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tv   Pakistans Fake Degrees  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2019 8:32am-9:01am +03

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due to the unpredictable conditions it gradient government forces and russian backed separatists of exchanged 200 prisoners some returned to ukraine's capital kiev where they were welcomed by their families and president vladimir selenski the swap follows talks between ukraine and russia's leaders in paris 3 weeks ago libya's un recognized government has called on the united nations and the international criminal court to stop warlord khalifa haftar as offensive on tripoli hundreds of civilians have been killed or wounded since have to launch this campaign in april the governor of new york is describes an attack on a juror celebration as an act of domestic terrorism 5 people were injured when a man armed with a machete stormed into a rabbi's home in upstate new york those are the headlines the news continues after what i want to east next. counting the cost 2019 what a year it's been a world struggle to put aside short term economic game to save the planet for class
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of america to the middle east people took to the streets protest on equal spread of wealth out of trade war reshapes globalization counting the cost on al-jazeera. getting a university degree with asking any study for exams sound too good to be true can be imported neutered university destroyed this guy and actually liked it not hundreds of thousands of people have fallen for pledges like this from fighting and online universities do you think these people are ready by these people if at all and i want to want to investigates the pakistani company allegedly pulling the strings behind the scam and the lengths they will go to to keep the money flowing success is the best event.
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getting a degree isn't easy. for most students it entails years of study and hard work. increasingly millions of students trying to gain vasile qualifications by studying online. but not all online degrees are what they see. sanitations to every one of us meet the head of the department of law a new food university which says it's based in the united states we should have the most renowned faculty in the world new food promise is no more marathon study sessions no more cramming for those dreaded exams at all at a bargain price our education standards and protocols are constantly. that provide our students very best possible. new foods website claims to have
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a presence in more than 180 countries. and it's not the only online university selling its global reach. must claims to be the world's largest university which was news to benjamin placards and investigative journalist who specializes in stories about higher education. or big whether it was took time and it was. something that can step by step by step and then the floodgates open must university was the 1st institution that we came across. benjamin quickly discovered a lot of different university websites with some very curious similarities there all the websites for the universities have the same template. they have a banner at the top that says the name of the university the colors are different.
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there is a little picture of a woman with a head ready to take a. 'd little box here that tells you about the kinds of course is that you can do at university . and the other thing that is very similar is that when you log on to these various websites they'll do a pop up and say we're having a special offer on scholarships callers now but that happens on every single website. the websites also often feature indorsements from start like lecture ethan turner at california port university teaching a california university is a great achievement in my academic career but we were unable to find any lecturer called ethan turner or indeed any university called california poor when we searched for the address given on the website we ended up at what appears to be
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a mexican butcher shop i would say it's only obvious when you start to scratch i was shocked at how obvious it was after just a very small amount of scratching below the surface dramatic university claim studying he will bring you a step closer towards professional excellence and features a glowing testimonial from one of its student turnout was an awesome experience party i was able to earn my keep stay in leadership and education administration but when we checked out dramani address instead of an impressive university campus we found a team. schock. the common denominator between these websites is a company called x. act the exact world's leading i teach company founded the 1st time i heard about exact words from a source of mine in abu dhabi he basically said me. an email saying i've been offered a scholarship from this university and it just sounds fishy to me check them out
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and. the more you found out about them the more you realize that. x x owners say it's pakistan's biggest and most successful i take company. but to its critics it's the world's biggest agreement selling bogus degrees to hundreds of thousands of customers. exact now has a global presence in 6 continents 120 countries and 1300 cities. except in the hospital pakistan's biggest city caracas he claims that he left them 10 years it's grown into a $1000000000.00 company employs more than $25000.00 workers. pockets on the ex or school but just $1000000000.00 but which i.
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accept is the creation of a one man show web shop. in 1997 mr shoaib ahmed shaykh embarked on a journey to create a company that would become a household name in every industry but to me i'm a subset meat body not me but not i'm not. big it says not on me. as shakes company exact group so too did his reputation as a business mogul in pakistan. but in may 25th any pakistanis woke up to some shocking news. i think it feel islay fake laugh i edited out the baby on the left i feel money learning time at 9 o'clock am if i am that is only shaken been arrested and charged with being at the same to open a store machine complex with the fraudulent activity there allegations that these
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were all fake degrees and then just by being a certain amount of money you can buy a degree of malcolm i live a double exam not. just need to get it out i'm going to find it on my exec she asked me to get it out i'm going to. shake he insists that his company simply makes software which businesses of all types including online universities can use to find customers his loyal shall cut high out says shaykh cannot be held responsible for what happens between customers and online universities that use x.x. off with the exit function on loop around the called send food and has had mrs to bed with misty providing and information on behalf of the university to speak to mr park and fish. and shakes lawyer stresses that his client has not been convicted of any crimes if that i may have been coming again then it has to be proved that it has to be mccain that is has to be sure indeed. this is unfair unjust.
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but when the pakistani authorities raided accesses offices in may 25th jane they found a mountain of compelling evidence. there were hundreds of thousands of blank degrees to bigots lists of hundreds of fake universities thank you count showing payments amounting to millions of dollars and tens of thousands of names and contact details the customers around the world. there are also recordings of hundreds of hours of phone calls where representatives of the fake universities demand payments from often terrified customers need to pay an amount of and $1000.00 for just a small amount your actually putting at risk everything else but you're going to be there for years for your crew appeared not among the recordings was stored on hard
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drives at x.x. sentence local media reported the police also found proof. of evidence being destroyed with documents being burnt files dumped into the sink and computer hard drive smashed my son in law me what i think about when you complain to me. despite the arrests and seizure of evidence many of the online universities linked to exact a still up and running and the pakistani authorities have not taken steps to shut them down so what actually goes on in these degrade operations. had right. hello is this the l r a university and. no university. to find out research is in london in singapore made a series of coals to some of the universities linked to extract network. obvious
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told about online and online universities is where you can. get angry you introduce flexible. the cool is presented themselves as lacking any of the kind of academic qualifications normally required by legitimate universities but very came to biodegrade the response. and positive. impression is yeah in the online world it doesn't take long to find office the thing too good to refuse. does not mean experience base program that stuff sounds good for these online
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universities a lack of basic academic. simply doesn't matter potential custom is a told life experience is enough ok but i wouldn't actually have to take any exams with a university. a whole range of degree and diploma courses offered or at a bargain price. without having to do any actual studying or take a single exam the lucky student is suing the proud recipient of an impressive looking stupid showing that he or she has been granted a degree from a world renowned university. that
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he may 25th date the new york times published its own investigation which for the 1st time identified exact as the world's biggest agreement. at 1st the exposé threaten to bring the roof down on the company. on money. but the story of accept and the fake degrees was far from over. karate is a new tory sleeve violent season with frequent clashes between criminal gangs. against this backdrop the exact controversy has stood concerns for the safety of some of those leaked to the case. after 15 months on remand shoaib ahmed shaykh was released from prison on trial and the investigation same to grind to
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a halt. shaikh refused repeated requests for a need to be but we were able to speak to his lawyer. he has been deprived of not on the trial his liberty. a man in jail for many months as well as lost on his business and after lee's. trying to establish his business again and because he can pretend to. accept claims its financial success makes plain why the company has been targeted for investigation. but the prosecutors who worked on the case have little doubts about what had been going on. the board but is little more. little bit. these rumors are john
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a degree of. lawyer seller who didn't come to port it was part of the prosecution team building the case against shake and extract was call 42471468 wallman pull it. will say he but not the short cut a lot will cry the use of the law i think you shouldn't is a yank is modular to get out the will. well university module to me. as well is the wealth of documentary evidence of fight degrees being produced on an industrial scale by extract the prosecution. child statements from key witnesses. the court will be caught i get a look at our peril of these get on we get to be ms it seems but done a double confessional ban on all of this on the idea of. the media got
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a lot of that they don't need to get even out there. at one stage the prosecution had 79 witnesses. being karate legal proceedings do not always go smoothly prosecution witnesses began to change their minds about testifying against exact. yobbos i doubt. is will and that the it wasn't that would not allow you get my bus company. the production company before the guy you quote on the 9 witnesses are demanding and on the bigness not a single victim come fall out of what again is the exit again they had to get and you lose out on that accuse but if i did your duty but i shan't i. all i want is that they use every guy you have to but you will but a lot of it is i think i've got them on the hot but in the middle of.
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the local media have reported threats of violence and intimidation towards prosecution witnesses from police investigating exact to even the prosecution lawyers themselves. jam the poor and 3 of the lawyers withdrew from the prosecution. there is no evidence that shake anyone connected with exact was involved with any threats over while it's after 15 months of legal arguments and allies shake and the others say new manages were released on what the prosecution considered a technicality staged to do make up provision. but even though it was just at the mall the day i got it. excited that legion a god he says i thought it don't all been very high even. to his defenders shake was freed because the case against him fell apart here for it is
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a case of no evidence so far. the weakness is those who have been because. they had a straight marriage and only 9 part of men and weaknesses out amending. the prosecution as fairly to establish its case in the very beginning. as the prosecution case began to crumble the embarrassed. one of the prosecution lawyers who had withdrawn earlier to resume the case. here is jamil talking about the exact case on pakistani television in august 27th. i'm going to talk. about the new party you've got a man who was on my neck. give me a people some of the federal records on the net many. prosecutors didn't have
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a case on a basically home some combined opinion he has to have evidence be the hotshot mother s. open and shut case evidence came to me about some of the cement that he's been on and he doesn't know when he renewed his work on the x.x. case jamil received anonymous threats of violence then in september 26th his home was attacked with a hand grenade operator de monte. and in the heat of. the i don't want to get into details about germany of office. no one was injured in the attack and no evidence has been presented then or since to link it in any way to exact. since the grenade attack jamil announced he would
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play no further pot in the prosecution he declined to comment further. but in a previous interview he described the high stakes involved in the exact prosecution . i thought would be. to be a dozen $1000000.00 per month. in fact the u.s. department of justice says that x.x. has collected at least 140. u.s. dollars from customers worldwide tens of thousands of americans are thought to have bought degrees from universities linked to the company but no american has been willing to travel to pakistan to pursue a grievance the. a former senior figure of pakistan's federal investigation agency . has been following the case. for the door to have trust in the system in pakistan the school district. has the money as a club. in order to go or have some you know then the system does nurse
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new honest people coming into the quarter and give richness. of what happened and they will back. people aren't that many come into this. without witnesses willing to appear in course and with prosecution lawyers too frightened to continue the case against exact collapsed. shake was granted by a judge proviso could he ever more to his since admission to a high of course the took a bribe of course the $5000.00 to relay shot. the judge will grant have been recently you agreed to keep the money in the financial cases this happens. the people don't operate in a solution you have created a number of other character the number but then the money and there are free money
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to give it to people if you're america dollars method of money and this happened everything. in these characters the mafia and the great together. it's a matter of public record that universities link to access that have sold hundreds of thousands of degrees to online students around the world. and some of these degree holders have taken up positions where genuine qualifications are crucial. these lists was seized by the pakistani authorities when they raided x.x. premises there are thousands of names of individuals 'd who have been able to take up professional positions sometimes with safety is an issue even though these qualifications a bogus. in southeast asia alone we found thousands of fake degree holders in malaysia. singapore. and thailand some are working as
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doctors nurses teaches and engineers. thousands of people employed in safety critical jobs while holding bogus qualifications it alarms dr rahman formerly of pakistan's higher education commission it could be a huge disaster because medical degrees in your medical doctors who are practicing medicine without knowing medicine if they're countenance they're proud of them they're in the field of accountancy without knowing anything about the accounts and the supply the costs the feeling various fees in 2016 a member of the newly elected government of myanmar had to issue a humiliating apology after one of these impressive standing qualifications turned out to have been purchased from x.x. degree mills it was revealed the politician you cure wins master's and doctorate degrees in finance came from the non-existing brooklyn park university despite this
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revelation you cure women continue to serve as minister for play. and finance. there's no way of knowing how many of x.x. hundreds of thousands of customers around the world witnessed it. and how many would knowingly buying a fake degree to get a job they were not qualified to hold. for years after the allegations against 1st made headlines fake universities still out there looking for their next easy. just a couple of $1000.00 i could get american degree and it's become a full fledged chemist it sounds a little bit too good to be true. but i didn't really trust that because from what i read your part of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cities that
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are completely fake around online are all linked to a company called x. uk where are you now. where you based. well i find that quite confusing because for most of what i read you're actually an office in pakistan working fax act and crap that not true. how do you know others 1000000000 of us stevie nicks in university talk to university all your websites that say. it's not be too busy out. on one occasion that was this one guy were right i confronted him and said look. you guys are clearly criminals operating out of still office somewhere in the world it away you up in your terrible human security really scamming people money and and time then he just laughed and he was this really sort of really cool down the food
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and that was when i really was like wow these guys are oh oh not nice people. you know. that these people are enjoying the fact that that taking thousands of dollars thousands of pounds away from people. in 20 a change the chief justice a pack of stone said that the scandal has tarnished pakistan's name making our heads down with shame. it makes me very sad that pakistan is being portrayed in a negative light and it makes me sad that it has not been properly legally investigated and the decision taken really should let the court the justice take take it scorched but it needs to be done quickly not in a matter of years and that's where the failure of the justice system is.
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article 2 is it out donald trump is now the 3rd president in the history of the united states to be impeached that was such a big step one of $26.00 major event review for the future of the rest joining us with details coverage and analysis of the trump impeachment on al-jazeera. what happens when plans for a new life abroad idea railed by committing serious crimes from drug trafficking to robbery to my dad all of it i don't remember how many times it stouter the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al-jazeera world goes inside an italian prison meeting men and women from north africa who left home only to face life behind was a double exile on al-jazeera. someone
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saying something is very wrong. it's how you. and i think it is a. lie out. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the top stories on syria the u.s. defense secretary says that he's not ruling out further action off the air strikes were carried out on a shia armed group in iraq and syria the iraqi prime minister has called them a breach of sovereignty 3 of could keep his boners camps were hit in iraq one of them. to inside syria at least 25 people were killed the pentagon says the strikes were in response to radio that saxe on american forces inside iraq what we did was take a decisive response that makes clear what president trump is.


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