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can around but that's a philosophical question it's not allowed but you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. the un warns of impending disaster as almost a quarter of a 1000000 syrians escaped fighting in the last rebel held province. the whole roman you're watching al jazeera live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes more pressure on the u.n. general assembly passes a resolution condemning atrocities against the wrecking. also the $1000000000.00 avocado industry in mexico that gangs are battling to control. plus we'll have more
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on the massive 2020 rover that's set to pave the way for manned missions to space. welcome to the program the united nations is warning of devastating consequences to civilians and its lip syria's last rebel controlled province nearly 250000 people mostly women and children have fled the area after 2 weeks of heavy bombardment by russian and syrian government forces nicola gage has more. tents go up in the syrian town of dunn are now a temporary harm for families with nowhere else to go they fled martel newmont in the south of italy province as syrian government forces advance many leaving most of their belongings behind. if not we fled from the bombardment and came here it's a small camp that doesn't really fit
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a lot of people and the people just keep coming the situation is not that. since the start of december nearly 250000 people have been displaced from the last rebel held area of syria most women and children many have fled by road for others fuel shortages have stopped them from getting a why some are trying to seek shelter in turkey but they're not being allowed to cross the border and this comes on top of the displacement figures that we had from the end of april to the end of august where more than 400000 people have been displaced so what we have is a displacement crisis on top of another displacement crisis. president bashar al assad has vowed to recapture rebel held areas. shelling in airstrikes backed by russia have intensified forcing aid agencies to suspend operations in the area
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unless the fighting ends there are fears that the supply of humanitarian aid will stop as soon as next month in my mind it's neither the russians nor the turks that are the key to the solution the key to the solution is the international community getting involved in this and putting pressure both on the syrian regime and russia and turkey for a resolution that doesn't cause massive human loss of life or a humanitarian catastrophe. a lot more. of the violence goes against an organist ceasefire deal and international calls for deescalation but the syrian government says recapturing the province is just a matter of time become a gauge al jazeera. many displaced families are trying to seek shelter in turkey but they're not being allowed to cross the border. reports from here most of
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those people have. fled their homes heading to cities such as a kid been in the cup with all of the province others have gone to government held areas of aleppo province but the vast majority of them and from the areas where the syrian armed forces have been. putting most of their toxic. man and that strategic city that sits on the m 5 which assad's forces are really keen to take from the rebels they have most of them come to woods the turkish border and the voters are not allowing any of the city and have for years to hold all the on the comps are also sule so they are mostly in the open setting up make shift comes you know depending on charities giving them warm food
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but they do not have proper sanitation or water or any other amenities wherever they have set up but come. the un general assembly has condemned human rights abuses against rangar muslims and other minorities and meanwhile 134 member states voted for a resolution calling on me and was government to combat hatred and violence against minorities in law is also facing a charge of genocide at the international court of justice thousands of rango were killed in a government crackdown in rakhine state in 2017 and nearly a 1000000 fled to neighboring bangladesh members about or to the united nations told the general assembly the resolution will only worsen a complex situation the draft field to recognize the real situation on the ground and refused to appreciate the efforts of the government and the people of myanmar in search of a comprehensive and lasting solution to the multiple challenges inherited from previous administrations since independence the driver illusion as it stands seeds
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of mistrust and will create a father bill or a vision of different communities in the region it would only be due to mental to the process of liberal tradition as well as the original peace and harmony in rakhine benjamin's a wacky is a southeast asia analyst he says the un resolution is too late and lacks the legal weight to trigger international action. you haven't 9 non-binding non legally binding general assembly resolution 2 years late that simply expresses condemnation for something that's now 2 years in the past and urges the myanmar government to take actions that it has repeatedly indicated that it is unwilling to take so no it's very difficult to see how this resolution could be of any concrete benefit to either the. refugees who fled into bangladesh or for the some 400000 or so estimated ranges who remain in myanmar and remain at risk of further genocidal
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attacks the sad part about it is that the un general assembly the same body that issued the resolution recently passed the responsibility to protect unanimously in 2005 which makes abundantly clear that when a country is either unable or unwilling to protect its people from genocide crimes against humanity and other great international crimes that it is the collective responsibility of the international community of member states to take appropriate action to ensure that these crimes are not committed again and yet issuing a resolution 2 years after the fact does not constitute the kind of action that the general assembly should be taking the resolution should be stating that if genocidal attacks continue that you know national community is prepared to take military forceful military action to stop and punish the genocide in the end but unfortunately the the resolution didn't say that and sadly few member states of the u.n. are willing to take that action. in libya will civilian has been killed and several
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injured in the latest clashes south of the couple tripoli libya's internationally recognized government says it's pushed toward clean to have to pull says away from the apple to area destroying some of the minute. it comes just a day after the jna requested ministry support from turkey the tripoli based of ministration has been under a month slow offensive by half to full since. survivors of a plane crash in kazakhstan have described the moment before an aircraft suddenly lost altitude saying it was shaking uncontrollably 12 people were killed when the back air jet crashed shortly after takeoff on friday smashing through a concrete wall and hitting a 2 story house 54 were injured some are still in critical condition because they call thora g.'s have launched an investigation and suspended all their care and for 100 flights. the plane began shaking severely it was a nightmare inside i put my phone in the pocket in tightened up the safety belt tightly in the plainly forward it was clear that we would crash into the ground the
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bang was strong and the lights went off some were alive some were not. a u.s. contractor has been killed in an attorney called iraqi military base several rockets were fired into the base near kirkuk that houses both iraqi and u.s. troops some service personnel were also injured staying in the country iraq's most important shia religious leader has criticized politicians for not listening to the demands of anti government protesters demonstrations have rocked iraq since october with calls for a total overhaul of the political system now grand ayatollah ali al sistani has declared hill no longer get involved in politics some of alter reports are from a jar for a shia stronghold in southern iraq. as iraq slips deeper into political crisis the one man iraq has looked to for guidance is silent grand ayatollah ali al sistani is friday sermon the liver through his representative
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usually includes comments on political matters closely watched in streets and halls of government alike this week the cleric an announced his no longer speak on political issues and he passed a cryptic message to iraq's politicians explaining why. if you read history you'll find that the problem is not with the people who have wisdom and intellect but with those who don't listen to those who have wisdom and intellect. clerics close to stanley say his silence is a show of dismay that iraq's politicians are not heeding his advice to start his reclusion comes at a critical time on thursday president barham saleh said he would rather resign than appoint the nominee for prime minister danny seen as representing the status quo. what is the point of talking on political issues we are repeating the same points over and over again if they want to get advice they'll find in previous speeches.
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it's not the 1st time sistan has done this he stopped making political speeches temporarily in 201320162 put pressure on political leaders and. when he pointed response and rapid progress towards early elections. when he finds little response he resumed giving political price. to stunning may have also grown tired of his words being used to meet political ends to fossil political forces does take the steps houstonian interpret them according to their interest. not just has seen some of the worst violence since demonstrations began here 2 protesters have set up camp in the central square determined to stay until their demands are met they feel encouraged by cystitis support but unless there is a complete overhaul of the political system they doubt that early elections a priority for stanny will bring meaningful change. the choice is made by the
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politicians we want prime minister and a president to be elected by the people grand ayatollah ali al assad is listed and dorismond esteem is necessary for the nomination of a new prime minister and his the surgeon to no longer comment on political developments is regarded as pressuring political parties to choose someone protesters can separate out in silence also creates a leadership vacuum that some. fear could worsen the crisis somewhat a whole team al-jazeera. full still ahead here on al-jazeera. montenegro's new property law causes an uproar in parliament and in neighboring serbia.
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however got much cooler air pushing into eastern parts of europe over the next couple days further west it will stay on the mild side more clouds and rain that means pushing into those western policy into the united kingdom and the larrys of france as well so there will be some wet sand windy weather just coming through here but you getting up to around 8910 celsius for london and for power minus one the top temperature in moscow on saturday afternoon and bear in mind temperatures have got about freezing every day since the 4th of december temperature the shammy issue about minus 4 minutes 5 degrees celsius that is still actually on the mild side that cold wet pushing in from the north that'll putting some snow into parts of ukraine maybe into the czech republic over that in our accounts down across texas mountains once again with us and clouds and rain some wet weather there into that basis out of the madness look i'm pretty cold for athens even here will struggle to get to around 8 degrees celsius as i'm honest it was still up around 910 celsius there in london with all that cloud around but for the southeast dry
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and right across the peninsula temperatures here getting up to around 12 degrees celsius tribe right to across northwestern parts of africa cross northern areas of libya northern parts of egypt as more right to come. what was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him for hours. it's not about you. are you done with allegations that were all years ago how worried are you that the conditions are still right for another i think they are right join me maddi house and as i put up from questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera.
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welcome back i want you all to 0 with reminder of our top stories the u.n. is warning of devastating consequences for civilians in syria's province nearly 250000 people have fled after 2 weeks of heavy bombardment by russian and syrian government forces. also the un general assembly has approved a resolution condemning human rights abuses against rohingya muslims and other minorities and meanwhile the mars' also facing a charge of genocide at the international court of justice. in libya one civilian has been killed and several injured in fighting south of the capital tripoli libya's internationally recognized government says it's pushed all of 24 have just forces away from the airport. the u.n.
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special envoy to yemen has arrived in yemen's capital sanaa for his 2nd visit in 10 days martin griffiths is meeting the who the rebels to push for peace talks between yemen's warring parties now the war has already killed tens of thousands of yemenis and pushed the country to the brink of famine since 2014. the americas now again is a battling for control of the avocado industry in southwest mexico that's where the majority of those sold in the us come from but growers who face extortion and kidnapping say the $1000000000.00 business is being brought to its knees john home and his will. the western world and in particular the united states has gone mad for avocados within the last 20 years the average consumption there has more than tripled but if you are an american eating mix can avocados on toast or in your pocket it's possible not all of the profits are heading to the right hands. michu
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it can make the heartland gangs a hijacking the industry extorting and kidnapping produces stealing trucks with their crops. it's widespread in lucrative there's a reason they call this gringo. but most grows it too scared to speak out it took weeks for us to persuade this man to whom they started by asking me for more money perfect hair they came to the farm and said who's the boss we want you to contribute that was 8 months ago he stories common eventually different groups were all asking him for protection money and paying them couldn't keep him safe with normal rules some guys grabbed me and kidnapped me in their truck they beat me and broke my head open i told them to stop hitting me that i would get more money together the state anti kidnapping unit rescued him but after more than 40 years of growing avocadoes now everything has changed over the route through
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a lot of. my workers my children my family we don't have any protection now i can't go to the orchard because there are many more people that beat me. to a kind has increasingly become the battleground of a collection of criminal groups. as in other parts of the country they branched out from complicated transnational drug trafficking to something. simply preying on the local economy. it's affected mining lives local businesses and the truck comes pacifically is a mutation of what was once drugs trafficking and if mutated into a model where controlled territory within the territory you get to sort of squeeze out any type of commodity that's locally available so still includes drugs but it's also about extortion kidnapping it's useless it seems for the victims to turn to authorities you cannot be sure if you talk to mexican functionaries if you talk to the mexican state that you doing so will not be leaked to the criminal forces
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because in many times the criminals are in court with the state forces. it's a bleak outlook for an avocado industry that should be enjoying the current boot. john homa now does it or mexico city. so we're just getting breaking news coming out of verse malia that a apparent truck bomb driven by a suicide bomber has been detonated in a busy market area in boca dish you as many as 20 killed according to security officials no one has claimed responsibility it is suspected that it could well be groups like al qaeda or al shabaab we have yet to confirm that it just comes months from somali forces actually taking control of the area to allow african union troops to leave. we believe there are many civilian casualties including women and children and it's very close to a university premises will try to get you more on that as the day progresses that
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suicide bombing in mogadishu in somalia moving on staying in the americas colombian riot police are coming under increasing pressure over the way they've dealt with protesters taking part in a national strike one student has died and many more say they've been blinded and some didn't yet he has will a university student dragged into an. mark. protests are brutally kicked in the face killed by a police project since the national strike started over a month ago colombia's riot police known as is it has been under pressure for its file into response to the mostly peaceful demonstrations. martial arts trainer. marched in the 1st protest but had been playing pool for 2 hours when he was attacked by the police as he fled the bar flooded with tear gas he lost his right eye after being hit by
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a rubber bullet. and they didn't care if we were confronting them or not they simply attacked us if it wasn't me it would have been another of my friends because they shot at us directly i felt a rubber ball hitting my right eyelid i saw it on the floor and when i tried to pick it up i passed. the u.n. commission for human rights in colombia is investigating cases of excessive force in arbitrary detentions of protesters and journalists during the demonstrations at least 10 people have lost during protests in. you to come out of your seem fine on the surface the last site in or left i mean better than the riot police never followed protocol that's why. that's why i lost my sight and so on they always use brute force. a month after the killing of the crews hundreds of people gathered at the spot. to leave the injured there demanding the dismantling of the.
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human rights organizations say that colombia's riot police is responsible for their $34.00 people in the last 20 years even if it's supposed to be a non-lethal force opposition congressman who is supporting a bill in congress to replace the force says the issue goes beyond. the problem in colombia is that during 50 years of internal conflicts the police is always supposed existence of an internal enemy that had to be confronted with violence we're living in a historic moment of change in colombian society with a peace deal and our institutions need to understand that security forces need to change as well. that the countries riot police rarely violate protocols and actually needs to be reinforced many victims of their actions here beg to differ.
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hundreds of people have marched in serbia's capital against a property law they say threatens the serbian orthodox church in neighboring montenegro under the law or religious institutions must prove property titles that date from before 1918 critics a vessel close serbian orthodox churches and monasteries alter ego as president has criticised the church for promoting process policies of the who split from serbia in 2006. more than a dozen proserpine m.p.'s in montenegro were arrested after they protested against the new law that in barbour has more. opposition members being carried out of parliament in montenegro deputies from a processor party came to blows with their rivals just before a law on religious communities was passed lawmakers through what appeared to be a tear gas canister or a firecracker plainclothes police wearing gas masks intervened detaining 17
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politicians from the democratic front to come with us. we expect that our colleagues will soon be released from custody we will also have a consultation about what to do next how to articulate this at this faction with what we've seen in the parliament last night. that dissatisfaction has prompted protests by priests from the serbian orthodox church the church in montenegro and ordinary citizens there worried the state could confiscate church assets under the new law religious communities need to prove property ownership from before 1918 when montenegro joined the precursor of the now defunct yugoslavia opponents say the law is aimed at pro serb institutions montenegro only separated from serbia in 2006 it's their initiative to you know get out of the. florida gators they're being chechen serbian people we didn't come to montenegro we've been here since long ago and we're here to stay. but we're now asking that the government postpones. some
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parts of this law which absolutely do not bring peace in montenegro but i learned happiness among people until after christmas the ruling democratic party of socialists denies any plans to seize churches or any of the dozens of serbian orthodox monasteries and other properties in the country. given gallon tease and assurances that this law doesn't have any hidden agenda it's a low any civilised and democratic society needs it doesn't endanger anyone it is facility governed by the montenegrin metropolitan it not as a question the status of any priest. the serbian orthodox church in montenegro has called for calm but it says it will complain to international organizations about what it's calling a brutal threat to the freedom of religion barbara al jazeera. the relations between china and taiwan have deteriorated the worst may yet be to come in 2020 the
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result of taiwan's presidential election in january could determine whether it continues to resist pressure from china to unify with the mainland or slowly given between e.u. this report beijing. taiwan born carefully picks his battles ph d. student by day martial arts instructor by night the 36 year old cherishes taiwan's democracy but. in mainland china where he's lived for 4 years. economically and in all other ways i think the mainland and taiwan we only become closer the question is form. that question will be answered when taiwanese voters go to the polls on general the 11th independent. is running for reelection and expected to win another term for the democratic progressive party. had main competition beijing friendly kuomintang candidate. who was leading opinion
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. until protests in hong kong reignited fears over mainland influence and the one country 2 systems policy taiwan was always the big prize and it was look how are we going to deal with. a new your going to want to come back to the. the communist party says reunification is inevitable achieved peacefully or otherwise. we do not promise to renounce the use of force reserve to use all necessary measures. president xi jinping recently unveiled one of those measures china's 1st locally built aircraft carrier the 2nd in its fleet beijing has continued to ramp up its military presence in the south china sea and is closing in on taipei's dwindling diplomatic allies xi jinping has fashioned himself as a great leader of china and how such is determined to leave behind a great legacy analysts say securing china's role as
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a leader in the asia pacific and bringing taiwan firmly back on the main line control are central to that legacy and a disastrous outcome according to the united states washington has agreed to sell taiwan fighter jets tanks and weapons infuriating the communist party but china is not taking any action just now do you want to provoke the us to get involved such as you want to take what way why don't we if you. when you or your military is going to be strong be the us which is likely to be weaker chew will be watching taiwan's election from beijing waiting to see whether the island moves closer to the mainland all further away. beijing. we're calling nasa robotic rover is nearing completion ahead of its journey to mars next year to search for evidence of any life and it's hoped the mission could also lay the groundwork to one day send humans to the red planet to solve reports.
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a small step in the lab or a trip before a giant launch into space if all goes to plan this rover will touch down on the red planet in feb 2021 its mission to collect samples from mars and try to find if there are any traces of microbial life back billions of years from here on out it's it's a test test test test of everything we possibly care and shaking out the bugs to make sure that we've got reliable systems and mars. the mars 2020 rover lease currently in 3 sections and being constructed in this sterile environment outside of los angeles it will be sent to the jazz a crater which scientists believe was once the bed of a lake and could hold martian fossils if they exist take off the set for next february we do in this room is we make sure we have a strict clean room protocol so that we are not sending not contaminating our
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vehicle so that we can preserve the science that we are interested in learning about as well as searching for life it will also prepare for possible human exploration if successful it will be not his 5th soft landing of a martian rover when we landed as a rule we're going to use a new landing capability that gives us a hazard avoidance. function that allows us to land safely which future missions. can can also take advantage of. china also has its eyes set on space it has successfully launched one of the world's most powerful rockets saying it's a big step in its ambitions for the moon and mars it's a mission is to have a crude space station by 20221 of the things that people. we learn from the apollo era and the space race in the 1960 s. is that if you try and compete directly both sides lose out so it's all about working together or at the very least doing collaborative complementary missions
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working together or alone the space race is about to reach new frontiers join the silver our dizzier. this is al jazeera and i'm still raman these are all top news stories somali media is reporting that at least 50 people have been killed after a car bomb was detonated in the capital mogadishu security forces have confirmed that 4 turkish engineers are amongst the dead and say they may have been the intended target of the attack the u.n. security the u.n. pardon me is warning of devastating consequences for civilians in syria's italy province nearly 2 $150000.00 people have fled after 2 weeks of heavy bombardment by russian and syrian government forces al-jazeera yousif is nearby newman says surrounding areas are pretty much abandoned the standard of how to get. you
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can see civilians fleeing the displacement from modern phenomenon continues same with socket city both are now empty of presidents and all the surrounding villages what's noteworthy is that the airstrikes have stopped in the last 2 days because of the bad weather there may have been some civilians drones flying over the area but there hasn't been any shelling still this is our flee in a mosque because of the fear of the offensive there are no civilians not even birds . the un general assembly has approved a resolution condemning human rights abuses against regular slim's and other minorities in me and. is also facing a charge of genocide at the international court of justice some of those sorries on our website to al jazeera dot com about good morning news and hof non-experts inside story with the rena obligated to stay with us a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study. what i want to east investigates the pakistani
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company at legibly selling fake degrades to dallas and the around the world on al-jazeera. iraq's president has rejected the nominee for prime minister he says he'd rather quit the name someone rejected by testers for demanding an independent candidate so what's the way forward for iraq this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm daddy in obligato for months now iraqis have been voicing their anger and demanding a change in their political leadership they say they are fed up with corruption unemployment and the lack of basic services hundreds of people have been killed the prime minister there resigned in november and now many are rejecting the nominee to
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replace him they say as hard a lie danny will only help iran.


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