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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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thousands of people shelter on an australian beaches bushfires start to burn the town. hello i'm adrian for the again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up dying retaliation a powerful iraqi shia group says it will hit back after a u.s. air strikes killed dozens of its fighters. flees corruption charges in japan the former. chief surprise arrival in lebanon a. it's being called a turning point for sudan 29 members of the security forces sentenced to death for torturing and killing a protester. thousands
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of people are trapped on a beach in australia as bushfires across the states of victoria and new south wales get worse it's now the late afternoon of the town of balad kuta that's cut off from any help emergency services are preparing to evacuate people by sea or homes on the edge of moloch already burning residents were told to head to the waterfront several hours ago the town is a popular holiday destination. we've been running community meetings so everybody knows that the system was that we activated soren into that community once we're aware that that far i was about to hit the town. early this morning and when i leave that i had o'clock this morning the saw and were activated so everybody in that community that had a plan to go to the or at the bridge we are aware is the permits that some people have chosen not to take that it dos and reminding their heinz is also by the
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communities we won't be putting trucks into those areas i would fully briefed an affiliate with before that boy impacted on that community that's what it is they've taken the chances absolutely the s.p.s. is be dinham as in ben's dale west of mama she says the people who fled their properties and. this is a relief center which is 3 hours east of melbourne fires continue to burn further east of where we're standing we've had confirmation this morning that homes have been lost at least 20 minutes just up the road there are reports that houses have been raised from the bushfires that have come down just in the last 24 hours with no numbers yet of how many houses livestock has been lost at this stage they've also confirmed that 4 people remain unaccounted for at this stage there are 8 emergency warnings ongoing for this region at the moment one in a town that's in the 5 east they've been frightening videos emerging this morning
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on social media thousands of people at the foreshore trying to get away from the fire see if i had set up a boundary between the people and the fire front that seemed to be looming all around them they saying about 4000 people trapped at this stage on able to leave the highway has been cut off for some time from that region and now their advice is to try and seek shelter and escape the fire any way that they can they saying that they are around 600 see if volunteers currently fighting these fires that have been ongoing for several days now and for the people here vanstone relief center they're now just waiting to see until they can get back to their properties and see what remains meanwhile at least 3 people are feared dead in new south wales as bushfires continue to cause devastation. in addition to one volunteer firefighter who died on sunday while trying to bring the blues is under control the rural fire service says
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that there are preliminary reports of deaths in several small towns but it's not safe for police to go around $100.00 fires burning across new south wales more than half of them are out of control. now to our other top story this hour the fallout from the u.s. strikes in iraq group. is promising revenge for the attack that killed at least $27.00 of its fighters in iraq and syria the iraqi government has called it a clear violation of its sovereignty prime minister martin called together his national security council on monday to discuss the strikes it's reconsidering iraq's relationship with the u.s. led coalition against deisel and plans to summon the u.s. ambassador and baghdad u.s. secretary of state mike pompei or says that sunday's strikes were in response to threats by iranian backed forces against u.s. personnel simona 14 reports now from iraq's anbar province where some u.s.
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troops are based. and unprecedented confrontation between the u.s. and iran on iraqi soil for the 1st time u.s. airstrikes targeting the bases of an iranian backed armed group killing and injuring dozens the operation in response to a series of rockets that struck military bases where u.s. personnel are stationed a u.s. contractor was killed in the most recent attack in care cook what we did was take a decisive response that makes clear what president trump has said for months and months and months which is that we will not stand for the islamic republic of iran to take actions that put american men and women in jeopardy a type hezbollah is part of the popular mobilization forces a paramilitary group set up to fight. its integrated into iraq's armed forces to us has accused some factions in the of taking orders from to have. until recently the
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us and the pm fought side by side against isiah following territorial defeat 2 years ago the us retained around 5000 troops in country to support iraqi security forces as they search for. hiding in deserts. one of those clearing operations coincided with the u.s. mission against the type that i know as an air base here in western anbar province is an important launching pad for operations against beisel but recent rocket attacks against bases where u.s. personnel are stationed including i know last an air base in early december could hamper operations raising fears of a proxy war between the u.s. and iran on iraqi soil in an unusual announcement following the i know acid attack the u.s. publicly blamed. the iraqi government hasn't attribute blame but has tightened security. said the going through security measures were. cooperation with coalition forces there are surveillance patrols and additional troops to
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secure the outer perimeter of a search to protect the base investigations are continuing on to know but it's not completed. promises of investigations have done little to reassure the u.s. none of the government's probes into any of the previous rocket attacks have been published the analysts say the details are well known and. i think that the iraqi joint operation command in iraq intelligence has many details about the people who would attack the k. one basing cook the rocky government was confused because the pressure of could keep his blood is deeply entrenched in the iraqi parliament and the iraqi government and that's why they decided to keep in line with iran and the iranian political parties the iraqi government divided and weekend after 3 months of protests demanding sweeping political change has called on all sides to seize any unilateral actions neither the us nor the p.m.s. appear to be listening both have vowed to take action setting the stage for further
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escalation simona fulton al jazeera that that. the former chairman of the japanese car giant nisanit arrived in lebanon saying that he's escaped in justice and political persecution in japan colace cohen was arrested in tokyo in 2018 over allegations of financial misconduct which he denies he was released from custody under strict bail conditions including not being allowed to leave the country and a statement goes on said that he had been trapped in a rig to japanese justice system and had to escape michael pena is the president of the ship gets a news agency and joins us now live via skype from tokyo good to have you with us michael given those strict bail conditions how was goen able to leave japan. well that's the story that all the journalists in tokyo are pursuing right now and the answers have not become clear he was as far as we knew under house arrest
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including cameras monitoring his movements inside the house so how did he suddenly show up in lebanon this is something nobody expected and nobody has been able to explain yet this is this is the big question how did he get out and who helped him get out because it's impossible to believe that he did this all as one individual obviously he either paid people or people from outside came into to help him escape he says he's escaped justice and political persecution in japan what's likely to be the reaction to that. well probably if the past is any guide the japanese government will just dismiss those allegations and and try to ignore them to as much as they can it is a view that many observers will sympathize with because there are deep flaws in the
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japanese legal system and the way that go in was being handled was very much a kind of a railroad job but on the other hand there is also a large stream of thought that even if the japanese system is it is deeply flawed that it's just a system it would have been much better for him to stay and fight and and suffer the punishment if it came because that would be better for those who whose he's kind of left behind here you know there will be other court cases in the future where the police and prosecutors won't want to let suspects go because of what going did so what happens to the case against him now and will we will we have a know whether he was guilty of what he was actually accused of well under the japanese legal system once you are indicted you have a 99 percent chance of being convicted so it's kind of too much to expect that the truth would come out you might say during the japanese trial
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a new case but what will happen now is a good question we that's nothing we don't know the answer to yet there's a probably a large chance that it will more or less be dropped for the time being because the case is also an international embarrassment for japan so in some sense you know it's not a bad thing for the government here either michael just remind us in what sort of state is the company that that he wants shed the giants this. and the sun's in trouble since he left and actually from shortly before he left you know it's sales and financial situation began to decline during the year so he's been under legal trouble things have gotten worse for that for the company they had a president to who tried to take control and then was taken out and they just lost their number 3 person who is supposed to be the person handling the turnaround so
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nissan itself is in considerable difficulty now could still to michael many thanks dave michael penn the president of the show gets a news agency in tokyo. we'll get a weather update next here on al-jazeera then tit for tat expulsions of a runaway president and the escalating escalating rather dispute between spain bolivia and mexico. and could north korea be shifting strategy over storms denuclearization talks speculation grows ahead of kim jong il in the new year address. had some pretty good conditions across much of iran and east was across into afghanistan is a bit of but no real weather with that had instead it is still reserved for the eastern end of the med and in particular across much of turkey and northern
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sections of syria now as we go through tuesday it does tend to read the weekend what we have still got want to the snow should clear by and choose day it's a little bit milder 11 celsius 16 in beirut but again there is a chance of those showers but as we go into wednesday it tends to increase again some more of those coastal showers and again we could see calls particularly into northern areas of turkey quite a bit of cloud across into will central southern sections of iran and also the chance of a few snow flurries across into kabul feeling cold a high of just 4 degrees celsius not cold across the arabian peninsula some very nice time which is fairly cool breeze at times the overnight hours again getting cooler but you can see quite a bank of clouds across the southern coastal areas of amman and yemen it tends to dissipate a bit by wednesday but this quite a bit kept pushing into northern sections of not expected to bring any shots with it instead there are a few more showers really choose the on wednesday into johannesburg and we could have some pretty strong thunderstorms from time to time.
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counting the cost 2019 what a year it's been a world struggle to put aside short term economic game to save the planet for class of america the middle east people took to the streets protesting the only spread of wealth at a trade war reshapes globalization counting the cost on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides.
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a lot again this is al-jazeera let's remind you of the main news this hour thousands of people are trapped on a beach in australia as bushfires worsen across the states of toria new south wales emergency services are preparing to evacuate people by sea or. the shia armed group has paula is that it will retaliate against u.s.s. trikes that killed at least $27.00 of its fighters in iraq and syria iraqi government has called it tax a violation of its sovereignty and the former chairman of japan's con job has arrived in lebanon saying that he's escaped in justice and political persecution call a scone was arrested in 2018 over allegations of financial misconduct his bail conditions to not allow him to leave japan. pro-democracy activists are celebrating what they say is a turning point ensued sudanese history 29 members of the security forces have been sentenced to death for the torture of a protester. was killed during protests that led to the ousting of president.
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because. monday morning started with hundreds gathering outside the court in demand sudan's largest city eagerly following what was happening behind the heavily guarded walls some demanded the death penalty for the 41 national security service officers they were charged with the manslaughter of. a schoolteacher in the eastern state of. in court the judge brought the more than 12 weeks of trial to an end. to. the defendants are facing charges of manslaughter which foods on the article $130.00 which carries the death penalty the 1st defendant to the $27.00 death penalty the 31st in $34.00. defendants 20. 8 of the charges what her breasts are sentenced to jail. the verdict was welcomed by ahmed the hottest family his
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daughter and death in custody provokes anger in schools all over sudan and a wave of protests demanding the end of the 30 year rule of president obama and he was eventually deposed in april following months of unrest it was initially sparked by rising food prices and grew into a wider revolt demanding radical change but sheer has been charged with inciting and participating in the killing of protesters. that we consider this case to be a turning point in sudan's history many institutions in the past both the judicial and security used to cover up the crimes committed by security forces this is the 1st time we have security forces put on trial for torture it's the 1st ever we've had a verdict on a large number of those involved in the crime the security forces and intelligence services used to be a fortified fashion they were untouchable. after what seemed like a long wait the verdict was greeted with celebrations since the formation of a transitional government the demand to bring to account those involved in killing
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protesters over the past year has been driving demonstrations for many monday's verdict is only the start of the response for those calls a response based they must include more trials of the accused to bring justice to other victims. activists at least $250.00 protesters have been killed since the start of the revolution 12 months ago so dance prime minister has set up a committee to investigate the deaths including my son. the old guard your son. we welcome the verdict today but we're also waiting for the trials for those who killed my son we followed a complaint and we've brought forward witnesses but we haven't heard of any trial yet we'll be following that up until we bring justice for my son and others who were killed we will die fighting for that justice. sudanese are celebrating what they say is the 1st victory and are vowing to continue to stave god their revolution until all crimes are accounted for people morgan al-jazeera.
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has claimed responsibility for a truck bomb attack in the somali capital that killed at least 80 people a spokesman of the armed group says that saturday's suicide attack targeted a convoy of somali and turkish forces the group has accused turkey of trying to control somalia israel's high court is set to discuss whether an indicted prime minister is allowed to form a government benjamin netanyahu became the 1st prime minister to be charged with corruption last month senior members of his liquid party of warn that they'll respond forcefully if the court rules against him netanyahu has already failed to form a coalition government twice this year israel will hold its 3rd election in less than 12 months in march spain's attorney general has called for the release of a catalan separatist leader so that he can take a seat in the european parliament oriole don't care us is serving 13 years in prison for his role in catalonia has failed bid for independence his sentencing
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came 5 months after his election as an m.e.p. the european court heard earlier ruled that he had parliamentary immunity. spain says that it will expel 3 bolivian diplomats as part of a tit for tat move that sought to bolivia's interim president to spanish diplomats on the mexican ambassador to leave the country relations became tense when mexico granted asylum to former bolivian president evo morales home on reports from mexico city. libya's caretaker president jimmy 9 years says she's had enough she's kicking out not just the. but also to spanish diplomats she accuses him of meddling in her country's affairs not all in most of what we cannot tolerate is the abuse and arrogance of rulers who are clearly trying to cover up and protect criminals that have committed crimes of sedition armed uprisings and terrorism her anger is directed at 9 bolivians including allies of ousted president ever more as who've
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been given asylum inside the mets can embassy the government wants them out and under arrest. and to moralize protesters a keeping vigil outside alongside police to ensure they don't escape when spanish diplomats turned up for a meeting with their mitts can counterparts some thought it might be cover for a getaway the spanish security team waiting outside the embassy were harassed and scared off and their diplomats left stranded eventually they go back to base but the believing government remain deeply suspicious if they don't want to enable this group of mexican and spanish government representatives has seriously affected the sovereignty and dignity of the people and the constitutional government. spain denied trying to interfere and announced it was expelling 3 bolivian diplomats some response it's co-opted not to go to perhaps some willing to further inflame tensions that began when it granted asylum to have a moral is in november. we haven't got the intention to break diplomatic relations
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with the livia and i embassy will continue its work in bolivia of course. there are wider questions beyond this situation chief among them is whether this caretaker government has the right to make these big foreign policy decisions it's not just in this case it's also broken with former allies and got closer to former adversaries despite the fact that it's an elected and only meant to bridge the gap until a fresh vote. perhaps the biggest question is when those elections will be held so bolivians can choose a permanent government but 2 has yet to be resolved john homan how does it or mitt screw city nicaragua has released $91.00 prisoners who rights groups say were jailed for anti-government activity the move follows a strengthening of u.s. sanctions against the government of president daniel ortega the koran says the prisoners were released as part of
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a special act to foster national reconciliation dozens of people have been jailed since a violent crackdown on anti-government protests last year. speculation is growing that north korea's leader is getting set to change strategy over stalled denuclearization talks kim jong un has given the u.s. until the end of the year as a come up with concessions to ease crippling sanctions observers will be watching closely when kim makes his traditional new year address the bride reports now from seoul as north korean leader kim jong un has been presiding over an important year and a meeting of the ruling workers' party speculation has been growing about the new way he might be considering in his nuclear standoff with the u.s. the year began with continuing hopes that his summit diplomacy with u.s. president donald trump would yield success but their february meeting in her lawyer ended prematurely without agreement. gradually north korea has returned to testing
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short range missiles with mounting fears that in 2020 it could restart tests of longer range intercontinental ballistic missiles. that risks not only conflict with the u.s. and its allies but also damaging progress with neighbors who've been supporting north korea's push for sanctions relief. rather than having the oceans with the u.s. north korea will be looking for a new way to china russia worry an international coalition they could find some relief from the sanctions that you want to use looking at for 2020 just as talks between north korea and the u.s. have stalled so too have into korean relations it's not known when or if the leaders of the 2 koreas will meet again and all of this comes as relations between south korea and the u.s. have been put under strain over who pays for the stationing of american soldiers
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here. the u.s. has reportedly been demanding a 5 fold increase in the nearly $1000000000.00 that south korea currently contributes a figure the americans won't confirm right and that is why i say that that. that that's not a number that we are currently focused on in the negotiations but beyond that these are private discussions between 2 close allies but an alliance that remains a polarizing issue here. due to the u.s. demand for an enormous increase in the defense questioning there are lots of frictions and relations between the u.s. and south korea many south koreans believe that the u.s. forces are stationed here for their interests not ours. as winterset in the sight of kim jong un journeying to sacred mount paid coup often a precursor to important announcements only added to. the belief that this new year
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address could have consequences for everyone on the korean peninsula and many more beyond it robert bright al-jazeera so. finally 29 has been a year when people across the globe rose up against their governments and some countries that brought an end to decades of powerful long time leaders and others young people stood up to demand more action to save the planet as the draws to a close al-jazeera takes a look back at some of the year's biggest stories. demonstrate this united kingdom opposition to the used extradition. now it's the summer of it's called. for to say it's become about much more than the post-war i to about the future of this city. claim the way the political and social unrest is sweeping south america playing slow play they talk about.
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how i wrong why evil is the man that challenges his legitimacy on some day he's still the president of bolivia climate they choose day. and the next so. this is how the end of 30 years of rule looked when president already this year was deposed. after 18 months of protests and 4 months of because the sudan's routing made its way down and the opposition coalition came to find a power sharing deal. protests turned to celebrations of the news and put up to his resignation. it's not about where your allegiance is mind this deeply divided sectarian countries. all walks of life are united against the political leadership . panic among the crowds of protesters as gunfire and posts from central baghdad protesters say they want to live in. independent iraq not one that's
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a puppet of the united states and iraq. people are dying entire school systems collapsing we are in the beginning of a mass extinction and what you can talk about is money and fame and tales of challenging economic growth how did you. college in churches on one of the most important days of the christian calendar. this is what the end of isis self declared caliphate looks like. a movie a car al baghdadi is dead. the time is now run out. boris johnson returned to downing street triumphant the
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conservatives who agree drew on britain's political map. the result was never in doubt article one is adopting a move from his preferred u.s. president in history to be impeached it's a disgrace a nobel prize winner the claim for years by the military now defending them and herself against charges of genocide. i accept this award on the awful video bins in the experience especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of peace this girl 'd is so resilient is so hot this is selo.
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it is good to have you with us hello adrian fenty going to here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of people are trapped on a beach in australia as bushfires get worse in the states a victorian new south wales the seaside tourist spot of mine a kuta and victoria is cut off from any help emergency services are preparing to evacuate people by sea or air homes on the edge of the town are already burning we've been running community meetings so everybody knows that i'm so this is the system was that we activated soren into that community once we were aware that that far i was about to hit the town. early this morning and when i was i believe that i o'clock this morning the saw arms were activated so everybody in that community that had a plan to go to the break or at the bridge we are aware of is the premise that some people chosen not to take that goss and are mining their hinds in there is also why
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the communities we want be putting trucks into those areas i would fully briefed on a fully aware before that boy impacted on that community that's what it is they've taken the chances absolutely. the shia armed group hezbollah is promising revenge over the u.s.'s strikes that killed at least $27.00 of its fighters in iraq and syria from minister abdul mahdi discussed the attacks with his national security council on monday it's reconsidering iraq's relationship with the u.s. led coalition against deisel and plans to summon the u.s. ambassador in baghdad washington says that sunday's strikes were in response to threats by iranian backed forces against u.s. personnel the former chairman of japan's college as arrived in lebanon saying he's escaped injustice and political persecution colace go on was arrested in tokyo over allegations of financial misconduct that he denies he was released from custody under strict bail conditions that included not being allowed to leave the country
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pro-democracy activists are celebrating what they say is a turning point in sudan's history 29 members of the security forces have been sentenced to death for the torture and murder of a protest schoolteacher ahmed killed was killed during protests that led to the ousting of president omar al bashir. has claimed responsibility for a truck bomb attack in the somali capital that killed at least 80 people the armed group says that saturday's attack targeted a convoy of somali and turkish forces. those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after counting the cost next. what happens when plans for a new life are brewed ideally railed by committee for serious crimes from drug trafficking to robbery to my. i don't remember how many times it stung the way her boyfriend spoke to me and even her al-jazeera world goes inside an italian prison
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meeting men and women from north africa who left home only to face life behind bars . double exile on al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure this is counting the cost on al-jazeera a weekly look at the world of business and economics this week 2019 and what a year it's been called the world put aside short term economic gain to save humankind from latin america to the middle east people took to the street to protest the unequal spread of wealth and demand that governments and staring. at a trade war between the united states and china has put the brakes on global growth and is reshaping globalization. the biggest story of.


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