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of jerusalem to the audience of its own people segregation occupation discrimination injustice this is right in the 21st century jerusalem on a rock and a hard place on al jazeera. more pressure on me as the un general assembly passes a resolution condemning atrocities against the rangar. i don't and i'm not and this is al jazeera live also coming up the u.n. warns of disaster as almost a quarter of a 1000000 syrians escape intense fighting in the last rebel held province. people until a carry on with their protests even though the president signs off on one of their
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demands a vote on the new constitution. and a new play in the space race china successfully launches one of the world's most powerful rockets. the un general assembly has condemned human rights abuses against rohingya muslims and other minorities and myanmar 134 member states voted in favor of a resolution calling on the animals government to end of violence against minorities men also faces a charge of genocide at the international court of justice thousands of wrangel were killed and nearly a 1000000 fled into neighboring bangladesh after a crackdown in rakhine state well earlier i spoke to benjamin's a wacky who's a southeast asia list and he says this u.n. resolution is too late and lacks the legal weight to trigger a international action. you haven't 9 non-binding non legally binding general assembly resolution 2 years late that simply expresses condemnation for something
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that's now 2 years in the past and urges the myanmar government to take actions that it has repeatedly indicated that it is unwilling to take so no it's very difficult to see how this resolution could be of any concrete benefit to either the . refugees who fled into banquet dash or for the some 400000 or so estimated ranges who remain in myanmar in remain at risk of further genocidal attacks the sad part about him is that the un general assembly the same body that issued the resolution recently passed the responsibility to protect unanimously in 2005 which makes abundantly clear that when a country is either unable or unwilling to protect its people from genocide crimes against humanity and other great international crimes that it is the collective responsibility of the international community of member states to take appropriate action to ensure that these crimes are not committed again and yet issuing
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a resolution 2 years after the fact does not constitute the kind of action that the general assembly should be taking the resolution should be stating that if genocidal attacks continue that you know national community is prepared to take military forceful military action to stop and punish the genocide in the end but unfortunately the the the resolution didn't say that and sadly few member states of the u.n. are willing to take that action while the united nations is also warning of devastating consequences to civilians and syria's rebel controlled province 250000 people mostly women and children have fled the area off to tour weeks of heavy bombardment by russian government forces and i think a 2 points. tents go up in the syrian town of dunn are now a temporary harm for families with nowhere else to go they fled martel newmont in the south of italy province as syrian government forces advance many leaving most
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of their belongings behind. we fled from the bombardment and came here it's a small camp that doesn't really fit a lot of people and the people just keep coming the situation is not that. since the start of december nearly 250000 people have been displaced from you'd leave the last rebel held area of syria most women and children many have fled by road for others fuel shortages have stopped them from getting a why some are trying to seek shelter in turkey but they're not being allowed to cross the border and this comes on top of the displacement figures that we had from the end of april to the end of august where more than 400000 people have been displaced so what we have is a displacement crisis on top of another displacement crisis. president bashar al
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assad has vowed to recapture rebel held areas. shelling in airstrikes backed by russia have intensified forcing aid agencies to suspend operations in the area unless the fighting ends there are fears that the supply of humanitarian aid will stop as soon as next month in my mind it's neither the russians nor the turks that are the key to the solution the key to the solution is the international community getting involved in this and putting pressure both on the syrian regime and russia and turkey for a resolution that doesn't cause massive human loss of life or a humanitarian catastrophe. a lot. the violence goes against an organized ceasefire deal and international calls for deescalation but the syrian government says recapturing the province is just a matter of time because the gauge al jazeera now al-jazeera.
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says the surrounding areas are pretty much abandoned. out of the you can see civilians fleeing displacement from august phenomenon continues same with the rocket city both are now empty of presidents and all the surrounding villages what's noteworthy is that the airstrikes have stopped in the last 2 days because of the bad weather the look like there may have been some civilians drones flying over the area but there hasn't been any shelling still the civilians are fleeing in mosul because of the fear of defensive there are no civilians not even birds. the libyan government forces say world khalifa haftar as fighters have carried out an air strike as an oil refinery compound in zawiya that's near the border and the 4th attack on that area and just 24 hours officials at libya's national oil companies say no one was killed while libyans have come out in large numbers in zawiya against her and his forces that's after 2 people were killed and as strikes there
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that struck a busy shopping center during rush hour a pharmacy and residential neighborhoods were also heads our correspondent mammadov ahead is in tripoli and he says these airstrikes could have been a response to the turkish president's announcement that he's planning to send troops to help the tripoli based government. this collation of the airstrikes by half to the fighter jets recently has been targeting civilian areas residential areas killing and wandering innocent civilians including women and children this could be read in terms of the actions have to cam anger. action to the news about the turkish government planning to send troops to live to libya upon official request from the government of national called which is direct ignited by the united nations recently have to his forces have targeted by air strikes. an area near the oil refinery of zawiya city about
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40 kilometers to the west from tripoli is until you have to and it has in its cost to be the pilot that was detained or was captured by the pro-government forces 3 months ago while he was targeting their locations. so after those forces are accused of committing war crimes by the government ministry of defense which is that said that have to. strike starting civilian areas could mount to work crimes. president has signed a decree for a referendum on a new constitution it's one of the main demands of protesters who've been demonstrating against the government for months but people took to the streets again on friday in the capital santiago please try to break up crowds with tear gas and water cal and the referendum will take place in april next year the current
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constitution dates back to 1980 under the dictatorship of general augusto pinochet . let me once again with a pencil and paper we citizens will be able to express our opinion and the find the country will take. a stand a speck is the founder and editor in chief of chile today and he says president pinera his legacy will be decided by the way he deals with the fallout of these protests. a one sided he can right now be to president and under his presidency a new constitution will be written i mean it's a chance for him to write history but on the other side i mean there's a lot of blood on his hands for everything that happened during the protests at the end is responsible for the atrocities committed by the army by the police so in some form he is responsible and the coming months or the months until the referendum and everything that happens off the debt will be very key for his presidency will he be the president of the human rights violations or will he be to
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president of the new future in. sudan's transitional government has unveiled its fast budget aiming to revive its economy off the months of political turmoil and into its plans to gradually even the fuel subsidies by next year salaries of employees working in state owned companies will be doubled to keep pace with rising inflation which has now reached 58 percent the new civilian government is trying to launch a series of reforms after former president i'm al bashir was ousted back in april now from cutting him organ explains why some of those decisions could prove controversial. recently appointed council of ministers revealed the new government's 1st budget and that is for the year 2020 which had passed late on friday now according to the government there will be free education in public schools as well as free health care and public hospitals and there will be an increase in the pace of civil workers as well as cash transfers to those of low
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income but where the main focus of the government's budget for the year 2020 comes is on the fuel subsidies the government says that there will be gradual lifting of fuel subsidies according to the former government which was deposed in april following an uprising that was triggered by the economy last december the government pays up to 90 percent of the fuel costs which cost that the government more than $50000000.00 per week and the minister of finance and the president meant when he revealed some details of the 2020 budget said the change will be gradual so that people on the streets get used to it. but the moment. we have put down this budget with a response to program the looks into subsidies that allows us to make achievements without letting those achievements go in vain through inflation we recognise the importance of having the fuel subsidies lifted gradually and not immediately now despite attempts by this government to assure the public there are concerns that the lifting of fuel subsidies will not go down well previous attempts by the
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previous government in 201-220-1320 extension 16 all led to anti-government protests and the 1st rejection to this budget came from the forces of freedom and change coalition that is the coalition that has been leading anti-government protests since december last year which led to the ousting of former president ahmed bashir and his government in april the coalition says that the budget doesn't look into the suffering of the sudanese people which led them to take to the streets demanding a better life to begin with the country's already facing an inflation of more than 60 percent and more than half of the country's 41000000 population live below the poverty line. so there are concerns that lifting a field subsidies will raise prices of commodities in the market despite an increase in the pace of civil workers and increased as well as an increase in the minimum wages but the government says that it needs to make those are short term reforms to try to improve the economy in the long run or whether is next but still ahead protests in libya against want any for have to freeze forces launched air
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strikes or targets in the addiction is an important process and is. it better as we speak to victims of the police crackdown on protests against a new citizenship called brics groups must. however seen some very lively weather across the eastern side of the mediterranean a recently the shah was the longest bells for the wintry weather gradually ease the strong winds to be fading away but you see a fair amount of cloud just around the levant through syria lebanon jordan all the way down into northern parts of israel as going to be making its way a little further east with that as we go on through saturday the shells still rolling in here 16 celsius the top temperature in beirut so you come across iraq as
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long as you drive want to see showers up towards the finals of the country iran generate dry very dry 2 over towards afghanistan and pakistan and similar picture as we go on through sunday i'm hopeful by sunday. jordan lebanon israel lost the drought is still a few wintry showers just spreading their way out of turkey of course and disturbed weather too into parts of the arabian peninsula chiefly into the south of the region southern areas of amman down towards salada could see some lively showers some longer spells of brightness some of that wet weather just sneaking its way across towards the horn of africa here in doha but of tools pleasant sunshine temperatures touching $25.00 degrees celsius to present sunshine so it's a good part of south africa but want to showers around the eastern side of the region and also for much of my same peak. children born into a city of trash discovered the beauty of music. of blues to places.
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with a chance to pay for the. turn then reality into a dream. land philharmonic and witness documentary on mount using. hello again i'm just. a reminder of our top stories this hour the un general assembly has strongly condemned human rights abuses against rohingya muslims and other minorities and miasma 134 member states voted in favor of the resolution and
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9 against. all the u.n. is warning of devastating consequences for civilians in syria as it province nearly 250000 people have fled the area after 2 weeks of heavy bombardment by russian and syrian government forces. and chile's president has signed off on holding a referendum on a new constitution and april next year the vote was one of the main demands of demonstrators but they took to the streets again on friday in the capital santiago now a u.s. civilian contractor has been killed in an attack on an iraqi military base several rockets were fired into the base near kirkuk which houses both iraqi and u.s. military u.s. officials say some sadness passon al were also injured. well staying in iraq where there have been anti-government protests since october calling for political reform grand ayatollah ali al sistani the country's highest shia religious leader has been critical of politicians for not listening to protest as demands but this week he
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declared he'll no longer be involved in politics similar faults in reports from not death and shia stronghold in southern iraq. as iraq slips deeper into political crisis the one man iraq has looked to for guidance is silent grand ayatollah ali al sistani is friday's sermon delivered through his representative usually includes comments on political matters closely watched in streets and halls of government alike this week the cleric announced he'd no longer speak on political issues and he passed a cryptic message to iraq's politicians explaining why. if you read history you'll find that the problem is not with the people who have wisdom and intellect but with those who don't listen to those who have wisdom and intellect. clerics close to stanley say his silence is a show of dismay that iraq's politicians are not heeding his advice to start his
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reclusion comes at a critical time on thursday president barham saleh said he would rather resign than appoint the nominee for prime minister danny seen as representing the status quo. what is the point of talking on political issues we are repeating the same points over and over again if they want to get advice they'll find in previous speeches. it's not the 1st time sistan has done this he stopped making political speeches temporarily in 201320162 put pressure on political leaders and. when he pointed response and rapid progress towards early elections based on the. when he finds little response he resumed giving political price. to stun him may have also grown tired of his words being used to meet political ends to fossil political forces does take the steps houstonian interpret them according to their
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interest. not just has seen some of the worst violence since demonstrations began here 2 protesters have set up camp in the central square determined to stay until their demands are met they feel encouraged by cystitis support but unless there is a complete overhaul of the political system they doubt that early elections a priority for stanny will bring meaningful change. the choice is made by the politicians we want prime minister and a president to be elected by the people grand ayatollah ali al assad is listed and dorismond esteem is necessary for the nomination of a new prime minister and his the social to no longer comment on political developments is regarded as pressuring political parties to choose someone protesters can separate out in silence also creates a leadership vacuum that some. fear could worsen the crisis somewhat of halting al-jazeera. well in india there have been protests outside the state building of
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the protests in new delhi of allegations of police brutality 18 people have been killed there during 2 weeks of demonstrations against a controversial new citizenship law and is about per annum spoke to the families of some of the victims. the only. a mother overcome with grief and her family in mourning as neighbors come to zahid hussein's home to pay their condolences. he says his 20 year old son still a man was shot dead by police following friday prayers last week. when he was coming back from the police started beating people everyone ran but he couldn't because he had a high fever the police caught him and shot. his son was studying to join india's civil service he is one of 18 indians killed in the state of altered. in 2 weeks of protests against the new citizenship law which
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critics say discriminates against muslims go to the police commanders and maintain officers acted in self defense and to prevent communal violence or it could be every out. there came a point where there was fear of clashes between heroes then it was slim's only we know how we have to stop that from happening if we had not been there then things would have deterred you had it. but those who are too afraid to speak out say police attacked people in their own homes. as a result mohammad to larger then tells us police broke into the heart of his brother who was paralyzed and beat the entire family with battens. the police barged in they broke the door and dragged him out of the house they beat him up now he's detained the police have detained around 6000 people in both a position connection with the citizenship law protests the bali charge $1000.00 of
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them. the people. inside. the police because the police are. just the noise sending messages of reassurance to distressed people but rights groups say they're too late. members of a fact finding team who travel to say the police are carrying out a reign of terror on muslim communities there's a lot of people are staying up all night in the muslim communities in order to try and guard the walls because this afraid so every friday. a police raid or a communal attack that those. activists point out that while protests against the citizenship you'll have happened nationwide was protesters have been killed only in states such as. which are governed by the ruling b.j.
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people police are detailing any protesters who come to ours here in the capital new delhi to stop people from speaking out against police action in the golden state and civil rights groups are demanding the immediate release of what they call innocent protesters arrested by police and they want supreme court judges to see an investigation into allegations of police brutality a little bit for al-jazeera. where hundreds of people have marched in serbia's capital against a property law which they say threatens the subby an orthodox church in neighboring montenegro now under the law religious institutions must prove property titles dating to before 1918 critics say this will shut down serbian orthodox churches montenegro's president has criticized the church for promoting krosa policies once they split from serbia in 2006. while kazakhstan has grounded all back f. lights after a crash on friday left at least 12 people dead one of the airlines fokker 100 jets
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came down on the t f. shortly after takeoff smashing through a wall before hitting a house and reports. emergency crews calmed the wreckage of the airliner torn in half the main body of the back edge it barely recognizable its rear resting in a field the flight had just taken off from airport bound for the capital nossel town survivors say passengers screamed as the plane started shaking then tilted smashing into a concrete faints and slamming into a 2 story house raisky was worked in subzero temperatures to save dozens of injured including 8 children. playing began shaking severely it was a nightmare inside i put my phone in my pocket and taught my safety belt the plane leaned forward it was clear that we would crash into the ground see what we found 2 sets of skid marks from the back of the plane on the runway maining it touched it
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twice and mostly those passengers at the front of the aircraft were the ones who died flight recorders have been found and have been brought in for inspection nobody will be left without state support we will provide the needed help to the families of the victims and the injured president kasim caiaphas formed a government commission and says anyone responsible for the crash will be in his words severely punished he's also declared a day of national mourning on saturday because the plane is so rugged and well built that they are in very high demand and it's very difficult to get a good for 100 today. and there are a lot of seems to go on because if they were all mine timed they've got a very long structural lot the government ordered the airline to ground its fleet of dutch built jets which are more than 20 years old all back air flights have been suspended until crash investigators can work out how this happened brian al-jazeera
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. now tensions between china and the deteriorated this year and way only worsen in 2020 and the result of taiwan's presidential election in january could determine whether it continues to resist pressure from beijing to unify with the mainland or gives in katrina you has this report from beijing taiwan born carefully picks his battles ph d. student by day martial arts instructor by night the 36 year old cherishes taiwan's democracy but. in mainland china where he's lived for 4 years. economically and in all the ways i think the mainland and taiwan we only become closer the question is for him. that question will be answered when taiwanese voters go to the polls on general. independence when is running for reelection and expected to win another term for the democratic progressive party.
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had main competition beijing friendly kuomintang candid and kill you who was leading opinion polls until protests in hong kong. over may influence and the one country 2 systems policy taiwan was always the big prize and it was look how well we're going to deal with. a new your going to want to come back to the fold i think about pieces. the communist party says reunification is inevitable achieved peacefully otherwise. we do not promise to renounce the use of force reserve to use all necessary measures. president xi jinping recently unveiled one of those measures china's 1st locally built aircraft carrier the 2nd in its fleet beijing has continued to ramp up its military presence in the south china sea and is closing in on taipei's dwindling diplomatic allies xi jinping has fashioned
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himself as a great leader of china and how such is determined to leave behind a great legacy analysts say securing china's role as a leader in the asia pacific and bringing taiwan firmly back on the mainland control are central to that legacy and a disastrous outcome according to the united states washington has agreed to sell taiwan fighter jets tanks and weapons infuriating the communist party but china is not taking any action just now do you want to provoke the us to get involved such as you want to take what way why don't we if you. when you or your military is going to be strong to be the us which is likely to be a week or 2 will be watching taiwan's election from beijing waiting to see whether the island moves closer to the mainland all further away. beijing and then the next part of our series looking into the big stories of 2020 we
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explore how the protests that have spread across iraq since october will shape the politics there. china has successfully launched one of the world's most powerful rockets saying it's a big step in its ambitions for the moon and mars the long march 5 rocket was carrying a communications satellite and it launched without a hitch unlike the engine problem that derailed the mission 2 years ago but elizabeth pearson is an astrophysicist and a journalist who specializes in space she says china must start collaborating if it's to achieve its ambitious space plans. in the last couple of decades china has come in in leaps and bounds so they've been very much concentrating on their human spaceflight they are trying to build a space station a permanent space station to rival the international space station within the next decade or so and they've also sent multiple very successful missions to the moon and that's a trend that they can plan on continuing so they definitely come
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a long way one of the things that people really learn from the apollo era and the space race in the 1960 s. is that if you try and compete directly both sides lose out so it's all about working together or at the very least doing collaborative complementary missions so rather than stepping on each other's toes pretty much everybody realizes that if they want to go to mars with a big mission specifically a human mission then you really need to work with other nations obviously going to mars any kind of space mission is very expensive you're talking billions of dollars to the big missions so that is again another reason why international collaboration is so important because rather than becoming one nation trying to put $10000000000.00 it's 10 missions trying to find a $1000000000.00 which is a lot more manageable.
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hello again this is al jazeera and these are the headlines the u.n. general assembly has strongly condemned human rights abuses against rohingya muslims and other minorities and me on mars. 134 member states voted in favor and mine against the resolution it calls on myanmar's government to combat hatred and violence against its minorities thousands of people were killed and nearly a 1000000 people fled across the border into bangladesh after me on law military crackdown and rakhine state in 2017. the un is warning of devastating consequences for civilians in syria's a province nearly 250000 people have fled the area after 2 weeks of heavy bombardment by russian and syrian government forces it is home to 3000000 syrians many of whom are internally displaced al jazeera as you know use of his name and says surrounding areas they are pretty much abandoned the study out of it. you can see civilians fleeing displacement from august phenomenon continues cmos rocket
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city both are now empty of presidents in all the surrounding villages what's noteworthy is that the airstrikes have stopped in the last 2 days because of the bad weather looks like there may have been subsidiaries drones flying over the area but there hasn't been any shelling still the civilians are fleeing in mosul because of the fear of defensive here no civilians not even hurt. chile's president has signed a law for a referendum on a new constitution and one of the main demands of protesters who've been demonstrating against the government for months but people took to the streets again on friday in the capital santiago police tried to break up crowds with tear gas and water cannon the referendum will take place in april of next year well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera afterlife apps silicon savannah stay with us.
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