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tv   Shadow World 2018 Ep 2  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2019 11:00pm-11:59pm +03

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it's not as committed to west africa which of course. the community has taken its case before west african regional because they say the people have little for you the justice system. and though i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera ukrainian government forces and russian backed separatists have exchanged $200.00 prisoners in a move aimed at ending 5 years of war those released include soldiers civilians and members of a special police force were accused of killing protesters in kiev in 2014 the swap is part of an agreement between the leaders of ukraine russia germany and france well the journalist alexander go fry in moscow says the prisoner swap has largely been welcomed. faced criticism in ukraine from the very start
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when he openly showed his willingness to talk with russian president vladimir putin and also a willingness to compromise with him and critics say he might have compromised too much or did he is a bit too willing on the other hand there is effect that he did win the elections by promising to end this conflict and we could read on social networks and also in ukraine in media that this prisoner swap is welcome the there were posts like are finally our people are heading back home some of them have been kept by the russian separatists since 2015 at the same time what it calls the criticism mostly in this particular swap that happened today is that. the russian separatists were released 5 x. special police members who were charged with killing people in the square with
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a pen this in the center of kiev in 2014 so before the crimea was annexed by russia before a 1st gun was fired in east ukraine and critics say why are you handing over dispy people 'd they have nothing to do with the fighting in east ukraine and they feel that people who died and the whole ukrainian revolution of 2014 has been in a way surrendered has been the way betrayed the u.s. military has carried out air strikes in iraq in syria against a militia group they come 2 days after an american civilian contractor was killed in a rocket attack on an iraqi military base 3 locations were hit in iraq reported to include al qaeda which is on the border with syria killing several militia fighters the target was a shia group called. which is part of the popular mobilization forces that helped the iraqi government to fight i saw some of the fault in has the latest from
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baghdad. the tensions between the u.s. and these iranian backed groups have quite a quite a bit in this particular at attack we're hearing from a source inside the p.m.o. of has claimed as many as 10 lives with dozens of people injured and of course this particular strike comes at the back of a series of rocket attacks that were aimed at military bases where both u.s. and iraqi personnel are based in the u.s. attributed some of these attacks took a type hezbollah the last one happened last friday and for the 1st time it actually claimed the life of one u.s. contractor and it injured several u.s. personnel the yemeni government is blaming whose eve rivals for a missile attack on a military graduation parade which killed at least 7 people no one has claimed responsibility for the strike which was in the town of the ally in southern yemen the apparent target was the security forces were trained and equipped by the united
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arab emirates they are part of a government allied separatist group in southern yemen. 16 some mollies who were badly wounded in a bombing in mogadishu have been airlifted to turkey saturday's attack killed at least 80 people including 2 turkish nationals no one has claimed responsibility for the attack of those parties have blamed the armed group al-shabaab. a man suspected of attacking 5 or so docks jews with a machete in upstate new york is facing 5 charges of attempted murder dozens of people were attending hunger celebrations at a rabbi's house in the town of muncie when the man burst in the suspect was arrested after fleeing the scene by car these are the top stories i'm going to have more news for you in half an hour coming up next it's shadow world thanks for watching about.
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knowing we stumbled on the saudi arms. deal we really started to stumble on a central feature of british politics over the last 2 years your highness prince. has been at the heart of many of the great world events of the past 30 years i was always precisely him when i was prime minister. she considers saudi arabia is the throne for him and would be willing to support picking them with whatever they can to meet in the discussion from there on everything else was. explained to mrs thatcher that this was a deal with saudi arabia and therefore things were done differently. they wanted 43000000000 pounds worth of weaponry that was 6000000000 pounds in
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commission. the false majority of most people understand is brian. what an executive goes to bribe a foreign official he says to himself look i've taken a lot of risk to take this $5000000.00 that i'm paying to the prime minister of x. y. z. he makes an arrangement with prime minister of x.y.z. . i'll hand over the 5000000 but you take half of that 5000000 and you send it to the following bank account in switzerland good morning is money i don't mind paying bribes to politicians spawn of you think about politicians is a very emotionally prostitutes but only more expensive. from the 1950 s. all the way through the 1970 s. the cia and the u.s. military were engaged in covert actions throughout central mad america throughout
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africa really throughout the world where they were assassinating populist leaders they were backing up right wing military juntas funding and arming death squads like the contras in nicaragua or battalion $316.00 and under us and there were these spate of assassinations across the globe. individuals operating in the shadows they never having their names called are able to leverage the power of the military and the foreign policy apparatus for their own personal pick uni ery in. our war on terror. begins with al qaida. but it does not in. this very very is one on terror is
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a rational it's like saying. a war on all war on violence a war that it's nonsense you stepping into this possibility of confidential war. our your political reassuring us and we kept believing him because you don't want to think your prime minister is deceiving you and the route to a war one is nothing more serious. when really serious fraud office launched its investigation into all the crimes that we were covering it turned out that many of these arms deals have been forced through by tony blair personally he's a dedicated ome salesman when ever there was a dispute ever in government he always found the onset. the serious fraud office got to the brink of uncovering the secret swiss bank accounts by which be was from owning money to the saudi royal family the swiss said we're going to notify the
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bank account holders randell flew to london blasts one into action. he ordered the serious fraud office to close down their investigation. prince bandar said if the investigation continued they would withdraw a national security cooperation which would lead in the words of prince bandar to blood on the streets of london. the story we've been banging away out for more than 5 years is something they really work up to it because everybody could see was a huge cover up strapped to the spectacle of a british prime minister closing bell and a criminal investigation for reasons were you aware that your government was approving pavements to a friend of president bush's as part of british aerospace is kate back system is that why you suspended a fraud inquiry. when tony blair started talking about national security interests
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that's supposed to be a card that trumps all others i don't believe the investigation is that it would have led anywhere except to the complete wreckage of a vital strategic relationship for our country in terms of fighting terrorism in terms of the middle east in terms of british interests there. so these things absolutely stunning it seems to be a very expensive way of organizing payment when was the military equipment and now the money. blair came to south africa specifically to lobby the b. the british weapons manufacturers one the biggest contract on our arms deal. and the option that they presented was 2 and a half times more expensive than the plane that the south african air force
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actually wanted. a nice systems real performance real advantage. as monday was about to step down from public life his successor tabel and betty made the decision to spend around $10000000000.00 or took quite scarce public resources on this weaponry that we didn't need. rather than provide lifesaving me. cation for the almost 6000000 south africans who were then living with hiv aids. the primary reason for those deals was that around $300000000.00 in bribes were paid to senior politicians. and sadly to the african national congress the a.n.c. my own party. i was called in by
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a senior member of the a.n.c. is national executive council he said to me look at hundreds this is a battle you cannot win because this money the brides we used to fund our 999 election. and almost immediately i'm asked to make a statement to the press that says there's nothing to investigate. it's all over. and i looked at him last said no it's not. i won't be able to live with myself if i stop this investigation but at the same time i'm also realizing that this is the end of my political career. the heads of government of the sales people in chief of their countries large arms contractors. and this is the template used by large defense contractors around the world.
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companies might be a model be sort of effectively part of a government but they're effectively above the law corruption is not merely a dirty little detail on top of the arms trade it's actually in a lot of cases what drives the international arms trade many of these deals would not happen if they did not provide opportunities for personal enrichment i would be offended if i thought. we had the monopoly on corruption. to pay more for the right drugs we made a run to run for 20 years it was there a $1000000.00 every year the mine off. as i was being dragged out right at the last 2nd i'm going to still fail remind everyone that this guy is a war criminal can i just say i actually called the record what he said about iraq and j.p. morgan is completely and totally untrue i've never had a discussion with them now i'm not suggesting that it was
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a phone call between jay people who've been in blair's exactly what happened most j.p. morgan and the consortium of other banks didn't fact prop up the whole iraqi economy to the tune of about 2 and a half 1000000000 not 20000000000 other bit nervous that day then 6 months after he left office blair sammy signed by j.p. morgan for $5000000.00 every year i was just trying to enlighten the public that there was corruption involved and not just bad decision making i'd like to find out how this. managed to access the coolant there must be a back door in because they don't want to tear time and there was a court room directly underneath the court room the player was in and it was left on not so i went through that run up 2 floors by the fire escape and then to the door that calls itself by this time my heart was pounding like i'm really going mad and i actually lost my courage for the moment i went and sat down in a low in a bathroom i found a gent's toilet that i didn't actually ring my mother and said listen i'm here in washington do you think i should still go when my mom said you're gone you won't
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get another chance and i thought that's it i mean the man or. sustained. that hope has 2 beautiful daughters anger and courage anger at the way things are and courage to see that they don't remain the way they are. when you hear. you can serve 2 sets of principles privilege and power justice and truth the more you make compromises with those who serve privilege and power point diminish the capacity for justice and trust. and. i think that the rebel seeks to keep those who have our fearful. under them. have been.
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ordered to go. unappreciated and listen gentle to vitaly of the city well but of all that the feud has antti. will get there which we will see t. the opportunity but it does appear to be a year of have to wash it look to feed the study. now we are humans in what i don't know if man is sunni militia so i'm the no no not a computer mustapha could be a. human hope under george bush. i'm not a washington side and the minute i see them i'm just bush. who work on. the general anyhow the man who will cut in. peace that's what we want freedom and peace not. a few of
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those who feel who were left who want to see. when the who dollar an hour just to her feet. and i just push them into the kind of you can bet i did good luck in the how they could but in the shop at up they say something we don't know how to do it but i can him if you want too much stuff that i want to t'other can even be full. damage how about a lead up to a silo let me allow to be a damn how about that up how well it had healed you let your color george bush and then tell us all i've been there and obviously going to come to it when i can accept that we have the internet then look at it but it could do so if you do what i feel it to john and end up being let me say that you were george bush who'd been with darwin and the u.k.'s statement. on how the judge.
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who has not even died well i can no hole no hoof and. no no. so what if the guy threw a shoe at. and there me. my. going to be made a few. that for you could. have. known just said the. movement. i'm going to reach is a sourcing of the l.a. times report paragraph one of us authorities say column one still u.s. officials say said one u.s.
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justice department counterterrorism official column 2 officials said u.s. authorities say u.s. officials said those officials said the officials confirmed american officials complained they said that u.s. officials. u.s. officials stressed column 3 u.s. authorities said jordanian officials said we got a slight. no laughter please we haven't finished yet several u.s. officials said column 4 u.s. officials said several american official said officials say say u.s. officials but u.s. officials said one u.s. counterterrorism official said i'm not joking there it is that is the journalism you're getting fed i sometimes think the l a times the new york times should be called american officials say. i denounce the cultivator or publicly. the new york times issued me a formal written reprimand which is what you get before you're fired under union rules to stop speaking out against the war i had been the middle east bureau chief
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and i better iraq than 7 years in the middle east. how can you come out of gaza not being very. what's being done to those people how can you come out of the sudan solider on and on dozens of other places i've been and not be angry. i've seen the bodies of a lot of children which i can't forget. you know especially having done it for 20 years and. dostoevsky 7 i was the inability to love them that's what kills people. i fully get
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why people blow their brains out it's really you. and i don't use love as a kind of i'll mark small c and i we all gotta love each other. i'm saying that the only way you're healed from those experiences is by re-establishing a connection. with that kind of power with another human being and if you can't do that you don't survive and i have friends couldn't do it they're not here. it's you know the power of love. to transcend time. that looks like a ga you'd be too out for the $38.00 that we used to have on our loaches a mini gun that fired $4000.00 rounds per minute at one of the manifestations of
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the national security state especially in the in the sort of apple j. it's arrived at today is that it destroys diplomacy it destroys the will to diplomacy and it destroys the skill for diplomacy. if you're a small state like we were for 150 years in an essence these of these spain france england and even russia you've got to be exquisitely good at diplomacy you got to be able to talk yourself out of lots of things and make deals and compromises and so forth but if you're the world's head human you don't deal with anybody you smack him you your military and you smack him. on may 3rd of 2003 the ambassador of switzerland to tehran delivers a letter from iran to the united states. in that letter the iranians essentially
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offer negotiations to open up the nuclear program for full transparency. the proposal came in i happened to see it's because a copy was also given to a member of congress that i worked for at the time. he sent it over to the white house and called rove. called rove called back he said that he found the proposal intriguing he wanted to know if it was genuine were a promise to put it in front of the president i would call karl rove a dear friend. i've seen a man of far sighted courage put america on a war footing. and protect us against a brutal enemy in a dangerous conflict that will shape this new century no formal response was given to the iranians at all i'm grateful to have been witness to history. and the argument was that whatever could come out of
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a negotiation with the iranians. even more could be achieved by simply removing the regime in iraq. in a way to sum up the argument however a principal in the bush administration said that we simply do not talk to evil. and as tony zinni said former central command commander if you like the rock you'll love iraq. that is a 10 to 14 year 3 to $4.00 trillion dollar invasion at the end of which the world western asia will look not much different than it does right now it'll still be in turmoil and still be in chaos and 70 plus 1000000 iranians will hate our living guts. in the pentagon and i wanted to see undersecretary difference the idea is that wolfowitz shared with me in charge or cheney in $9192.00 packages to retool and carve out an went to the white house briefed people like president
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america needs a new strategy to force regime change. so here this idea springs back up again in 2001. i went through the pentagon in november of 2001 and one of the general said sure i got this memo on the oscars. we're going to go after 7 countries in 5 years . i said is that a classified memo he said yes sure we're going to start with iraq and then we're going to move to syria lebanon libya somalia sudan and iran. i think it's highly probable the administration has already made the decision to go to war against iran there are already u.s. troops inside iran want to repeat that there are already u.s. troops inside iran the u.s. has long had its eyes set on trying to impact regime change in iran and much of
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what you've seen the u.s. doing with regards to iran has been on a covert level we've seen a report in a new yorker by seymour hersh that a u.s. source told in the u.s. marines who are operating in the blue key missouri and kurdish regions of iran have you ever heard of that report i've never heard of the report i've never read the article nor do i intend to do you have any end. christe as to whether or not as the u.s. ambassador i don't have any interest as to whether or not u.s. marines are actually operating in iran right now and i said i had not heard of the report and i didn't intend to read the article in the new yorker if i gave you this article right now walked it over would you look at it i don't think so honestly congressman because i don't i don't have time to read much fiction. we have teams inside iran and these include joint special operation forces mostly commando unit it has been given executive authority by the president as many as 12 countries
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to go in and kill we're talking about high value targets. they're operating now and they go into a country outside of the war zone side of afghanistan and outside of iraq they love telling the american cia station chief or the american ambassador they go in sterile and they kill people. we have to work to sort of the dark side if you will with us spend time in the shadows in the intelligence world. a lot of what needs to be done here will have to be done quietly without any discussion using sources and methods that are available to our intelligence agencies. thanks . to. the doctrine that has endured from bush to obama is that the world is a battlefield and that the united states has the right to go into any country around the world to conduct what they call kinetic operations lethal operations
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regardless of what international law says. what is president obama's response to that how is he going to deal with it he embraced the very covert shadow forces that a decade earlier had only been talked about in hushed tones in the pentagon not just as the implementers of a policy that said we should decapitate terror networks and engage in preemptive strikes but they became the policy itself. what happens when plans for a new life are brewed idea railed by committing serious crimes from drug trafficking term obree to. what it is i don't remember how many times it stopped the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al-jazeera world goes inside an italian prison meeting men and women from north africa who left home only to face
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life behind bars double exile on al-jazeera. there is growth in of a short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he would want to know what's going on there and you can find out very quickly when looking at the news some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be fast international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. in the case to have. police department has the potential to be biased in a number of different ways there truly are for sure for the computer to get who's checking those offices who commit those data entry is wrong to be saying that your son mission is road to. kill of becoming a suspect before the actual crime and then depth examination into preventative
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policing pre-crime on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera ukrainian government forces and russian backed separatists have exchanged 200 prisoners in a move that ending 5 years of war a group has just arrived back in the ukrainian capital kiev where they were welcomed by family members and president. those released include soldiers civilians and members of a special police force who were accused of killing protesters in kiev in 2014 the swap is part of an agreement between the leaders of ukraine russia germany and france. the us military has carried out air strikes in iraq in syria against the
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militia group they come 2 days after an american civilian contractor was killed in a rocket attack on an iraqi military base 3 locations were hit in iraq reported to include on the border with syria sources say at least 10 fighters were killed and $35.00 people injured the target was a shia group called the cathay of hezbollah which is part of the popular mobilization forces that helped fight i saw similar fulton has war the tensions between the u.s. and these iranian backed groups have at quite a quite a bit in this particular at attack we're hearing from a source inside the pm of has claimed as many as 10 lives with dozens of people injured and of course this particular strike comes at the back of the theories of rocket attacks that were aimed at military bases where both u.s. and iraqi personnel are based in the u.s. attributed some of these attacks to cut the last one happened last friday and for
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the 1st time it actually claimed the life of one u.s. contractor and it injured several u.s. personnel. the yemeni government is blaming who the rebels for a missile attack on a military graduation parade which killed at least 7 people no one has claimed responsibility for the strike in the southern town of the law the apparent target was the security forces a southern separatist group trained and equipped by the united arab emirates 16 so mali's were badly wounded in a bombing in mogadishu have been air lifted to turkey saturday's attack killed at least 80 people wounding 2 turkish nationals no one has claimed responsibility for the attack although saltines have blamed the al-shabaab is a top stories that shadow world continues next. january. president don't trump is the president in history to be impeached what does this
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mean for the future of the u.s. on the brink of an election before much chilian presidential candidate explores the defeated left with political parties a close match in america look at how this year round economic forum we focus on ways to tackle the impact of climate change the next probation of family links to these regimes examines it may now be embracing precious study on the g.'s most believed gone forever with the general election out of the way breaks it is now so how do you keep your seat with the transition in. january on al-jazeera. thank you thank you. the doctrine that has endured from bush to obama is
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that the world is a battlefield and that the united states has the right to go into any country around the world to conduct what they call kinetic operations lethal operations regardless of what international law says. what is president obama's response to that how is he going to deal with it he embraced the very covert shadow forces that a decade earlier had only been talked about in hushed tones in the pentagon not just as the implementors of a policy that said we should decapitate terror networks and engage in preemptive strikes but they became the policy itself. president obama's administration have built up something called the disposition matrix is an algorithm for determining who should be killed or who should we seek to capture and one of the more sort of grotesque aspects of this is that there were actually meetings on tuesdays in the white house that have been nicknamed terror tuesday meetings where they're going through rosters of names to put on or take off
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the list maybe someone within that group has been in contact with someone that the u.s. is watching they went to the musée mosque is someone they keep ordering pizza from the same place as a taliban leader and you decide these guys are probably up to no good and so on this particular day we're going to remove them from planet earth that we're getting into minority report into the sort of world of p.j. did where it's justifiable homicide even though it's for that that might take place in the future it's ok to kill from a distance without a warrant without a trial without a jury and the execution takes place off screen. where appropriate we will bring the terrorists to justice. and.
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when we. do you want to answer. why and. we went on. very early on that day this is face there is. the most of the woman. is worth paying attention to obviously i do not agree with much of what you said the president is not implementing policies that we need to see change for example that he would stop the authorization of think nutri strikes which means killing people on the basis only of suspicious behavior that's led to the killing of many innocent people are posed the question on my facebook page and asked them what they wanted to ask you when a lot of them said that you were hurting your own cause because one you appeared rude to the president of the united states and 2 you just seemed. a little crazy
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well i think killing innocent people with carolyn's is rude i think not apologizing to the families of innocent people who are killed is rude there are a lot of good things about our policies i want to make sure that people understand actually drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties for the most part they have been very precise precision strikes against al qaeda how do you expect to be a bit of pakistan not to have and the american sentiment in and day out we had about doing that act. more innocent than militants how do you explain that well i do not believe that. there is any basis for your comment maybe you need us money. go. that is so i didn't do. my money they apparently live above little cash were locked
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. up us month of blood and now from our dumb to the astral collaterally. yet he does feel the make he said a little bit easier don't let us the it. took for me a moment that no new york minute. by john he. gave me a groan and they said the. lockheed martin boeing dime corp international computer sciences corp and aero vironment all told eric about 70 companies are interested in this $1000000000.00 contract as we look out 35710 years this market remains a very much a growth market. it's
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the disease of permanent war the destroy the men always. islamic fundamentalism. in power all of those who profit from prominent more politically economically and militarily. make no mistake a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained it would threaten the elimination of israel the
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security of gulf nations and the stability of the global economy at risk triggering a nuclear arms race in the region and they are raveling of the nonproliferation treaty. and how close is iran to getting it well let me show you brought a diagram for. here's a diagram. this is a bomb. this is a fuse. where should a red line be drawn. a red line should be drawn right here. the threat from iran is a political football what was interesting was that many israelis including people from the military said as long as there is an extensional threat somewhere somehow that is certainly helping us expand our budgets in ways that it's not possible to do in the absence on anything that can be defined as such as if you were iran what
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would you do i mean israel has what 3 or 400 nuclear weapons they're the ones who started the damn arms race in the middle east anyway they they didn't sign an arm player for asian treaty they built this program in secret. india and pakistan then went on to do the same thing and iran would you did sign a new killer nonproliferation treaty looked around and realized they don't screw up your bomb administration wants to sell bunker buster bombs which can penetrate 20 feet of solid concrete to the u.a.e. the deal is the latest us arms sale to members of the gulf cooperation council 6 nations that neighbor iran i phone could be an atomic i mean what i call bomber i see when i asked him what i mean why has become a commodity for several reasons one is because you need somebody to buy the stuff you bring us another us arms deal with saudi arabia and the fight the biggest in history this deal alone a pos is the time i close the lob sails already 57. saw that it does this enormous
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service a recycling. but was 2 also a business in another sense there is a business that uses war to get its ends established this is george orwell's 19 eighty-four dubai was always going to be in battle and guess what. making out really well of course of the weapons dealers and the people involved. manifestation of the national security state is that it not only seeks a perpetual state of war it will even go to all eons to create that perpetual state of war i'm always reminded of a book at it long time ago called the visible map and that book has a beautiful sentence. i am an invisible man not because they don't exist.
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but because you choose not to see friend do you know the ben lomond family this is ironic and mid eighty's if you remember we envy the one state who are supporting the mujahideen to liberate afghanistan from the soviets. bled them came to thank me for my efforts to bring their americans our friends to help us against the atheists he said the communist. when i last saw bin ladin in this camp high in the mountains of afghanistan. with an air raid shelter built into the living rock of amount to 2530 feet high. camps built by the cia late as they tried to find cruise missiles and of course when you were it was they built it. no wonder but kept smiling no wonder he did. the american song review put $1000000000.00 each to give them arms training
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equipment we are the ones who cleared all those people to go we had you. there must be something wrong with the way we think that we can say that the grammar of the past is operating today we have been pumping money a great deal of money without congressional authority without any congressional oversight transponder of saudi arabia's putting up some of this money for covert operations in many areas of the middle east where we want to stop the a shiite influence they call it the shiite crescent i think the arabic word is fitna civil war we're in a business right now of creating and some places sectarian violence. cannot be driven because we are trying to destroy and liquidate either in mali of a crime to give ahmed training. in northern syria. it really is a world gone mad but oddly enough you have to be in syria to realize how mad it is
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. when you're angry and i'm getting around you really think of the news coming out of washington like americans are living in a kind of fantasy world of no relation to monitor where i'm going to reply i was. trying. to say. sure. today there are good terrorists and bad the bad terrorists those in yemen who the united states deems to be a threat the good terrorists those who are in syria the joke here is we've been there before. i mean if you consider the i'm going to start story they have learned
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nothing. today if i see that the saudis are giving money to groups that are in syria that are not only models so the. it would say you want a conspiracy theory is what i'm just trying to say is in the moment of the contemporary this grammar. of dangerous politics sounds insane was that you you have a. pattern. to what appears to have been a conspiracy at the time. when documents appear duns out to be true we must address the cycle of conflict especially sectarian conflict that creates the conditions the terrorists prey upon in public they say we have to end terrorism
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meanwhile this drive. of getting involved in conflicts still is the part which produces characters that appear to become terrorists which reinforces the public narrative and then makes things like intervention ok. good morning everybody. last night on my orders america's armed forces began strikes against deisel targets in syria # #. just ahead of airstrikes in syria defense firms lockheed martin northrop raytheon and general dynamics corp all set stock price records their shareholders are making money off the unusually large number of conflicts around the world.
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every 2 years or so the early military attacks the gaza strip and right after there is a trade show in which israeli weapon companies show their technologies. all of these israeli companies which are becoming an increasingly important and very significant part of the reading on a me depend on those wars and the 1st thing that they say when they try to market we've already used as an actual human being by making that claim they're able to compete with weapon manufacturers from other countries. the united states is the biggest supplier of military aid to israel this attack on gaza is also trade show for the united states arms industry in. the in the.
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iranian horses are competing for the crown of militant islam one calls itself the islamic republic the other called the self the islamic state both want to impose a militant islamic empire 1st on the region and then on the entire world they just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that important. in this deadly game of thrones there's no place for america or for israel today after 2 years of negotiations the united states together were international partners has achieved something the decades of animosity has not a comprehensive long term deal with iran that will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon this was a very difficult negotiations and part of it is because of this trench and compounded mistrust that we have between ourselves mutually for the last 34 decades but i'm happy that the reason people at diplomacy predate people exercise great
11:50 pm
deal of restraint and patience and reason and. hope this will be a good beginning. as this nuclear deal goes through we're still dealing with the problem that the states of this region are collapsing and they're void that they will fail you will see more violence and you will see more weapons just important to understand that that's not a result of this deal that is a result of the paradigm not shifting towards demilitarization and collective security soon enough the saudis and the israelis are on the same page they worry about iran and then they do anything that's not new they've been worried for the can they do anything about well they can get their own weapons. this is a region that has more arms per copied out than any other region in the world much thanks to the defense industry israel and some of the arab states are going to be able to buy more weapons and more advanced weapons. if the nuclear threat from iran
11:51 pm
is decreasing why should these other countries get a chance to actually arm themselves more pakistan is a friend of saudi arabia pakistan has nuclear weapons are you in discussions with pakistan about perhaps getting a nuclear bomb from pakistan that's a wolf we've known each other for 20. you don't when he expects me to answer this question. we're not going to have a truly demilitarization in the region unless israel's nuclear arsenal also is addressed. the significant of this peace deal is that it is a game changer in the region and it's going to be a question about the political willingness of leaders to whether they will pursue these opportunities or whether they will fall into the patterns of the past.
11:52 pm
and once you start a war. you open a kind of pandora's box you don't control it and control geo. the use of that kind of violence has unforseen consequences that no one can predict and it propels you. in directions you never thought you got control or does. so the images. are very carefully controlled and counter by the lies that have been disseminated through every institution in society schools government entertainment the press. when you shatter the myth
11:53 pm
and when you understand especially what techno war industrial war is about which is really about murder squatter people would be so repulsed it would be very hard to wait for. ceiling can see our unsung the passive to see. the full moon the intimacy to feel gary england.
11:54 pm
the ceiling deal the family and your mushy are all fussy 56 is just the end of the fun so you see him until. yon. as a young man finds. combine seal. the leak to the local nuttier rustic the be. in love but i love the one. scene about oh. no such turn out it's not an uncommon thought out of i love you enough when you believe that of. me bro mance us today's your now us nia the downside of this. scene of
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thumb in the not. knowing the. selecting not the other well. most importantly i don't. see that gaining that diaz. says come the i don't. live. there.
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hello there the heat is back on across the south australia the some better news because it really is just a spike in the temperature a heat wave. of hot weather though we have seen in the preceding weeks that is very very will look at this 40 celsius adelaide on monday 43 in melbourne and 40 celsius in. these time which is all 20 celsius above the average boss it is short lived meanwhile out tools the west $26.00 celsius and then there's a front just sliding through the great behind and as it comes through it will finally change direction of the winds bringing some and so temperatures coming back down to much more normal levels want to. cross into higher boss and maybe a few showers into my album but it's looking fine and dry for the next couple of days into both islands of new zealand fairly cloudy on monday and at the south on
11:57 pm
them but not cold little sunshine for you that on tuesday and a warm day with a high of 24 degrees celsius all the colder than that further to the north are going to mix the weather conditions across much of japan we've got rain in the mild as a mix of rain and snow into will central areas of honshu but the snow is very much back in the fall called into blanketing the region on tuesday and very cold in flood of also there with a high of minus 10. just jim i was born you know from the 11 last time to do. my money to. be honest. that's only
11:58 pm
given. he had to go bust city center at least to get ahead begging for food and not just walking. in the lead in a 2 metre that's. going to go on. and keep it up in fact it would be tempting to me is just. sometimes they succeed and my friend it's not having something i want to show them.
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in each.


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