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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 30, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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on august. the u.s. warns of further action after it launches air strikes on the she armed group in iraq and syria. and how i had seen and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up bush fires in a straight out of turns and victorious states as temperatures soar above 40 degrees . it is unpredictable it's dangerous out there and people need to stay true to their local conditions and stay across that information so they can make decisions
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to. stop the crimes against humanity libya's u.n. recognize government calls on the international community to act against warlords police faster. and finally a hole in ukraine and pull russian separatists completes a prisoner swap after 5 years of war. but 1st the u.s. says it will not relent further action after launching airstrikes on a shia armed group in iraq and syria but iraq's prime minister has called the attack a breach of sovereignty 5 camps belonging to khattab has ball over hits 3 in iraq and 2 in syria at least $25.00 people were killed the pentagon says it's a response to rocket attacks on iraqi bases the most recent killing
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a year. a civilian contractor last week what we did was take a decisive response that makes clear what president trump has said for months and months and months which is that we will not stand for the islamic republic of iran to take actions that put american men and women in jeopardy. we will always honor that commitment to take decisive wreck action and that takes place and we continue to demand that the islamic republic of iran act in a way that is consistent with what i laid back out back in may of 2018 for what it is that we expect iran to do so that it can rejoin the community of nations well the difficulty for iraq because that could have hizbollah is part of a group that helps the government defeat eisel it's being brought into a state sanctioned group of militias known as the popeil or mobilization forces many of them are backed by iran has ballers leader. with
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a honda says one of iraq's most powerful men and has in the past 40 u.s. forces the u.s. state department says he advises iran's revolutionary guards well we'll get the latest out of iran with a side begun to our own shortly but 1st let's go live to baghdad. some more not full teen simona was the go for iraqi government reaction been so far what does this say about the state of u.s. in iraq relations. well the military spokesperson of the government has come out of a strong statement last night condemning the u.s. airstrikes on. hezbollah positions in western iraq and he has called on the joint operations command here iraq to act to prevent any unilateral action whether it be ground forces or air strikes and he called upon the u.s. to respect iraq's sovereignty now of course technically because of the pm have been
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at least on paper integrated into the armed forces this u.s. air strike is actually an attack on state actors and that's why we have seen this statement come out by the iraqi government what is interesting is that we haven't seen similar strong statements condemn the rocket attacks on bases where u.s. military personnel are based and of course the big the big point here is that the iraqi government is not a homogeneous entity there are parts of it that are closer to the u.s. and there are parts of it that are closer to iran so those parts that have close relations today as will certainly welcome these actions even though they will not comment on that officially on the record but of course those parts that are closer to iran and this includes of course p m f but also its political wings that currently control the biggest faction in parliament we're likely to see a response coming out of parliament in response to these airstrikes perhaps an effort to try to initiate a bill to perhaps expel u.s.
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forces from iraq or to penalize them for these actions but we have to wait for now and see what parliament will say there is a regular session to be held today and remains to be seen whether it will be discussed but of course this comes at a critical time for the government because they're already beleaguered because of the 3 months of anti-government protests prime minister atal up there mufti is currently in a caretaker role so the question is is the iraqi government in the position to react strongly to these airstrikes and to manage this crisis. ok some of 14 in baghdad thank you very much indeed for let's get the reaction out of iran big is live for us in tehran and said well look you tell us about the relationship between khatib has bola and iran. well there's a long established relationship between the relationship between some of these militias and iran let's take for example the leader of hizbullah. and this one he's
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also the deputy leader of the popular mobilization forces that he's been pictured many times with the commander of the of good force now the good forces part of the iran's revolutionary guard dog could force deals with operations outside the country back in 201400 said to an iranian outlet in an interview that he had been part of a brigade that for too long sight iranian forces against saddam hussein during the iran iraq war and earlier this year won this 2nd knowledge to iran's support to these militias in fighting against isis there and has said that iran had deployed weapons you also called the leader force cost and for the money a brother called his brother and said he and other iranian commanders generals had opened the doors to their weapons depos and given iraq he's the arms that they need it but these so the relationship between iran and some of the leaders of the popular mobilization forces go back to the 1980 s.
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and even earlier this year when south western provinces in iran were flooded the popular popular mobilization forces sent assistance and volunteers especially to the iran's revolutionary guard in those stricken areas but as of yet there hasn't been an official response by iran president rouhani was speaking earlier this morning he didn't mention the attacks that could be for a number of reasons that could be because people inside iraq are already doing the talking they already condemning these actions but iran backed his below in lebanon has condemned those attacks and said that it's an attack on iraq's sovereignty and security. said begg live for us there in tehran thank you. alters truly and i were thousands of people who were urged to evacuate their homes in the state of victoria have been told it's too late to leave as bush fires a burn out of control nearby temperatures are over 40 degrees celsius and winds of up to 100 kilometers an hour
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a forecast for the air as the heads of about 40000 people were told to evacuate on sunday the farmers are expected to impact major highways in the massive smoke columns are generating their own thunderstorms and lightning one to christmas victoria's emergency management commissioner he says the fires including one near the princes highway in particular are displaying extreme behavior within about 44 and a half hours that fire travelled all the way the coast so that 24 kilometers you put up a column punch into the atmosphere 14 kilometers high. we just recently looked at the columns and they're generating their own without there's a lot new coming out of these homes. it is unpredictable it's dangerous out there and people need to stay tuned to their local conditions and stay across that good information so they can make good decisions. well that's one of us truly is most dramatic fire seasons in decades so this truly is experiencing cause catastrophic
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fire conditions major fires continue to burn in new south wales while sydney is shrouded in smoke but the prime minister scott morrison has agreed to cope and say volunteer firefighters $4000.00 that's almost new season is a lecturer at the university of sydney school of life and environmental sciences he says a strain there is used to bushfires but the crisis this year is unlike anything in recent history in a lot of people's living memories i cannot and have not we've seen it witnessed the amount of area that has been burnt so far 5000000 hectares across the street 3400000 hectares in new south wales alarming and these fires are so severe causing kind of catastrophic damage to ecosystems and the fires are very quickly encroaching on. areas and rural areas where people living their livelihoods through
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agriculture or they will actually live through really when we're talking about eyes specifically i think there needs to be a massive great think about how we're going to manage buys certainly these conditions have been so severe that bushland is burning so much quicker and hotter on the people really ever anticipated and that in itself is going to create i think the need for a shift in the way that we that we manage fires and probably massive reinvestment back into our land management and national organizations to deal with these threats which really we're only at the beginning of the fire season and we've already seen 5000000 hectares but and it's least conditions and these fires are not going to slow down and they're not going to stop until we get really good running foals and the predictions are good for that rainfall coming soon. libya's un recognized
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government is calling for the international community to help stop the military push on the capital tripoli where forces loyal to warlord 24 have to hundreds of civilians have been killed or wounded since the beginning of the offensive in april mahmud had reports from tripoli. the fight for tripoli is collating now the foreign ministry is calling on the united nations and the international criminal court to intervene the un recognized government accuses forces fighting for warlords really for have to of committing crimes against humanity in their campaign to capture the capital. we are asking the international community to perform its role after it doesn't have any legitimacy and has been destroying tripoli for the past 8 months yet the international community has a lot moved to stop him only now as we have a new ally regional and international powers are rising against us the war on the
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southern outskirts of tripoli has cost the lives of hundreds of civilians and wanted many more have to the forces repeatedly targeted residential areas and government run facilities with airstrikes and rockets nearly 140000 libyans have fled their homes to seek safety and also under threat are oil revenues which are the backbone of libya's economy. the national oil corporation is assessing the damage following greece and airstrikes on the oil refinery in the western city of zawiya. and as government forces battle to stop the fall of tripoli you have to as forces are reported to be getting very enforcement from russian missile. and advanced weapons supplied by the united arab emirates turkish troops could soon be joining the conflict the promised turkish support for forces loyal to the government is being seen by some as crucial to preventing the fall of tripoli
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because president says parliament will vote next month on a monday to send troops but as have the forces advance further into the southern neighborhoods and closer to density populated areas of the capital the futa for human casualties is growing. more that there were. tripoli. still to come on al-jazeera. asking for a living venezuelans to escape their country's economic crisis struggled to build new lives abroad. and ballerinas in rebellion against french president emmanuel micron's pension reform plans.
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hello there are still some very unsettled weather through the eastern and of the mediterranean a mix of rain and snow across the mountains of turkey plenty of cloud elsewhere and some of this town you can see is actually very low lying so it's actually fog which is proving very slow to clear in some areas and of course in some areas there's been a distinct lack of snow this year this is moscow and. this is snow tons of it that is actually being brought say and just to add to the a hole of a spirit for all of the people of visiting of course it's been about the woman into sunday december for over 130 is a must go now as we go through monday it should be minus 2 with the chong's although some snow but the winds are coming up from the mile south so it may well turn over to rain we have got a fairly mild fields of things but this is a system just sitting here and spinning in the eastern end of the med now it will really begin to break apart by chews day so a much better day by then still fairly cloudy throughout much of turkey some
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showers as well through the greek islands and across into southern turkey and then really the bulk of europe is fine and dry a double figures in london 10 celsius but quite cloudy with about to 10 degrees and we could still see a few showers along northern coastal areas of africa certainly through libya and they'll continue eastwards as we head to choose day. sponsored by town. was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him for all its cultural sites it's not all you've. done we've got to get it done it was all ready to go true how worried are you that the conditions are still like for another myself i think they are right join me many a hot sun as i put up from questions to my special guest and challenge them to some straight talking political debate here on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the headlines this hour the u.s. says it won't rule out further action after carrying out air strikes on the shia armed group in iraq and syria groups prime minister has called the attacks on 5 katyn hezbollah camps a breach of software and see. catastrophic fire conditions are impacting sizes of people in southern australia extreme far warnings are in place in the states of victoria south australia and new south wales many have been told it's too late to leave. and libby is here to recognise governments cold only united nations and the international criminal courts to stop or a lot of money for have to the fence of tripoli hundreds of civilians have been
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killed or wounded since have to launch this campaign in april. by ukraine's government's i'm pro russian separatists in the east have completed a swap of prisoners on the 5 year conflict 200 fighters from both sides for exchanged as nicholas cage reports. an emotional return that for many was a long time coming ukrainian prisoners finally free to leave the territory they fought to keep but still controlled by pro russian separatists they were welcomed by family members and president told me selenski as they landed in kiev a young girl but. she may leave the room the main thing is that the people at home we did what we said they will to liberate new year with their families i'm happy i'm sure that too. security was tied. the prisoner exchange began there was disbelief then relief that it was happening and they would be able to return home
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others though valid to fight on. these former ukrainian prisoners said they would fight for their country and president there were more than that while this production separatist said he'd been beaten and tortured by ukrainian security services. sunday's exchange was the result of direct talks between president still in ski and putin in france earlier this month they great to implement a full ceasefire in a bid to end the war in the donbass region of ukraine relations between russia and ukraine soured when protesters in kiev managed to drive out a kremlin backed government in 24 tane russia then seized control of crimea from ukraine and within weeks russian backed separatists took control of the eastern part of ukraine more than $13000.00 people including civilians have died during 5
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years of conflict ukraine wants to join nato once your european union wants to move west last so the poles on the or ukraine and this is a strategic difference a major strategic. risk as well a prisoner exchange there is little will among civilians caught up in fighting for this war to continue this prisoner exchange a sign the tensions could be easing nicola gage al-jazeera. vote counting is underway and getting a presidential run off to former prime ministers are competing to replace president jose manuel vassie fate marial vast rather he failed to get through the 1st round last month one candidate has accused the interior ministry of stuff and ballot boxes well the u.n. a sense of rapid response team to the central african republic tutsi fighting between on the shop owners be forced to pay the money at least $40.00 people were
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killed in the capital bangui on thursday in the mainly muslim p.k. 5 districts the un's warning against an escalation of violence following years of unrest between muslim and christian militias. u.s. and somali forces have hit 2 targets with airstrikes somalia's government says a senior member of the armed group was killed on saturday a truck bomb attack blamed on al shabaab in mogadishu killed 80 people how to answer reports from nairobi in neighboring kenya. they survived saturday's truck bomb blast it mother dishes but sustained some of the worst injuries now some victims have been airlifted to better equipped hospitals in turkey clinics and hospitals in mogadishu are struggling to cope with the dozens of wounded why didn't i respond at all from the time the explosion occurred up until now the government leaders have been working hard to provide the services needed by those injured in the explosion it's now possible for us to airlift 16 of some of the seriously
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injured in the attack to our brothers in turkey. a truck loaded with explosives who's dead tonight a security checkpoint in the capital somalis president is blaming the armed group al-shabaab and mohamad abdalla from my joseph in the country won't be demoralized by the attack which caused the highest number of casualties in 2 years. the magnitude of the damage caused by the blast led the prime minister of somalia to request assistance from the turkish government to provide treatment to those injured in the attack. a turkish military transporter landed with much needed supplies and medical staff some will stay to treat patients at a turkish one hospital in mother dishes as turkey seeks to boost its influence in the horn of africa it's been an increasingly important a donor especially since a similarly famine in 2011 as more aid arise and the badly injured leave the country is on edge somalis constantly wondering when and where the next attack will
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be. algiers or. u.s. police have charged a suspected intruder with 5 attempts at murders following a multiple stabbing during a jewish festival the governor of new york says saturday night's attack was an act of domestic terrorism wasn't jordan has more 37 year old grafton thomas faces 5 counts of attempted murder after an attack at a hanukkah party and months in new york a witness called the attack terrifying just winging it is the word knife i don't know what it was back and forth hitting people and it is ending this crammed after me when they came out here is going to have to be hey you all got you but that's it that's about it so far thomas has not been charged with a hate crime the new york state governor says the suspect should get that and more i think this is an act of terrorism i think these are domestic terrorists they are trying to inflict fear they're motivated by hate. they are
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doing mass attacks these are terrorists the muncie attack is the latest in a series of assaults on jewish americans this year new york city police say that as of december 15th $213.00 anti semitic hate crime complaints have been filed this year that's 36 more than in 20188 of those attacks have happened in the last couple of weeks including a woman and her son attacked while leaving a coffee shop. in nearby jersey city 3 people were murdered in a kosher supermarket and december 10th while police are increasing neighborhood patrols and some israeli politicians say it might be time for jewish americans to leave the u.s. others say it will take much more than law enforcement to fight anti semitism we would leave these thawing even mold in a veil and you question are the efforts with
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a whole khosla memory and the fight against something you think and theism atheism is a mole needed but right now people are scared and the priority is keeping people safe rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. protesters in india have been continuing to pressure the governments by coming out in large numbers against a new citizenship law the legislation makes it easier for religious minorities from 3 neighboring countries to become indian citizens but excludes muslims. and other 5000000 venezuelans have fled poverty and violence in their country over the past 6 years and the soldiers here a series of the could have events are shaping the world move into 2020 here marianna sanchez explores the human cost $11.00 america's largest mass displacements and recent times.
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it used to be a most art that played most days now he's making a living playing what he calls junk music. he was a cello teacher in venice willa and played in some of its most important orchestras but now he makes around $45.00 on a good day playing on the streets of lima but when. this is the reality that life puts in front of us it's important i can do what i like this is the job i learned in venezuela to fight for our dreams and get where you want to. go to this is part of the worst refugee crisis in the history of latin america and the most underfunded in modern history says the brookings institute. while many business will incent pay to have face discrimination nearly $70000.00 have been granted residence there are more than $100000.00 and if we have now living in haiti most are underpaid and most of taking any job to be able to make
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ends meet and send money back to the families in minnesota. theater producer mary f. and then them in the us a 1st found a job as a store vendor now she sells toys me that was posted on. it's frustrating because we were forced to most of us are young we are productive workforce but you don't know what you'll do. director phil. says part of the challenge is ensuring the skills of professionals are best used to . 57 percent of college graduates or belong to a super qualified workforce but if we have engineers selling candy on the street that doesn't contribute to the country's economy that needs to be worked out. fortunately says she and other musicians have figured out how to make the most of their skills and come together they've created the migrant symphony orchestra.
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most of the musicians are venezuelans and they're giving concerts sometimes for free but they say they feel privileged among refugees if not going back home at least they're doing what they love. was. well on cheese they will continue our look ahead since it's wednesday 20 were the reports on the issues likely to affect the upcoming us presidential election. and the transport strikes in france are proving tough for much of the entertainment industry in the capital some shows have gone on in theatres during christmas holidays but with their usual sellout audiences and others performers themselves are on strike and smith reports now from paris. of paris is the cast expects to perform in front of full houses at this time of year.
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but amid the rows of excited children there are empty seats a drop of 20 percent in ticket sales means the public transport strike is no laughing matter. for the only family that owned the circus for almost 90 years it's one of the toughest seasons they've had we we doing the show until 16 of march so if we lose 20 percent every show is a lot of money is a lot of lost but we can stop we have contract with the artists we are and our public already bought a ticket until the 16th of march so we can say we stop it's impossible. sometimes it's the performers who are on strike ballet dancers are against government plans to reform pensions because for now they get to retire at $42.00 after a short career the puts enormous strains on their bodies.
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we are against the pension reform the government wants to implement but it's also a gesture towards spectators because we as arsonists are very sorry about what's happening and about depriving hundreds of spectators of christmas shows. the opera house says it's lost $9000000.00 since the start of the strike on december the 5th . ticket sales in many paris the it is a drop by as much as a 40 percent and december is the most important time of the year it's money they'll not be able to make back just 250 tickets have been sold for tonight's performance at the $650.00 seat today after the montana us when people have spent an hour and a half on foot to get to work it's too much to expect them to go out again here when the crowd applaud the actors the act of clout that the crowd back because they are the real heroes who've managed to make it here it is as bertrand the biggest slump in theatre going he's experienced in recent memory. for the performers the
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show must go on of course but it's getting harder to live up to the principle. with al-jazeera paris. and finally the scientists he claims to have the created the world's 1st gene edited babies has been sentenced to 3 years in prison 5 courts in china. was convicted of illegal practices he said and event bird last year that he has altered the genes of 20 girls his experiments resulted in a global backlash over the ethics of his research and work. here with al-jazeera these are the headlines the u.s. says it won't rule out further action after carrying it air strikes on a shia armed group in iraq and syria iraq's prime minister has called in the attacks on 5 could tip his bowler camps a breach of sovereignty so wonderful to see and has more from baghdad all the
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military spokesperson of the government has come out of a strong statement last night condemning the u.s. airstrikes on the kotite hezbollah positions in western iraq and he has called on the joint operations command here iraq to act to prevent any unilateral action whether it be ground forces or airstrikes and he called upon the u.s. to respect iraq's sovereignty now of course technically because of the pm have being at least on paper integrated into the armed forces this u.s. airstrike is actually an attack on state actors. catastrophic fire conditions are impacting sizes of people in southern australia extreme far warnings are in place in the states of victoria sites this truly are a new south wales many have been told it's too late to leave within about $44.00 and a half hours that far travelled why the charge so that 24 kilometers you put up
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a column punch into the atmosphere 14 kilometers hawr. we just recently looked at the columns and they generate in their own way that there's a lot new coming out of these homes. it is unpredictable it's dangerous out there and people need to stay tuned to their local conditions and stay across that good information so they can make good decisions libya's un recognised government has called on the united nations and the international criminal courts to stop war literally for have to is offensive on tripoli hundreds of civilians have been killed or wounded since have to launch this campaign in april. and ukrainian government forces and russian backed separatists have exchanged 200 prisoners swap for those talks between ukraine and russia slater's in paris 3 weeks ago say what is now to syria up front is with you next. to al-jazeera we were told to get to that between russia has this been addressed by turkey we listen
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what is the proposal of spain for a couple on you know we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter how does it work. this year millions hit the streets across the world to protest the climate crisis in this are from special asked 2 prominent activist from indigenous communities around the developing world whether we're winning or losing the battle against climate change. it's an issue often overlooked by politicians in the media but the united nations says climate change poses a potential threat to the very existence of indigenous peoples well indigenous mexican american activist martinez has been campaigning against climate change since he was 6 years old.


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