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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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al jazeera. and. this is al jazeera. hello i'm stan grant this is the news hour live from doha coming up one of somalia's worst attacks almost 80 people killed as a bomb filled vehicle explodes at a busy checkpoint in the capital. and defiance in hong kong protesters storm a shopping center near the border with mainland china. we made the parents demanding the return of their children who they say were kidnapped by kurdish fighters. also extortion kidnapping and violence we lift the lid on criminal gangs
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hijacking mexico's $1000000000.00 business. and i'm p. december the only sport of the miami heat's rediscover the championship form all the old but keep the fire burning into the 2nd half of the season. somalis have become tragically used to attacks in the capital but the scale of the lightest one which is still unfolding is huge at least $79.00 people the dead and $149.00 wounded after a vehicle packed with explosives exploded on a busy mogadishu street al-shabaab is being blamed but so far the group is silent. is covering developments from nairobi in neighboring kenya what more can you tell us about the investigation into this. well the priority for the
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government right now is to make sure everyone who's been injured gets help they're also looking for anyone who could be missing turkey is standing in a medical team to try and help the government assist those who have been injured there of course is the issue of the thing up security a lot of people asking why do these attacks keep happening why did it happen again this latest attack happened at a security checkpoint it was being manned by police to the government were not far away they were nearby and still the attack took place a lot of people in the dish angry and frustrated and somalia's government is under pressure to improve security in well goodish in other parts of the country. they tell was carried out joining morning rush hour as many people going to work and university students heading to campus the bombs exploded at a security checkpoint used by many coming into mogadishu yet again another high's
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with. a truck loaded with explosives was detonated at a busy checkpoint the explosion lead to many deaths and injuries most of those died here students who were going to the schools and universities official say many of those killed by the truck bomb were university students. the explosion was very large it was close to where the 2017 bomb happened many people died here especially students i saw many dead bodies lying on the ground in my eyes some of the dead were police officers but also students were killed. officials believe the target was a building next to the checkpoint being used by government troops the group al-shabaab was pushed out of mogadishu several years ago but is still targets high profile areas such as checkpoints and hotels al-shabaab has also carried out attacks in neighboring kenya and uganda somalia's government says it's trying to stop attacks like this from happening before those caught up in the blast and those who lost
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family members and loved ones that's a little comfort now. and horror just on that what does this say about the government's capacity to protect civilians. for somalia when 3 years of conflict to the focus is trying to build up the national army make sure they have great equipped to look to the people of somalia to asking in the chiefs they are on the ground have been trying for a couple of years now to train the army made sure that they can try to prevent any more attacks and try to base to protect civilians the question now is once that happens will they be able to do that because the asking is. and we seem to have lost a horror there but as we've mentioned this is one of the worst attacks that anyone seen in mogadishu in 2011100 were killed when al shabaab sent a suicide bomber in a truck which blew up outside the government's ministerial complex the worst was
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2017 almost 600 people then died in a double truck bombing that was blamed on al-shabaab but it never claimed responsibility. steve hansen is a professor of international relations at the norwegian university of life science you also wrote the book horn hill and rift fault lines of the african jihad he joins us now from oslo it's good to have you with us why are we why is. apparently there's been no claim of responsibility here but apparently able to carry out attacks such as this still in mogadishu. i think this is we shouldn't underestimate to survive but they have been underestimated for years and they have they're still a very wealthy and they're still able to get a lot of income from illegal taxing and that getting money from from activists that wants to sell and export and import true there and the areas that are still under their control so they still have a lot of resources still are quite active but it's also interesting to note is that
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the attack that we saw today was on the outskirts of militias so what we might see is just maybe a case of a shake point trying to stop there are separate from transporting these bombs even further into the city it's hard to say at this stage but for me as a researcher it's interesting that it was stopped on the outskirts of the city that this bomb blast actually happened on the outskirts of the or it was a very bloody attack stigma of course has a stronghold in the rural areas and we're seeing that's able to operate still the mogadishu as well what does this tell us about the longevity of this organization and how it is able to change its tactics change its strategy to survive well what's interesting with 100 could also bobbie is that it has been deemed to disappear and collapse for many years over and over again but this is still indicates that the organization is rather stable has stable sources of income and that is floating on
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disability. off the african union and heroes from on this mali national government to actually provide security for its ordinary people both in the militia but also specially in the countryside and knowing the ship about to move rather freely in the countryside now the americans have stepped up their attacks these shia on al shabaab we're also seeing african union troops there what impact is that having. although it had that impact you can see an improvement in the somali security architecture and you can see an improvement or even the somali and national army as well as some of their local allies and some of the regional state militias so they're receiving an improvement and we shouldn't forget that the armisen probably prevent a thorough takeover of the whole central somalia out by by basically the shabab in
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2010 so they had that thorough impact but they haven't brought the security architecture the indeed the dialogue between the regional states under central government to any level where it's actually providing safety for its ordinary citizens it can provide. protection for against chevron taking over the country but it can appropriately provide yes that safety for its ordinary citizens as proven by this attack and that then leads me to the final question how do you provide that safety and security what is a pathway to the future here and is the government capable of being able to deliver on that. well you need to have an accent to the army and they're accountable police services and also i think also security institutions as a more local level you need to have not only somali ownership but also ownership of
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these institutions at the local level level and then actually the population needs to see that they are caring about their own population that they are providing security at the local level and this is something you put them on some kind of change in mentality and it the monsoon kind of active recruitment pulls it so that the security institutions contain members from all different clubs and also coordinates very well with the regional governments who also have a role in playing in providing security so there's a lot of the nation that needs to happen and there's also a change of mentality where you're actually looking at the needs of the local population rather than only they beat you need to prevent the shape of the takeover you need to provide services to that look or place and indeed security together has been appreciate you joining us near insight today i thank you. more than a 1000 people have been arrested across india over the last 24 hours during
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protests over new citizenship law but that hasn't deterred demonstrators from staging more rallies and sit ins they've been there now for 15 days of protests of the legislation which has been criticized as being anti muslim opposition leader raul gandhi visited the northeastern state of assad on saturday where the protest movement began and so vora was one of the city insights in new delhi. homeowner out of those people who were detained or they just seem to know that maybe i am going to be met by one who would retain the in the national capital and yet to still gathered across several sides in an ample testing against. this university i don't have to guess that we are as we go to the epicenter of these protests and these will be really be coming out for over a mo night now to notice again some of the what they describe as a discone tree don't you know they say they don't understand or. they will keep testing will continue the protests until the government does not already be
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a member now most of these protests as you have seen a women and children. with a century ago 100 notice it braving the cold because they see them down with police atrocities against everybody assumes you notice the templates are on the scene of us and that is it is not the remotest people that they are not safe in their own neighborhoods that today the old something is the old donkey the leading role in the field position party the congress party fundraiser sab which is where the protests began several other political leaders have phoned me out of different stages to protest against the normally do is great distance don't even need a city under the sea anchor they're not testing to house the man who leadership would write this stuff and i think them for years then are happy with this. riot police have moved. on hundreds of people who stormed the hong kong shopping mall near the border with my leg china the area's popular with traders who cross
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over to buy goods to sell back home demonstrators blame them for overcrowding in pushing up prices protests have disrupted hong kong for more than 6 months by in the against china's increasing influence in the town from louisiana hong kong until zus more about what was behind saturday's events this protest here is hardly an offshoot of the main protest movement that's gone on for 6 months in hong kong but it's also partly to test against the practice of our loud trading compound all trading is a practice where traders come and buy goods in hong kong in bali and then resell them for profit in mainland china a majority of these traders are mainland chinese it's a practice that locals if you destroy the social and economic life it's called shortage of goods it's driven the prices of goods and hong kong people i'm happy about this practice so this is what this protest is about now we've seen the
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shutters in the shopping malls shut as soon as protest is moving it's really not had protesters have been using that name one tiny town in these protests that have gone on for the last 6 months the anger against the hong kong and chinese government and now is still down into anger at trying these people as well and we've also seen riot police move into the shopping mall and arrest shoppers now and the whole idea of this protest is to cause economic disruption in a bid to force the government to take notice of this protest movement and to meet the protesters demands now it's also aimed at causing disruption to an economic activity that protests to see as mainly beneficial to mainland chinese and not people on call at the u.n. general assembly has condemned human rights abuses against rohingya muslims and other minorities. 134. voted for the resolution calling on government to combat high trade and violence against minorities be in bars also i facing
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a charge of genocide at the international court of justice thousands of rohingya were killed in a government crackdown in the collins died in 2017 near the median fled to bangladesh and japan's awak he is a southeast asia analyst he says this u.n. resolution is to light doesn't have enough legal white you haven't 9 non-binding non legally binding general assembly resolution 2 years late that simply expresses condemnation for something that's now 2 years in the past and urges the myanmar government to take actions that it has repeatedly indicated that it is unwilling to take so no it's very difficult to see how this resolution could be of any concrete benefit to either the. refugees who fled into bangladesh or for the some 400000 or so estimated ranges who remain in myanmar in remain at risk of further genocidal attacks the sad part about it is that the un general assembly the same body that
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issued the resolution recently passed the responsibility to protect unanimously in 2005 which makes it partly clear that when a country is either unable or unwilling to protect its people from genocide crimes against humanity and other great international crimes that it is the collective responsibility of the international community of member states to take appropriate action to ensure that these crimes are not committed again and yet issuing a resolution 2 years after the fact does not constitute the kind of action that the general assembly should be taking the resolution should be stating that if genocidal attacks continue that you know national community is prepared to take military forceful military action to stop and punish the genocide in the end but unfortunately the the resolution didn't say that and sadly few member states of the u.n. are willing to take that action. there's much more ahead survivors describe what happened in the moments before the plane hits the ground in kazakhstan. plus how
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nasa is nasa is getting ready to roll with its drive on mars. and when didn't they silence peter has details of who won the 75th sydney to hobart yacht price. for 4 months now protesters in turkey have been calling for the return of the children and relatives from the kurdistan workers party or p k k i climb the group has been forcibly recruiting them to fight muhammad adore reports from the. security is tight outside the pro kurdish people still cut to capacity or hitch the peace headquarters in seattle but some of them took these policemen are getting a peaceful protest by men and women demanding that it tunneled the children who they say have been kidnapped or recruited by the kurdish workers party p k k
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holding the pictures of their missing children they call for their quick to time but. they took my daughter away and we haven't heard from her for the past 5 years we don't know if she is still alive this protest was taught that is september by 1 mother but now others and metal family members of those they say i'm now in that arms of the p.k. k. have joined a common claim among the protesters is that their children one last seen me here at the offices of the heads of the people. and they say that's why they've continued the sit in outside the party offices but you'll visuals however deny any links to the p.k. k. and say they've also never actively recruited for the. some form of pick a fight as of a time to their families since the protests began and that is giving hope to people here who sneer mickie recent little town from iraq where she fought under the p.k. k. she is telling custody awaiting trial for being
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a member of the group that's outlawed in tikki but some of us say stick god less of the shoes or leave to his buck a limb on dorothy austin doesn't my daughter was 14 when she was kidnapped and i thank god that after 5 long years she surrendered 3 days ago i'm so happy my daughter is out of the hands of those tyrants 2 weeks ago jaffer to jail and also to tom to his family he says it is out that the b.k. cain company's cydia up to seeing his mother the protests in media reports are not in won't kill them the life is difficult you will constantly fighting and have little time to miss home or family life finally throw you get disgusted by all the death and destruction and you start missing your loved one isn't the p.k. k. has been designated a terrorist organization by a techie the e.u. and the united states it too long to separate it is insurgencies south is to key in 1008 to 4 says that more than 4 to 1000 people mostly kids have been killed in
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fighting with turkish forces cads account for roughly 20 percent of techies population of about 18000000 people of the decade to marginalise issued by the turkish state have been demanding create a rights and more autonomy but for many here the heads d.p.n. p k k have drugs that are litigious into fighting that's more to do with the group's interests and it is with the flight of the kurdish. mohamed atta. southern turkey. an attack on a military base in iraq has people worried about board violence in the country and gulf political crisis a u.s. contractor was killed rockets were fired into the kirkuk. it houses both iraqi and u.s. troops several americans. were injured 14 has moved from baghdad on the attack list attack occurred last night it was several rockets 30 hit inside the k. one military base which houses both u.s.
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forces as well as iraqi forces and this base is used to launch important operations against against i saw who have staged an insurgency in the surrounding mountains now this is just the latest in a spate of similar rocket attacks but it's the 1st time that we're actually seeing u.s. casualties there has not been any responsibility attributed to this but officially one member of the u.s. coalition told me that it bears similar hallmarks to previous attacks which were attribute it to the iranian backed armed group the type of hezbollah now secretary of state max pail said on december 13th any such attacks would be met with decisive force so it remains to be seen whether following these u.s. casualties there will actually be such a response of course this raises great concerns here in iraq because it's supposed to be the iraqi government to actually protect u.s. forces based here and the government did promise an investigation but on the part
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of u.s. forces they simply feel that with the increase of such attacks they may need to protect themselves and of course there is a real risk that should the u.s. respond there could be an escalation here on the ground between u.s. forces and iranian backed armed groups. research fellow with lower used to shoot for international policy he says of the government of taking advantage of it's broken. well as you point out you know a well functioning government with that trial over. security within the country would make these kind of attacks if not impossible then very difficult . to take we say in a ratcheting up in the number of. attacks directed against u.s. targets or to kill or from iranian backed militia groups in iran until we get some kind of. so lucian to iraq's political problem that he's
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said bolter the population in general until we get a reduction in that groove crushing iraqi politics until we get some kind of unity in the country and the reality is. you're going to have to expect more fracturing around the edges is the same today flags were at half staff in kazakhstan on a day of mourning for the victims of friday's plane crash the big if lot went down soon after takeoff from the body airport 12 people were killed and 54 injured some critically the airline's fleet of 4100 aircraft are grounded while erects and investigators examined the wreckage still going in the current issue of the plane began shaking severely it was a nightmare inside i put my phone in the pocket in tightened up the safety belt tightly in the plane and leaned forward it was clear that we would crash into the ground the bang was strong and the lights went off some were alive some were not.
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russia says it's deployed a new hypersonic weapon which some defense analysts see as part of a new arms race it apparently flies it 27 times the speed of sound and can carry a nuclear warhead the russians say the ave god weapon can also make evasive turns after being fired into orbit making it a formidable match for many defense systems russia says the average god secures its position as a world leader in hypersonic weapons the u.s. and china say they're developing similar systems defense analysts paper philcon houses russia is pushing this announcement for political reasons the term know a message just going very very strong all the russian t.v. and other propaganda out that this is russia's number one in the 'd world that we have where no one else has reached the summit and is true and that this
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sounds good for the russian people. but also. the actual military properties how much of this rest we the russians who were at the are somewhat questioned by experts but when the public it goes down well and also of course the united states many experts and that you will be also blowing out of proportion the russian achievements because they have their own agenda to present to congress and to the public that there is a russian threat the russians are and that means they should get more money from the budget to catch up. work on a nasa robotic rover is nearing completion ahead of its journey to mars next year to search for any evidence of life it's hoped it would also like the groundwork to one day send humans to the red planet. reports. a small step in the lab or
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a trip before a giant launched into space if all goes to plan this rover will touch down on the red planet in feb 2021 its mission to collect samples from mars and try to find if there are any traces of microbial life back billions of years from here on out it's it's a test test test test of everything we possibly can shake you know the bugs to make sure that we've got reliable systems on the mars. the mars 2020 row police currently in 3 sections and being constructed in this sterile environment outside of los angeles it will be sent to the jazzer crater which scientists believe was once the bed of a lake and could hold martian fossils if they exist what we do in this room is we make sure we have a strict clean room protocol so that we are not sending not contaminating our vehicle so that we can preserve the science that we are interested in learning about as well as searching for life it will also prepare for possible human
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exploration if successful it will be not his 5th soft landing of a martian rover when we landed as a rule we're going to use a new landing capability that gives us a hazard avoidance. function that allows us to land safely which future missions. can also take advantage of. china also has its eyes set on space it has successfully launched one of the world's most powerful rockets saying it's a big step in its ambitions for the moon and mars its ambition is to have accrued space station by 20221 of the things that people really learn from the apollo era and the space race in the 1960. is that if you try and compete directly both sides lose out so it's all about working together or at the very least doing collaborative complementary missions working together or alone the space race is about to reach new frontiers join the silver 0. in the news ahead.
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protest is my time there right pension reforms in france also. caught on camera police officers in the us running for their lives. and the most decorated gymnast in history adds to the long list of achievements people have all the details in school. hello again it's good to have you back well still very wet weather here across parts of the eastern mediterranean and that is going to continue unfortunately as we begin the week as well of course we have been talking about the flooding situation that has been going on in turkey syria as well as into lebanon and 44
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beirut expect to see more rain as we go from sunday as well as into monday temperatures lingering into the mid teens there for turkey though you have snow is still going to be an issue and the rain across that southern coast is going to be a problem so for donna do expect to see some more rain possibly more flooding as we go towards monday and into tuesday well here across the gulf things looking quite nice for us here in doha attempt of 25 a little bit warmer than what we have seen of the last few days but we are watching the coast of oman we did have a tropical disturbance pushing through that is going to bring some rain in terms of the $29.00 rain continuing as we go towards monday as well but from a scott you're going to stay out of the rain a nice day for you with a temperature of $24.00 and very heavy rain across parts of southern africa over the next few days we're talking anywhere from johannesburg all the way down here towards durban even over here towards cape town tempter though for cape town it is going to be quite warm but we do expect by the time we get towards monday a break in the rain more sun in the forecast in durban
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a 28. named some people saying that my feelings are any program back then. but if i think they are real do you think sound erika was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous and try to choose one of the more advanced robots in the world can around but feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of play to do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. on all jazeera. the latest news as it breaks boeing is the largest manufacturing exporter in the u.s. . with details covering critics say secular protections in the constitution and now the threats. and feel from the around the world for cycling fans like
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this one play a crucial role in argentina's waste management. you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of our top stories this hour a huge bomb blast has killed at least 79 people in somalia in one of the worst attacks in iraq is nearly 150 others were injured in the explosion which happened near a security checkpoint in mogadishu. more than a 1000 people have been arrested across india over the past 24 hours during protests over a culture of citizenship the war but that hasn't deterred demonstrators from staging war rallies and citizens across the country. police of the cleared
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hundreds of protesters who stormed a hong kong shopping mall they were chanting against traders from china accusing them of overcrowding and pushing up prices. labor unions are marching across france to keep pressure on president emanuel and his pension reforms protesters joined runaway workers on strike again in the one station in paris the strikes and demonstrations are into their 24th day unions oppose the pension overhaul that would push the age of her time at up. before than smith is live in paris bernard one of the same today tell us about the size and the strength of these projects. well we're having now merely into the 4th week of next week of these protests against pension reform this warm plus shuttle a just behind me and central paris couple of 1000 people today there have been
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regular protests in paris and across the country and now in more than 3 weeks that these. protests against pension reform have been going on there has been still significant disruption physically on the railway network there are more trains running now today than that have been over the past few weeks an indication that some of the people who are on strike of beginning to go back to work but there is still considerable public support for the protests. bernard just on that given that there is this disruption given how long these protests have gone on and given that the numbers may be going down as people heading back to work what's the future look like how long can they maintain this. while there's a big nationwide set of protests planned for january of 9 this really is just a taste of what might be to come yes there is still considerable support despite
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the very significant inconvenience has been for people in france's major cities we're getting from a to b. people walking a lot more using bikes and scooters to get around because the metros in the trains haven't been working the unions a problem to keep up the pressure that the last time they tried to do this in 1995 the last time the government tried to reform pensions after 3 weeks a government capitulated and gave up this time emanuel says he's not giving up on pension reform has to be done and so the government insists on pushing on the unions on giving away either. with live in paris thank you algeria's president is named. as the country's new prime minister gerrard is a former diplomat and presidential advisor who teaches political science at the university of algiers his appointment comes a week after. brain was declared the winner of a controversy election that was boycotted by many algerians on friday thousands of
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protesters continued calling for the overthrow of the entire political system that is strike in libya has targeted an engineering institute in the residential district of zawiya the attack on the city ordered by warlords only for half the is the 4th in as many days those where libya's internationally recognized government's military vehicles were destroyed as its forces repelled have to us forces at the main airport in tripoli libya correspondent mark without the wire hit has more from the capital. there is fear among residents in there especially in neighborhood. around the rocket launchers but have to as forces landed that last night killed one civilian and injured other 6 civilians including one child that is less than 6 years old according to medical sources in the capital tripoli as the clashes are
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becoming near the residential areas it is fear among civilians of potential human casualties and a huge influx of displaced people as you know that over the past few days have to as forces have been advancing taken control of their locations in and around the. there. of the migration of t. in southern tripoli need dene neighborhood meanwhile the government military sources have posted a video showing what they call a number of have to the fighters taken captives by the government forces also the government military sources say that they've managed to repel an attack by half to his forces to take control of the airport road in tripoli. well the montenegrin politicians involved in
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a parliamentary brawl have now been released from jail they staged extraordinary scenes in the chamber of friday trying unsuccessfully to prevent a church property law from passing that in baba has been. opposition members being carried out of parliament in montenegro deputies from a processor party came to blows with their rivals just before a law on religious communities was passed lawmakers through what appeared to be a tear gas canister or a firecracker plainclothes police wearing gas masks intervened detaining 17 politicians from the democratic front to come with us. we expect that our colleagues will soon be released from custody we will also have a consultation about what to do next how to articulate dissatisfaction with what we've seen in the parliament last night. that dissatisfaction has prompted protests by priests from the serbian orthodox church the church in montenegro and ordinary citizens there worried the state could confiscate church assets under the new law
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religious communities need to prove property ownership from before $918.00 when montenegro joined the precursor of the now defunct yugoslavia opponents say the law is aimed at pro serb institutions montenegro only separated from serbia in 2006. 2 you're not. going to stand being chechen serbian people we didn't come to montenegro we've been here since long ago and we're here to stay. but we're now asking that the government to postpone some parts of this law which absolutely do not bring peace in montenegro but then happiness among people until after christmas is the ruling democratic party of socialists denies any plans to seize churches or any of the dozens of serbian orthodox monasteries and other properties in the country. and given gallon teas and assurances that. this law doesn't have any hidden agenda it's
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a low any civilised and democratic society needs it doesn't endanger anyone it is facility governed by the montenegrin metropolitan it not as a question the status of any priest. the serbian orthodox church in montenegro has called for calm but it says it will complain to international organizations about what it's calling a brutal threat to the freedom of religion barbara al-jazeera. president has signed a decree to hold a referendum on a new constitution in april it's one of the main demands of protesters who've been out on the streets for months but people were out again on friday in santiago police tried to break up crowds with tear gas and water cannon the constitution dates back to $980.00 and the dictatorship of general pinochet. once again with a pencil and paper we citizens will be able to express their opinion and they find the country will take. riot police in colombia being accused of firing rubber
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bullets to deliberately blind the demonstrators dozens lost their side during national strikes this month and the student protest was killed. reports in the capital market a university student dragged into an unmarked car. another protester brutally kicked in the face killed by a police project since a national strike started over a month ago colombia's riot police known as is it has been under pressure for its violent response to the mostly peaceful demonstrations. martial arts trainer alexandra de yes marched in the 1st protest but had been playing pool for 2 hours when he was attacked by the police as he fled the bar flooded with tear gas he lost his right eye after being hit by a rubber bullet. they didn't care if we were confronting them or not they simply attacked us if it wasn't me it would have been another of my friends because they
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shot at us directly i felt a rubber ball hitting my right eyelid i saw it on the floor and when i tried to pick it up i passed out. the u.n. commission for human rights in colombia is investigating cases of excessive force in arbitrary detentions of protesters and journalists during the demonstrations at least 10 people have lost and i doing protests in. you to come out of your seem fine on the surface the last site in or left i mean there is the riot police never followed protocol that's why until an died that's why i lost my sight and so on they always used brute force. a month after the killing of the cruise. hundreds of people gathered at the spot. there demanding the dismantling of. human rights organizations say that riot police is responsible for. $34.00 people
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in the last 20 years even if it's supposed to be a force opposition congressman who is supporting a bill in congress to replace the force says the issue goes beyond. the problem in colombia is that during 50 years of internal conflicts the police is always supposed existence of an internal enemy that had to be confronted with violence we're living in a historic moment of change in colombia with the peace deal and our institutions need to understand that security forces need to change as well. that the country's riot police rarely violate protocols and actually needs to be reinforced many of their actions here beg to differ. and outbreak of chicken pox in mexico is the latest setback for hundreds of
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migrants hoping to reach the united states the disease is forced the closure of a migrant and. the mexican city close to the u.s. border more than 70 migrants most of them children show to houses near the 800 people waiting for their asylum applications in the united states. it is back in the order we have suspended the entry of new migrants who are returned by the united states due to the chicken pox outbreak we have or the shelter once controlled more will be able to enter right now we are being helped by religious organizations and others to see those being sent back to customs agents in europe why have seized a $1000000000.00 worth of cocaine their record holders found in flour containers at the port of montevideo the 4 and a half tons was destined for togo in west africa the navy and or was describing the seizure as the greatest blow to drug trafficking in the history of our country
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criminal gangs in mexico and the tourist for cocaine trafficking is switching their attention to something with a much healthier reputation avocado farmers a $1000000000.00 business is being wrecked by kidnapping and extortion the gangs profits are growing along with u.s. consumers appetite for mexican avocados to home and has more. the western world and in particular the united states is go mad for avocados within the last 20 years the average consumption there has more than tripled but if you are an american 18 minutes can have a car those on toast or in your guacamole dip it's possible not over the profits a heading to the right hands. michu a can make avocado heartland gangs a hijacking the industry extorting and kidnapping produces stealing trucks with their crop. it's widespread in lucrative there's a reason they call this green gold. but most grows it too scared to speak out it
6:44 pm
took weeks for us to persuade this man before they started by asking me for more money perfect hair they came to the farm and said who's the boss we want you to contribute that was 8 months ago he stories coleman eventually different groups were all asking him for protection money and paying them couldn't keep him safe the political role some guys grabbed me and kidnapped me in their truck they beat me and broke my head open i told them to stop hitting me that i would get more money together from the state anti kidnapping unit rescued him but off to more than 40 years of growing avocadoes now everything has changed over routes through a lot of. my workers my children my family we don't have any protection now i can't go to the orchard because there are many more people that beat me. to a kind has increasingly become the battleground of a collection of criminal groups as in other parts of the country they branched out
6:45 pm
from complicated transnational drug trafficking to something. simply preying on the local economy. it's affected mining lines local businesses i mean truck comes pacifically is a mutation of what was once trucks trafficking i'm def mutated into a model where they control territory within the territory and you get to the. squeeze out any type of commodity that's locally available so it still includes drugs but it's also about extortion kidnapping it's useless it seems for the victims to turn to authorities you cannot be sure if you talk to mexican functionaries if you talk to the mexican state that you doing so will not be leaked to the criminal forces because the many times the criminals are in court with. the state forces. it's a bleak outlook for an avocado industry that should be enjoying the current boob. job homan now does it a bit scarcity. it's feared that thousands of koalas have been killed in bushfire
6:46 pm
ravaged areas north of australia is largest city sydney survivors are being treated in various animal hospitals up to a 3rd of the marsupials habitat has been destroyed along the u. south wales north coast which was home to about $28000.00 koalas a heat wave gripping several states has also left many animals dehydrated including this thirsty koala who approached a cyclist in south australia firefighters battling weeks of fires across the country have also been helping to rescue them. well 2020 is expected to be a challenging year for a giant of german war politics burke was ready to retire at the next federal election at her party's wondering how the chancellor's popularity can be transferred to the next leader all that while support for the far right has grown from berkeley in his dominant. political berlin at the turn of the year is a ponderous place the present parliamentary term is more than halfway through the
6:47 pm
current coalition of christian and social democrats continues but it's clear this is a loveless marriage unloved by the voters angela merkel is still chancellor more than a year since stepping down from leading her party she remains by far the most popular politician in germany far more popular with the electorate than her party and it's the end of her mandate approaches increasingly she's concentrated on foreign policy goals such as they were the conflict in ukraine is that guns often does and because they have a lot of work today but my feeling is there is goodwill to resolve difficult questions and this goodwill is always needed if you want to solve political problems. but there's little sign of that goodwill on the domestic front her preferred successor and a great company has struggled in the spotlight recently calling on colleagues to back her or sack her as party leader in the end she got the endorsement she wanted
6:48 pm
but faced renewed questions over where she stands politically it was a compromise not entirely clear where she wants to steer the party but it's clear that many have question marks whether she has what it takes to be chancellor thank the christian democrats fear a twin challenge from right and left. and how to claw back voters who deserted them for the far right alternative for germany in recent years one simple taney asli steering a course which can keep them in the political center for in 29. in teen a green wave swept across the country propelling that party to around 25 percent in the polls and allowing it to make life increasingly difficult for the present government here our military did i can not say but i don't know how they didn't the medical area is clearly coming to an end and a new era begins and the question is who is setting the course for this new era we
6:49 pm
want to help set the course we are campaigning to be the ones to shape the new era and so germany finds itself in a peculiar position right now 2020 is a year in which the politicians can draw breath far enough away from the general election for the main parties to prefer to stay in government but close enough for them both to worry about who will lead them into that election and anglo-american remains the unlikely glue that binds them together for now dominant came out zira berlin an extremely rare visit a literally from out of this world is about to get as close as it gets to al's comic bar soft scheme past earth at a distance of 290000000 kilometers it's only the 2nd object for another soul the system ever seen in this one it's on the one of the after a bit is long but it's tile stretches 416-0000 or solves already sped past the sunday it will hurdle past bars on its lonely journey back into deep space.
6:50 pm
well coming up in sports world cup titles in as many days peter has the downhill action for little. what happens when plans for a new life are brought a day railed by committing serious crimes from drug trafficking terminal bring to. what it is i don't remember how many times it stopped the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al-jazeera world goes inside an italian prison meeting men and women from north africa who left home only to face life behind bars double exile on al-jazeera. with its leaders in jail a greek near nazi party when eyes on the lives mothers and daughters of the imprisoned leaders to represent them. the women behind the fearsome rightwing
6:51 pm
nationalist party going to do not try to when you say male not to do you know what exactly does it mean it means nationalist golden doing this a witness documentary on al-jazeera do you support and also this. plane. a u.s. t.v. news crew was captured the baba truck crashed into an early a pile up on the side of a highway. what happened with heavy fall in the state of texas a police officer the 1st in the top were injured both being treated in hospital.
6:52 pm
one day. and now it's time for sport he is peter thank you very much the miami heat are having one of their finest seasons since their 2013 championship year and they extended the n.b.a.'s best record on home court with a nail biting victory over the indiana pacers on friday the heat were playing catch up when kendrick nunn got derek jones jr a board for the dunk and the lead kept switching hands late in the 4th the pacers jeremy lamb barging past none here with half a minute on the clock but with 6 seconds left gore and bradley dragged the heat over the line to win 131128 last attempt from the pacers fizzling out of miami improved to 491 home to. the philadelphia 76 came back down to earth after beating the most bucks on christmas day you are no
6:53 pm
magic handed them a dose of reality beating the 9897. but packed faced of fixture list continues in the english premier league with 7 games on saturday manchester city boss pep guardiola has conceded the title race to liverpool after the champions finished with 10 men and blew a 2 goal lead to lose 32 at wolves so he were 14 points behind liverpool and 2nd place is now but songs have to think about leicester so the chance to record a 2nd position is still way out of the 30 and that is the point of the season for some mistakes some of the situations were far away so now it. is you're not thinking about 2 to catch a 2nd one and we'll see what happened at the end. a cyclist who made his grand debut at the spaniard this year and he's on broken by a park ranger nicholas meany words filmed by a teammate as he was roughed up in south africa's table mountain national park in
6:54 pm
capetown on friday he was on a training run when the rangers stopped him saying he had not paid a conservation fee to i mean he's team have confirmed that he's left arm was broken the 24 year old is in line to compete for south africa at the tokyo olympics next year simone biles has been named the 2019 associated press female athlete of the year she's now the 1st gymnast to win it twice in the 1st to do it in a non olympic year she won 5 gold medals at the world less sticks championships adding to her collection with a total of $25.00 world medals will likely be competing in her 2nd elim picks next year into. looking back on 2019 balls wasn't the only german to make headlines you may remember college gymnastics champion caitlin ohashi for the perfect 10 routine she nailed as a student athlete performance had more than 77000000 views she is also one of only 2 gymnasts who have beaten simone biles as
6:55 pm
a senior even so she says she was bullied online and now speaks out against a body shaming that's how many years my platform and a voice that i do have and i want to make people feel like they're not alone when they're going through we are struggles and health issues and things like that because i've been there and i felt super alone and i feel like social media is a thing that we're only one side and one image of ourselves one that we don't mind showing the world and i'd like to show my false self. south africa's cricketers have set england's all of $376.00 to win the 1st test at centurion russia funded the sun with a half century in the home side 2nd innings total of $272.00 rory burns has a 50 for england 281-2141 needing a further $255.00 runs to pull off what would be a spectacular victory in melbourne australia are closing in on a series against new zealand the aussies are
6:56 pm
a massive 456 runs ahead after day 3 italian skier dominic paris made it to world cup titles in as many days with another downhill victory on saturday on the full length stelvio course in bormio paris proved too good for the field and with it went top of the standings for the 1st time in his career overtaking switzerland beaufoy said it was an 18th world cup victory overall for paris. and one of skiing store names has her 1st world cup title of the season in a 1st race of the season olympic champion mackay to schifrin winning the giant slalom at least in austria on saturday it's the americans 63rd world cup victory to baseball now in the 1st of a korean play to start in the world series with a new teammate of the 2020 m. l.b. season union the rue is one of south korea's biggest sports stars and he spent the past 7 years pitching for the los angeles dodgers making the all-star team last
6:57 pm
season but as of friday he's with the toronto blue jays signing a 4 year deal with the canadian team with a cool $80000000.00 u.s. dollars. it's 3 wins in 5 years for the commanche team in one of the world's toughest sea races the french super max a yacht took the sydney to hobart race crossing the finish line in the early hours of saturday the crews had to contend with smoke from nearby bushfires while navigating the australian coast commanche set the record for the race and 2017 this time it was 9 hours off that pace one day 18 hours 20 minutes and 24 seconds proving to be the winning time. and that's where we leave it for now be back again a little bit later with another sports a book that's instead there to thank you for that and of course you can follow much more on our web site the address for that is w w w dot al-jazeera dot com that's it for me for this news be back in
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a mother with another for reading stories from around the world. a university degree to be a doctor or a teacher but without any study or rigs and one on one east investigates the pakistani company at legibly selling fake degrees to the thousands of police around the world on al-jazeera one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging live but it is but the killer because you have
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a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel in cuba good audience across the globe. the brazilian economy is booming but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots in a country where smartphones have become a part of everyday life technology help reached again. this series that challenges developers to design apps for a better world travels to real dish on need and needs the young people tasked with making a different life ask for valor far from al-jazeera. east and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the globe.
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al-jazeera. one of somalia's worst attacks almost 80 people killed when a bomb filled vehicle explodes at the busy checkpoint in the capital. this is al jazeera live also coming up anger and defiance in hong kong as protesters storm a shopping mall near the border. we meet the parents demanding the return of the children who by side with kidnapped by kurdish fighters in turkey.


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