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we're told to go to the ministry of russia has this been addressed by tokyo we listen what these the proposal. we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter to 0. this is al-jazeera. this is the news coming up in the next 60 minutes to the a quarter of a 1000000 people flee syria's province in just 2 weeks with intensifying bombardments by the government and russia. libyans protest against war holy for have to seize forces launch air strikes of targets do that you newseum border. me
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and london with the top stories from europe including. chaotic scenes in montenegro as parliament as subs protest a new law which could affect the property rights of that orthodox chad. also a plane crashes after takeoff killing 12 people but many on board have walked away . with other sports news russia is to appeal its 4 year ban saying it's entirely disputes findings by the world anti doping agency. the united nations is going warning of devastating consequences for civilians in syria's last rebel whole province it leave you the 250000 people who fled the area in the past 2 weeks parts of it live being on the daily aerial bombardment part.
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russian backed syrian government forces president bashar assad has repeatedly vowed to take back the province and his offensive has intensified despite a ceasefire announced in august that he syrians are on the move north towards the turkish border but turkey's president has warned his country cannot cope with another influx of refugees pro-government forces are now focusing on capturing the city of new money it sits on an important motorway which links to basque is to aleppo once syria's largest city al-jazeera has a law again. and says surrounding area is a pretty much abandoned the standard of how ticket and you can see civilians fleeing displacement from out of phenomena continues same with socket city both are now empty of presidents and all the surrounding villages what's noteworthy is that the airstrikes have stopped in the last few days because of the bad weather there may have been some civilians drones flying over the area but there hasn't been any shelling still this of illions are fleeing in mosques because of the fear of
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defensive there are no civilians not even birds. so is with save the children she says there are huge numbers of infants and young people in need and they are particularly vulnerable. i mean the half of the population of it live is made up of children so this is a big chunk of the population when they have to flee and the current circumstances when so it's on it's very cold it's been raining for days and then they are as it is diseases of you know cough by not to mention obviously s.x. and being wounded or killed according to the you and $65.00 children have been killed so far in december and this is a high number compared to the rest of the year so children are always the 1st victim of this conflict and you know on a daily basis leave you with of either children being displaced and telling us how
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it's difficult to be far away from home from by france from their schools or in the worst case scenario so then sometimes members of the same primary being is a very dicey situation and what we hear from civilians that is that this is completely abandoned and now coming to you know it's the end of the year people have. on what is a about eve and people in its appeal abandoned by the international community so this is a total just near the libyan war to leave to have to forces have carried out an air strike at an oil refinery compound near the chinese you border it's the 4th strike in the area in the past 24 hours libya's national oil company says no one was killed but libyans have expressed anger over the latest this drive by have task forces with some protesting in the streets scenes of on friday the rallies are expected in the capital tripoli. 1st turkish president richard burr to one explain
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how his country would send troops to tripoli after the internationally recognized government by a formal request for military help but the administration in the libyan capital says it will only need this help if the conflict escalates correspondent back with up there why who is in tripoli he says the strikes may be a response to the ones announced this collation of the airstrikes by half to the fighter jets recently has been targeting civilian areas residential areas killing and wandering innocent civilians including women and children this could be read in terms of the actions of have to scam anger. action to the news about the turkish government planning to send troops to live to libya upon official request from the government of national called which is direct ignited by the united nations recently have to his forces have targeted by
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air strikes. an area near to the oil refinery of zawiya city stan about 40 kilometers to the west from tripoli is until you have to and it has in its custody the pilot that was detained or was captured by the pro-government forces 3 months ago while he was targeting their locations in. so after those forces are accused of committing war crimes by the government ministry of defense which is that said that have to. strike started civilian areas could mount 2 world crimes. cosmic star has grounded or back and forth a 100 flights after a crash on friday left at least 12 people dead the jet came down near our body airport shortly after takeoff smashing through a wall before hitting a house the cause of the crash is still unclear alexi are broad as. emergency crews
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calm the wreckage of the airliner torn in half the main body of the becket barely recognizable its ria resting in a field the flight had just taken off from airport bound for the capital now soltani survivors say passengers screamed as the plane started shaking then tilted before smashing into a concrete faints and slamming into a 2 story house raisky was worked in subzero temperatures to save dozens of injured including 8 children see what you know we found 2 sets of skid marks on the back of the plane on the runway maining touched it twice and mostly those passengers at the front of the aircraft were the ones who died fought recorders have been found and have been brought in for inspection nobody will be left without state support we will provide the needed help to the families of the victims and the injured president kasim caiaphas formed a government commission and says anyone responsible for the crash will be in his
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words severely punished he's also declared a day of national mourning on saturday because the plane itself is so rugged and well built that they are in very high demand. and it's very difficult to get a good for 100 to die. and their life seems to go on because if they will mine time and they've got a very long structural lot the government ordered the airline to ground its fleet of dutch built jets which are more than 20 years old all back air flights have been suspended until crash investigators can work out how this happened brian al-jazeera . a runaway ship in turkey has close by. of the world's busiest waterways. nervous motorists watched as the fraser ran aground in his double mechanical failure is being blamed for the mishap in the bosphorus the famous narrow strait
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reopened after the ship was towed for repairs protests have been taking place outside the state building about a pradesh in new delhi over allegations of police brutality and excessive force 18 people have been killed across uttar pradesh during the 2 weeks of demonstrations against a controversy no new citizenship law al-jazeera is in this before and i'm spoke to the families of some of the victims. with. a mother overcome with grief and her family in mourning as neighbors come to ziad hussein's home to pay their condolences. he says his 20 year old son still a man was shot dead by police following friday prayers last week. when he was coming back from prayers the police started beating people everyone around but he couldn't because he had a high fever and the police caught him and shot. his son was studying to join india's civil service. he is one of 18 indians killed in
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the state of altered. in 2 weeks of protests against the new citizenship law which critics say discriminates against muslims in the very volatile police commanders and maintain officers acted in self defense and to prevent communal violence or it can be every outing there came a point where there was fear of clashes between heroes and i was slim's on levy nor how we have to stop that from happening if we had not been there then things would have deterred you had it. but those who aren't too afraid to speak out say police attacked people in their own homes. as a result muhammad's larger then tells us police broke into the heart of his brother who was paralyzed and beat the entire family with battens but. the police barged in they broke the door and dragged him out of the house they beat him up now
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he's detained the police have detained around 6000 people in a position connection with the citizenship protests they've only charged $1000.00 of them. the people. inside. the police because of police are. just. sending messages of reassurance to distressed people. say they're too late. members of a fact finding team who travel to say the police are carrying out a reign of terror on muslim communities. in order to. police read. activists point out that while protests against the citizenship nor have happened
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nationwide. protests have been killed only in states such as. governed by the. police or detaining any protesters who come to. the capital new delhi to stop people from speaking out against police action in the northern states and civil rights groups are demanding the immediate release of what they call innocent protesters arrested by police and they want supreme court judges to see an investigation into allegations of police brutality for al-jazeera. without a government for political deadlock is not rare but it comes at a critical time the economy is near collapse. to survive the crisis which is being described as the worst in decades this report from. at least 7 people a day are depending on the generosity of one woman to eat it to expects that number
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to rise as lebanon's economy continues to collapse her bakery is offering free bread to the poor don't leave your family hungry is what this sign reads this is one of many initiatives by lebanese who are trying to help each other. the young girl asked me if she could buy half a sandwich for the 500 lebanese pounds she had that struck me i realized how people are desperate and hungry my daughters told me why don't you help people and that is what i'm doing now poverty is on the rise and so is unemployment lebanon has been without a government for weeks politicians are bargaining over power instead of implementing much needed reforms to unlock billions of dollars in foreign aid. the dire economic situation is the result of bad economic policies of previous governments their policies failed there's been a lot of corruption in the stolen money from the state economic crisis isn't it's been building up there are no more cases of lebanese becoming homeless because like
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. they no longer can afford rent she brought her family to this square in central beirut where opponents of the political class have been converging for more than 2 months and their attempt to get rid of the political elite. i used to have a house but now my whole family 8 girls and 4 boys including my son in law live here but regardless of this bad situation i feel good because of the care and love i got from people before the uprising i never had this much supports the spontaneous and leaderless protest movement was triggered by government attempts to impose more taxes they now call it a revolution lebanese from across the sectarian divide came together to call for change but this newfound unity is not complete these concrete slabs are a symbol of the deep divide not just among the nations politicians but society as well security forces set up these barricades after supporters of the mainly
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sectarian parties attacked the anti-establishment protesters the barriers make it harder to access the square but they do little to bridge differences indications are this is only the start of what is likely to be a prolonged crisis. beirut. there's much more including the extreme weather the brought the disasters. most powerful reaches for the moon and even. in the end. more than a dozen politicians have been arrested in montenegro after they fall that they protested against the law on religious freedom inside. the european broadcast center has more. that's right stan it's
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a controversial bet it went through in the early hours of friday and requires that religious institutions to prove they hold the rights to their property before 1918 opponents of the bill say it will unfairly target the sabayon orthodox church and the barber has our report. opposition members being carried out of politics in montenegro deputies from a pro search party came to blows with their rivals just before a lot of religious communities was passed lawmakers through what appeared to be a tear gas canister or a firecracker plainclothes police wearing gas masks intervened detaining 17 politicians from the democratic front to come with us. we expect that our colleagues will soon be released from custody we will also have a consultation about what to do next how to articulate this at this faction with what we've seen in the parliament last night. that dissatisfaction has prompted protests by priests from the serbian orthodox church the big church in montenegro
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and ordinary citizens there worried the state could confiscate church assets under the new law religious communities need to prove property ownership from before 918 when montenegro joined the precursor of the now defunct yugoslavia opponents say the law is aimed at pro serve institutions montenegro only separated from serbia in 2006. do you know the. lords are going to serbian church and serbian people we stepped in and come to montenegro we've been here for so long ago and we're here to stay. we're now asking that the government postpone some parts of this law which absolutely do not bring peace in montenegro but in unhappiness among people until after christmas the ruling democratic party of socialists denies any plans to seize churches like this one already of the dozens of serbian orthodox monasteries and other properties in the country. given
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guarantees and assurances that this law doesn't have any hidden agenda it's a low any civilised and democratic society needs it doesn't endanger anyone it is facility governed by the montenegrin metropolitan it not as a question the status of any priest the serbian orthodox church in montenegro has called for calm but it says it will complain to international organizations about what it's calling a brutal threat to the freedom of religion. al-jazeera. so for more on this i'm joined by philippa hitches a policy analyst and a former deputy mayor of budvar joins me from there now via skype and as we were hearing in their report 'd there this new law has been fiercely criticized by the serbian orthodox church who have described it as discriminatory and unconstitutional why do you think they are so fearful of this legislation. mary and the main problem with the serbian orthodox church in montenegro it's.
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really a muslim government the crucial lobby ford independents or. church just happened in ukraine. they've seen this. as a tool that india india has their monopoly on the orthodox. mountain into serbian church or montenegro has been perceived. by the. government by park or public as the keeper or the. some political ideology steps are perceived as conservative and the car living in the van and so tell me do they do they have a point where these concerns about the confiscation of assets what is likely to happen if you have the church not being able to provide evidence of ownership of
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certain bits of profit property churches and monasteries what what happens to that property then the problem is that our region is britain and will history and the date of 2918 balls harmed as. there's a date in which montenegrin church and. government last were montenegrin state last in in abundance and it's perceived by the part of our public as a completion of the process of modeling going on in the pendants and it's just not just montenegro that has an impact for the region like the region as it is happening in the in the ukraine and in the muscle measure in the region and actually we're seeing some very dramatic scenes from inside the parliament in serbia as well we're seeing a clip there from the head of the the orthodox church calling for parts of this law to be perspiring so ease concerns can be addressed how might the government respond because you know this could really inflame tensions between the process opposition
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and the government you know just as as we're speaking i saw that some incidents are continuing last night we have the full blockade of the montenegrin main roads vital roads were several hours to be precise for 5 hours the whole of the country was are lies. do come from serbian church and the serbian public. which is creating completely completely chaotic situation and work in new york and it created the perfect score or would use ok for all this to happen. yes let's remember been in movement since since few months a group so basically we are now what serbian church is doing there would be pressure on the gov montenegrin government not to pass the law for which they have my purity and were all loose. shish the company haven't heard a single or word for not believing government. it isn't really
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a compliment it is a complicated story but thank you silently appreciate you shouting some light on it for us it will near philip of it surely you the former deputy mayor of but thank you bring you a couple of a couple of other stories now the e.u. is warned that it may not be possible to negotiate a trade deal in the timeframe set out by the british prime minister boris johnson european commission president as 11 delaying told a french newspaper that both sides either to think seriously about how long it will take last friday or as chances breaks that bill was passed with a thumping majority it leaves just 11 months now to negotiate an agreement with the e.u. encapsulating trade fisheries transport and other areas as well johnson has ruled out extending the transition period beyond december 2020 pretty. or big changes coming in germany where i'm going luckily country's leader since 2005 is on her way out and as parties get ready for the battle to replace how the center left social
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democrats a struggling to return to that dominant place in politics dominate cain takes a look now at what might lie ahead and. there was a time when the social democrats dominated german politics those days are long gone now they are just junior partners in government dominated by the christian democrats and fewer than one in 6 germans votes for this people's party which is why they espied a recently elected new leaders driven by a more left wing view of politics and a deep dislike of the coalition with anglo american these are going to be in script busted by wars and i am skeptical about the future of this grand coalition i haven't changed my mind about that but with this resolution we give the coalition a realistic chance of continuing not more not less. in 2019 the party lost votes in every election it contested and fell behind both the greens and the far right alternative for germany in the polls which explains why many at the
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grassroots are in despair and. its allies we need to continue to develop a vision because ours is the only party that works through visions and emotions how much mitt said that those who have visions should go to the doctor and i would say don't contradict how much mit go to the doctor and convince the doctor the nurses and everyone sitting in the waiting room so this party shines as it deserves to carrying the future in its heart. some say this is not just a german phenomenon but across europe social democracy is in retreat and that's why there is this kind of feeling in germany that a lot of things are changing around or that people don't see the kind of stewardship the kind of political leadership they put the year or you know take take the bull by the horns and got into the right direction so i think with the years with the needs in the next year and a half is to come up with the idea of where germany should be in 1015 years time
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but it's now almost 15 years since an as pay day leader was in charge of government here and with the polls suggesting the party is struggling to reach just 15 percent it seems that few voters want to give the social democrats the keys to this building any time soon dominic cain al-jazeera at the german chancellor. more coming up from london at the top the next hour now back to stan and. mary thank you extreme weather hit every populated continent this year bringing death displacement an enormous financial cost the british charity christian aid looked at $15.00 disasters that each caused damage with at least a $1000000000.00 now the disaster with the highest death toll was in india where flooding between june and october killed 1900 people so you die which devastated zimbabwe mozambique a balawi in march killed 1300 the biggest damage bill was 20 $5000000000.00 from
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wildfires that ravaged the u.s. state of california throughout october and november or typhoons facts are give us cost japan at least $20000000000.00 catherine crier author of the christian report she says underdeveloped countries will be the biggest human cost of climate change and certainly there is a real need in 2020 for all countries to come forward with enhanced impression this report showing that the impacts of climate change that we're seeing with just one degree of after each warming but the the pledges that people of that the country support for what so far under the paris agreement amount to 3 degrees of warming and the kinds of impacts that we would see it that would just be just beyond human imagination but beyond human experience i think one of the things that this report shows very clearly is that the cost vietnam it costs that you talked about in your introduction the economic costs in countries that have ensured insurance against these losses and as you rightly pointed out the real human cost are in the
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countries that are very that are a fellow up to level that don't have the resilience but in the countries that don't have the resources to help people build their resilience to to these climate impacts as they increase. still to come in this news out we talked to some of those left blinded by colombian riot police during their violent crackdown against protests. and warnings that israel is heading down a path of corruption off to benjamin netanyahu survives a leadership challenge. that argentina's favorite football exotic is welcomed to the presidential palace beta more of that in sport. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast where we have been bringing you the latest here across the eastern part of the med all dealing with
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this area of low pressure that has really been a very slow moving system for the last couple of days it is still causing some problems here from turkey down towards parts of syria lebanon as well as down towards egypt as well now the winds with the storm has come down and the amount of rain is less but we're still dealing with flooding here particular over across parts of syria and into lebanon as well for the next couple of days though into turkey is going to be some more snow across much of the area and as you can see we're really not getting rid of that rain so we are watching this very carefully cyprus are also being affected by this rain temps wise we're into the mid teens across much of the area we don't expect to see much of a change there for beirut expect to see the rain all the way through the weekend and into monday with the temps are there of about 19 and some windy conditions possibly for you here across the gulf not looking too bad where we're going to be seeing some problems is down across the coast of amman now over the next few days we did have a little disturbance here pushing in that's going to bring some rain as well as some clouds expect to see attempt to stay into the high twenty's we do expect to
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see probably the rain ending by the time we get towards sunday night up towards miss got though it is going to be a beautiful and a sunny day with a temperature of $24.00. egypt's strongman is ruling within. and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off for more for c. for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have forgotten victim to his repression executions torture censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera we know because we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone so places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it
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united nations peacekeepers are out there going on thai riot. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. you're watching al-jazeera his room top stories libyans have protested in anger over the latest strike by warlords alif a half his forces sources have told al-jazeera and oil refinery be the cheesier border was hit on friday it's the 4th strike in so we're in the past 24 hours. at
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least 12 people have been killed in kazakhstan after an airliner crashed shortly after takeoff several passengers survived the big crash 98 passengers and crew were on board. to be a quarter of a 1000000 people who fled violence in northwest syria in the past 2 weeks that's according to the u.n. it's been weeks of artillery bombardment and air strikes on the last rebel whole province of. turkey so authorities have closed their border to syrians trying to cross from it live. to tell us more. most of these people have. fled their homes heading to cities such as set our kids on the couplet all of the province others have gone to government held areas of aleppo province but the vast majority of them i'm from the areas where the syrian armed forces have been. putting most of the toxins. out than mine and the
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strategic city that sits on the m 5 which assad's forces are really keen to take from the rebels they have and most of them come to woods the turkish border and the photos are multiplying any of the syrian refugees to all the on the comps are also sule so they are mostly in the open something up mix shift comes you know depending on turkish charities giving them warm food but they do not have proposed sanitation or water or any other amenities we have a set up but come protesters in algeria have been back on the streets for the 45th friday in a row. it's the 1st round of demonstrations since the death of the army chief made guide sallah also charges against the newly elected president abdul mawgoud to avoid the or departures movements wants
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a complete change in the type way the country is run. protesters have gathered along the gaza barrier fence border for the final time this year on thursday organizers said they were planning to scale back the demonstrations until much as negotiations towards a hamas israel ceasefire continue since only 2018 people have been gathering at the border. to demand palestinians be allowed to return to land they and their families were forced to leave when israel became a state 10948 gaza's health ministry says almost 280 people have been killed and thousands wounded by israeli forces during the protests june he's a spokesman for the great march of return movement he says regardless of who is israel's prime minister ok pop their demands now we are looking at it with the only thing you know it's going to still going to be. out of the political scene it's not
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i would have problem the problem that we have all right we need to bring all the attention of the all over the world that palestinian are suffering hardships suffering been suffering leading a miserable life because of the oppression and because of that division as well so it means that now we could say that all the factions all the palestinian groups all the civil communities all are united together under one table and they're all agreed upon that the right of return is what a great issue and now we believe that continue we continue with the of this peaceful. what so called peace put it in there with. a lot of it is going to be part of our continue with the. life we need to manage through the attention of all. muslims communities that ability now to still after 70 years of. pulled out the from their country of origin and country
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are still survive still fight are still believe that they have a right to. israel's leader benjamin netanyahu has thanked his the party members a promise to lead them to an election victory after fending off a leadership challenge rival gideon saw hard to convince members that it was time for a change but i stuck with netanyahu despite his indictment for corruption attacks are going to reports from westerners. for the 1st time in 5 years likud members had the chance to elect someone other than benjamin netanyahu as their leader on thursday they chose him again solidifying his nickname as the magician because of his ability to pull off victory after victory netanyahu campaigned heavily to beat his challenger former interior and education minister gideon sar so there's no need to this is the time to unite to bring a sweeping victory to the liquid and the right to the knesset elections most of the people support the right and most of the people support me to lead
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a government but the final decision in the primaries the final and sweeping primaries decision was a huge expression of trust in my way and alway even though netanyahu is the 1st sitting prime minister to be indicted on corruption charges his popularity has remained steady among his right wing base a feeling. sars that tactics of sitting on the bench and not trying to do anything active in in the public fields is wrong i prefer people who take action. source pitch to voters is that netanyahu failed to form a government twice why would he be able to reach a different outcome a 3rd time he warned maintaining the status quo could mean likud loses power in national elections in march. sars supporters cited concerns over the corruption charges trailing netanyahu charges he calls
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a politically motivated witchhunt the sar camp has also alleged election. addling and voter intimidation but there's a feeling of decay in the democracy from within the party generally in israel israel is in the midst of an unprecedented political crisis netanyahu has until january 1st to ask the knesset to grant him immunity he'll need a 61 majority vote he was unable to get that same number of seats to form a government in the last 2 elections and on tuesday the supreme court is expected to rule if an indicted sitting prime minister is allowed to form a government natasha going to el does iran west jerusalem the leader of the blue and white party benny gantz will be netanyahu his main challenger when israelis head back to the polls in botch he says liquid has turned a blind eye to netanyahu behavior. these elections demand that we
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place a mirror in front of the netanyahu party and make the choice for unity dignity and internal reconciliation the state of israel must set out on a new course to make that happen blue and white must achieve a decisive outcome that will extricate us from both political deadlock and a path of corruption huth ease in yemen so they fired a ballistic missile in saudi arabia killing and injuring saudi border guards a military camp was the reported target need the city of basra if confirmed it would be the 1st missile attack in 3 months he's claimed responsibility for september's drone strikes which damaged the world's largest oil processing plant in eastern saudi arabia. 3 of america's biggest rivals have started joint naval exercises near the gulf iran is hosting 4 days of warship drills with china and russia in the gulf of oman it's the entry point to the strait of hormuz which
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carries much of the world's oil imports iran denies involvement in recent attacks on gulf oil tankers. the fact that we are now hosting russia and china means that our relations have reached a significant point and god willing it will have global outputs and its message is peace and friendship in the light of united and responsible collective corp china has successfully launched one of the world's most powerful rockets saying it's a big step and its ambitions for the moon and mars the long march 5 rocket was carrying a communications satellite it launched without a hitch unlike the failed mission in 2017 that was caused by an engine problem china hopes to have a crude space station by 2022 francisco diego is a senior teaching fellow at the department of physics and astronomy at university college london joins us now it's nice to have you with us let's look 1st of all at china how close is it to its ambitions of sending my mission to mars in
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2020 and a crude space space station by 2022. it is difficult to tell but i think they have a very solid program and they of course don't come any problems with budget or any political problems so they can go ahead very freely and do that we have seen the success of china landing on the moon and now that the market is coming closer to us next year it is the time to send probes to mars again these countries every 2 years more or less and not out china will be one of the missions that will go and. go to mars it's a beginning 2020 of course we have bars rover 2020 we have the european space age the in its mission as well and also you've mentioned the chinese are we talking about a space race here particularly with china united states and and europe. no not exactly i mean each mission because of different points of wealth of scientific
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goals so it's not exactly a space race it's just i think and hopefully you will be in the future as well a kind of international collaboration because each other benefits from the right being the the data that has been collected so i see that more of a collaboration rather than on the race and the holy grail here is some form of human habitation what are the missions hopefully going to tell us about the prospects for that. human habitation he said extremely difficult we have an environment which is essentially just open to cosmic consoler that the asian we have a very dusty environment as well and very low gravity we have a fair to the gravity that we have here on earth so all these factors have to be taking took on very seriously especially the radiation one we want to see us
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through also a walking on the surface of mars or the moon for that for the same reason for a long time they would have to be all the all of the living room. environments have to be on the ground and of course it's not just about habitation but it's about learning so many other things as well so what else can we take away from missions like this these missions are paving the way for future mind exploration the emissions are finding out interesting places where life may have being the boss of me from just about his point of view. who put everything this photo living organisms in the past already has hopefully with what there is even today the isa amounts wrote there and he said russia must progress or concepts amounts hasa real that is going to lead to meet theirs in to the ground looking for a geological aby then so different books in the modern history that would be
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a major major thing from the set from these mission for example because you get just a final thought as well because what you're saying there from my reading of it is that they might have been a ton in the distant past when mars would have been more habitable. that's right he said that we have any strong evidence from from even just mainly that models kind of a lot of what they're not running on the surface millions and millions of years ago and well it has left marks or fade ocean and we have also evidence from the minerals explode i mean the information obtained by that could also be rather which is very similar to the mars 2024 over. there the chemical evidence and the kind of morphology of the over the rocks that's not being located in this particular place and show everything supply liquid water on the surface it's been fantastic to talk to you thank you again for give me shit time francisco jack i think it's a pleasure it's a pleasure. well judges in south korea have dismissed legal action seeking to
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repeal the japanese compensation deal the so-called comfort women a financial compensation was agreed 4 years ago for korean women forced into japanese military brothels during the 2nd world war but some women complained to the constitutional court that they did not consent to the deal and they said it undermined their right to seek further reparations from japan. firefighters in australia are trying to limit the spread of bushfires before another heat wave that's expected this weekend nearly 1300 personnel in the state of new south wales are doing containment work hoping to reduce the amount of fuel in bush lead 70 fires are burning across the state with about half still out of control weeks of fires in australia have killed 9 people and destroyed at least a 1000 properties we are seeing the temperatures starting to rise over the coming days we're seeing this heat wave starting to move across new south wales a guy that's going to bring not just the heat have a central australia we're going to see the temperatures up into the louder mid
9:45 pm
forty's across a lot of areas but it's going to bring a very dry air as well so that's going to elevate for dangers and we know the winds are going to start turning around to the west in the northwest which is war so much work has been going on over this last week while conditions are more more out there is extraordinary work going on with with hand to long construction far break up upgrades they're locking in control laws with back burning men or women on the ground doing really difficult work in pretty rugged country but also being supported by aircraft in the air. colombian riot police are coming under increasing pressure over the why they've dealt with protesters one student has died many more so they've been blinded. as more university students dragged into an unmarked car. protester brutally kicked in the face killed by a police project since the national strike started over a month ago colombia's riot police known as is it has been under pressure for its
9:46 pm
file into response to the mostly peaceful demonstrations. martial arts trainer. marched in the 1st protest but had been playing pool for 2 hours when he was attacked by the police as he fled the bar flooded with tear gas he lost his right eye after being hit by a rubber bullet. they didn't care if we were confronting them or not they simply attacked us if it wasn't me it would have been another of my friends because they shot at us directly i felt a rubber ball hitting my right eyelid i saw it on the floor when i tried to pick it up i passed. the u.n. commission for human rights in colombia is investigating cases of excessive force in arbitrary detentions of protesters and journalists during the demonstrations at least 10 people have lost and i doing protests in. you to come out of your seem fine on the surface a lost sight in her left eye there is the riot police never follow protocol that's
9:47 pm
why until and that's why i lost my sight and so on they always use brute force. a month after the killing of the crews hundreds of people gathered at the spot. to leave the injured there demanding the dismantling of the. human rights organizations say that colombia's riot police is responsible for their 34 people in the last 20. even if it's supposed to be a force opposition congressman who is supporting a bill in congress to replace the force says the issue goes beyond. the problem in colombia is that during 50 years of internal conflicts the polices always supposed existence of an internal enemy that had to be confronted with violence we're living in a historic moment of change. with the peace deal and our institutions need to
9:48 pm
understand that security forces need to change as well. that the country's riot police rarely violate protocols and actually needs to be reinforced many of their actions here beg to differ. bolivia's foreign minister says mexico is making a mistake by telling comply to the international court of justice bolivia denies spying on the mexican embassy in la paz and intimidating its diplomats the dispute began after mexico dive asylum do you believe is former president. in november of 2 weeks of protests and he's reelection. in mexico city with more on this diplomatic crisis there's been a friction between bolivia and mexico for about a month now since the start of bolivia's interim government and of course it was
9:49 pm
mexico that was the 1st country to offer political asylum to 'd former bolivian leader ever more doubt is what's going on now is a sort of war of words that's building up tensions that are building up between diplomats between authorities in both nations on one end you have the libyan officials saying that mexico is harboring criminals is harboring terrorists at mexico's embassy in the bolivian capital mexico saying that what they're doing is pollute providing political asylum to 9 individuals 2 of which are former ministers that serve under the leadership of president ebel mortalities and the latest that we've heard on thursday is mexico appealing to the international court of justice the i.c.j. and the united nations to help mediate this ongoing dispute the last that we heard from mexican president on this one to look at what order is for cooler heads to prevail saying that he hopes that common sense will prevail as the student dispute drags on diplomatic ties between the 2 countries. still still exist we don't know if that's going to continue to be the case as i mentioned this war of words that's
9:50 pm
escalating the last that we heard from bolivian officials today was from former president hadi who weighed in he's been recently appointed as a special delegate to represent bolivia to the international community he called the mexican president a quote coward a bully and a shameless apologist for drug traffickers these are very strong words strong allegations from both sides. it's from both bolivia and and from mexican officials as we said was named a special delegate before the international community we still don't know of a date set by the international court of justice but in the meantime the sort of tension between the 2 nations continues to grow and the allegations from the mexican side is that there is harassment that there is an increased police presence we can even confirm that on thursday there were at least 50 police units and 10 vehicles parked outside of mexico's embassy but as you'll sports next you'll tell us what paris is the toast of the italian school steps.
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
as tough a sport now he's paida them thank you very much russia has told the world anti-doping agency it entirely disputes accusations of manipulating doping data and will appeal its 4 year ban from major sports events and as the sanctions are overturned russian athletes won't be able to compete at next year's olympics or the 2022 football world cup athletes who can prove they are clean can still compete but only under
9:53 pm
a neutral flag the case is now heading to the court of arbitration for sport. the former sweden striker's let any bring him of riches returning to one of his former clubs ac milan the one time giants of european football have confirmed the signing of the 38 year old on a 6 month contract manor currently 11th in the italian city are and haven't won a trophy since 2011 even him a bitch left l.a. galaxy last month liverpool look unstoppable in the english premier league after being 13 points clear of the top mench the city will try to reduce the gap to 11 when they travel to wolves later on friday their title defense has been tainted by the month long absence of sergio aguayo but he starts tonight manager paper guardiola says the argentine has been irreplaceable in the team ever since he's go back in 2012 which won city the title. the moment is much rarer than 41 season or whatever and he was the guy. more than the gold and everything he has done
9:54 pm
he has done in this club but sooner or later it's going to happen he will decide when and i'm pretty sure i'm sure that the club will be ready you know to try to find the guy to try to replace him and of course in a business associating with sporting stars can make very easy to little capital for a country's leader and in argentina there's no one more popular with the masses then diego maradona the 1986 world cup winner strolled into the casa in buenos aires on thursday to meet argentina's new president alberto fernandez handle even then there is a fan of argentinos juniors the club where married ana began his career he took time to sign a shirt and salute the crowds before heading off to resume coaching duties at his latest team. a scheme. to to american champions cork
9:55 pm
about a case sure leading the way in putting women's football on the map in the country despite cultural resistance and a lack of financial support and national women's league was founded just over a year ago with the dedicated co of women's coaches and players helping to thrive on a shoestring budget behind the growth of the cork out team is former player and current coach. a talib c said it was hard to be a female player in morocco but believes football can help empower them. always you must do better with the current group of the male players as at the same time the future generation that is why we are working on training them well this will not happen by chance we as coaches are responsible for this training we need to realise this we should not give up arab african and moroccan female soccer players suffer from many problems in crises. boxing fans will have to wait long into the new year for what's expected to be one of the biggest fights of 2020 on friday tyson fury and the entre wilder confirm the date of their highly anticipated
9:56 pm
rematch the pay will meet at the m.g.m. grand in las vegas on the 22nd of february 1st meeting a year ago so while they retained his w.b.c. heavyweight title of controversial draw wickets have been tumbling on day 2 of the 1st test between south africa and england at century in 15 of them in fact vernon philander took 4 for 16 as in and were bowled out for $181.00 that's a 1st innings deficit of just over 100 runs 2nd time around south africa closed on 72 for 4 giving them an overall lead of 175 meanwhile australia are in control of the 2nd test against new zealand in melbourne the tourists closing day 244 for 2 replies of the ozzies 467 traverse head with a century. to the n.b.a. we look at on tritch stole the show for the dallas mavericks in a texas showdown gunships returned to the lineup after missing full games because
9:57 pm
of an ankle injury and he did it in style scoring $24.00 points for the mabs he finished with tame rebounds and 8 assists and i just missed adding to the n.b.a. leading total of a triple doubles the san antonio spurs relatives for 13 points but it wasn't enough dallas taking this 110296. as the usual jazz on a mitchell school 35 points and joe ingles at a 26 in a game against the portland trailblazers damian lillard scored a team high 34 points but fell short altogether the jazz lingus one. italian skier dominic paris secured a piece of woolco history on friday won the men's downhill title for a 3rd successive year at the cool soon bormio in front of his home fence panels took his 1st world cup title of the season switzerland's belt for ways were sickened and remains top of the oval stand. i'll see you again a little ways a formal sports fan thank you for that peter and that's it from
9:58 pm
a stand grad at the chaman doff n l z and our colleagues in london i've got it more will. join me many often as i put the upfront questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. i thought this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of atomic military and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest solution author must impact
9:59 pm
from that they are. the main things that sets out 0 apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok so it's a. little complicated operations probably if this is not an act of clear i'm going i don't know if the office of the work you're doing here is amazing but there are so many fossils and it feels like this is just a dent what was your relationship with normal we're ok. this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what's happening right now. a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study or exe and one i want to investigate the pakistani
10:00 pm
company at legibly selling fake degrees to the police around the world on al-jazeera coming. up. like. hundreds of thousands of people flee syria's last rebel stronghold as pro-government forces pound the region with bombs and asked strikes. now i maryam namazie and london you're with al jazeera also coming up on the program a passenger plane crashes into a house and kazakhstan killing. at least 12. libyans protest against a wall of relief after a while his forces target an oil refinery on the border with tunisia.
10:01 pm
and chaos in montenegro ottoman to protest a new rule which could affect the property rights.


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