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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2019 11:00am-11:35am +03

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al jazeera. swear every. somali as president calls for his people to unite against groups after a bomb blast kills dozens in the capital. comes a horrible you're watching over their life my headquarters here in doha also coming up the u.n. sends a rapid response team to the central african republic where dozens died fighting between shop owners and militias demanding money also. we did india become a symbol of the protest movement against the contentious citizenship law plus it's
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just a really fun sport and i like to have. plans to make one of america's favorite pastime safer for children but not everyone's of. welcome to the program turkey has a doctors and medical supplies to somalia to treat the dozens of people injured in saturday's suicide bombing nearly 80 people were killed in the deadliest attack in mogadishu in 2 years somalia's president is blaming the armed group al-shabaab and says the country will not be demoralized how toss reports now from nairobi in neighboring kenya was. carried out joining morning rush hour as many people going to work and university students heading to campus the bombs exploded at a security checkpoint east by many coming into mogadishu yet again that eyes were they . a truck loaded with explosives was detonated at
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a busy checkpoint the explosion led to many deaths and injuries most of those died here students who were going to the schools and universities. that the this explosion is like the one in the junction back in 2007 just a few steps away from where i am. officials believe the target was a building next to the checkpoint by government troops the group was pushed out of mogadishu several years ago but is still targets high profile areas such as checkpoints and hotels. also carried out attacks in neighboring kenya and uganda. it's trying to stop attacks like this from happening. saturday's tragedy has become a lesson learned since the country is in a state of war we need to be vigilant against terror attacks since the primary goal of the terrorists is to cause maximum damage to everybody. not only targeting those who work for the government but the entire population for those caught up in the
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blast and those who lost family members and loved ones that's a little comfort now. algis there. as an independent africa policy analyst he says it's time for the world to make a serious effort to tackle armed groups across africa. there's apart from the international community has not been 0 let me let me say that but having said that in my opinion my strong opinion it is in selfish and it is less down was so my needs and is not yet so malia. obama has that type of a tab uganda then if you will slow to western and north africa there are terrorist groups all over africa has a read out terrorist problem i live in washington and i don't go there in the sense that western countries take terrorism in africa seriously they think it's
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a secondary problem they blame african governments this while the government is not perfect the government has corruption so until they clean up their act the they have to deal with i think that is wrong we have to use the same yardstick when that terror is victims whether europe whether in the middle east or whether in north america we have to understand that we need to bring this event groups to their political circle to talk but if they pick up then their state marceau president so that in that sense i don't killed we need to protect african lives the same way we protect our lives now the un and sent a rapid response team to the central african republic house of fighting broke out between shop owners and fighters demanding money at least 40 people were killed in the capital bogey on thursday dozens of shops and homes were such old fire when traders refused to pay the un's warning against an escalation of fighting following years of unrest between muslim and christian militias. the is
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a senior policy analyst for africa and the middle east at the heritage foundation in harrisburg pennsylvania he says the violence has been building in the p.k. 5 district of the city. p.-k 5 has been a flashpoint in the capital bangui that has seen various levels of violence for years now it was a bastion of safety for muslims who fled to p.k. 5 during the sectarian violence that broke out in the country between christians and muslims so very restive very volatile and again this is just yet another round of violence in the capital city and in this neighborhood car is a desperately complex environment there was a recent peace agreement signed in february there were 14 armed groups that were
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signatories to that agreement and that doesn't represent all the armed groups in the countries that gives you some sense of again the complexity of this so this is a very difficult situation in a desperately poor country very corrupt it's one of the least developed on earth let's head to south asia now where india's opposition congress party has called a new citizenship lol an attack on the country's traditions culture and history the legislation makes it easier for religious minorities from 3 neighboring countries to become indian citizens the protests to say it goes against indian secular constitution by excluding muslims until vora is in new delhi she says there is no sign of protest as giving up. this is supporting of what began as a student. organic movement so to say about heine me actually a lot of people are walking in so here's a this is a 17th day of the protests and
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a lot of people have gathered police men as well and these people want the controversial law to be big draw yesterday we saw the leading opposition party the congress party organize several protests across several states in india what that means with these people is that they now are by far because even within these protests there are some internal divisions and they have a lot of pressure from the police to not only keep the protests contained but also to really not have as many as they've been having so if the political parties conduct the protests as we've seen yesterday then the movement carries all its status the movement we've seen a lot of political parties also say that they will actually not even implementing the law in their states 10 states in india which are ruled by law will be partners and said they're not going to implement this law in this is all over legally that sound terrible the procedure really on the ground these state governments can
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actually make it difficult for the snow to be implemented now a lot of these protesters will actually women will stepping out with their children with them friends and they told us. taiwan's leader is warning that china is the country that harms its well being the most saying when the has been debating 2 rivals in a t.v. debate ahead of presidential elections next month saif favors independence from beijing her main challenger you from the chinese nationalist party also close ties with the mainland also in the race is james shaw from the conservative people's 1st party well to bolster her case president size been pointing to the demonstrations in hong kong over china's perceived efforts to curb the territories freedom beijing has been using its growing economic clout to pressure countries that have diplomatic relations with taiwan only 15 nations have kept ties with taipei and in recent days china has tried to win favor with taiwan's voters by introducing
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a law making it easier for taiwanese companies to invest in the mainland but there's a push there to counter chinese efforts russ feingold is an asia political risk analyst and a policy advisor to the taipei city government he says voters will have to choose between candidates different approaches to china. people here in taiwan they don't accept the one country 2 systems formula that china proposed for hong kong so when it comes to taiwan's relationship with china that's one thing we certainly know and whether it's the nationalist party candidate on go you or the incumbent president so i had one of the democratic progressive party or the 3rd candidate change that people 1st party that none of them support that concept so it's really what other formulas exist now congo you and james song they would return to the formula that was used by the previous president mining joe of the nationalist party which was
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a regular that china was comfortable with as well but in 2016 the voters elected and one of the democratic progressive party and she doesn't agree with the previous formula and she prefers a formula that really separates taiwan. identity as its sovereignty exaggerated from china so that's a significant choice for the voters but again there are these other issues and economic growth wage growth you can pollution in the energy supply whether to use color nuclear power these kinds of day to day issues are very important part of the conversation as well i've told the whole so dry weather that's contributed to a president to bush fund his full cost of a term residents in the states if it toria have been warned to get out now of a phase of it could be hit by more blazes although it isn't sydney's say they'll go ahead with a 5 weeks display only as leave but will it will be cancelled if catastrophic
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conditions are to collapse meanwhile the prime minister has said some volunteer firefighters will not be paid. as this is a very prolonged fire season this is putting additional demands on our firefighters in particular and it means that the turnouts in the call outs have been far more extensive than in previous years going well and beyond and above what is normally expected of those who are engaged in volunteer service and i've got a side particularly when i've been out outside the cities and seen the impact tickly in rural communities on farmers who are dealing with drought during the day and dealing with was it not in through the afternoon. repairs on the way in the fiji islands after tropical cyclone sariah left a trail of destruction at least 2 islanders were killed and thousands forced into emergency shelters before the storm passed homes damaged flights are cancelled and power lines are down emergency teams say it could take weeks to fully restore electricity supplies. osama has also lifted its 6 week state of emergency after
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doctors managed to control a measles outbreak 81 people died of a highly infectious disease most of them were babies and children more than 5000 people were infected and the government took aggressive measures to contain the virus such as closing schools and restricting travel. still ahead here on al jazeera after months of political arrested iraq we find out what 2020 looks like for a country in turmoil. hello there not a bad picture toll across many central and western areas of europe a lot of cloud around and some of this cloud is actually very low so it's staying in the form of fog but there's also plenty of snow as well this is the southeast of
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poland you can see here plenty of snow on the ground doesn't look too good on the brow of this hill so overseas a very dangerous driving editions with all this snow around now this one really strong storm system and it's this one in the eastern med is another system is being developing and is going to sit in this area once again for the next few days so we're looking at some very heavy amounts of rain some gusty winds and as you can see a fair amount of snow throughout much of turkey meanwhile across the northwest of europe it's fairly mild the winds coming in from the west in the southwest you got plenty of cloud there is some rain but even fairly mild across much of scotland you can see by monday that cloud works its way east as we look at this 9 celsius in stockholm 11 degrees in london 7 in paris. his guy certainly ones that fold does clear but as i say this isn't what just fits in the east end of the med we could well a see some localized flooding in that same system will impact northern sections of africa as it sweeps through you can see where the cloud is and that does mean some showers over the next couple of days really across into libya and then also
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impacting tunisia on monday. the weather sponsored by countdown. to al-jazeera we were told to get to that between russia has this been addressed by turkey we listen what is the proposal for spain for a couple on you know we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the ground to 0. i'm. not you know. somebody like.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera of me say hello robin a reminder of our top stories turkey has sent doctors and medical supplies to somalia following saturday's suicide attack that killed at least 79 people in mogadishu the president is blaming al shabaab for the truck bombing though no one has yet claimed responsibility. also the u.n. sent a rapid response team to the central african republic after at least 40 people were killed in fighting the violence began in the capital bangui on thursday when traders refused to pay money demanded by local fight it's. india's opposition congress party has called a new citizenship law an attack on the country's traditions culture and history the legislation makes it easier for religious minorities from 3 neighboring countries to become indian citizens. now critics of this controversial also goes against india's secular constitution by excluding muslim refugees and migrants and women are at the front line of those protests warrant some of them in new delhi for the
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16 days into the nationwide protests against the contentious citizenship law and the women of shaheen bug in new delhi are undeterred by the 26 dead arrests of a 1000 and the biting cold. the police say they are only maintaining law and order and denying trying to quell the protests. some of them violent. these women say they feel threatened by the police and accuse some officers of committing what they call atrocities. shahin courser is leading the female protesters have been is not ethically the women are protesting for their safety and to protect their children fear has taken hold of them since the clashes so they want the government to come here and assuage their concerns. but no one from the government has gone these women are braving the cold with their infants. to protest
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against the controversial citizenship they say the violence abuse by the police to suppress the protests including beating up students in a nearby university let them go and since read and see. the child in course or vividly remembers the events of 13th december the day she says policeman 1st trashed the students of johnny a 1000000 new university with stakes for the children of many of the women protesters studied there. she says she's never seen them so angry and scared as they rushed to help. so either hamid is a women's rights activists who has long experience of working with muslim women she says the police brutality and the unjust citizenship law have forced women even from relatively conservative backgrounds to step out and protest never never have i seen this kind of spontaneous outpouring of education and protest by muslim
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women they are afraid for the next generation for their children they're afraid that they may become either if you get in their own land or they may be thrown out the mother of 6 says police have pressured her husband to stop her protesting she is equally concerned by divisions within the protest movement and says the lack of leadership may be just the win for india's government is looking for. the leader of the congress party support the protests along with other parties opposed to the ruling hindu nationalists b.g.p. on saturday rabble gandhi visited the north-east 8 of us where the protests 1st began over 2 weeks ago. back in the capital the female protesters say they're not against one political party in favor of another they just want the basic right to be able to live safely and with dignity in their homeland. al-jazeera new delhi. the man armed with a machete has
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a tank 5 all the rocks to celebrating the festival of hunnicutt in upstate new york he burst into a rabbi's home where the event was taking place in the town of mormon say some people were chased from the house and took refuge in a neighboring synagogue 5 victims are reported to be in critical condition local police say the suspect is now in custody. and today the seal who was tried for war crimes and then pardoned by president double trump has been described by members of his own unit as evil the new york times has published video interviews of witnesses who served in iraq with special operations chief edward galah 3 navy seals told how he stabbed to death a teenage eisel fighter and described it as a trophy kill denies wrongdoing david b. does roaches says the associate professor at the near east south asia center for strategic studies previously worked in special operations he says those who
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testified against got her to it's a great great risk to themselves it is very unusual to have an incident of this sort with a senior noncommissioned officer accused of these things and it's important to know that when you look at these. all of the people in the videos are extremely highly trained extremely valuable to the united states as a military assets they are putting themselves at extreme risk by going forth with these allegations you know gallagher was a senior leader in their seal team have the ability to issue administrative punishments which could have included expulsion from the team so this is this is unusual this is very unusual the allegations are unusual and the fact that people came forward voluntarily to do this at some risk to themselves is also unusual on the plus side it shows that there is a commitment to the value of the institution of special warfare and the navy that i
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think is encouraging. protesters in iraq of storm these other nursery oil field and part of its power supply the oil field produces $90000.00 barrels a day and to government demonstrations of grip the country since the beginning of october more than 450 people have been killed the latest rallies in baghdad have called for the release of abducted protesters well thousands of students have also rallied on the streets of basser they say the political system is corrupt and keeping most iraqis in poverty but any changes taking time with party still deadlocked over appointing a new prime minister. iraq is no stranger to unrest decades of u.n. sanctions sectarian conflict i saw and now these protests are manifold and reports from. 2020 may hold for iraq. the hundreds dead tens of thousands injured dozens of activists assassinated or
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abducted and only one resignation that is the result of 3 months of anti-government protests in iraq as unrest spills into 2020 the rift between iraqis and ruling elites only appears to be growing in but that's the here square the epicenter of protests some people call this a revolution they want the end tired political class to leave across the bridge in the fortified green zone politicians offer token concessions as they cling on to power all of the candidates put forward by major political parties to replace prime minister i love the mahdi have been firmly rejected seen as the product of a political system that has failed the people cannot even what does once the demonstrators say about the candidates cannot be disregarded we put down all conditions and do something to the politicians and all the world the protests have galvanized iraqis from all walks of life muslims christians the elderly women and the youth all united by demands for
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a just and sovereign government that serves its people regardless of religion sacked and status i demand my rights i'm a student and i want to get a future for myself i hope there will be change for the better in the country and the skills will improve the majority of demonstrators came of age in the post saddam era but after promises of democracy they feel that down iraq are turning the reality of education is that 1st of all we're in 2019 and there are schools both of mud and 2019 there are over 100 students and one class a student can learn an environment like this but as the weeks passed and crowds growth and so it seems there's the prospect of sweeping. change what we have is. a system whereby there are multiple political actors who are very well entrenched within the state they are really fighting for their political survival right now and they're really looking to find a way out of this current crisis through consensus i believe through finding some
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sort of an agreement between them that can push forward a new government that can pap's in the future address some of the demands of protesters for now prime minister of the of the matter remains in a caretaker role and you election law was passed earlier this month and while it allows voters to elect independent legislators rather than choosing from party lists it doesn't give the people the right to direct the elect the head of state 3 months the chances that this protest movement will usher in the new political order appear less and less likely that people are discouraged by the lack of progress and intimidated by the state's violent response but unless the root causes of this crisis are addressed it seems iraq's streets will bear witness to more turmoil in the year. i'll just interrupt. and on monday will continue all 2020 look ahead with a report from venezuela the new year bring an end to the country's political and economic crisis headed to north africa where libya's you have recognized government
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forces are resisting warlord cliff afters offensive to capture tripoli they've launched a new attack near the capital's a port and claims of term should tend of have to soldiers the government has requested military support from turkey after began a military operation to seize the capital in april but with. god willing we will not leave this land to them the libyan national army this is our land and our honor this is our country we will sacrifice the expensive and the cheap long live libya. and have to troops are now threatening the operations of libya's state oil firm and as he says it may be forced to close the country's largest oil refinery due to fighting near the western port of zawiyah 3 bombs landed close to the company's storage tanks at the port over the weekend forces loyal to her have been accused of targeting the oil port complex. more demonstrations are expected in beirut on sunday hundreds of protesters gathered on saturday night outside the home of
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lebanon's prime minister designate a sudden they're demanding that he quit before taking office he previously doesn't have it he was forced to step down in october following anti government demonstrations hariri remains caretaker prime minister but the nation is without a cabinet lebanon is in the grip of a deepening economic crisis and i'm not. saying that we will not back down and i believe because you want the prime minister was not a politician that's it i sent out evolution. it's imposed by this corrupt class they're going to do whatever they want to have done jabber all he cares about is having a position and stealing the politicians are the ones who starved us impoverished us and destroyed us we don't want them we want one of us to represent us. and we're just getting breaking news coming out of the yemen that there has been a blast targeting a yemeni government military graduation parade in the southern town of their leader
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with of course trying to bring you more on that as we get it we've got now polls opened in sunday's runoff the presidential election in guinea bissau to former prime minister's domingo simmers pereira and omarosa scorm barlow will battle it out in the 2nd round with many people frustrated by the deadlock parliament violence broke out in the lead up to the election incumbent president has a medley of ash was a limited after finishing 4th with 12 percent of the vote. in the united states those a movement to change the way kids play american football to make it safe in the state of new york is the latest to consider amending the rules in the attempt to reduce head injuries but even with a new study highlighting the risks of the game as resistance as there was christensen the reports. saturday night on the gridiron for many families playing american football is a tradition. one that starts at an early age. it's
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really fun competitive. 11 year old ryan for ranch act loves playing the game even after suffering a mild concussion and it's just a really fun sport and i like to hit people. but those hits even the ones that don't cause concussions could increase his chances of a degenerative brain disease. a recent study by the boston university school of medicine found a players risk of developing c.t.e. or chronic traumatic encephalopathy increases 30 percent each year they play the sport it isn't so much concussions although of course concussions are a problem but it's also a cumulative effect of even some concussive injuries the study is fueling efforts to ban tackling under the age of 12 in some states talking about a modification to the game not banning it that's number one number 2 we're talking
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about addressing children we're not talking about adults that can essentially consent to engage in whatever activity regardless of the risks. hitting is part of the game in football not an accident opponents say the studies don't take into account new training techniques and time limits on drills that involve contact which many youth leagues have recently imposed. we take the head out of the game we were using more upper body strength hips strength leg strength and the head is out of it the best answer for me as a commissioner is straining football is the most watched sport in the united states but the number of kids who play on school teams has been declining for the last 10 years in part due to concerns about head injuries still for many parents a tackle ban is a step too far i think that prevention comes with teaching the proper techniques and the proper way to play the game i don't know that a law is going to ever you know solve that problem i do worry about it but i you
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know every bit football isn't going on for a long time and a lot of people play and not everyone gets hurt. the research maybe raising awareness of the issues. but these hardcore fans don't yet see a ban as the way to tackle this problem kristen salumi al-jazeera bridgewater new jersey. you're watching al-jazeera the sell rubber band of all the top stories and breaking news coming out of yemen that its security belt forces say that the blast has hit a military graduation parade in the southern town of. witnesses say the explosion went off in a guest plant for no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack we're trying to bring you more of that in the coming hours are the top stories that turkey has sent doctors and medical supplies to somalia following saturday's suicide attack that killed at least 79 people in mogadishu the president is blaming al-shabaab
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fold the truck bombing though no one has yet claimed responsibility. so i can see why the the motive behind such an attack is to terrorize and demoralize the somali people and its government the people in its government will never be demoralized from achieving our development goals and rebuilding our country this terrorist group of our it seems has been contracted to kill and massacre innocent people and destroy all infrastructure. the un has sent a rapid response team to the central african republic after fighting broke out between shop owners and fighters demanding money at least 40 people were killed in the capital bangui on thursday dozens of shops and homes were set on fire when traders refused to pay the un's warning against an escalation of fighting following years of unrest between muslim and christian militias. india's opposition congress party has called a new citizenship lauren attack on the country's traditions culture and history the legislation makes it easier for religious minorities from 3 neighboring countries
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to become indian citizens the protesters say it goes against india's secular constitution by excluding muslims in australia the hot and dry weather that's contributed to unprecedented bushfires is forecast to return residents in the state of victoria have been warned to get out now over fears that it could be hit by more blazes authorities in sydney's say they'll go ahead with a fireworks display on new year's eve but wall it'll be cancelled his catastrophic conditions are declined meanwhile the prime minister has said that some volunteer firefighters will now be paid the presidential candidates in taiwan are taking part in the live t.v. debate ahead of next month's election the 3 politicians are challenging each other on their social and economic policies those are the headlines and back with more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's talk to al-jazeera to stay with us. january on al-jazeera president don't trump is that the president in history to be impeached what does this mean for the
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future of the u.s. leadership on the brink of an election before much early and presidential candidate explores the defeat of left wing political parties a close match in america a look at how this year's world economic forum will focus on ways to tackle the impact of climate change the next probation a family links to the city's regime examines if it's really may now be embracing freshest ideologies most believed gone forever with the general election out of the way bricks it is now so how will the u.k. proceed with a transition period in the coming months january on al-jazeera. what we see. china china china china china trying to china china they want to make a deal. the question is do i want to make a deal we've heard u.s. president donald trump talk about china many times. in fact it was he who started
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the so-called trade war with china you know the 2018 with tariffs piling up on both countries imports that isn't a real war and how much of it is impacting china's massive economy and it's 1400000000 people. i'm kamal santamaria here in the library of the national museum of qatar will this trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies have repercussions far beyond their own shores we're seeking answers today as the president and founder of the center for china and globalization dr wang talks to al-jazeera. dr wang thank you for joining us thank you for talking to al-jazeera i think for 18 months now we have heard the story of the so-called trade war between the united states and china but we hear it mostly through the prism of the united states possibly because donald trump shuts the loudest about it but we certainly haven't heard much of the chinese reaction other than when they put their.


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