorities which has
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been under a month long offensive by forces loyal to walt have talked at least while soldiers have been killed in a 2nd attack in booking a fossils province of soulmate came just a day after dozens of civilians were killed in a coordinated attack mia by 2 days of national mourning were declared and syrian government troops have captured dozens of villages in the last rebel held province of idlib 130000 civilians have been displaced with winter temperatures approaching freezing. internet and phone lines are still down in some parts of the philippines after typhoon fun folan at least 16 people were killed in the storm which tore roofs of houses and toppled trees planes in ferry services are suspended stranding thousands of people the storm has now moved off into the south china sea. a boat has capsized in eastern turkey drowning at least 7 migrants 64 other afghans pakistanis and bangladeshis were saved from lakes on by an agency workers the lake
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is near the border between turkey and iran and is a well used crossing point for migrants heading towards europe. now the iranian government is denying no quality fuel is to blame for causing air pollution hospitals are treating thousands of iranians with breathing difficulties small gain the capital tehran has forced a weeklong shutdown of schools and kindergartens. reports. toxic smog hangs over the run schools and kindergartens have been closed for a week children and people with respiratory problems have been told to stay indoors france it's a high altitude and is surrounded by a mountain range which can trap polluted air the government says it's investing millions of dollars to reduce pollution but many here believe it's the quality of fuel in vehicles that's causing the problem the government insists it's not like this is cooked in. the environment department earlier said that gasoline share in an air pollution is minimal the fuels type is not the issue the pollution created
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for example by nonstandard motorcycles as i'm told the pollution by a motorcycle is equivalent to 7 vehicles and we have many nonstandard motorcycles but on the streets of the city many are not convinced by getting bans in these best the government should be kind to us and improve the quality of our fuel then we can breathe more easily you don't feel like you're breathing in oxygen at all no add on your looks if it's not fuel then what is it maybe there are natural factors such as inversion but the major reason is the lead in our kathleen. pollution is the daily story of children in tehran every night they are waiting to hear that schools are closed tomorrow this pollution is very serious look at people they are wearing a mask and compre they will talk pollution is. also taking its toll on the health service is more people being treated in hospital for breathing problems. than something called the real life more than 60 percent of cars in the streets are
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older ones 20 years or more they should be replaced with new models these old cars are even worse than the new low quality types produced by domestic auto makers if we can replace these worn out old cars with hybrid or electronic cars we can get rid of this pollution if we were not under sanctions we could easily import high quality spare parts and get rid of the situation many in france say they have no choice but to live under this great cloud this time of year you should be able to see the snow capped mountains. but the behind of iranians are not only concerned about the health implications of the pollution but also that is robbing them of the idyllic skyline. al-jazeera the horizon. iraq's largest parliamentary group has nominated its choice for prime minister. governor of the oil rich province many protesters are calling for an independent candidate and a complete overhaul of the sectarian leadership system prime minister abdullah abdullah mahdi resigned last month following weeks of anti-government anger at
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corruption the lack of jobs and public services meanwhile iraq's christian leaders have canceled major christmas celebrations in stanley diety with the anti-government protesters the numbers of christians are dwindling across the country but the demonstrations are uniting people of all face similar fault and has the story from baghdad. christmas day and better than a rare occasion to celebrate for a beleaguered minority that has yet to recover from years of violence at the hands of iceland al qaeda many here remember the days when christians in iraq numbered in millions and formed an integral part of society. in the thirty's or even the people in history celebrating until late at night you couldn't walk from here to there because of the crowds the christians the muslims and all the folks were celebrating both great day. this year's christmas is once again overshadowed by suffering but this time it's the suffering of others church leaders have council
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tell abrasions outside these prayers in solidarity with the victims of a violent crackdown on anti-government protests and now you know that god do we have a celebrations before people would gather together how everyone stays in their own homes there's no christmas this year we don't have christmas because people are dying. during the sermon the congregation prays for the hundreds of victims and tens of thousands of injured in the protests the vast majority of whom are from the shia south iraq's christian community has faced a steady decline over the years with those left behind feeling increasingly pushed to the margins of society in politics but the latest protests unique in. they cut across that the religion has brought christians and muslims closer in their demands for justice good governance and a better life. is a christian and has taken part in demonstrations since they began alongside her muslim compatriots mishearing. for the church and islam there is one god and iraq
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is just one their cause is al course demands of the same which is to change the entire government and to dissolve the parliament. symbols of christianity put up by both christians and muslims alike can be found across tahrir square muslim protesters have erected christmas trees but instead of lights and ornaments they bear pictures of those killed at the hands of security forces or they should do a. lot of history represents those who died in the $25.00 revolution and research it's up to commemorate the souls who struggled in the demonstrations and who gave their lives for the sake of the country we would not forget the blood. it's the 1st time since 2003 that christians and muslims stand united for a nation free of sectarianism and the governments that will serve and protect all regardless of their faith only then could iraq's minorities they say once again thrive and perhaps even regain their former strength to mount
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a faltering al-jazeera. police in india are being accused of using unauthorized excessive force against protesters at new delhi's jamey university around 2 weeks ago an independent investigation has found offices indiscriminately the demonstrators destroyed public property and arrested people on lawfully police are also being accused of intimidation and firing on protesters in uttar pradesh where 18 people were killed the demonstrations are against a new citizenship law that's been labelled as one time muslim. nama morial services are being held across asia to mark 15 years since the devastating indian ocean tsunami survivors gathered in bonn ken one of the hardest hit villages in thailand 230000 people were killed across 12 countries when ways as high as 17 meters swept through all the loss remains painful for many survivors comment i don't think they died on the day the tsunami hit we couldn't find them until the 28th and their
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bodies hadn't decomposed at all i often imagine how much they would have thought about me before they took their last breath but we couldn't find them we couldn't help them this has stuck with me and every time i think about it it hurts with 21000 coming to a close we're looking ahead to the stories sure to make headlines in the new year and good news is something 3 quarters of a 1000000 in bangladesh need in the 1st of our series stephanie decker reports from cox's bazaar where the refugees remain stuck. leaders deny the genocidal campaign which drove them there 2 years ago the forest is slowly growing back. even starting to outgrow the huts it now shares these hills with this tree used to be the only reminder of the thick canopy cut down to make way for the hundreds of thousands of ringer who fled what you see here was a forest preserve 3 years ago it's taken a multinational effort by different agencies together with the bangladeshi
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government to host almost 900000 people on this challenging terrain but what happens now this is the 3rd year of the rowing go crisis the 1st year was all about saving lives and the 2nd year was about stabilizing the situation in the camp that you see and i would say about the 3rd year really has to be about preserving people's hold and their dignity for the year for the future and when we look at the hills of myanmar just over there that's where people want to go that's what they tell us they want to repatriate the multiple attempts to start a voluntary repatriation program this failed no one here trusts the me and my government will ensure their safety it hasn't allowed any observers to visit the red areas and bangladesh has made it clear it can't host them forever. for the refugees there is a lot of time to think. it is the father of 3 of the children. he was i was attacking living here now for almost 2 and
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a half years somehow we are managing and for that you're really grateful to all those who are helping us but we are deeply concerned about our children's future and their education although we are getting by but if we end up staying here longer than it is very likely our freedom and movement will be more restricted. there are already restrictions here during the contour of the camps nor access the main roads after dark and recently the military has started to build a fence around the camps perimeter the local bangladeshi population is also becoming frustrated with the refugees the situation is not sustainable in the long term but there seems to be little international pressure on me and more to change it it's almost 2 and a half years on and still no one has been held to account for what happened to the rangar these camps are the thoughts of some of the world capital cities but what everyone has a story of tragedy and trauma it seems the world is simply accepted that this is just the way it is this fall slansky of refugees hidden away in far south eastern
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bangladesh is simply a new reality it's a reality no one here wants to accept with their lives on hold everyone wants to go home mean mars mountains can be seen from all across these camps but as things stand for now it may as well be a world away stephanie decker 0 in the rain the refugee camps of southeastern bangladesh on 2021 mark 5 years of conflict in yemen the war has killed thousands and displaced more than 3000000 people in part 2 of our series on next year's biggest stories we'll look at the prospects for peace that's coming up on friday december 27th. sky watchers across the gulf in southern asia have been treated to a rare solar eclipse it's known as a rain of fire and happens when the moon isn't close enough to the to completely obscure the sun it means you can still see
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a thin bright ring outside around the outside the phenomenon lasts about 3 hours as always much more news on our website al-jazeera dot com the very latest stay on that breaking news story in take this president announcing plans to send troops to libya more in just a few minutes. so again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's president for ship type or at owen says he will be sending troops to libya after an invitation from its internationally recognized government says it wants to support the tripoli base authority which has been under a months long offensive by rival forces. at least 12 soldiers have been killed in a 2nd attack in booking a fossils province of so on it came just a day after dozens of civilians were killed in a coordinated attack nearby 2 days of mourning where it syrian government troops
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have captured dozens of villages in the last rebel held province of idlib nearly 130000 civilians have been displaced with winter temperatures approaching freezing . how can they do this to us even israel wouldn't do this this is so wrong 20 houses locked into the ground all at once how can this be possible there are no frontlines here just civilians got to punish all of them all of these muslim states even turkey turkey is supposed to be the guarantor to stop this madness but the tea party russia iran and even assad may god curse him on. i want fire has destroyed about $200.00 homes in chile the blaze started in a forest near a so events spreading to suburbs off the port city helicopters are helping crews on the ground israeli warplanes have attacked thomas targets in gaza no injuries are reported israeli forces say they were responding to rockets fired from gaza towards
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ashkelon where a campaign rally was being held by caretaker prime minister benjamin netanyahu internet and phone lines are still down in some parts of the philippines after typhoon fun fun hits at least 16 people were killed in the storm which tore roofs of houses and toppled trees panes in ferry services a suspended stranding thousands of people but he said india being accused of using unauthorized and excessive force against protesters at new delhi is jamming a university of around 2 weeks ago an independent investigation found offices indiscriminately beach demonstrators destroyed public property and arrested people unlawfully they're also accused of firing on protesters in auto pradesh where 18 people were killed those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year its people in power to stay with this. what kind of does that provide and is anyone willing to pick up the calls we bring you the stories and developments of
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the rapidly changing the world we live in so is it possible for trump to actually michu a key on the counting the cost on al-jazeera. west africa is battling an opioid to use trust medicine such as tramadol legally prescribed by doctors from pain relief but taken into life threatening to texts by millions in search for the fakes already stripped off a treat and left it to people in power has been to nigeria to investigate and of the drug smuggling traces and abuse to the widespread corruption the follow system has traffic and the appalling health consequences for those in its grip.
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