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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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creek tom lake when ecosystems might invasive species. both to save a decline can be slight installed in some cases but to do that we must transform our relationship with. allies of iraq under attack from the u.s. airstrikes launched against a shia group killed $25.00 close to the syria border. we will not stand for the islamic republic of iran to take actions that put american men and women in jeopardy. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up too late to leave bush files cut off towns and this trail is state of victoria as temperatures soar. it is unpredictable it's dangerous out there.
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finally home ukraine and pro russian separatists complete a prisoner swap after 5 years of war plus. busking for a living venezuelans who escaped their country's economic crisis struggle to build new lives abroad. the u.s. defense secretary says that he's not ruling out further action off the s. trikes were carried out on a shia armed group in iraq and syria the iraqi prime minister has called them a breach of sovereignty 3 of hezbollah's camps were hit in iraq one of them near al qaim and 2 inside syria at least 25 people were killed the pentagon says it's a response to rocket attacks on iraqi bases some of the 14 is in baghdad and says
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the strikes mark a shift in u.s. strategy. well there are quite significant because this is actually the 1st time that the u.s. actually strikes a target on iraq his soil let's remember not until too long ago the u.s. and the p.m.s. were fighting against eisel on the same side but of course since then the tensions between the u.s. and iranian backed groups have played a quite a bit and this particular at attack we're hearing from a source inside of p.m.s. has claimed as many as 10 lives with dozens of people injured and of course this particular strike comes at the back of a series of rocket attacks that were aimed at military bases where both of us and iraqi personnel are based in the u.s. attributed some of these attacks took a type hezbollah the last one happened last friday and for the 1st time it actually claimed the life of one u.s. contractor and it injured several u.s. personnel now of course secretary of state my pompei or has said before that any
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such attack that harm u.s. troops or their allies would be met with decisive force so this strike is basically a response to that now it does present a departure from the previous stance of the u.s. when it basically tried to urge the iraqi government to rein in groups like a type and hezbollah reminding the government that it is responsible for the safety of u.s. troops because of course they are here at the invitation of the government so this is these strikes represent a departure from the policy in a sign that the u.s. is now taking matters into its own hands u.s. secretary of state was blamed to run for attacks on americans inside iraq. what we did was take a decisive response that makes clear what president trump has said for months and months and months which is that we will not stand for the islamic republic of iran to take actions that put american men and women in jeopardy we will always honor that commitment to take decisive wreck action and that takes place and we continue
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to demand that the islamic republic of iran act in a way that is consistent with what i laid back out back in may of 2018 for what it is that we expect iran to do so that it can rejoin the community of nations. explains from washington the u.s. went ahead with the strikes despite a request from iraq to desist. this u.s. action happens against the wishes of the iraqi government itself a half an hour before the attacks the defense secretary the u.s. defense secretary marchesa calls iraqi prime minister in photos of him of the imminent attacks of the prime minister says no call these attacks off this is against against iraqi sovereignty yet the u.s. does it anyway so that's one point secondly since july this may have been. may be a shia militia and so on but they have been part of the pm after. the popular mission falls which is successfully fought against the islamic state and
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since july technically they have been incorporated into the iraqi security apparatus the government security apparatus so we just seen it on with the u.s. bombing a u.s. government military facility that i mean these are the questions that have to be asked especially against the backdrop of the protests that we've been seeing the outpouring of iraqi nationalism where the child is often reported to be neither america nor iran an end to u.s. foreign interference but i don't know what what could be more interfering from a foreign power than this going against the iraqi prime minister's wishes now we await the consequences for that debate but also the consequences for the us iran proxy war in iraq well the difficulty for iraq is that hizbollah is part of a group that helped the government defeat eisel it's been brought into a state sanctioned group of bullishness notice the popular mobilization forces many of them backed by iran has ballers leda is one of iraq's most powerful man and has
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in the past force against u.s. forces the u.s. state department says he advises iran's revolutionary guards kenneth katzman is the author of the warriors of islam iran's revolutionary guard and says the question now is how iran will respond to the strikes. it's it was a very targeted strike on certain bases ammunition dumps. perhaps certain our rocket facilities cuts a hizbollah iran backed militia. the question is what the reaction is going to be on the part of the to kill iran because obviously this was a militia linked to iran and the reaction of the iraqi government which already the care tech a prime minister atal abdul moxy who has tried to straddle the united states and iran and be friendly with both has. said it was an strange men of iraqi sovereignty
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so. the strike could potentially cause problems in the u.s. iraq relationship residents of several towns in the australian side of victoria i've been told that it's not too late to leave as bush nearby temperature is a climb to over 40 degrees celsius and winds of up to 100 kilometers an hour a full cost for the hours ahead around $40000.00 people were told to evacuate on sunday firefighters working in forests of been pulled out because of unpredictable conditions under christmas victoria's emergency management commissioner and says the conditions will wasson throughout the afternoon what we've seen up until today is more than 70 new fawas in the station more than 20000 jelling fawaz at the moment. we have got a long way to go we're only part way through the dial in terms of the far east to the state and to action. we know the changes start to move through the southwest of
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the state and we won't see into. about $77.00 pm this evening and it won't be till closer to midnight they will see the fog. on air force in. the a.b.c. . spoke to us a little earlier from port melbourne and says that many holidaymakers are in the evacuation area well until recently the tory has escaped the worst of these bushfires affecting a stray about saying 1000 homes lost and 9 people lose their lives but authorities say that today this diet is facing a very serious life threatening fire conditions we've got 3 out of control bush fires burning in the states they've actually been burning for over a month but all floridians are now extremely concerned that with the deteriorating conditions today which will see temperatures well into the forty's and very high winds that we thought was conditions these fires will impact communities and as
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a result they've put out a several militancy warnings telling people to leave they're also extremely concerned about the road several roads have been closed already now despite that region being quite remote it is very popular at this time of year with many families holiday makers going down the course to spend christmas and new year's so in that region about 40000 people have been told to leave ahead of today's all full of fire conditions with authorities extremely worried that if the fires are in those areas that their ability to help and decipher people would be extremely limited because of those conditions. craig lapsley is the former victorian emergency management commissioner he says that it's a critical day for several communities threatened by fire in the torah and also satisfying says minus of the southern part of the strike it's just. 40 degrees in most locations and it's not 40 it's about 40 degrees and the queen's very strong so that's obviously the risk of people far as we're obviously. the forests in the
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grass and in the homes on drugs in far the last couple of days the torah police and the far already very strong to get people out of those environments get them a wife in the bush environment but as you know once you go on holiday sometimes you disconnect from telephones you disconnect from listening to the right you're actually at the to enjoy yourself so it's been a real challenge to get the message out to all the people it's a challenging period but i think most community members of taking the lead of the mornings simply typing alternatives about changing whatever they multiply input of dying up the travelling and the really conscious about their safety and working with the far authorities to get the best outcome. the governments in ukraine and pro russian separatists in the east of completeness of prisoners taken during the 5 year conflicts $200.00 fighters from both sides were exchanged as the clear gauge reports. an emotional return that for many was
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a long time coming ukrainian prisoners finally free to leave the territory they fought to keep but still controlled by pro russian separatists they were welcomed by family members and president bolton missile linsky as they landed in kiev a young girl but. she lived there on the main thing is that the people at home we did what we said they will tell a brave new year with their families i'm happy i'm sure that too. security was tight as the prisoner exchange began there was disbelief then relief that it was happening and they would be able to return home others though valid to fight on their hands. but these former ukrainian prisoners said they would fight for their country and president ever would while these production separatists said he'd been beaten and tortured by ukrainian security services. sunday's exchange was the
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result of direct talks between president still in ski and putin in france earlier this month they great to implement a full ceasefire in a bid to end the war in the donbass region of ukraine. relations between russia and ukraine soured when protesters in kiev managed to drive out a kremlin backed government in 24 tane russia then seized control of crimea from ukraine and within weeks russian backed separatists took control of the eastern part of ukraine more than 13000 people including civilians have died during 5 years of conflict ukraine wants to join they want your european union wants to move west so the poles kind of for ukraine and this is a strategic difference a major. risk as well a prisoner exchange there is little will among civilians caught up in fighting for
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this war to continue this prisoner exchange a sign the tensions could be easing nicola gage al-jazeera. we'll get a weather update next here on al-jazeera then stop the crimes against humanity libya's u.n. backed government calls on the international community to act against war come before halftime plus. let's call it what it is these people are domestic terrorists new york's governor talks of a council of hatred in america after 5 people are stabbed at a jewish celebration. and though there are plenty of cold air in place across much of iran and further to the east across into afghanistan it's a little bit of cloud there but really the main activity is still out towards the
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west or the eastern end of the med particularly impacting turkey for the next couple of days as sunday and monday we have got this system just sitting in the eastern end of the mediterranean some strong gusty winds again some coastal plenty of snow working its way across into turkey now by choose day it does really begin to fall upon still want to showers and still some gusty winds at times but a much better picture certainly than we will see on monday meanwhile to the east we have got clavicles and snow and some rain in the mix but mostly dry into that of the south of that which is how being very nice that in the mid to 20 celsius as some light winds a little bit cool in the evening hours we're seeing if you shazam coastal areas of amman we could just see the same as we go through monday and tuesday a sudden cheese day that is more cloud developing but really it will stay mostly dry and sunny feeling pretty warm as well on the touch as of sunday. across into much of south africa we've got 29 and john is the 25 been both days of house and
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scott at thunderstorms at the same way the on tuesday and still plenty of rain in north america. egypt strongman is ruling within a file and faced and the silence from his allies is deafening the u.s. was perfectly happy to trade off the mark received for security while western leaders turning a blind eye when even the citizens have fallen victim to his repression executions torture or censorship is not acceptable and you want to hear such strong words from let's say berlin or paris or london man in cairo on al-jazeera.
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again this is 0 let's take a moment to remind you of the main news iraq has called u.s. strikes against a shia group an unacceptable breach of sovereignty the u.s. military operation targeted qatif hizbollah's bases in iraq and syria killing 25 people the u.s. secretary of state says it was a response to attacks on americans by iranian backed groups. residents of several towns in the australian state of victoria been told that it's now too late to leave as bushfire nearby temperatures climb to more than 40 degrees celsius and winds of up to 100 kilometers an hour forecast and ukraine's government and pro russian separatists in the east have completed the swap of prisoners taken during the 5 year conflict 200 fighters from both sides were exchanged libya's un recognized
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government is calling for international help to stop war khalifa haftar is offensive on tripoli hundreds of civilians have been killed or wounded since the beginning of a military push in april. the hold up to what had reports from tripoli. the fight for tripoli is collating now the foreign ministry is calling on the united nations and the international criminal court to intervene the un recognized government accuses forces fighting for warlord flee for hefted of committing crimes against humanity in their campaign to capture the capital and. we are asking the international community to perform its role after it doesn't have any legitimacy and has been destroying tripoli for the past 8 months yet the international community has a lot moved to stop him only now as we have a new ally regional and international powers are rising against us the world on the southern outskirts of tripoli has cost the lives of hundreds of civilians and
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wanted many more have to the forces repeatedly targeted residential areas and government run facilities with airstrikes and rockets nearly 140000 libyans have fled their homes to seek safety and also under threat are oil revenues which are the backbone of libya's economy the national oil corporation is assessing the damage following greece and airstrikes on the oil refinery in the western city of zawiya. and as government forces battle to stop the fall of tripoli have to his forces are reported to be getting very enforcement from russian military is an advance it weapons supplied by the united arab emirates to his troops could soon be joining the conflict. the promised support for forces loyal to the government is being seen by some as crucial to preventing the fall of tripoli because president
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says parliament will vote next month on a mandate to send troops but does have to advance further into this other neighborhoods and closer to density populated areas of the capital the futile for human casualties is growing. more that there were had. to put. the yemeni government is blaming who feel rebels for a missile attack on a military graduation parade that killed at least 7 people no one has claimed responsibility for the strike in the southern town of dolly the apparent target was security belt forces trained and equipped by the saudi u.a.e. coalition it's been fighting against the rebels since 2015 the governor of new york has describes an attack on orthodox jews as an act of domestic terrorism 5 people were injured when a man armed with a machete stormed into a rabbi's home during hanukkah celebrations in upstate new york it's the latest in a series of attacks against the jewish community in the u.s.
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as old as heroes roseland shortened explains. 37 year old grafton thomas faces 5 counts of attempted murder after an attack at a hanukkah party a month see new york a witness called the attack a terrifying just winning as is the word knife i don't know what it was back and forth that the people descending was crammed after me when they came out here is going to have to be hey you all got you but that's it that's about it so far thomas has not been charged with a hate crime the new york state governor says the suspect should get out and more i think this is an act of terrorism i think these are domestic terrorists they are trying to inflict fear they're motivated by hate. they are doing mass attacks these are terrorists the muncie attack is the latest in a series of assaults on jewish americans this year new york city police say that as
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of december 15th $213.00 anti semitic hate crime complaints have been filed this year that's 36 more than in 20188 of those attacks have happened in the last couple of weeks including a woman and her son attacked while leaving a coffee shop. in nearby jersey city 3 people were murdered in a kosher supermarket and december 10th while police are increasing neighborhood patrols and some israeli politicians say it might be time for jewish americans to leave the u.s. others say it will take much more than law enforcement to fight anti semitism we would leave these thawing even more and in a veil and you question are the efforts was a whole khosla memory and the fight against something you think and this image is and is most needed but right now people are scared and the priority is keeping people safe rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. asterix by the u.s.
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military and somali forces of hit 2 targets somalia's government says that a senior member of the armed group was killed it comes after al-shabaab was blamed for a suicide bomb attack on saturday in mogadishu 18 people were killed. reports from nairobi in neighboring kenya. they survived saturday's truck bomb blast it mother dishes to sustain some of the worst injuries now some victims have been airlifted to hospitals in turkey clinics and hospitals in mogadishu are struggling to cope with the dozens of wounded. from the time the explosion occurred up until now the government leaders have been working hard to provide the services needed by those injured in the explosion it's now possible for us to 16 of some of the seriously injured in the attack to our brothers in turkey. a truck loaded with explosives who's dead tonight a security checkpoint in the capital somalia's president is blaming the armed. and
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mohamad abdalla. the country won't be demoralized by the attack which caused the highest number of casualties in 2 years. the magnitude of the damage caused by the blast led the prime minister of somalia to request assistance from the turkish government to provide treatment to those injured in the attack. a turkish military transporter landed with much needed supplies and medical staff some will stay to treat patients at a turkish one hospital in make a decision as turkey seeks to boost its influence in the horn of africa it's been an increasingly important especially since a similarly famine in 2011 as more arise and the badly injured leave the country is on edge somalis constantly wondering when and where the next attack will be. vote counting is underway in getting presidential runoff 2 former prime ministers a competing to replace president jose maria vas who failed to get through the 1st round last month one of the candidates says sokol barlow has accused the interior
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ministry of stuffing ballot boxes. taiwan's president says that china is the biggest threat to the island sovereignty and democracy sighing when made the comments during a televised debate ahead of next month's election her main challenger called for closer ties with beijing alexy o'brien reports. relations with china dominated the heated t.v. debate between the 3 candidates vying for taiwan's top job as she bids to secure a 2nd 4 year term president sighing winces beijing is the biggest threat to taiwan's free and democratic way of life has it out the window my rival hong hesitates when asked which country he thinks would harm the well being of taiwan the most let me tell you now that country is china. from the chinese nationalist party or k. m. ting is widely seen as sys main challenger he favors kosar ties with beijing and
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accuses sigh of exploiting the protests in hong kong to bolster her case. hong kong people are bleeding from fighting against china president what have you done to help hong kong people are bleeding while you are enjoying electoral gains your campaign is based on the blood of hong kong people so the. pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong over china's perceived efforts to curb the territory's freedoms have ignited concerns in taiwan some say the 6 months of protest in hong kong is given a timely boost to its size reelection campaign. a steady end. in taiwan. and china benefited from the rest of the chinese government. i want for example already many and i and.
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president xi jinping is emphasise that taiwan is a renegade province that needs to be reunified by force if necessary china is pressured countries to cut diplomatic ties with taiwan the number of nations retaining relations with the island has shrunk to 15 and china is seeking to win favor with voters in taiwan by making it easier for taiwanese companies to invest in the mainland part of the opinion polls are correct and side is reelected china's efforts are expected to face a further backlash on china's island neighbor brian al-jazeera. $25000000.00 venezuelans have left their country since 2013 escaping poverty violence the lack of opportunities in the latest series looking ahead to some of next year's biggest stories of zeros mariella sanchez explores the human cost of latin america's largest mass displacement in recent times.
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used to be. played most days now he's making a living playing what he calls music. he was a teacher in business with and played in some of its most important orchestras but now he makes $45.00 on a good day playing on the streets of lima but. this is the reality that life puts in front of us it's important i can do what i like this is the job and learned in venezuela to fight for our dreams and get where you want to. part of the worst refugee crisis in the history of latin america and the most under-funded in modern history says the brookings institute. well many who have faced discrimination nearly 70000 have been granted residence their
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own more than 100000. most are underpaid. and send money back to the family. theater producer among them in the us a 1st found a job as a store vendor now she sells toys me that was forced on it's frustrating because we were forced to leave and most of us are young we are productive workforce but you don't know what you'll do. you n.h. c.r. director 50 because says part of the challenge is ensuring the skills of an a swim professionals are best used in. 50 percent of the 57 percent of college graduates are belong to a super qualified workforce but if we have engineers selling candy on the street that doesn't contribute to the country's economy that needs to be worked out. fortunately he says he and other musicians have figured out how to make the most of
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their skills and come together they've created the migrant symphony or. most of the musicians are venezuelans and they're giving concerts sometimes for free but they say they feel privileged among refugees if not going back home at least they're doing what they mouth. out on tuesday will continue looking ahead to 2020 with a report on the issues in the upcoming u.s. presidential election. there is snow on the ground for a new year in moscow ok nothing unusual about that you may think but it's not falling from the skies it's being delivered by trucks listeners being used to decorate a new year display in the city center the russian capital is having one of its warmest winters on record some noted the irony of trucking in snow in
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a country which usually spends billions of dollars every year clearing it at a new year's spruce tree has been put up in the exclusion zone around the chernobyl nuclear plant it's the 1st time the abandoned town of piazza seen a new year tree since the nuclear disaster in 1906 former residents chose not to use traditional decorations instead covering the tree with family photographs from before the event they say they're remembering happier times. good to have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines when i was in syria iraq has called u.s.s. strikes against a shia armed group and on acceptable breach of sovereignty a u.s. military operation targeted his ball us bases in iraq and syria killing 25 people the u.s. secretary of state says it was a response to attacks on americans by iranian backed groups what we did was take
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a decisive response that makes clear what president trump has said for months and months and months which is that we will not stand for the islamic republic of iran to take actions that put american men and women in jeopardy we will always honor that commitment to take decisive req action and that takes place and we continue to demand that the islamic republic iran act in a way that is consistent with what i laid back out back in may of 2018 for what it is that we expect iran to do so that it can rejoin the community of nations. residents of several towns in the strelley and state of victoria have been told that it's now too late to leave as bushfire as been nearby the temperature has climbed to 48 degrees celsius and winds of up to 100 kilometers an hour forecast for the hours ahead around $40000.00 people were ordered to evacuate on sunday firefighters have been pulled out of forests in the area due to the unpredictable
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conditions a gradient government forces and russian backed separatists of exchanged 200 prisoners some returned to ukraine's capital kiev where they were welcomed by their families and president vladimir selenski swap those talks between ukraine and russia's leaders in paris 3 weeks ago libya's un recognized government has called on the united nations and the international criminal court to stop warlord khalifa haftar as offensive on tripoli hundreds of civilians have been killed or wounded since have to launch this campaign in april the governor of new york is describes an attack on a juror celebration as an act of domestic terrorism 5 people were injured when a man armed with a machete stormed into a rabbi's home in upstate new york those are the headlines the news continues after what i want to east next. counting the cost 2019 what a year it's been a world struggle to put aside short economic game to save the planet for the last
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of america for the middle east people took to the streets protest on equal spread of wealth out of trade war reshapes globalization counting the cost on al-jazeera. getting a university degree with asking any study for exams sound too good to be true can be a part of a new term university destroyed this guy and acts like hundreds of thousands of people who fall in for pledges like this from fighting online universities do you think these people are ready that these people if at all and i want to want to investigates the pakistani company allegedly pulling the strings behind the scam and the lengths they will go to to keep the money flowing success it's the best of it and.
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getting a degree isn't easy. for most students it entails years of study and hard work. in.


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