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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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some conscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello and welcome to this news hour i'm stan grant in coming up nearly a quarter of a 1000000 people flee syria's province in just 2 weeks with intensifying bombardments by the government and russia. libyans protest against war to leave after as these forces launch airstrikes at targets the the tunisian border. a plane crashes after takeoff killing 12 people but many on board have walked away without
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serious injury. also the extreme weather that brought a year of $1000000000.00 disasters. and i'm peter stone who go to school to me is it's high noon in the n.b.a. with a texas shirt between the devil a symmetric san the san antonio spurs and. comes back with a bang. the united nations the game warning of devastating consequences for civilians in syria is last rebel held province nearly 250000 people have fled the area in the past 2 weeks parts of italy have been under a day the aerial bombardment by russian backed syrian government forces shield shortages are stopping some people from getting away and freezing winter conditions are also putting lives in danger and many syrians are on the move north towards the turkish border but the turkish president has warned his country can't cope with
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another influx of refugees from province russian backed syrian government for. it was an hour focusing on capturing the rebel held city of morocco newman now it sits on an important motorway which links damascus to aleppo once syria's largest city al-jazeera. has more need. the study of how to get and. you can see civilians fleeing displacement from modern phenomenon continues same with rocket city but are not m.t.f. residents in all the surrounding villages was no authority is said the airstrikes have stopped in the last 2 days because of the bad weather the looked like there may have been some civilians drones flying over the area but there hasn't been any shelling still this if ilya's are fleeing a mosque because of the fear of defensive there are no civilians not even virtual. we're joining us from beirut is joe will soon who works for save the children it's nice to have you with us tell us about the plight that the refuse jesus facing
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right now and what they're in need of. today especially we're hearing about hundreds of promenades sleeping in their cars because they have nowhere to go or relations are walking towards the border with turkey is so there's no thought of it and the camps i will have to overstretch overcrowd the over the summer we saw this because no new appliances so people have know what has to go without sleeping on the street and that cause an open thin and those look and find that they are living in tents with several families huddling in one small space at the same time yeah and of course you're looking specifically at the plight that children facing one of the the specific risks the unique risks to children in a situation like this. i mean the health of the population of it is made up of children so this is a big chunk of the population when they have to flee and the current circumstances
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wintertime it's very cold it's been raining for days on end they are activist this is a of you know it's not to mention obviously as being wounded. according to the and 65 of them have been killed so far and this and this is a high number compared also to the u.s. of the year so children are always the 1st victim of this from flaked and you know on a daily basis we hear stories of either of them being displaced and telling us how it's difficult to be far away from home from their friends from their schools or in the worst case scenarios so that sometimes members of the same family being. and of course people on the move with nowhere to go we know that turkey has said that the . refugees it is a struggle to get the much needed support and assistance and supplies to people so
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what does the future look like. the future the coming 2 very bleak people are going around and so because they are seeing the problems of frances but some of them have already fled school city for up sometimes up to 10 times so they're going to all the circus and live they act to the land masses shrinking as the offensive moves knows and some but it's taken to get by the government of syria so that is less land the same number of people and civilians that's going to find a safe place to live in and it's a very dicey situation and what we hear from civilians that as it is that they see something he abandoned and now coming to you know it's the end of the year people have worries as you know a lot of on what is a of an event people that is if you know abandoned by the international community and i don't the question of the international community joel what is it that sort of the children can do you can do what is it that other agencies n.g.o.s are rival
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to do and what would you look to from the international community right now. the international aid organizations have been present and that's it for us now and we all do was to begin pozner those i see an organization that's not at the forefront of the response with a 2nd aid would say is delivering the aid but they are civilians themselves and sometimes they have to flee if they are in an area which is being bombarded on a daily basis they have to take their families to safety and so this is an admission the difficulty that they face on the ground and aid agencies can do so much you don't so has to begin by providing schools and and says that one of possibility more to this than education the support but what is even need this is the will follow from willing policies on the ground and that back is at the national level has to agree to see quiet and then obviously the longer lasting
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peace. so abyssal thank you again for giving us your time appreciate that will sources have told al-jazeera that libyan warlord have even half his forces have carried out an is strike at an oil refinery in zawiya the the tunisian border it's the 4th strike in the area in the past 24 hours libya's national oil company says no one was killed libyans have expressed anger over the latest strikes by half dozen forces with some protesting in the streets in zawiya on friday other rallies are expected in the capital tripoli on thursday turkey's president richard tayyip erdogan explained how his country would send troops to tripoli after the internationally recognized government but a formal request for military help but the administration in the libyan capital says it will only need this help if the conflict escalates were not made up there why it is live for us in tripoli and this latest strike does that indicate that
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precisely what president earlier one is talking about this conflict is escalating and indeed they may be that request from turkey for more ground troops. world this collation of the airstrikes by half that of the fighter jets recently has been targeting get civilian areas residential areas killing and wandering innocent civilians including women and children this could be read in terms of the actions have to cam anger. action to the news about the turkish government planning to send troops to live to libya upon official request from the government of national called which is the recognized by the united nations recently have to his forces have targeted by air strikes. an area near the oil refinery of. your city stan about 40 kilometers to the west
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from tripoli is until you have to and it has in its custody the high alert that was detained or was captured by the pro-government forces 3 months ago while he was targeting their locations in. so after forces are accused of committing war crimes by the government ministry of defense which is that said that have to get a strike started to get civilian areas could mount to work crimes step. so what does this do for the talk that we've heard over the past week of hopes of a ceasefire or potential mediation russia and turkey being able to create space for that type of mediation to take place. well many people here say that this is not practical on the ground it's
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it's the opposite happening on the ground as you know stan that russian messner ease over a 1000 russian mercenaries and have been. didley fighting along with have to forces it to take control of the capital tripoli also have to us forces have been receiving russian advances what happens and as you know that the russian medicine really is they belong to the vaga not company which. the going to cut all or is very close to the russian president vladimir putin so if colton is saying that he is hoping for a peaceful. solution to the libyan crisis this is not this is contradictory to what's happening on the ground and again the turkish intention to send troops to libya in terms of their military. accord between libya and turkey is also contradicting the situation or all these statements stan. thank you
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so much for that. well an airliner has crashed on takeoff and killing at least 15 people the back in jail time down near our marty airport smashing through a wall before hitting your house rescuers have worked in freezing temperatures to reach survivors of the broad. emergency crews calm the wreckage of the airliner torn in half the main body of the becket barely recognizable its ria resting in a field the flight had just taken off from the airport bound for the capital now so tom survivors say passengers screamed as the plane started shaking then tilted before smashing into a concrete faints and slamming into a 2 story house raisky has worked in subzero temperatures to save dozens of injured including 8 children see what you know we found 2 sets of skid marks from the back of the plane on the runway maining it touched it twice and mostly those passengers
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at the front of the aircraft were the ones who died in flight recorders have been found and have been brought in for inspection nobody will be left without state support we will provide the needed help to the families of the victims and the injured president kasim caiaphas formed a government commission and says anyone responsible for the crash will be in his words severely punished he's also declared a day of national mourning on saturday because the plane itself is so rugged and well built that they are in very high demand and it's very difficult to get a good for 100 to die. and their life seems to go on because if they will mine time and they've got a very long structure a lot the government ordered the airline to ground its fleet of dutch built jets which are more than 20 years old all back air flights have been suspended until crash investigators can work out how this happened alexia brian al jazeera. or
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rather why ship in turkey has closed one of the world's busy. yes waterways. nervous motorists watched as the freighter ran aground in istanbul mechanical failure is being blamed for the mishap in the bosphorus the famous narrow strait reopened after the ship was towed for repairs. iraq's in the middle of a political standoff after president refused to approve the nomination of dunny as prime minister the nomination which was put forward by the largest parliamentary bloc as for the few government protests dozens protested in tahrir square on friday vandalizing posters of a danny they praised president salyer for saying he'd rather resign than backed the nomination the demonstrators are demanding an independent candidate. we want to honor as prime minister and the pend now our door citizenship we want to generate
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iraqi official who can feel our pain who can relate to us someone who doesn't have any loyalty to others. as a protester i see it as a her weak action by the president of the republic but how because he rejected one of the can do this from the political blocs because that candidate was rejected by the protesters in tahrir square the political elite haven't done anything in the past 6 years and their want to be anything in the future is the same names for me. lebanon has been without a government for 2 months now political deadlock is not rare but it comes at a critical time for the economy is near collapse and the lebanese are relying on themselves to survive the crisis which is being described as the worst in decades so in a horror as this report from beirut at least 7 people a day are depending on the generosity of one woman to eat it today expects that number to rise as lebanon's economy continues to collapse her bakery is offering free bread to the poor don't leave your family hungry is what this find reads this
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is one of many initiatives by lebanese who are trying to help each other. a young girl asked me if she could buy half a sandwich for the 500 lebanese pounds she had that struck me i realized how people are desperate and hungry my daughters told me why don't you help people and that is what i'm doing now poverty is on the rise and so is unemployment lebanon has been without a government for weeks politicians. our bargaining over power instead of implementing much needed reforms to unlock billions of dollars in foreign aid. the dire economic situation is the result of bad economic policies of previous governments their policies failed there's been a lot of corruption in the stolen money from the state economic crisis isn't it's been building up there are no more cases of lebanese becoming homeless because. they no longer can afford rent she brought her family to this square in central beirut where opponents of the political class have been converging for more than 2
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months and their attempt to get rid of the political elite and i used to have a house but now my whole family 8 girls and 4 boys including my son in law live here but regardless of this bad situation i feel good because of the care and love i got from people before the uprising i never had this much supports this spontaneous and leaderless protest movement was triggered by government attempts to impose more taxes they now call it a revolution lebanese from across the sectarian divide came together to call for change but this newfound unity is not complete these concrete slabs are a symbol of the deep divide not just among the nations politicians but society as well security forces set up these barricades after supporters of the mainly sectarian parties attacked the anti-establishment protesters the barriers make it harder to access the square but they do little to bridge differences indications
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are this is only the start of what is likely to be a prolonged crisis. in the news ahead. a new law or treaty is on hold the route inside montenegro's parliament. and russia hits back at the border agency following its olympic bad pizza we'll have all the day tiles. protest as of march through new delhi again to protest against india's new citizenship law which critics say is a muslim but a war symbolic and chanted slogans calling prime minister narendra modi's government a dictatorship 25 people have died in violence since the legislation was passed 3 weeks ago and at least 1500 have been arrest i do 98 you're my. innocent brothers and sisters who are locked up immediately released along with that these
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play clues like the citizenship. and the national register of citizens need to be immediately withdraw. elizabeth cohen was among the protesters and sent this report . police to detaining any protesters who come to her for their house here in the capital new delhi they've imposed a ban on public gatherings no more than 4 people are allowed to gather there detaining anyone who comes even if they come on their own they're also taking place elsewhere in new delhi and the cities. in the south and in. the chiefly the citizenship noise cost and rights groups say police on to allow people to protest peacefully and when protests do take place they're being broken up with indiscriminate and excessive. protests to say they will continue until at least until the supreme court hears petitions against the citizenship next month.
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protesters in algeria back on the streets for the 45th friday in a road. it's the 1st round of demonstrations after the death of the army chief guide sala protesters have also been rejecting the newly elected president of their mudgett to burn they want a complete change in government at a calling for anyone linked to the previous government to step down but extreme weather hit every populated continent this year bringing death displacement and enormous financial costs the british charity christian i looked at $15.00 disasters that each cause damage worth at least a $1000000000.00 now the disaster with the highest death toll was in india where flooding between june and october killed 1900 people cycle and it died which devastated zimbabwe mozambique and balawi in march killed $1300.00 the biggest
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damage bill was $25000000000.00 that was from wildfires that ravaged the u.s. state of california throughout october and november while typhoons facts i and her gave us cost japan at least 20000000000 dollars catherine crier wrote the christian i report she joins us from barry said edmonds in the u.k. it's nice of you to be with us this is something you hear a lot yes there are these extreme events yes there are these natural disasters but there are local factors at play and not necessarily linked to a global shift in climate what do you cite to that. it's good afternoon for both festivals i think the important thing is that disasters happens a sweep seen over many many years the question is really how much of the contribution that human induced climate change is causing and there are new areas of studies that look that are trying to attribute how much of an impact is caused by climate change and so for instance
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a study done by the world by the retribution group found that the struck. which hit texas was made the extent that the extremity of the rainfall that was made $2.00 times more likely to happen. that change yes of course why are we saying this we're also saying what is a very uneven response to dealing with climate change if you take the united states and president from for instance pulling out of the paris accords we're now hearing from different countries saying the well we have our own economic interests to to focus on here is the problem in getting a uniform global response that each country contributes to. well i've just come back from the climate u.n. climate talks mature it and certainly there is a real need in 2020 for all countries to come forward with enhanced and bishan this report showing that the impacts of climate change that we're seeing with just one degree of average warming but the pledges that people of that the countries
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a put forward so far under the paris agreement amount to 3 degrees of warming and the kinds of impacts that we would see it that would just be just beyond human imagination but beyond human experience i think one of the things that this report shows very clearly though is that the cost get anomic costs that he talks about in your introduction the economic costs in countries that have ensured insurance against these losses and as you rightly pointed out the real human cost are in the countries that are very that are a fellow up to balad level that don't have the resilience but in the countries that don't have the resources to help people build their resilience to to these a climate impacts as they increase and given the costs that you're looking at here and that these costs increase 8 years receive a more or more visits stream where the incidents do you reach a tipping point where the cost of dealing with the impact of these events versus
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the cost of doing very little in terms of the overall approach to climate change starts to drop when you start losing more than you guys. well i think the stern review that was of report that came out about 15 years ago on the costs in the benefits of climate action but at best interest already acting on climate change to reduce emissions is a lot cheaper economically and socially and in the human costs than waiting for climate impacts to happen and trying to deal with them. each year we've seen one year being hotter than the next we're seeing as you've outlined in this report we're seeing the the impact of these extreme events so what does 2020 potentially look like given what we've already seen in 29 thing. well it's hard to predict exactly and i'm certainly not a climate scientists i wouldn't want to be making any specific. predictions on what
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might come in 2020. more on the policy side and i think $20.00 to $20.00 will be a crucial year the united kingdom is hosting the un climate negotiations at the end of the year and there is a mandate we didn't get a stronger band-aid as we wanted from the madrid conference but there is a mandate that countries come a what do their homework and come back with stronger climate action pledges to bring to the world within 2020 now what we need that to do is to add up to minimising the climate harm as much as possible and that does require the countries particularly the u.s. europe you know other big historical emitters to really step up and state after. katherine graham has been good to have you on the program thank you again for giving us a town accent thank you very much well firefighters in australia are trying to limit the spread of bush far as before another heat wave that's expected this well yeah and nearly 1300 personnel in the state of new south wales are doing containment work hoping to reduce the amount of fuel in bushland 70 fires are
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burning across the state with about half still out of control weeks of fires in australia have killed 9 people and destroyed at least a 1000 properties. israel's leader benjamin netanyahu was thank members of his liquid party for giving him a resoundingly victory in a leadership contest rival gideon hope to convince the party that it was time to change what they stuck with despite his indictment for corruption the reports from west jerusalem. for the 1st time in 5 years likud members had the chance to elect someone other than benjamin netanyahu as their leader on thursday they chose him again solidifying his nickname as the magician because of his ability to pull off victory after victory netanyahu campaigned heavily to beat his challenger former interior and education minister gideon sar so there's no need to this is the time to unite to bring a sweeping victory to the liquid and the rights of the knesset elections most of
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the people support the right and most of the people support me to lead a government but the final decision in the primaries the final and sweeping primaries decision was a huge expression of trust in my way and alway even though netanyahu is the 1st sitting prime minister to be indicted on corruption charges his popularity has remained steady among his right wing base a feeling. sorry pics of sitting on the bench and not trying to do anything active in in the public fields is wrong i prefer people who take action. source pitch to voters is that netanyahu failed to form a government twice why would he be able to reach a different outcome a 3rd time he warned maintaining the status quo could mean likud loses power in national elections in march. sars supporters cited concerns over the corruption
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charges trailing netanyahu charges he calls a politically motivated witchhunt the sar camp has also alleged elect. meddling and voter intimidation but there's a political decay in the democracy from within the party and generally in the newsroom israel is in the midst 'd of an unprecedented political crisis netanyahu has until january 1st to ask the knesset to grant him immunity he'll need a 61 majority vote he was unable to get that same number of seats to form a government in the last 2 elections and on tuesday the supreme court is expected to rule if an indicted sitting prime minister is allowed to form a government natasha going to al-jazeera west jerusalem. there's much more to tell me the news out of. calling for
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a change rebate the georgian banking mogul who decided to take on these government . we look at the human cost of the nearly 5 year war he'd given. at argentina's favorite footballing sunday i go to our dollar is welcome to the presidential palace and what desire is peace that will have all that and support. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast while we have been bringing you the latest here across the eastern part of the med all dealing with this area of low pressure that has really been a very slow moving system for the last couple of days it is still causing some problems here from turkey down towards parts of syria lebanon as well as down towards egypt as well now the winds with the storm has come down and the amount of
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rain is less but we're still dealing with flooding here particular over across parts of syria and into lebanon as well for the next couple of days though into turkey is going to be some more snow across much of the area as you can see we're really not getting rid of that rain so we are watching this very carefully cyprus are also being affected by this rain temps wise we're into the mid teens across much of the area we don't expect to see much of a change there for beirut expect to see the rain all the way through the weekend and into monday with the temps are there of about 19 and some windy conditions possibly for you here across the gulf not looking too bad where we're going to be seeing some problems is down across the coast of oman now over the next few days we did have a little disturbance here pushing in that's going to bring some rain as well as some clouds expect to see attempt to stay into the high twenty's we do expect to see probably the rain ending by the time we get towards sunday night up towards miss got though it is going to be a beautiful and a sunny day with a temperature of $24.00.
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in africa's technological at the center. of a team to live side by side. in its. challenges kenya up developed to help small scale farmers cultivate a new future but can mobile phones really be the seed of change it's a starting point because it's already bold people to go live outside silicon savannah on al-jazeera. egypt strongman is ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mark for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera his reminder about top stories this hour. libyans have protested in. office forces sources have told al-jazeera an oil refinery knew the tunisian border. it's the 4th strike in zawiya in the past 24 hours. at least 12 people have been killed and. crashed shortly after takeoff several passengers survived the big. just crew. a quarter of
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a 1000000 people have fled violence in northwest syria in the past 2 weeks that's according to the u.n. they've been weeks of artillery bombardment and is strikes last rebel held province . or turkish authorities have closed their border to syrians trying to cross from cleveland. to tell us more. of these people have. fled their homes heading to cities such as set our kids on the couplet all of the province others have gone to government held areas of aleppo province but the vast majority of them and from the areas where the syrian armed forces have been. putting most of the. area around. and that strategic city that sits on the m 5 which assad's forces are really keen to take from the rebels they have most of them come to the turkish border and.
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any of the syrian refugees to all the on the comps are also fooled so they are mostly in the open setting up make shift comes you know depending on turkish charities giving them warm food but they do not have proper sanitation or water or any other amenities we have a set up but come david swanson is the united nations regional spokesman for the syrian crisis he says more people are still making their way towards the border even though they may not get across. turkey has in the past and continues to be an incredibly generous host to the syrian refugees after almost 9 years of conflict hosting more than 3000000 people and do we continue to hope that the situation will improve at the moment right now the vast majority of the people being displaced in the area are moving northward are in northern it live and to urban areas.
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close to the turkish border if the figures have actually been increasing as we speak right now the figure that we now have is more than 200 or 243000 people women children and men have been displaced between the 1st of december and the 25th of december ok up words of 80 percent of this population group are women and children now this comes on top of the displacement figures that we had from the end of april to the end of august where more than 400000 people have been displaced so what we have is a displacement crisis on top of another displacement crisis this area is home to scurry 4000000 people there 4000000 people in this area and more than half of them are i.d.p.'s themselves through these in yemen so they filed
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a ballistic missile that saudi arabia killing and injuring saudi border guards a military camp was the reported target near the city of umm it confirmed if confirmed would be the 1st missile attack in 3 months who has claimed responsibility for september's drone strikes which damaged world's largest oil processing plant east in saudi arabia. the nearly 5 years of war in yemen has created what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis victoria guyton the reports. in march 2015 saudi arabia and 9 other countries launched a military campaign in yemen in support of the internationally recognized president abit rebel mansel heidi and against iranian backed the rebels he 6 months earlier had taken control of the capital sana'a. after nearly 5 years of war the saudi u.a.e. coalition has not defeated the heat these and aid agencies say the human cost of
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the fighting has been enormous across all of the and the human tragedy and situation is only getting worse even the violence is decreasing but you know tyrion crisis is worsening and lot of syrians need millions of heavy price. going. since the conflict began analysts estimate more than 91000 yemenis have been killed another 3000000 displaced by the fighting and the country is on the brink of famine with 24000000 people dependent on international food aid only half of yemen's health care facilities are functioning and it's struggling with the worst cholera outbreak in modern history a un brokered cease fire agreed to last december was never fully implemented in the port of her data so what are the chances of peace next year for sites know the power of each other or site don't want to be harmed by the other and both sides
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believe that it's but they're both interest and swore so. if no international pressure on both sides they place this walker and in a few weeks but as long as there are a lot of pressure are there will be that especially as separately to see there has numerous reasons that this work up a lot more than we expected the plan is to get the 2. warring sides together for a new tool in the hope 2020 will be the year they finally accept what the u.n. has been saying for years that there is no military solution to the conflict in yemen. victoria gate and the al-jazeera free of america's biggest rivals have started joint naval exercises near the gulf iran is hosting 4 days of warship drills with china and russia in the gulf of oman it's the entry point to the strait of hormuz which carries much of the world's oil imports iran denies involvement in recent attacks on gulf oil tankers unmissable the fact that we are now hosting
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russia and china means that our relations have reached a significant point and god willing it will have global outputs and its message is peace and friendship in the light of unitary and responsible collective corporation . on way of business search fellow at the rajaratnam school of international studies in singapore he says the drills aren't as significant as they may appear. in this case i think we shouldn't set our expectations too high this is really more a case of window dressing where 3 midis are coming together to put on the shore for 40 minutes. mind you are in the previous iteration of how this exercise will support the arc of what's for ski for spare attendees beginning on it's only for design on tuesday and so if whittle it down to 4 days clearly into operability issues between different military systems the iranians are buying more chinese and
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russian that's holmes but. sources will tell you that there are inherent limitations of integrating new skippable he's right now is just going to be a piecemeal exercise for $48.00 it's a case of military signaling to the front an institution nothing more but i think we should see what can happen in 2020 whether there are more exercises and more integration and cooperation between us these. to pat is sending a warship and record since aircraft of the gulf to protect its oil imports the deployment follows last week's visit to tokyo by iran's president 90 percent of japan's crude oil imports from gulf arab countries iran denies links to several recent attacks on or tankas in the region or jeff kingston is a professor of asian studies at temple university in tokyo he says to parents prime minister shinzo avi is trying to balance various interests he said in an awkward position he's trying to thread the needle he's got basically 3 audiences he's
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dressy one is the trump administration that asked to join the coalition the other is president rouhani of iran is keen to maintain good relations and the 3rd audience is domestic abbie's keen to revise the constitution and remove the pacifist article so. calling this intelligence gathering not joining the u.s. coalition is meant to placate trump you know to avoid the accusation of being a free rider but not undermine iranian relations and not cause domestic backlash because there's deep money at the security alliance with the united states and only about 3537 percent of people support the dispatch of the vessels to the mideast clearly about japan and skin in the game last june when are they was
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just being tehran the recent attack on a japanese owned vessel so there is clearly japanese interests involved but they don't want to clash they want to avoid that because clearly the priority for abbay in this next diet session in 2020 is to get his fellow politicians to endorse revision of the past constitution. a former. rebel leader and presidential candidate could face life in prison after being accused of planning a coup. abandoned a plane trip home when a warrant was issued for his arrest on monday the public prosecution says they captured or discussing the plot they also allege he was gathering weapons but his lawyer says the recording is old and incomplete. some people close to sorel did not hesitate to discredit the institutions in place these acts far from being isolated were part of a conspiracy which were to lead
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a civil and military insurrection the elements gathered by our intelligence services which includes an audio recording clearly prove that this project was going to be acted soon. bolivia's foreign minister says mexico is making a mistake by taking its espionage complaint to the international court of justice bolivia denies spying on the mexican embassy in the pause and intimidating its diplomats the dispute to get off to mexico dive asylum to believe is former president evo morale is in november after weeks of protests at his reelection blowers in mexico city with more on the diplomatic crisis there's been a friction between bolivia and mexico for about a month now since the start of bolivia's interim government and of course it was mexico that was the 1st country to offer political asylum to 'd former bolivian leader ever more doubt is what's going on now is a sort of war of words that's building up tensions that are building up between
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diplomats between authorities in both nations on one end you have bolivian officials saying that mexico is harboring criminals is harboring terrorists that mexico's embassy in the bolivian capital mexico saying that what they're doing is pollute providing political asylum to 9 individuals 2 of which are former ministers that serve under the leadership of president ebel mortalities and the latest that we've heard on thursday is mexico appealing to the international court of justice the i.c.j. and the united nations to help mediate this ongoing dispute the last that we heard from mexican president and it's going to look as over the border is for cooler heads to prevail saying that he hopes that common sense will prevail as the dispute drags on diplomatic ties between the 2 countries. still still exist we don't know if that's going to continue to be the case as i mention this war of words that's as collating the last that we heard from bolivian officials today was from former president hadi who weighed in he's been recently appointed as a special delegate to represent bolivia to the international community he called
6:44 pm
the mexican president a quote coward a bully and a shameless apologist for drug traffickers these are very strong words strong allegations from. both sides from both bolivia and and from mexican officials as we said was named a special delegate for the international community we still don't know of a date set by the international court of justice but in the meantime the sort of tension between the 2 nations continues to grow and the allegations from the mexican side is that there is harassment that there is an increased police presence we can even confirm that on thursday there were at least 50 police units and 10 vehicles parked outside of mexico's embassy a new law on church property rights montenegro has provoked a fight in palm and. police intervened been preserved politicians tried to prevent him piece from voting offices wearing gas masks detained 22 people but most were released when things
6:45 pm
calm down the law was eventually passed the government denies it was to the serbian orthodox church of its property including medieval monasteries public transport around france remains limited by what is now the longest transit strike in decades the protest of the pension reform and now in the 23rd day and show no sign of ending up to 80 percent of try and services have been cancelled in paris the national rail operator says it's already lost more than $420000000.00 talks between unions and the government set to resume until the new year for almost 2 months now georgia has been gripped by antigovernment protests and with parliamentary elections on the way one banking bogle has decided now is the time to bring what he calls real change robin forced to walk out looks at his chances the of the. most successful banking city breaks the including
6:46 pm
of when you hate him the it's the soon adventure. politics is now a moot question as arad says main business i start a job this summer because it adds it launched his political party. on the black sea the site of his ambitious 2 and a half $1000000000.00 deep sea port but the ports future is in question georgia's government has delayed its support. and has an adze and a business partner of fighting a separate fraud investigation accused of laundering mili $70000000.00 through their bank t b c. presidency has entered politics to fight back courting voters and challenging the government on prime time t.v. in live there is a certain line of rich you don't want to cross. children made a deal with them or change not only for you but change qantas future so that's why
6:47 pm
i just decided to leave business. the government party says has it i'd say has to own soon for the missing millions when you are under investigation and you aren't just creating. a political party you have to say something or at least hate. about what happened. this is my book i said i'd say stream to make a success of this country the way to make a success of this business and this is just another oligarch making is a case of history repeating itself. there are there are there were. even a severely entered politics promising to rescue julia from poverty in a power hungry elite he won a landslide elections in 2012 i think she was at odds it dislikes the comparison
6:48 pm
it's not the ball myself it's a bold those people who are joining lolo the young people they are easy to spot into which is frequent anti-government demonstrations and it just a bold idea and idea is to georgia and i think really we have a big chance to change this country to make it's very successful the maybe a banker who knows how to build a business but it's not clear yet how many georgians seem to his chief the 1st he will come. big changes coming in germany aguilar merkel the country's leader since 2005 is on her way out at his parties get ready for the battle to replace the several if social democrats are still struggling to return to their dominant place in politics dominant kind explains from berkeley. there was
6:49 pm
a time when the social democrats dominated german politics those days are long gone now they are just junior partners in governments dominated by the christian democrats and fewer than one in 6 germans votes for this people's party which is why they espied a recently elected new leaders driven by a more left wing a view of politics and a deep dislike of the coalition with anglo american the smart underspin scepters us it's what i was and i am skeptical about the future of this grand coalition i haven't changed my mind about that but with this resolution we give the coalition a realistic chance of continuing not more not less. in 2019 the party lost votes in every election it contested and fell behind both the greens and the far right alternative for germany in the polls which explains why many at the grassroots are in despair they've got targets political operative. we need to
6:50 pm
continue to develop a vision because ours is the only party that works through visions and emotions how much smith said that those who have visions should go to the doctor and i would say don't contradict how much mitt go to the doctor and convince the doctor the nurses and everyone sitting in the waiting room so this party shines as it deserves to carrying the future in its heart. some say this is not just a german phenomenon but across europe social democracy is in retreat and that's why there is this kind of feeling in germany that a lot of things are changing around but people don't see the kind of stewardship of the kind of political leadership the big year or you know take take the bull by the horns and got it. in the y. direction so i think. in the next year. 15 years time but it's now almost 15 years since an a leader was in charge of government here and with the polls suggesting the party
6:51 pm
is struggling to reach just 15 percent it seems that few votes want to give the social democrats the keys to this building anytime soon dominant cane al-jazeera at the german chancellor. tell us why paris was the toast of the italian skin.
6:52 pm
and let's get the latest in sport now a pedo stand thank you very much russia has told the world anti-doping agency it
6:53 pm
entirely disputes accusations of manipulating doping data and will appeal its 4 year ban from major sports events unless the sanctions are overturned russian athletes weren't to be able to compete at next year's olympics or the 2022 football world cup athletes can prove they are clean can still compete but only under a neutral flag the case is now heading to the court of arbitration for sport so the n.b.a. way lou could on church stole the show for the dallas mavericks in a texas showdown don't treat your turned to the lineup after missing 4 games because of an ankle injury and he did it in style schooling $24.00 points for the mavericks he finished with 10 rebounds and 8 assists and only just missed adding to his n.b.a. leading total of 8 triple doubles the san antonio spurs rallied to school 13 points but it wasn't enough dallas taking this 110298. as for the utah jazz donovan mitchell school $35.00 points and joe ingles had a $26.00 in their game against the frontman trailblazers damian lillard scored
6:54 pm
a team high $34.00 points but fell short all together the jazz winning this one at 121150. the former sweden and manchester united striker latin abraham of each is in talks to return to another always former clubs ac milan but one time joints of european football are hoping the 38 year old can rescue them from a miserable 3 seasons i currently live and in the italian city i haven't won a trophy since 2011 left l.a. galaxy last month liverpool look unstoppable in the english premier league after going 13 points clear of the top manchester city will try to reduce the gap so we live in when they travel to wolves later on friday title defense has been dented by the month long absence of sergio agüero but he said to return manager pep guardiola says the origin time has been irreplaceable in the team ever since he's go back in 2012 which won city the title the moment is much rarer than 20000 or
6:55 pm
whatever and he was the guy more than the gold and everything he has done he has done in this club but surely it's going to happen he will decide when. i'm pretty sure i'm sure that the club will be ready you know to try to find the guy to try to replace him and of course really busy. 2 so american germans cork about a case sure leading the way in putting women's football on the map in the country despite cultural resistance and a lack of financial support and national women's league was founded just over a year ago with a dedicated core of women's coaches and players helping a thrive on a shoestring budgets behind the growth 'd of the team is former player and current coach last may 8 celeb she said it was hard to be a female play in morocco but believes overall football can help empower them. always you must be better with the current group of the male players as at the same
6:56 pm
time the future generation that is why we are working on training them well this will not happen by chance we as coaches are responsible for this training we need to realise this we should not give up arab african and moroccan female soccer players suffer from many problems in crises. associating with sporting stars can make very easy political capital for a country's leader and in argentina is no one more popular with the masses than the ag matter donna the 186 world cup winner strolled into custody. on thursday to meet argentina's new president alberto fernandez handily fernandez is a fan of argentina's june is the club where marat on a began his career he took time to sign a shirt and salute the crowd before heading off to resume coaching duties at his latest team. schema. where kids have been tumbling on day 2 of the 1st test between south africa and england at century and 15 of them in total on the day for
6:57 pm
philander took 4 for 16 in 14 overs as england were bowled out for $181.00 that's a 1st innings deficit of over 100 runs 2nd time around south africa close on $72.00 for 4 that gives them an overall lead of 175. meanwhile australia are in control of the 2nd test against new zealand at the melbourne cricket ground the tourists closing day 2 on 44 for 2 in reply to the aussie score a 467 travis did with a century italian skier dominic paris secured a piece of world cup history on friday he won the men's downhill title for a 3rd successive year at the course in bormio in front of his home fans paris took his 1st world cup title of the seasons with some of the belt for he's the sick and remains top of the overall standings. we'll leave it there for now most hold for me again a little later i will see you soon thanks for that peter and that's it for this news hour study with us i'll be back shortly with move around the world.
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what was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him for i was multicultural society it's not about you. pretty damning allegations that was always a good term how worried are you that the conditions are still right for another i think they are right join me mandy hudson as i put up from questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on
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al-jazeera. examining the impact of today's headlines you use the misinformation i've used which by setting the agenda for tomorrow's discussions how unique a load is this in terms of modern american history when it comes to racism you have the makings of a nail fascist moment international filmmakers and world class journalists bring programs to inspire you. on al-jazeera. counter the cost $29.00 t.v. what a year it's been a world sport bill to put aside short term economic game to save the planet for class of america the middle east people took to the street to protest the on equal spread of wealth at a trade war reshapes globalization counting the cost on al-jazeera. article 2 is it out to donald trump is now the 3rd president in history of the united states
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to be impeached that's what 6 or 8 everyone want to see is major event for the future of the rest joining us with details coverage and analysis of the trump impeachment amount to 0. nearly a quarter of a 1000000 people flee serious in the profits in just 2 weeks with intensifying bombardments by the government ad rush. this is al jazeera a lot of. libyans protest against warlord who says forces launch air strikes of targets the the tunisian border. the nervous white for news of survivors after a passenger plane goes down in kazakhstan last.


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