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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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development to our community and country. this is 0. down julie macdonald this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a rush hour bombing on the busy world in the somali capital kills at least 79 people many of them students the president is blaming. fears of new violence in the central african republic after a dispute over taxes sees dozens killed and shops hurt plus. not backing down protest against proposed pension reforms in france find allies in the yellow vests movement also ahead. it's just
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a really fun sport and i like to hit people. plans to make one of america's favorite pastime safer for children but not everyone's a fact. their warm welcome to the program somalia's president is clear who's to blame for a bombing in the hearts of the capital that's killed at least 79 people and injured many more most of the dead wood university students heading for a new day of classes well a truck exploded at a checkpoint and police say the target was a tax collections and so although there's been no claim of responsibility so flawed the president is pointing the finger. so i can see what. the motive behind such an attack is to terrorize and demoralize the somali people its government the people its government will never be demoralized from achieving our development goals and
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rebuilding our country this terrorist group of aussie it seems has been contracted to kill and massacre innocent people and destroy all the infrastructure. well saturday's bombing was one of the deadliest recent attacks in mogadishu in 2011100 people killed in a suicide bombing so the government's ministerial complex than 2 years ago nearly 600 people were killed in a double truck bombing that too was blamed on. well her metasearch begins our coverage from i will be in neighboring kenya. the attack was carried out joining morning rush hour as many people were going to work and university students heading to campus the bombs exploded at a security checkpoint used by many coming into mogadishu yet again another house with. a truck loaded with explosives was needed at a busy checkpoint the explosion led to many deaths and injuries most of those died
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here students who were going to the schools and universities. that the this explosion is like the one in design view junction back in 2007 and just a few steps away from where i am. officials believe the target was a building next to the checkpoint being used by government troops the group al-shabaab was pushed out of mogadishu civil years ago but is still targets high profile areas such as checkpoints and hotels al-shabaab is also carried out attacks in neighboring kenya and uganda somalia's government says it's trying to stop attacks like this from happening before those caught up in the blast and those who lost family members and loved ones that's a little comfort now. there will ne at kuwait he is an independent africa policy analyst and he joins us live from washington d.c. survey were most of the program the finger right now is being pointed at bob what's your view on the attack. oh i agree entirely that the issue the issue
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told the list of suspects i agree with what the president said now of course usually these terrorist groups will come out and take responsibility so we have to look at who steps forward it will surprise me if it is a group other than al shabaab but of course there is the war in yemen there was the fight against isis in in the heart of the middle east and their fight has spilled over into africa so it could be one of those but i really do think the prime suspect has to be i think the president is right in times of the strategy of dealing with al shabaab who do have some support don't they in some parts of the country should parts of that strategy be including them talking to them if they are willing to talk yes of course i mean so malia has had and long
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traumatic history since the 990 s. and the country has done well the people has done well in be impressive e.-ring and they have a government that is not a dictatorship it may not be perfect but is not a dictatorship and so if any other group wants to talk yes they should be included but my impression of our shabaab and other terrorist groups are gross africa is they are not interested in talking they are just interested in killing and destabilizing and see things are not perfect so if obama was to talk that will be wonderful it will bring peace to the country and they come forward come on power forward if they are willing to talk. mistah kuwaiti parts of the challenge year dealing with the security challenge a lack of support and i suppose will from the international community.
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obs absolutely there's so far from the international community has not been 0 let me let me say that but having said that in my opinion my strong opinion it is in selfish and it is less down was so muddy our needs and is nor get so much. higher you said. toft they are about top of uganda then if you will soon go back to western and north africa there are terrorist groups all over us so africa has a real terrorist problem i live in washington and i don't get the sense that the western countries take terrorism in africa seriously they think it's a 2nd group problem they blame african governments this is a well the government is not perfect the government has corruption so until the printer there are the they have to deal with it i think that is wrong we have to use the same yardstick when there are terrorist victims are whether in europe
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whether in the middle east or whether in north america we have to understand that we need to bring dissident groups into the politico circle to talk but if they pick up arms then the state must still pres them so that innocents are not killed we need to protect african lives the same way we protect our lives i want to on the ground this was the 1st attack on this scale in about 2 years but how does it effect yes people's confidence living in this situation if you like that that rug could be pulled from from under you know at any point in time so that when the democratic poll says when the political process is trying to make progress how does it affect attacks like this affect people in it in a day to day sense. there's no question that 2 it terrorizes it raises anxiety it causes
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a lot of trauma psychological trauma these are important damages but at the same time we must pull back and understand that even fun many experts have said that al-shabaab is this kind of thing is also happens when the group is desperate it is an act of desperation to target university students to to not you know just to get people who are for it so i think we have to also realize that this is a sign that they are on the back food which goes back to the so forth that the government needs in order to completely secure the country and for their people and hopefully then i will want to talk to for the way forward. to way to their independent cup policy analyst telling me in the they're from washington d.c. sir thank you. hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the home of lebanon's
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prime minister designate has sunday a demanding that he doesn't take office protesters say they'll continue the demonstrations until they are confirmed he will not become prime minister the previous to decide who we re was forced from office in october following antigovernment protests but he remains as caretaker prime minister. i'm not going to give a lot back down until her son leave because we want the prime minister was not a politician that's it has an out evolution. it's imposed by this corrupt class they're going to do whatever they want to have fun job all he cares about is having a position and stealing the politicians are the ones who starved us impoverished us under street us we don't want them we want one of us to represent us. protesters in iraq have stormed the southern us of a a oil field and cut off its power supply that's according to the reuters news agency the oil field produces $90000.00 barrels a day and the government demonstrators are continuing across the country including
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in baghdad where people are demanding the release of abducted protesters protested was shot dead and others were injured by tear gas thousands of students also rallied on the streets of basra the testers have the demanding an overhaul of the entire political system since october there is still deadlocked over who will be appointed interim prime minister. well there's plenty more ahead on the news hour including hong kong's police storm a shopping mall and arrest dozens of protests a growing appetite for avocadoes is putting mexican farmers at risk of completing cartels. and paying the price for poor results premier league side west ham sacked their manager peter we'll have all that in sports later. hundreds of charts and syrians have protested outside the russian consulate in
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istanbul they're angry at russia intensifying its bombing campaign in syria's rebel controlled province similar demonstrations took place in london and also in paris russia supporting the syrian government's efforts to recapture the last opposition stronghold troops have seized towns and villages forcing nearly a quarter of a 1000000 mostly women and children to leave and staying in turkey for months people there and calling for the return of their children and relatives from the kurdistan workers party or p k k as it's know they claim the group has been forcibly recruited them to fight muhammad adel reports now from d.r. bicker. security is tight outside the pro kurdish people stomach rhotic pity or hitch the peace headquarters in the arabic in southern turkey these policemen are getting a peaceful protest by men and women demanding that tarnal their children who they say have been kidnapped or recruited by the kurdish workers party p k k holding the
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pictures of their missing children they call for their quick return because this is their lives they took my daughter away and we haven't heard from her for the past 5 years we don't know if she is still alive this protest was taught that in september by 1 mother but now others and metal family members of those they say i'm now in that arms of the p.k. k. have joined a common claim among the protesters is that their children one last seen me here at the offices of the heads of the people. and they say that's why they've continued the sit in outside the 2 offices but you'll visuals however deny any links to the p.k. k. and say they've also never actively recruited for the united nations. some form of p.k. k. fighters of the time to their families since the protests began and that is giving hope to people here who sneer mickie dissent livid time from iraq where she fought under the p.k. k. she is telling custody awaiting trial for being
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a member of the group that's outlawed in tikki but some of us say stick god less of the shoes that live to xbox live on door to us and doesn't my daughter was 14 when she was kidnapped and i thank god that after 5 long years she surrendered 3 days ago i am so happy my daughter is out of the hands of those tyrants 2 weeks ago jaffer to jail and also to tom to his family he says it is out that the b.k. cain company's syria after seeing his model of the protests in media reports are not in won't kill them to have them life is difficult you will constantly fighting and have little time to miss home or family life finally throw you get disgusted by all the death and destruction and you start missing your loved one isn't. that be k.k. has been designated a terrorist organization by a techie the e.u. and the united states it too long to separate it is insurgencies south is to key in $1008.00 to $4.00 says that more than full to 1000 people mostly kids have been
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killed in fighting with turkish forces cads account for roughly 20 percent of techies population of about 18000000 people of the decade so much english and by the turkish state the been demanding greater rights and more autonomy but for many here the hedge the p. and p. k.k. have drugs that are litigious into fighting that small to do with the groups interests that it is with the flight of the kurdish. mohammad the walshes into. southern turkey. in the central african republic at least 40 people were killed in fighting between traders and on men violence began in the capital bungay on thursday when changes began resisting attacks imposed on them by local fighters dozens of shops and has in the p.k. 5 district were burned down the un has warned against a new escalation of violence in a country that has suffered years of on the west window show i'm a survey is a senior policy analyst of africa in the middle east at the heritage foundation who
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joins us on skype from harrisburg in pennsylvania ed joshua good to have your company 1st of all walt saw these taxes that are behind this recent spike in violence essentially using these are our protection fees that local militias are charging businessmen merchants in order to continue operating so a lot like organized crime actually where they will be armed groups who come to merchants say if you don't want to trouble us we'll continue to do your business in peace you have to pay us a tax the protection of some sort of other weekly or monthly and that the refusal of these traders to continue things are sort of a new one it's unclear exactly what the dynamics here are appears to have sparked this latest round of violence and just so we're talking on way about a particular district of bungie called p k 5 just give us a little bit more local context as to what's happening there. yeah so p.k.
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5 has been a flashpoint in the catholic bengie that has seen various levels of violence for years now the international peacekeeping the un peacekeeping operation there in the new sky the local or the federal government rather neither have been able to really bring peace and security to that restive area it was a bastion of safety for muslims who fled to peace a 5 during the sectarian violence that broke out in the country between christians and muslims so very restive very volatile and again this is just yet another round of violence in the capital city and in this specific neighborhood and just i guess if lots of people not super familiar with area this area they might look at it and think well how come it is that the u.n.
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peacekeeping force a need of a car authorities can get a handle on what's happening specifically in this district but there's also a broader political context across the whole country as well as. yeah absolutely so car is a desperately complex environment and there was a recent peace agreement signed in february there were 14 armed groups that was signatories to that agreement and that doesn't represent all the armed groups in the countries that gives you some sense of again the complexity of this you also another element that makes this so hard is that there is conflict over minerals cars and there are rich countries so a lot of these militia groups are jockeying for position in the mineral rich areas as well as outside powers but also there's a sectarian element where christians and muslims i referenced earlier evan fighting as well for political power and to prosecute their various weeden says so this is
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a very difficult situation in a desperately poor country very corrupt it's one of the least developed on earth so some a survey they're seeing a policy analyst of africa in the middle east at the heritage foundation just to a thank you algeria as president has named abdul aziz to add as the new prime minister does arab is a former diplomat and a presidential advisor who teaches political science at the university of his appointment comes a week after abdul majid to moon was declared the winner of a controversial presidential election that was boycotted by many algerians on friday thousands of protesters continued calling for the overthrow all that the whole political system. india's opposition congress party has called the new citizenship law an attack on the country's traditions culture and history new legislation eases citizenship for religious minorities from neighboring was the majority countries protesters say the law goes against india's secular constitution
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by not including muslims and women are on the front line of those protests met some of them in new delhi the 16 days into the nationwide protest against the contentious citizenship law and the women of new delhi are undeterred by the 26 dead arrests of a 1000 and the biting cold. the police say they are only maintaining law and order and deny trying to quell the protests. some of them violent. these women say they feel threatened by the police and accuse some officers of committing what they call atrocities. shahin courser is leading the female protesters have been is now if thickly the women are protesting for their safety and to protect their children fear has taken hold of them since the clashes so they want the government to come here and assuage their concerns. but no one from the
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government has come these women are braving the cold with their infants. protests against the controversial citizenship this is the violence abuse by the police to suppress the protests including beating up students in a nearby university let them go and since they're out and see. charlene courser vividly remembers the events of 13th december the day she says policeman 1st trashed the students of johnny amelia university with stakes like the 1st for the children of many of the women protesters study there. she says she's never seen them so angry and scared as they rushed to help. sorry the hamid is a women's rights activists who has long experience of working with muslim women she says that police brutality and the unjust citizenship law have forced women even from relatively conservative backgrounds to step out and protest never never have i
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seen this kind of spontaneous outpouring of education and protest by muslim women they are afraid for the next generation for their children their afraid that they may become either if you do it in their own lands or they may be torn out the mother of 6 says police have pressured her husband to stop her protesting she is equally concerned by divisions within the protest movement and says the lack of leadership may be just the win for india's government is looking for. the leader of the congress party support the protests along with other parties opposed to the ruling hindu nationalist b.g.p. on saturday raul gandhi visited the north-east 8 of us where the protests 1st began over 2 weeks ago and. back in the capital the female protesters say they're not against one political party in favor of another they just want the
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basic right to be able to live safely and with dignity in their homeland. al-jazeera new delhi. hong kong places stormed a shopping mall near the border with mainland china they used their batons to disperse a group of protesters and it rested at least 15 people areas popular with traders who cross over to buy goods to sell back home demonstrators blame them for overcrowding and driving up prices from hong kong florence lou explains why protesters want to disrupt trading in these parts. this protest here is part of an offshoot of the main protest movement that's going on for 6 months in one part but it's also partly to protest against the practice of our now trading down colonel trading is a practice where shoppers traders come in and buy goods in hong kong in bali and then resell them for profit in mainland china a majority of these traders are mainland chinese it's a practice that locals if you distrust the social and economic life it's called
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shortage of goods it's driven the prices of goods up and hong kong people are unhappy about this practice so this is what this protest is about now we've seen the shutters in this shopping mall shut as soon as protesters moving its had protested oh i didn't see that main one tiny town in these protests that have gone on for the last 6 months the anger against the hong kong and chinese government and now i still don't have internet anger at the moment and trying to ease people as well and we both will see invite these move into the shopping mall and a rest stop and now the whole idea of this protest is to cause economic disruption in a bid to force the government to take notice of this protest movement and to meet the protesters demands now it's also aimed at causing disruption to an economic activity that protests to see at langley beneficial to mainland chinese and not people of hong kong. criminal gangs and mexico's notorious for kick ange
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trafficking are switching their attention to something much healthier of a condo's and pharma say that has wrecked their $1000000000.00 business with kidnapping and extortion the gangs profits are growing along with u.s. consumers appetite for mexican avocados john coleman has the story. the western world and in particular the united states is go mad for avocados within the last 20 years the average consumption there has more than tripled but if you are an american eating mix can have a cut those on toast or in your guacamole dip it's possible not over the profits or heading to the right hands. michu a can make the heartland gangs a hijacking the industry extorting and kidnapping produces stealing trucks with their crop. it's widespread in lucrative there's a reason they call this gringo. but most grows it too scared to speak out it took
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weeks for us to persuade this man before they started by asking me for more money perfect hair they came to the farm and said who's the boss we want you to contribute that was 8 months ago he stories coleman eventually different groups were all asking him for protection money and paying them couldn't keep him safe the political role some guys grabbed me and kidnapped me in their truck they beat me and broke my head open i told them to stop hitting me that i would get more money together the state anti kidnapping unit rescued him but off the more than 40 years of growing up those now everything has changed over routes through world war 2 my workers my children my family we don't have any protection now i can't go to the orchard because there are many more people that beat me. but the 2 account has increasingly become the battleground of a collection of criminal groups. as in other parts of the country they branched out from complicated transnational drug trafficking to something is simply preying on
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the local economy. it's affected mining blinds local businesses and new truck comes pacifically is a mutation of what was once trucks trafficking i'm def mutated into a model where the control territory within the territory you get to. he's out any type of commodity that's locally available so it still includes drugs but it's also about extortion kidnapping it's useless it seems for the victims to turn to authorities you cannot be sure if you talk to mexican functionaries if you talk to the mexican state that you doing so will not be leaked to the criminal forces because the many times the criminals are in accord with the state forces. it's a bleak outlook for an avocado industry that should be enjoying the current boot. don't homan now does it a mexico city. still ahead here on al-jazeera we'll tell you why next month's
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presidential election in taiwan could design for the island. a new world record thousands of cups of coffee is to replicate the famous mask of biking to combine. and starve giant slalom has her 1st take of the world cup season katie will have all the action and sports. hello again welcome back to national weather forecasts well a major winter storm is pushing in from the central plains into the eastern part of the united states over the next few days these are the clouds associated with it we have a lot of rain to the south severe weather and up to the north it is going to be very very heavy snow that will make its way into canada along this band we could be seeing anywhere between $40.60 centimeters of snow over the next $2.00 to $4.00
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days down towards the south it is going to be severe weather possibly very damaging winds as well as the possibility of tornadoes and as we go towards monday that system slides a little bit more towards the east for new york though it is going to be a big day on monday evening we are going to see some windy as well as very wet conditions in times square well across the caribbean things are not looking too bad across much of the area mostly cloudy conditions with a few showers in the area but nothing too heavy over the next few days for nasa we do expect to see a partly cloudy day $25.00 in for have ana it is going to be a partly sunny day for you with the temps are there of $29.00 degrees very quickly as we go towards parts of south america we're going to see more rain down across parts of one is a does that has been in the forecast for the last few days but for a sense yes it is going to continue to be very sunny and hot $37.00 degrees here on sunday and as we go towards monday going up to about $39.00. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and values
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this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist 3 weeks ago now there's at least 20000 or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to commend you all more i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned after all long lies the attempts of cover ups jamal khashoggi his loved ones want some form of closure people are suffering put on dying entire school systems books elapsing going to beginning of a mass extinction we saw the syrian army's flag foisted high in the city just gave mccormick. moments ago to massage the planet about a 100 meters away from a square in the front line but sometimes happen after about 15 minutes.
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no watching al-jazeera remind of our top stories this hour a truck bomb in somalia's capital has killed at least $79.00 people and injured many more most of the dead were university students although those been no claim of responsibility somalia's president is pointing at. hundreds of protesters have gathered outside the home of lebanon's prime minister designate demanding that he doesn't take office protests to say they'll continue the demonstrations until house of dab confirms he will not become the prime minister. in the central african republic beast 40 people were killed in fighting between traders and on men violence began in the capital ball thursday when trade just began resisting attacks
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imposed on them by local fighters dozens of shops and houses in the p.k. 5 district. well more not top story the truck bomb attack in somalia earlier we spoke to advocate in mogadishu he's a research at the heritage institute for policy studies and he tells us more about house and how our works and operates i think we need to understand that i mean some have been has been one of the most successful to organization in the war on them they have been able to actually exploit the security witnesses in the country and they have been actually. waging a symmetric and sort of a set of this war especially in an era but area and there are 80 is actually to inflict as many casualties us also so that they can manipulate the psychology of the people so that we can we. fear among the people so i think you need to
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understand what was deep in the society of musical discipline over all has been a relatively including over the last 3 or $0.04 a largely to the government to try to reorganize the security architecture but there hasn't been sound policy to really knock out of that. the also need to know that some has been effective governing the guy the structure of the government in somalia. this more fighting set of libya's capital tripoli libya's internationally recognized government has launched an attack on warlord khalifa haftar as forces after began a military offensive to seize tripoli in april with members and so you may remember god willing we will not leave this land to them the libyan national army this is our land and our honor this is our country we will sacrifice the expensive and the cheap long live libya and the state oil for
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a missed considering shutting down some of its operations after after several attacks and all sea says it will close down its ports in zawiya and evacuate its refinery staff because of fighting nearby it may also temporarily close an oil field the latest airstrike by warlord holly for have to us forces targeted an engineering institute in a residential neighborhood it's the 4th such attack and so we're in as many days well as the front line draws closer to residential areas civilians are of course worried about their safety as moch would of the war had reports from libya's capital tripoli. there is fear among residents especially in the neighborhood. were the random rocket launcher but have to as forces landed last night killed one civilian and injured other 6 civilians including one child hope is less than 6 years old according to medical sources in the capital tripoli as the
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clashes are becoming near the residential areas there is fear among civilians of potential human casualties and a huge influx of displaced people as you know that over the past few days have to as forces have been advancing taken control of the locations in and around the. quarter of the migration of o.t. in southern tripoli needs a lot of dean neighborhood meanwhile the government military sources have posted a video showing what they call a number of have to the fighters taken captives by the government forces also the government military sources say that they've managed to repel an attack by have to forces to take control of the airport road in tripoli in
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france striking workers for joined by yellow west protesters during demonstrations in paris that led to clashes with police the strikers are angry about president emanuel micron's plans to reform public sector pensions their nationwide walkout is entering its 25th day train services have crippled the national will operate a losing more than $400000000.00 in ticket revenue yellow vest activists have protested on the streets of the french capital every weekend for more than a year against a number of my columns policies. one of the end of us most prominent members who was blinded in one eye in a demonstration earlier this year says the same i was injured by a police officer earlier he said possibly not all that up different happened what happened when the authorities stopped demonstrators from moving forward forcing the police to move backwards they get angry and end up beaten out of truncheons and shields we have the policeman who did d.s. his badge number was hidden and the commission 100 fused to keep his badge number
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that's the reality now waiting to see who's going to rise up against human violence will burn a smith was at that post asked and he says demonstrates his own showing any signs of giving up there are a few more trains running now than there were at the start of the strike on december the 5th but still public transportation across france remains severely disrupted the strikers the protesters maintaining that demands of the government rejects shell's plans to reform france's complex and in some cases generous pension system particularly the railway workers benefit from early retirement they want to keep those benefits but government says it has to reform the pensions very still public support for the protests despite the major disruption many people particular here in paris having to walk a lot further use scooters or use bikes instead of the metro public transportation
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there is another major protest planned for january the 9th at the same time that's when the government and the unions will meet again to try and come to some sort of resolution. was burned smith for forcing there now 2020 is expected to be a challenging year for a giant of german a world politics angler merkel's ready to resign over the next federal election and her party's wondering how the chanceless popularity can be transferred to their next leader all that while support for the far right has cool from berlin here still in a cape. political berlin at the turn of the year is a ponderous place the present parliamentary term is more than half way through the current coalition of christian and social democrats continues but it's clear this is a loveless marriage unloved by the voters angela merkel is still chancellor more than a year since stepping down from leading her party she remains by far the most popular politician in germany far more popular with the electorate than her party
2:38 am
and as the end of her mandate approaches increasingly she's concentrated on foreign policy goals such as they were the conflict in ukraine is that guns often does because they have a lot of work to do but my feeling is there is goodwill to resolve difficult questions and this goodwill is always needed if you want to solve political problems. but there's little sign of that goodwill on the domestic front her preferred successor and a good company has struggled in the spotlight recently calling on colleagues to back her or sack her as party leader in the end she got the endorsement she wanted but faced renewed questions over where she stands politically it was a compromise not entirely clear where she wants to steer the party but it's clear that many have question marks whether she has what it takes to be chancellor. the christian democrats fear
2:39 am
a twin challenge from right and left. how to claw back voters who deserted them for the far right alternative for germany in recent years while similar taney asli steering a course which can keep them in the political center for in 2019 a green wave swept across the country propelling that party to around 25 percent in the polls and allowing it to make life increasingly difficult for the present government there are 2 did i cannot surrender our only god didn't the merkel era is clearly coming to an end and a new era begins and the question is. is who is setting the course for this new era we want to help set the course we are campaigning to be the ones to shape the new era. and so germany finds itself in a peculiar position right now 2020 is the year in which the politicians can draw breath far enough away from the general election for the main parties to prefer to stay in government but close enough for them both to worry about who will lead them
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into that election and i'm going to merkel remains the unlikely glue that binds them together for now dominant came out berlin. investigators in kazakhstan are considering technical failure pilot error their error and weather conditions as possible causes of a plane crash which killed 12 people on saturday people gathered in all mati to mourn the victims while the beck air jet with 98 people on board crashed minutes after departing from the city's airport on friday the plane's flight recorder will be sent to the interstate aviation committee in moscow for further analysis a court simonton eagle has released 3 pulsar ball position politicians after they were arrested following a fight in parliament over a church property law parliament adult to the long religious rights on friday but the opposition said it would let the government strip the serbian orthodox church of its property including mediæval monasteries and churches hundreds of supporters
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of the church gathered in front of montenegro's embassy in belgrade following the vote. and i break of chicken pox in mexico is the latest setback for hundreds of asylum seekers hoping to reach the u.s. the disease has forced the closure of a migrant shelter in ciudad why this close to the u.s. border where the 70 people most of them children are sick the shelter has nearly 800 people awaiting court dates for their asylum applications in the united states we've just been you know it is when i came to milwaukee we have suspended the entry of new migrants who are returned by the united states due to the chicken pox outbreak we have a shelter once controlled more will be able to enter right now we are being helped by religious organizations and others to receive those being sent back relations between china and taiwan have deteriorated this year but next year could be worse
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taiwan's presidential election in a few weeks time may decide whether it will keep resisting pressure from china to unify or slowly given the shining new reports from beijing. taiwan born carefully picks his battles ph d. student by day martial arts instructor by night the 36 year old cherishes taiwan's democracy but. in mainland china where he's lived for 4 years. economically and in other ways i think the mainland and taiwan we only become closer the question is form. that question will be answered when taiwanese voters go to the polls on general the 11th independent when is running for reelection and expected to win another term for the democratic progressive party. had main competition beijing friendly kuomintang candid you who was leading opinion polls until protests in hong kong reignited fears over main
2:43 am
influence and the one country 2 systems policy taiwan was always the big prize and it was look how are we going to deal with. a new your going to want to come back to the fold i think about pieces the communist party says reunification never achieved peacefully otherwise. we do not promise to renounce the use of force reserve to use all necessary measures. president xi jinping recently unveiled one of those measures china's 1st locally built aircraft carrier the 2nd in its fleet beijing has continued to ramp up its military presence in the south china sea and is closing in on taipei's dwindling diplomatic allies she didn't ping has fashioned himself as a great leader of china and how such is determined to leave behind a great legacy analysts say securing china's role as a leader in the asia pacific and bringing taiwan firmly back on the mainland
2:44 am
control are central to that legacy and a disastrous outcome according to the united states washington has agreed to see. taiwan fighter jets tanks and weapons infuriating the communist party but china is not taking any action just now do you want to provoke the us to get involved satchels you want to take one out wait why don't wait a few years. when you or your military is going to be stronger with a view the us which is likely to be a week or 2 will be watching taiwan's election from beijing waiting to see whether the island moves closer to the mainland or further away. beijing and in the next part of our series looking into the big stories in 2020 we'll explore how the protests that have spread across the oxers of tolbert will shape its politics there was fear thousands of koalas have been killed in bushfire ravaged areas north of australia is largest city sydney are just sort of the
2:45 am
marsupials habitat has been destroyed along the new south wales north coast which was home to about $28000.00 koalas a heat wave good ping several states has also left many animals dehydrated including this thirsty koala who approached a cyclist inside a stray or 5 fighters have also been helping to rescue them and extremely aware visitor literally from eyes of this world is getting close to us combat borisov will fly by earth a distance of 290000000 kilometers now that may sound like a long way but in space terms it's skimming past borisov is only the 2nd object from another solar system to be seen in this one. and work on a nasa or robotic. almost complete a 4 star next year to look for any evidence of life it's hope it will also lay the groundwork to one day send humans to the red planet showed to sell that will force
2:46 am
. a small step in the lab or a tree before a giant launched into space if all goes to plan this rover will touch down on the red planet in february 2021 its mission to collect samples from mars and try to find if there are any traces of microbial life beating back billions of years from here on out it's it's a test test test test and everything we possibly can shake you know just to make sure that we've got a reliable system to send to mars. to mars 2020 row police currently in 3 sections and being constructed in this sterile environment outside of los angeles it will be sent to the jazz a crater which scientists believe was once the bed of a lake and could hold martian fossils if they exist what we do in this room is we make sure we have a strict clean room protocol so that we are not sending not contaminating our vehicle so that we can preserve the science that we are interested in learning
2:47 am
about as well as searching for life it will also prepare for possible human exploration if successful it will be not his 5th soft landing of a martian rover he landed as a rule we're going to use a new landing capability that gives us a hazard avoidance. function that allows us to land safely which future missions. can also take advantage of. china also has its eyes set on space it has successfully launched one of the world's most powerful rockets saying it's a big step in its ambitions for the moon and mars it's a mission is to have a crew space station by 20221 of the things that people really learn from the apollo era and the space right. in the 1960 s. is that if you try and compete directly both sides lose out so it's all about working together or at the very least doing collaborative complementary missions
2:48 am
working together or alone the space race is about to reach new frontiers she won the silver r.'s 0. still ahead strong so false starts a hollywood star christiana were not so the. egypt strongman is ruling with an iron fist and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the march for sea for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you won't hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london in cairo on al-jazeera. legally prescribe for the pain relief of the sick but taken in life threatening
2:49 am
doses by millions in search of a fix. huge illegal shipments of the opioid tramadol are flawed because the. people in power goes to nigeria to investigate the devastating fiction epidemic that is even fueling the boko haram insurgency. west africa's opioid crisis on a. mum . was. lucky. lucky lucky lucky.
2:50 am
lucky. sport here speak. thank you very much we start in the english premier league where west ham's poor form has cost manager man well pellegrini his job on saturday he was sacked by the club after they threw one home defeat to leicester it was the
2:51 am
hammers 9th a loss in 12 games and leave them just a point above the relegation places the chilean had been in charge for 18 months with west ham spending over $200000000.00 on new players in that time this was he's bleak assessment of the team's display after the final whistle against leicester into one of the great things of this club are they front of that they all have the stadium with 60 some 2 people pulled so doing the sort of bridge the results and they decide they did they deserve a better. performance of the team at the other end of the table manchester united are up to furthur and just a point of the champions league places after a 2 no win at burnley anthony masiello and marcus rash with the goals for united and 2 goals from donnie calvert liran made it 2 wins out of 2 for the new everton manager carlo went to a lottery they were 21 when is that newcastle but when she lost he still sees plenty of room for improvement the spirit of the team is really gold they work well
2:52 am
the they fight each other there and the joy to work out of. and so i think that this is the key of this to retore now all we have to are quite we are going to have time to to try to play a better football. some lawmakers in the united states want to change the way kids play american football to make it safer the state of new york is the latest to consider a teko ban for under twelve's in an effort to reduce head injuries but even with a new study highlighting the risks of the game day is resistance kristen salumi has more. saturday night on the gridiron for many families playing american football is a tradition. one that starts at an early age. i am. see really fun competitive. 11 year old ryan for ranch act loves playing the game
2:53 am
even after suffering a mild concussion and it's just a really fun sport and i like to hit people. but those hits even the ones that don't cause concussions could increase his chances of a degenerative brain disease. a recent study by the boston university school of medicine found a player's risk of developing c.t.e. or chronic traumatic encephalopathy increases 30 percent each year they play the sport it isn't so much concussions although of course the cautions are a problem but it's also a cumulative effect of even sub concussive injuries the study is fueling efforts to ban tackling under the age of 12 in some states talking about a modification to the game not banning it that's number one number 2 we're talking about addressing children we're not talking about adults that can essentially consent to engage in whatever activity regardless of the risks. hitting is part of
2:54 am
the game in football not an accident opponents say the studies don't take into account new training techniques and time limits on drills that involve contact which many youth leagues have recently imposed. we take the head out of the game we were using more upper body strength hip strength leg strength and the head is out of it the best answer for me as a commission. football is the most watched sport in the united states but the number of kids who play on school teams has been declining for the last 10 years in part due to concerns about head injuries still for many parents a tackle ban is a step too far i think the prevention comes with teaching the proper techniques and the proper way to play the game i don't know that a law is going to ever you know solve that problem i do worry about it but i you know every bit football's been going on for a long time and a lot of people play and not everyone gets hurt. the research maybe raising awareness of the issues. but these hardcore fans don't yet see
2:55 am
a ban as the way to tackle this problem kristen salumi al-jazeera bridgewater new jersey. south africa's cricketers have setting them to talk of $376.00 to win the foods taste at century and rossi from the descend with a half century in the home side 2nd innings total of 272 then rory burns has scored 50 for england who are $121.00 for one in the chase for victory they need another $255.00 runs to pull off what would be a spectacular victory it's a dominate paris made it to world cup titles in as many days with another downhill victory on saturday on the full length stove you call seemed to me of paris proved too good for the field and with it went top of the standings for the 1st time in his career overtaking switzerland's 04 yes it was an 18 world cup victory overall for paris. and one of skiing stone aimes has her
2:56 am
1st world cup title of the season in her 1st race of the season olympic champion michela shiffrin winning the giant slalom abilene c. in austria on saturday it's the american 63rd world cup victory. and the 3 wins in 5 years for the commanche team in one of the world's toughest sea races the french super maxi yacht to the sydney to hobart race crossing the finish line in the early hours of saturday the crews had to contend with smoke from nearby bushfires while navigating the australian coast commanche set the record for the race in 2017 but on this occasion there were 9 hours that hates and christiane although it's far from retirement age is football career was already looking to the future at an international sports conference in dubai on saturday rinaldo indicated that acting in hollywood would interest him once he finally hangs
2:57 am
up his boots. shred away i want to prepare to face the obstacles of a new life to do things i don't know how to do for example to participate in a movie in hollywood but you need to have a good preparation and not be nervous but it's hard for me to be nervous in football because that's why i've prepared for my whole life ok that's where we'll leave it for now we'll see you again later for more sports news. more than 7000 cups of coffee have been used to make an image of the ancient egyptian boy king to calm and 65 kilos of coffee and 1000 liters of milk were used it took 12 hours to complete to complete the feat in the ground egyptian museum in giza and it set a new guinness world record for the middle east and north africa that's it for me jerry went on i'll be back in just a 2nd with much more the day's. january
2:58 am
on down to see the. president don't trump is the president in history to be impeached what does this mean for the future of the us media on the brink of an election before much chilian presidential candidate explores the defeat of left wing political parties across latin america and look at how this year's blood economic forum to focus on ways to tackle the impact of climate change an explanation of family links to the city's regime examines if its elite may now be embracing fascist ideologies most believed gone forever with the general election after the way it is now also proving you could proceed with
2:59 am
a transitional feeling in the coming months january on al-jazeera. counting the cost 2019 what a year it's been a world sport bill to put aside short term economic game to save the planet for last of america the middle east people took to the streets protests spread of wealth at a trade war reshapes globalization counting the cost on al-jazeera. joining me many are putting up front questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. entering.
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a rush hour bombing in the somali capital kills a living staff 79 people many of them students the president is blaming al shabaab . fellow that i'm sure they would all of this is the al-jazeera live from doha also coming up fears of new violence in central african republic after a dispute over taxes sees dozens killed and shops burned. no backing down of protests against proposed pensions reforms and fresh.


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