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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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0. hello i'm. watching the news hour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes hundreds of thousands of people free syria's lost rebel stronghold as pro-government forces pound the region with bombs and strikes a passenger plane crashes into a house in kazakhstan killing at least 12 people. libyans protest against a wall of $25.00 to while his forces target an oil refinery on the border it with tunisia. and chaos in montenegro as parliament as
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suggs protest a new role which could affect the property rights of that orthodox church. i'm going to be disturbed and go home with. rushes to appeal it's for you ben saying it entirely disputes findings by the wound anti doping agency. a low of our own welcome to the program al top story this hour nearly a quarter of a 1000000 people have fled their homes in syria's last rebel stronghold in the past 2 weeks escaping a relentless berridge of bombs and asked strikes syrian government forces and their russian allies have sworn to retake it lead and the united nations is warning of devastating humanitarian consequences parts of the province have been on the daily aerial bombardment and thousands of families are reportedly too frightened to move authorities in turkey meanwhile have closed their border to syrians trying to flee
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this violence going to doe's of the turkish city of de abacha and says many refugees are heavily dependent on charities to survive. most of these food. bull have. fled their homes heading to cities such as said our kids on the couplet all of the province others have gone to government held areas of aleppo province but the vast majority of them i'm from the areas where the syrian armed forces have been. putting most of the toxic area around and what about the man and the strategic city that sits on the m 5 which assad's forces are really keen to take from the rebels they have most of them come to woods the turkish border and the turkish old photos are any of the city and for years to hold all over the comps are also fool so they are mostly in the open something up make
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shift comes you know depending on turkey's charities giving them warm food but they do not have proper sanitation or water or any other amenities wherever they have set up but come on as a spokeswoman for save the children and explains how the situation is impacting young syrians. i mean the house of the population of it is made up of children so this is a big chunk of the population when they have to flee and the current circumstances when so it's on it's very cold it's been raining for days on end they are at the days of diseases of you know crossed by not to mention obviously as guides and being wounded or killed according to the you and $65.00 children have been killed so far in december and this is a high number compared also to the rest of the year so children are older is the
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1st victim of the some slip and you know on a daily basis we use the use of children being displaced and telling us how it's difficult to be probably from home from diapers and from those schools or in the worst case scenario so that sometimes members of the same time of the being is a very dicey situation and what we view from civilians as it is that they feel completely abandoned and now coming to you know it's the end of the year people have used as flag. on what is a 0 on the eve and people that it's abandoned by the international community. a passenger plane has crashed on takeoff in kazakhstan killing at least 12 people back at jack came down. through a wall before hitting house are skiers worked in freezing conditions to reach the 98 on board and pulled out dozens of survivors alexy o'brien has more.
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emergency crews calmed the wreckage of the airliner torn in half the main body of the becket barely recognizable its ria resting in a field the flight had just taken off from airport bound for the capital no soul town survivors say passengers screamed as the plane started shaking then tilted before smashing into a concrete faints and slamming into a 2 story house raisky has worked in subzero temperatures to save dozens of injured including 8 children. plane began shaking severely it was a nightmare inside i put my phone in my pocket and taught in my safety belt the plane leaned forward it was clear that we would crash into the ground see what you mean we found 2 sets of skid marks from the back of the plane on the runway meaning it touched it twice and mostly those passengers at the front of the aircraft were the ones who died flight recorders have been found and have been brought in for inspection nobody will be left without state support we will provide the needed
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help to the families of the victims and the injured president kasim caiaphas formed a government commission and says anyone responsible for the crash will be in his words severely punished he's also declared a day of national mourning on saturday because the plane itself is so rugged and well built that they are in very high demand and it's very difficult to get a good for 100 to die. and their life seems to go on because if they will mine time and they've got a very long structural lot the government's ordered the airline to ground its fleet of dutch built jets which are more than 20 years old all back air flights have been suspended until crash investigators can work out how this happened brian al-jazeera . well i want to bring up to date with libya now local officials have told al jazeera that the warlord khalifa haftar has carried out in a strike on an oil refinery near the tunisian border the strike took place in the
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city of zawiya and it's the 4th on the compound in 24 hours it comes off the libya's internationally recognized government requested military support from taki its battle against have to us forces meanwhile a protest is of gathered on the streets of zawiyah off to 2 people died in an asteroid in the city on thursday have to fight to struck a busy shopping center in the city in rush hour. injuring 20 people warplanes also hit a pharmacy as well as residential and market areas a funeral for one of those killed is also taking place in the $100.00 horsey 1000 libyans have fled their homes now since have to launch a campaign to capture tripoli in april which is where the internationally recognized government is based. is in tripoli and explains why the airstrikes might be half does response to turkey's plans to send troops to libya. this collation of the airstrikes by have to fighter jets recently has been targeting get civilian
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areas residential areas killing innocent civilians including women and children this could be read in terms of the actions have to camp anger. action to the news about the turkish government planning to send troops to live to libya upon official request from the government of national called which is direct ignited by the united nations recently have to his forces have targeted by air strikes. an area near to the oil refinery of. your city stan about 40 kilometers to the west from tripoli is until you have to and it has in its cost to be this pilot that was detained or was captured by the pro-government forces 3 months ago while he was targeting their locations in.
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so after those forces are accused of committing war crimes by the government ministry of defense which is that said that have to. strike started to get civilian areas could moment to work crimes well now to developments in iraq a military base where american forces were stationed has been attacked by. rockets the k. one base lies 15 kilometers north west of the oil rich city of kirkuk one member of the iraqi police force and a u.s. contractor has been injured so manifold and has more on this now from baghdad where she explains the strategic importance of this base we're getting reports that there were 2 casualties as part of this latest attack one of whom is a member of the iraqi police and one of whom is the u.s. contractor in this particular base in kirkuk houses both u.s. forces as well as iraqi forces that it is used to conduct operations in the area
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against this is an area that is surrounded by many mountains and it has been used by aczel to stage an insurgency so this base is particularly important for those operations and this particular attack is just one in a series of several such incidents over the past month or so in fact there have been a statement issued by the u.s. on the semper 7 basically listing the attacks and also unusually attribute in responsibility for some of these attacks a particular one such attack. took a type as ball which is an iranian backed armed group now there was another attack on december 9th on another military base near baghdad airport which also co houses u.s. forces which resulted in the injuries of 6 iraqi soldiers and following that particular attack secretary of state issued a very strong statement basically warning iran to not attack u.s.
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forces as well as its allies here in iraq or quote those actions would be answered with a decisive u.s. response or not we actually have to casualties in another such attack it remains to be seen how the u.s. will react. meanwhile iraq's president has been blamed for causing a political standoff after he refused to approve the nomination of assad donny as prime minister groups backed by iran say president barham salih is serving the interests of washington and aims to bring the country into chaos it comes as anti-government protesters gathered in baghdad where trading demands for an independent prime minister more than $450.00 people have been killed since protests broke out almost 3 months ago and we want an obvious prime minister independent no one citizenship we want to join the an iraqi official who can feel our pain who can relate to us someone who doesn't have any loyalty to others. rocky city of najaf is home to the grand ayatollah ali al sistani the highest shia religious authority in
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the country since anti-government protests began in october he has delivered some sharp criticism of the government's handling of the crisis during his weekly friday sermons but this week he decided to no longer get involved in iraq ie politics his somalia fault and again reporting from natural gas. as iraq slips deeper into political crisis the one man iraq has looked to for guidance is silent grand ayatollah ali al sistani is friday's sermon delivered through his representative usually includes comments on political matters closely watched in streets and halls of government alike this week the cleric announced he'd no longer speak on political issues and he passed a cryptic message to iraq's politicians explaining why. if you read history you'll find that the problem is not with the people who have wisdom and intellect but with those who don't listen to those who have wisdom and intellect.
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clerics close to stanley say his silence is a show of dismay that iraq's politicians are not heeding his advice to start his reclusion comes at a critical time on thursday president barham saleh said he would rather resign than appoint the nominee for prime minister danny seen as representing the status quo. what is the point of talking on political issues we are repeating the same points over and over again if they want to get advice they'll find in previous speeches. it's not the 1st time sistan has done this he stopped making political speeches temporarily in 201320162 put pressure on political leaders and. when he ponderous points of record progress towards early elections based on the priestly past when he finds little response he resumed giving political price.
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stanny may have also grown tired of his words being used to meet political ends for political forces does take the steps to sistani and interpret them according to their interest. not just has seen some of the worst violence since demonstrations began here 2 protesters have set up camp in the central square determined to stay until their demands are met they feel encouraged by cystitis support but unless there is a complete overhaul of the political system they doubt that early elections a priority for system will bring meaningful change. the choice made by the politicians we want prime minister and a president to be elected by the people the grand ayatollah ali al assad has said and boersma seen as necessary for the nomination of a new prime minister and his the social to no longer comment on political developments is regarded as pressuring political parties to choose someone protesters can separate but his silence also creates
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a leadership vacuum that some. here could worsen the crisis from what a whole team al-jazeera. well palestinian demonstrators have gathered along the gaza israel border fence for the final time this year protests have wound down in recent months as egypt catherine the united nations try to broker a cease fire agreement between hamas and israel organizers said they don't intend to hold another protest until march since early last year protesters have been gathering at the border every friday demanding the right to return to their ancestors' homes well i said today a spokesman and spokesman for the quite much of our time is mentioned as the precious are important for raising awareness we are looking at it with government and you know it's going to still going to be. out of the political scene it's not our problem our the problem that we have all right we need to bring all the attention of the all over the world the palestinian are suffering hardships
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suffering been suffering leading a miserable life because of the oppression and because of that i get in as well so that means that. we could say that all the factions all the palestinian groups all the civil communities all united together under one table. all agree that the right to return is what a great issue and know we believe that continue we continue with the of this peaceful. what. is going to be part of our continue with the on both of our life will we need managed to grow the attention of all. muslims community is the ability now to still after 70 years of. build out the from the country original country are still sort of still fight are still believe that they have a right to. now 10 people have been killed and 2 women taken captive by i sill
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linked fighters in nigeria a convoy of vehicles was traveling towards my degree in the northeast when they were stopped by fighters posing as nigerian soldiers those believed to be christian working for an aid organizational part of a police force fighting boko haram was shot the attack took place 5 days ago. it was the news hour live from london much more still ahead still going nowhere france is heading towards its longest ever strike is up to hoffa's trains stay at a standstill. why the next year will be a big one in the race to land on laws with 4 different missions all on the starting line. and as a last chance return calla veteran swedish star turn around the fortunes of a place in the land.
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more than a dozen employees have been arrested in montenegro after they violently protested a law on religious freedom controversial legislation went there in the early hours of friday morning and requires religious institutions to prove they hold the rights to their property before 918 but opponents say it will on fairly target the serbian orthodox church and. opposition members being carried out of politics in montenegro deputies from a pro serb polity came to blows with their rivals just before a lot of religious communities was passed lawmakers through what appeared to be a tear gas canister or a firecracker plainclothes police wearing gas masks intervened detaining 17 politicians from the democratic front to come without us. we expect that our colleagues will soon be released from custody we will also have a consultation about what to do next how to articulate this at the section with
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what we've seen in the parliament last night. that dissatisfaction has prompted protests by priests from the serbian orthodox church the big church in montenegro and ordinary citizens there worried the state could confiscate church assets under the new law religious communities need to prove property ownership from before $918.00 when montenegro joined the precursor of the now defunct yugoslavia opponents say the law is aimed at pro circuit city montenegro only separated from serbia in 2006 it's a step to you know get out of adonis this is a going to serbian church and serbian people we stepped in and come to montenegro we've been here long ago and we're here to stay. we're now asking that the government postpone some parts of this law which absolutely do not bring peace in montenegro but then happiness among people until after christmas the ruling
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democratic party of socialists denies any plans to seize churches like this one already of the dozens of serbian orthodox monasteries and other properties in the country. given guarantees and assurances that this law doesn't have any hidden agenda it's a low any civilised and democratic society needs it doesn't endanger anyone it is facility governed by the montenegrin metropolitan it not as a question the status of any priest the serbian orthodox church in montenegro has called for calm but it says it will complain to international organizations about what it's calling a brutal threat to the freedom of religion barbara al-jazeera. well a strike in france which has crippled public transport and closed oil refineries is in its 23rd day now breaking the length of an a tourist stoppage in the ninety's where about pan reforms so the country's pension system present a 9 a lot cons government wants to merge 42 separate schemes into one for public sector
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workers. he says it's needed to stop a scheme that already cost 14 percent of france's national income from going into deficit but workers are angry of a clause that means they would have to work to me is over the official retirement age in order to get a full pension for the. real leg of the government is even more difficult situation than it was during the $9095.00 strike as we're heading toward lobby the government of a government building in the conflict but to call it the will of damage will cure. well i mean as an economist at the french institute for international and strategic affairs joins me now from paris and i guess the unions know that french governments of the past have backed down in the face of such paralyzing strikes does it look as though the government of emanuel at home will be able to stand its ground against this source of pressure and frustration. well the those unions are really
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focused in very specific issues related to that except and especially the transportation sector and those where it is. today that it fits from rather generous pension scheme some of them can retire as early as the early fifty's this is a much broader issue which is really the cool of this pension reform and it's not really watts those trade unions have really been focusing on so it wouldn't be that difficult for the government to make concessions so that those trade unions but those probably except. those but the main aim of the strip for west to pass somehow szell these pensions seems all choose your reduced. number and it seems indeed that they're going to do it cheap something fall as ambitious and began as a man why has the government taken this surprise if that would have been easier for
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them to make concessions to raise all listen said they've gone in and from what you're saying you've got a different direction that what make much of a difference in terms of redesigning the system a toll. well so far this has rather succeeded he didn't ask to aging the concerns of those betrayed your knowledge unrepresentative but they felt to take on broader concerns those of the young best movement of the earth but maybe they felt that with confidence having been able to just somehow succumb gold it was those unions and they know it it would be easier and they know it's they could run to the top you're not it's been more than 3 weeks and the strike is back to so many people so many workers in the region especially around paris i mean is this ultimately going to be determined by how people fail if the destruction gets so bad
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that the unions news popular support i mean the numbers involved in protests have been coming down but it looks as though. they still have the backing of the majority of the people. lee you know it's all strong i mean daniel to present the most well as list some some anger against the government generally within the public and although many people are suffering from those strikes it seems there are based on heart patients that they see that what this tour the unions are doing to us as a way to through protests they don't necessarily really support so the protest and there are actual. somewhat describe it as a generous welfare system wouldn't they as it is it something that is an economically sustainable life while some of the schemes are are really generous and people began will sure it's odd as it is that it is but it's of course really
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different categories of workers and really the focus of the strongest is really on those people benefiting from those small generous pension schemes but the main issue with a strip almost for other people and with this kind of drool reference to the retirement age of 6163 for pension and this clearly been a lack of clot it's part of the government's own not saying it's 60 wanda's finally it's 63 and going to make some concession on that issue but this lot of clarity has been really detrimental to their strategy well thank you very much appreciate your analysis on this man a chinese that asked. the e.u. is warned that it might not be possible to negotiate a trade deal in the timeframe set out by the british prime minister boris johnson
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european commission president as you have on delay and told a french newspaper that both sides need to think seriously about how long it will take last friday parsed johnson's breaks that bill was passed by a huge majority it leaves just 11 months now to negotiate a wide ranging trade agreement with the e.u. but johnson has ruled out extending that transition period beyond december 2020 meanwhile big changes coming to one of the most powerful countries in germany and whole country's leaders since 2005 is on her way out and his party's get ready for the battle to replace the center left social democrats are struggling to return to that dominant place in politics dominate cain takes a look at what might lie ahead and. there was a time when the social democrats dominated german politics those days are long gone now they are just junior partners in governments dominated by the christian democrats and fewer than one in 6 germans votes for this people's party which is
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why the s.p.d. recently elected a new leader is driven by a more left wing view of politics and a deep dislike of the coalition with anglo-american. underspin script is busted by wars and i am skeptical about the future of this grand coalition i haven't changed my mind about that but with this resolution we give the coalition a realistic chance of continuing not more not less. in 2019 the party lost votes in every election it contested and fell behind both the greens and the far right alternative for germany in the polls which explains why many at the grassroots are in despair and. its allies we need to continue to develop a vision because ours is the only party that works through visions and emotions how much mitt said that those who have visions should go to the doctor and i would say don't contradict how much mitch go to the doctor and convince the doctor the nurses and everyone sitting in the waiting room so this party shines as it deserves to
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carrying the future in its heart. some say this is not just a german phenomenon that across europe social democracy is in retreat and that's why there is this kind of feeling in germany that a lot of things are changing around or people don't see the kind of stewardship the kind of political leadership the big year or you know take take the bull by the horns and got into the right direction so i think what is with the needs to do in the next year and a half is to come up with the idea of where germany should be in 1015 years time but it's now almost 15 years since an as pay day leader was in charge of government here and with the polls suggesting the party is struggling to reach just 15 percent it seems that few voters want to give the social democrats the keys to this building any time soon dominic cain al-jazeera at the german chancellor. well still ahead on this now from london mourning the victims of india's protest families
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accusing cares the forces of shooting dead to those who stood up against a law they say discriminates against muslims protesters blinded join demonstrations in colombia they say police are to blame for this and they need to be disbanded the government wants to strengthen the force and it's high noon in the n.b.a. with a texas showdown 8 o'clock that action much more in this fall. however got much cooler air pushing into eastern parts of europe over the next couple days further west it will stay on the mild side more clouds and rain that means pushing into those western policy into the united kingdom in the areas of france as well so there will be some wet time windy weather just coming through here but you getting
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up to around $8910.00 celsius for london and for paris minus one the top temperature in moscow on saturday afternoon and buried by temperatures have got about freezing every day since the 4th of december temperature this army issued about minus 4 months 5 degrees celsius that is still actually on the mild side that cold wet pushing in from the north that'll putting some snow into parts of ukraine maybe into the czech republic over that in our accounts down across the turkish mountains once again doesn't play out and right some wet weather there into that basis out of the madness look pretty cold for rathbun's even here will struggle to get to around 80 degrees celsius as a monastery for most it was still up around $910.00 celsius there in london with all that cloud around bush for the south is dry and bright across the peninsula temperatures here getting up to around 12 degrees celsius drive right to across most western parts of africa chris nolan areas of libya northern parts of egypt there's more right to come.
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paul counted the cost 2019 what a year it's been a world struggle to put aside short term economic game to save the planet for class of america the middle east people took to the streets to protest the on equal spread of wealth at a trade war reshapes globalization counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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with the news hour live from london our top stories nearly 250000 people of flat this syrian province of ed live as augment from government and russian forces continues on the area 12 people have been killed off to a plane crash shortly after takeoff in the cossacks city. and local officials have told al jazeera that libyan war told us forces carried out in as strike on an oil refinery west of tripoli this the 4th such incident in just 24 hours as.
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now to india where thousands of people have been protesting across the country as public anger over a controversial citizenship lot shows no sign of abating in the capital new delhi protests as well symbolic handcuffs and chanted slogans calling prime minister narendra modi's government a dictatorship at least 25 people have died and 1500 arrested since the legislation was passed 2 weeks ago the law wants citizenship to persecuted minorities from neighboring countries but the measure excludes muslims critics say that goes against india's secular roots well confrontations between police and protesters in state of pradesh have been particularly violent with 18 deaths reported in that state alone demonstrators say police attacked people in their own homes there is elizabeth purana spoke to families in mourning for some of the victims. the story of the early bird with a mother overcome with grief and her family in mourning as neighbors come to their
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hussein's home to pay their condolences. he says his 20 year old son a man was shot dead by police following friday prayers last week. when he was coming back from the police started beating people everyone drown because you had to hide. the police caught and shorter. his son was studying to join india's civil service. he is one of 18 indians killed in the state of altered. in 2 weeks of protests against the new citizenship law which critics say discriminates against muslims and the very thought police command is an author they maintain offices acted in self defense and to prevent communal violence or it can be every outing there came a point where there was fear of clashes between heroes any muslims on levy nor how
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we have his dog that from happening if we had not been there then things would have to do what it did. but those who are too afraid to speak out say police attacked people in their own homes. as it is that muhammad's larger then tells us police broke into the heart of his brother who's paralyzed and beat the entire family with battens bodies i thought the police barged in they broke the door and dragged him out of the house they beat him up now he's detained the police have detained around $6000.00 people in both appreciation connection with the citizenship protests they've only charged $1000.00 of them. the people who have. the inside. the police because the police are. just the noise sending messages of reassurance to distressed people but rights
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groups say they're too late. members of a fact finding team who travel to say the police are carrying out a reign of terror on muslim communities there's a lot of people are staying up all night in the muslim communities in order to try and guard the walls because this afraid so terrified of a police raid or a communal attack that those. activists point out that while protests against the citizenship you'll have happened nationwide that it was the protesters have been killed only in states such as. which are governed by the ruling b.j. people police are detaining any protesters who come to british house here in the capital new delhi to stop people from speaking out against police action in the golden state and civil rights groups are demanding the immediate release of what they call innocent protesters arrested by police and they want supreme court judges to all the see an investigation into allegations of police brutality
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a little bit more on an al-jazeera. thousands of people have gathered in algeria as capital for the 2nd week of protests there against the newly elected president demonstrators described president. appointment as illegitimate rejecting his offer of dialogue calling for the overthrow of the entire political system and for members of ousted president because in a circle to stand trial. now china is success in the launch one of the world's most powerful rockets a it's a big step in its ambitious missions to the moon and to mas the long march 5 rocket was carrying a communications satellite launch without a hitch unlike a failure in 2017 that was caused by an engine problem china hopes to have a crude space station in the next 2 years well 2020 is gearing up to be a big if the missions to mars with 4 separate space programs heading to the right planet it's all because roughly every 2 years our obit comes closest to mars
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a distance of nearly 60000000 can on which is called a close approach but the probes won't actually land until 2021 from the u.s. nasa is miles 2020 project is thought to be the most expensive carrying a small autonomous helicopter xo mas' is a joint project between the european space agency and russia's ross cosmos carrying 30 allan's to test washington materials. to 1st time missions from china with a rover that will explore laws for 90 days and the u.s. hope laws mission which will look into the planet's atmosphere. joining us now from bristol is astrophysicist and space journalist elizabeth pearson so competition is definitely heating up in the race for interesting these new developments with china they've lagged behind other countries when it comes to investing in training and research for going into space but they seem to make up for lost time. absolutely in
12:39 am
the last couple of decades china has come in leaps and bounds so they've been very much concentrating on their human space flight as you mentioned they are trying to build a space station a permanent space station to rival the international space station within the next decade or so and they've also sent multiple very successful missions to the moon and that's a trend that they can plan on continuing so they definitely come a long way will mention in 4 different missions they're from mars in 2024 different countries that are working on this the u.a.e. the u.s. europe and of course china which project are you most excited about. i think they will because they're all such different projects there's bits of each one that i'm very intrigued about for instance masses miles 2020 is going to be the 1st step in bringing samples home so mars is going to be able to look 22 meters down under the surface and then you have these 2 new players china and the u.a.e.
12:40 am
and i'm just going to be intrigued to see how they manage and deal with mars which has a reputation of being quite a tricky planet to deal with and to explore we see between many of these countries piccy china or in the u.s. in the past year or so this sort of diplomatic economic political rivalry is it any different is it more collaborative when it comes to the space race or or just as fierce one of the things that people really learned from the apollo era and the space race of the 1960 s. is that if you try and compete directly both sides lose out so it's all about working together or at the very least doing collaborative complementary missions so rather than stepping on each other's toes there is laws which protect a bit the u.s. and china from working together that's a law in the u.s. it's half but outside of that pretty much everybody realizes that if they want to go to mars with a big mission specifically
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a human mission then you really need to work with other nations what do you think about suspicions around the ambitions of different countries when it comes to going into space. but there's a lot of people who. the most nations they tend to be fairly up front with what they hope to achieve by going into space a lot of it is about humanity and driving them forward there's a lot of kind of. a lot of that is about the prestigious they want to look important and like they've done this huge step for humanity but it's also space is big business so that's a lot of people trying to get a hold of part of that business which is a driver for a lot of big space missions what about the importance of these missions to mars and in terms of what we can learn from these projects what does it mean for us here on earth. for a lot as i said a lot of them are hoping to one day go towards manned missions but they all are at
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their heart and that they call they are science missions in their own right and they're looking at mars and mars as this very intriguing planet because it's quite earth similar to earth in a lot of ways or at least it once was but it's also very very different and so being able to work out how it's similar to how it's different and why those differences happen til till's us a lot about why our planet ended up the way that it did. particularly around why the climates are so different what about financial constraints obviously going to mars any kind of space mission is very expensive you're talking billions of dollars to these big missions so that is again another reason why international collaboration is so important because rather than becoming one nation trying to put $10000000000.00 it's 10 missions trying to find a $1000000000.00 which is a lot more manageable. so be interesting to see what 2020 has and still we must
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catch up about that maybe next year thank you very much elizabeth pearson. all gone police saying they arrested more than 330 protestors of the christmas holidays demonstrators targeted busy shopping malls have a 3 consecutive days to keep the pressure on government on the government to school so political change continue police a riot has through the city into a state of whack tara. people act in a merry christmas there's chaos a mob these police are returning to the city they stormed the shopping center to find their livestock you start to warm to how it was time to see shoppers young and old different from the city interesting people predict terrible horrible sarky sniffing constant everywhere that it could be that little bit talk of peace there was. a time navy seal who took part in the dramatic rescue of 12 boys and their
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football coach from a flooded cave last year has died the royal thai navy says barry contracted a blood infection joining the operation it been receiving treatment over the past year but his condition worsened another rescue a former navy diver sergeant someone cool man died during that rescue operation in chiang rai province. south korea's constitutional court has dismissed an appeal by so-called comfort women of compensation from japan he said a deal struck between the 2 countries in 2015 violated their right to kind individual compensation for sexual slavery joining world war 2 group said women the group of women said the deal for an $8000000.00 fund was made without their consent the dispute has sparked wider protests in south korea. well mounted protests in lebanon the country's been without a government for 2 months political deadlock isn't red but it comes at a critical time with the economy in
12:45 am
a collapse lebanese people are really relying on themselves to survive the worst crisis in decades saying ahead of brings us this report now from beirut. at least 7 people a day are depending on the generosity of one woman to eat it to their little bottle expects that number to rise as lebanon's economy continues to collapse her bakery is offering free bread to the poor don't leave your family hungry is what this sign reads this is one of many initiatives by lebanese who are trying to help each other as if the a young girl asked me if she could buy half a sandwich for the 500 lebanese pounds she had that struck me i realized how people are desperate and hungry my daughters told me why don't you help people and that is what i'm doing now poverty is on the rise and so is unemployment lebannon has been without a government for weeks politicians are bargaining over power instead of implementing much needed reforms to unlock billions of dollars in foreign aid. the dire economic
12:46 am
situation is the result of bad economic policies of previous governments their policies failed there's been a lot of corruption in the stolen money from the state economic crisis isn't it spain building up there are no more cases of lebanese becoming homeless because like. they no longer can afford rent she brought her family to this square in central beirut where opponents of the political class have been converging for more than 2 months and their attempt to get rid of the political elite. i used to have a house but now my whole family 8 girls and 4 boys including my son in law live here but regardless of this bad situation i feel good because of the care and love i got from people before the uprising i never had this much supports this spontaneous and leaderless protest movement was triggered by government attempts to impose more taxes they now call it a revolution lebanese from across the sectarian divide came together to call for
12:47 am
change but this newfound unity is not complete these concrete slabs are a symbol of the deep divide not just among the nation's polity. society as well as security forces set up these barricades after supporters of the mainly sectarian parties attacked the anti-establishment protesters the barriers make it harder to access the square but they do little to bridge differences indications are this is only the start of what is likely to be a prolonged crisis 7 for their beirut. to colombia where right place for under increasing pressure over a violent response to protest as taking part in a national strike one student has died and dozens of people say they've been blinded after being hit in the eyes as. reports. a university student dragged into an unmarked car. another protester brutally kicked in the face killed by a police project since the national strike started over
12:48 am
a month ago colombia's riot police known as is mired has been under pressure for its file into response to the mostly peaceful demonstrations. martial arts trainer alejandro radius marched in the 1st protest but had been playing pool for 2 hours when he was attacked by the police as he fled the bar flooded with tear gas he lost his right eye after being hit by a rubber bullet. and they didn't care if we were confronting them or not they simply attacked us if it wasn't me it would have been another of my friends because they shot at us directly i felt a rubber ball hitting my right eyelid i saw it on the floor and when i tried to pick it up i passed. the u.n. commission for human rights in colombia is investigating cases of excessive force in arbitrary detentions of protesters and journalists during the demonstrations at least 10 people have lost and i during protests in. oh you to come out of your seem
12:49 am
fine on the surface or lost sight in her left eye and there is the riot police. never followed protocol that's why dylan died that's why i lost my sight and so on they always use brute force. a month after the killing of dylan cruz hundreds of people gathered at the spot where you were it's ok to leave the injured there demanding the dismantling of the years my human rights organization say that colombia's riot police is responsible for the best ever least 34 people in the last 20 years even if it's supposed to be a non-lethal force opposition congressman even superior who is supporting a bill in congress to replace the force says the issue goes beyond protocols. the problem in colombia is that during 50 years of internal conflicts the police is always supposed existence of an internal enemy that had to be confronted with
12:50 am
violence we're living in a historic moment of change in colombian society with a peace deal and our institutions need to understand that security forces need to change as well or to. get out or it is in columbia insists that the country's riot police rearly violate protocols and actually needs to be reinforced many big names of their actions here beg to differ i listen with. ocular just in mexico discovered a large palace which is likely to be knees by mines more than a 1000 years ago the remains the building were found in the more than one day tourist can couldn't mexican anthropology officials say the palace was inhabited between 61050 a day the mayan civilization ruled large stretches of what is now southern mexico guatemala police and honda has much more still ahead.
12:51 am
business updates. going places together. the law. the way.
12:52 am
business updates. going places together. with. thank you very much russia has told the world anti-doping agency it entirely disputes accusations of manipulating doping data and will appeal its 4 year ban from major sports events unless the sanctions are overturned russian athletes won't be able to compete at next year's olympics or the 2022 football
12:53 am
world cup athletes who can prove they are clean can still compete but only under a neutral flag the case is now heading to the court of arbitration for sport the former sweden strikers the latter an abraham of itches returning to one of his former clubs ac milan the one time giants of european football have confirmed the signing of the 38 year old on a 6 month contract milan are currently 11th in the italian said they are and haven't won a trophy since 2011 abraham of each left l.a. galaxy last month and after being stripped of the club captaincy arsenal looks set to offload granite shaka to buddhist league aside hertha berlin in the january transfer window according to his agent the swiss international was punished for angrily gesturing to arsenal fans after being substituted against crystal palace in october the wolves staged a stunning fight back to be 10 men manchester city in an entertaining and
12:54 am
controversial english premier league match on thursday city keeper edison were sent over leon for a fell on the ogre jotter but the visitors took the lead a penalty awarded by v.a.r. was twice saved from rame sterling but the strikers called the rebound the 2nd time around sterling added a 2nd before adama troll or a pulled one back for wolves more late drama followed row humanists equalise before met doc as he grabbed the winner 3 to the final score. 2 the american champions corker are leading the way in putting women's football on the map in the country despite cultural resistance and a lack of financial support a national women's league was founded just over a year ago with a dedicated core of women's coaches and players helping it thrive on a shoestring budget behind the growth of the core team is former player and current coach a talib she said it was hard to be a female player in morocco but believes football can help empower them. healthy
12:55 am
there are always you must be better with the current group of people players as at the same time the future generation that is why we are working on training them well this will not happen by chance we as coaches are responsible for this training we need to realise this we should not give up arab african and moroccan female soccer players suffer from many problems and crises. boxing fans won't have to wait long into the new years for what's expected to be one of the biggest fights of 2020 on friday tyson fury and the anti while it confirm the date of the highly anticipated rematch the pair will meet at the m.g.m. grand in las vegas on the 22nd of february the 1st meeting a year ago so while the retains w.b.c. heavyweight title after the bout ended in a controversial draw it's reported the purse for the rematch will be a $5050.00 split. wickets have been tumbling on day 2 of the 1st test between so after gaining limits ensuring 15 of them in total vernon philander took 4 for 16 as
12:56 am
england were bowled out for $181.00 that's a 1st innings deficit of 103 2nd time round so africa closed on 72 for 4 giving them an overall lead of 175 meanwhile australia are in control of the 2nd test against new zealand in melbourne the tourists closing day 244 for 2 in applied to the ozzies 467 traverse haid with a century. to the n.b.a. look at don cheech stole the show for the dallas mavericks in a texas showdown done trichet returned to the lineup of the missing 4 games because of an ankle injury and he did it in some style scoring $24.00 points for the mabs he finished with 10 rebounds and 8 assists and only just missed adding to his n.b.a. leading total of 8 triple doubles the san antonio spurs rallied to school 13 points
12:57 am
but it wasn't enough dallas took this 110298. as the user jazz donovan mitchell scored $35.00 points and joe ingles added $26.00 in a game against the portland trailblazers damian lillard scored a team high $34.00 points but fell short all together the jets winning this one. italian skier dominic paris secured a piece of world cup history on friday he won the men's downhill title for a 3rd successive year at the course in bormio in front of his home fans paris took his 1st world cup title of the season switzerland's berry art for us was 2nd and remains top of the of the world standings and that's all the sport more later marion thank you very much peter well that wraps up the news out but i will do that with a full us and just a couple of minutes i'll see you very shortly here with us. they
12:58 am
stories generate thousands of headlines is what those are saying down with the system and down with all of the parts with different angles from different perspectives just because we came to present is amazing right stuff that the gate separate the spin from the facts the western media jumps on stories without giving them the misinformation from the journalism it's about telling the story there goes your men began to come up with the listening post on al-jazeera. in 2008 al-jazeera documented a groundbreaking skiing. preparing some have in the as poor as children for entry
12:59 am
into its toughest universities. we return to see how the students and the skiing a helping change the face of india. super that announces iraq. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds to the book his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places in she took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home.
1:00 am
hundreds of thousands of people flee syria's last rebel stronghold as pro-government forces pound the region with bombs and asked strikes. oh i marry am and waze and antone with al jazeera also coming up on the program a passenger plane crashes into a house in kazakhstan killing at least 12 people. libyans protest against boyle for fatah his forces tolerating all of finery on the poor.


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