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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 64  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2019 11:33am-12:01pm +03

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froot people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. 2 hours we can get on join us in the rest of central bankers about the same time but more importantly is where those 2 cultures north and south america meet. very important place for. ok and i really could be what does it mean to be an arab american today comedian rami yousif joins the string to discuss his new food and series about family and identity and will be sharing your comments and questions with rami so tweet us or leave a comment in our live you tube chat and you too could be in the stream. that has a growing cultural shift in america muslim identity being forged by many of these
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1st generation twenty's and thirty's muslims grew up in the wake of the september 11th twin towers attacks feeling as if their entire identity focused on being good muslims so comedian raju civics mills this paradigm and his new streaming t.v. show rami have a look. i want to know who i am i want to explore. like a kid to throw down the government to get evolution and know that. i'm doing them i look in my parents how strong they are and how they just know everything's going to be ok because they have god. and yeah i have sex even though i'm not married. so what that means i'm not a good muslim. i'm just trying to be.
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he weighed in on the right to rob he says he's watching himself on a t.v. screen and he is live here on the street what were you thinking as you and looking at cells are going to end at the last part of. the line and there is absolutely. no pressure that's what i was very. happy he would have so much to talk about but he he's in so i want to die right and because of course this premiered last week this is on friday and so over the weekend lots of people binge to watch and they tweeted us they let us know what they think about it i want to start here on twitter this is no for america who writes more people than not never met a muslim or thought that they never met a muslim in real life romney is one brick to consolidate the gap of public knowledge of who muslims are and what it is in america so is this think way of putting it there but there's someone else who sent us a video comment who has a little bit more enthusiasm for this series this is marion musri she is a nurse practitioner in new york and here's what she thinks of the series. oh my
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god we're listen. i can't believe this is on mainstream t.v. for once. i found the writing like simple but it was so funny it was captivating there were so many underlined scenes. and times it was ranchi but he needed this for the 1st time where somebody from our community is teaching our narrative and just putting it out there i know it's not really controversial between my friends and i but i absolutely love to be noticed and hopefully there's another season and maybe in the future there's going to be in. a muslim american version using a female accent as the main character give you some ideas there but she talks about people debating this and that's been happening to talk to us about the genesis behind this series and it's not something that you wanted that debate to start happening yeah this is not feel good t.v. i think it's feeling t.v. and i think it's about discussing feelings that's that's all that i set out to do with this these aren't facts this isn't how to this isn't anything other than
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a look at this very specific type of family and i think the debate is really exciting and i think the conversation is really cool it's i love hearing it and i've been scrolling and seeing means and. and i send them the my for. you already. and then i was looking for twitter to see if romney has. several of those it is like a week how can you have not you know we are i think one of the reasons why the series is so different is because it tackles head on to booze ready you can do you thin to them that's most soltanieh that has received them those anti semitism why did you feel it's important to put all of that into something that is a drama but also a comedy i think it's important to see a reflection of the real world accurately i think that certain choices. we have an
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uncle character who encompasses a lot of the things that you just brought up and it was really important for me to establish him early on in a t.v. show because television is about planting seeds of characters and certain things that you're going to see grow and you're going to see how we deal with them we don't deal with them right away because we've paced this show i think in a way that's a little more real the real life usually you kind of hear that uncle say things for years and years and years and then one day you're like all right we got to talk about this and seeing it was really important i mean this is a show that in 10 episodes i think we have one conversation about trump this is not about being defined in the shadow of him but we do have uncle in the scene you know every family has this type of person that is trying i mean we talk about the egyptian revolution and the change or maybe what people feel like there's a lack there of change afterwards i remember reading a quote that said yeah we brought down a dictatorship but that way of thinking that dictatorship is in every household we have to talk about it within our families so it's really important to see that up top what kind of thing would say. what kind of thing would just give
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a sense of the idea that he is he feels like a kite to from 1706 columns in the us but he's actually acting and reacting in 21919. a sense of the way that he thinks will seize the world well i think it's very limited and he's someone who blames his problems on a lot of different people and has a limited scope but i wouldn't put him in the 1900 caricature bucket i think he exists in a lot of families and i think if he's in some arab family saying these things he's also i've had jewish friends be like i have an uncle who blames everything on muslims and i know other people who are like no i have an uncle who blames everything on black people and how we see all of this and. it's the characters algebraic you know you could swap out what he's saying and put it in for somebody else so i think everyone watching this show sees their family in it i do think that arabs watching the show maybe will have a hypersensitivity because we're living in a time where it is being called certain things just because she criticize the
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government and so we're kind of lumped into this idea and i respect that sensitivity but i think the you know we're out weighing those risks by showing this character and introducing him in a way where we can hopefully deal with him in the context of the show. is a congresswoman in the united states getting a lot of attention because she's a muslim and very outspoken so one of the tweets here is picking up on what you were just saying about having these conversations that are often uncomfortable so hear what was the most difficult thing about bringing this script to life and were you nervous about the way that your presentation of muslims would be received by muslims because of course you spent any time in this community do you know that it will have a lot to say about the way that dirty laundry is aired. of course those who are it i love this community i don't want to seem like no qualms about what i was doing i put a lot of thought into it but 'd ultimately you know i realized i just had to make
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a story that was something that i. i want to watch and in a way that i think things can be dealt with and so it's just my approach that's why i called the show rami and i have never tried to make it seem broader in any way than that so for course but i think if you operate from what the arab muslim community and the wider muslim community thinks and wants i think as an artist you get handicapped in making the thing that you want to make you know you get thrown off of you know your goals because we have such little representation that's true but if you operate from that scarcity there's no way to expand and so there's no way to make anything i have a picture here if your little t.v. rami has on. what were interrupted seeing that edition of the stream to bring you some breaking news sarah bring you life from the green zone in baghdad for banda son hundreds of mourners have entered the green zone are now are attempting to storm the u.s.
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embassy in baghdad now this follows those deadly airstrikes on the shia armed group hezbollah big brigades that those airstrikes happening in the last 48 hours at least $27.00 people were killed and those funerals are taking place it's a serious mournful teen is in baghdad she's in the green zone where those protests are taking place as some want to just bring us up to date what's happening where you are. well hundreds perhaps even thousands of people have tried to green zone and are marching towards the embassy i'm currently at the outer gate of the u.s. embassy which is located perhaps $3300.00 or 400 meters away from the actual entrance and this entire funeral procession consisting mostly of p.m.s. members and their followers have 'd basically entered through these gates without
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any resistance whatsoever with the 'd by the iraqi security forces that are supposed to guard the green zone which means that basically the iraqi government is supporting this march 9 and 6 possibly also the message is that they're trying to 'd they're chanting anti-american slogans 'd they're basically calling on the u.s. to withdraw from iraq and they say that they will achieve that through military or through political means but for now this entire profession has basically reach the u.s. embassy this is quite a significant development was seen in the past perhaps one occasion where anti-government protesters were able to enter the green zone but i don't believe we have seen such a large number of people come this close to the u.s. embassy so it remains to be seen how the horrid each will react and most importantly how the u.s. will react. to how close are you to the u.s. embassy can you see any kind of confrontation i mean how close the protest is
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getting to the embassy building which one must human is very heavily defended. yes i am currently around 300 meters away from the actual building i can see it i can see the masses marching towards it so far there is no 6 indication that there are armed confrontation cannot hear any kind of gunfire or anything like that it would people are passing by chanting. d slogans and they're being allowed to go through and for. as i can see it seems that they have basically reached it. by now and a that is that is there in the question remains what will happen once they settle down there will the us a try to push them back well if a found in any matter how long will they stay there and this is similar give us a for viewers who perhaps not so familiar with the iraqi capital who not familiar with the green zone just focus more of just more of the green zone is why it's so
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significant that this large number of protesters were able to. walk to descend on what is normally a very full to find a area. where the green zone houses b a number of government institutions and also 9 several embassies including the u.s. embassies u.s. embassy and also a the united nations and it was temporarily opened up to the public a before anti-government protests began a and then it has been closed down again and impossible to actually enter this 45 from about having a special d edge but of course d this a is of course not being enforced at the moment because a of these huge masses of people. 'd who enter without any sort of 'd try to prevent them and it's really 'd quite remarkable and it's a sign that the government is standing behind the p.m.s. that the government is supporting the march as well as the message that they're
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trying to pass and this comes at a time of significant oil in baghdad because not just in baghdad in iraq on the whole the last few weeks and months have been marked by significant amounts prove and the government itself isn't quite a tricky sport he just took us through some of the recent events and how do you think this march on the. the u.s. embassy policing the war with. well this march and basically a the u.s. strikes a 3rd or complicate an already very precarious situation in iraq 9 the government has been besieged after 3 months of anti-government a protests it is weaken it is divided and a this kind of a protest against u.s. presence only adds to what is already an extremely complicated situation now it's
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very difficult to say whether a these recent rocket attacks against places where the u.s. is stationed and the response by the u.s. to target the p.m.s. is at all related to the protest of course there have been a lot of rumors here in iraq unconfirmed rumors that the u.s. is somehow encouraging we thought it was somehow behind but there is no evidence whatsoever for that but it is something that could have prompted a some of these armed groups to launch attacks against these bases in the a first place now the question is what can the iraqi government to really to base some statements that we have seen come out of that a and yet they very much hunt them these u.s. strikes it seems to be standing very strongly with the p.m.s. and it has not really condemned the rocket attacks against. a a us a are based so it's very much seems that the government will not take a strong stand against these rocket attacks will stand with the t.n.i.
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and it remains to be seen whether this will result in an actual formal effort a to table a bill to extort point to something only the government can do parliament cannot initiate legislation 9 to expel foreign troops so we'll be watching whether the prime minister's office which is of course in a caretaker role after added i've been asked to resign will actually support such a bill. and where to the iraqi people where to the stand with. with this preparing the situation i just. want to be showing or here's pictures from just outside the u.s. embassy you can see there are significant numbers of people slightly earlier were gathering outside the gates 2 of the u.s. embassy simona as we were saying there have been significant amounts of protests from all sides over iraq a society where are the iraqi people right now when it comes to the power struggle
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and this power play between. the large foreign influence in iraq in politics right now. well that is a very good question and it's a complicated because you certainly have a part of the population that 9 are more sympathetic to the u.s. and others because they see it as a necessary counterbalance to the iranian influence here in the country now of course one of the defining features of these anti-government protests a in october has been a a complete rejection of any outside influence especially the iranians a and the question is whether people well. 'd behind the piano because of course the u.s. strike on iraq forces is a foreign interference. or whether they will actually support a the u.s. strike against the iranian d groups because they see it as
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a way. to iran influence 6 which they feel the government isn't doing. a reminder for our viewers who are watching these pictures that we are bringing you images of the u.s. embassy in baghdad recorded just moments ago a significant numbers of protesters have gathered outside the u.s. embassy this is in the the normally heavily fortified green zone and these protesters are denying saying those air strikes u.s. air strikes in iraq which had targeted the shia armed group hezbollah brigades killing at least $27.00 shia fighters simona 14 is all just a correspondent in baghdad some more to just give us a sense of the the atmosphere you are in the midst of all of these protesters who are gathering in the green zone who are marching towards the u.s.
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embassy those funerals have they taken place already or are we expecting this this unrest to continue for. so i heard 7 a. car bearing the bodies. a a of the. a brigade fighters who were killed people were bidding their goodbyes they were kissing the truck basically filling the a back now a this procession is quite a long ride march a together a with the procession from the beginning across to the green zone and now i'm currently standing still in the fall about 2300 meters from the u.s. embassy and the past 10 minutes or so there has been a steady flow of people close a to this is quite a large professional i would say to fund a couple 9 1000 2 people the atmosphere is. people chanting a has not
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is any sort of a a a moment. even burning 'd plot of course people are burying posters that you know president or some very sort that basically rejects the united states but so far these professions appear to be peaceful ok it's a beautiful scene i will leave it there for now but thank you very much indeed for bringing us the latest just said just so viewers are aware of what is happening we are bringing you live images from baghdad where there are large processions taking place launched numbers of protesters have gathered in baghdad sanaa super hearing from all just. those protesters have made their way into the heavily fortified green zone and several 100 protesters have made it to
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the u.s. embassy and were protesting outside the u.s. embassy we let's get more on this from ahmed he's a political analyst and director of the. rockey expertise foundation thank you very much indeed for joining us here on al-jazeera would you say these protests that we're seeing in baghdad right now i have significant would you say these are well actually those protesters came from where they came from the area which is near or just to be green zone with show you the military forces the security forces they will help them to enter the green zone to make a big protest out of to make them actually reach the american embassy of course they are more supporters called the qatar who will which are cut to
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yesterday by the american forces by the american airplanes and it should it should stay there for about 2 what hour it should be disowned they will not stay there then be gone they will be outside the green zone after one hour but that's what they'll have been told for them anyway and another. so how much coordination do you think there is with the iraqi government illness and why is this why is this significant. i think they take the acceptance of the iraqi government to this demonstration. the acceptance of the uncertainty about this demonstration near the american embassy it's not just one goal or the same front of the american embassy it's near the american embassy in way or another because you know it's it's it's so dangerous that they will be. near the american embassy but i think it's it will be difficult to know and it is it is
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a signal that the iraqi government not accepting something happened what happened yesterday when that but. i think by time there will be some sort of response from other p.m.o. forces they will make more demonstrations against the american embassy in baghdad what message do you think the iraqi government are trying to sense here to the american. it's supposed to be you want you know you are in iraq it's also supposed to be not marginalize the iraqi government. and what is actually the americans told so many times the prime minister has got we have been attacked so many times and you should do something 6 but the you know the resign prime minister actually but cannot help in a way or another to stabilize the situation between qatar has belied the american forces in iraq so also it creates the messages that we are eager to
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have some sort of response a strong response against any attacks it will happen in the future against any troops from the pm us all from the iraqi forces it's supposed to be plain they attacked american forces well this is coming at a time of significance up evil in iraq the iraqi government is dealing with large numbers of protests from iraqi civilians who are on happy the the level of interference is they aim iraq's domestic affairs how do you think this impacts the situation as it stands how do you think the iraqi people will the world view these protests which are taking place in the green zone well. the merger years said it clearly and obviously. the rocky government should
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leave. any attacks that happen on any forces in on the iraq issue because it's responsibility so what what what we are seeing now it's it's more political rather than to be. civilian protesters or civilian demonstrations does it show you at the end it's. getting more and more. more advanced. for the relationship between iraq and the the u.s. especially the iraqi government and i think by time we're going to lose the support of the whole international community so it needs to be managed well i mean the relationship between the iraqi government and the u.s. . military or another because we all know that we already have already have so many security problems and we have already also so many financial problems so i think by
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the time the iraqi government go in control both the ministrations and will not accept any more or. iraqi government to solve the problem of attacking american forces. in the old iraqi soil so it's still it is responsible to the iraqi government so this is since the iraqi government is in a rather difficult position here because it doesn't want the americans to be carrying out attacks on its soil without its consent but it also has a significant chunk of the population who are very unhappy with groups appear to be allied with iran so which way do you think the iraqi government is leaning is it going to lean eventually towards groups who are more favorable to iran is it going to lean more towards the u.s. or ultimately could lean more towards the population in iraq who have been protesting solidly for weeks if not months night. well i
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think. that's why we are in the middle of multiple crises because the iraqi government does not have that we research and about to whom should the iraqi government lean on to the iraqi people to the uranium to the americans no one knows what's happening they all that's why they are smeared to be corrupted and that's why they are submitted to the dysfunction and i think it will be what's happened those $23.00 days it will accelerate. the acceptance of a candidate that have some sort of balance as a prime minister as some sort of a balance between the the state and the and between washington and to her on on the iraqi soil we need someone like that as a prime minister especially on the temporary period until the elections and do you think a candidate like this exist do you think there is
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a somebody who treats me that brief definitely years ago going after the a grab the creepy ass all those games those are new names who are accepted by by both partners on the side but by both sides. and have a good relations with the u.s. have a good relations with russia with the pm with iran and so on it will remember we need to change this government as soon as possible because they are dysfunction they are they cannot do anything not because not only because they are the government resign but also they are empty handed they cannot move without the acceptance of the piano forces or the same acceptance of korean forces here in iraq ok i had reached the address they were this on the line great to get your thoughts thank you very much for your analysis just 5 years you're just joining us here on al-jazeera it's just after midday.


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