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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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right as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i was that's what this job. dozens are injured after a passenger plane crashes just after takeoff in kazakhstan 15 people are confirmed dead. clubs a whole raman this is al jazeera life maher doha headquarters coming up in the next 30 minutes then even that mia who fans of a challenge to his party's leadership ahead of another general election. also turkey outlines plans to send troops to libya next month to shield tripoli against the warlord khalifa haftar. and we'll tell you why japan is sending warships and
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planes to the gulf region. welcome to the program an airliner has crashed on takeoff in kazakhstan killing at least 15 people the back as a jet came down the almaty airport's mashing through a wall before hitting a house rescuers have worked in freezing temperatures to reach the 93 passengers and 5 crew in the wreckage alexandra god for ojt joins us now from moscow let's just begin with the situation as we know it so far the crash happened what nearly 7 hours ago rescuers are still at the scene. yes exactly rescuers are still at the scene and they are about now joined also by the investigative team because a pretrial in the pretrial investigation have been launched the team consists of course of investigators and forensic wichita determined what happened why this
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plane crashed almost immediately after taking off it 1st broke through the concrete fence and then hit a low building which was fortunately empty at the moment as a media report in this plane crash. 15 people confirmed that there is many injured the hospital have seen 66 people with keeping 50 of them there saying that there is 12 that are in critical condition that might be needing operation and that's why also city authorities of almighty are appealing to the citizens to come and donate blood that will be very much needed to the best injures that are injured are in different hospitals are cross city as well as they are being taken care of by the medical staff the investigation started as we know from another commission a government commission which is at the crash site so we know that they by now
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recovered also the black boxes of the plane and of course the government to including the president obviously have been very quick to react to this particular crash stating that they will undertake. anything at all in terms of the investigation behind it they. were apportioning blame a few hours ago but hard to do that with a full investigation hasn't even started or been concluded. yeah that's that's indeed but they were very wary quickly to react to and it is possible that they estimate that people of a stand because there is not a lot of plane crashes in this country want to hear it is reassurance that once the investigation is over there will be responsible ones that are found out and punished according to the law as the president of kazakhstan promised to the people
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of kazakhstan he also promised a thorough investigation in the meantime what they did immediately is they grounded all 400 planes type of plane that crashed and all the planes of the back air company now the company itself declined to comment on technical possible think nicol issues of this specific plane they're also saying we're waiting for the investigation but what they did say is that the pilot that was flying it was an experienced one that they trusted very much. the verily also died in this plane crash his name is on the list of the best injures that were deceased or for the updates alexandra thank you because we'll be checking in with you through the day as that rescue operation continues well earlier i spoke to geoffrey thomas he's the editor in chief of airline ratings dot com with airline safety rating website now he says investigators will 1st try to crew if he survived. if they did of course that would be. quickly we it will be rather easy to establish what happened
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other than that the cockpit voice recorder the flight data recorder will be the 1st things that the crash investigators will be looking to find and to help them transcribed to understand what happened in this tragic crash but the fucker 100 was in production through the ice he's in the ninety's it cease production in 1997 and they've built about 290 of them. in interest in me enough because the plane itself is so rugged and well built that they are in very high demand and it's very difficult to get a good for 100 today. and their life seems to go on because they're if they're well maintained they've got a very long structural lot so they're they're a great little or line or 2 on the news now and israel's leader benjamin netanyahu is fended off a leadership challenge from within his own party rival getting insall hope to
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convince the could members that it was time for change but they stuck with the you know who despite his indictment for corruption let us are going to possible from west jerusalem. for the 1st time in 5 years likud members had the chance to elect someone other than benjamin netanyahu as their leader on thursday they chose him again solidifying his nickname as the magician because of his ability to pull off victory after victory netanyahu campaigned heavily to beat his challenger former interior and education minister gideon sar i know whom your home wanted him to be brought about great things to the country and in order for us to continue bringing about great things to the country we need to go vote for me for you. even though netanyahu is the 1st sitting prime minister to be indicted on corruption charges his popularity has remained steady among his right wing base a feeling that sars pics of sitting on the bench and trying to do
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anything active in in the public fields is wrong i prefer people who take action. source pitch to voters is that netanyahu failed to form a government twice why would he be able to reach a different outcome a 3rd time he warned maintaining the status quo could mean likud loses power in national elections in march. sars supporters cited concerns over the corruption charges trailing netanyahu charges he calls a politically motivated witchhunt the sar camp has also alleged election meddling and voter intimidation but there's a critical have to k. and are the most risky from within the party and generally. israel is in the midst 'd of an unprecedented political crisis netanyahu has until january 1st to
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ask the knesset to grant him immunity he'll need a 61 majority vote he was unable to get that same number of seats to form a government in the last 2 elections and on tuesday the supreme court is expected to rule if an indicted sitting prime minister is allowed to form a government natasha going to al-jazeera west jerusalem. libya's internationally recognized government has made a formal request for turkish military support turkey's president earlier said he's willing to send soldiers to tripoli politicians in ankara could vote on whether to approve a deployment in the coming weeks who would otherwise have has more from the libyan capital. this is southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli where there's been heavy fighting for the past 8 months. forces loyal to warlord liefer hefted are now using artillery fire to advance with the help of russians who
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are reportedly leading have to us forces as they take control of civil important locations including military camps near the salon the neighborhood. turkey says it's a planning to send troops to help you and your kidneys the government it wants to prevent have to his forces from seizing the libyan capital turkish president trichet tayyip erdogan says parliament will voting january on a mandate to send troops to libya in charlotte. god willing on the 8th or the 9th of january we will pass this in our parliament we will be responding to the invitation. we have given i will give all forms of support to the tripoli government which is fighting against just general backed by arab countries and europeans. during a news conference in tunis libya's interior minister wanted that libya's neighboring countries will be affected if true police falls he says half there is
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being backed by civil regional countries that i was a that. we know very well there are a morality forces an airbase in the east of the country there are also forces from sudan and chad they have all been brought by have target has given them bases and airports in libya without any agreements we hope that the situation is worsening as have to. planes target civilian locations in and around tripoli. most who has voiced concerns over a possible turkish military deployment to libya while president erdogan said last week turkey will not stay silent over what he called russian backed mercenaries supporting have to have to his forces are supported by advance and weapons and troops from several countries including russia france the united arab emirates and egypt turkey appears to be one of very few friends of the tripoli based government who are prepared to offer more than mere words to support it. would have to go
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ahead and hear. there will be lawrence is a professor at george washington university's school of international affairs early told my colleague judy with all that turkey is also working towards a diplomatic solution for libya. i don't think anyone really wants to send in troops and he's been signaling in various ways including to the tunisians that there's a ceasefire coming that he'd prefer not to bring in troops and on the other hand if he does send in troops though those can be used for the defense of tripoli from the 3000 sudanese mercenaries and 1000 russian mercenaries and and other increasing troop levels it also sends a psychological message both militarily and also regarding the internal an extra lion says in libya regarding the libyan conflict and it also helps get us to the berlin peace conference in january because if tripoli falls that completely changes
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the tenor of that discussion then if tripoli is holding up and there is an actual ceasefire and peace deal that can be negotiated and william other likely to be behind the scenes conversations here between russia and turkey is there an element of brinkmanship in what we're seeing or what we think we might be seeing year no question and i've seen 10 different versions among the analysts of the deal that could be in the making what's being discussed the turkish form is hers mr was just in moscow having a pretty discussions there was a talk of an igloo for trippy a tripoli deal where the russians would be given more of a way forward in italy in exchange for stepping back in tripoli and increasingly the syrian and and libyan theatres are overlapping in the turkish russia negotiation and putin's also been very astute here because with an increased turkish presence that also is part of his desire to decrease nato influence in
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libya so it's turks instead of nato and then he's got that other arms deal with turkey which he's trying to cut in and nato has influence and be his relationship with turkey as well so all of those issues are interconnected now william what's your view on the the u.s. position or lack of a clear position. well it's true that trump has been all over the place and every time he calls and he seems to shade toward taft our but after the phone call on april 4th the white house in the state department immediately walked it back every time trump makes one of these phone calls or tweets to the larger u.s. government will walk it back because it's really not in the u.s. interest to change sides and support have to are when have to himself is committing most of the war crimes is having the greater destabilizing effect in libya and is generally not been much of an ally in fighting terrorism in fact it was mostly the western government that got isis out of the coastal and city areas in in libya
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and have to have barely lifted a finger and so there's a lot of skepticism might have to our across the u.s. government even if somehow sometimes we can can convince trump to to do some messaging on behalf of have to our well still ahead here on al jazeera mexico appeals to the un's top course as its diplomatic dispute with bolivia intensify as . we look at the human cost of 5 years of. do stay with us here on the. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts what it is that time of
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year we see an increased risk of avalanches and i want to take you to switzerland where we have seen plenty of snow over the last few days and you can see the clouds pushing across there over the last 24 hours this is a resort of enter matt and they did see an avalanche on thursday 2 people were injured and 60 people were out looking for them but no fatalities with that avalanche unfortunate. some more snow over the next few days because we do have a frontal boundary that's kind of laying out across much of that area and it will bring some snow to the higher elevations of partially switzerland as well as into italy but i do want to take you down here towards the southeastern part of the mediterranean this area of low pressure has been a big problem over the last few days very heavy rain for parts of turkey over here towards lebanon as well we'll see a little bit of a break from the rain but we will see some rain across much of that area it will be lighter the winds will also be a problem as we go from friday as well as into saturday here across the northwestern part of europe though we are going to see more clouds for london we do expect to see a temperature in london of about 10 degrees there paris clouds off and on with the
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temps are there 8 but down towards madrid it is going to be quite nice for the time to there of 13 and for rome sunny conditions you with a temperature of 12 degrees there. whether sponsored by can tolerate this. was the last time you were out on the streets protesting whether on line you feel the weight of the system when you walk through each and every love board layer further and further into the jail or if you join us on say entry has to start from day one whether again you and attention or your own participants this is a dialogue everyone has a voice from further north states that supply crush coverage will be varying accounts but i want to give people the reason for joining the global conversation amount is iraq.
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you're watching al-jazeera with the cell robin a reminder of our top stories at least 15 people are being killed in kazakhstan after an airliner crashed shortly after takeoff from. the back at a jet smashed through a wall before hitting a house 98 passengers and crew on board israel's leader benjamin netanyahu is fended off a leadership challenge from within his own party but could veteran gideon saad hope to convince members it was time for change also libya's internationally recognized government has made a formal request for turkish military support turkey's president earlier had said that he's willing to send soldiers to trickle in. more antigovernment protests are planned across iraq after the president pledged to resign over a candidate for prime minister demonstrations erupted on thursday as president
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barham salih submitted his visit investigation to parliament instead of naming. as leader danny was nominated by iraq's largest parliamentary block which is backed by iran protesters are demanding an independent candidate. well u.s. president will trump has asked the syrian government and its ally russia to stop the bloodshed in the province weeks of fighting has forced 130000 civilians from their homes it's a makeshift camps and the harsh winter weather is making life even more difficult for those who fled said to report from lebanon back of early. winter is setting in temperatures are falling and there is little to protect the hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees who live in makeshift camps there are no concrete structures because the lebanese government doesn't want syrians to stay here permanently. shelters are not suitable for the cold months and families are
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complaining the aid they receive is not enough they burn wood to stay warm but many can't afford to buy fuel widow as he needs to make ends meet with the less than $150.00 provided by the united nations with that. you know how expensive it has become my children no longer eat meat on fruits i can't afford to send them to school during the day they collect wood and i have kidney disease and can't work . those who can work struggle to find a job lebanon to qana me is in crisis food prices are rising in the local currency the lebanese pound has lost at least a 3rd of its official value. the general situation of course is affecting both lebanese and syrian refugees and the targets mainly are the people who are in severe there it is situation where they are constantly trying to afford and sustain their basic needs and their needs are greater during the winter months
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refugees are not only facing freezing weather conditions nearly 900000 of the 1000000 syrians registered with the united nations live below its designated poverty line that means surviving on less than $4.00 a day. mother is one of many refugees who rely on you had cash assistance but she recently lost her refugee status and un help because she returned to syria for a few days and that happens on thoughtlessly half of the country i said i had to go to damascus to did my daughter because health care is too expensive here but then we came back of the year and took away our effort to stay just as for that aggravation. her grandson mohammed is forced to work in the fields for $4.00 a day but that is only during the summer the 11 year old never went to school he doesn't read or write. letters i wish i can study. i wish they can get an education. and be able to go with my friends to school.
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mohammad seems to realize that this is unlikely to happen jennifer because easter levanon firefighters australia are trying to limit the spread of wildfires before an expected heatwave this coming weekend nearly 1300 crews in the state of new south wales are doing critical containment work including controlled burns 70 fires are burning across the state with about hostile out of control months of fires have killed 9 people and destroyed at least a 1000 properties. we are seeing the temperatures starting to rise over the coming days we're seeing this heat wave starting to move across new south wales a guy that's going to bring not just the heat of the center of australia we're going to see the temperatures up into the louder mid forty's across a lot of areas but it's going to bring a very dry air as well so that's going to elevate fire dangers and we know the winds are going to start turning around to the west in the northwest which is war
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so much work has been going on over this last week while conditions are more mild there's extraordinary work going on with with hand to a long construction fire break up upgrades they're locking in control laws with back burning men or women on the ground doing really difficult work in pretty rugged country but also being supported by aircraft in the air. japan is sending a warship and reconnaissance aircraft to the gulf to protect its oil imports the deployment follows last week's visit to tokyo by iran's president 90 percent of japan's crude oil imports are from gulf arab countries iran denies links to several recent attacks on oil tankers in the region well jeff kingston is a professor of asian studies at temple university in tokyo he says japan's prime minister shinzo is trying to balance various interests. he's in an awkward position he's trying to thread the needle he's got basically 3 audiences he's dressy one is the trump administration that asked to join the coalition the other is president
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rouhani and iran abbie's keen to maintain good relations and the 3rd audience is domestic abbie's keen to revise the constitution and remove the pacifist article so. calling this intelligence gathering not joining the u.s. coalition is meant to placate trump you know to avoid the accusation of being a free rider but not undermine iranian relations and not cause domestic backlash because there's deep money about the security alliance with united states and only about 3537 percent of people support the dispatch vessels to the mid east clearly about japan and skin in the game last june when are they was just being tehran the recent attack on a japanese owned vessel so there is clearly japanese interests involved
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but they don't want to clash they want to avoid that because clearly the priority for abyei in this next diet session in 2020 is to get his fellow politicians to endorse a revision of the past as constitution of america's no oblivious foreign minister says mexico is making a mistake by taking its espionage complaint to the international court of justice bolivia denies spying on the mexican embassy in law and intimidating its diplomats but disputes began after mexico gave asylum to bolivia the former president evo morales in after weeks of protests at his reelection. you'll never see struck i don't believe the mexican government would risk bringing a lawsuit before the international court for something i don't believe even happened it would be rejected immediately i think they'll retract the decision because noise police forces entered any diplomatic premises or violated the vienna
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convention on diplomatic relations well repeller was in mexico city with the diplomatic crisis. there's been a friction between bolivia and mexico for about a month now since the start of bolivia's interim government and of course it was mexico that was the 1st country to offer political asylum to 'd former bolivian leader ever more doubt is what's going on now is a sort of war of words that's building up tensions that are building up between diplomats between authorities in both nations on one end you have bolivian officials saying that mexico is harboring criminals is harboring terrorists at mexico's embassy in the bolivian capital mexico saying that what they're doing is pollute providing political asylum to 9 individuals 2 of which are former ministers that serve under the leadership of president ebel mortalities and the latest that we've heard on thursday is mexico appealing to the international court of justice the i.c.j. and the united nations to help mediate this ongoing dispute the last that we heard
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from mexican president on this one a lot is what i thought it is for cooler heads to prevail saying that he hopes that common sense will prevail as the student dispute drags on diplomatic ties between the 2 countries. still still exist we don't know if that's going to continue to be the case as i mention this war of words that's as collating the last that we heard from bolivian officials today was from former president hadi who weighed in he's been recently appointed as a special delegate to represent bolivia to the international community he called the mexican president a quote coward a bully and a shameless apologist for drug traffickers these are very strong words strong allegations from both sides from both bolivia and and from mexican officials as we said was named a special delegate before the international community we still don't know of a date set by the international court of justice but in the meantime the sort of tension between the 2 nations continues to grow and the allegations from the
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mexican side is that there is harassment that there is an increased police presence we can even confirm that on thursday there were at least 50 police units and 10 vehicles parked outside of mexico's embassy. a former ivory coast rebel leader and presidential candidate could face life in prison after being accused of planning a coup with a band and a planned trip home when a warrant was issued for his arrest on monday the public prosecutor says they captured order of sorrow discussing the plot also allege that he was gathering weapons but his lawyer says the recording is old and incomplete. some people close to sorel did not hesitate to discredit the institutions in place these acts far from being isolated were part of a conspiracy which were to lead a civil and military insurrection the elements gathered by our intelligence services which includes an audio recording clearly prove that this project was going to be acted soon. the war in yemen has created what the u.n.
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calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis victoria gate and he reports on the human cost almost 5 years of war seen. in march 2015 saudi arabia and 9 other countries launched a military campaign in yemen in support of the internationally recognized president have it ready mansel heidi and against iranian backed the rebels he 6 months earlier had taken control of the capital sana'a. after nearly 5 years of war the saudi u.a.e. coalition has not defeated the heat these and aid agencies say the human cost of the fighting has been enormous across all of the and the human tragedy in situation is only getting worse even the violence is decreasing but you know it's not a crisis is worsening and lot of syrians need millions of heavy price.
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going. since the conflict began analysts estimate moving 91000 yemenis have been killed another 3000000 displaced by the fighting and the country is on the brink of famine with 24000000 people dependent on international food aid only half of yemen's health care facilities are functioning and it's struggling with the worst cholera outbreak in modern history a un brokered cease fire agreed to last december was never fully implemented in the port of her data so what are the chances of peace next year for sites know the power of each other or side don't want to be harmed by the other and both sides believe that it's but they're both interest and so. if no international pressure on both sides they place this walker and in a few weeks but as long as there are a lot of pressure are there will be that especially as several yet to see that has for reasons i guess work up a lot more than we expected the plan is to get the 2 warring sides together for
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a new talks in the hope 2020 will be the year they finally accept what the u.n. has been saying for years that there. is no military solution to the conflict in yemen. victoria gate in the al jazeera. you want your observer with me so the reminder of our top stories at least 15 people have been killed in kazakhstan after an airliner crashed shortly after takeoff in matty the back jets smashed through a wall before hitting a house 98 passengers and crew were on board exam drug called freud has more from moscow there is 15 people confirmed dead and there is many injured the hospital have seen 66 people with keeping 50 of them there saying that there is 12 that are in critical condition that might be needing operation and that's why also
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city authorities of almaty are appealing to the citizens to come and donate blood that will be very much needed israel's leader benjamin netanyahu has fended off a leadership challenge from within his own party likud veteran gideon's hope to convince members it was time for change ahead of the 3rd general election in less than 12 months libya's international recchi the internationally recognized government has made a formal request for turkish military support turkey's president earlier had said that he's willing to send soldiers to tripoli politicians and group could vote within the next fortnight on whether to approve a deployment. more antigovernment protests are planned across iraq after the president pledged to resign over the candidate for prime minister demonstrations erupted on thursday as president barham salih submitted his resignation to parliament instead of naming. as leader he was nominated by iraq's largest parliamentary bloc which is backed by iran protesters are demanding an independent
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candidate firefighters in the australian state of new south wales are working to finish controlled burns nearly 1300 crew are doing critical containment work and back burning it's a large scale effort to limit the spread of wildfires ahead of an upcoming heatwave all 70 fires are burning across the state with 33 still uncontained months of fires have killed 9 people and destroyed at least a 1000 homes japan is sending a warship and reconnaissance aircraft to the gulf to protect its oil imports the deployment follows last week's visit to tokyo by iran's president 90 percent of japan's crude oil imports are from gulf arab countries those are the headlines more news in half an hour the street is next.
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al-jazeera. where ever you. a didn't go well. for the cover of a magazine if i ever had a dream it was more people just overcoming a beverage aim a window where will my dad be seen see a part of me wasn't sure if he ever really did some sort of silly pride as thought of some of how a philistine how did it they told us the truth for us apart and that alone not to hold out hope of them a power run it never jumped about being a celebrity a be an iconic i was content with my serger just play a mastani understand i came from pain and torture i can never dream about the fame and fortune how was just happy i wasn't named abortion but now that i'm here i'm proud i'm here only for standing ovations they'll get a better future. today the stream welcomes hip hop musician for an exclusive interview
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a life plan performance and said here to. tell us about the challenges he's faced as a muslim artist and what inspires his music so your thoughts are.


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