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to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study. one want to waste investigates the pakistani company at legibly selling to greet the dolls of the big around the world on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello there i'm julie went on with this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes turkey announces plans to send troops to libya next month to shield tripoli against warlords heavily for half the us forces. iraq's president says he will resign rather than approve a candidate for prime minister backed by the biggest block economy. israel's prime minister survives a leadership challenge ahead of the 3rd election in less than
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a year. and 15 years after a devastating tsunami killed hundreds of thousands of people across asia many of the survivors are still struggling to deal with their long. a very warm welcome to the program good to have your company libya's internationally recognized governments made a formal request for turkish military support that's according to the reuters news agency turkey's president earlier said he's willing to send soldiers to tripoli and ancora could vote within the next fortnight on whether to approve that deployment well turkish forces will be tasked with fending off fights as loyal toward holly for huffs are they began a military offensive to capture the libyan capital in april half stars backed by the u.a.e. egypt russia and jordan in the past few hours egypt's president has urged u.s.
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president donald trump to use his influence to end what he called illegal foreign interference in libya well mark would abdul wahid begin sark coverage now from tripoli. this is southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli where there's been heavy fighting for the past 8 months. forces loyal to warlord liefer hefted are now using artillery fire to advance with the help of russians who are reportedly leading have to us forces as they take control of civil important locations including military camps near the salon the neighborhood. to key says it's a planning to send troops to help you and your kidneys the government it wants to prevent have to his forces from seizing the libyan capital turkish president trichet tayyip erdogan says parliament will voting january on a mandate to send troops to libya in charlotte 6 god willing on the 8th or the 9th
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of january we will pass this in our parliament we will be responding to the invitation. we have given i will give all forms of support to the tripoli government which is fighting against just general backed by arab countries and europeans. during a news conference in tunis libya's interior minister to warn it that libya's neighboring countries will be affected if true police falls he says hafter is being backed by civil regional countries. we know very well there are a morality forces an airbase in the east of the country there are also forces from sudan and chad they have all been brought by have tara has given them bases and airports in libya without any agreements we hope that the situation is worsening as half those warplanes target civilian locations in and around tripoli. who has voiced concerns over
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a possible turkish military deployment to libya while president irvine said last week turkey will not stay silent over what he called rushed. backed mercenaries supporting pastor potter's forces are supported by advanced weapons and troops from several countries including russia france the united arab emirates and egypt turkey appears to be one of very few friends of the tripoli based government who are prepared to offer more than mere words to support it. would have. to pretty. well she have returned he is in washington d.c. he says it's hard to understand what the u.s. strategy in libya will really is. there's never really any and the firm line on what's the u.s. official position is on libya all we get is constantly shifting messages whether this is to do with strategic ambiguity well thought out foreign policy or whether
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it's due to factionalism and confusion within the trump administration itself as to what it stands for what it wants to stand for is unclear but we have this phone call between the u.s. and egyptian presidents this is what the the us readout is regarding libya the leaders rejected foreign exploitation and agreed that parties must take urgent steps to resolve the conflict before libyans lose control to foreign activists now one of those foreign actors is clearly egypt and president sisi who was on that call let's look at the egyptian media and look at that that presentation of that conversation l.c.c. asserted to the american president egypt support for empowering the libyan people in achieving security and stability as well as stressed the importance of the role of the libyan national army after us forces in fighting terrorism that threatens the whole middle east region so that would seem that they're all on the same page but that means and that the u.s. is with egypt in supporting. american position has changed quite
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a bit initially it was with the u.n. with the internationally recognized position of supporting the government in tripoli that it was reported in around. egypt saudi arabia lobby door trying hard to start positive so we say to general have to and that was followed in may with a phone call between donald trump which was seen as deeply symbolic or apparently they talked about how a vision for libya that's pretty significant stuff given that might compare just a few weeks earlier had been had been condemning. but then we had those reports which russia still denies of russian mercenaries all mercenaries of these being paid for by russia who are actively supporting health then we had an official state . from the state department pompei or another saying look there has to be a cease fire immediately we don't necessarily support a housetop entirely clear but they were saying look this has to stop and now we have this phone call between c.c. the trump apparently they're all the same page so does that mean then that the
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trump insertion is back in with her and the egyptians and so on so we don't really we don't really know what's going on we don't know if this is policy or just part of that pulling back from the middle east where donald trump as we love long reported feels he doesn't have a dog in the fight of the time and if the europeans want to get involved iran else it will get involved let them sort it out obviously there are other people in the top of ministration who feel differently in january 8th one of the parliament ariens in libya said. by john yoo the 8th that actually is what i believe that it putin is supposed to be in turkey meeting type. 2 in or greater new gas pipeline and by the way a lot of this is to do with gases that is often the case so that's quite significant if they have a parliamentary vote while putin is that already there whispers of putin and coming together with some sort of important initiative while he's that putin not terribly happy about the idea of to action to mention but this is adds to all this the general confusion in a very very complex proxy war. well let's take
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a look at the wider impact of the libya conflict libya is a major transit route for migrants and refugees heading to europe there's also a new maritime border deal between the government in tripoli and turkey it carves out a corridor between the 2 potentially clearing the way for oil and gas exploration but greece egypt and israel appalls the agreement and speaking of oil libya's known reserves are amongst the largest in the world at nearly 50000000000 barrels well william lawrence is a professor at george washington university's elliott school of international affairs and he thinks turkey has nothing to lose i don't think anyone really wants to send in troops and he's been signaling in various ways including to the tunisians that there's a cease fire coming that he'd prefer not to bring in troops and on the other hand if he does send in troops though those can be used for the defense of tripoli from the 3000 sudanese mercenaries and 1000 russian mercenaries and and other increasing troop levels it also sends
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a psychological message both militarily and also regarding the internal an extra lion says in libya regarding the libyan conflict and it also helps get us to the berlin peace conference in january because if tripoli falls that completely changes the turner of that discussion then if tripoli is holding up and there's an actual cease fire and peace deal that can be negotiated and william other likely to be behind the scenes conversations here between russia and turkey is there an element of brinkmanship in what we're seeing here or what we think we might be seeing year no question and i've seen 10 different versions among the analysts of the deal that could be in the making what's being discussed the turkish for ministers mr was just in moscow having a pretty discussions there was a talk of an igloo for trippy a tripoli deal where the russians would be given more of a way forward in it live in exchange. for stepping back in tripoli and increasingly
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the syrian and and libyan theaters are overlapping in the turkish russia negotiation and putin's also been very astute here because with an increased turkish presence that also is part of his desire to decrease nato influence in libya so it's turks instead of nato and then he's got that other arms deal with turkey which he's trying to cut in and nato has influence and be his relationship with turkey as well so all of those issues are interconnected now william what's your view on the the u.s. position or lack of a clear position while it's true that trump has been all over the place and every time he calls him he seems to shade toward taft our but after the phone call on april 4th the white house in the state department immediately walked it back every time trump makes one of these phone calls or tweets to the the larger u.s. government will walk it back because it's really not in the u.s. interest to change sides in support have to are when have to himself is committing
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most of the war crimes is having the greater destabilizing effect in libya and is generally not been much of an ally in fighting terrorism in fact it was mostly the western government that got isis out of the coastal and city areas in in libya and have to have barely lifted a finger and so there's a lot of skepticism i have to our across the u.s. government even if somehow some time sisi can can convince trump to to do some messaging on behalf of her far. iraq's president says he'd rather resign in the name of allah donny as the new prime minister has already been rejected by protesters 100 salah has been trying to find a replacement for idol abdul mahdi who stepped down last month is decision to quit though it's done little to satisfy the protesters who've been demanding a complete overhaul of the political system those reports now from baghdad
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a political maneuver with potentially far reaching consequences iraq's president has sent his resignation letter to parliament saying he would rather step down than approve a new prime minister in a 3 page statement barham saleh said out of my kenya so avoid bloodshed and protect civil peace i will not name downey as a candidate for the next prime minister i donny is the governor of buster province he was nominated for the role by the largest bloc in parliament. that coalition is made up of mainly rainin backed political groups which is why their candidate is being furiously rejected by their opponents i don't he was picked to replace other lobdell mettie who resigned in november after months of anti-government protests but the governor has been accused of neglecting his own province busser is home to more than 70 percent of iraq's oil reserves but locals don't have the basic necessities like clean water and reliable electricity i don't think they will
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accept his resignation i think they will try to convince them is that you must accept our candidate in a way or another but i don't think he will accept that he will try hard also to push over in just as i said someone who is independent prosecutor owned didn't be inside the political process and look for the future of iraq but. protesters have strongly rejected i can his nomination and that's the reason president saleh for not approving the choice it now means since matty's resignation no party has proposed a candidate who has been acceptable to all sides the protests which began here in early october have been about demanding political change in iraq a new electoral law was finally passed on tuesday which seemed to please most iraqis and now it is the latest move by president saleh to reject i done his candidacy is likely to strengthen the demonstrators position for such
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a pari al jazeera baghdad on the other shame is the director of the center for middle eastern studies at the university of denver he says iraq is going through a dangerous moment further complicated by iran's influence. i think president barham sala deserves a lot of credit for. the position that he's adopted he's event he effectively is you know pushing the limits of the law in order to preserve political stability in the country and i think what he needs right now is some of vocal support from protesters on the street from the senior clerical establishment ayatollah sistani and from other political parties i think that will perhaps provide him with more. political capital to try and navigate this very dangerous moment that iraq is passing through the people of iraq are not fully sovereign and what i mean by that is that you know the united states but
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particularly the islamic republic of iran has a huge amount of influence over the. character and the nature of you know the ebb and flow of iraqi politics last month the new york times and the intercept published these you know secret cables that effectively you know documented that iraq is a vassal state of the islamic republic of iran so any type of you know decision on who will be the next prime minister who form the next government is deeply dependent on what the islamic republic of iran wants to do and this just complicates you know the political. debate inside iraq today. and this or prime minister benjamin netanyahu has fended off an internal leadership challenge that could get inside i had hoped to convince members that it was time for change but they chose netanyahu despite him being the 1st sitting prime
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minister to be indicted for corruption and us and sasha going to name reports from west to slim he'll continue to face challenges heading into the national elections in march. for the 1st time in 5 years likud members had the chance to elect someone other than benjamin netanyahu as their leader a thursday they chose him again solidifying his nickname as the magician because of his ability to pull off victory after victory netanyahu campaigned heavily to beat his challenger former interior and education minister gideon sar i know who are going to be brought about great things to the country and in order for us to continue bringing about great things to the country we need to go boat for me for you. even though netanyahu is the 1st sitting prime minister to be indicted on corruption charges his popularity has remained steady among his right wing base a feeling. sars the tactics of sitting on the bench and not trying to do
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anything active in in the public fields is wrong i prefer people who take action. sourced pitch to voters is that netanyahu failed to form a government twice why would he be able to reach a different outcome a 3rd time he warned maintaining the status quo could mean likud loses power in national elections in march. sars supporters cited concerns over the corruption charges trailing netanyahu charges he calls a politically motivated witchhunt the saar camp has also alleged election meddling and voter intimidation but there's a feeling we'll have to care. we were the most grisly from within the party generally in the newsroom israel is in the midst of an unprecedented political crisis netanyahu has until january 1st to ask the knesset to grant him
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immunity he'll need a 61 majority vote he was unable to get that same number of seats to form a government in the last 2 elections and on tuesday the supreme court is expected to rule if an indicted sitting prime minister is allowed to form a government natasha going to l. just 0 west jerusalem well those plenty more ahead on the news hour into doing how harsh winter and an economic crisis is making life difficult for syrian refugees in lebanon. allegations of spying and diplomatic harassment mexico takes a dispute with bolivia to the un stop court and in sports 13 points clear liverpool lay down a big marker in the title premier league race peter all have those details.
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u.s. president donald trump has asked syrian government and its russian and iranian allies to stop the bloodshed in the province the fighting in the last rebel controlled area has forced 130000 civilians from their homes this month there have been weeks of artillery bombardment and airstrikes by russia and the syrian government well our white house correspondent kimberly how could now on the significance of the timing of trump's tweet. this tweet from the u.s. president comes on the heels of statements by the u.n. secretary general where there has been a very strongly worded statement regarding the military escalation the concern about the impact on civilians and also the call for sort of a sation in the violence in terms of the hostilities given the fact that those impacted have been children so there is a concern sort of the world is watching at the u.n. level you add to that that the u.s. congress has been also watching very closely the escalating violence in fact so
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much so it pushed through a pentagon budget that included very tough sanctions against syria russia and also iran for alleged war crimes the president signed that into law on friday so it appears that this is on his mind and you have to remember in the context of this is the fact that the united states has already launched air strikes in syria on 2 occasions once in 2017 once and 2800 so there's no other way to read this except that the u.s. president has essentially alerted the world and the countries involved putting them essentially on notice that if people are questioning the relationship of the united states president invited the turkish president to washington last month there was also a bilateral offside unplanned unscheduled meeting that took place in london at those nato meetings so 2 there is real questioning about the relationship the loyalties of turkey and many people putting that into the microscope here in the united states looking at the president wondering with this tweet what are you doing. well
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many of those fleeing the violence in egypt are heading north towards the turkish border presidency rage up time bordeaux and has warned that turkey simply can't cope with another wave of refugees from its lead province on its own russian backed syrian government forces and i focusing on capturing the rebel controlled city of moderate i don't know when it sits on an important motorway whistlings the capital damascus with aleppo mohammed so is at untac and that's on the turkey syria border and he explains the refugee crisis on the border might escalate if there's no pause in the fighting there was a polls in the reichs bottle bombs and shelling syrian before says have been cutting out in the provinces something save told been caused by the weather but also give a good opportunity to some of the thousands who've been displaced from their homes to go back and get much needed supplies on household items syrian government forces
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have been pushing deployed into it in the past few days with their sights on the city of misrata new man it is a strategic city that sits on the m 5 highway that links the musk as the cup it will to aleppo syria's largest city and very keen to get control over it to assure that the road is the be all penned and trade and transport between aleppo and damascus unhindered how more than 100 m. flouted 1000 people have fled their homes in the past few days according to the united nations most of them are headed to the syrian turkish border actually most of them to the border crossing of bubble however the turkish government is not allowing any of the displays to call over into turkish territory and that is now feeling fear is that a humanitarian crisis might unfold on the turkish syrian border. an independent
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investigation has fun place in india use an authorized and excessive force against protesters at the university in new delhi the civil rights group peaceful union for democrats equates has accused offices of indiscriminately beating demonstrators destroying public property and arresting people on lawfully they say were also accused of intimidating and firing on protesters into pradesh where 18 people were killed elizabeth purana was up the process in new delhi and sent us this report here johnny in many years to me a university in the capital new delhi and that is the police response to protests that took place here soon also the citizenship law was passed maybe 2 weeks ago that led to protests breaking out at universities around the country not just against the citizenship but to the policeman told the protests the fact finding team that looked at the response says that police entered campuses unlawfully that
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they broke the law broke c.c.t.v. cameras that their social security guards they said that they really are students that they unload for the detained many people destroyed property that was not involved in protests and that they used excessive force tear gas charged to protest and fashions to stop the rally from reaching parliament the fact finding team has said similar tactics were used in the stage of whatever there were 18 people were killed in protests last week now we've heard from thomas a little boy he has only condemned what he said was violence on the part of protesters he said that students have an obligation to keep university safe and that protest. were endangering the public safety so the government very much defiant in the face of criticism. $27.00 peace activists have been released enough going to sun 2 days after being taken by taliban fighters that's according to the people's peace movement which was marching in the western province so far on
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chewstick group starts of its walk in hair of 2 weeks ago calling on all sides in the conflicts to agree to a cease fire. the un has condemned an artillery attack on a market in northern yabba near the border with saudi arabia 17 people were killed including 12 ethiopian migrants that hooty say the market in stop the province has been targeted 3 times in just one month the said hughie coalition fighting in yemen says it will investigate the attack after nearly 5 years the middle east poorest country has been facing a devastating military offensive by some of the world's richest nations it's led to what's been described as the worst humanitarian crisis today the tour again the reports on the human cost of the war that's approaching a grim milestone. in march 2015 saudi arabia and 9 other countries launched a military campaign in yemen in support of the internationally recognized president
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have it ready mansell heidi and against iranian backed the rebels he 6 months earlier had taken control of the capital sana'a. after nearly 5 years of war the saudi u.a.e. coalition has not defeated the heat these and aid agencies say the human cost of the fighting has been enormous across all of the human tragedy and situation is only getting worse even the violence is decreasing but you know it's not even crisis is worsening and not of syrians need millions of heavy price. going. since the conflict began analysts estimate more than 91000 yemenis have been killed another 3000000 displaced by the fighting and the country is on the brink of famine with 24000000 people dependent on international food aid only half of yemen's health care facilities are functioning and it's struggling with the worst
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cholera outbreak in modern history a un brokered cease fire agreed to last december was never fully implemented in the port of her data so what are the chances of peace next year all sides know the power of each other or side don't want to be harmed by the other and both sides believe that it's but they're both interest and so. if no international pressure on both sides they place this walker and in a few weeks but as long as there are a lot of pressure aguero does that especially i separately to see that has for reasons that just worked out a lot more than we expected. the plan is to get the 2 warring sides together for a new tool box in the hope 2020 will be the year they finally accept what the u.n. has been saying for years is that there is no military solution to the conflict in yemen. victoria gates and the al-jazeera. still ahead here on al-jazeera
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brazil's indigenous tribes faced tough decisions as they cash in on business opportunities in the amazon rain forest and a man with a plan are just another oligarch on the rise we need a banking magnate taking on the government in georgia. basketball rivalry takes to the court in l.a. peter has more from the christmas n.b.a. action all that and more later. hello this is some pretty good weather conditions across southern and coastal areas of china some good touches and some clear skies now you can see quite a massive cloud that's the old the philippines that is the typhoon working its way into the south china sea taking the worst of the rain with it and still clear skies as a through friday 21 degrees in hong kong cooler in shanghai but. today because we've
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got more cloud pushing in we could also by that say a few showers working their way to coastal areas of it now all courtesy of a tropical system so the rain could accumulations the northern philippines we could see about 200 millimeters into parts of arizona over the next couple of days fairly widespread rain across into borneo but friday and saturday mostly dry across the malaysian peninsula more showers further to the south and quite widespread across much of a java all much of rain across the areas of india instead we've had low clouds and fog mornings and also time which is really below the average so feeling very cold for people particular to the north into new delhi temperatures been struggling to reach the mid teens celsius so about 7 degrees below average and by night just about 4 degrees so really feeling very chilly indeed wanted to shine on the east coast as we head through friday kiran the way by saturday maybe some showers across into sri lanka. whether sponsored by can't.
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legally prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening doses by millions in search of a fix. huge illegal shipments of the opioid tramadol are flawed because the. people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating that fiction epidemic that is even fueling the book and search. west africa's opioid crisis on and. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in that's something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well.
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here you are watching ounces iraq with the mind of our top stories this hour news agencies reporting that libya's internationally recognized government has made a formal request for turkish military support politicians and ancora could go within the next fortnight whether to approve that deployment it's aimed at fighting forces loyal to warlord khalifa haftar. iraq's president offered to resign after refusing to back a man nominated to become the prime minister but rejected by protesters barham salih said this nomination won't sound. by the depends for an independent leader. u.s. president donald trump sas syrian government and its russian and it worried me and
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are lies to stop the bloodshed and lead province weeks of fighting is forced 130000 civilians from their homes many of them into makeshift camps and a harsh winter is making life even more difficult for syrian refugees in lebanon and this year the economic crisis in their host country is making things much worse as in a harder reports now from the big. winter is setting in temperatures are falling and there's little to protect the hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees who live in makeshift camps there are no concrete structures because the lebanese government doesn't want syrians to stay here permanently. shelters are not suitable for the cold months and families are complaining the aid they receive is not enough they burn wood to stay warm but many can't afford to buy fuel widow as he needs to make ends meet with the less than $150.00 provided by the united
5:33 am
nations with that. you know how expensive it has become my children no longer eat meat or fruits i can't afford to send them to school during the day they collect wood and i have kidney disease and can't work ringback. those who can work struggle to find a job lebannon to qana me is a crisis food prices are rising in the local currency the lebanese pound has lost at least a 3rd of its official value. the general situation of course is affecting both lebanese and syrian refugees and the targets mainly are the people who are in severe but it is situation where they are constantly trying to afford and sustain their basic needs and their needs are greater during the winter months refugees are not only facing freezing weather conditions nearly 900000 of the 1000000 syrians registered with the united nations live below its designated poverty line that means surviving on less than $4.00
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a day. monday is one of many refugees who rely on you had cash assistance but she recently lost her refugee status and un help because she returned to syria for a few days and that was not out of fear for their country as i had to go to damascus to get my daughter because healthcare is too expensive here but then we came back and there you and took away our status as per that aggregation. her grandson muhammad is forced to work in the fields for $4.00 a day but that is only during the summer the 11 year old never went to school he doesn't read or write. the. letters i wish i can study. i was shaking get an education. and be able to go with my friends to school. mohammad seems to realize that this is unlikely to happen jennifer there because
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easter levanon. the public prosecutor in the ivory coast says a former rebel leader and presidential candidate accused of planning a coup could face life in prison intelligence services say they captured already a recording is of girl in sorow discussing the plot his lawyer says the recording is old an incomplete a warrant for his arrest was issued on monday. some people close to sorel did not hesitate to discredit the institutions in place these acts far from being isolated were part of a conspiracy which were to lead a civil and military insurrection the elements gathered by our intelligence services which includes an audio recording clearly prove that this project was going to be acted soon the shares government says at least 14 troops were killed in the village of some lamb in the western region of till a burial what mistake the security forces were scorching a team registering people to bolt no one has claimed responsibility for that attack
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mexico says it is taking a diplomatic dispute with bolivia's new government to the international court of justice they say bolivia is intimidating diplomatic staff and spying on its embassy in la paz last month mexico gave former bolivian president evo morales asylum when he was signed after nationwide protests his political rivals are now in power and they are accused of violating mexico's sovereignty. god give them that's you know they push away any temptation to take over or infringe on our sovereignty by wanting to enter our embassy the embassy of mexico in bolivia not even augusta pinochet did that well manuel republic is in mexico city and he explains how the rift between the 2 could escalate into a big diplomatic spat. there's been a friction between bolivia and mexico for about a month now since the start of bolivia's interim government and of course it was mexico that was the 1st country to offer political asylum to former bolivian leader
5:37 am
evill mortalities what's going on now is a sort of war of words that's building up tensions that are building up between diplomats between authorities in both nations on one end you have the libyan officials saying that mexico is harboring criminals is harboring terrorists at mexico's embassy in the bolivian capital mexico saying that what they're doing is pollute providing political asylum to 9 individuals 2 of which are former ministers that serve under the leadership of president ebel mortalities and the latest that we've heard on thursday is mexico appealing to the international court of justice the i.c.j. and the united nations to help mediate this ongoing dispute the last that we heard from mexican president on this one a lot is what i thought it is for cooler heads to prevail saying that he hopes that common sense will prevail as the student dispute drags on diplomatic ties between the 2 countries. still still exist we don't know if that's going to continue to be the case as i mention this war of words that's as collating the last that we heard
5:38 am
from bolivian officials today was from former president hadi who weighed in he's been recently appointed as a special delegate to represent bolivia to the international community he called the mexican president a quote coward a bully and a shameless apologist for drug traffickers these are very strong words strong allegations from both sides from both bolivia and and from mexican officials as we said was named a special delegate before the international community we still don't know of a date set by the international court of justice but in the meantime the sort of tension between the 2 nations continues to grow and the allegations from the mexican side is that there is harassment that there is an increased police presence we can even confirm that on thursday there were at least 50 police units and 10 vehicles parked outside of mexico's embassy. competing forces in brazil all want to exploit the amazon rain forest president. has already unlocked more land for
5:39 am
farming and for development and indigenous groups want a slice of the lucrative agribusiness to at the scene human explains. mato grosso which means thick forest is a state in central brazil twice the size of california and better known today for its endless fields of crops and cows. but there's still a lot of tropical forests left including incompetent norval depressives the 15000 square kilometer indigenous reserve says of the my eyes were blue it's here that we meet over now. leader of the national indigenous farmers association and like most tribes the pot s.c.'s used to live from subsistence farming but now they're growing and selling soya and other grains for export as well that is just the home are pregnant women were losing their babies from lack of food children were malnourished but after 15 years of producing greens our lives have changed now we
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have lots of food the project is giving us sustainability there was. good and his tribe earlier this year received a visit from the agriculture and environmental ministers of the role model for president jade balsa not his vision for integrating brazil's indigenous communities into mainstream society the project has been vilified by other indigenous groups and many environmentalists who argue that they will lose their culture and for their destroy the amazon donaldo disagrees with your last on the circle route you know we're in the 21st century of course our culture traditions and identity are important but we can't remain frozen in time indeed these days this traditional palm leaf house is used mostly for meetings guests and religious ceremonies. outside of the reserves the president is also giving the green light to expand brazil's agricultural frontier this trip sample is cotton in fact almost everything
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that's profitable grows here brazil is already the world leader in soya and sugar cane in beef and among the top 3 corn producers but in order for the average business to continue to expand it needs more and more land which explains why the brazilian amazon is so coveted streams of paradoxes brazil's king of soybean is concerned about a global backlash set them into. the president has taken a mistaken approach but i think our mistakes in the agribusiness sectors concerns of a possible boycott against our products may make them realize well the amazon is sovereign brazilian territory and something needed by the entire world. that the reserves don't use as many foreign governments of expecting indigenous tribes to remain naked eating ants in the forest he explains they using only 1.7 percent of
5:42 am
their territory to grow soya another grains for export he insists they don't need more at least for now to see and human al-jazeera cumple no look at a cease brazil. the death toll from a typhoon the bounce of the philippines on whedon's days risen to $28.00 with at least a dozen people still missing the storm left a trail of destruction tearing roofs off as is and toppling trees internet and phone service is a still done in some parts of the country planes and ferry services are suspended stranding thousands of people where the system has now moved into the south china sea. the albanians made homeless by last month's earthquake of facing a long winter living in tents 51 people were killed and thousands of homes flattened the government accused of not doing enough to help laura for chords. it was here in the albanian village of marjah mother the earthquake was felt the
5:43 am
strongest zella says he had little time to do anything but run given that yes i just grabbed my children everything collapsed within seconds i read out screaming earthquake earthquake. 34 kilometers away in the city of duty as the force of the earthquake damaged the walls of this high rise building jamming the door and trapping people inside. that the girl was under a chair but the quake was so strong that it should both her and the chair one break fell off the wall and almost hit her. there's little left of many of today's is hotels a huge setback for businesses and a city that relies heavily on tourism hundreds of houses to a now just rubble many have nowhere to live route is trying to help them through this sap we can see here that i have not even if the building has been totally destroyed or e.q. eve can be repaired and then we can see when the farm where the family so i say
5:44 am
here start even leaving at the end there getting there are a lot of these or even they do leave it in their building again but the community has come together providing food and clothes to those in need for the day we're going to have beans and rice. and it will be we will make at least. it's a 25300 bushels and it's happening with a little help from the albanian government so volunteers have stepped in. we are alone in this business there is an administrative office but it's been closed for more than 10 days people come here to talk to us about their problems and daily challenges after the earthquake there's no one else to help them in. back in marjah mother this makeshift shelter is where the seller and his family are now living they'll spend a cold winter here waiting for help they fear may not come laura frick burke
5:45 am
al-jazeera. strikes over pension reforms disrupting travel across france and no end to their 4th week up to 80 percent of train services have been cancelled in paris the national rail off raises says it's already lost more than 400 $20000000.00. georgia is gripped by antigovernment protests and parliamentary elections are shed chill for next year a banking magnate has decided to take on the government open for a say walker met member say to find out whether another businessman is on the rise in georgia's personality driven political arena the was really. just most successful thinker city breaks the into being a vineyard and tell the it's a silly adventure. politics is now cash as it had says main business i start a job this summer because it adds it launched his political party. on the black sea
5:46 am
but the site of his ambitious 2 and a half $1000000000.00 deep sea port but the ports future is in question george's government has delayed it support and has it i'd say and a business partner of fighting a separate fraud investigation accused of laundering nearly $17000000.00 through their bank t b c. presidency has entered politics to fight back courting voters and challenging the government on prime time t.v. in live there is a certain line of which you don't want to cross. should you made a deal with them or change not only for you but change qantas future so that's why i just decided to leave business. the government party says has it i'd say has to answer for the missing millions when you are under investigation and you aren't just creating. a political party you have tour say something
5:47 am
or at least hate. about what happened. this is my book i said i would say stream to make a success of this country the way to make a success of this business and this is just another oligarch making is a case of history repeating itself. there are there were a billionaire even if really entered politics promising to rescue georgia from poverty and a power hungry elite he won landslide elections in 2012 the was that i'd say dislikes the comparison it's not the ball myself it's a bold those people who are joining lello the young. people they are easy to spot into would use frequent government demonstrations just a bold idea and georgia and i think we we have
5:48 am
a big chance to change to make it's very successful the maybe a banker who knows how to build the business it's not clear yet how many. teams oh. i'll just get to. the final solar eclipse of the decade has why would sky watches across southern asia the phenomenon lasted about 3 hours the so-called annular eclipse a ring of fire was seen along the path stretching from india and pakistan to thailand and indonesia it only happens when the moon isn't tolson is it to they are to completely obscure the sun. still ahead on. this board including the latest from one of the world's toughest breaks.
5:49 am
5:50 am
thank the morial services have been held across asia to mark the 15th anniversary of the devastating indian ocean tsunami 230000 people were killed when a massive wave swept into 12 countries cited archived reports. it's business as usual for these fishermen in the thai province of punk but on this day 50 years ago a tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9 point one earthquake devastated the coastline here. waves as high as 17 and a half meters came crashing in from the ocean killing nearly 5000 people in this
5:51 am
village alone. with half the population wiped out nearly everyone who has lost a relative or even a friend. near one chance or a wall knows too well that no matter how many years of postes the pain of losing your children never goes away. when i don't think they died on the day the tsunami hit we couldn't find them until the 28th and their bodies hadn't decomposed at all i often imagine how much they would have thought about me before they took their last breaths but we couldn't find them we couldn't help them this is stuck with me and every time i think about it it hurts my these images shocked the world the day after christmas shortly before 8 am in 2004 the earthquake struck under the sea in northern india. it rippled across the indian ocean triggering a tsunami that hit dozens of countries in asia and along africa's east coast getting close to $230000.00 people and it happened during peak to recede and the
5:52 am
majority of those who died were in indonesia entire villages were flattened. in the carnage of that day is still fresh on the minds of those living in abject poverty to the worst hit area where 170000 people were killed. when you know a half of the government and people have actually today we formally want to thank more than 150 countries that have been involved in helping rehabilitation and reconstruction. rubble because no one knew the tsunami was coming on that day there was no early warning systems in place bartz. it was a global lesson learned. since then more than $400000000.00 has been spent to cross $28.00 countries on detectors. survivors say the technology is not enough though and that public awareness and education are necessary to save people's lives so i don't hide at al-jazeera it's time for the day sports news now
5:53 am
here's peter thank you very much we start in the english premier league when liverpool have laid down a big marker in the title race the league leaders have moved 13 points clear at the top of the standings on thursday they hammered 2nd place leicester 4 no 2 strikes from reverse of amino james milner penalty and a train to alexander arnold goal enough to sink. on a busy thursday faced of fixture list southampton provided a big surprise to chelsea frank lampard side were brought down to earth with a bump chelsea were beaten to know at home by the saints thanks to goals from michael webber family and nathan rape and life and a new coach make a lot at arsenal saw them come from behind to draw 11 of bournemouth then kahlo into a lottery is off to a winning start at everton dominic calvert lewan securing a 10 win over burnley at goodison park and chill out enjoying his 1st premier
5:54 am
league game in over 80 years. the premier league it didn't change it was the same fantastic have not no violence. and the people that comes to the stadium i enjoyed football and so that was the primary is always the same but for me it was. i was happy i was really it. was a special day jersey merinos tottenham fought back from a goal down to win 21 at home against brighton thanks to say can have goals from harry kane and delhi early but marino like many other managers bemoaning a congested fixture should you all around christmas time. any person that understands. physiology this is a crime that they're willing to play football again and on the $28.00 is against every rule of. physiology biology bio chemistry is against every every rule. clinton because it led the way for south africa against england
5:55 am
on the opening day of the 1st taste james anderson took a wicket with the 1st ball of the series for the 1st time since 2007 but the kaka led the recovery with $95.00 he fell to sam curran though current taking 4 wickets s.l. africa closed on $277.00 for 9 it was a busy christmas on the basketball court in the united states the 2 los angeles teams battling it out with le bron james pushing for the 1st lakers n.b.a. title in 10 years but the arrival of a reigning champion at the clippers is giving the brawn a problem right on these doorstep pull resounds more. with co i learned in the team it's been generally smooth sailing for the l.a. clippers clippers but it was point guard patrick beverley who would end up having to headline moment in this game this defensive rebound on 100 baskets in the 2nd just a taste of what was to come from him. le bron james has led the lakers to the top of the standings in the west just the 3 time champion helped build up an almost
5:56 am
commanding lead in the 4th quarter. but the clippers to big summer signings swung the pendulum back 1st paul george a 6 time n.b.a. all star now helping the clippers step out from the lakers shadow an ally and then leonard n.b.a. champion and finals m.v.p. with the raptors last year and wrapping the lakers defense with $35.00 points on christmas day storyline and the lakers were 3 points behind with 6 seconds to play when le bron shape to tie it i but beverly showed it tended in the crowd not in the basket clippers when 11121062 go 3rd in the west put down a marker in this growing rivalry the whole race out his era. the iconic sydney to hobart yacht race started down under on thursday the french designed super maxi come on a made for a tardy start moving into the lead at the halfwit. stage of the journey organizers
5:57 am
have banned satellite phones for race checkpoints amid concerns smoke from nearby bushfires could affect marine radio signals the race is more than 1000 kilometers takes more than a day and is considered one of the most difficult york races in the world. and finally many politicians find themselves on fern ice throughout the year but that wasn't the case for this up and coming hockey star you wouldn't know it but number 11 right there is russian president vladimir putin he was playing alongside his defense minister among others playing in raids square in moscow has turned into a bit of a presidential new year tradition last year to school 5 goals to lead the seam to a full team tame victory and that's where we'll leave it for now we'll see you again later for more sports news and it's for me and the team for this nice anastasia
5:58 am
will be back here with more in just a 2nd thanks to your company but by. this is a boon for point people right now in technology there is so much going to help people it's from thanks for calling i rather sit there and what are you looking like today we get to that wind with their day to day tasks and give them more independence and freedom this was like a tornado that sure is a tomato exploration process was amazing and we have that technology available to us techno on our jersey.
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right. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of atomic realty and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest situations are the most impactful that is. the main things that since i was 0 apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policies and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok it's ok. a little more complicated operations probably if this is not from our common item or 4 fifths of the work you're doing here is amazing but there are so many fossils and it feels like this is just a damn what was your relationship with joe not normal or ok. because in
6:00 am
this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now. turkey outlines plans to send troops to libya next month to shield tripoli against war on khalifa haftar us forces. there i missed on the attack and this is al jazeera live from also coming up iraq's president says he'll resign rather than approve a candidate for prime minister backed by the biggest block and. israel's prime minister's survives a leadership challenge ahead of the election and less than a year. and brazil's and did.


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